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You know even though Steven is Italian and Dipper is...I have no idea so I'll just go with the nebulous "White" Stepper looks kinda like he's of Hispanic decent. Slightly tanned skin, super dark brown to black curly hair. I'm not trying to stir up and PC race bullshit like most of Tumblr, I just think that's kind of interesting.

Hispanic… Huh. I honestly don’t think so, though I could see how his skin coloration might be a throw off. Honestly though, I headcanon that the Pines family is of Jewish descent. So to me, Stepper looks like a mix of Jewish and Italian (a little more Italian though, if you ask me)

"Charlie Hebdo and Tumblr : A tale of hypocrisy and misinformation", by a French blogger.

I don’t want to see what’s on the Charlie Hebdo tag anymore, I just know I’ll be angry looking at ignorant posts, and even if I told them individually how they are wrong, they probably wouldn’t listen because their head would be too far up their own ass. So I’ll just address all of you like this. Oh sure, Tumblr, you showed genuine concern about our fears and about the death of the cartoonists at first. It only lasted two hours, but it was nice. But when you realised that Charlie Hebdo published satirical drawings, some of them being problematic (and yes, some of them are indeed offensive, I agree), you decided to ignore the fact that we were all distressed and backstab us and go all “privileged white people mocking Islam, huh ? Freedom of speech, my ass, these islamophobic pieces of shit got what they deserved. The black policewoman and the muslim policeman who died protecting them because it was their duty should have let them die anyway. Even though we didn’t check information carefully about it, we’re still going to assume that by doing the "Je suis Charlie” thing, French people, those disgusting, smelly white hon hon baguettes pieces of trash who surrendered to the nazis during WWII and during every period in history only care about these cartoonists’ deaths and forget all about the colored people who died as well". Not only many foreign bloggers think this, but some French bloggers as well ?! First of all, THIS IS NOT TRUE, the death of those officers and hostages matter to us as well, and we won’t forget the heroism of this muslim officer (Ahmed Merabet) and those muslim and jewish hostages (Lassana Bathily, Yohan Cohen, Yohav Hattab) whose help was essential in saving many lives and dealing the final blow to the terrorists. Secondly, friendly reminder that the French bloggers on Tumblr were the only ones in our country who actually cared about the Ferguson crisis, they endured its coverage just like you, and this is how you repay their support ? This is how you show us that you suddenly care about our problems ? By supporting misinformation and disregarding the lives of cartoonists (who, unlike what you seem to believe, are not “privileged white people”, had normal lives, families and friends) because they drew something that you don’t like ? Something that you wouldn’t even care about if it didn’t happen ? By telling us what to do and that we’re wrong and stupid if you don’t agree ? Even though we live in France and therefore know better what’s going on, and not you ? And I bet it would be a different matter if Charlie Hebdo actually mocked something like the Westboro Baptist Church, you would all be supporting us, wouldn’t you ? YOU SAD, FUCKING HYPOCRITES. Charlie Hebdo was in some ways our “South Park” (who did far more problematic things than Charlie Hebdo ever did, but you only cared about it now so of course, you don’t know). If I showed up one day and mercilessly killed Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and their crew, would you say that they deserved it, and that only those who died protecting them should be mourned because they are from different communities, the same communities that they parodied ? Besides, Charlie Hebdo was also fighting against the excesses of the far right-wing party, who wants to close our borders and regularly uses events linked to antisemitism and islamophobia like these to their own ends. So, please, PLEASE don’t reblog posts that tell you that you should mourn only for one person or for the people of one community only. Right now in France, we are mourning for the 17 people who died during these three days, whether they were journalists, cops, black, white or muslim. We are mourning for EVERYONE. No one is forgotten, none of them have commited any crimes, the only criminals are the ones that decided that taking the lives of cartoonists would be the only solution. Those criminals, who have the French nationality, let themselves be deliberately brainwashed by Al-Qaeda Yemen, and used the name of Islam to justify murders, even though this is not what this religion is about. They only pretended to be real Muslims. Many of us, me included, wished they’d been brought to justice, but it can’t be helped. They’re rotting in Hell right now, they are the ones that you should curse. Our media, unlike yours, actually took the time to warn people that they shouldn’t do any amalgams between muslims and terrorists ! Yes, the media, and even world leaders, both mortal enemies of Tumblr, actually acted more appropriately than this rotten cesspool of a website. Whether we’re white, black or muslim, we all lived in FEAR these last few days. Fearing that someday, someone comes to our home and kills us because he doesn’t like us or because he is misleaded and thinks he’s doing God’s work. Until the three terrorists were killed yesterday night, we lived these 3 days in a state of total PSYCHOSIS because 3 linked incidents happened so suddenly. It was terrifying. People were seeing incidents everywhere, we even thought that it was never going to end and that it was going to lead to civil war or that Al-Qaeda would declare jihad on us anytime soon. Tomorrow, there will be a huge march in Paris and in cities all over the world where people of all communities will be present. “Je suis Charlie” doesn’t encompass just Charlie Hebdo, but all the people that died because of fanatism. Of course, antisemitism and islamophobia exist in our country, it’s a huge problem, 15 anti-Muslim attacks happened after the massacre, there were also cases of bullying targeting Muslim children at school, Muslim and Jewish people living in big cities are starting to fear for their lives. The bullies who did this vandalism are nothing more than brainless scum. But don’t you DARE patronize all of us and say that we’re all like this ! Don’t take your sources from foreign Tumblr posts or foreign news, take your sources from French news. There were already thousands of people of all communities who were assembled in the biggest cities in France and around the world to mourn together everyone who died only a few hours after the Charlie massacre. The majority of people and even rival political parties were united in this tragedy. Because killing people, whether they’re journalists, cops or civilians, white, black, jewish or muslim, because of a drawing is WRONG , period. Merciless, fanatical murder will always be more offensive that the most offensive of drawings. People don’t hate Hitler because of his awful propaganda posters, it’s because he actually turned his crazy fantasist ideas contained in his book and in the propaganda posters into reality, destroying millions of innocent lives in the process.

If there are some of you out there who are kind enough to understand this, to take our point of view in consideration and be more careful with their sources, thank you, it’s greatly appreciated, and you are examples to follow.

Those of you who don’t care about our point of view, who tell us what to do and still believe that you know everything about the situation even though you don’t live in France however ? Fuck you, you’re just as much of an hypocrite as Darren Wilson. Yeah, I said it. We don’t need your concern or your care, we will mourn together all 17 people who were sacrificed in the name of fanatism, we will try to move on slowly but surely, and we will try and make sure this will never happen again by spreading the word of tolerance more than ever before to the next generation. It will be hard, but I know it’s not impossible. You guys can just stay stuck in your own little perfect social justice world for all I care.

Je suis Charlie, Je suis Ahmed, Je suis Frédéric, Je suis Franck, Je suis Cabu, Je suis Elsa, Je suis Charb, Je suis Philippe, Je suis Bernard, Je suis Mustapha, Je suis Michel, Je suis Tignous, Je suis Wolinski, Je suis Clarissa, Je suis Philippe, Je suis Yohan, Je suis Yohav, Je suis François-Michel. ALL LIVES MATTER.

P.S. : Don’t you even dare to try and use another tragedy to deem our tragedy unworthy of attention or overblown because “white people” are involved. The Nigeria tragedy, the Charlie tragedy, and the Ferguson tragedy are all equally important. Because, again, all human lives, whether they’re black, white, muslim, jewish, christians or protestants, matter.