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I am making a birthday page (you can check it out here) and it’d be very much appreciated if you could a) tell me your birthday so I can add it to the page and b) reblog it because the more the better!

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Am I the only Shamy Shipper who watches the show for… more than just Shamy?


to celebrate being 22, i decided to do my first ever follow forever! (actually possible since i follow a reasonable amount of people now.) let’s see how this goes.

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…so i thought that was gonna be shorter. anyway, the italics just mean “HOLY ZOLA JESUS I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU ON MY DASH” and that’s what i think every time so yeah. the baes automatically get that of course. i’m probably forgetting to say something because it’s 3 a.m. but tHAT’S LIFE. love you all xoxo


modern au; Elizabeth is the leader of a group called the white rose, a famed group of girls who steal money and jewels from England’s wealthiest to give back to the poorest. Their next target? the new ceo of tudor inc., Henry Tudor, who just so happens to have a one-of-a-kind ring in his possession that Elizabeth wants for herself. But when the plan requires her to pose as his new assistant and sparks fly can she pull off the ultimate heist or will she be caught?

                                                           Chapter 2

                                      “ Yeah, I’m sort of one in a million.”
                                                “ That you are, Elizabeth.” 

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So the other day I drew a punk!Wyoming and a pastel!Florida and I sorta accidently created a flyoming greaser au.

Basically greaser!Wyoming falls in love with Butch Flowers, a pretty boy who runs a flower shop. Unfortunately, York, technical leader of the infamous Freelancer gang, forbids him from seeing Flowers because he believes that their relationship will jeopardize the reputation of the group.

Carolina, the real leader of the group and York’s girlfriend, cares deeply about Wyoming and wants him to be happy (he was a family friend and helped the young Carolina move past Allison’s death). However, she sides with York, only because she fears a bad reputation will cause a dangerous enemy gang (Charon, so like the Innies and Mercenaries) to move onto their streets and endanger their friends.

Meanwhile, her older half-brother Church works at the flower shop Butch owns. He believes gangs are dangerous and greatly disapproves of Carolina running one, only because she is the most important person to him and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. He warns Flowers to steer clear of them, but Flowers ultimately falls deeply in love with Wyoming.

There’s a few other side plots, like York’s strained relationship with his father (Mayor Malcom Hargrove), the Allison backstory, flowershop antics starring the Blues, ect. It’s really sorta grown so large so quickly, but I’m actually super excited about it.

I’m just wondering, would anybody be intrested in reading that sort of thing?

I’m so here for kids who have to deal with a manipulative and abusive step parent. You pat yourself on the back for handling their drama like an adult, for keeping your head up and sticking through it all, even though it’s toxic for you to be around. You’re appreciated, you’re not crazy, you’re not worthless, and most of all you’re so strong for keeping everything intact. You deserve the world.

This is a psa…concerning mostly Narya and a certain ship (itwassupposetobegolden)

1. I do not care what you think about this ship, nor I want to know what happens outside this ship or how one character is better than another. Honestly I don’t know what your problem is with this. It is a ship as well as any ship. I don’t worry about, you shouldn’t either and it isn’t your concern. Go and have a life.

2. And what comes to Narya, she is my character and I play her like I want and with who I want, there is nothing you can really do about it either, If you don’t want to see Narya on your dash there is unfollow and block.

3. Anon is off for the rest of the day.

I think all the people I’ve followed who would regularly ask people to promo them have either changed blogs, left tumblr, or gotten that shit outta their system - the latter being the best option. Your blog, your prerogative for sure but I don’t get asking for promos on a personal blog at all.

Anyone want to help someone who has little photoshop experience?

The fact that Supernatural continually thanks the fans and loves the fans and dedicates episodes to us despite how badly some of the fans have treated the show’s writers and production staff

The fact that-after everything-they still care about us

I need a moment