so you know that means its a big deal

this is just a tiny little detail but I really love how they made Viktor tell Yuuri his wants and desires during the course of the show because it shows a lot of character (and really displays the utmost care his VA put into Viktor’s voice)


He says this as if it’s the easiest thing in the world, no big deal, almost a throwaway comment, but knowing how Viktor feels about Yuuri it’s OBVIOUS that this carries a lot more meaning than he lets on

it’s a very natural thing to do because you want to guard the depth of your emotions and fear rejection so you present what you actually want in a way that makes it seem not that important to you, to shield yourself from the eventual rejection and embarrassment that might follow in its wake

he does this again in episode 7

he says this WAY TOO CASUALLY, as if it’s just a random solution that popped into his head (and this is also a sign of how Viktor deals with issues through actions as opposed to words), but once again he just reveals his emotions in a way that puts him out of harm’s way if he’s rejected. VIKTOR’S LIKE “Yuuri you’re crying??? Ah okay I can kiss it better if you want no big deal just doing my job as coach hahaah right Yuuri” 



your gay is showing

and the fact that he actually kisses Yuuri in the end of the episode just shows that he was entirely serious the whole time on a much deeper level than he lets on (it makes me both laugh and cry that he probably waited for this moment for MONTHS……the poor man, he’s so patient)

episode 9, same thing again

presented in a very lighthearted tone this time. During the first times he talks as if it’s of little importance to him, but now his words are more sincere but with this tone instead. Once again, no grand words, no outpouring emotions, just Viktor casually expressing the depth of what he feels for Yuuri and how he desires for their relationship to progress. At this point he has his boyfriend and he has his kisses, so now he just moves on to the next stage because well, Viktor Nikiforov is madly in love with Yuuri and wants the whole world to know 


I’m just……so in love with the thought of Viktor, while brave enough to express his wishes, still not being able to do this in a way that would perhaps put him in an awkward spot. He’s obviously very pushy right at the beginning and as we know he cries himself to sleep in episode 2 after Yuuri rejects him 

He always appears very confident and overall sure of himself so these things are so interesting to me because, while subtle, it reveals his insecurities and how much he longs for Yuuri but fears being turned down at the same time. Viktor is, until Yuuri comes into his life, ultimately a very lonely character and it makes sense that he would grasp for Yuuri and at the same time feel uncomfortable revealing just HOW MUCH he wants these things.

These subtle choices in dialogue and expressions and voice acting reveals so much to us and I love this kind of storytelling. 

VIKTOR IS SUCH A FASCINATING CHARACTER!! I love him I’m so glad he found love and happiness and a future for himself with Yuuri by his side 

  • lance: keith, i need to talk to you about something...
  • keith: yea? what's up?
  • lance: ok so i was thinking... what if for the rest of september, all of october, and maybe the rest of our lives as the paladins of voltron, we make it so that the lions blast the ghostbuster theme song whenever we form voltron and stuff???
  • keith:
  • lance:
  • keith:
  • lance:
  • keith:
  • lance: i know its a pretty silly idea, i just thought i'd ask anyway since ur the leader now but i mean its ok if you say no,, like, its no big deal or whatev- oh my god keith what are you doing
  • keith, on one knee: fucking marry me
Okay little shits I want to say some words about the Earp Sisters- particularly my darling Willa

I see a lot of you guys have been giving her quite a bit of flack- you know for hating Waverly and shooting Nicole and unleashing a writhing tentacle beast on Purgatory. Now these are all very bad things. But I’d like to take a moment to explore how we got here. And as a clinical child psychologist specializing in abuse and trauma- I have A LOT to say about these three. Because OH BOY do they run the spectrum of child abuse outcomes in the real world.

Now, I want to start by saying all three of the Earp sisters were born into an abusive household. But the three had some very different experiences of abuse/neglect, and environment is SO important on child development. Like genetics is some basic groundwork but really it’s environment that does most of the shaping. In this analysis, let’s start youngest:

Waverly Earp. Now Waverly is like an ideal outcome from abuse. Clearly this girl was born with a hell of a lot of resilience in her genes (that Earp? legacy). She can bounce back from a crisis. But, she kinda got it easiest of the three: she was only in the homestead until she was 6- after that she was raised by Gus and Uncle Curtis in what was no doubt a much healthier, stabler household. Now see age 6 is important- because personality is generally done developing just before puberty- about 10 years of age. This factoid of personality development will come up again later, but for Waverly, being removed from a toxic environment at a young age meant she actually had a chance to unlearn/recover from many of the more nasty potential effects of severe neglect (she was by far the most neglected I mean a demon was her best friend and NO ONE KNEW) as well as the sibling abuse inflicted by Willa (blackmail, sadism, power plays- not a good sign in a child). 

Now does the abuse still affect her? Hell yeah! She still lived through it and it changed her permanently- you see it in how she needs love and attention (why else go for Champ as soon as Wynonna leaves town? She needed ANYBODY) even at her own expense. She downplays herself, but simultaneously wants to be important (the Heir- cause you know her dad only cared about the Heir). And you know what I think? She didn’t resist telling Wynonna about Nicole because she was scared what she would think. No. Wynonna of course doesn’t care. No she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to even risk Nicole getting involved in the toxicity surrounding the Earp family. She wanted Nicole separate to keep her safe (remnant thought process from Willa using what Waverly loved to blackmail her). But still, even with all of this, she is not as severely affected as she would’ve been if she had stayed neglected and abused for say, 12 or 13 years. Waverly had intervention, and real world case studies of severe emotional neglect have shown that a child as old as 5-6 can bounce back remarkably well in the right care. I mean to where you wouldn’t know they had been through Hell- at least not immediately.

Wynonna Earp. Middle sibling, mix of neglect and abuse. She is the most moderate/common outcome from abusive childhoods- with healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms and personality traits meshed together. Like Waverly, resilient as hell, because she lived in that environment for 12 years, and unlike Waverly didn’t get a healthy stable home afterwards. No she got the foster care system and juvie and unhelpful counselors who essentially gaslighted her (unintentionally but it’s still gaslighting) which does no one any favors. So Wynonna had way more negative environment time, yet she still held on to her “good” side- she has a moral code she follows, she cares for those close to her, she’s able to have a healthy relationship with at least one person (Waverly). I’d almost say she’s shown the most resilience of the three. Now her childhood experience is interesting, because she’s in the middle of this spectrum. She didn’t receive the full force of Ward’s attention because she wasn’t the Heir, Willa was. So that’s less aggression abuse from him, instead she was more neglected by him. But her very close age with Willa put her close to that aggression abuse as she experienced it vicariously through Willa. She saw what he did to Willa by way of abuse and Waverly by neglect, and seeing that affected her. It made her so, so protective and parental. Of both Waverly and Willa. So while Ward may not have done much direct abuse to Wynonna, she still lived it. And it affected her to make her a caretaker. 

It’s also a form of displacement on Wynonna’s part- to be a caretaker. The prospect of caring for herself is far too daunting but caring for another? More doable. Taking a caretaker role also helps her regain some sense of control, none of which she had when she had to witness Ward’s abuse and couldn’t help Willa or Waverly. Now some of you may be asking: “Didn’t she see Willa abuse Waverly? How could she still care for Willa?” Remember she had known Willa much longer than Waverly, and on top of that she knew WHY Willa was so callous and aggressive- she knew first hand why. So she explained it away because she loved Willa and saw she was broken and I’m willing to bet when she witnessed the sibling abuse, she stepped in. I have a feeling Willa did most of it under the radar. Hell I bet even Wynonna got some verbal or emotional abuse at times from Willa, but she went with it because it was less severe. And again she would explain it away. And in Willa’s absence, Wynonna idolized her even more, and she became a myth of herself. Her good qualities remembered over her bad ones. Waverly had a different experience seeing as she didn’t HAVE any good memories of Willa.

Now to the contentious point. Willa Earp. Now I’ve taken you through the personality development of Waverly and Wynonna. You see how they came to be. Now I’m going to show you how Willa came to be. As the Heir, Willa was THE focus of Ward’s attention. And this is where it begins. If she had been neglected she may have actually had a shot, ironically. Because Ward promoted aggression, antisocial behavior, and created a culture of fear. We’ve only seen glimpses but he was taking her out in the middle of night telling her how everyone would die and it’d be her fault. He was creating a paranoid soldier. Now this is awful for a child’s development, especially personality. Remember she lived under Ward’s thumb for 13 years- her personality had long since formed, and it formed to cope with constant fear and a desire to gain some semblance of control over her situation to stay safe. And to keep Wynonna safe. I do not doubt she loved Wynonna- but she loved her how she LEARNED to love another human. Ward had no problem hurting and scaring Willa in a horribly misguided attempt at raising her. She knew as a child that fathers are supposed to love their daughters. So Ward’s abuse must have been how you love (in the mind of young Willa), and you see her applying this with Wynonna. She was more than ready to kill Wynonna because she truly believed it was a kindness and a show of love. 

Did Willa ever love Waverly? I do not think so. Because Waverly didn’t show up until Willa was already about 8 years old and completely bonded to Wynonna. And, I think she was too busy to learn to love her, which I’ll explain more later on. Even in a healthy family, it’s not uncommon for an older sibling to resent a younger one, but add in the way Willa has been treated and raised up until that point, and you get the extreme response of sibling abuse. Now you might ask “So why didn’t Wynonna do the same? Why did she get parental while Willa got aggressive?” and the answer is (for the first time in this whole spiel) likely genetics. 

A quick lesson: everyone is born with a specific type of temperament, which in short is how a child naturally deals with their emotions. Do they sorta “go with the flow” of their emotions, are they a powder keg with strong, uncontrollable emotions, or some mix? Temperament forms the building blocks of all further personality development, and it is far far from destiny. But it’s a genetic predisposition to regulate your emotions in a certain way. And it is interconnected with that resilience I’ve mentioned previously. 

Resilience, if you aren’t sure, is a child’s ability to cope with adversity. The greater the resilience, the more likely a child is to come away from adversity without major psychological harm. A highly resilient child, is more likely to have a “good” temperament (moderate level emotions, relatively easy to work with) whereas a child with low resilience is more likely to have an “at-risk” temperament (very strong emotions that are difficult to regulate). Wynonna, with her obviously high resilience, clearly had a “good” temperament growing up. Willa, most definitely was an “at-risk” temperament (her losing her cool at the slightest provocation with Whiskey Jim for example), and combined with the severe abuse and aggressive environment, that temperament blossomed into the rest of her personality. 

A third vital ingredient in this is called cognitive load. What that refers to is basically how much mental effort/energy the brain spends performing a task or tasks. There is a finite amount of cognitive load the brain can handle, and so it must apportion its time as it sees fit. If there’s a lot of stimuli (external and internal) to deal with, the brain will prioritize, again, as it sees most fit, leaving out “unnecessary” information. EVERYTHING take some cognitive load, from thinking through a problem, to emotional regulation, to social relationships. And we all know you can only juggle so much.

Now let’s combine these three concepts together in Willa. Willa was born with an “at-risk” temperament, which means she has BIG emotions and cannot regulate them well. That takes a LOT of cognitive load to manage. She also has lower resilience to adversity, and some of resiliency’s power comes from a LARGE capacity for cognitive load. You are more resilient if you are better able to process and work through adversity instead of getting drowned in it. So low resiliency=low cognitive load capacity. This already low cognitive load capacity had to deal with emotional regulation of a veritable firecracker, so it’s mostly busy doing that. Add in her forced focus on Ward’s “training” (skills and cognitive tasks) and abuse, and her close bond to Wynonna (a social relationship to manage and someone to protect) and her poor brain is overloaded. It can’t handle any more responsibilities. So when Waverly comes along she sees another potential responsibility and says no. So instead Waverly becomes not only a nuisance to her (she’s got enough to focus on already), but an outlet for her frustration and pain. She has no control with Ward, but she can control Waverly like he does to her. She can feel big, and what kid doesn’t take comfort in feeling big?

Another major thing I want to point out with adult Willa is her obviously stunted emotional and social development, which is no surprise. I’m willing to bet growing up she really didn’t have any friends besides Wynonna, so all of her socialization happened in the Earp homestead (not a great place as has been clearly demonstrated). Willa shows an understanding of the world that is basically that of a preteen. It’s shown as a black and white understanding of other people when she tells Wynonna of the citizens of Purgatory “They hate us Wynonna, they’re evil they deserve that thing!”. It also plays into her lack of emotional regulation, because even a child with an “at-risk” temperament tends to improve some as they age because they learn ways to cope. Willa never did. Now not only did Ward contribute to this stunted development but so did being isolated by Bobo and Lou.

And finally it is here where I will address the Stockholm Syndrome briefly. Only briefly because while she clearly has it- believing Bobo loves her- it did not create Willa as she is. That happened long before Bobo. Bobo used what Ward had started, that’s probably part of what drew him to Willa. Bobo’s influence sure as hell didn’t help because all he did was reinforce everything she had learned up until that point. But Stockholm alone did not make Willa. It’s a much more complicated story and it is tragic and it is one that needs to be heard. She is a product of fear and pain and the need to survive, and while her history does not change the fact that as she is now she is a villain, she is a villain worth sympathy. Because the poor thing never really had a chance from day one. So I dare you to instead take a look at Willa not as the evil lesbian-shooter, but as a scared child trained to be a soldier who is solely responsible for everyone’s lives who cannot handle the pressure and needs to escape and doesn’t know any other way but destruction.

I cant stress enough how much i look forward to starting on T, and getting top surgery.

I cant wait to hear my voice crack for the first time.

I cant wait to start shaving

I cant wait to look down at my chest and be happy with what i see

I cant wait to pass as a male

I cant wait to get that jawline i hope i get

I cant wait to stop getting my period. (You have no idea how wrong it feels, every freaking month!)

I cant wait to be called a boy by everyone around me

I cant wait to be a proud trans boy, who isnt afraid.

I cant wait to people making fun of my voice cracking, even if im 21 when i start on T.

I cant wait to go topless at the beach, and no one staring at me weirdly.

I cant wait to be ‘one of the boys’

I cant wait to be able to go into the mens section in stores, and not get weird stares.

I cant wait to go into a mens bathroom, and no one looking at me weirdly.

I cant wait till i find a name that i think suits me, and then having people calling me that

I cant wait to teach people about lgbt+

I cant wait to meet other people like myself

I cant wait to hear somone call me their BOYfriend

I cant wait to be refferd to as a boy, even when im not around.

I cant wait to hear my mom and dad call me their son

I cant wait to tell my story to other trans people, and hearing other stories 

I cant wait to wear a dress, even after i have transitioned fully, and then rock it!

I cant wait to stop being scared

I cant wait to stop crying

I cant wait to stop hating my self

I cant wait to not feeling like this anymore

I cant wait to be happy with my self

I cant wait to be a better person

I cant wait to be more happy, so much more happy

I cant wait to get the people out of my life who arent okay with me being trans

I cant wait to set and X with male on tests

I cant wait to start growing a beard

I cant wait to then shaving it off

I cant wait to when people dont have to be scared to come out as trans, or anything else

I cant wait to all parents are accepting and supportive of their kids

I cant wait to all people re accepting and supportive of their friends and family.

I cant wait to being trans isn’t something you should hide, becouse you are scared of others reactions.

I know i can do many of these things already when i havnt gotten the surgery nor started on T. But when i do get the surgery, and start on T, i know im gonna be much more confedint. Im gonna move away from where i am now, and start again, as the boy i truly am, and not someone i pretend to be.

I am so lucky that i have suportive parents and suportive friends, and im so happy. I am so freaking lucky to have them, even though im not fully out at all to everyone i know, just this little start means so much. And i cant imagine how it would be for somone without the suport. So please, if you know somone who is trans, agender, bigender, or something else, pleasure suport them. They might ask you to use a diffrent pronounce, or name, and if they do that, please use the name/pronounce they want, it means so much. And even if its a bit hard for you to remmber it, please try your best, and if you use the wrong name/pronounce, just quickly change it and move on, no need to make a big deal out of it. But just things as that can help so much, it can really mean a lot.

Being trans isnt always easy, some people have it worse than others.But i know just the smallest things, can make someone that much happier. 

I my self is a 17 year old trans guy, i havnt always known that, but im glad i have figured it out. There are still a lot of things i dont know yet about my self, But for now, i know im a trans guy, i am pansexual, though leaning towards guys, so i would say im quite gay. 

People figure out who they are at diffrent times, some when they are young, others when they are older. ANd that is okay, you should never force anything, and you dont have to label yourself, some people like labels, others dont. Just do what you feel comfortable doing, and dont judge others for doing the same thing.

I know i dont have a big following, and most of my folowers are porn blogs, but i just really nedded to say these things, and i will probrly reblog this post later, and probrbly also write one more or two. Happines is something that comes and goes, right now im okay, but i know that i will meet people who wont agree with who i am, and tell me that who i am is wrong, and tell me all kind of negative things, and i know i will cry, a lot more, happy tears and sad tears, beauce there is gonna be hard times and good times, and that is never gonna change, i hope it will though.

Anyways, im Ollie for the time being, a little gay trans guy just passing by. My inbox is always open, and i would love to talk to people, and learn about their experiences. 

I hope you have a great day

I’m doing this for you // Shawn Mendes

Request: Today’s imagine is brought to you by 

Request #1 - Can you do one where Shawn is 19 and y/n is 16 years old and they’re hanging out on Shawn’s new condo and Shawn haven’t told the fans that they’re together so they kind of talk about that which leads into a fight but in the end they make up?

and request #2 -  I was wondering if I could request one where there is HELLA angst but then they make up?? 

“Do you know what happened yesterday?” I ask, twisting my head to the side to look up at Shawn. He meets my gaze, his cheeks a rosy color. 

“What happened?” His voice is deep and gravelly. 

“So I was at the shopping center and I was just walking through Target when these two girls come over to me.” I sound excited even to my own ears.

“Yeah,” He’s grinning fully now, my excitement contagious. I found whenever I was happy around Shawn, he would mirror my happiness.

“They were like, oh my gosh! Do you know Shawn Mendes? and I was all like yeah definitely.” I laugh, remembering their wide eyes and nervous fidgeting.

His grin drops. “What did they say?” 

“Just that they found us so cute and that we were relationship goals.” I should have noticed his apprehension about the conversation but my brain fails to pick up on it.

“So you confirmed we were in a relationship?” Shawn asks, a panic edge to his voice.

“Well,” I frown, “I didn’t say we were but I didn’t say we weren’t.” 

“Great.” Shawn groans, his hands moving to cover his face.

“I don’t understand? Why do you seem so annoyed?” I ask, a flicker of hurt crossing my face.

“We’ve spoken about this Y/n.” He tells me, his arms falling to lie on his thighs. 

“Actually no, we haven’t.” I reproach, becoming agitated by his tone.

“I don’t want people to know about our relationship.” He shrugs his shoulders like the matter was no big deal.

“Are you serious? You’ve been saying that since we got together!” I exclaim, moving forward so that I’m sitting on the edge of the couch.

He shrugs again and it infuriates me.

“Why don’t you want anyone to know? Do you want to hide our relationship away-”

“Y/n no, you know that you mean so much to me,” Shawn cuts me off quickly, reassuring me. “But its just, you’re younger then me.”

“You’re only 19 Shawn, 3 years isn’t going to kill me.” I huff, crossing my arms over my chest.

“You’re just too young to be exposed to the kind of media coverage you’ll get by being my girlfriend.”

I immediately jump to conclusions. “So you’re ashamed of me because of how old I am?” I sound shrill. Shawn winces at my words.

“No I’m just saying that if I keep you hidden for as long as possible we can have our relationship more exclusive. You won’t have to face as much hate as you would if we told the fans.” He tries to explain but its like half his words don’t even reach my ears.

“So I can’t tell people that we’re together because you want us to be exclusive?” I send him a look of disbelief. 

“Baby, I don’t want their words to hurt you.” he rests a hand on my thigh, rubbing circles with his thumb. 

“You know what does hurt Shawn?” I rest back into the couch. “Every time we go out to the mall or to dinner, there’s always that one girl or even that one really brave fan that hits on you.” 

He sighs, remembering how last week when we were shopping for a gift for his Mother for her birthday, we were interrupted. The beautiful brunette had strolled straight up to Shawn and fussed over his music instantly. Of course I could understand that she was a fan and had every right to talk to Shawn but when she began touching his arm and leaning closer to him, I began to worry.

When she asked him to go get a cup of coffee with him, least to say I was slightly annoyed.

“I couldn’t even say anything because they all know we’re just friends!” I argue, this one sentence had been used many times in the hour that had followed that shopping trip and once again, I was using it now.

“I know baby, but trust me, I’m doing this for you.” He was being too kind. I couldn’t seem to be angry at me and I knew his side of the argument was winning.

“I just want to be able to call you my boyfriend with out having to look over my shoulder making sure no one heard me.” I pout and he smirks, pulling me over to him until I’m seated on his lap.

“You know I want that too.” he pouts back, teasing me.

“Stop being cute, I’m trying to have an argument here.” He laughs, his forehead resting on my shoulder.

“What about this?” I ask, putting my hand under his chin and pushing up until his head is upright and his eyes meet mine.

“Mmhm,” He mumbles with a lazy smile on his face, resting his head completely on my hand.

“I turn 17 in 3 months. If we’re still together, can I have free rein on boyfriend rights?” I smile, proud of my proposal.

“I don’t know.” He smirks and I jokingly glare in return. 

“I’ve changed my mind, I’m not giving you a choice I’m just going to do it anyway- ow” Shawn pinches my side just as I finish. “What?”

“When the time comes we’ll weigh out the negatives and positives that come will telling the fans about my beautiful girlfriend.” He grins and I roll my eyes.

“Nice. Complement the girlfriend in hope of getting your way.” I wink at him and he laughs, his arms wrapping around my waist. 

“And I though it was just my hot body that persuaded you.”

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  • [SETTING - before naruto and sasuke hooked up. sasuke is pining]
  • sasuke: ok look at this text naruto sent me [hands phone over]
  • sakura: .... so?
  • sasuke: do you not see the "hey" with two y's??
  • sakura: i do? whats the big deal
  • suigetsu, yelling from the other room: IT MEANS HE WANTS SASUKES DICK
  • sasuke: like, its not "hey" its "heyy......". its flirty, okay? god arent you, like, a girl. arent girls supposed to know these things? why are you being useless right now
  • sakura: ok. first of all. are you interpreting the texts of your best friend since childhood based on straight guy memes
  • sasuke: i'm- fuck off, sakura. of COURSE not. this is just, like. using your brain and analyzing semantics-
  • sakura: cut the bs, sasuke
  • sakura: its *naruto* hes like the most excited guy alive after lee and hes your best friend of course hes going to be nice it doesnt MEAN any-
  • sasuke: [takes the phone back, searches it for a bit and hands it back to her]
  • [narutos text: sasuke ik u hate the gym but its so boringgggg wo u there pls come sweat w me 😜😜💦 pls ill do anythign ill make it fun for u!!!!😉😉💪]

So…Galra Mama thoughts

• She is one of the most badass members of the Blade of Mamora. Can kick your ass my ass everybody’s ass.
• The one thing that softens her is Keith. Like…that’s her baby boy. She didn’t get to see him grow up so after they are reunited she’s always remaining close to him
• Super protective. Mama Galra does *not* let anyone near her son, her team, or the other Paladins (bc they are important not only to her secret society’s goal but bc they’re Keith’s adoptive family and she wants him to be happy)
• Understandably, Team Voltron doesn’t trust her right away. Still seems shady, and she is practically the galaxy’s top assassin/spy. But she keeps her cool like a pro because she wants to be able to protect Keith.
• She totally does the embarrassing mom things to Keith. Like fussing over his hair, asking if he has rested properly, insisting she personally tend to his wounds. Keith is awkwardly accepting because “??? What’s it like having a mom???? Help???????” but at the same time it’s his mom, she means well, and he’s wanted to know her ever since he was a child. Better late than never.
• She totally carries Keith against her chest if he’s injured or if she finds him asleep somewhere. Just lifts him like its no big deal and carries him to a healing pod or to his bed. Protective Mama.
• To everybody else, she’s Kalthara. But to Keith she’s “Mom” and that brings her so much internal joy you can’t even imagine.

Just… I want an awesome Mama Galra in S3 PLEASE


He would ask for many kisses in return of his favorite hoodie being taken away from him forever. “That hoodie actually became my favorite when you started wearing it y/n…” He would admit sheepishly.


He would tell you straight away that its not a problem and that yes it was his favorite hoodie but no he isn’t mad. “I can always just buy another one. Its just a hoodie, it’s easily replaceable.” He would assure you with a smile.


He would pretend to be very upset at first but when he sees how awful you feel, he would tell you that its okay. “I was just joking, its not a big deal babe. You know I can never be mad at you!” He would grin.


You will be surprised that he won’t actually be bothered about it. In the end he will inform you that it wasn’t his hoodie. “I borrowed it from someone but I can’t remember who. I never got to return it so I guess it ended up being mine.”


He would joke that you’re not allowed to borrow any of his clothing anymore. When you agree he would run to your side. “I didn’t mean that. I love it when you wear my clothes. Just don’t make a habit of destroying them.” He would chuckle.


He would actually feel a little disappointed at first but it won’t matter to him anymore after a while. “That may have been my favorite hoodie but you’re my favorite person so its fine…” He would smile sweetly.


He would immediately tell you not to worry about it anymore. However you were still convinced that he was mad but then he would ask you, “do you want another hoodie of mine? Just pick another one babe.. you know where they are.”

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Reactions to their s/o saying she feels bad about them having to spend money on her please

Shu:  So would you rather not have me give you any more gifts then?  Fine I won’t pay for any gifts or dates.  It’s all on you.  What’s with your face?  That’s what you wanted right?  Haha you can stop pouting now I was just playing with you…don’t feel bad I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t a hassle.

Reiji: You don’t like me spending money on you? Well excuse me for playing the role of a gentleman. Feel free to buy all this stuff yourself, since you prefer me not being polite. No? That’s what I thought. Now let me do this, it’s my choice. And I expect a “thank you” as well.

Ayato:  Why are you so worried about it?  Don’t you see the huge ass mansion Ore-Sama lives in?  I have enough money to buy myself a yacht and a penthouse but I decide to spend it on you.  Instead of complainin’, feel grateful!!!!!

Kanato: Instead of complaining, why don’t you just accept my gift like a good dolly would. I’m doing it because I love you, and I expect the same from you *kisses her cheek* Good, now take the damn gift!!

Laito:  Oh you’re right Bitch-chan~ Why should the man who’s a lot more rich pay for the dates?  That’s simply terrible and torturous!!! Fufu~ I’m just being sarcastic Bitch-chan I don’t mind spoiling you at all!  It’s cute that you’re so concerned though nfu~

Subaru: Why don’t you like it? I’m doing it cause I wanna… And it’s not like money is a problem for me. Just don’t worry about it, okay? Let me do this… I wanna make you happy. I just wanna be a good boyfriend. 

Ruki:  Hmm? It’s not a problem Livestock.  Who do you think pays for all their brothers’ things. I have more than enough money to indulge you.   I have no problem with it unless you have bad behavior.  But since you’ve been such an obeident Livestock for the past while, I don’t mind spending on you.

Kou: M-neko-chan. don’t worry about it. Not meaning to brag, but my career results in a lotta money for me. So whatever you want, it’s yours, whatever makes my little kitten happy! Just make sure you pay me back later, if you know what I mean *winks*

Yuma:  Hahaha you think this is my money?? Honestly Sow I just get a huge ass allowance from both Ruki and Karlheinz so it’s technically their hard earned money. But even if it wasn’t I wouldn’t mind paying for you. Just be lucky I love you dork.

Azusa: Hm? No really…its no big deal….I promise…I just want you happy….but if spending money on you doesn’t make you happy…I won’t do it…whatever you want *kisses her cheek* but I wanna…buy you this necklace at least.

So you’re an arsonist now?

It didn’t matter how you built your pyre. It still doesn’t. You weren’t sure how you were going to fracture yourself and fall together in a better way - like gravity, like collapsing into a black hole - but if death is an inevitability, surely the death of an ego is inevitable too?

It wasn’t supposed to matter, but it did. You carried sadness around you - you did, you did, and you still do. So what would come first, the sadness or the memories that caused them? It was a sick juxtaposition - it was the contrast between ‘okay’ and 'not okay’. You think that if you had never learned how to be happy in the first place you wouldn’t be so sad now. You think there’s still plenty of time left to be happy.

What did they - the pictures, the chatlogs, the people - matter to you now anyway? Physicality is easy to burn, physicality can disappear - into carbon under bunsen burners, into smoke. It was what came after you were afraid of - of not having anything to look back at, of not being able to pretend that this past was your future. It was not having these security blankets - not being able to read these conversations  and trace over these memories until they were as smooth as your bathroom tiles from wear.

You think about them a lot. If a relationship has ten effort units total, and you give all ten, then you’re not going to get anything back. If you look up to someone, if you spend hours social media stalking, if you keep up obsessively without getting any acknowledgement of your existence, if you write emails that never get replies, if you spend hours upon hours drafting messages that never get read - then do you not force them to look down on you?

And you wanted to become something greater, to become a phoenix at the threat of rebirth - wanted something of revenge, or regret, or some other unnameable noun that started with r. You didn’t want to become something greater if they weren’t going to look back at you.

But not now. The pyre is built and the funeral is ready. There are no white flowers, no observers, no wills or last rites. Nothing but you and the flame. Nobody will cry for your death - but then again, do you need anyone to?

So you jump in.

Too little, maybe, but not too late.

The Signs Opinion On Gossip:
  • Aries: it's god-sip, bc I am in the know of everybody ☕️👀
  • Taurus: people can be so extra
  • Gemini: *spills all the tea* I don't gossip
  • Cancer: it's okay if they're mean tho
  • Leo: I'm not telling any lies, so what's the big deal??
  • Virgo: keep that drama out of my life 🙅‍♂️
  • Libra: I speaketh the truth
  • Scorpio: those lyin' cheatin' fishes deserve what they get imo
  • Sagittarius: if you don't want me gossiping then don't do bad things
  • Capricorn: it's annoying af because people will ruin you
  • Aquarius: gossip is bad when it is used badly
  • Pisces: does fictional people count?
Our Song pt 2

Sooooo Our Song (pt 1) was a hit, and I’m so grateful! Thank you guys so much for reading, and sending such AMAZING feedback! I’m gonna try to write some smut in as promised, and requested, but I’ve never written smut so maybe it’ll get better as more parts to this come out, so bear with me. I hope you enjoy :) xx

Jungkook x Reader, fluff, smut :0!!


Summary: School playboy, and jock Jungkook is the last person you’d expect to be a soulful musician, but everybody has their secrets

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So can you do headcanons for jealous Peter. Like MJ's had a crush on Peter forever, but they're just friends and she's accepted that. She isn't going to pine over Peter Parker. It's time to put this crush down and the new guy is ok and into her. So she should definitely just say yes the next time he asks her out. Peter is just mind blown when MJ can't hang out cuz she has a date. MJ doesn't date.

*hyperventilates* I am SO ready for jealous!Peter Parker. like, you have no idea. buckle in kids. this headcanon is happening RIGHT NOW. (ps. i might write a part 2 of this….i’m not sure…lemme know what you want, folks.) 

*update: [part 2]

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Ask: So like is stiles dating derek???
  • Stiles: well-
  • Scott: yes and its disgusting
  • Stiles: HEY! i dealt with your scallison crap you can deal with my sterek
  • Scott: i wasn't as bad as you guys
  • Liam: the sexual tension could be cut with a knife
  • Mason: i dont know... I think it's hot
  • Stiles: if its such a big problem why not mention it before?
  • Liam: your like, my alphas best friend
  • Stiles: so?
  • Lydia: no one wants to get on your bad side
  • Stiles: well, someones getting on my bad side right now
  • Scott: dude, calm down
  • Stiles: No! If you guys have a problem with me and derek dating i should have a right to know!
  • Lydia: its not a problem stiles
  • Stiles: Then what the fuck do you all mean!?!?!
  • Malia: they want you guys to have sex so we dont have to deal with the awkwardness, even if you're dating
  • Stiles: what makes you think we haven't already had sex?
  • Everyone: *bitch face*
  • Derek: *walks in to stiles mouth gaping and face red* uh, what'd i miss?

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Imagine poly Sanders after the growing up video. They all feel really bad over how they treated Pat so they just like take care of him. This probably includes cuddle puddles, the cooking and cleaning for him and generally just giving him a day or two off ~polysandershell

I’m gonna stick with headcanons, okay? Okay

-First and foremost, they all go -even Anxoety- and apologize to Morality for how they behaved

-Prince and Logic both apologize for everything they said, that they really love him and were being mean and rude, and apologize for ganging up on him

-Anxiety apologizes for not stepping in to stop it, he feels so guilty for not helping him

-“I forgive you two, I know you didn’t realize what you were doing at the time, but your words really hurt. I’m glad you apologized. Anxiety, I know it was hard for you to see, but I’m glad you apologized too, I know its an important deal for you, too.”

-They all then do a big group hug with Morality at the center, then Anxiety, and then Logic and Prince holding them all

- They have a big night then

- Prince goes and changes his room so the ceiling looks like colorful galaxies and he makes a big field with a large tent, campfire, and lake

-The tent is filled with big squishy blankets and pillows

- They all change into comfortable jammies and go to the tent, all squishing together and just holding each other for a while

-Eventually, they go out and make smores, resulting in lots of fluffy, sweet kisses and hugs and laughter. Morality’s laughter is the most beautiful sound any of them have heard, and they’d do anything to hear his sweet giggles, and loud laughter, and funny snorts

-Afterwards, they rest for a bit before going into the lake.

-Morality’s first in, in his dorky onepeice swimsuit (think fifties swimsuits) that the others just love

- Prince just jumps in nude

-Logic and Anxiety wear normal swim trunks, but Anxiety also wears a tank top.

-Anxiety chills on the bank for a bit, not wanting to go in, but the others eventually coax him into joining them

-Afterwards, they all lay out on the bank (“Prince, put on shorts!” “I need to dry” “…..”)

-once they’re dressed again, they go back to the tent and get into a big snuggle fest, holding each other, whispering sweet nothings, all snuggled in fluffy blankets.

- They all fall asleep feeling loved, but most importantly -Logic, Anxiety, and Prince think- Morality is happy


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Cheryl x reader

Request summary: Cheryl asks her best friend (reader) over for a sleepover and while she’s spooning the reader she reveals her feelings for them.

In the few years of being best friends with Cheryl Blossom, the two of you have had a countless amount of sleepovers but for some reason this one felt different.

It was around midnight and at some point during your movie marathon in her bedroom Cheryl had curled herself up next to you with her arm around your waist and her head resting against your shoulder.

It wasn’t the first time this had happened but it always struck you odd because Cheryl had never exactly been one to enjoy someone being in her personal space.

You weren’t complaining though, you knew you had feelings for Cheryl that were more than just a best friend way but didn’t want to risk your friendship if she didn’t feel the same. Especially after Jason’s death, it wasn’t fair to her to confront her about it right now.

Despite your current physical closeness, Cheryl had been distant all night. She didn’t make her usual satirical comments during any of the movies, she had barely spoken to you at all and you could tell she wasn’t even paying attention to the movie that was coming to an end.

“Cheryl?” you asked.

“Yes Y/N.”

“Are you alright? You’ve been spaced out all night.”

She took a deep breath clearly determining if she wanted to address the problem or not, “I just have a lot on my mind right now.”

“You know you can talk to me about anything right?”

“I know,” she said somehow getting even closer to you, “I just don’t want to talk about it right now.”

You didn’t want to push so you just accepted it and started the next movie.

Nearly an hour later Cheryl finally spoke again.

“You know Y/N, you’re the only person that’s never wanted anything from me.”

You were confused by the statement, “what do you mean?”

She looked up at you, “everyone whose ever pretended to be my friend has always only wanted a raise in their popularity status, connections from the Blossom family business or to get closer to Jason. You’re the only friend I have that I could do something with like just lay here and watch movies like its no big deal.”

“It really isn’t a big deal Cheryl,” you laughed, “I’ve never cared about the connections or the popularity. I just like being with you.”

Suddenly Cheryl was kissing you and even thought it took you by surprise, it felt like the most natural thing in the world.

When she pulled back she said, “what if I wanted you to be more then just my best friend?”

“What if I’ve wanted that for a long time,” you told her with a new found confidence.

She smiled and put her hand on your face to pull you back in for another kiss and the rest of the night was better then you could have ever imagined.


“Somehow none of it seems to matter when we’re in Dublin. Class and all that just fades away. I’m Mrs Branson and we get on with our lives like millions of others.”

There was a big anticipation for HP& The Cursed Child, everyone was talking about it, people were waiting for stores to open the next day to get their copy. However I was not one of those people I actually just finished reading it (like a week ago); I couldn’t afford it as a college student who works I also couldn’t find the time to read it for about a week when I got it; because ya know, work. So needless to say I’m late to the Cursed Child reading experience, I read about the characters in articles and from things JK Rowling and the actors have said and I went in already shiping Scorbus.

I think a lot of people like the idea of Scorbus even if they don’t ship it because we finally get the Malfoy x Potter friendship that should have happened in the original series, if Harry would have just shook Malfoy’s hand they would have (most likely) been friends- but that’s another topic for another day. As I said I went in shiping Scorbus but as I read scene after scene and the farther along I got I realized it did come off as the start to a relationship and I thought it was great. What wasn’t great was the “crush” on Rose, I mean can you even call it that? It was so forced that it became unrealistic and came across as obsessive- and that doesn’t fit what we know of Scorpius’s personality. Same goes for Albus, he’s 14 and in love with a 21 year old villain? Once again, didn’t buy it. Just let the characters be what they want to be.

I normally don’t get all “hot and bothered” over ships because well there ships, But with Scorbus its all right there, they practically hand it to you then to turn around last minute and go yeah I asked out Rose, no big deal its not like I’m in love with Al or anything. Also on a side note I didn’t like the whole time thing premise, it didn’t really add to anything and took 99% of the book.

I read somewhere authors were “responding” to Scorbus shipers saying that its just a real friendship, okay but like what kind of friendships are you having? Or am I missing out on something? ( not sarcasm) It might be different on stage its just I really want to like the CC because I relate to Al so much and their friendship is a awesome story to read but there’s a lot of inconsistencies in the book. Just my two cents, sorry about the rant.

  • Lance: wait wait, YOU'VE been to Paris?!
  • Keith: yea? I mean I don't really see what the big deal is? It's pretty lame actually
  • Hunk: that's so cool! Did you see the eiffel tower??
  • Keith: yea, the cowboy hat was a little excessive though
  • Pidge: um...?
  • Shiro: *long sigh* Paris FRANCE keith, not Paris Texas
that nd feel when you've thought about suicide so often it's not even a big deal anymore it's just an unbreakable habit
  • me: i'm sad
  • brain: this hurts doesn't it?
  • me: i mean yeah i guess
  • brain: do you know what would stop it from hurting
  • me: no, don't, that's not an answer
  • brain: you could always...
  • me: BITCH
  • brain: kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself
  • me: oh for fucks sake