so you just have to wait for him to decide to get off himself

Percy shivered; he quickly unfolded the blanket and wrapped it around him as he made his way back to the couch. Nico was as bundled as he possibly could’ve been. He had wrapped himself up as tightly as he could with two blankets to where his eyes were the only part of his body Percy could see.

 “You are so stingy,” Percy said. Nico was the reason he had to get up to retrieve another blanket anyways. Nico blinked at him. Their apartment didn’t have the thickest walls, and it didn’t help that the manager decided to renovate the floor below them. Nico almost cussed the guy out for not waiting to break out the wall in spring.

Percy got as comfortable as he could have, considering he was freezing his toes off. Nico started to feel bad, so he opened up his blanket cave for Percy and moved closer beside him.

Percy sighed at the warmth and cuddled into his fiancé. “Butthead,” Percy muttered.

Nico kissed Percy’s cool, flushed cheek and covered the both of them up before turning on the tv.  

Surprise Puppy

Chris Evans:

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Chris is your best friend and you absolutely adore his adorable puppy Dodger. When Chris was gone for even a few hours he would have you drop by his house to watch over him or he would drop Dodger off at yours. You love Dodger like he was your own and always greeted him before you would even greet Chris which he found hilarious. After months of seeing you love on him so much Chris decided to buy you your own puppy for your friendaversary. He had asked you to go over to his house and waited until you were down the road before placing your new puppy out on the yard. He knew that you would immediately get drawn to the puppy so that was how he gave you y/p/n (your/puppies/name).

Sebastian Stan:

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You had been going to animal shelters to volunteer and see all the puppies because they were your favorite animals. It had just been another day at the shelter when you noticed a new puppy who kept to himself and wouldn’t play with the other animals. You were automatically drawn to the puppy who you later named ‘Buck’ which is inspired by your favorite character that Seb has portrayed so far in his career. Buck was available for you to adopt and take home that day so without even thinking about it you agreed and brought him home to Sebastian. You knew that Sebastian would be accepting of you bringing a puppy home but you also knew that it would be a major shock to him. You arrived at your shared home and let Buck roam around before running off to find Seb and show him the adorable puppy.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson:

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Aaron knew that you often got lonely when he was off shooting movies so he decided to surprise you with a puppy the morning he had to leave in order to start the shooting of his latest project. He picked up the puppy early in the morning and placed her gently on the bed beside you as you slept and gently woke you up to greet the new puppy who was very interested in your hair and face. You couldn’t help but laugh and give the puppy kisses and cuddles before doing the same to Aaron and dragging him back into the bed for a few hours before he sadly had to leave for the airport.

Chris Hemsworth:

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Chris was your older cousin and probably your favorite family member ever. He was always there for you even if he couldn’t physically be there which you greatly appreciated. You knew that you most likely wouldn’t be seeing him there for Christmas as he would be with his own family in Australia but you knew that you could expect a present from him gently placed under the tree. What you didn’t expect though was a small crate with a tiny puppy barking from inside it. You rushed towards the crate and saw that it was for you and from your cousin Chris and his wife Elsa. You squealed and took the puppy gently in your arms before video calling them and thanking them profusely before asking them how they got the puppy for you.

Tom Hiddleston:

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Tom knew that you loved dogs and have always wanted to get one of your own so he thought that buying one for your 3 year anniversary would be the best time and gift. He surprised you by placing him in your lap as you read over your script for your next role. You looked up at Tom with a surprised look and reached out to hug the puppy with the brightest smile you’ve ever had. Thanking Tom over and over again you pulled him down beside you and placed your new puppy between the two of you before putting your script away and playing with her for the rest of the day.

Tom Holland:

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Tom knew that you wanted to get a puppy every since you were a child so he thought that buying you one for your birthday would be a good idea. He had surprised you with the puppy when he picked you up for a birthday breakfast. He held the puppy in his arms while he waited for you to open the door and let the two of you in. You were so happy and ended up skipping breakfast to play with the little puppy all morning instead.

Breaking Up (pt 2. V, fluff)

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I got so much positive feedback from the first part of this fic, I DECIDED TO MAKE A HAPPY ENDING!!!!! I cannot sleep (was up all night watching Chanyeol on Dating Alone…again…) There’s only going to be 2 part’s to this fic, part 1 HERE. If you want part 1 to just be the end of this then ok… I just thought this should have a part 2…

Words: 1775

Taehyung’s POV

Taehyung paced the room, looking down at his cellphone every five minutes. The other members looked up at him with concerned expressions, trying to get him to sit down. He wouldn’t listen, feeling as if he were about to explode.

Why in the hell did he think it would be better if you’d broken up? He didn’t know himself, and he couldn’t place a finger on it. While it was true he was lonely away from you, breaking up was a cliff he was just waiting to fall off of. Taehyung had no idea why he’d done this to himself, or you.

“Just go to her place and apologize, I’m sure (Y/N)ah would understand.” Jin clasped onto the back of Taehyung’s shirt, but he just quickly shuffled away from his hyung.

“I can’t do that. Leave me alone.” Taehyung snapped, walking towards his room. He had no privacy, ever. Taehyung shared a room with not only Jimin, but Hoseok as well. For however many years he’d lived in the dorm with the 6 other boys, he’d never once cared about his privacy, because they truly were brothers to him. They’d walked around the house naked, they shared porn with each other, and even texted girls pretending to be the other person for each other.

He couldn’t lock the door, one of the many downfalls of sharing a room with two others. If Taehyung were to lock the others out of their own room, they’d bang on the door until he opened it. That, or they’d just end up taking the door off the hinges out of anger.

Still, he dramatically slammed the door shut, letting everyone know he didn’t want to be disturbed. Taehyung was going crazy, wanting only to see you and call you and tell you he definitely couldn’t forget you. It’d only been two weeks, and he’d never felt this terrible. If it meant you two could be in a relationship, he’d definitely endure being away from you even for a year. Just skyping, or snapchatting, or calling would be enough for him. It always had been until a few weeks ago.

Hoseok came crashing through the door, flashing his phone to Taehyung before holding it up to his ear.

“You better not start crying in the middle of my call.” He teased, practically jumping onto his bed, which was coincidentally beside Taehyung’s. Taehyung pouted unhappily, getting up from his bed and walking out of the room. He picked up his jacket, shoving his wallet into the pocket before sliding it on his shoulders.

Taehyung went right to the door, and Jin was close on his heels.

“Where are you going? When will you be home?”

“I’m going to talk to her, I won’t be home tonight if I’m lucky.”

Your POV

It was 2 AM, and you were jolted awake from your half conscious state by loud banging on the door. You’d fallen asleep on the sofa to tacky drama rerun’s on a free channel. Again.

Once Taehyung had broken up with you, you thought you were doing to die. Because you hadn’t actually died, you weren’t sure wrther or not it was a good thing or a bad one. You weren’t too disappointed that you didn’t actually die from heart break, but everything happens for a reason.

You’d just thrown yourself into your work, ignoring all of civilization. It was dramatic, but you just weren’t up to anything besides working non stop. Taehyung had tried to talk you into eating full meals, but it never happened. You were so busy, so you either weren’t hungry because you fell asleep in between your shifts, or you just ordered take out and fell asleep in the middle of eating it.

The knocking didn’t stop, and a slurred voice began to half shout on the other side of your door.

“(Y/N)ah, stop being so stubborn! I’m drunk and ready to talk.”

…Taehyung? You picked up your phone, dialing the first number you thought of. Yoongi just barely picked up the phone, his voice groggy and angry on the other line.

“What do you want so late?”

“Oppa, I think he’s outside my apartment yelling…drunk.” You’re voice was barely a whisper, but you knew Yoongi had heard it by the sound of him grunting as he got out of bed.

“Let him inside, try and sober him up.” Yoongi instructed, and you did. Even if you couldn’t say Taehyung’s name, Yoongi still seemed to know. You opened the door, stopping right in your track’s as you saw him. How could such a mess look so utterly perfect? He was drunk, that’s for sure, but you didn’t know why he was at your house.

He held your gaze just as you did to him, and you didn’t even realize Yoongi was saying things into the phone as you snapped back to reality. Taehyung was quick, even stumbling down drunk.

He came inside, snatching the phone out of your hand and putting it up to his ear. In a panic, you closed the door, keeping it unlocked in case Yoongi would show up.

“Yoongi hyung, I’m talking to (Y/N) so don’t bother us, okay?” He didn’t even wait for an answer, he just chucked your phone aside on the messy sofa where you’d just been sleeping. Taehyung didn’t even hang up the phone, Yoongi would definitely be listening, still.

“Ta- stop. Sit down, I’ll get you some water, okay?” You still couldn’t bring yourself to say his name. It hurt. Taehyung didn’t notice what you said, he was looking right into your eyes.

“I didn’t throw away the pictures like I said I would. I still have your number, I still have all the stuff you gave me.” He came closer to you, cupping your cheeks with both hands. 

His eyes looked past you, towards something behind you. “Neither did you? You still have all those pictures?” He pointed to your bookshelf, where you kept all the pictures of you and Taehyung together.

You hadn’t deleted his number, you hadn’t gotten rid of anything, either. You kept it all, because you were too afraid that if you threw everything away it would actually be over. He couldn’t know, though. Taehyung was hurting, and it was all your fault. Don’t make it worse for him.

“I…I must have forgotten those pictures.”

“How could you forget those when you stare at them everyday? I’m drunk, not stupid.” He let go of you, going back to see your phone. He was going to check if his number was still there, and you couldn’t let him.

“Don’t touch my phone.” You snapped, trying your hardest to be firm with him. It was too late, Taehyung was scrolling through your phone and even if you attempted to struggle it was nothing against him.

“You do! It even has the heart. You didn’t throw anything away, did you?”

You definitely wanted to tell him everything. You wanted him to hold you tightly in his arms, and to tell him you were in love with him. The only thing holding you back was his pain. It hurt you beyond belief that you’d hurt him that much. Instead, you didn’t reply to him.

“It sucks worse than I thought being away from you…I hate it. The thought of us breaking up makes me feel so bad. I hate it, I hate it so much! I lied, I don’t want you to find another guy. Don’t find someone better than me, okay? I’ll never forgive you.”

“Stop. You’re drunk.” Your voice broke painfully, and all you could do was stare at his chest to keep yourself from crying. Taehyung came closer, so you turned your body away from him.

“Just because I’m drunk doesn’t mean I don’t mean what I’m saying.”

He wrapped his arms around you, burrowing his face in the crook of your neck. Taehyung’s breath was so warm, it made your skin tingle.

“You have no idea what you’re saying.” You stuttered, trying to blink away the tears.

“I do, and you’d probably believe me if you asked everyone that lives with me.” He held you tighter, giving no sign of letting go. How could he be like this?

“Have you been eating enough?” His voice was lowered, and you didn’t reply. Taehyung was shaking, his hands barely able to hold you.

“Let’s just make up, already. Did you know I cried everyday for a week? I’m a baby, I cant…I can’t get over you. I won’t get over you. I want to be with you even if I go away for a month.”

“That’s why we broke up!” You exploded, turning around and taking both of his wrists into your hands. He looked shocked, staring at you with wide eyes. 

“We broke up because you were hurting, why would I agree to be with you when you’re just going to keep hurting?”

“That’s just it (Y/N), it’s worse breaking up than just being away from you for awhile.”

“Trust me, I know as well as you it’s so much worse.”  You choked, and his lip began to quiver. Taehyung pulled away from your grip, shaking his head back and forth.

“I can’t believe I did this, I take it all back. Please, please, please. We’ll never break up again, I promise. I am ready for a relationship, only with you.” He turned around, and you knew he’d begun crying.

You loved him, so much. There was no way you couldn’t be with him, it just wasn’t possible. This time, you wrapped your arms around his waist from behind, burying your face into his back.

“Okay.” You replied, feeling him place a hand on top of yours.

He let go of your hand, turning around only to cup your cheeks tightly and kiss your forehead. You pushed Taehyung onto the couch, sitting in his lap and hugging him tightly.

You heard a noise, coming from your phone. Looking from Taehyung to the phone, he prodded you to pick it up. Picking it up, you held it up to your ear.

“Does this mean I shouldn’t come over?” It was Yoongi, mumbling tiredly into the phone. Shocked, you mouthed ‘It’s Yoongi’ to Taehyung.

“Yeah, don’t come over. Sorry…”

He didn’t even reply. Yoongi hung up the phone, leaving you and Taehyung alone. Once again, Taehyung tossed your phone aside, hugging you tightly against him.

“Let’s not break up.” Taehyung must have repeated that so many times. Every time he’d said that, you would nod into his shoulder, kissing his neck.

Look’s like you weren’t over for real. You were so glad.

So maybe it was a weird thing to set him off, but really— was Tim in control of his life just now? No. He hadn’t been for several years, if he were being honest, and why change what worked? He was hardly ever an emotional wreck (once a week maximum), which was fine. One day in seven was fine.
Until it was one of those days, and he was standing outside his apartment, holding his key ring, trying not to scream or cry or punch a wall, or maybe all of the above. He hadn’t decided yet.
He was thinking about Bruce. Bruce didn’t remember him. Of all of the things the universe could have thrown at him, that was maybe the worst.
Most days, he just wanted to tell him— drive out to the manor, let himself in, lie down on a couch, and wait for Bruce to walk by. He could picture himself doing all of that, easily. It was the bit after that where he got stuck.
Bruce wouldn’t recognize him. Tim kept thinking about his eyes— they’d be empty, polite, “oh look, a stranger” eyes, and Tim wasn’t sure he could take that. He felt sick just thinking about it. It made it hard to breathe, so he leaned his head against the doorpost, still staring down at his keys (vehicle master, Jason’s house, apartment, manor). He could do it if he wanted. Turn around and tell Bruce. Maybe he should.
Bruce would want to know, wouldn’t he? He always did. The thought of Bruce making a such an important decision without all the facts was ridiculous— Bruce didn’t do that. And surely if he knew he was Batman, if he knew about his kids—
Anyway, Bruce deserved to know, and the rest of them deserved that too. Tim knew the others were suffering— Damian wasn’t allowed to go home, so he’d been migrating between safehouses for weeks. You knew he was desperate when he started showing up at Tim’s, and he’d been doing that a lot lately.
And as much as he wanted Bruce to be happy, well… didn’t Tim deserve to be happy too? It had been a while.
He didn’t blame Bruce for shutting them out. How could he? It wasn’t Bruce’s fault. It was just that Tim wasn’t sure what to do without Bruce. It was hard to explain.
Tim had a strange life. He was a secret— there were only about a dozen people who knew what he did with his time, and less that knew him personally, for real. There had been years when it was only him and Bruce, and now Bruce didn’t remember any of that— whole years that were just Tim now. By himself. It made him feel less, somehow, like he was disappearing. Even on the days when Jason was pacing in his kitchen and Damian was asleep on his couch, Tim felt horribly, horribly alone.
He just wanted Bruce to remember. It didn’t seem like that much to ask.
Tim could picture himself at the door to Wayne Manor, with the key that he’d had since he was thirteen. He could see his hands opening the locks (top turned right, bottom turned left, shove the door open with a knee when it stuck). He could imagine meeting Bruce again, and a couple of half-formed sentences he might say.
“Tim Drake-WAYNE. Your son.”
“You don’t have to be Batman if you don’t want to, but you’re kind of stuck with us.”
“Would it be okay if I came home?”
But after that, all he could picture were Bruce’s stranger eyes. The thought was enough to make him go cold all over again— he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t.
Tim unlocked his apartment and stepped inside, past the kitchen and a pile of blankets that was probably Damian camped out in his living room again. He pulled his manor key off of his ring and set it on the counter. Wouldn’t be needing that anymore.
After that, he went to bed. There was nothing else he could do.

Massage (smut)

The sound of the door slamming downstairs alerts you to your boyfriend returning home. You set down the book you’d been reading, getting up off the bed you make your way towards the stairs, but you quickly run into Dylan’s, who just scoffs before brushing past you.

“Hello to you too.” You huff turning back towards the bedroom. Walking back into the room you find Dylan already in a state of undress. His shirt and skinny jeans are in a pile next to the bed leaving his boxers hanging low on his hips.

“Did you not have a good day babe?” You ask quietly trying to ease the obvious tension in the air.

“No.” Is his only response before he makes his way into the bathroom. Soon after you hear the shower turn on, so you decide not to worry about it and just let him have some time to himself. You pick up where you’d left off in your book waiting for him to finish his shower, and before you know it you’re too caught up in the story to notice the water shutting off. You nearly jump out of your skin when you feel damp arms wrap around your shoulders, looking up you see Dylan with his most apologetic look on his face.

“I’m sorry for being such a dick.” He mumbles against your hair.

“It’s alright love, we all have bad days.”

“I know, but I always take it out on you and that’s not fair to you and then I feel like…” You cut him off by pressing your lips to his.

“It’s okay Dyl, I’m not upset. How about I give you a good ole back rub to relieve some of that stress?” You ask pecking your lips to his once more.

“Mmm that sounds amazing babe.”

“Alright, lay down for me.” You say getting up off of the bed, so that he can take your place. Laying on his back, he places his hands behind his head, a cheeky smirk crossing his lips. You stare at his bare chest for a minute too long, admiring how pretty he looked laying there with a few stray water droplets still clinging to his skin.

“You’re supposed to lay on your stomach silly. How can I give you a back massage if you’re laying on your back?”

“I was hoping you’d give me a different kind of massage love.” He gives you a sly wink, his hand running over the bulge in the towel that’s wrapped around his waist. You raise an eyebrow at him, motioning with your hand for him to turn over.

“Fine, fine.” He says putting his hands up in surrender before turning to lay on his stomach.

“Good boy.” You coo teasingly, running your hands lightly across his shoulders. You start to dig the palms of your hands into the tight muscles in his shoulders and back, easing the obvious tension built up in there. Sliding your palms down his sides you begin to massage his lower back. Your hands carefully glide over his skin, pressing firmly whenever you find a particularly tense spot. Low sighs, and small moans escape Dylan’s throat with every touch and caress of your soft fingers. The bulge beneath his towel was growing by the second, the feeling of your hands on his bare skin sending heat all throughout his body.

“That feels so good love.” He says almost under his breath.

“I’m glad babe.” You lean forward pressing a kiss to the back of his neck. Turning over onto his back Dylan leans up pressing his lips against yours, his tongue swiping across your bottom lip. A groan leaves your throat as he reaches out pulling you onto the bed, so that you’re straddling his lap. His hands slide up underneath your camisole grabbing one of your cotton covered breasts, his thumb sliding over your nipple. You arch your back pressing your chest closer to him, a small moan leaving your throat. His hands slide to the hem of your camisole lifting it over your head, his lips trail down your neck, biting down on your collar bone making sure to leave a mark. His fingers toy with the clasp of your bra trying to get it undone, after a few moments of struggling with it he gets it loose and pulls the fabric down your arms. Kissing down from your collar, he takes one of your nipples between his teeth sucking on it lightly.

“Mmm fuck, Dylan f-feels so good.” You moan biting your bottom lip, your hips grind down against his growing erection. The towel that had been wrapped around his hips was now askew, hardly covering anything anymore.

“You are wearing far too many clothes babe.” He whispers pulling your leggings and panties down your legs in one swift movement, leaving both of you completely bare. His hands grasp your waist firmly, flipping you so that you’re laying on the bed with him hovering over your heated body.

“I don’t say this nearly enough, but you’re so fucking gorgeous baby girl.” A blush rises on your cheeks, bringing your arm up to cover your face, a bright smile gracing your lips.

“You’re just saying that now because I just gave you a back massage.”

“No, you are, you’re the most amazing girlfriend, you put up with me even when I’m a massive idiot.” He leans forward pressing his lips to yours tenderly, his forehead resting against yours. Your fingers tangle in his mess of damp hair kissing him back with passion, his words igniting something inside of you. Your lips move with his feverishly, hands sliding down his back, your nails lightly dragging down the skin if his back. He groans into the kiss when you thrust your hips upwards, causing a delicious friction for the both of you.

“I need you Dylan, please.” You beg eager to feel him inside of you. His lips trail up and down your neck peppering kisses across your soft skin.

“I need you too babe.” He mumbles against the skin of your throat, he grabs his penis sliding himself along your folds, teasingly rubbing the head against your sensitive clit. You thrust your hips upwards again, whimpering when you feel the head of his cock rub against your clit. You wrap your legs around his torso encouraging him to keep going. Not needing anymore encouragement than that he slides his length into your pussy in a quick thrust, but he then sets a slow pace. His hips pull back languidly, before thrusting forward again. Moans and whimpers of pleasure leave your throat with every deep thrust, but you want more, so you wrap your legs around his waist tighter, digging your heels into the top of his bum. He looks down at you shooting you a wink, sinking his length back in at the same slow pace. You slide a hand down your stomach between the two of you, rubbing circles against your clit. Dylan grabs your wrists in one of his hands, pinning them to the bed above your head.

“That’s my job.” He says winking at you as he brings his other hand down to rub against your clit. The hand that was holding your wrists grabs onto your thigh as he starts thrusting into you faster, his fingers relentlessly rubbing around your tight bundle of nerves.

“Dylan I’m s-so fucking close.” You moan, your back arching of the bed when he hits your g-spot on a particularly hard thrust nearly sending you over the edge. Your walls clench tight around his penis letting him know just how close you really were. With a few more hard thrusts and him rubbing circles on your clit you cum around him. Your legs are quivering and a jumble of his babe and profanities leave your lips as your orgasm tumbles through your body. The feeling if your walls begging do right around him and the way his name finds falling from your lips sends him into orgasmic bliss. His thrusts get sloppier as he comes undone inside of you, before they stop all together. After pulling out he told onto his back in the opposite side of the bed his hand reaches for yours, intertwining your fingers. His thumb rubs over three back of your hand soothingly, but his next words are rather cheeky.

“Babe I think the solution to me not being such an idiot is you giving me more back massages.” He says, and you just hear the smile in his voice.

“Fuck off Dylan.” You mumble sleepily, trying to hold back the laugh that wants to escape your lips.

“Oh you know you can’t get rid of me that easily.” He says bringing your hands up to his lips kissing it tenderly. “Sweet dreams love.”