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My St. Patties makeup was really good so here’s a closeup from Friday 🙌


Those of you that follow me on SM know that I am a supporter of NASA and often retweet or reblog their posts. Since you can’t reply to their tweets or blog posts if they don’t follow you, I will be emailing (and probably calling as well) each of these gentlemen and have supplied the contact information above if you wish to do so.

As a SM Manager and Deputy Manager, they should be aware of the atrocious, hate-filled behavior and hypocrisy Mr. Shatner exhibits on Twitter. My tax dollars support social media managers who promote the discoveries of our best and brightest, not pour nostalgic praise on an internet troll who targets and harasses women who have differing opinions than his, and even worse, incites his followers to go further by doxxing and threatening said women. This is the William Shatner of today, however iconic he may have once been as Captain Kirk, that was as an actor decades ago. His present behavior garners no praise, and those who excuse it are bystanders by their own choosing.

I have unfollowed NASA on SM, although there are certain astronauts I will still follow individually.

thats me thinking about how lgbt rights became ~trendy to cishets in the last 10 years which then directly led to these stupid q*eer movements that are obsessed with redirecting the movement about How and When You Specifically Have Sex so they can feel included and special and progressive but still not an icky gay cuz no homo


You have no idea how much this means to me. So ya know what we gotta do right? Yup, you guessed right!


- Like & Reblog this post. (You don’t gotta be following me)
- Must be an active player of FF14. 

Thats it simple rules.  But wait theres more! What are the prizes for this give away?!


- An item off the mog station of 15 USD or less. (You choose the item)
- A half body sketch of your character.


- An item off the mog station of 10 USD or less. (You choose the item)
- A bust sketch of your character. 


- A fully colored chibi of your character.

Once winners have been drawn, I’ll contact you via tumblr, to hand off your prizes.

Dead line is the 12th of April 4/12/2017

Good luck everyone! ~ <3

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u better be mentally ill or don't reblog bpd posts

I cannot find the post you are mentioning but I may just be naive and not realised so please message me so I can take it down. I know I have reblogged BPD awareness posts in the past but I don’t think that would have warranted a response like this.



The amazing @saladsnek made this for me and I am in love.

They recently took chibi and sketch commissions - I reblogged the post a week or two ago.  It was $5 for this masterpiece.  FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS.  WHY DO YOU NOT HAVE ONE YET BECAUSE YOU SHOULD.

Now excuse me, I’m going to grab my phone, sit on the couch and stare at this with shining eyes. If you need me any time in the next hour, that’s where I’ll be.

so… once again i have decided that my dash is a little slow and i need some new blogs to follow, so if you blog about:

  • poetry
  • tv shows and books (skam, shadowhunters, hp, ari and dante, carry on, tsoa, tfc and so on)
  • aesthetics
  • photography and architecture
  • writing

please like/reblog this post if you’d like me to check out your tumblr!

mutuals, signal boost so that more people could see, pretty please, friends? ❤︎

new friend: oh, wait, so.. you’re actually gay?

me: *posts gay things on facebook, wears shirts that have gay acronyms on the front, listens to songs about same-sex romances, talks about how attractive girls are 24/7, shouts I’m gay 19 times a day, shows you pictures of gay celebrities, thinks about girls 93% of the day, reblogs lesbians on tumblr, is the upmost gay*

me: i mean.. just a little


“I mean, do you know why we’re called the Pussycats? Because we have to claw our way into the same rooms that you just waltz into. So, if you think you can write about my experience-”

Tumblr: posts about being gay and wanting to have a relationship

Me, swatting at relationships and sexuality with a broom in a pink robe: what are you and how did you get in my house

Why are we not making a bigger deal out of this episode? If it were up to me, I would have made a 30 minute documentary of ALL THE REUNIONS and produced CLIPS!, but I like backstories so
lol I did A THING!

feel free to add gifs in reblogs. I’ll reblog you. I would love seeing images of all of them from fetus days! Any reunions i missed?



Well! I need practice!

So! Here is what I am going to do. If you can put up with my crazy ass schedule (this is important) then I am going to host a drawing.

The prize? A lineart/flat color drawing of your character by me :) Free!

You don’t have to follow me, just like this post, reblog if you like and on March 31st I’ll generate a random number.

Line art and flat shaded character! Yay!

Since you probably have no idea how I draw…There’s some examples above.

Good luck! And thanks for participating!!

Thank you @nindr0id​ that you create this awesome #SteelShipping or #HeavyMetalShipping. As i saw your fanart i could not stop to think about it!

Why i have not seen that they are so cute together? I really really love you for this idea and by the way i love your fabulous arts! But please tell me how to call this couple?

For all people around the world who see this know:

Please do not throw stones. it is just a crazy shipping that i start to love! And well… for all dudes that now wished that i am dead. sorry, i am a ghost.  xD Oh yes!

See ya later Alligator <3

How did this even happen?!

Every single one of you makes me happy. YOU are the reason I, along with many others, keep doing what I do. I am speechless and so incredibly moved. THANK YOU! 

I do not have anything planned right now, since I am in the middle of my 1k challenge and my WIP’s keep increasing daily! Keep an eye out for something special that @just-another-busy-fangirl and I are cooking up once we reach 1500!!! 

To those of you who comment, reblog and like on a consistent basis…

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Space Ace Stickers! (+ other stickers!)

EDIT: I can’t get the links to work on this post for whatever reason, but I made a new post specifically with only the links to everything in here, so if you search the tag links on my blog, it should pop up! I’ll leave this in the comments as well, so people can see this even if it’s been reblogged~ Thank you!

So if you’re wondering why you were tagged here, you probably reblogged —> this 
And I felt obligated to gather all of you together to update everyone on how you can now officially get these, since so many of you/your followers liked them and left such sweet comments 💜  SO, getting right into it! 

 • Yeah, these are stickers and not buttons. YET! The (short) post explaining why is —> here

 • Once I have another $265 to buy a button maker for 1" buttons, I promise, they’ll be buttons~! In fact, once they’re buttons, they probably won’t be available as stickers anymore. I just decided to make the Space Ace into stickers because they got so popular, and the rest as fill-ins until I design more, better, stickers • Most of these are Space Ace buttons, but the other buttons (Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, Wander over Yonder, and Black Butler)  available can be seen —> here and here

 • I’m gonna be honest, the edges on this first batch (excluding the Black Butler stickers) are horrible, and I’m so sorry about that 🙃  I need to do some very simple and quick edits to the PS file before I print out any more, but this is my first time making stickers, so forgive the Learning-By-Trial-And-Error stage just starting out. As I space them better, and save up to buy a circle Matt cutter, the quality will improve~! 

 • They will probably be available through most, if not all, of the summer months, and the remaining spring months, as that’ll be the time I finish up my animation class, and make more things to sell over summer break~ 

 • S+H will be added to the price after they’re sent, because I’m still learning how the heck you figure out adding that stuff into the charge before sending them, but unless you live outside the US, that should be under $10 (also if anyone that does this all the time wants to teach me how to figure that out, you’d be such a blessing, cause I’m horrible at math, and don’t even know what to look for/where to start looking for it to learn :’ ) ) 

 • I do plan to make more stickers/buttons for the LGBT+ community like the Ace ones I made (even if they don’t match the theme), but I have to be very careful, as I’m closeted to the family I live with currently, and still a little ways away from moving out (tho hopefully getting closer to doing that~), so it may be quite a while before I make more, sorry about that :’ ) If you’re not a big fan of the original art I do/fan art I draw for (Yurio on Ice, Wander Over Yonder, Steven Universe, Star vs, Black Butler, Hamilton, Heathers, Revolutionary Girl Utena, etc.), but you want me to tag you whenever I do, at last, make more of those, leave me a CHAT message and I’ll be more than happy to~! 

 • Sameless Advertising below
My YouTube
My Instagram
(all tags under the cut~!)

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can I have non spoilery links to all your Ryders please so I can congratulate you on a Ryder well done and reblog

I tried looking for them in the tag myryder but it’s not used as much as I thought it would be, and I could check individual blogs but I might see spoilers so 

help me

starrybinu’s secret birthday project - help a baby aroha!

hi guys!! so i have a younger sister that’s turning 10 on april 12th and she’s a baby (in both senses) aroha! she loves astro with her whole heart and i think that she would be really happy to get a glimpse of how arohas are so loving and connected.

here’s a few pieces on info on her, if you’re interested in making a gift!

  • her name is arianna (two n’s!)
  • she’s turning 10
  • her bias is eunwoo
  • she likes dragons, dinosaurs, and harry potter

if you have the time, making even a gifset, edit/graphic, fanart, fic, etc would be so helpful!! if not, reblogging the post would be nice as well!! thank you for reading and considering this 💗

if you have any other questions feel free to message me!! i’d love to make double digits an important birthday for her

HEY LOSERS, guess who’s turning SEVENTEEN? That’s right, it’s everyone’s favourite Capturer Extraordinaire: KRIS CLARITY!! Come spend the day making a splash at the INDOOR WATER PARK down by the POKéTHELON DOME, the whole place has been rented out for today!! You a PALLY? A FAN OF MINE? SOME RANDO WHO WANDERED IN OFF THE STREET? I don’t give a fuck, we’re gonna have a blast!!!

TO PARTICIPATE: All Kris wants out of her birthday is a big turn-out and high energy!! There aren’t any IC rules  ( other than ‘NO RUNNING ON THE POOL DECK’ )  and OOC, all I ask is that you LIKE THIS POST so Kris and I know who to expect! If you wanted to REBLOG to spread the word, that would be much appreciated! EVERYONE IS INVITED — even if we’re not mutuals!! Kris literally could not care less who shows up to party, as long as they show up to party!  Yes, even Rockets!

TAG: The event tag is #krisbash2017!! Feel free to track it, and tag your own posts with it as well. And definitely keep an eye on it for updates, memes, and plotting opportunities!

LOCATION: A HUGE indoor water park in Goldenrod City — it’s kept at a balmy 84°F / 29°C, and has just about everything you can possibly imagine a water park to have: water slides, other water attractions, a lazy/crazy river, a tide pool, a 1,000 gallon tipping bucket, water gun wars, hot spring areas, lounge areas, personal cabanas, and SO MUCH MORE

TIME: IC, the party starts at 10:00 AM and will last until 11:00 PM, when the water park closes. Since this is super last minute, OOC it will last from March 22nd  ( in whatever timezone you’re in! )  until the end of March 23rd.

ANY QUESTIONS?: Feel free to shoot an ask to this blog  ( @pxgtails)  and it’ll be answered either IC or OOC!