so you have to

All the urban legends came true at once.

Of course, I was six pages deep in a tax audit at the time. Chewing a pen when a rash of mothers with broken backs were rushed to the hospital, courteousy of uncareful feet smashing on cracks. Doctors, unsure at the time, blamed osteoporosis.

It was watched pots that remained cool. Or salt thrown over a shoulder that - for a second - showed a devil’s eye. Or it was the alligators. Don’t get me started on the alligators.

But something was the first whisper of what we’d woken up. Nobody wanted to say it out loud, because it sounded so ridiculous. It was a secret that swelled in our cheeks. Phrases we had always said that went silent.

All the hauntings came true. We had photograpic evidence of spirits. That’s probably what started the mass hysteria.

Some things took longer. Rubbing a statue for luck or breaking a mirror. Delayed response. One bad day turns into a bad month. Then you’re at the local witch place begging for a respite - seven years of bad luck?! - and she’s shaking her head. Nothing to be done.

Oh, the witches. The funny thing is that when people have always called you a witch, they’re surprisingly needy when you turn out to be one. When the world shifted, little towns who avoided one woman for her witchiness were now flocking to her because their legend had made her become one.

Pens mightier than swords. Avoiding groups of certain numbers. When a knife drops, we all hold our breath for the fight. A fork means company will show up, confused how they arrived.

It got better for a moment, for a breath, while we figured out the rules of it. What was a legend and what was myth. What kind of faith was big enough and what was too big. Some legends only effected certain areas. Some only certain people. We sunk money into infrastructure for once to clear up cracks. Stepped over salt in every building. Sold amulets like trinkets. For a second, we almost got our feet under us.

And then it got worse. Sometimes the company you invited was strange, unhuman. You had to wear iron. We had loved our cryptids until they came down from the mountains, worse than we could have predicted. Bowls of milk were on every window sill but most of them rotted.

In the books, we had all read about the end of the old ones. The unspeakable ones, who went off into the hills one day. Who we cannot say the name of. Who did not exist in the land of buses or planes. Who can steal you if they know your name, who can never lie but do a good job of it anyway.

We were not ready. The Folk showed up through the thin veil, and they were already laughing.

And they were just the beginning.

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Hi do you know when the Kimmel show and the James Cordon show with bts will be airing. All I know is when Ellen is airing. The only schedule I have only says Ellen and the person that posted it isn't answering my asks so if it's not too much trouble can I get like a brief run down or updated schedule? I've been scrolling around and can't seem to find anything updated? 😕 Have a great day!! 💕

The Ellen Show: November 27th @ 12PM PST, 3PM EST, 5AM KST (28th).
Jimmy Kimmel Live: November 29th @ 8:35PM PST, 11:35PM EST, 1:35PM KST (30th).
The Late Late Show with James Corden: NOT YET ANNOUNCED.
- Kylie


jihope for @velvethoseok​ (happy birthday!!)

They look at Bran oddly when he expresses his fervent desire to visit the crypts the moment he returns to Winterfell. Nobody questions him though. He is the Lord of Winterfell, son of Ned Stark, brother to Robb Stark.

King in the North.

He likes the darkness. Darkness has been his strength for so long. It is a comfort to be back here. It stops being a comfort when they set him down before the statues, right where he asks them to. There is Lord Rickard, and Lyanna, and the Brandon Stark who was his uncle.

Next to them is the statue of his father.

It’s odd to see Ned Stark’s likeness carved in stone. After seeing his father so many times through the trees Bran can see imperfections, small things that are not quite right but it’s close enough that he blinks away tears.

I never wanted to be Lord of Winterfell, he wants to tell the statue but he’s not alone. His father was a second son too, not raised to rule. Bran wonders if his father doubted the way Bran does. He hopes he can be half as good a Lord of Winterfell as his father was.

He turns his head and sees that the place next to his father is empty.

“Bran,” Meera says softly. “What’s wrong?”

Everything, he thinks, but he doesn’t say that. Meera has enough of a burden to bear without him troubling her with all he knows. Instead he nods toward the empty space but when he looks back at her he sees she understands.

“Robb should have a statue,” he says, his throat tight with remembering that terrible feeling, that dream he had, and Summer’s grief. “Robb was Lord of Winterfell, and King.”

The men who accompanied them down here begin to make excuses but Bran silences them with a look, and a raised hand.

“Find a stonemason,” he commands, his first true command as King. “I will see that it is a good likeness.”

“It will be done, your grace” comes the quick answer.

Bran only has to close his eyes to see Robb alive, praying in the godswood, laughing with Jon, or in the yard training with swords. The trees show him, and when he looks beyond the trees it helps him recall everything vividly, and painfully.

King in the North! King in the North!

The North remembered, and Bran would make sure they never forgot.


Hitman!Katsuki Katsudeku AU idea based on this post

  • Katsuki is a famous hitman working for a secret agency (kill first, don’t ask questions kind of deal) and whenever he gets hired to kill someone, he has to directly ask the person which one they want to check off in their bucket list, such as traveling to Italy or climbing up Mount Everest, before he kills them. Sometimes he even gets strange requests (“Are you fucking kidding me?? You want to break into someone else’s house because you want to steal their underwear? No wonder someone wants to kill you.” “It’s not for me! It’s for a friend I swear!”) but of course, each job has a deadline.
  • One day, he gets another job and his request was the strangest of them all (“Izuku Midoriya, you get one thing taken off your bucket list before I kill you, what would it be?” “I-I … I want to fall in love!” “… what?”)
  • Katsuki’s deadline is a week at most and he usually finishes the job after 2 to 3 days, if it doesn’t involve traveling to another country. He desperately tries and tries to make Izuku hook up with different types of people, whether it be a guy or a girl. (“Just fucking choose one! Falling in love couldn’t be that hard” “It has to be the right person! I can’t just pick someone at random and hope to fall in love with them at first sight!”) Sad to say, Izuku was a closet romantic.
  • It’s almost near the deadline and Katsuki was furious, how the hell does one person fall in love so easily in a span of less than a week? He never experienced such emotion for another person through all the years he’s been as an on or off hitman and it’s even the primary rule of the agency, finish the job with no strings attached. He suddenly came to a conclusion that could change the way he operates in his career for the first time in his life. (“Look, how about you.. try falling in love with me instead?” “W-what? Who would fall in love with someone who’s going to kill you?” “Fuck, I mean.. you said you want to fall in love right? It’s an experience so at least, in the end, you’ll know how it feels like?” “… Try me.”) When Izuku said that, it sounded like a challenge and Katsuki never backs down from a challenge.
  • Katsuki actually shows a different side of him to Izuku (It’s for the job!) and takes him out on dates based on his knowledge of what it is even though he doesn’t really know what couples do or how does one fall in love?? because he wasn’t really a romantic person unlike Izuku (“Since we’re going out.. can I call you Kacchan?” “What the fuck?” “Please? You can also give me a nickname!” “… If it gets you to fall in love with me quickly, do whatever you want.. Deku.” “D-Deku..?”)
  • Sometimes, it comes to a point where Katsuki gets impatient even though they’ve only been going out for less than a day (“Have you fallen for me yet?” “No! That’s like the third time you asked me that today, and it doesn’t go like that at all Kacchan!” “Tch.”)
  • Date after date, Katsuki almost gave up (almost!) but he doesn’t because that’s not what hitmen with a good record do! Instead, he offers Izuku what he wants to do (“I’ve always wanted to watch the new All Might movie that just came out a week ago.. but it always gets sold out..” “You like All Might?” “Yeah! I think he’s super cool!” “Yeah he really is..”)
  • From that day on, he learned more and more about Izuku and his weird obsession with All Might, who Katsuki actually also looks up to since he was a child, until he realized… Izuku’s actually not so bad? 
  • As few of the days (2 or maybe 3 days) go by, he became painfully aware of Izuku’s presence that he suddenly realizes that he actually looks forward to the next day he takes him out on another date with Izuku’s choosing. He even has an unusual urge to squish Izuku’s freckled cheeks and do other things that he never even thought of doing to the people he was going to kill.
  • Time goes by so fast that it’s already one day left before Izuku’s final day and Katsuki is getting weird feelings for a certain someone (”What the fuck, is it possible to go into a cardiac arrest at this day and age?” “Kacchan, what are you talking about?”) He realizes too soon that he was the one who fell in love with Izuku and not the other way around. 
  • He begins to panic because who would ever like a nerd like Deku? but looking back through the moments he’s spent time with him, he actually cherishes them and decides to make every memory with Izuku last to the point where he’s having second thoughts up until the last day. 
  • It’s the last day (”Deku, have you finally fallen for me yet?” “Kacchan… have you?”)
Heart and Hearth, a warcraft fanfic | FanFiction

@azureshadowmoon wrote a very good follow up to my comic (Khadgar and Peregrïn’s separation [1][2][3] ) and it’s so lovely and nicely written, it gave me a lot of feels, I loved it soooo much. It sounds very right and faithful to my story so I wanted to share it here~ !

Thank you again for writing this ! And for being okay with me sharing it here ! 💜

Jon & Sansa parallels 16/∞ : “It’s not fair !”

“I see Ser Alliser’s bloody hand, that’s all I see. He wanted to shame me, and he has.” Dareon gave him a look. “The stewards are fine for the likes of you and me, Sam, but not for Lord Snow.” “I’m a better swordsman and a better rider than any of you,” Jon blazzed back. “It’s not fair !” - Jon, A Game Of Thrones

“It would not be wise for you to go to Joffrey right now, Sansa. I’m sorry.” Sansa’s eyes filled with tears. “But why ?” “Sansa, your Lord Father knows best,” Septa Mordane said. “You are not to question his decisions.” “It’s not fair !” - Eddard, A Game Of Thrones

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Hello! I'm sorry if this has been asked before! but i'm curious about your brush settings! Your art is lovely by the way! <3

y-you… you wanna see my brush settings? my ever constantly changing brush settings…????

…. .. i mean if you… if you really want to:

here’s a link to it bigger cos ik tumblr’s gonna smush it. B(


Dealing with this shit sober has got me fucked up

I know it’s hard but is all love tough love

Anxiety is real, depression’s very heavy

I wear them both inside my hoodie

Wear them out to get me

You wanna get drunk

So you can’t remember nothing

It was me or whiskey

Now you’re pissed I wasn’t bluffing

Fuck it.

Took a couple shots

Don’t you dare fucking miss me

Miss unfaithful hit the backboard breaking bed springs

So delete us from your phone and never look back

Fuck you and your friends and LA, you know I mean that

I think you’re the worst of- I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst yeah I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst yeah I think you’re the worst of them all

Am I dealing with a breakup or a breakdown

Nights never been so loud without your voice’s sound

You want a boss or a fucking white boy with a six pack

Ooh what’s that

You both in one but  fucked around

I’d buy you everything on solid ground yeah

I’m a poet and you know it

I’m a business steady growing

Didn’t wanna listen but you proved them right

I watched you blow it

Fuck it

So delete us from your phone and never look back

Fuck you and your friends and LA you know I mean that

I think you’re the worst of- I think you’re the worst of them all

So delete us from your phone and never look back

Fuck you and your friends and LA you know I mean that

I think you’re the worst of- I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst of- I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst of- I think you’re the worst of them all

I think you’re the worst of them all