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130715 ☆ Soonyoung’s Diary: As we finished our vocal lesson, Wonwoo slowly took out something from his pocket. It was a vegetable cracker. “Hey Soonyoung, do you want some?“ Of course it’s vegetable cracker, because it’s Wonwoo’s favorite. Because the kind hearted Wonwoo gave me some, it tastes better. (That is a lie. Wonwoo, let’s eat a different cracker now please…)
170210 ☆ Hoshi’s Rolling Paper to Wonwoo: Our Wonwoo-hyung, you’ve really become cool~ The more you grow, the more you resemble me~ Eat properly; you ate lots of vegetable sweets when you were younger, but lately you hardly eat them? ©

A Medical Emergency Pt.2

Howdy friends! It’s wee bairn Marlo, coming to you live from a family holiday to Montreal. So many of you asked for a second part to my prompt surrounding doctor Claire and patient Jamie, which I have since dubbed A Medical Emergency (which you can read here). And, considering how angsty the last few TSS fics have been (blame Kaitlyn and Mikayla), I figured it was time to deliver some fluff for your amusement!

As always, a major thank you to my Kilt Kult buddies and fellow TSS mods for keeping me on track and reassuring me that my writing isn’t trash. Also, I owe all of you a major shout out as well, as I would never have written this fic without your overwhelming positive response. So, thank you thank you thank you from the very bottom of my heart!


It was two weeks before Claire could stomach facing Jamie again. The surgery had been a success, and Claire had meticulously mended the shattered bones of Jamie’s hand. She hadn’t counted on the infection that set in, keeping him bedridden and feverish for nearly a week. Claire couldn’t help but feel responsible.

“It happens all the time LJ. I wouldn’t worry about it.” said Joe Abernathy, Claire’s fellow doctor and hospital confidante. She knew that there was nothing she could have done, that infections happen and it was out of her control, but the thought of seeing Jamie in more pain, with even the smallest chance of it being by her hand, was too much to bear. She didn’t know what is was about this Scot: his bull-headedness, the way his nose crinkled when he smiled at her as she was wheeling him into surgery, or how peaceful and innocent he looked under anesthesia, the softness of his face making him look like a child. Whatever it was, Claire found herself experiencing feelings she had never felt before, and it left her simultaneously terrified and exhilarated.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, and Claire had just finished a run of the mill appendectomy. Granted with a brief reprieve, she quickly cleaned herself off before heading to the on-call room, eager to take a quick rest before her pager summoned her again. Unfortunately, she found herself having to cross through the recovery wing, where Jamie lay behind the closed door of room 263. Claire had continued to follow his case, coercing nurses into providing valuable intel on his condition and moral.

“Yes, he is eating.”

“No. He doesn’t have a fever.”

“If you’re so interested Doctor, why don’t you go ask him yourself?”

Still, Claire refused to step foot in that room. The nagging guilt in her stomach surrounding his prolonged hospitalization, coupled with the more puzzling stirrings deep in the pit of her stomach, wouldn’t allow her to walk down the white tile hall leading up to his room. Unfortunately, she currently had no other option.

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May i ask what your brush settings are? Your hogwarts voltron is my shit

This is like my all round brush. For sketching, lineart and shading I just have some different blending and density for the brush’s. You can easily play around with it and find out what is comfortable for you C:

And this one is the one I use for the base shading mostly.

Both for SAI C:

Meant to post this yesterday, because my god guys. 

I just hit 2k a few weeks ago and now we’re up to 3k?? You guys are amazing, literally absolutely outstanding. I still am sorting out the comic pages for the last landmark but I’ll ponder how to celebrate this, although if they keep coming up this fast I might have to come up with different celebration marks!

But legitimately, thank you all so much for having this interest in my work. This fandom has been such an outstanding delight for me to have fumbled my way into, and I really do appreciate just how positive and bright everyone I have met is. Not to mention just how talented we are as a collective, the artwork, stories, and animations that come out of this group is just breathtaking, and honestly I’m just honored to be a part of it.

So thank you all again, and I will do my best not do let you all down. <3

Here comes a special boy!! Ready to fight!! Put up your dukes!

(Quick sketch during my lunch break, oops :’) )


When I find my piece of mind, torture me. 💋


Does anyone else ever think about Lucifer sitting at the end of Sam’s bed, docile as a kitten, telling him he wants to give him everything

Because I do. 

I think about it a lot. 

A Plate of Eggs

Request: “Hello! If your requests are open, I’ve got one for you :) a newt x reader, and the reader is and has been struggling with depression and worries it will scare newt away but he reassures her that it won’t.”

Word Count: 1,602

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but tagging @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy @thosefantasticbeast2

Warning: Deals with Depressive Thoughts

Mornings are the worst. The sun rises, birds sing, crickets chirp, people get up and go about their day, the world spins the way it’s supposed to.

And you lie in bed staring at the wall, wishing you were anyone else.

The bedroom door creaks open to reveal Newt, a tray in his hand, that blessed boy already aware of your mood. “Hey, love. I brought you some breakfast.”

The soft sound of a radio crackling in the other room slowly weaves its way to you along with the smell of eggs and a slice of fresh cut blueberry bread.

You shove the comforter away from your face and rub your eyes, taking in a deep breath to convince yourself to smile. The corners of your lips may as well be lead, though, and you know even as you force a grin to your face that Newt can see through it.

He says nothing, just sets the tray on the nightstand.

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What are some of your favorite Molly hairstyles from all 4 seasons of Sherlock? Just curious.

S1: Cute side-braid in the morgue - TBB

S2: Overdone Christmas hair helping fuel Sherlock’s jealousy at 221B - ASiB

S3: Fueling-Sherlock’s-prim-librarian-fantasies-bun while teasing him about sex and drinking in the lab - TSoT

S4: Super cute updo at Rosie’s christening - TST

Happy Birthday to one wonderful friend and person, @mystofthestars!!

Girl, I hope you get to enjoy a great day and have some time to relax. You are such a hardworking person :D! Also, hope you like this little piece done inspired by your awesome fic, Sleeping Beauty. Very appropied that you kick our feels with new chapter of this masterpiece just a couple of days prior your day XD.

Anyways, you are one of the blessings this fandom has given me; it is always a pleasure to talk to you and the biggest one was meeting you and getting to call you a friend ^^.

Wishing you all best now and always <3.


BUT SHE KEEPS LIVING THERE ANYWAY. I’m on to you, Jess. it would’ve been easy for her to say, “yeah, you’re right, I should probably get my own place or move in with Cece” but she didn’t. it was more important for her to live with Nick than have a successful romantic relationship. these two idiots were holding out for each other the whole dang time

Was walking in front of a car parked outside the bakery this morning when a short half-honk startled me right out of my earphones. I turned to look accusingly, wondering what I could’ve possibly done to offend or entice anyone, and was greeted by the sight of an incredibly dapper, grinning miniature schnauzer with both his paws on the steering wheel. 

Well, bless my melting little heart! In all my years, I never ever considered there ever could be a right way to be honked at…