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Flashes (Part 1)

Summary: Soulmate AU. “The fault, dear Brutus is not in our stars, / But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” - William Shakespeare (Julius Caesar)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,783

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, angst, sadness, borderline depression, sarcasm, did I mention language? might be hard to read for lonely hearts like me.

A/N: Well, I did it…at least I tried. The lovely @minervaem challenged me (sort of) to do an angsty story, so here we go. I’m warning you now, it’s not gonna be pretty. Anyways, it’s only four parts, so only pre-existing permanent tags will be added to this story. Reminder: If you want to be removed from the permanent tag list you need to msg me! Sorry in advance. There’s four parts to this story.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

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(As always, you can find all my fic recs in my FIC REC MASTERPOST) 

- Life Was a Song, You Came Along , by @rainbowninja​ : It’s embarrassing how long it takes Louis to recognize his own song. Niall had sung it as a bright, hopeful love song, and that’s honestly how Louis had always assumed it should sound. But this new voice, slow and rough, stripped of any backing instrument, has infused the lyrics with just the tumultuous mix of fear and defiance that Louis can remember so clearly from the night he wrote them. It’s not a comfortable thing, to feel like someone is singing all your secrets back to you. Louis is a songwriter trapped in a lie that could ruin his best friend’s career. Harry owns a record store, distrusts everyone in the music industry on principle, but loves Niall Horan’s newest album. A modern retelling of Singin’ in the Rain.

Larry Famous/not famous and hate to love AU (37k) : amazing fic about songwriting and music business, angsty (hello miscommunication) and great smut (bottom Louis)

- Only You Can Be My Alpha  , by @wubwubnparmaham : Louis has never liked being an Omega. As if it wasn’t enough to despise what he was born into, he couldn’t even be what he was correctly.  Harry Styles changes all of that.ORThe one where Louis is banished from his tribe, and lands himself in Harry’s instead. The alluring Pack Alpha makes Louis question his nature and he doesn’t know how he feels about that. But you can’t fight destiny.

Larry Werevolves and a/b/o (154k) : it’s been a long time since I read such an epic story !! So adventures, blood and tears, drama, love and family pack , and great smut (obviously bottom Louis). also special kudos for the fandoms clash, it was great ^^’

- Now you know me (for your eyes only) , by @nadnadnad​ : Based on this prompt that I found on tumblr (link in the notes): au where harry and louis are solo artists and they’re not exactly friends per se but they’re friendly, know each other from industry parties and things like that and there’s always been this weird unspoken sexual tension between them and louis’ always kinda confused bc isn’t harry the biggest ladies’ man in the industry?? and one day harry asks louis to collab with him and of course louis says yes even tho he’s kinda surprised and harry plays the song for him and louis is completely blown away by how beautiful it is and it’s a love song and he’s like damn whoever this is about is lucky as fuck bc it’s clearly written from personal experience so they spend all this time together recording and it’s super bittersweet bc they click right away and it takes louis about three seconds to realize he has a huge fucking crush on harry but on the other hand harry clearly had someone in mind when he wrote the song so the last day of recording comes and louis’ like “thanks for having me on the song” and harry just shrugs and is like “well it just seemed fitting bc the song is about you”

Larry famous/famous AU (77k) : angsty, with a lot of songwriting, pining , and closeting , some TW for drugs, and some great smut (kind of share that).

- What’s Stopping You? , by @flamboyantommo  : That shirt was what held his attention again. How many other guys had the same shirt that H and Harry had, and – wait. H… Harry. Harry did yoga. So did H. They both had the same shirt, and had both gotten home ten minutes ago and were cooking dinner.
No way. Louis looked at the picture again, and stared more closely at H’s lips. They were pink and pouty, with the lower lip a bit plumper than the top, just like Harry. And H had brown, curly hair that reached his shoulders, just like Harry.
Louis looked over at Harry, who was putting his hair back up into a bun as the kitchen was most likely getting warmer. “Holy shit,” Louis whispered. Have I been flirting with my own roommate all this time? — Or, the one where Harry wants to get over his crush on Louis, so he makes a Grindr account to find someone new. Of course, Louis messages him, not realizing H’s real identity. It only takes a few days for them to figure it out. 

Larry Roommates AU and Grindr AU : obvious roommates and so much pining and texting (sexting?) and flirting ! Amazing smut (bottom Louis) too !

- like a boomerang , by youwilll   : AU in which Harry gets trapped in a lift, Louis gets stuck in a Wednesday, and it’s always February 2nd. Until it isn’t.

Larry Time travel fic (50k) : Groundhog AU, very nicely done !! Barely smutty

- Can’t Start A Fire Without A Spark , by @wellingtontat : Louis Tomlinson is the pop sensation with his first new single out since taking a personal hiatus from the spotlight. Harry is a paparazzi hired to photograph him during promo. Louis hates paparazzi with a passion, but there’s just something about the pretty young pap with wide green eyes and chocolate curls that Louis can’t shake from his head.  

Larry famous/not famous AU : OMG my prompt has been written and it’s even better that I imagined ! No smut and a lot of banter :)

- Baby Doll , by @zedi-omega​ : PWP with shy nerdy Harry and Bad Boy™ Louis

Larry smut (5k) : … and that’s all, that’s the plot :p

Andreil Rec List


A Wondrous State by hetrez - 1.7k / G
Beautiful little piece about Andrew spooning Neil and fighting to be okay with it. <3

Baltimore Blues by SpangleBangle - 17k / E
A rewrite of what happened during Baltimore from Andrew’s POV. The beeeeeeessst one of these types out there. Just read everything Spangle writes, do yourself that favour.

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Can’t Wait

Request: How about a smutty Cas request where he’s fucking the reader on the hood of the impala inside the garage but Sam and Dean catch them as they are leaving for a hunt? I love your writing and I feel like you would write this request really well.
-Requested by Anon.

A/N: Well these requests sure are helping my writer’s block! <3

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: smut, language

Word Count: 1.4k

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Dean pulled into the garage and you let out a sigh when he turned the ignition off.

You two wanna get that stuff outta the back?” He asked, turning to you and Cas. Sam and Dean needed to pack up for a hunt.

“Yep. Be in, in a minute.” you nodded, slumping back into the back seat. It was a habit of yours. You did it before you got out of the Impala nearly every time. You didn’t know what it was, but you just felt the need to sit there for a minute before getting out.

A moment later, Sam and Dean had already made their way back into the bunker, and you looked over at Cas, you were surprised that he hadn’t followed the boys.

“Can I help you?” you asked in a playful tone.

“I think you know the answer to that question.” he responded. Cas had one arm propped up on the back of the seat as he turned to face you. The look on his face telling you exactly what he needed - exactly what you both needed, as he placed a hand on your thigh.

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Engraved pt. 14

<– Engraved 13 | Sheltered 2 –> | Chased 1 –> | Engraved 15 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 9770
Notes for updates: 40
Warnings: Fraud, some form of threatening, S.M.U.T. and not the fluffy king. swearing, piercings.
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: Okay so finally we got here, what all you (sorry) impatient bitches have been waiting for. Enjoy it, and kindly fuck off! For the nice people, let me know what you think i love you <3

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Your pov

She didn’t scare you but she took the words out of your mouth. You needed a few seconds to reply to her. Miyong was quite a lot shorter than you especially on those heels you were wearing. Hers were only 3 inches or so.
“You’re Miyong? Jongin’s girlfriend?” you asked, putting the ball in her court.
A blush spread out over her cheeks and she looked to the side. “I’m not his girlfriend, and with all the women, like you, clinging to him I don’t think he needs me.” She mumbled a bit, and you saw that she was disappointed, her gaze flickering to your friend.
“Hey, I need to go to the bathroom, and it’s quite the walk. Mind accompanying another girl? I hate going alone.” You said, and she frowned at first but then nodded.
You walked out in front of her a little, down the hallway that stated where the ladies room was. When you passed most people you slowed down to her speed.
“What is a tattoo artist doing, as the date of Kim Minseok?” she asked, looking at you.

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Welcome to Swan Queen Supernova II: Cygnus Summer Celebration!

That’s right - the time has arrived. Sound the horns and ring the bells, another season of Swan Queen Supernova is here!

First things first - please check out the FAQ and SCHEDULE by clicking on those links or visiting the links in our sidebar. Those posts should give you all the information you need to have a successful Supernova season!

We have also added a new aspect of the event this year - our Protostar Challenge, a Reverse Bang-style event! We have included more details about it under a read more at the bottom of the post, so check that out before you sign up!

On that note, it’s time to get this party started! Sign-ups this year are open from APRIL 17 - MAY 7 for all artist and author roles for both challenges! Beta, cheerleader, and pinch-hit signups will stay open challenge-round, so you’re always more than welcome to join us for those.

Once again, be sure you read the FAQ and SCHEDULE before signing up, but if you’re all ready to go:



Sign ups for authors and artists close promptly at midnight Eastern Time (US) on May 7th, so don’t delay! And be sure to spread the word - the more, the merrier!

Let us know if you guys have any questions that aren’t answered by the Schedule or the FAQ page, and happy Supernova Season to all!

For more information on the Protostar Challenge, click the Read More below:

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Like I Do-Daniel Seavey (Part 2)

Author’s Note: I am so sorry that this took so long but I think it’s worth the wait! ;-) Here is part one if you haven’t read it already!  :-) Also–I must warn you that the beginning is a little boring as Daniel is not in it (if you read the first part, you know what and why) but trust me, it is building up to something good! :-)

♥ ♥ ♥

You wave goodbye to the last of your friends as they go their separate ways in the driveway and sigh to yourself before turning back inside. Everyone had left the party by now and it was just you, Eric and your parents.

“What now Birthday Girl?” Eric asks, throwing an arm over your shoulder as you walk with him into the living room. “Now we clean.” your dad laughs as he joins the two of you, his eyes immediately darting to Eric’s arm around you. You laugh before agreeing with your father. 

“Basically. We have to put the food away, put the presents upstairs and then take out all of this trash.” you answer him and he nods in agreement before grabbing a few gift bags. 

“These go up to your room right?” he asks and you smile at him. A while ago you’d given him a tour of the house and you were surprised he actually remembered where your room was. 

“Eric you don’t have to help clean up.” you offer but he quickly rejects. “Not a chance. Besides, I’m taking you out tonight so its only right.” he says and your dad feels the need to chime in. 

“I like him!” he yells from the other side of the room where he was taking a few decorations down. “Oh goodness. Yes, all of the presents go upstairs.” you say and Eric shoots you a wink before disappearing with a few gifts. 

You leave to help your mom in the kitchen and grab the broom to sweep up some fallen confetti. “Here you go.” she says as she wields the dustpan and you clean for a while in silence, the two of you exchanging smiles every now and then as you worked. 

“I think that’s everything.” she says happily as she shoves the last container of left overs in the refrigerator. “Okay. I’ll go check on dad and Eric.” you chuckle before heading back into the living room to find Eric and your dad on the couch together. 

“Oh God. Is he lecturing you?” you groan as you stand across from them. “Only a little.” your dad jokes and Eric just smiles at you. “Okay well I’m going to get changed for tonight.” you excuse yourself before making your way to the stairs. 

“(Y/N)!” Eric calls and you pause for a moment as you listen to what he has to say. “I left the opened gifts on the floor by your closet and the unopened ones on your bed!” he says happily and you thank him as you ascend the stairs to your room, wondering what he was talking about when he said unopened gifts. 

Suddenly it hit you, Daniel kissing you, Daniel leaving in the middle of your party because he felt “sick”. You never got a chance to open his gift and now you weren’t sure if you even wanted to…It wasn’t that you didn’t want to exactly, you just weren’t sure if anything between the two of you had changed. 

And now, staring at the gift bag on your bed, you hesitantly dial Daniel’s number and wait for your answer, your hands shaking as you bring the phone up to your ear. “Hello,” he greets and your heart practically leaps at the sound of his voice, 

“Dani I-” your heart sinks as you’re cut off by the continuation of his voicemail and you sigh before leaving him a quick message. “Dani, I’m sorry. Please call me.” you say softly, your voice trailing off a bit before you continue. 

“We need to talk about things.” you mumble before reaching for his gift and setting it down on your vanity, playing with the handles on the bag before emptying the contents. 

A black jewelry box catches your eye and you bite your lip as you open it slowly, a gasp leaving your lips when a Pandora charm bracelet is revealed along with a tiny note from Daniel. Reaching for the note first, you fight the tears as you read Daniel’s message out loud. 

“18 years of memories and counting. Can you match each one?–Love, Daniel” You smile before taking the bracelet in your hands, memories of you and Daniel flashing back to you with each charm. 

A music note to symbolize the beginning of you and Daniel’s friendship when you met in guitar lessons, a panda bear to symbolize the time you Daniel got kicked out of the Oregon Zoo, a palm tree for the first time you visited him Los Angeles…

Last but not least, a silver heart that you guessed marked his feelings for you; the memory being your first kiss. It all happened so fast and a feeling of guilt hits you as you think back to the kiss.

“He doesn’t know you like I do!“ You remember Daniel yelling and you mentally curse yourself for pushing him so hard. Maybe if you wouldn’t have argued with him he wouldn’t have done what he did. 

“He doesn’t love you like I do. He can’t. No one can.” His words echo in your mind and you trace bottom lip with your thumb, remembering the way Daniel’s lips felt against yours, trying to sort out your feelings about the kiss as you did so. 

Did you really not like it? Your hand moves to your stomach as you remember the way you felt as Daniel got closer to you just seconds before the kiss. You’d never been in love, and you weren’t even sure you knew what love was. 

Your hands reach for your phone and you dial Daniel’s number once more, your finger hovering over the call button for a few seconds before a knock in the doorway pulls you out of your thoughts. 

"Hey (Y/N), you going to be ready soon?” Eric asks softly as he takes in your appearance and you remember that you originally came upstairs to get changed. You mentally face palm yourself before stuffing the bracelet Daniel had gotten you into the vanity drawer and get up to face Eric. 

“I actually don’t feel too well. Would you be angry if I asked for a rain check?” you frown sympathetically as you lie to him. “That’s okay, its been a long night. Happy birthday, (Y/N). I’ll call you tomorrow.” he says understandingly and gives you a hug before leaving you alone with your thoughts. 

You felt bad for suddenly canceling on Eric but he was right, it had been a long night and you were ready for tomorrow already, even though it was full of its own pros and cons. 

Pros: you were going to get to see the boys’ concert, meet their sweet fans, and get some quality time in with your friend Aspen. Cons, well con: you didn’t know how you were going to face Daniel. 

Not wanting to think about that yet, you begin getting ready for bed and after a long shower, you throw on some pajamas and hop in bed with your phone, checking your social media for the first time today. 

Since the fans found out about you and Daniel’s friendship, your social media following grew immensely and although you were extremely grateful, it was impossible for you to keep your notifications on all day if you wanted to focus on anything else. 

The second turned them on, your phone instantly blew up, all of the mentions and birthday messages from today coming at you all at once. As you were scrolling through Instagram, a tagged picture caught your eye and you clicked on it immediately, sighing when you saw it was a picture of you and Daniel together. 

It was taken just after a long hike on the Angel’s Rest Trail, you and Daniel sweaty and smiling with pride as you faced the camera hand in hand. Your eyes scan the caption quickly and you discard your phone before you have a chance to react to it. 

@seaveydaniel: Happy Birthday (Y/N). I love you more than you will ever know. His caption was the last thing you read before falling asleep.


“You coming (Y/N)?” Aspen asks softly as she leads the way back to the tour bus. “I don’t know if I should, I am kind of tired.” you lie and she frowns before linking your arm with hers. 

“Oh come on, you can at least hang out with us for a bit before we go to the hotel. I can’t stand being the only girl around these morons!” she laughs and you join her. 

“Okay, okay.” you agree and you walk arm on arm to the bus, the two of you in no hurry as you would probably be waiting on the boys for a bit anyway. “So did you enjoy tonight?” Aspen asks when you’re able to finally sit down. Your mind begins to swarm and you nod before answering. 

“Yeah it was a lot of fun. Nice to finally get to see the boys on stage.” you smile and she nods before whipping out her phone. The second Aspen diverts her attention from you, you let your face fall as you go over the events of the concert and the after party. 

The concert was great. The boys did well and you were delighted to meet some of the sweet fans. The only thing you wish you could have changed was Daniel’s attitude on stage. 

You could tell he was hurting and even though he kept his signature smile, his eyes told another story every time they met yours in the crowd. The after party was better, you and Aspen got to relax a bit and watched as the fans talked and laughed with the boys. 

Every once in a while though fans would approach you, bombarding you with questions and comments about you and Daniel’s relationship, asking things like “Are you and Daniel dating?” and “Can the two of you just make it official already?”. 

You answered them with a forced smile, hoping that Daniel couldn’t hear them from his spot across from you. Overall though, it was a great experience and you were glad that you didn’t back out; and you hoped that Daniel felt the same way.


“Here they come!” you hear Bill exclaims and you sit up to see the boys through the bus window, waving their final goodbyes to the fans before finally making their way onto the bus. 

“Hellooo ladies!” Jack greets, waving to you and Aspen before making himself comfortable on the seat next to Aspen. “Hey Jack.” you laugh as he pushes Aspen over to make more room for himself before greeting the rest of the guys. 

“Great job tonight, you guys blew me away!” you cheer and the boys all thank you before sitting down as well. “I’m so sweaty its disgusting.” Jonah groans before excusing himself to the bunk area to put on a new shirt. 

“So what was your favorite song of the show?” Zach asks as he and Corbyn sit down to join you, Corbyn’s eyes don’t leave his phone and you assume he’s talking with Christina. 

“Hmm. It’s hard to choose, but I would say ‘We The Party’.” you tell Zach with a smile. “I like that one too.” Daniel pipes up from his spot in the doorway and you notice that he’d been keeping his distance. 

“I know you do.” you smile at him but he doesn’t quite return it. Instead, he silently sits across from you in the spot next to Jack. “What was your favorite?” you ask softly, turning your attention back to Zach. 

“I would have to say 'All My Love’. I love that one.” he says and before you have a chance to continue the conversation, Daniel is chiming in again. “Mine’s 'Free’.” Daniel says loudly and you smile at him as he continues. 

“Are you going to ask me why?” he asks and you hesitate before doing so. “Why is 'Free’ your favorite Daniel?” “Because it reminds me of this girl I know.” he mumbles, sitting back on the couch and you roll your eyes at his childishness. 

Petty Daniel was definitely your least favorite Daniel. “Hey someone scoot over so I can sit.” Jonah whines from just a few feet away from you and you’re glad he could stop the conversation between you and Daniel before it got as heated as last time. 

“You can sit here Jonah. I should get going anyway.” you say as you stand up and grab your purse, earning a few whines and waves from the rest of the group. 

“Bye (Y/N), I’ll text you in the morning!” Aspen beams and you smile at her before saying your goodbyes to the boys. “I’ll walk you out.” Daniel says suddenly and you try to hide the shock on your face as you nod softly. 

Aspen shoots you a look and glare at Jack immediately, of course Daniel told Jack about the kiss, and of course Jack had told Aspen. You grit your teeth as you and Daniel get through a group of fans who were still outside. 

“Hey guys I can take pictures with you in just a minute, just let me get (Y/N) to her car safely.” Daniel says sweetly as he puts a hand on the small of your back, something he always did when you’d been caught in a crowd. 

When you finally reach the car, he pulls away and you turn to face him as you unlock your car and throw your purse inside. “Thanks Daniel.” you practically whisper, fiddling with one of the belt loops on your jeans as you wait in silence for him to respond. 

“Of course. And am sorry I didn’t call you back (Y/N), Its just-” he starts but you finish for him. “Its hard for you. I get it.” you smile softly and he nods before rubbing the back of his neck.

After a few minutes of standing in silence, Daniel speaks up. “Well, I’ll call you tomorrow before the flight?” he asks and you smile before giving him a small hug. “The show was amazing Daniel. Thanks for inviting me.” you say before getting in the car, Daniel sending you off with a thump on the trunk.


The next morning, the incessant buzzing of your phone wakes you and you answer it with a yawn. “Hello?” you say groggily and Eric’s voice greets you on the other side of the line. 

“Morning (Y/N!)” Eric beams and you return his greeting as cheerily as humanly possible. “I’m sorry did I wake you?” he asks sarcastically and you can tell he’s smiling. "Seeing how its currently ten in the morning, yes.“ you groan. 

You’d never a morning person and it was something that took Daniel a while to get used to. You smile to yourself as you think of Daniel but quickly turn your attention back to Eric. 

"So what do you want to do today?” you ask, finally getting out of bed for the day. “Breakfast?” he asks and you sigh before correcting him. “Brunch.” Eric’s laugh echoes over the phone and you join him before the two of you agree to go to brunch at eleven. 

Once you’re off the phone, you head to the bathroom to shower and do your makeup. After that, you rummage through your closet and settle on a v-neck spaghetti strap dress with a floral pattern and a cardigan to match. 

Twirling the ends of your hair in the mirror, you sit down at your vanity and deal with it too, fixing it just how you like it. Opening up the drawer of your vanity, the sparkle from Daniel’s bracelet catches your eye and quickly take it in your hands. 

As terrible as it may sound, a part of you wishes you were spending the day with Daniel instead of Eric. That didn’t mean that you loved him though, did it? A knock on the front door snaps you out of your thoughts and you slip the bracelet on before grabbing your purse and heading downstairs. 

“Morning.” Eric greets you at the door and you smile at him as he leans in for a kiss. For some reason, though, you dodge him and his kiss lands on your cheek. “Good morning.” you say awkwardly before heading to his car side by side. 

“Okay so I was thinking that we go to the cafe and get our food to-go and then head to the lake for a picnic?” he asks and you nod slowly. An off feeling goes through you as you think about Daniel’s flight and you try to brush it off but the motion of the car isn’t really helping. 

“(Y/N)?” Eric questions and you turn to him with a small smile. “Did you hear what I just said?” he asks, his own smile fading as you shake your head. “No I didn’t sorry. What were you saying?” you ask and he repeats himself about taking you on his parents’ boat sometime. 

“Yeah that sounds cool.” you lie as you fiddle with the charm bracelet on your left wrist; you hated sailing ever since you were young. You weren’t sure why, but for some reason, you always got seasick and even thinking about it now made your skin crawl; and if Daniel were here he would laugh at Eric even mentioning it. Daniel… 

“Eric, wait.” you surprise yourself by interrupting him mid-sentence and he listens as you continue. “I need you to take me home.” The words were jumbled coming out of your mouth and you weren’t even sure if you meant them, but Eric was. 

“This is about Daniel isn’t it?” he asks and you nod shamefully. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know what’s coming over me but I-” “You love him.” he finishes for you and you fall silent at the certainty of his words. 

“I don’t know.” you admit softly. “I saw you guys at the party…the kiss.” he almost whispers and your heart sinks. “What? Why didn’t you say anything?” You had no right to be angry with him–what Daniel did was practically all your fault–but you wondered why he would keep this from you, why he would act like nothing had changed between the two of you since that night. 

“I know you told him you didn’t feel the same way. I could tell by his reaction. At the time I was glad that you didn’t kiss him back. But now…” he trails off. “Now?” “Now, I don’t know. Its obvious that you have feelings for him, even if you can’t admit it to yourself.” he says and you can’t help but feel sorry for him. 

“I’m so sorry Eric. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” you apologize but he just smiles. "Its okay. I like you…I really, really like you but Daniel loves you. And a hell of a lot from what I can tell.“ he smiles and you can’t stop the pink from running to your cheeks. 

"What now?” you ask, your brow furrowing as Eric drives past the cafe you were supposed to get brunch at. “Well its about 11:17,” he says as he looks away from the road for a moment to check his watch. “And Daniel’s flight leaves at what, 11:45?” he asks and you nod slowly, still unsure of what he’s getting at. 

“Yes, and?” you question, a smile creeping onto your face at the mention of Daniel’s name. “So we’re going to the airport.” he says matter-of-factly and your smile grows. “Are you serious? You would do that?” you beam at him from the passenger seat. 

“For Daniel, no. For you, yes.” he speaks with a smile but you can tell it hurts him to do this. “Thank you so much.” you say, excitement flooding your system as you see the road signs leading to PDX.


As the distance between you and the airport gets smaller and smaller, your stomach turns and you swallow hard to settle it. “Are you alright?” Eric asks and you nod before trying to sort out your thoughts. 

If Eric was right about you loving Daniel, why was it so hard for you to grasp the idea? You think to yourself and your excitement turns into pure nervousness as the car comes to a stop in front of PDX. 

“You can do this.” Eric says and you smile at him before reaching for the door. “Do you want me to wait or?” he asks and you shake your head. “I can find my way back but thank you. For everything.” you say softly and after giving him a quick kiss on the cheek, you exit the car and begin for the main lobby of the airport. 

You’re greeted by a sharply dressed woman with a smile and it hits you that you had absolutely no idea where Daniel would be. “Hi how can I help you?” she asks perkily and you return her smile while you think of how to word your next question. 

“Yes, um, can you tell me where the flight from here to Los Angeles boards?” you ask and she looks at you in confusion before you clarify. “It’s scheduled to depart at 11:45.” you add and she looks through a few papers before grinning at you. 

“You’re here to see that boy band aren’t you?” she asks accusingly and you decide its better to look like a crazed fangirl than an idiot in love. “Yes. I love Why Don’t We so much!” you play along, laughing to yourself at how she rolls her eyes playfully. 

“Down that hall and up the stairs. You better hurry before they’re swarmed with girls!” she says and you thank her before following her directions, the butterflies in your stomach getting stronger as you ascend the stairs to see a group of girls huddled up in a circle, the boys’ heads just barely poking out of the crowd. 

As you watch Daniel with the fans, your heart swells and it finally hits you that you are madly in love with this boy. Everything about him is just so perfect–the way he acts with his fans, the way he is passionate about everything he does, the way he makes you feel–all of his amazing qualities hit you at once and you decide its time to make your move. 

Walking slowly, in an effort to blend in with the crowd, you hope that he can’t see you as he poses a few pictures and as the few fans who were your armor leave to make their way toward Jonah, you inch closer to him, staying behind him before speaking up. 

“Can I get a picture as well?” you ask innocently and he turns around quickly, a big smile on his face. “(Y/N)!” he exclaims, pulling you in for a bear hug. “I was just about to call you but then the fans got here and I-" 

"It’s fine, I understand.” you cut him off, eager to get him alone so you can finally tell him how you feel. “Are you in a rush?” he asks worriedly and you shake your head before pulling him off to the side, a handful of fans gawking at the two of you while another handful give you the death glare for stealing him away. 

“No I just need to talk to you alone.” you say as you continue to lead walk with him, your hand pulling him closely behind you before you stop in an empty hallway. 

“What’s going on?” he asks once you’re finally alone and you sigh as you think of how you’re going to say this. “Daniel I…” His eyes search yours and you swallow hard, your heart pounding as he patiently waits for you to finish. 

“DanielIloveyou.” you say and his emotion is unreadable for a moment as he processes the words that just came out of your mouth. His brow furrows and you realize that he may not have even heard you. 

“Daniel I-” before you can repeat yourself, Daniel’s lips are on yours and even though its second time your lips collided, it felt like the first and the feeling in your stomach told you that it would be like this every single time. 

“Say it again.” he begs as you part from him, and you smile before before repeating those three magic words. “I love you too (Y/N). So much.” he says before pulling you in for another kiss. 

The fans begin to flood the once vacant hallway, their chatter and phone screens filling the room but you don’t mind. For now its just you and him…and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

All We Wanted

All We Wanted | Brick by Brick Timestamp: It’s been five years since Dan and Phil properly settled down together, and now that Dan has a stable job, and they’ve bought themselves a home, they’re ready to start building a family together. Omegaverse, Breeding fic. | Phan | Mature | Gratuitous Smut, Breeding, Multiple Orgasm, Knotting, Body/Omega Worship, Praise Kink, Cum Eating, Bottom!Phil, Omega!Phil | 28,677 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

For reference, @embarrassing-myself​ is Dan, @insanityplaysfics​ is Phil.

To a large degree, there is a suspension of disbelief required when it comes to the understanding of a/b/o sex and reproduction habits. As Omegaverse was created based around animal mating instincts, and then moulded to give fanfiction writers an excuse to write their favorite gay ships having lots of sex and kids, we realize that how their biology works does not completely make sense. Essentially, we’ve modeled this around the usual trope that male Omega’s are able to get pregnant, and have a womb, but will eventually undergo a c-section in order to give birth.

We hope you guys will enjoy the Dan and Phil of the Brick by Brick universe finally taking another big step in their lives. To read the original chaptered work, click here for the Masterlist.

Also, consider nominating this timestamp and/or the original chaptered story for any of the phanfic awards HERE, especially hardcore smut/chaptered/best combination!

(AO3 Link)

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Just Regular Stuff - (A Suho One shot)

“Oppa” you said in your sweetest voice, kicking your legs cutely as you sat up on his kitchen counter. He glanced at you before returning to his container of yogurt. You had just finished a run with Suho, your workout buddy who you met at the gym three months ago. You hit it off well and had been spending time exercising together now. You liked him. You really really liked him. But he was a total nerd. And a self control freak. You’d never met someone as in control of himself as Suho was. It was beginning to drive you crazy. How was he so repressed?

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Acnara´s super long Harrymort/tomarry archive

Ok so, I´ve been wanting to do a harrymort rec list since probably forever. As a Harrymort shipper, I´ve always had a lot of trouble finding long lists of recommendations -or fics at all. You feel me. And, even if at the beginning I was planing in making this a single post, the recent amount of new stories on AO3 about my OTP (Guys, thank you so much), made me decide to make this more of an interactive thing. So, I´ll keep editing this every time i find anything worth tagging.

And here we get to the tricky part. This is full of recommendations, but, in order to make this fair to new authors/not so well known authors, instead of making this a “you must read” list I´m making it an “everything i´ve ever favorited/followed in and everything I´ve bookmarked/marked for later on AO3″ kind of list. I personally thing everything here is worth your time, either WIP or complete or one-shot. BUT: lots of the WIPs are old, so they are unofficially descontinued. If you have read everything here, I´m sorry :( I´ll try to update it soon, fear not!

The favorites will have a *, and my personal favorites will have ** and probably fangirl comments, sorry about that. I´d also recommend checking out anything written by this authors. 

Ok, enough talking. Take a sit, this is huge.


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I’m Gonna Shoot You Down, Jesse James

Written for: @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid and @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian’s Divas of Storytelling Challenge

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Song: Just Like Jesse James by Cher

Characters: Reader (Hey, that’s you!), Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Warnings: Language, ugh, can’t think of anything else now except maybe subpar writing…

Summary: A brokenhearted witch decides to kill those who have dumped their significant other. You need to find her and gank her before anyone else dies. Too bad Dean is being an overprotective bitch.

Tagging: @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian @lyndsay88 @thewhiterabbit42 @sdavid09 @lucis-unicorn

** Do Not Post/Copy/Share Anywhere, On Any Other Platforms, Without My Permission**

Originally posted by daengerously-intaense

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Strange Love

Request: Seb x bisexual!reader based on Strange Love by Halsey, the reader is very honest which gets her into a lot of trouble, the reader’s sexuality causes some trouble in the media, Seb is about 12 years older than the reader (i just gathered all the information that is important throughout this story)

A/N: This took me a long time to finish because I wanted to finish other imagines as well… This is my first Seb fic, FIRST IMAGINE ABOUT AN ACTUAL REAL LIFE PERSON! Hope you like it. Also, I didn’t write the lyrics anywhere like I know some people do. I may have not taken all the lyrics into account while writing this imagine. Hope that’s not too big of a problem.Also, the eding is… meh. Hope you’ll like it either way.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 4,931

Warning(s): age gap, some cursing, trouble with the media, some people aren’t too happy about the reader being bisexual, idk what else to put here

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Word Count: 1226

Warnings: Jealous!Bucky, Possessive!Bucky, you teasing Bucky, swearing, hinting at a title kink.

Request: Hey Aubrey, can I request a possessive Bucky fic? Like, maybe you guys are on vacation, and everyone is by the pool and there is music and you and Sam or you and Tony start to dance and he gets super jealous or something like that?

A/N: This was so cute and innocent when I started, and I don’t know what happened. Lies. I know what happened. The Haunted remix I have linked below is what happened. (thanks a lot to @whatsbetterthanfantasy for that, because I’m so obsessed with the song because of your fic.) You should totally read that if you haven’t yet btw

I’m pretty sure all the smut that I’ve been reading is taking me down a road Idk if I wanna go on! lol nah but seriously possessive!bucky is my life. I love it.

Ride Twenty One Pilots Remix

Thunderstruck AC/DC Remix

Haunted Beyonce Remix

Originally posted by enochianess

Your name: submit What is this?

You shout in elation as one of your favorite songs comes blaring through the speakers. Your hips seem to move on their own accord to the remixed beat. You dance your way over to Tony, who’s smiling toothily at you. One of your hands makes it to his still warm shoulder, despite the sun going down over an hour ago. His hands find their way to your barely-covered hips and you move closer, grinning and rapping the words to Tony as he laughs at you.

Gah, this was exactly what you needed! Tony made this little vacation a requirement. Everyone seemed to welcome the idea of two weeks in Mexico. Steve and Tony had made it explicitly clear for no one to call anybody on the team unless it was a global emergency. You all needed some time with your makeshift family to just relax. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Steve brought Sharon along, Clint brought his wife and kids, and Scott brought Cassie. It was a giant family vacation.

You turn around, hands in the air as your top half starts moving to the beat as well. Tony’s hands find their way back to your hips, and you feel your back brush against his front as the beat drops, and you can’t help but grind your hips into his for a moment. You bite your lip and act like you’re glancing around the crowd when your eyes land on Bucky. Ever brooding, your boyfriend had a dark glint in his eye and you don’t realize that you’re absolutely teasing him until his eyes lock on yours.

You turn back to Tony and pull him down to you so you can tell him you’re going to get a drink and make your way to the bar that Bucky’s sitting at. You lean up against the bar and put in your order before you turn to him. “Yaknow, you’d have more fun if you were out there with me.”

His eyes drag to yours and squint in a challenge. They’re piercing and dark, arousal shoots straight through you. He grins as his metal appendage wraps around you securely and pulls you to his body. Despite the warm humidity hanging around you, his arm was cold and it shocked your scantily clad skin. Bucky’s smile pulls a little wider at the gasp that escaped your mouth. “I’m having fun watching you.”

Cocky little shit. He knew you were teasing him before you did. Well, if he was going to play, you weren’t going to play fair. You wanted to rile him up. “If you’re sure, Sarge.” You kiss his stubbly cheek and grab your drink; making your way back to the dancing crowd, you make sure to put more swing in your hips as you walk away.

“Have fun, doll.”

You turn around and wink at him, a cheshire grin plastered on your face. “Yes, sir.” Fuck, you knew you’d get in trouble for doing that later, but the look on his face was absolutely worth it. His eyes darkened, mouth quirking up into a smirk after he licked that bottom lip of his sinfully. Good, he knew that you were playing too.

You found Natasha and danced with her while sipping at your drink. You scanned the crowd for your teammates. It was habitual, even though you were all on vacation. Scott was in the pool with Cassie on his shoulders. Loud peals of laughter erupting from her as she tried to knock Cooper off of Clint’s shoulders. Wanda and Vision were sitting poolside laughing and talking. Tony had commandeered the DJ’s laptop and was doing a fantastic job. Pepper encircled herself in his arms and was laughing at something that he was saying to her. Steve and Sharon were making their way to the bar; while Sam, Natasha, and you were still out on the dancefloor.

Sam joined you and Natasha, sandwiching you between your friends. You laughed as a new song started. Leave it to Tony to find an AC/DC song to play. You pointed to him from your place on the dancefloor, and he reciprocated your gesture, bopping his head to the beat. He’s such a goddamn dork, but you love him.

Sam pulls your attention back to him as he drags your nearly empty drink from your hand and putting it on a waiter’s tray that’s passing by. You feel Nat’s hands on your arms and you lose yourself in the beat. Sam cups your neck and lowers himself to you, his face so close to yours. You grin sinisterly up at him, and he knows the game you’re playing as soon as your hands wander his chest. It’s so hot mashed up between all these bodies, but you don’t care.

You glance over to your boyfriend, finding Steve sitting next to him. They’re laughing about something, but the way Bucky’s look at you makes you breathless. You bite your lip and smile at him before slotting your body impossibly closer to Sam’s.

You feel eyes burning into the side of your face, the side of your body. You know this is setting Bucky’s skin on fire, dancing with Sam like this. The song melts into another and you have to remember to thank Tony. It’s one of your favorites. You would acknowledge him, but you’re so caught up in the feeling of Sam’s huge hands on your skin, the jealousy you can practically feel rolling off of Bucky in shockwaves. There’s two sets of hips grinding into you, two sets of hands wandering, and the beat is absolutely intoxicating.

Natasha laughs behind you and that’s the only warning you have before a cold metal hand is guiding you away from your friends. His hand drops from your shoulder to the small of your back and you shiver, not from the temperature contrast, but from something else.

“What are you doing?” You ask playfully. “I was having fun, you should’ve joined us–”

Bucky pulls you in front of him before pushing you into the side of the beachouse. One hand comes up to cradle the side of your neck, while the other finds its way to your hip. You get one small glance at his dark eyes before his mouth envelops yours, taking what he wants. His mouth captures your moan as he sucks your bottom lip between his teeth and nips gently.

You crane your neck to follow his mouth and whine at the loss of contact. “You’re mine,” he growls and it starts a fire in you.

Through the fog in your brain, you decide that you’re not done playing yet. You look up at him with the most innocent expression you can muster. “Of course I am, Bucky. I’m your best girl.”

He takes your chin between his thumb and forefingers, forcing you to look up at him. His breath fans across your lips as he growls, “Wanna hear you say it.”

Your knees are gonna give out at any moment. You know it. You lick your bottom lip and watch his eyes track the movement. Fuck, you can’t think straight. You suddenly don’t want to tease him anymore. “I’m yours, Sir. Only yours.”

Bucky decides it’s time to take you inside to finish this conversation; otherwise, the two of you would be charged with some kind of indecent exposure.

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I know that this has been way long over due (LOL 3 years to be exact) - an UPDATED GIF TUTORIAL. Shout out to @holdmetightae for mentioning this to me. 

First off, this tutorial is going to take you through the whole process of making a gif. So yes, I’m going to start from the very beginning: getting screen captures, to bringing it to gimp and also my editing and coloring process.

The very first gif tutorial was very basic - the more so simple version. I’m still going to keep that up for anyone that likes to go back and use it as reference. But I do want to point out that when I make gifs, the process is never the same. 

Some days, my gifs look great and other times they just look awful. That being said, I want you to look at this as more of a guide more than anything. You guys are free to experiment when it comes to the editing AND coloring part. But everything else is just the basic how to for a gif. 

Before we go ahead and jump into the tutorial, a few points to keep in mind:

  • Input Quality = Output Quality ; essentially, what you put into your gif will result in what you get out. So please, use HQ/HD videos when extracting frames and screen captures.
  • Tumblr’s max size for a single gif is 540px IN WIDTH ; so use less frames (10-15 range) for big single gifs. (2MB max for each gif)
  • If you are making smaller gifs such as 268px IN WIDTH or smaller, you can use more frames but don’t over due it. (2MB max for each gif)

What you need:

  • Gimp
  • MPEG Streamclip
  • Animstacks

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BTS Reaction on having a crush on you and you admit they are your bias in an interview

Anon Requested:  Hi! I don’t know if you have reaction requests open but if you do can you write one (BTS and BIGBANG) have a crush on you (an international star) and then you are in an interview and you say they are your bias? I’m sorry if that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Thank you so much and I love your blog 🙂

Okay these are really long so sorry about that.

Jungkook:  Back in his dressing room Jungkook was flipping through the channels that were streaming on the tv that was connected on the way. Jungkook froze when he saw you, his attention diverted to you who was sitting down in a chair in front of a man who was laughing with you and asking you questions. Subtitles appeared on the bottom of the screen once you and the interviewer starting talking.

“So (Y/N), anything new in the love department? Have an eye on anyone?” The man smiled warmly at you. You couldn’t help but laugh and nod slightly.

“I mean there’s this one guy I think is really cute. But we don’t know each other exactly.” You lightly laugh, cheeks lightly reddening at the embarrassment. “He’s a star in Korea and he’s in this boy band called BTS. I think he’s really cute and he’s my age so that’s nice too.” You admit, hands slowly rubbing against each other. 

Jungkook didn’t need to hear his name to know it was him who you were talking about. The moment you said he was the same age he knew it was him. Jungkook smiled, not making a huge spectacle about your announcement in the dressing room. He looked back at the screen to see the interviewer continuing to talk to you and seeing the tint on your cheeks still evident. 

“She likes me.” 

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

V: Taehyung heard that you were going to be on a Korean radio show so he had to listen to it. Finally finding the channel he turned the volume up and listened, he knew you spoke some Korean from prior interviews he had watched you on. He listened on and felt his heart stop when he heard the interviewer mention himself to you.

“So I assume that you’ve seen the interview with BTS’s Kim Taehyung, right?” The man asked you and you slightly laughed and nodded your head. 

“Yes I have actually, I think I saw it a day after it aired. Honestly it shocked me because I didn’t know he even knew about me.” You admitted.

“But you knew about him before the interview?” 

“Yeah I’ve been a fan of BTS for about a year now so I definitely knew about him.” Taehyung’s heart began to speed up hearing the words leave your mouth. She knew about me? She knows me?

The interviewer continued to ask you questions about how you felt about Taehyung’s crush on you, you answered honestly smiling with each answer you gave. “I mean he was always my favorite out of the group, I can’t say I like him since I haven’t really met him before but he is very charming and would love to meet him.” The interviewers smile grew wider as he called for his assistant to grab his phone.

“I mean I can’t magically have him appear here for you to meet him but what about talking to him? Would you want to?” The interviewer clicked Tae’s contact in his phone and began ringing him. Taehyung didn’t know a single thing going on since all he could do was listen but his thoughts were quickly interrupted by his cell phone ringing. Without looking at the caller i.d he picked up.



Originally posted by jjks

Jimin: Jimin was on weekly idol with BTS, he never expected that he would be asked about his prior relationship or even if he liked anyone else. Usually he’d just be asked about the recent album and do fun games like before. When asked he answered truthfully, saying that he was much better after his break up from his ex and that he had his eye on an international celebrity. What you didn’t expect from watching this episode of weekly idol was that the international celebrity Jimin was talking about was you. You knew Korean from the past years of studying it so you knew what he was saying.

“She’s from America, her name is (Y/N) and I’ve always been interested in her from her debut.” Your heart stopped for a second, your breath hitching in the back of your throat as Defconn continued to speak. 

“Well maybe we should get her down to Korea to meet you! That’d be a fun episode.” He laughed. Jimin just smiled, not saying anything after. His other members just patting his back and laughing with the hosts. “Well what do you think (Y/N)? If you’re watching us right now let us know!” And without even thinking about it you grabbed your cellphone and called your manager who you find out had already made plans for you. “Oh what’s this?” Defconn’s voice broke out from your computer screen. “Looks like you’re going to get to meet (Y/N) sooner rather than later Jimin.”

Originally posted by parkjiminz

J-Hope: You were clicking through your mentions on Twitter when multiple links showed up in a row. They were all the same and everyone who had put the link in the message told you that you just had to watch this and watch it immediately. Clicking on the message you were brought to a Korean interview with a group of boys. You clicked on the option for English subtitles and began watching the interview. 

“Her name is (Y/N) and she’s an American singer.” One of the boys said. The woman sitting across from them began to speak soon after. 

“Does she know who you are? Does she know that you like her?” 

“Wait what?” You say out loud, eyes widening. You look back at the boy who was once speaking and see him shrug his shoulders. Your mind is racing with questions and thoughts. 

“I actually don’t know, I don’t know if she’s into K-Pop or even likes our group. I’ve just always been a fan of hers.” The boy admits. You scroll down from the live interview and click on your phone to translate all the words to English so you can read the words. 

“Okay so which one is he?” You ask yourself. “Is this Suga? Or maybe he’s Jin, no he can’t he doesn’t look like a Jin.” You quickly pulled out your computer, still leaving the interview on your phone so you can continue to read the subtitles. You googled his group and typed in BTS. “Ah there he is! J-Hope!” You cheered, happy to find out who this mystery boy is. You looked back over to your phone to continue to read the subtitles.

“So you like her? You like her alot?” The woman asks again, and J-Hope nodded with a smile on his face. “Well maybe we should get her down here some day.”

“I’d like that a lot actually.”

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Rap Monster: “So Namjoon did you see that an international star has a little crush on you?” The woman interviewing him and the rest of the group asked. Namjoon shook his head, slightly confused on what she was talking about. “What? Really? It was all over the internet all last week.” She said baffled.

“I saw it.” Suga admitted.

“So did I.” V added. 

“I’m pretty sure we all did.” Jungkook spoke up. “How did you not see it? I would’ve thought you’d be the first to look at the article seeing that it was (Y/N) who said it.”

Namjoon’s eyes widened and looked at all of his bandmates. “What?” All of the boys including the woman nodded.

“(Y/N) totally admitted that she had a crush on you dude.” Suga said laughing at the leaders expression. Namjoon couldn’t feel his fingers, he was numb at the news that was just presented to him. He couldn’t help but crack a smile looking at the camera then back at the boys. 

“She likes me?” He asked. The interviewer chuckled and nodded at his big smile.

“She likes you.”

Originally posted by taehyyungs

Suga: You were friends of many groups in the kpop industry, you were especially good friends with members of BTS so how fun would it have been to make a surprise appearance to one of their interviews? Well it would’ve been a lot more fun if you weren’t in such an embarrassing situation. It was a simple surprise to see your friends but the interviewer just had to ask the boys about who they were crushing on. He went down the line of boys starting with Jungkook and ending with your closest friend Yoongi. The answers from the boys were typical ranging from Sana from Twice, Hyuna from 4 minute and Goeun from Cheese in the Trap. You expected to hear someone like those women from Yoongi, what you didn’t expect was your name to come out of his mouth. 

Obviously the man interviewing the boys didn’t expect that either, especially because he had to introduce you to the boys in a few minutes. “Well um, Suga! You say your celebrity crush is (Y/N)? Aren’t you two pretty good friends?” Yoongi nodded with a small smile. “Does she know you like her?” 

Yoongi shrugged casually. “I mean I’d think she would get a hint, the guys found out after maybe a week of us being friends. Though at the time I’d deny it because I didn’t think I had feelings for her at the time.”

“When did you know you liked her?” The man asked, you had to squint but you could see a slight smirk on his lips as he asked the question. He knew you were coming out and wanted to get more out of Yoongi before then. 

“I admitted it to the boys only about a month ago but I kept it to myself for 2 months prior.”

“So what do you guys think about it? Are you as close with (Y/N) as Suga is?”

“We’re all really close with her.” J-Hope spoke up. “We kept pushing him to tell her but he would always say no thinking it’d ruin the friendship.” Yoongi nodded at that smiling a bit more at his best friends words.

“Well I did say we would be having a special guest.” The man said. “Everyone please welcome (Y/N).” You looked at the screen showing all of the boys and the cameras focused on Yoongi’s face. His big smile dropped and eyes widened. He didn’t speak out loud but you could see the faint words of ‘fuck’ that left his lips. You sighed and walked out to the boys, praying that this interview would go by quick.

Originally posted by sugutie

Jin: “So sources tell us that a certain member from a popular boyband in Korea has admitted to having a crush on you, have you heard of this?” The man interviewing you asked. Completely baffled your eyes widened and shook your head. 

“What group?” You asked instantly, it’s no secret that you were familiar with k-pop music, you’ve admitted to listening and being a fan to it in recent interviews. What shocks you is that someone actually knew who you were. 

The male interviewer chucked and pointed to the television that had a video clip paused. “Just watch.” He clicked play on his little remote he had on is desk and set it down once it started. 

A video clip of BTS played and your eyes widened, tripling in size. Your heart dropped once Jin’s face popped on the screen, he was smiling admitting that he had a crush on you, your smile mimicked his once the video ended. You faced the man once again, smile still evident on your face.

“So (Y/N), what do you have to say about that? Do you know who he is?” You nod slightly, still managing to get your words out.

“Well he has always been my favorite in the group.” You smiled still trying to get over the fact that Jin admitted to liking you. “I’d say the feeling is pretty mutual, if not more.”

Originally posted by jjilljj

The Summer (15/30)

The Summer (15/30) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 10,509 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: Frottage

Chapter Fifteen

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Royally Fucked (12/14)

Pairing: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Swearing, sexual indication, okay guys things are going to get worse, hang on tight. It’s not going to get a happy ending.
(Wrap it before you tap it kiddos)

Summary: When you and Steve agree to end your relationship you didn’t expect to take it so hard, or seek comfort in his best friend. After one night of drinking and mistakes, now you feel like you’re struggling to keep your lies straight, but what happens when you’re seeing plus signs and Steve’s hovering, someone’s going to end up hurt if you can’t keep your lies straight.

A/N: Angsty, drama, secrets, and twists. Shit is going to hit the fan…

(Let me know if you want to be tagged)
(Italics are the ones I can’t link to the blog)

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Originally posted by shiprila

“She said we can co parent if it’s mine and I’ll go on hating her if it’s Buck’s.” Steve’s forehead is pressed into the crook of his arm, he’s spread out face down on the mat in the gym.

“Is she wrong?” Sam asks sitting on the weight bench looking at Steve.

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Next Time (Gray)

Anonymous asked: Hello! I’ve requested before and you NEVER disappoint! Can I request a Gray scenario where you are a producer and he finds some of your stuff online and he asks around to see if anyone knows who you are (you hide your identity online), and when they don’t he contacts you personally and you agree to meet and when you meet he is shocked to find out that you are a girl? Thank you and keep up the lovely work!

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    Sunghwa clicked on the profile link - Oxic_91- and browsed through the tracks listed, listening to the first few seconds of several before sitting back to listen to all of one. He closed his eyes, soaking in the music, the relaxed electric piano, jazzy chords melding with a sharp drum track and electric bass vibing at the bottom. It was good. Really good, actually. He started listening to the other tracks, opening in other tabs the social media links listed on the profile. He was curious- who was the guy behind this music?

    But there was nothing on any of the profiles that indicated anything- no pictures, no personal information, nothing. He sighed, not sure exactly why he was so curious about this artist, but knowing he was. Maybe for a collab? He scrolled farther down the Twitter feed, pursing his lips as he looked in vain for some sense of the human behind the music. He reached for his phone, and dialed Jay.

    “Hey, what’s up?” Jay asked as soon as he picked up.

    “I found this producer on Soundcloud, Oxic_91, and I really want to figure out who it is. Do you know?” Sunghwa asked.

    “No, but I can look into it,” Jay said. “How come?”

    “I don’t know, I just really want to meet him. Just to talk and maybe collab on something. I don’t know.”

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Summary: Dan makes an online dating profile, attracting all sorts of strange people. He nearly gives up altogether before he receives a message from a man that he never would have expected to be a match for him. The man is adorned with pastel colors and a sweet demeanor, and is he really about to go on a date with someone that’s arguably his exact opposite?

Words: 3,655

A/N: am i really posting something after a month? well shit, call me dan howell i guess. it seems we’re on the same uploading schedule jesus christ i apologize

Warnings: swearing, innuendos

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