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sex dice – first roll | jjk

jeon jungkook | bts | 1.8k words | smuttish af 

a/n : so… I wanted to write smut again but have now idea what to write then I got the random idea to use online sex dice to give me a random smut prompt. this smut is the result of the first dice roll. 

lick - chest

“Uugh,” Jungkook groans and arches his back into the mattress, as your tongue slides over his hardened nipple and zaps pleasure through his body. You know how sensitive his nipples are, they would tighten at the lightest touch, like when they rub against the fabric of his shirts or when a cold breeze grazes them. 

They are a tease when they protruded through his clothing, making dirty thoughts run through your mind that fill you with ideas what you could do with them. 

You love to toy with the velvet flesh between your fingertips, rub them and pinch them until his face distorted in bliss and pain and a throaty moan escapes Jungkook’s raw bitten lips, 

You love to circle your tongue around them, feel their softness under your tastebuds before finally enclosing your lips around them and suck purple and blue into them while feeling Jungkook’s firm grip in your hair pulling at your roots from the oversensitivity. 

“Fuck, Y/N, d–don’t tease,” he stutters as you, tonight, intentionally pepper kisses anywhere on his broad, muscular chest except for the two places he wants them most. He hisses out in frustration as you licked a stripe on his pec, right next to his nipple. 

“Y/N, I swear to god,” he groans and looks down at you with dark and hazy eyes. “You’re not gonna be able to walk tomorrow if you keep doing this.”

You smirk up at him, amused at his threat. You’re totally aware that he means it, but you know that he knows, too, how much you like that kind of punishment. “I wouldn’t mind that, baby boy.” You feel a sinking of his chest, a breathy exhale when his favorite pet name of yours for him reaches his ears; you know what a sucker for it he is, and how weak it can make him. 

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Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader   

Warnings: Smut

A/N: I am bored and not ready to dive into my next fic. Thinking of adding a Saturday- Smut Shorts to my posting rotation “Smuturday”? Comment or send an ask if you would be interested in the concept.

It was the damned vest. There were some guys that got your attention because of their cologne. There were others that turned you on because they were so good with kids. You had grown resistant to your gorgeous coworkers over time. But when Spencer wore that goddamned vest, you had to excuse yourself to splash cold water on your face. It was that hot and distracting. You imagined the texture of the material, the professorial implications.

He could just wear the vest and your daydreams would be set for an entire case. The way his hair had grown and fell on to the dark material. The edges clinging to the seams, made you think about reaching up and brushing the gentle curls over, to expose his neck. Which of course the vest accented perfectly.

She was wearing the pencil skirt again. She left the matching jacket off, leaving her sleek arms bare for the humid Georgia afternoon. Spencer couldn’t concentrate when she hiked up the sides of the garment, to climb into the SUV. She had such timeless style, always professional but just a little more academic than the other women he worked with.

Spencer was scratching his neck, imagining it was her pointed nails dragging over his skin. He was not used to noticing physical attributes of people besides in a case perspective: victimology, suspect descriptions or mathematical relevant features. But when she wore that skirt with the coarse threaded fabric, he paid attention.

You had stopped for lunch after interviewing a victim’s family. It was a small diner on the outskirts of the town where you were partnering with the local sheriff’s department. You and Reid were finishing up your meal when he leaned over to reach for the check. He had turned just so that the material of the vest brushed against your arm. It scratched in such an unexpected way that you gasped. 

His dark eyes caught yours and he nodded at you. Your breath hitched, you couldn’t help but lick your lips at his hold on you. You slowly got up from the booth, walking to the bathroom in the back of the paneling covered restaurant. Spencer left everything he had in his wallet on the table and slowly followed your swaying hips.

Once you both were in the unisex cubby, you spun, attacking his mouth. Your hands clenched at the stiff fabric framing his chest, pulling him to you. His large hands found the slit of your skirt, dragging the rough fabric over your smooth thighs. He moaned once you backed onto the rail on the wall, taking his belt with your progress. He pressed his whole body against yours. He continued bending your knees as you found you could reach the opposite wall with your heels.

His fingers slid into the deep wetness of your panties, guiding the thin material over. You whined at the hunger that was growing within you. “Spencer, please.”

He opened his eyes and looked down at you, “Yes, ma’am.” He winked and suddenly his cock was pressed against your entrance.  You leaned into him, your shoulders arching against the thin walls of the stall. Your skirt’s fabric burned against your thighs and Spencer’s stomach. He braced himself against one wall, just above your head. Your fist clung to his vest along his collar bone.

The moans came without you realizing, the slapping of skin an increasing rhythm. “Fuck, you just had to, had to wear that damn vest today didn’t you?” You whispered, your voice falsetto with the rush of your climax. You glimpsed Spencer’s concentrated face crumble through your lidded eyes. He called out, thrusting as he clawed at the edges of your skirt, the thread finally giving out to the stress on the slit.

He guided your shaking legs down, as you used his arms as an anchor. He held you as if you were slow dancing. You slowly eased your skirt down, checking for damages. He fixed his trousers, bending to grab his discarded belt. “Y/N, please tell me you have another skirt like that.” His breathing slowly evening out.

“Don’t worry, Spencer, there are plenty more where this came from.”

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[TRANS] 170624 SuA Fancafe Update - Hello~~~~~ It’s Swa~

Hello~! It’s SuA~~
It’s been a long time since writing on the fancafe~ hehe
It’s been a long time since doing a game with the members on V App
We communicated with you guys, so it was fun~
As always, being together with the members and you guys makes me happy, hweolhweolhappyhweolhweol
When you guys write “Kekeke” I imagine your smiling appearances so I think the V App is double the fun, kekeke
If you imagine, SuA Vv
And the weather is becoming more and more like a spa
But you guys, don’t eat the heat! And don’t catch a cold!
Be careful~We are being careful too~
Ah!! That’s right, I can’t sleep at night because of the mosquitoes…
Yesterday, really, I slept and didn’t wake up once until the alarm went off
I wanted to sleepㅠㅠㅠThe mosquitoes…how many were there?
Bzzzbzzzbzzzzz the sound
After whizzing around my hands, I think they got me on my neck, kekekekekekekeke
You guys, turn on the lights smartly and find the mosquito next time!
Be cautious and catch them quickly (“- (my own mosquito emoticon!!)
Our lovely fans, it’s the weekend. You living people, live with body and life!!!
People relaxing, even if you see someone, try to relax comfortably!
So seeing a SuA photo 2 times, 3 times, 100 times
Have a happy weekend~!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Trans.: 7-dreamers
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So i posted this ficlet as my first work on AO3 a week ago and i hope you guys like it too. Warning: drug use mention (Catherine Todd)

When he was younger, Jason had really hated needles. It brought up the painful memories of his mum lying down on the couch staring into empty space with wide dilated eyes that saw nothing. She wouldn’t recognize him, no matter how hard he clung to her or called her. He hated it when she was in her own world, abandoning him to the cold and hunger. There would always be an empty needle nearby and he knew it was to blame.

So when he became Robin and Bruce’s controlling tendencies (or was it simply his stunted version of caring?) forced him to take blood samples every time he got exposed to something hazardous or just for routine checks, he had always panicked. No matter what excuses he came with, Bruce would not compromise (Robin, you face thugs and armed goons on a daily basis, surely a little sting won’t scare you?). So he had learned to accept the sting of the needle, telling himself that he won’t become like his mother. Bruce was not injecting anything in him, he was only taking blood. He could live with that.

When he broke his leg for the first time and Bruce was fussing over him on the medical bay, he had seen Alfred hovering over his leg with a needle filled with a clear liquid. That’s when he started screaming and kicking and biting. Bruce had pinned him down on the gurney asking him what’s gotten into him while Alfred had tried to soothe him. After a while his throat was sore and Bruce was looking at him with so much worry that he stopped screaming. He couldn’t stop the tears though. When Alfred has asked him if he wanted something to eat and go to his room he had nodded vigorously and Bruce was looking at Alfred in disbelief.

Later when he was in his room having dinner in bed (that was a first too) under the watchful eyes of Alfred, Bruce had come sit by his bed, combing a hand through his sweaty curls. He had told him that his leg needed to be set and that they would go to the hospital if it would make him feel more comfortable. He had shook his head and told them that they could set his leg right then and there. “But Jay, what was that all about downstairs?” Bruce had asked in confusion. Jason had set the bowl of soup on the tray on the nightstand and had started fidgeting with the hem of his shirt before asking in a tiny voice “Just… just no needles, please?”

As the Red Hood he still avoids intravenous narcotics as much as possible, preferring to take oral painkillers instead. They worked a bit slower and they weren’t even effective half of the time. But hey, if there’s one thing that Jason is proud of, it’s that he can take a little pain.

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What are your favorite jb and jacks supporting each other moments?

because for me, it was when they were tired, and they were supporting each other in a way

honestly i’m just gonna say all

  • when Jaebum was hurt and Jackson took care of him 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 

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You said you're here if I need a brotha, I think I need one. I started T and came out to my mom, now she won't talk to me really and when she does she's very cold. How do I stop feeling so guilty?

there’s not really an off switch to how you’re feeling, but i can relate because my mom got the same way. give her time. it’s a big change on her too. but don’t lose focus on the reason ur doing what ur doing either, this is ur life and ur happiness


I have to say, I’m truly enjoying writing Pierce into this fic. He had so much untapped potential to be a wonderful villain in The Winter Soldier and we never got to see just how evil he could be. He is diabolical and manipulative and he plays perfectly into my plans for this fic. I’m glad you guys hate him so much, it tells me I’ve done my job making him seem cold and heartless. These next few parts are my absolute favorite for this series and I can’t wait to see what you think of them! Thank you so much for continuing to read and leave me feedback on this fic! 😊💞💞💞💞💞 

Still Alive

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i can't believe 75 degrees with a slight breeze is cold for you, that's wild dude. i live on the east coast and when it got to the temperature while i was at school, literally everyone spent the day outside because we knew it would drop back down to like 60 the next day

oh man i’ll admit that i get cold more easily than other people in my area, but honestly southern california is so funny when it comes to the weather. the moment it drops below 70 degrees, you see kids walking around in parkas and trenchcoats like it’s the middle of winter in russia?? like 60 degrees would be pure anarchy, how do you guys even survive that

i lost my voice for a week & nobody noticed because i never freaking talk

Goodnight, Captain
(AKA vague prequel to this)

Where freshly minted Captain Kirk reads up on stuff even when he’s not on shift and nods off in random conference rooms on the Enterprise. Certain first officers who don’t require as much sleep take care of things.


vines i will never get tired of seeing in vine compilations:

  • “hurricane katrina? more like hurricane tortilla!”
  • “is there anything better than pussy… yes a really good book”
  • “hey how ya doing well im doing just fine i lied im dying inside”
  • “aw fuck. i can’t believe you’ve done this.”
  • “what do you want for a healthy snack rebecca??” “i want chipotle.” “thaT’S NOT A HEALTHY SNACK REBECCA”
  • “aw nice ron” “WHAT. i sneezed. am i not allowed to sneeze now???”
  • “so you just don’t bring me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift”
  • “look at all those chickens”
  • *in face warp filter* “i really can’t stay bABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE i’ve got to go away baBY IT’S”
  • “did you hang out with beth last night?” “yeah yeah i did” “oh!! i love beth!” “… you hate beth” “YEAH NO SHIT HONEY”
  • “dad look it’s the good kush” “how good could it be. this is the dollar store.”
  • “MARY IS THAT A POLICE???? I’M CALLING THE WEED” “420 watcha smokin”
  • “wow look at that shooting star!” “BOY I AM A COMET NOT A STAR” “oh sorry” “IT’S FINE IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME”
  • “i saw you hanging out with kaitlyn yesterday” “rebecca it’s not what you think!” “I WON’T HESITATE BITCH”
  • “today i will be playing mozart’s symphony number 40 in g minor” *puke noise* “oh my god”
  • all ayitspnayo vines
  • all thomas sanders vines
🌿Cheap Witch Patchwork Soup🌿

Patchwork soup, a name my boyfriend coined for my most often made pick-me-up soup! It’s probably not practical to post this in the summer but David got struck down with a rough cold and he needs a pick me up for his interview tomorrow! This is a crockpot recipe because I’m a lazy witch but I’m sure you can cook it on the stove just fine. Feel free to change the recipe or measurements as you please, I’d rather you enjoy the taste, and remember everything tastes better with a little love.💚✨


  • 4 cups of chicken stock or vegetable for a vegan option
  • 3 russet baking potatoes diced in small pieces(you can usually find these for $1 a pound, so it comes out to .50-.75cents)(healing, grounding)
  • one cup of diced carrots or a 6oz can of diced carrots
  • 6 oz can of corn(protection, good health)
  • 10 oz can of cream of mushroom
  • 4-6 diced chicken breasts(how many you use is up to you, I like to get thinly sliced ones from walmart because it’s usually $4-5 and less fatty, black beans are a good vegan option)
  • 6 cloves of garlic or two tablespoons(healing and protection)
  • crushed black pepper(protection)
  • sea salt(cleansing, protection)
  • thyme(healing, health)
  • coriander or cilantro(same plant different parts)(healing, health)
  • 3 bay leaves(protection, healing, purification)
  • 2 tsp onion powder or a small onion(healing)
  • 1 tsp tumeric(healing)

It’s time to make some fucking soup.There’s not a lot of brewing and stewing in this recipe so your intention goes into the ingredients; focus on healing energies when you cut up your ingredients. The first layer of your soup should be the diced chicken, on top of that place your potatoes, then the carrots and corn. Remember each layer is another layer of healing to your soup! Now it’s time for your lovely spices, when putting them in your soup poor it on top in a clockwise motion, do the same for the cream of mushroom and broth afterwards. Cover and cook on high for six to eight hours! Stir once more clockwise before serving to fill it with extra love and healing energy. Pairs well with mint or ginger tea. Enjoy!🍵

Manners (Jimin smut)

Originally posted by kookiyoon

Description: Jimin is your best friend’s roommate, and to say you get on each other’s nerves would be an understatement. Jimin decides it is his mission to teach you some ‘manners’.

This fic includes: Explicit smut, ‘good girl’ term, dominance games, hate love type dynamic, light spanking, ‘teaching of manners’ lmfaoo

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jimin x You (ft Yoongi and Taehyung)

Word count: 4.5k

You lazily played a game on Yoongi’s phone, your eyes peering up every now and then to look at the TV screen, displaying a movie utterly boring to you. You let out an unintentional sigh; you were considering getting up to scour for food.

“Why are you here if you’re so bored?” Jimin asked from the other side of Yoongi, whose lap your head lay upon. You sat up to match Jimin’s glare.

“Jimin.” You heard Yoongi scold under his breath. Deciding not to waste your energy, you ignored Jimin and got up to search through their fridge. Yoongi thought you couldn’t hear him once you were in the kitchen, and you barely could, but his low and deep voice rung through the practically silent dorm “I’m so sick of you being such a dick to Y/N. Go say sorry.”

“What?” Jimin laughed. “I’m not a child.”

“Jimin.” Yoongi’s voice was so stern you got goose bumps.

“Whatever.” Jimin mumbled, his light footsteps approaching the kitchen. You quickly stuffed your head in the fridge, acting like you were very busy. When you looked up, closing the fridge door with a muffin in your hand, Jimin is leaning back against the counter with his arms crossed over his chest and a subtle frown on his face. 


“I’m glad you’re making yourself at home.” Jimin says, his eyes pointing at the treat in your hands. You smile tauntingly, not breaking eye contact as you take an excessively big bite.

“Thanks.” You mumble through your full mouth.

“Gosh, did no one ever teach you manners?” He asks with a serious expression.

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Here's a thought: Lance although cocky about his looks is low key self conscious of himself so Keith gives him little butterfly kisses all over while telling him why he's beautiful and special.

Lance has a strict skin care routine, and he wouldn’t let menial things like living in a ten thousand years old alien castle ruin it for him.

He’s found things that suggest alteans too care about their beauty, and skillfully used his resources to put up a fight against dry skin and dirt. The fact that he also found a literal giant bathroom full of cosmetic products inside the Castle helped, too.

Keith, actually, couldn’t care less about all that. He’ll wash himself if needed, and that’s it. But it’s nice to bathe with Lance, and to feel gentle fingers applying masks on his cheeks, touching the slope of his nose, slow and wondering, even if Lance sometimes likes to call him “greasy boy” and makes him wash his hands in weird occasions.

Lance also doesn’t talk about his problems, if he specifically doesn’t have to address them, but Keith is more observant than you’d give him credit for.

The baths are already enough of a telltale - because for all his boasting, Lance seems to be unable to look at him, keeping his mouth stretched in a big grin and his eyes downcast, his stance weirdly rigid and the pitch of his tone a little off. Only when they’re fully submerged he seems to gain back his ability to snark him to death and Keith is glad, but piqued.

He brings it up on one of the night where Lance is loose, and happy, talking a mile a minute in that chatty, endearing way of his, making every dumb topic seem vastly more interesting and exciting than it should really be. In one of their bored strolls through the Castle, they found a room with glass walls, overlooking the immensity of the universe around them, and now they come here late at night (they think it’s night, anyway) to watch the stars. It’s cheesy, but whatever.

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Sweet Words of Mine

Summary:  A trip down memory lane as Bucky tries to find the right time to tell you how he feels.

Word Count: 2,213

Warnings: Slight angst. Brief smut.

A/N: This is a re-write of a Dean Winchester fic. It’s based on Norah Jones’ “Those Sweet Words.”

Originally posted by xmidnight-moonlightx

Your eyes fluttered opened, your boyfriend’s face a blur. Yet you could recognize the long, dark hair. You felt him shake you, hear his voice from afar. Lips upturning, you tried to convey to him just how happy you were that he was there with you. Yet when your eyes focused on his, they were full of desperation, of frustration. You wanted to ask him what was wrong, why did he look so distressed? Yet the darkness swept you up and you gave in to it.

“Bucky, come on!” You grabbed his hand, dragging him with you through the throng of people waiting to enter the stadium. Your favorite band was on tour and were currently in New York City and you were more than excited to hear them.

“There are too many people,” said Bucky, grouchy expression prompting a laugh from you.

“Look!” you exclaimed, pointing at a security guard. “Maybe he can help us find our seats.”

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Memory Lane ft. Yoongi

Originally posted by allforbts

Drabble game #100: “I adore you.” 

grumpy husband yoongi au aka lots of fluff (mentions of sex)
→ 1.7k words

A/N: I recently had a realization that the way my blog is structured doesn’t really give me a great leeway to express my creativity and feels for the members at random. So this is the start to a really short series of drabbles for all of the members in super short (less than 2k) drabbles! To be continued! :) Hope you guys like it. 

more from this au: here, more drabbles: here

“You’ve got a wonderful wife there, son.”

Yoongi gives the elderly man a small smile and nods in agreement, clinking his beer can against his and tipping back the cold liquor into his throats with his eyes trained on you, a feat that happens quite often.

Often Yoongi finds himself just staring at you, in awe of how someone like you ended up with someone like him.

Your friends would describe you as sweet, bubbly, kind, selfless, and bright. His friends would describe you as “the light that shined in Min Yoongi’s horribly dreadful bitch ass life.” And although he always gives them a glare or just brushes their comments off with an eye roll it’s moments like these when he feels like the six dickwads’ words can never be any more accurate.

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Produce 101 as Classmates
  • Jisung: Borrows some paper from you just to put his gum into it. Knows the students’ attendance better than the teacher.
  • Jaehwan: Makes a competition out of everything and cried when he only got that B+ that one time. Has an annoying laugh.
  • Seongwoo: The one sitting in the back making strange noises and blurting out random comments, but always manages to get an A somehow.
  • Daniel: You’re so close that you think you’re best friends, but turns out he’s best friends with literally everyone since he's REALLY popular.
  • Jonghyun: Everyone thinks he’s kinda cute. Until they find out about how obsessed with anime he is. Most find him even cuter through this tbh.
  • Minhyun: Looks kinda cold but reads Twilight in secret. Hides in the boy restroom during breaks from Seonho.
  • Sungwoon: Is terrible at art class but his doodles are true works of art. Always has like 100 pens in his bag (just in case).
  • Jihoon: Was really popular with the girls in middle school. Really hates the fact that high-school girls not necessarily prefer „cute“ guys.
  • Jinyoung: Rarely talks with anyone outside of his clique. His mother drives a really cool car though.
  • Hyungseob: Has all students of his school added as friends in Facebook but noone actually knows anything about him. Sometimes brings shady stuff to school.
  • Woojin: Never sais a word and only hangs out with that exact one friend. Surprisingly good at sports and winning in general.
  • Daehwi: That nerd kid that looks kinda not cool but after that one time you have to work on a project together you’ll realize he’s actually quite cool.
  • Lai Guanlin: Borrows everything. Never has a pen. Never has paper nor books. Gets a heart attack everytime the teacher calls his name.
  • Seonho: Gives the best answers. Clings onto different groups. You hug him once, you have to hug him forever. (#ripminhyun)
  • Samuel: Exchange student. Says Oh my God a lot during tests. Actually has no idea what’s going on.

“imagine Corvo being the Emperor and Outsider is still his lover after 15 years of him being on the throne. :“) Imagine Corvo teaching him to ballroom dance.”

For @kingxdandy