so you get to see this art too


Hate is a very strong and disgusting thing to exist, and often goes to those least deserving of it. And believe me @euclase you don’t deserve any of it.

But I’m sure you already know that. I see posts where the hate gets too much which is definitely understandable. And it isn’t right. It isn’t right that an inspiring person like you gets so much hate, so I’m going to make this post about all the ways you’ve helped me.

First, you inspire me with your art. Which is obvious. But there’s something insanely special about it, something more real than any photograph can ever portray. In such subtle ways I feel energy and beauty beneath the piece, I feel the serene calm of the process and the product. If I were to list out my favorite artists, realist painters normally don’t make it that high up there, I think it’s because you like art that you want to imitate and I don’t want to make realism. But there is something so insanely powerful in your work- every single one of your paintings- that I so desperately try to recreate when I draw anything. And it’s the passion behind it. I don’t know how you do it, and I’m sure it’s unintentional, but i love your work beyond words because of the power it carries.

Second, you inspire me with your words. Whenever you respond to hate (and I hate that you have to in the first place) you are always wise and profound. On uncountable occasion I’ve quoted you to my friends family and classmates, and a lot of your words have anchored in my heart somewhere close to a belief system. The thing you said about talent not existing and it is only a word people use to excuse themselves for not working towards something- you put to words something I never could. “You don’t ask a marathon runner why he wouldn’t use a car to get to the finish line” or something like that is INSANELY profound. I could go on and on.

And lastly you inspire me by your example. You endure so much. So much more than you deserve. And you’re still posting art regularly. That kind of strength is unimaginable to me, and you inspire me to continue drawing no matter what anyone might say about it.

And the thing is, people often look at work that’s perfect like yours and get insanely confused. They’re confused how someone as incredible as you can exist. I for one am completely and utterly thankful for your existence and for your posting of art. You don’t owe us that, especially not after how some people treat you, and yet here you are.

This post has gotten rambly and long, and there’s a chance you won’t even see it, but after seeing so much hate for you and feeling like there isn’t much I can say to make you understand how much you mean- not only to me but to others as well- I needed to do something to try to communicate all of this.

I hope you never stop inspiring us and blessing us with your artwork. You are more than we deserve.

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What do you do when Ech0gaming starts liking your art and your afraid she might steal it?

Block her?? lmao I blocked her cause I didn’t want her to steal my art anymore. Maybe on the next art piece you make put down “don’t steal my art without permission/credit from me”  Or you can post your art in other places like Deviantart. Put your name on your art, that’s a habit you should get as an artist. For me I usually ignore art thieves now, but that’s easy for me to say seeing how I have a lot more followers and more people know what’s my art. So just  pay more attention to yourself then what others are doing. You’ll be too hard on yourself if you pay attention to others too much.

But don’t stop doing art please, I seen so many artists stop drawing cause of people stealing their art. But don’t let other people make you stop, if they are trying to steal your art you gotta be doing something right. Keep your head high and be strong. Cause you can be happy knowing you don’t have to steal art to be an artist. So don’t worry every good artist had to go through people trying to take their art so your not alone. I hope this was helpful and I hope for the best for you dude!

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that fanart of graves from the back with his wand raised reminds me so much of an orchestra conductor so imagine an au where graves is the orchestra conductor who expects his orchestra to be the very /best/ and credence lurks in the shadows in the house seats during rehearsals wanting so badly to play an instrument so he could be a part of this beautiful music that he hears and he closes his eyes and falls asleep listening to graves shape the sound and wakes up to see graves's coat on top of him

Ahhhh! I love that art! And you’re definitely on to something since I’m pretty sure it’s canon that they used a conductor’s baton as inspiration for his wand. Considering this, I’m shocked that there hasn’t been any exploration of this AU yet!!! 

It’s a easy transition too for gradence. Instead of magic, we get music… Something that a no fun allowed abusive stepmom would most likely forbid. Music leads to dancing which leads to sex which leads to the devil after all. Probably Credence was handing out fliers outside a performance hall during the day during practice, and he sneaks in, too curious since it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard. He’s not supposed to be there, and Graves does notice him, but doesn’t say anything. He just lets this boy he’s seen standing outside listen in on their practices. What can it hurt after all? 

Eventually Credence falls into the most relaxing sleep he’s had in his life. The theatre chairs are more comfortable than his bed at the church anyways. Percy can’t just lock up with him in there, so he waits for him to wake up, possibly even falls asleep in a chair next to him. They do both waken eventually, and Credence is shocked to find not only a coat on top of him, but a sleeping very attractive man next to him. Credence’s shock in turn wakes up Percy… and that is how they meet. 

Credence immediately apologizes to which Percy will have none of. He tells Credence he’s welcome back any time. So Credence becomes a regular face at practices. Percy shuts down anyone who dare complains that Credence is there. He starts taking Credence for lunch on their rehersal breaks and slowly gets to know him… and of course they slowly fall in love with one another. 

((please if anyone else wants to add to this, go right ahead! I need to stop rambling or I’ll be here all night!))


you can see how i got progressively lazier with these

if these weren’t due tomorrow i would’ve definitely done more with them (especially the froot one, i love that album so fucking much and i wish i had more time lol). i was about to cut my own hair to get the hair in the electra heart one but luckily i found a decent pic of hair on the internet that i stole.

it was so easy for me to find a lettering style for the family jewels but electra heart was so hard… that font is so iconic but i wanted to do my own… and the froot one i didnt even try lmao.

i also bought a shit ton of gum to make the background for electra heart. i was gonna originally use the gum wrappers but i realize gum comes in more fun colors. 

i just came up with an idea of how to fix the froot one but im too tired to do it right now lol. maybe another time when i dont have a million different things to do.

morcey  asked:

I almost get teary whenever I see your Spiritassassin art; they're both so sweet and in-character, and your colour choices and grasp of anatomy are amazing! And I love that you always include Baze's large ears, cos others sometimes try to minimize them, but they're the best! And then I followed and realized that I love basically everything you post, so that's awesome too. Always excited just to see your icon on my dash :D

awww ;;;A;;; OMG this is so nice thank you ,,!!!! i love baze’s….. large ears. jiang wen is SO HANDSOME I DIE.. and his ears are.. guh i love em. hghhehe im really happy u like my blog thank u ..!! 

i love praise and id love to have more recognition for my work as much as the next person but god fuck you for acting holier-than-thou and ignoring people who are fans of your work?

this is not inspired by any recent interaction, just a convo with @enigma-boi on artists acting like absolute fuckers in the fandom/art community

it doesnt make you cool it makes you a fucking jackass, it makes people resent you and think of you as a fucking jerk, someone nobody wants anything to do with.

like good for you, you can make pretty lines on a canvas, bitch me too the fuck? do you see me having an inflated ego.. nah

honestly, hearing that people are intimidated by me because my art is “good” is so disheartening because i know its because of the aforementioned people that perpetuate the stereotype that if you have “good art’ you must be a fucking cuck and treat your followers like garbage.

i go through every single reblog i get and because tumblr is the dumbest website ever as a platform for uploading art but its all we got now… i check tags, i see what people say, i want to thank them all individually, i want to thank them all for taking the time to even just say “nice” or “this is good” it means o much to me, it truly does.

you know, no matter the “skill level” when we draw we put thought and we try very hard to produce something good, something to be proud of, even if its a goofy doodle, art is something that is probably the most intimate thing because it comes from you, your mind, your hand, even if its fanart (also fuck “fanarts not real art, all art is fanart, tell that to divinci that his shits not real art for drawing bibilical characters lmao bye) 

just… STOP the fucking piss attitudes.. i want everyone who follows me to know you never have to be afraid to shoot me a message, im not mean and nasty, i appreciate when people take a second out of their day to let me know they give a shit about what i do.

Hussie’s art style is so weirdly unique to where I haven’t seen one person draw it quite the way he does and it’s weird because it’s so simple
And the other weird thing about that is that when you start/ plan to read homestuck the art style is one of the biggest turn-offs of the comic but as you get to the end you start to just like adore it and I want to see it all the time

Yo!! So I finally decided to do something for reaching 6k followers, (thank you all for following. I’m honored.) and I decided that I would do an art raffle with three winners.

1. To enter on this, you gotta reblog and like this post at the same time so that it is easier for me to find your entries.
2. This will end on December 14th, the day the new episode comes out so you can request something from it if you want too. I will announce the winners whenever I can.

One simple rule… NO REQUESTING NSFW. I will not draw anything that is nsfw. So to the winners, please do not plan on requesting any “stripper au” stuff or anything that involves a lack of clothing on any character. I am a minor and would really prefer not to draw anything of that sort. Thank you for understanding and now here is the list of prizes.

1st place gets something fully colored with full bodies and a background. Along with the choice of who and what is happening is yours. This will be limited to three people only.

2nd place gets something fully colored as well, except they get a simple flat colored background and is limited to two people only. The choice of who you want drawn is yours.

3rd place only gets one flat colored character with no background. Again, the choice of character is yours. Although to make 3rd place seem a little more better, you get an option to receive an icon (to use anywhere) of your favorite yoi character.

So yeah! Like and reblog this thing if you want some free art!


We are NO LONGER days away from the Netflix premiere of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! So to celebrate, let’s get in the spirit and spread some Miraculous love on Tumblr!

We want to see your best Miraculous-themed Valentines! We’re turning to the best fandom to channel your inner Cat Noir, come up with your best puns and one liners, and post your best valentines featuring your favorite characters of Miraculous. We don’t even care if you use comic sans. ;)

Don’t want to make a valentine? Don’t worry, the initiative still needs your help!

We want to see your best Miraculous Valentine’s Day fan art, cards, poems, comics too! If there’s anything else you want to share to celebrate (like recipes, clothing designs, anything!), go for it!

Our goal is to spread love and positivity the way Miraculers know best…. Use your mind, and your heart! We can’t wait to see what you make!

Don’t forget to use the tags #miraculousvalentines and #miraculous ladybug on Tumblr so everyone can share and reblog to spread the Valentine’s spirit! But also, please remember that there are younger members of the fandom who may see your work!

We’ll be reblogging things from you guys all throughout the weekend, so get ready! Spread the word, reblog this post, follow our Tumblr for updates, and stay Miraculous! 🐞✨


I have too much feels for Sanster rn, it’s becoming a problem. *wheezes* 

Really like the theory that Gaster used to be Sans’ lab assistant partner when they worked as Royal Scientists under Asgore. The two biggest friggin nerds getting together to cry over science. 

Also, Sans learning Wingdings to talk with Gaster is hella cute. *buries face in hands* <3


| “Helpless”, Maria Reynolds, “I’ll write my way out”, “Let’s get this guy in front of a crowd!”

Hamilsketches for @galactibun as a thank you for helping my art blog grow (that drawing of the modern Hamilcast you reblogged gave me such a boost! Ugh thank you so much!)

See, this blog wasn’t ever about popularity but suddenly people saw me out there. MY Redbubble sales jumped a little too! It’s big help even if it would’ve been five or ten notes. But 300!!!! Damn!!!!!!!


Opened up Critical Role-based art prompts on twitter and got “Gilmore gets a pet” and “Gilmore has a baby dragon” so I combined the two! I wasn’t sure which colour I preferred so here are both! 


this auction is still going! 

remember that these are just like guidelines for what my su aquarelles look like, and you can get anything you want. (so it’s basically pay-what-you-want commissions)

and it doesn’t have to be steven universe, it can also be homestuck, gravity falls, star vs the forces of evil, uhh or basically any other fandom that i’m familiar with! i also have originals, message me if you want to see them (though i doubt you do)

(ps. reblogs help me out a lot too!)

anonymous asked:

So..... I see yoosung x MC taking bath together picture... can you do one for MCx707?

Doing some warmup sketch thingies to get out of my art slump and clearing out some inbox asks at the same time.

Sorry for taking so long orz

Most the time I don’t answer is because I can’t think of anything or what I think of is too complicated OTL

Probably not what you were expecting? But Seven and MC would totally play in the bath and style their hair with bubbles lol

I shoulda added some floating kitty bath toys or something lol

So long as you fight the darkness, you stand in the light. - A Torch Against the Night

Finally finished! Laia, from An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. 

It only took me months to finally get a painting done! Send me requests of what you would like to see next. I’m also finishing a Credence Barebone painting tonight. Hopefully, Ill get that posted too :) Also! Info on commissions to come out soon. So, if anyone would like a commission, shoot me a message and let me know!

“Why don’t you go home for the Day of the Dead?” 

“There’s nobody there I wanna see.” 


This has been sitting in my files for way too long. So here it is, as “done” as I can get myself to make it. 

I like imagining that Manny plays a lot of solitaire and does a lot of thinking. I wonder who the people are he left behind in the land of the living, or if he left anyone behind at all. 


It’s that time of the year again where I make one of these things that shows my art since the very beginning.

6 years now of me drawing, wow, it feels so long but so short too. I wonder where I’ll be 6 years in the future, hopefully somewhere awesome! I just finished another semester of college, and I learned so much about myself in these short months. I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere, building something rather than just making pictures.

I’m quite excited to see where my new ideas take me, I’ve never felt so proud of myself before. So many things happened this year, I’m super grateful towards everyone who supported me, and helped me get to where I am. Nearly 28,000 followers, that’s amazing!!

Thank you for an awesome year, let’s make 2017 even better!!!