so you dont have to separate them

Modern Dregs AU #7

The Dregs as roommates

  • let’s say that the Dregs have graduated high school and as they move on to college, agree to rent apartments together in the same complex
  • Kaz and Inej live together
  • and while they get along for the most part they have their tense moments
  • Kaz stays up CRAZY LATE at night
  • he might be hacking a gaming server
  • he might be looking at pictures of puppies
  • you never know
  • but occasionally Inej gets up at 4 AM just to see his bedroom lights still on
  • “do you ever sleep?” “sleep is for the wEAK”
  • and yet she usually catches him passed out on the couch at noon
  • luckily she tries her best to stay quiet when he’s snoozing
  • ESPECIALLY when it comes to the microwave when she makes her morning tea
  • when it hits one second, she turns it off
  • to this day, she’s never woken him up on accident
  • sometimes, when Inej plays a video game (c’mon, she’s def a gamer, and a good one), Kaz will sit down to watch her and he’s always so impressed and in love with her
  • she’s also the only one of the group who has seen him with his glasses on
  • he’s never gone outside with them, even if he doesn’t have contacts in
  • he’d rather be blind than have Jesper try them on all day
  • or take them away and go
  • “how many fingers am I holding up?” “i dont know, but i’ll break them all if you don’t give me back my fucking glasses”
  • Jesper and Wylan also share an apartment and have separate rooms
  • but when it comes to go to sleep, they usually sleep in the same bed
  • Wylan likes being the Big Spoon™
  • and Jesper talks in his sleep
  • Wylan has woken up to some weeeird shit in the past
  • “aaron burr, you podge” “wtf jes”
  • sometimes it makes Wylan blush
  • “why, hellooo gorgeous” “why cant you say things like that when you’re AWAKE
  • jk, Jesper always says nice things to Wylan
  • sometimes when Wylan’s vacuuming or doing dishes
  • Jesper will swoop in and hug him from behind, nuzzle him and shit
  • “adorable as always, Van Sunshine”
  • ofc he helps him with the chores too
  • they also make like three pots of coffee a day (mostly for the smell, it brightens up the place)
  • Nina, Matthias, and Kuwei share a third apartment with two rooms
  • Nina and Matt share one room, Kuwei gets the other
  • and thin walls do not always make it a great living situation for Kuwei
  • just give the kid earmuffs
  • and no, not for the reason you’re thinking
  • Nina snores like NO TOMORROW
  • Matt can’t even rival her
  • not that he minds, usually he’s just impressed
  • though Matt sometimes hogs the blankets
  • once Nina tried to rip them away from him
  • and he was so wrapped up in them that instead of freeing the blankets off of him
  • it just sent him rolling off the side of the bed onto the floor
  • *thud*OH MY GOD, MATTY, ARE YOU OK” *wheezing noises*
  • Matthias is the kinda guy that lives by “early bird gets the worm”
  • Nina and Kuwei, well, not so much
  • luckily for Matt, he doesn’t have to be super quiet since both of them are very deep sleepers
  • Kuwei probably wouldn’t wake up if the fire alarm started screeching
  • *beep, beep* “shut the hell up”
  • Kuwei also hogs the shower in the morning and uses up the hot water, so Nina gets to freeze in the morning (Matthias takes his shower before the others because his crazy ass gets up at 5 AM)
  • other living arrangements have been made in the past
  • Nina and Inej used to live together
  • the only issue they faced was cooking
  • Inej is good at some things (like pasta and veggies) but beyond that, she’s hopeless
  • Nina straight up would set the kitchen on fire
  • during this time, Kaz and Jesper were roommates for like a month
  • they also had thin walls, so Jesper talking in his sleep always sent Kaz into fits of laughter, thus waking up Jesper
  • “dude, i was asleep” “and trying to seduce wylan, too, or so it sounded like”
  • Jesper would pull pranks on Kaz to get back at him
  • the favorite of the group was post-it notes on EVERY SURFACE IN KAZ’S ROOM
  • just walked in and BOOM
  • needless to say, Kaz nearly throttled him
  • they will never live together again

“In the moment of our separation, upon the road as I travelled, and every hour since, I have felt all that love, respect and attachment for you with which length of years, close connexion and your merits have inspired me. I often asked myself, as our carriages separated, whether that was the last sight I should have of you? And though I wished to say no, my fears answered yes.” 

 George Washington, The Life of Gilbert Motier de Lafayette

“dont separate me from myself” what an exciting new bullshit to find on ppls kin pages?

like ok i have to be brutally honest. if it hurts you That Much to have someone refer to your kintype as ‘he/she/them’ rather than 'you’, its getting into extremely unhealthy territories and you should probably distance yourself just a bit or learn not to take it so personally for like… your own good

((hello everyone i just want to keep you in the loop with this blog at the moment so here are some facts!!!

- im currently working on a HUGE COMIC that is 130 panels. ive decided to post them in sections and although it is all part of the scene i call The Confrontation, they will be posted separately so u guys dont have to wait eighty years for an update ahaha that being said there will still be stretches of time between posts soooo

-i have a few guest-artists lined up! ill hopefully be posting them between comic posts and they will be lighthearted non serious asks to give us a break from whats going on for the boys right now. its mostly also to give my hand time to rest between these HUGE posts.

-MY ASKBOX WILL NOW BE CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. the scene im currently posting will not be needing asks so i cant give yall an estimate on when it will be open again! that said if u have any questions or comments u can always dm this blog! i try to reply to any and all dms so dont be shy!!

i think thats about it but if i missed something ill come back and add it! i hope you guys like this big mess of a comic im working on now and that u keep enjoying my content !!!))

confession time: I slap pastel on everything. even the things that arent supposed to be in pastel

(thank you @novembon for the request and the kind words!!! I’m glad you enjoy what Ive got on my blog. hope this reigen trying to be cool suits your taste.)

this request post predicts the pastel apocalypse. find out how the world will end right here


And from all the smiles I’ve seen yours are the ones I crave for the most

“Our lives pass by so quickly that we don’t realize that there are so many precious moments to catch in [life]. In our daily life let’s record each and every moment and turn them into our memories. Let’s talk together, laugh together, sing together. That moment we share together unknowingly has already become special in our hearts. One month, you and I, the time we spent together, when we remember about this, it will be an amazing memory to us. That memory to you, I hope it will become your special daily life” - Taeyeon to her fans


Happy Platinum Rant

Okay in rewatching Okja i couldnt help but notice something about the way Silver and Blonde were shown

They never sit next to each other. They are constantly positioned one in front of the other, practically (and sometimes literally) in each others laps. They dont hold hands, instead they hold shoulders, biceps, FACES, places that are much more visible in the background of a scene, or they just straight up wrap their arms around each other, and take their time separating. Everything about their movements and the way they interact was designed to be as obvious as possible without stopping the plot to announce their relationship status.
Normally i hate when movies “imply” lgbt characters without on screen confirmation. (ive said “let them be gay you cowards!” So many times) but this. This is how you handle it wordlessly.

You dont have to announce them as a couple if you actually show them being a couple.

these babies are THE best earplugs known to planet earth I swear. and SO much easier to find (separated ones always disappear in my bed when I use them to sleep) but honestly you can’t hear shit w these. sometimes to get them all the way in I have to get them wet, I personally dab them with a wipe so I don’t get water in my ears. but really, if anyone is looking for quality earplugs, go for these.


Vixx Collection

So Vixx is one of my favorite kpop groups so obviously I had to make a set for them. I think these sets came out great and I really like the color range for them. There are 5 sets and they come in separate files or in a merged file if you like. I hope you enjoy. These wallpaper/paints are base game recolors so you dont have to have any other game packs or anything for them. Enjoy!!!


6 reasons why liking RickMorty doesn’t make you a pedophile.

Hello everyone! Today I am here to educate you on why Rick x Morty is not pedophiliac like Real life Pedophilia, and how people who like it arent nasty or pedophiles. So lets hop on the Magic School Bus and let me teach you what should already be obvious, LETSAGO!

Originally posted by peteneems

((Below I am referring to most art or fanfics pertaining to the ship))

1. Rick isn’t a pedophile.
Despite common belief a pedophile is not just someone who is in love with a much younger person. To be a pedophile, you must want to or actually groom a child to take advantage of them sexually. You must also be attracted to Minors specifically. Pedophiles prey specifically on young people to take advantage of them and pressure them to do things.

2. Rick actually gives a fuck about Morty.
In most Rickmorty media and the show itself, Rick actually loves and cares for his grandson. He wants Morty to be happy and loved. Thats different from a pedophile, who doesnt give a shit about their victim. Rick does not pressure Morty into giving him sex, most of the time in RickMorty its mutual or Morty who wants it. Yes I know in the show Morty isn’t age of consent, but he is fictional and he fact his brain isn’t fully developed is irrelevant. Even so, in many cases Morty is depicted as 18+. Morty does not really act or look like a child half the time, so thats barely anything for a person who strictly likes minors to jerk off too.

3. Age Gap doesn’t mean pedophiliac
It may be strange, but a relationship of two people who are both 18+ but with a large age gap is not pedophiliac. Pedophiles take advantage of young kids, people around 18 don’t interest them. Yes it is true that a lot of times older men target younger women because they dont know better HOWEVER this is not always the case.

4. The idea RickMorty Normalizing on the internet is fucking stupid.
Yes if a child is abused it can feel normal to them, but that doesnt mean the internet needs to constantly censor itself for kids who shouldn’t be on it. The internet and Tumblr is full of damaging things such as: MAPS, Porn, Fictionkin, etc. (cant wait till someone freaks the fuck out I said Fictionkin can normalize delusion) why is a kid watching a extremely inappropriate adult show anyway? Aren’t those shows that show such graphic imagery going to normalize things for kids too? The internet is not a place for kids anymore.

5. A lot of people can separate reality from fiction, meaning they dont see it as it would be in real life. Not everyone can do this, which is one of the reasons why have so many ANTIs.

Kids dont go and have sex with your grandpa or older man. A guy who cares about you will not ask you for sexual favors or pressure you.

In conclusion:

Its ok if you find this ship weird or gross, however, just because someone likes it doesnt make them a pedophile.

(Prepares thy body for angry pitchforks)


A pedophile is someone who is attracted to children. CHILDREN. NOT ONE SPECIFIC MINOR. And he doesnt like the minor because he is a minor, he genuinely loves and cares for him, which is way different than being attracted to someone because they are young and weak.

I am not saying if RickMorty was real life it wouldn’t be bad, I am saying its fictional, and heres why its not actually pedophiliac as in people who like it are pedophiles. People call people who like this ship pedophiles, and thats the dumbest shit, this is what this post is about.

Response to StopJackingOff:

What stops me from being a pedophile? Umm the fact I am not attracted to children. This post is why calling RickMorty fans pedophiles is silly, not what are the only reasons I am not a pedophile :| Not everyone, including my self even ships Rick and Morty sexually. Your issue is with NSFW artists, not just shippers.

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do not feed them vegetables. you can feed them bits of cookies. 

 do not let them out of their bottle for two weeks, or they will run away instantly.

 once separated from their parents, this bitty will start to wilt. when that happens, you must make sure to keep a sprig of flowers in the bottle. if not, this bitty will die.

 do try to befriend them, so the bitty will trust you. Athough if you let the bitty out and they escape, you will not remember them. 

 if the bitty seems lethargic, and a bit forgetful of things, shake the bottle lightly to keep the bitty awake, or it will forget itself as well. 

 Side effects of having this bitty is remembering things a bit better. 

Dont forget to feed and show them love constantly, or they will be lonely.

When this bitty trusts you enough, you can open the bottle and statice will not leave.

this bitty is a bit goopy, but try not to berate it for making a mess sometimes, or it will just become goopier.

this bitty loves bees

occasionally, bees.


outdoors or setting this bitty near a sunlit window is highly recommended

this bitty is a small, remember to handle with care and caution!


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idk over the years ive seen a lot of people say “wheeeeh u cant reward komova for her straight legs and arched toe point bc some people just arent capable of that and its unfaiiiiir *6 second long fart noise*” but seriously when i see videos of her doing just a simple stag leap it makes my heart skip a beat, there just arent many gymnasts like that anymore and that deserves to be rewarded. when you have olympic medalists who literally cant hit a fucking full split on beam, and then you have VIKA, and you’re trying to tell me that only a tenth or two in deductions should separate them???? that’s fucking insane.  and as far as the “faaaaaaiiiirness” goes, you could argue just as easily that its not faaaaaair that tumbling on floor is so highly rewarded because some people just dont have the power in their legs to pull of huge tumbling runs like simone and aly and jordyn and a million other “power gymnasts.” but that’s equally fucking stupid because this is a judged sport and unless u wanna give everyone participation medals and tell them that the most important thing is their pathetic little feeeeeelings, there needs to be a way to assign points, NUMERICAL VALUES, to performances to rank them. so im sorry for not wanting to sit on my hands and refuse to reward excellence in the sport because your fave’s feelings will be hurt if they’re told that they need to have a slight oversplit to be an elite fucking olympic level gymnast!!!!! cry me a river

anonymous asked:

"there's no rebranding" do you think people would really do that? just tell lies on the internet?

it’s funny because although there hasn’t been an official “rebranding” it’s so obvious to anyone watching that dan and phil have definitely changed their images together. on their main channels they might seem the same but on the gaming channel their dynamic has blossomed (how is that even possible i dont even know). dan might claim rebranding is a joke (and of course it is it is really funny i will make rebranding jokes until i die) but they have been rebranding in small but effective ways. it’s more risqué jokes and side glances and making it evident to anyone on the outside that their lives are so incredibly intertwined you cant separate them. 

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I bet Infinity War is gonna be a Science RomCom w T'challa being Tony's new flame and Bruce running to the altar to stop their wedding

Thats what the war is about? LMAO Tonys hand in marriage.

Priest: If there are any objections speak now or forever hold your peace
Everyone: ??!?!
Thor: //over the phone/// My apologies second Man of Iron. I could not distract him any longer!

Bruce: I OBJECT!

Tony: BRUCE?!
TChalla: So be it.

Tony: My wedding…. God is this how Pepper felt all the time?! //sobbing
Rhodey: Dont you even think of coming to the after party Thor! YOU HAD ONE JOB.
Thor: HAVE MERCY MAN OF IRON!! I TRIED!!!! //sobbing
Vision: ….Shall I separate them Mr. Stark?
//dutiful sons

[Background]: //Hulk smashing noises and stock sound effects of a panther roar.

i remember this person making a general post about how its sad that idols cant come out and be loved for who they are and how fans think that being gay is disgusting and there’s no such thing as a gay idol

and people agreed, it was a very popular post…but as soon as someone found out that it was about kaisoo and kxk they immediately turned against it saying things like “this post was well intended but the execution is harmful” which actually proved the point of the op that they are all for gay people but as soon as there may exist a real relationship they dont want to believe it 

also is it so hard to separate people who actually believe someone are dating and actually support them from the “fetishizers” and “the ones who only see gay men as nothing more than sex objects to write about in their fanfics”

we wouldn’t be having this discussion if the thought of two people in a group dating wasn’t so far fetched that you have to be against it and defend it so much.let people think whatever they want why u have to fight it so much? why do a few people on the internet thinking kaisoo might be dating bother you so much?

 Here Lies Hawke The Abyss

A quick snippet based off of this old prompt.

        “No.” The word was spoken with such force and venom that it is a wonder the single syllable does not leave Hawke’s lips scorched.

        “You said it yourself, the Wardens started this mess. So it’s only right that—“

        “NO!” It’s a good thing Hawke shouted the word this time, because the earsplitting shriek that erupted in the valley below would’ve drowned them out otherwise. The pools of black ichor that they had waded through in the Fade were slowly drawing together. They rose up and took form, congealing like blood trying to clot a nightmare-shaped wound. Precious seconds slipped heedlessly through grasping fingers. There wasn’t enough time to explain. Not enough time to tell Carver everything he should have been told.

        “I never could get out of your shadow anyways. The best thing I can do with my life is to save yours.” Hawke was shaking their head as he spoke, moving forward to take him by his shoulders. First father, then Bethany, and mother too soon after. Not Carver too. It stopped here. Carver must’ve seen that weight and determination in Hawke’s eyes, because something in his posture faltered. He opened his mouth to speak, but the reassurance died in his throat as another roar split through the air.

        “I know you stopped listening to me a long time ago,” Hawke said, their words were rushed but still spoken with gravity. “But just for old time’s sake, little brother—” there, Hawke’s voice cracked a fraction, “—just one last time, do as I ask.”

        “Hawke,” The Inquisitor warned, because in the brief silence the Nightmare had nearly taken full form. It towered over them, despite being rooted in the valley below.

        “I’m so proud of you,” Hawke croaked, resting their forehead briefly against Carver’s. “So proud.”

        “T-together…” Carver said, trying to protest, but Hawke shook their head again.

        “Live, Carver. But not for me, not for anyone else. Live for yourself. You’re worth it.” Hawke was pushing him away with their last words, trying to get him to move. The Inquisitor had taken hold of his arm to lead him away because all he could do was stare numbly at Hawke.

        One last roar from the Nightmare shook Carver from his stupor. He looked up at the creature that was swinging itself around to face them.

        “Sure would be nice if a dragon could swoop in and save the day, huh?” Carver rasped as he stumbled away with the Inquisitor. Hawke recognized the assent that the joke represented, and their laugh was one of relief and false bravado.

        “You never know what might happen,” they called after Carver as he and the Inquisitor retreated toward the Rift. The young Warden looked once over his shoulder just before stepping through the astral green tear in the Fade. The last glimpse he caught of Hawke was of their smile, their face turned toward him to make sure he had escaped. Even so far away Carver could see it, knew exactly how the expression marked Hawke’s features. They had worn that smile for him whenever the Hawke’s had been forced to move to avoid Templars, and Carver found himself struggling in a new place yet again. They had worn that smile when father had died, and Carver had thought the whole world would simply stop spinning. They had worn that smile in the Deep Roads when Carver had felt the Taint slowly consuming him.

        And whether it was a trick of his mind, or of the Fade, Carver heard what Hawke always said when they wore that smile. Everything’s going to be alright. You’re going to be fine. They had always been right before. But when Carver came tumbling back in to the real world with tears in his eyes and the blood of his last sibling on his hands… he wasn’t sure it would be true this time.

shinsen-haruki  asked:

Hello! This is my first time so--hope you can do this request~ I would like separate scenarios for Midoriya, Todoroki, kaminari, and Kirishima. it's lunch time, but their s/o or crush is out of money and is so gloomy; about to cry that they don't get to have food. But then they (baes) dont want their s/o or crush to starve so they offer up some of their lunch or to buy for them too. They're so touched that they go up to them and hug them and say 'I love you. Thank you so much' or something ^^

i love you!!

midoriya izuku

Originally posted by dazaiosamu-s

“Dammit!” They shouted, leaning on Izuku. He looked at them with a confused look before popping some of his food into his mouth.

“Why are you shouting?” He asked, setting his chopsticks down on top of his bento box. He saw his crush look at him with sad eyes.

“I left my wallet over at the dorms and now I can’t go and buy something to eat.” They whined, setting their head down on the table. Izuku looked at them before handing them his bento box.

“Please have the rest, I had a big breakfast so i’m not that hungry.” He proposed, rubbing their back and almost coaxing them into taking the food. When he saw them begin to raise their head and see the half eaten bento box, they reach around and pull Izuku their chest with a hug.

“I love you so much, thank you for this!” They said before picking up his chopsticks. He really liked them, he was hopeless.

todoroki shouto

Originally posted by genosus

They grabbed the two toned boy with an almost pleading look in their eyes. “Do you have 20 yen?!” He stopped sipping his smoothie before shaking his head.

“I only carry what I need for lunch, why?” He asked. They sighed before pulling away from him.

“I’m down 20 yen so I can’t get lunch.” They sighed before plopping down at the table. He sat down next to them, setting his smoothie and bento box down.

“Just share with me.” He said matter-of-factly. They looked at him before grinning widely, tears prickling their eyes. 

“Thank you!” They hugged him tightly and he had a small content smile on his face.

kaminari denki

He held the hand of his s/o, walking to a table to sit before he heard them sigh. His s/o sat down quickly before pouting and resting their head in their hands. “Heyyy, why so down?” He asked, sitting down next to them.

“I forgot my bag and now I have no lunch.” They sighed and looked at him with sad eyes. He pouted before nodding to his food.

“I’m not that hungry! Why don’t you have some?” He said with a small smile. 

“Are you sure Kaminari? I don’t want to just-”

“Shush and eat!” He said. He felt his face get grabbed and before he could even get a word out, they kissed him.

kirishima eijirou

They were leaving the line and while talking he heard a low rumbling noise next to him. He looked at his s/o with a small smirk.

“Someone’s hungry.” They looked at him with a frown before crossing their arms.

“My brother is holding my wallet hostage so I can’t go and buy food!”

“Oh come on! I bought this for us to share!” Kirishima said with a grin, slinging his arm across their shoulders. They looked at him with a small frown.

“Kiri, come on are you sure because-”

“You always worry about nothing! Now come on and dig in!” He said while pressing a kiss onto their forehead. They sighed before breaking their chopsticks in two.

“You better eat with me.” They said slowly. The redhead nodded before feeling a quick peck to his lips.

More of a fuck management but I work at Elderly Blue and we recently had a new store open up and they sent a few people over to help them opening weekend. Its in an outlet mall and employees need to be bussed over from their separate parking. I arrive 20 mins early, but after the bus im only there 3 mins before my shift. Everyone else is inside. I cannot call them because they dont have their number posted, someone finally sees me standing outside and tells me they cant let me in because there is an alarm set. At my store managers normally turn off the alarm, let you in, the re-arm it nbd. So im stuck, a security guard NOT AFFILIATED with the store tells me about a back door. It has a doorbell and i am let in, 15 minutes later, as the GM is also arriving. She introduces me to the person who saw me outside and told me they couldn’t let me in is HER boss. That woman KNEW how to disarm the alarm, or if she didnt she knew all the managers at that store and could have asked one of them to OR!! SHE COULD HAVE TOLD ME ABOUT THE BACK DOOR. I was so pissed this woman let me be late, even when i arrived on time. Ive never been late to work im my life. 😒