so you dont have to separate them


“In the moment of our separation, upon the road as I travelled, and every hour since, I have felt all that love, respect and attachment for you with which length of years, close connexion and your merits have inspired me. I often asked myself, as our carriages separated, whether that was the last sight I should have of you? And though I wished to say no, my fears answered yes.” 

 George Washington, The Life of Gilbert Motier de Lafayette

This is the seventh installment in a series of book recommendations, all of which will introduce you to kickass women from mythologies around the world, all of them written by women. All books listed had to pass the following criteria: 

  • Be written by a woman
  • Be fictional
  • Have a woman as (one of) the protagonist(s)
  • Feature Russian or Slavic mythology

This recommendation list comes on the heels of the Asian mythology rec list, because I really wanted to include Russia (which falls under both Asian and Slavic mythology), but I wanted to keep the country as a whole in one post. @kostromas (x) and @lamus-dworski (x) (x) were kind enough to take some time answering my questions.

While I mainly looked for books ft. Russian and Slavic mythologies (I used this Wiki file as a measure to determine the Slavic region), I also include a few books with other origins, such as Norway and various Eastern European countries, because I think - out of all the recommendation posts I have done and plan to do - this is the one they would fit best in. 

Please note as well that there is a lot of overlap among most of these cultures, with different versions of a character appearing in many, so some of the below classifications may be rather arbitrary (I usually go with what’s 1) listed in the summary, then see if 2) the writer specifies a culture, or if 3) readers had helpful input).

UPDATE: It’s been brought to my attention that this post could do with some clarification and additions. To start with, I’d like to address the small number of books listed under Slavic. I don’t mean to say that only the countries listed are Slavic countries. The list is as limited as it is because I found it difficult to locate books that met all the above listed criteria, and an unconscious fifth - that they be written in English. If you take out any one of those criteria, a larger pool of books would open itself up, and I encourage you to consider that as an option.

While I understand that limiting these lists to books written in or translated into English is not ideal, I also don’t think I am the right person to judge which books written in Slavic languages should be included, as I am not Slavic and don’t speak or read Slavic languages. Readers should be aware though, that reading a book featuring Slavic mythologies or cultures, which are not written by someone who identifies as Slavic, may promote a stereotypical or otherwise harmful depiction of those cultures. 

Moreover, those authors who do hail from the relevant region are more likely to be published if they don’t push the envelope too much to be acceptable for a generic Western audience. Therefore, additional reading of books on and / or featuring Slavic mythologies or cultures can aid in understanding the context of these tales. I have listed a couple of books in the honourable mentions with that in mind, and I have decided to add an asterisk (*) to all works written by an author who is confirmed as hailing from the region their work is set in. Typically, I’ve listed one or two books per author, but do check for their other writing.

Finally, I should add that I might have made a mistake in including Russia in this list. This was done because I wanted to keep the country in one post, rather than splitting it between the Asian list and this one. The Asian one was sufficiently long I didn’t want to add it there, but I might have been better off creating a completely separate list for it rather than including it here.

With the above reasons in mind, I have decided to move the Slavic section up, I have added a number of entries throughout, and expanded the resources list at the bottom.



Other regions (not Slavic or Russian)

Undefined / speculative

Historical fiction

Comics & graphic novels

Some collected tales


Honourable mentions

Other lists you can consult

If you have any suggestions for other Slavic and / or Russian women who deserve more attention (and a corresponding book), or which mythology should definitely be in this series, drop me a line!

Other kickass women in mythology: women in Greek mythology | women in Egyptian mythology & historywomen in Mesoamerican mythologies | women in Celtic mythologies | women in Native American mythologies | women in Asian mythologies | women in pirate lore & history

is shipping two friends THAT BAD?! it’s not like i dont know their “relationship” definetly just a pigment of my imagination and they’re just friends. is it that bad to read fanfiction? is it that bad being happy seeing them together? is it that bad shipping then knowing it’s not actually real? why is everyone getting so offended when they see a otp these days? i am aware it’s just friendship. stop being so rude and leave us, the shippers, alone.

i remember this person making a general post about how its sad that idols cant come out and be loved for who they are and how fans think that being gay is disgusting and there’s no such thing as a gay idol

and people agreed, it was a very popular post…but as soon as someone found out that it was about kaisoo and kxk they immediately turned against it saying things like “this post was well intended but the execution is harmful” which actually proved the point of the op that they are all for gay people but as soon as there may exist a real relationship they dont want to believe it 

also is it so hard to separate people who actually believe someone are dating and actually support them from the “fetishizers” and “the ones who only see gay men as nothing more than sex objects to write about in their fanfics”

we wouldn’t be having this discussion if the thought of two people in a group dating wasn’t so far fetched that you have to be against it and defend it so much.let people think whatever they want why u have to fight it so much? why do a few people on the internet thinking kaisoo might be dating bother you so much?

 Here Lies Hawke The Abyss

A quick snippet based off of this old prompt.

        “No.” The word was spoken with such force and venom that it is a wonder the single syllable does not leave Hawke’s lips scorched.

        “You said it yourself, the Wardens started this mess. So it’s only right that—“

        “NO!” It’s a good thing Hawke shouted the word this time, because the earsplitting shriek that erupted in the valley below would’ve drowned them out otherwise. The pools of black ichor that they had waded through in the Fade were slowly drawing together. They rose up and took form, congealing like blood trying to clot a nightmare-shaped wound. Precious seconds slipped heedlessly through grasping fingers. There wasn’t enough time to explain. Not enough time to tell Carver everything he should have been told.

        “I never could get out of your shadow anyways. The best thing I can do with my life is to save yours.” Hawke was shaking their head as he spoke, moving forward to take him by his shoulders. First father, then Bethany, and mother too soon after. Not Carver too. It stopped here. Carver must’ve seen that weight and determination in Hawke’s eyes, because something in his posture faltered. He opened his mouth to speak, but the reassurance died in his throat as another roar split through the air.

        “I know you stopped listening to me a long time ago,” Hawke said, their words were rushed but still spoken with gravity. “But just for old time’s sake, little brother—” there, Hawke’s voice cracked a fraction, “—just one last time, do as I ask.”

        “Hawke,” The Inquisitor warned, because in the brief silence the Nightmare had nearly taken full form. It towered over them, despite being rooted in the valley below.

        “I’m so proud of you,” Hawke croaked, resting their forehead briefly against Carver’s. “So proud.”

        “T-together…” Carver said, trying to protest, but Hawke shook their head again.

        “Live, Carver. But not for me, not for anyone else. Live for yourself. You’re worth it.” Hawke was pushing him away with their last words, trying to get him to move. The Inquisitor had taken hold of his arm to lead him away because all he could do was stare numbly at Hawke.

        One last roar from the Nightmare shook Carver from his stupor. He looked up at the creature that was swinging itself around to face them.

        “Sure would be nice if a dragon could swoop in and save the day, huh?” Carver rasped as he stumbled away with the Inquisitor. Hawke recognized the assent that the joke represented, and their laugh was one of relief and false bravado.

        “You never know what might happen,” they called after Carver as he and the Inquisitor retreated toward the Rift. The young Warden looked once over his shoulder just before stepping through the astral green tear in the Fade. The last glimpse he caught of Hawke was of their smile, their face turned toward him to make sure he had escaped. Even so far away Carver could see it, knew exactly how the expression marked Hawke’s features. They had worn that smile for him whenever the Hawke’s had been forced to move to avoid Templars, and Carver found himself struggling in a new place yet again. They had worn that smile when father had died, and Carver had thought the whole world would simply stop spinning. They had worn that smile in the Deep Roads when Carver had felt the Taint slowly consuming him.

        And whether it was a trick of his mind, or of the Fade, Carver heard what Hawke always said when they wore that smile. Everything’s going to be alright. You’re going to be fine. They had always been right before. But when Carver came tumbling back in to the real world with tears in his eyes and the blood of his last sibling on his hands… he wasn’t sure it would be true this time.

Lycans’ Personal Derek/Stiles Fic Rec List Shit™

so this is a very small rec list of my own personal favorite derek/stiles fics. MY PERSONAL FAVORITES. not yours, not anyone elses. well actually some of these fics you may have has a favorite but these are mine. 

some of these are p popular and old, so you’ve probably read them before. some of these are old but not very well known or popular! some of these you may have never ever heard before in your damn life !!! hopefully you’ll find something new in here!! i’m updating this as i remember stuff and they will all be at the bottom and separated by dates added!! also!! these are in no particular order

dont get pissy with me if your fic isn’t on here or your favorites arent on here. maybe i’ve never read it. maybe i have. i dont know! if you want me to read something then please send me an ask/msg and i’ll check it out!! but if you get pissy then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  i’ll never touch it

have fun !! ♥

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If you know your friend, partner, or family member has dependency issues and they’ve made it clear to you that they have separation anxiety and would rather you tell them you don’t want to talk to them rather than ignore them, and you still ignore them, I’m sorry, but

You’re a piece of shit and they deserve so much better than you. I don’t care what the fuck your reason is. There literally can’t be a logical explanation as to why you can’t take a minute out of your day to text your loved one who’s MADE IT CLEAR THEY NEED THIS to tell them that you’re not ignoring them, you’re just not in the mood to talk.

You are a piece of shit.

anonymous asked:

bruh this: "there are PLENTY of people whose feelings towards romance and sex fall squarely under the definitions provided for these categories, but choose not to identify with the terminology" is so true. like i kinda fit with the ace definition but have never been to heavy on embracing it or even identifying as it. like it doesn't really feel like it matters i guess? i have some level of attraction to dudes and idc abt having it super specific bc levels of attraction change a lot as well. idk

you shouldn’t feel pressured to label those feelings if you dont want to. honestly sexual, romantic, platonic, aesthetic, and whatever else attractions have so much overlap and intersection that for most people its just impractical to separate them

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hey april. im afraid to ask other blogs this question but i you're usually pretty honest so do you there's a chance that louis did actually punch the girl? dont get me wrong i love him to death and i dont think he would do it but since he didnt defend himself in his statement i was wondering if it was possible. or is it just daily mail keeping it from us because it interests them more? i also find him dont remembering whether he pushed the pap or not quite weird. what are you opinions on that?

We saw the video and. I saw no punch. His statement would have been taken separately from the girl’s. When he made his statement, it is likely he had no idea she had accused him of that. A police report is just a collection of witness statements. It is not the time or place for refuting accusations.

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I saw my friends post smh you're a reposter wow we're all spreading the word

I do admit i have reposted in the beginning i wont lie and i had saved lots of caps in drafts then i started making my own ones, i had thought the cap i posted was one of mine but made a mistake as soon as i found out i deleted the cap, you can think bad of me but i have apologized to people whom i have reposted from and try to post caps i make by myself, i can prove i make a lot of them as well, there is no reason to hide ive done it because indeed i have, but people change, and ill make a separate blog and save my caps in those drafts so mistakes dont happen again.People make mistakes but they also change anon -san, once again i am sorry


im glad you asked !!! i have two hamsters currently, Aegi and Aggy.

aegi is a long haired, grey and white syrian hamster and aggy is a robo dwarf hamster. aggy really loves running and being active while aegi likes sleeping and eating. (they both live in separate cages btw so they dont fight. ive never had them in the same cage but i wanted to be cautious)

aggy was a little harder to tame since she is a robo hamster, but she is really cool and easy to take care of. 

aegi isnt really that hard to take care of since he mostly sleeps and eats i just have to make sure to keep his cage free of things that can get tangled in his fur. 

aggy’s favourite food are strawberries we dont give them to her often but she really loves them. Aegi is a simple man and loves eating sunflower seeds. 

and for the wrestling thing,,,they weren’t as interested as i thought they would be.


The 2P! Allies are finally done!

I have them posted on Redbubble in the group, separately, and just the FACE family

And also since I worked so hard, here’s the transparents if you want them. Feel free to use them, just dont remove my signature! And for a fair warning, they’re massive

also: still taking requests for who I should make next! I’ll also do specific headcanons as long as you promise to buy!

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so i know everyone is worried about one part of CS not being back while the other is. but since we know the wedding and proposal IS happening, isnt it possible that if one part of CS does renew contracts it would only be as maybe a guest star or something, just to help transition it. i mean i highly doubt they would have them married and two episodes later separate them so one could continue on for possibly one more season. sounds like a good way to jeopardize and ruin what you worked for for

(CONT) 6 years and i dont think A/E are that moronic. what do you personally think about the idea of one coming back and not the other. how could that even be done? i dont get it logistically since again we know the wedding is happening!

Well, it’s not unheard of for showrunners to give their characters a happy ending in one episode and then kill them the very next week … although I don’t think that is what will happen for OUAT. I would be shocked and very disappointed if they had Emma die and I think the chances of that happening are really slim.

But, on the off chance that next season it’s only one of them then they have to explain the disappearance of the other one somehow, right? You are correct that just because an actor isn’t a regular doesn’t mean they can’t come back to guest star …

Honestly, I just don’t know. I’m just going to enjoy these last 10 episodes as much as I possibly can and deal with any Season 7 news when it becomes official.

seventeen in melbourne hi touch fanaccount

let me tell you about seventeen

they are all smiles and joy and meeting them was so heartwarming! they must have been exhausted after performing and playing around with us for 3 hours but they still seemed so happy and excited to be there.

it went by so quick that its all still a bit of a blur and i sadly only clearly remember my interactions with like 6 of them and i dont 100% remember the order the members were in, but i know for certain joshua was first!

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model status af tho

lilskeletonprince’s 2.3k/birthday giveaway!

so my birthday is in a few days & i really want to give this tshirt to someone who has been as heavily affected by this album/band as much as i have been

basically as long as you share my love for twenty one pilots & are willing to abide by the rules, you can have this shirt (and all of my responsibilities. please take them)

- mbf me (im sorry. i know)
- reblogs & likes count as separate votes, so reblogging this isnt necessary (that means multiple reblogs count as well!)
- must be willing/able to give me your mailing address if you win (gotta get it to you somehow)
- no throwaway blogs please!!
- ends May 1st
- tysm! hope u have a gr8 day

please dont edit/remove the caption until after the giveaway ends!

shirt details under the read more

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i hope i didnt have to say this but just in case.

do n o t start bothering mcr about the website changes, and just DONT get your hopes up. every band member has separately said that the band is/was bad for them and they’re all obviously happier now than they were in MCR. and you all need to realize that this might have been a hacking. you all need to understand how bad and gross it is to say things about like that with any of the members and like, the mcr fandom is so shitty snd spreads bad info quickly. i wouldnt be getting my hopes up

some of you are acting like louis saying the band got stronger after zayn left is some kind of drag…its the truth?? the band DID get stronger and heres why:

zayn leaving was obviously a really really hard time for all 5 of them and if you read zayns interview with fader he literally says he loved the band and the boys, but for a LONG TIME he felt like he didnt belong. zayns always had a different outlook and style and taste in music and hes so unique but hes right – one direction was a cookie cutter band at one point. zayn was turned away from being creative and writing songs and experimenting and thats what hes all about. the other boys knew he wasnt happy for a long time and dont you think that would have killed them too, knowing one of their closest friends felt separated and uninterested in not only his career but a career that involved them too???

the band got stronger because they knew zayn could be happy, they could see their best friend do what he loved. the four of them banded together through a loss of a member and yes, that made them stronger. that doesnt mean they were held down by zayn, that doesnt mean they dont miss him, that doesnt mean that they wanted him to go. that means they coped with the situation together and theyve worked through a tough time.

in the end, it was a good choice and both parties can now pursue what they want. but that doesnt mean that they dont still love each other. stop jumping to conclusions and trying to pit ot4 and zayn against each other everytime they speak of each other.

allesisterleuchtet replied to your post: anonymous asked:I still dont unde…

fyi Azoff MSG is all in one so yes, also label. And I agree - manufactured via XFactor/SiCo may be a factor for many to separate them from ‘real’ bands, ‘real’ music - it’s not the pop genre per se. Going to be very difficult though.

I have a few questions then. Please bear with me.

I’m going to refer to this post, and in particular to the last comment written by lourryetc, which I found very helpful, because I understand nothing about business. (So, thank you.)

“It is in Sony’s best interest to make that selling price - those future cash flows - as small as virtually possible. If they state that 1D will continue into the future, they have to include those cash flows into their analysis and that would increase their selling price by two or three times. It’s in their best interest to tell Syco that they expect 1D to fade away. That does not mean that is theiractual business plan […] and thus they don’t have to pay as much, and they get 1D at a much lower price.”

[…] “Now, once they have 1D under their control, which this proposal states happened on APRIL 1ST, it is in Sony’s best interest to get in 1D’s graces. They want this band to continue. I can’t think of a single reason why any record label would want to let them go. If the OT4 is inclined to quit, it is in Sony’s best interest to convince them otherwise. ”

My questions, as someone who knows NOTHING about business and music industry, are:

  • Since Azoff has both a management and a label, would 1D sign with him for both things?
  • Or did Sony manage to convince 1D to sign with them?
  • So would Azoff take over as their manager only?
  • Would sign with a record label and a management separately be safer?
  • Azoff, thanks to the connection to Billboard and People, seem to be invested in the band. In which role, at least right now?
  • The changes we’ve seen, are they a result of Sony and Azoff working together?  (It makes sense, if we take into consideration that all the interviews in which Harry went rogue were part of the promo of Four).
  • Does this mean that we’re watching a double transition period — on one hand, from Syco to Sony, and on the other hand, from Modest Management to Azoff?
  • Would Azoff be invested in the band, supposing that he is, unless he knew for sure it’s going to pay off in the end?

I’m going to add — I do think they’re trying to rebrand. I think they’re trying to build up Louis, Liam, and Niall’s names, to make them known to an older demographics, while letting Harry stay off the spotlight for a while. There are changes. Some things, now, MAKE SENSE. Finally. I think we needs to sit back and observe what’s going to happen now.

i honestly cannot believe some of the posts i’ve read on this website today and how selfish they are. if harry was really the terrible person you’re all making him out to be right now he would have left the band in march with zayn, or sooner. he’s always been loyal to the band, but theyre on a BREAK and they’ve all talked about doing separate projects so you really cant even be disappointed in him. also im sick of the “hes not who i thought he was” excuse because firstly you dont know the actual intentions behind this, and more importantly you really dont know harry!!!! we all think we do, but in reality we dont know any of them personally, which is something a lot of people seem to forget and need to keep in mind. stop blaming him for not living up to your own personal standards, its gross. 

okay ive been getting a lot of questions both irl and online about this so i thought i would make a post about it so i dont have to explain twenty separate times. so presenting: a guide to getting free stuff from companies aka how to mooch off of big companies and brands

what to say

most companies will send you promotional items such as stickers, pins, samples, etc for free by simply sending an email or filling out a form. others require you to send them a self addressed stamped envelope (sase). keep in mind that a company might not respond to you but will still send you stuff.

this is the basic format i follow whenever i email a company

Subject: Sticker Request


My name is _____ and I am a huge fan of your products. I especially love your _____ and _____ because they’re _____ and _____. I am writing today to inquire about any promotional goods such as stickers, pins, a lanyard or whatever else you may have available for an avid supporter like myself. I can also post pictures to promote _____ on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Sincerely, _____

[mailing address]

remember, youre asking them to give you something for FREE so be polite and courteous bc theyre not required to send you anything

self addressed stamped envelope
a sase is the easiest way a company can send you stuff because all they have to do is open your envelope, shove a few stickers in, and send it off. however, it does require you to pay for postage.

a sase is composed of two envelopes: one envelope is addressed to the company and one is addressed to you. the envelope addressed to you is inserted into the envelope addressed to the company.

both envelopes must be stamped. the easiest thing to do is to use forever stamps which can mail a one-ounce letter regardless of when the stamps were purchased. these stamps will always be valued at the standard letter rate (currently, its $0.49)

i also like to send a handwritten letter along with my sases because i feel like its more heartfelt and genuine and the company might be touched and send you more stuff. who knows. i follow the same format as my emails when writing these letters.

last thing you need to do is send it out!

who to contact

i have complied a list of companies and brands that i have contacted for free stuff which you can find here. i will continue to update this list as i contact more people and receive responses. this page includes email addresses, customer service forms, sticker request forms, and mailing addresses, all of which are ways you can contact a company.

when choosing a company or brand to contact, you want to make sure that the company is big enough that they might have some extra merch to send to you. companies that are too small might not have the means to send you free stuff. however, on the flip side, smaller companies might also be more touched that you reached out to them and may send you mores stuff to show their gratitude. its s fine balance between too big that they dont care and ignore your request and too small that they dont have anything to spare to send you.

what you will receive

i will update this page as i receive more and more promotional items. most companies send stickers but some will send other items such as pins, samples, lanyards, or anything else they have lying around if theyre feeling generous.

i hope this was helpful! enjoy all the free stuff youre going to be sent!!