so you deserve all the most wonderful and special things in the world on your birthday

Reasons to ship Camren…

  • They have matching onesies; Lauren’s one is gray whilst Camila’s is pink.
  • They’re both Cuban.
  • They’re both from Miami, Florida.
  • Both are Latinas.
  • Lauren and Camila got the most solos in The X Factor performances.
  • They are both big fans of One Direction.
  • They both auditioned in Greensboro, North Carolina.
  • They both have a younger sister.
  • They hung out with each other on December 31st, 2012 to January 1st, 2013. They then tweeted a photo of Camila making a funny face and Lauren looking awkward.
  • Spanish was both their first language.
  • They live 15 minutes away from each other.
  • They often switch places with the other girls so they can sit next to each other.
  • They both love to do accents with each other.
  • They often think the same things at the same time.
  • They both have a weakness: Lauren for beanies and Camila for bows.
  • Lauren is the only one who calls Camila Camz.
  • Camila said if Lauren got arrested for something, she would get arrested for being so sweet.
  • They sat right next to each other at a The 1975 concert.
  • They have the same music taste.
  • Lauren said Camila is her “Pink Princess”.
  • Lauren is the “mom”…and Camila is the “father”.
  • Camila thinks Lauren is a “boss of an intelligent opinion”.
  • Camila thinks Lauren “is real”.
  • Camila would switch her mind with Lauren.
  • Lauren would switch her mind with Camila.
  • Camila wanted Lauren to kiss her under the mistletoe.
  • They wear the same “merch” clothes.
  • The way Lauren looks at Camila after she says “Fall, by Ed Sheeran”.
  • Lauren is Camila’s celebrity crush. (Oh … and Camila wants to marry with her celebrity crush ..even if her family doesn’t support the relationship.)
  • Camila would be "Baby Spice” because she is Lauren’s baby.
  • Lauren is the only person who laughs at Camila’s jokes.
  • Camila loves Lern Jerg.
  • Because Lauren helps her when her banana is dead on the floor.
  • Because Lauren helps her when her microphone breaks.
  • Because Lauren ties her shoes.
  • Camila is the sun and Lauren the moon.
  • Because Lauren doesn’t know what else to say but she thinks Camila is pretty fucking Dope!
  • Because Camila has Lauren “written on her”.
  • Because Camila read Lauren’s favorite book.
  • Because Lauren knows that Camila cried reading “Fault in Our Stars”.
  • Because one day Camila and Lauren went to the bathroom together and … that’s the end of the conversation!
  • Because Camila thinks Lauren can sing and is pretty too.
  • Because they have an audience that calls them crazy! (and they call us delusional!)
  • Because both like “so many hot boys”.
  • Because Camila said: “keep the boat floating”.
  • Because Lauren said “It’s Camren, YOOO!.
  • Because Lauren wants someone to love her insecurities…and Camila do!
  • Because Lauren has “the most beautiful emerald eyes in the world”.
  • Because Camila thinks Lauren is “perfect”.
  • Camila tried salmon because Lauren loves sushi.
  • Because Lauren thinks Camila is goofy, not the bad kind goofy, the cute kind goofy.
  • Because Camila loves people from “planet green eyes”.


  • I love you. You’re one of my best friends and I feel like I’ve know you forever. You’re one of the smartest people I know and you’re stuning. I’ve learned a lot from you, just know I’ll always be here for you no matter what!” - Camila on Lauren
  • Happy 16th Birthday little one(: thank you for always being you and being one of the raddest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You’re an incredible person and I’m extremely lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for being there to vent with and even though we haven’t known each other for even a year yet, I feel like you’re the sister God forgot to give me. I love you Camzi(: have a good one babe! 💙😘🎉🎈🎁💙#camren” - Lauren on Camila

  • Happy 17th Birthday to this little nugget right here. I thought this picture was cute so I decided it would suffice. Just wanted to let you know that you’re an amazing beautiful person and I’m glad that you’ve been alive for 17 years and that 2 of them have been spent with the girls and I because idk you’re pretty rad and an amazing friend and fun to have around. I hope you have an amazing day and feel as special today as you deserve to feel everyday. Thanks for always being there for me when I need you and for being your wonderful self(: I LOVE YOU CAMZ” - Lauren on Camila

  • AWHHHHH YAAAY I LOVE YOU UR CUTE 🐏🐟💗🎷” - Camila on Lauren

  • The word I’d use to describe Camila is hmm I’m gonna say cutesy, like also goofy. It’s like both, like the good kind of goofy not the weird kind. Like the cutesy kinda goofy” - Lauren on Camila

  • LERN JERGI. ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY. YOU ARE 18. THIS IS THE MOMENT YOUVE BEEN WAITING FOR. IF YOU STUCK YOUR TONGUE OUT IN THE AIR RIGHT NOW YOU COULD PROBABLY TASTE THE SWEET AND PUNGENT FREEDOM OF DRAGONFLY TATTOOS, NOSE PIERCINGS, AND VOTING RIGHTS. we’ve been through thick and thin in our friendship, and through those thick and thins I’ve gotten blessed enough to experience you as a person. ive gotten to experience your bomb music taste which I am SO HAPPY YOU INTRODUCED ME TO because we have the best time at concerts bonding over bands and there are so many more to come PRAISE JESUS. i can come to you about anything and expect the pure, honest, rare truth and I’ll always be there tell you it’ll be okay when you cry on my shoulder when you feel lonely or hurt. I’ve gotten to see firsthand your incredible sense of justice, when you see that something unfair or wrong has happened, you’ll raise your voice and fight for that person with a bravery that I, and many other people (although they might not admit it) wish they had. i love how passionately you fight for what you think is right and everyone should remind you today and everyday that it’s a strength and not a weakness. i can’t tell you what a comfort it is to know someone like you will stick up for me and have my back, i hope you know i will too. i love you always” - Camila on Lauren

  • Super cute candids taken by a random stranger always make good birthday post pics. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY CAMILA CABELLO. YOU’RE LEGAL NOW YAYYY!!!!!! You are such a beautiful person inside and out and I’m so thankful that I get to call you my friend. Thanks for all the laughs, for being my shoulder to cry on whenever I’ve needed a friend, for giving amazing sound advice (even though you’re just now considered an adult by the government you’ve been there mentally for a while which I greatly appreciate) I wish you many more years of amazingness and I hope you had the best day with your family. You deserve all the love and happiness the world has to offer and I wish it all upon you for many many years to come. I LOVE YOU CAMZZZZ❤️❤️❤️” - Lauren on Camila

  • HAPPY 19TH LAUREN!! i remember the day you auditioned for X factor seeing a beautiful green eyed girl belt out an Alicia keys song so perfectly i feared for my life. i remember telling my mom "that girl can sing!! and she’s gorgeous too!!” and then you walked out and i told you i loved your shirt remember? HAHAHA. it’s funny how before we even knew how important we were going to be to each other, something in us knew and something in us will always know. i love how fiercely you defend your opinion, i love your strength, your bold independence, and your desire to live life fully. i love that we crack up at each other’s jokes even when nobody else gets them- and i love those moments where we get caught up in talking about a band or a book and we get lost in the conversation like two normal girls in high school that aren’t about to go do something ridiculous like go to an awards show. i will always be there for you when you need someone to vent to, when you want to talk about the overwhelming underwhelmingness of boys that break our hearts or the overwhelming overwhelmingness of when a kiss leaves your head reeling, when i back you up and you need someone to stick up for you, or when you just need someone to understand- we’ve done that for each other in the last 3 years and we will do that for each other forevermore. i love you so much !!!! happy 19th lern jergi!!!!! camila“ - Camila on Lauren
A Roll of the Dice

Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction/oneshot

Word Count: 10,254

Rating: Teen for sin

Pairings: Marichat/Adrienette

Summary: Alya gives Marinette a pair of adult love dice for her 18th birthday. Later that night, Chat Noir suggests to Marinette that they play a game with them to see if they work.

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Belated Birthday Surprise // Tyler Joseph

-A/N: First and foremost: I’m so sorry this took FOREVER to post. I’ve been swamped with work and school and just haven’t had the time to post
(2): Happy Super Belated 28th Birthday to Tyler Joseph!!!!!😃😍❤️🎁🎉🎊🎈
(3): I was already working on two TØP imagines (one with Tyler, one with both Tyler AND Josh 😏😈) before I decided to write this in honor of his birthday.
Finally, this story is based COMPLETELY on my own imagination, and I have absolutely NOTHING against Jenna, I absolutely adore her.

-Warnings: smut, brief mentions of body image issues & self-harm

My feet dragged my body into the apartment as I managed to lug my bags in the door. Today was another long busy day with work and school, except it’s not just another busy day. Today (due to opposite schedules and nonstop work/school) is Tyler’s super belated birthday. Unfortunately my request to have it off was rejected by my job, leaving me with no choice but to go in that day. Gotta love being bound by work, right? Ever since then, I’ve been feeling horrible about not being able to spend the full day with him, and I still do. Even though he’s always been super understanding and supportive, I still want to do something special for him today. Luckily, he’s coming home from touring for a little while, so I know I have at least an hour to get everything ready. I finally go upstairs to shower and wash off my day when I look at my phone to see that he tried to return my call and voicemail.

“Hi baby, it’s me. Don’t worry about it, okay. I know you’ve been trying nonstop to get it off for me. It’s not your fault. You know I’ll always love and stand by you no matter what happens. I really appreciate what you’ve been trying to do for me. At least I finally get to spend time with my girl. I know you’re working really hard, as you always do. I’ll see you later on tonight, okay? I love you so much.”

I smile as I listen to his words spoken in the voicemail. Setting down the phone and stepping into the shower, I can’t help but wonder: how did I get so lucky with an amazing guy like him? Especially given the fact Tyler is this handsome, super talented artist who could get any girl he wanted. Yet, four years ago, he saw something in me: an ordinary girl whose life consisted mostly of work and school, whose body had too much meat and too many curves in the wrong places. A girl…who’s covered in cellulite, stretch marks, and scars from her rough battle with self-hate and constantly being broken by others. I never thought that four years later, I would finally find happiness and acceptance, thanks to this man, the love of my life, who treats me like an absolute queen and always makes me feel beautiful. My thoughts are interrupted when I hear a quick chime from my phone. I pick it up after I finish my shower and smile as I see a text message from Tyler.

“Hi baby. I hope you had a good day at work today. I’m on my way. I’ll be home in about in about 45 minutes. Love you. ❤️😘”

I smile at the message before setting the phone on silent for the night. I go into our bedroom and get ready for his birthday surprise. I put on a black and red lace bra and panty set, covering it with their Blurryface logo cardigan in honor of their recent album. I finish with a few sprays of his favorite perfume that he got me last Christmas before running downstairs to get dinner heated up and ready. I fix up our plates with baked chicken and broccoli Alfredo, along with the birthday cake I made for him. I go back up to set out the food and wine on the bedroom table and sit on the couch. Just as I turn on our favorite slow songs and set aside my birthday present to him, Tyler comes in through the front door, calling my name was he runs up to our room. I immediately jump up from the loveseat, catching his attention. He looks up and is immediately caught by surprise, taking in the mood and atmosphere, and then by the sight of my body half dressed for him.

“Happy Belated Birthday, Tyler.” I say as I wrap my arms around him before kissing him, his immediately sliding around my waist 
“Thank you, baby. Oh my God, did you…do all this?” He asks, looking at me and then at the food I fixed for today.
“Of course I did. Just for you.” I lead him over to the couch where everything is set up. “I know our schedules would never align and it sucks that I couldn’t celebrate with you. But, I still want to do something special for you, even if it’s super late.”
Tyler looks at the food I made, and then my gift for him.
“Oh God, chicken and broccoli Alfredo & marble cake: two of my absolute favorites. And you still got me a gift!” He turns his attention back to me
“Go ahead and open it, babe.” I say, smiling

Tyler grabs the small black box wrapped in red ribbon. He pulls at the strand to untie it, before opening the box. It revealed an all black watch that I happened to have found one day while shopping at the mall. It wasn’t huge, but certainly not small either, just the right size. Tyler smiles at the gift and then at me before setting it down to kiss me, his arms pulling me closer to his body and wrapping around my waist.

“Thank you so much, babe. You know you really didn’t have to do all this. I would’ve been happy just cuddling and watching a few movies with you.”
I shake my head, pulling him closer to me. “I know I didn’t have to, I wanted to. And I still do, because you’ve done so much for me over the years we’ve been together, and you deserve the whole world.”
Tyler smiles at me and presses his lips against my forehead, his arms pulling me onto his lap as mine link around his neck. "You always know how to make me happy, Y/N. I just wish we could be together more often so that I could do the same thing for you.”
“Tyler, you already make me happy. God, where do I begin? You always understood and supported my crazy life, even when our schedules didn’t align. You treat me…like an absolute queen. You always make sure I’m okay, no matter how far away you’re touring. I just…You know I don’t think words can even describe how amazing you are.”

That’s when I lean in and pull him in for another kiss, making it more passionate than the last one. Tyler moves his hands up and cups them around my face, deepening the kiss as his thumbs caressing my warm cheeks. I lick his lower lips, asking for entrance. Tyler immediately lets me in, our tongues dancing against each other. I start to ease myself off of his lap, pulling him up with me by his shirt. He immediately starts pulling me backwards. I smile as he stops right at the edge of our bed and start unbuttoning his shirt. I reach the last one and push it off of his shoulders and onto the carpet floor. I bite my lip as I look at his thin yet toned, shirtless frame. Again, I briefly wonder what he saw (and still sees) in me that make me so special to him, and why of all women, he chose to be with me. Tyler seems to read my mind and gently cups my face in his hand; looking into my eyes with so much love and compassion.

“You know, ever since I met you, I knew you would be the most amazing girl for me.” He says, as his other hand moves under my slightly oversized sweater over my large, marked up stomach. Tyler moves down to my neck and begins placing small kisses back up in between his words. “Whether it’s your kindness and loyalty…passion and perseverance in everything you do…that gorgeous face…or your beautiful body…” He finally reaches my lips, gently tugging on the lower one with his teeth. “…God, I could go on describing everything I absolutely adore about you. But just know this…you’re absolutely perfect to me and always will be…no matter what.” He says with a smile.

I regain some of my confidence and gently push him down on the bed, my dominant side showing as I straddle his waist and reconnect our lips. Tyler groans at the feeling and roughly grabs my hips, thrusting up sharply as he guides my movements. I gasp and smile as I feel him become hard underneath me through his jeans, my own arousal beginning to form in between my large thighs. My hands pull him back up as I continue rocking against him. He quickly moves his hands to my butt, grabbing a fistful of each cheek and slapping the left one. I immediately moan at the new feeling, unconsciously moving my hand to his hair. Seeing this side of Tyler turns me on even more, my body heating up at the sensation. I begin to slowly take off my sweater, hands shaking as I undo each button. He senses my nervousness and helps me with the last ones before sliding it off of my body. Tyler smiles at the lacy surprise underneath, his hands wandering every inch of my partially covered body.

“Damn, baby girl. I never knew you had this side to you.” He breathed out
“I always did, Tyler.” I explain, as I begin to unbutton his jeans. “I was just scared to show it because I was scared it would be with the wrong guy again. But ever since I met you and we became official, now I know.”

Tyler smiles and moves back against the headboard, kicking off his jeans in the process. I pull the covers over our bodies for warmth and begin kissing and biting his neck. I take his chin into my mouth before moving my kisses down; biting, sucking, and licking as I go along. I trace his chest tattoos with my tongue. I bite my lip and I think of a way to pleasure him as I disappear under the covers. I come face to face with his huge erection poking through the gap in his boxers. I pull them off before I slowly begin to lick the tip, earning a surprised yet pleasure filled gasp from Tyler as I suck on the head. “Whoa. Holy shit, Y/N,” he whispers in bliss. His breath becomes choppy as I take him further into my mouth. My right hand twists and rubs what I can’t fit. I smile to myself as he becomes a cursing mess under my touch, panting and moaning while thrusting into my mouth nonstop. I hear nonstop praises as I pick up the pace and continue bobbing my head up and down on his length before shoving the rest of him in my throat. “Fuck!” He yells, at the sudden action. I let out a moan at the taste and feeling of him, sending vibrations all over his length. Tyler pulls me back up to his face and kisses me again, clearly now even more turned on than before.

“Damn, Y/N,” He breaths out in between kisses. “You know as much as I’m absolutely loving this side of you, I really want to make you feel amazing, too.”
I pull away briefly, looking straight into his eyes and caressing his cheek with my hand. “Baby, you always make me feel amazing when I’m with you. Besides, tonight is all about you and your satisfaction.” I reply before kissing his neck
“Mmmm…well here’s another way you can satisfy me, baby girl.”

Tyler unexpectedly proceeds to flip me onto my back, making me gasp out of surprise as my head hits the pillow. He immediately smashes his lips onto mine and starts to move down my body. I feel him kiss my breasts; biting, sucking, and licking each one through the lace while pulling down my bra straps. He quickly unhooks the back before tossing it onto the floor. I feel the dreaded blush all over my face as he smiles at the view of my bare breasts, turning my head into the pillow in an attempt to conceal it. Tyler tilts my head towards him, my tomato shaded face on full display.

“Stop trying to hide yourself from me, babe.” He says
“Sorry.” I apologize “I can’t help it. I hate blushing in front of people.”
“Why? I think you look absolutely beautiful when you do.”

I’m about to argue when I feel Tyler’s mouth latch onto my left breast, making me moan at the feeling. His tongue flicks against my nipple while his hand works on my right one. He continues this before switching and repeating actions, finally removing my underwear in the process. He disappears under the comforter before roughly grabbing my hips and pulling my wet core against his mouth. My moans turn into screams as he continues devouring me, sucking and licking my clit while inserting two fingers inside me. I feel my body arch off of the bed as his fingers continue jamming into me, constantly hitting my sensitive spot. I’m almost at my peak when Tyler suddenly withdraws and moves up to my face.

My lips smash against his, my emotions of love and lust pouring into my movements. He begins wrap my legs around his waist, but I pull them back. Instead I roll him onto his back and sit on his waist, gripping his erection. Tyler immediately realizes my intentions and moves his hands to my hips, guiding me as I begin to slowly sink down onto him. “Oh fuck, baby girl,” Tyler breathes out in pleasure. I close my eyes and gasp at the feeling of him stretching me out, his size leaving me breathless as I slowly begin to move. My eyes open when my moans are cut off by Tyler’s, his orbs closed in complete pleasure. I move my hands to his chest and continue rolling my hips. Tyler looks up at me and smiles, clearly turned on by my slight dominance.

“You know, I’m absolutely loving this view of you. Damn, you’re a goddess (Y/N).” He compliments as he thrusts up, meeting my movements.
“I finally feel like one, thanks to you.” I reply and smile at him

Tyler smiles back and sits up, pulling me into another kiss. I wrap my legs around his waist, not wanting an inch of our bodies to be separated. His long fingers trace up my spine as his other hand lightly holds my cheek. My hands lightly massage his shoulders, making their way down to his tattooed chest. Tyler pushes me back so that I’m laying on the bed, not stopping with his thrusts. I close my eyes as the increased pleasure takes over my body, choked moans leaving my mouth and growing louder. My fingernails dig into his arms, shoulders, and back as he goes faster. Tyler lowers himself to bury his face in the crook of my neck, gently kissing the purple marks he left a while ago. The feeling of his nails digging into my hips, his lips on my neck, his constant pants, moans, and cursing drives me crazy and makes me more and more aroused. I feel myself nearing the edge as my walls clench around him, his throbbing member and increasing pace indicating likewise.

“T-Ty, I-I’m close,” I barely manage to get out
“I know, babe. G-go ahead. Let it go…Fuck!”

I almost scream as my body violently convulses, my orgasm finally taking over and pulling Tyler over the edge with me. My legs wrap around his waist as waves of pleasure pulse throughout my body. After what seems like an eternity, we finally come down. Despite the already present pain from our activities a moment ago, I get up, immediately realizing the mess that was made a few minutes ago. Tyler laughs at my reaction upon seeing the large wet spots from my orgasm on our comforter.

“Holy fuck, did I really do that??” I ask, my jaw dropping at the sight
“Yeah, you did,” he laughs, grabbing a towel to clean himself up “But don’t worry, you were absolutely amazing.”
“I’m really glad you liked it.” I smile before I start pulling off the covers. “Don’t worry about the mess, baby. I’ll get everything changed and cleaned up.”
“No. You need to sit down and relax. Besides, you can barely even walk. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything.” I open my mouth to argue, but he cuts me off with a soft and sweet kiss. “(Y/N), you’ve already done so much for me today. Please, go ahead and relax. I’ll get everything cleaned up, okay?”

I knew that debating was pointless, so I nodded and went to lay down on our couch. I close my eyes and replay the events of our heated moment from tonight. The thoughts and replays of every kiss, touch, and thrust makes me smile. I look back on my past, and how far I’ve come with Tyler’s help and support. With Tyler; I no longer feel weak, worthless, ugly, or unwanted like I once did. I no longer feel like the fat girl that no one wants to date, let alone actually fuck. Thanks to him, I feel strong, powerful, confident, and beautiful in every aspect of my life. And I never could have achieved that with anyone else. My eyes open as my thoughts are interrupted by the sound of running water in the bathroom, my sight greeted by new sheets and blankets on our bed. Tyler emerges from the bathroom, now only covered with a towel, wrapped around his waist.

“Hi love, I have a bubble bath ready for us. You want to come in?” He offers
“I’d love to.” I smile as he helps me up, linking my arm around his shoulder as I lean into him for more support, my body still sore from our activities. I wince at the pain as I settle myself into the bathtub, catching Tyler’s attention. He looks over at me with an apologetic look, realizing the extent of his activities moments ago.
“Baby, I’m sorry I went too hard. I never meant to h-” I cut him off.
“No, Tyler don’t apologize.” I slide myself onto his lap, smiling as his arms completely embrace my body. “I loved it…every single minute of it. Yes, I’m in pain. But…it’s the best kind of pain I’ve felt. It lets me remember who I belong to. It reminds me that…I belong to an amazing man who truly loves me and makes me feel beautiful in every way. And…I really wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Tyler smiles at me before cupping my cheeks and pulling me into another long and passionate kiss. His hands wander town to my hips, caressing every scar and bruise that they came across. One hand leaves my hip, only to be replaced by the feeling of warm, soapy water running over my shoulders and onto my body. I return the favor, running it over his shoulders and back where my nails left scratches. Tyler slowly pulls away from my lips. I scoot off of his lap and lean against the other side of the bathtub, pulling him with me, allowing him to cuddle with his back against my breasts.

“Happy Belated Birthday, Tyler.”
“I’ve had the best one ever, thanks to you, babe.”

It Hurts Like Hell
          - Part XI

Kai Parker x Reader
word count : 3 780
: contains smut
*not my gif

“Vervain ropes?! Really ?” she hissed , trying to get herself free but only ending up hurting herself more. “And for what reason did you bring me here of all places ?! I hate this place.”
Kai was poking in the fireplace at the Salvatore mansion , holding a drink in his hand. He turned around grinning at the sight of her facial expression. He had brought her there knowing the Salvatores have a vervain stash , enough ropes and it was also the closest place with a holding sell. His first choice had been the Grill but things there hadn’t worked out well and he had snapped her neck again , bringing her there.
“You left me no other choice , sweetheart. The previous time you came to , you nearly ripped your own heart out.” he said suddenly serious, a pained look in his eyes. “I can’t let you do that. I won’t lose you again. I know you feel on top of the world now , not feeling anything but this isn’t you. You are kind , loving … you managed to touch me in a way no one has ever been able to. You need to flip the switch back on.” he said softly. “I won’t stop trying until you do.”

Y/N snorted at his comment and tone. “Awwhh … Kai Parker lecturing me about emotions. How lovely.” she said mockingly. “Emotions are nothing but a pointless distraction. You should know that better than me.”
Y/N had spent almost 3 years with her friends trying to get her to flip the switch on. She knew eventually Kai would slip up , letting his emotions get in the way and that’s when she’d make her escape. It was a big world after all. A smirk showed on her face , her gaze locked on Kai.
“Look Kai , whatever we had - it’s all gone now. Don’t get me wrong - I see you there and you look … beyond hot , I remember us, I just don’t feel whatever pointless emotion I felt towards you anymore.” she said. “What makes you think you can flip my switch back on ? Honey , if it was going to flip back it would’ve already…”

Kai looked at her , not recognizing the person standing in front of him. Now he finally understood why her friends had kept trying to get her to flip the switch back so hard. Y/N without her emotions just wasn’t her. He also knew that he was her emotional trigger and he had to push hard enough to break through, however long it takes. He walked towards her , leaning in closer to her looking into her eyes , searching for the Y/N he knew. For a moment something in her eyes changed but disappeared as quicky as it had shown up , she looked away for a second and then stared at him with a blank expression all over again.
“Deep down I know you still feel something. I know the girl I love and who loves me is still somewhere in there.” Kai said softly , brushing his fingers through her hair stopping for a moment to cup her cheek not taking his eyes off her. He saw the same flicker of warmth in her eyes again. “I am going to get her back and then I will show her the world.”

Y/N hated every second of this , ,mostly the fact his touch made her feel something even if it was for a split second. His breath was intoxicating and for a moment there she nearly let go , a memory of them together flashing in her mind but she shoved it all back.
“No. I don’t love you. I never did.” she hissed at him. “I regret every second I spent with you , loving you. You should’ve stayed in Hell , Malachai. Life without you was so much better.”
Kai felt his heart break at her words , even tho he knew it wasn’t true. He swallowed hard , trying not to let his emotions show knowing she’d only mock him.
“Awhh don’t look so wounded.” she said mockingly. “It’s whats real , accept it and move on.”
Every word Y/N said felt like a knife cutting a deep wound in his heart. He kept repeating to himself that’s not her , not the real her. It would be easy for him to push her away , he had spent his entire life pushing people away except with her it was different , it has always been different. Even before the merge he felt something to her..
“I went to our apartment earlier … to pick up something.” Kai said reaching behind his back , waving her diary in her face. A flash of anger showed in her eyes for a moment and Kai supressed a smile , last time he checked anger was one of those pesky annoying things called ‘emotions’.
“Woo-hoo , you found my diary. I’m trembling with fear.” she laughed , part of her wondered if he’d actually dare to look inside and as if to answer her unspoken question , Kai opened the diary and she swallowed nervously. She remembered the things written in there , personal things about feelings and everything.

‘Dear Diary…” he started reading out loud. “It’s been almost 2 months since Kai and I started dating and being with him and loving him is the most real thing I have ever felt in my life. I’ve never thought I could love someone so much or that I’d find someone who would love me the way he does. He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. There is nothing in the world that would ever change that or make me stop loving and carring about him.’ ” Kai paused for a moment , swallowing hard , trying to find his voice again. “Should I go on , Y/N?” he said lifting his gaze from the pages to meet her eyes. Y/N had a stone cold expression on her face.
“Please do.” she said. “It seems to make you feel better. I however am bored as hell…. and hungry.” she tugged at the ropes again, putting all the effort she could trying to get herself free , shutting off the burning feeling of the vervain ropes around her wrists.
Kai closed the diary and turned around for a second.
She is still there. he thought to himself remembering the flickers of warmth in her eyes a few minutes ago.
Y/N used his distraction , pulling on the ropes again finally getting free and running directly for the window , taking off her daylight ring.
Kai turned around , his eyes widening at the sight of her body starting to burn. He quickly waved his hand closing the curtains and ran towards her muttering a spell , putting the fire out. Y/N laid on the ground laughing as if she hadn’t just tried to kill herself again. He couldn’t bare to look at her another second and snapped his fingers , snapping her neck again , reaching for her daylight ring carefully putting it on her finger holding onto her hand for a moment. Kai sighed and lifted her body again , letting her down gently onto the sofa. His fingers stroking her cheek.
“Time for Plan B.” he said to himself. He hated everything he was doing to her. Y/N was going to hate him so much after her emotions come back but there was no other way.

Y/N woke up on the couch in Kai’s apartment , shooting up straight and getting up to look around. It was raining outside and she was wearing her PJ’s.
“Morning princess.” Kai said walking in smiling , carrying a plate with a chocolate cupcake on top and a lit birthday candle. “How’s the birthday girl ?”
“It’s not my birthday..” she said confused. How had she gotten there ? They were at the Salvatore’s a moment ago …
“Sure it is, you even got that special hair cut don’t you remember ?” Kai said , stroking her hair for a moment. “Love that you didn’t chose pink , blue suits you better.”
She reached for her hair finding a blue strand mingled with her brown locks in her hands.
“What ?!” she asked confused running to the mirror , running her hands through her hair. Y/N had no memory how or when this had happened , Kai however was right - blue suited her. She smiled at her reflection for a second before turning around to find Kai standing a meter away from her with the cupcake.
“Make a wish , princess.” he said waiting for her to blow out the candle. “I have so many suprises prepared for you today. It’s going to be your best birthday ever !” he said smiling.
Y/N closed her eyes , taking a deep breath before blowing the flame out. When her eyes opened , Damon as standing behind Kai who was struggling to breath from the grasp on his neck, his face twitching in pain , the plate dropping on the ground with a crack.
“You should’ve listened Y/N. I told you he’d screw up. He deserves to pay for what he did to Elena… ” Damon hissed , punching a whole through Kai’s chest. Y/N’s eyes widened in shock.
“Damon , don’t… ” she said.
“Don’t Damon me. I warned you , I warned him. Be grateful I am letting you say goodbye.” he spit out.
Y/N took a step towards Kai , feeling a tear roll down her cheek.
“Please Damon … D-don’t do this. I’ll convince him to reverse the spell , just please don’t … don’t kill him.” she begged him.
This isn’t real , this can’t be real. she thought. I can’t lose him again. No …
Her eyes never left Kai’s , his eyes starting to fill with tears. He struggled to breath , his face losing color. He tried to reach for her hand , wishing he could touch her but she was suddenly too far from him.
“Y/N … I lo-” Kai started to say but never got to finish. Damon wouldn’t let them have that last moment , the last ‘I love you.’ Damon pulled out his heart holding it in his hand with a smirk on his face as Y/N screamed watching Kai’s body tumble to the ground. She knelt down to Kai’s body as Damon tossed Kai’s heart on the ground next to them and rushed out the door. Y/N pulled his body closer to her , hugging him looking into his eyes missing the spark she loved the most. Her fingers stroked his cheek , her hand trembling.
“No .. no … no .. no..Please come back , please.” she sobbed , tears streaming down her face. The world around her seemed to break in half , along with her heart. Y/N brushed her fingers through his hair , tears rolling like a waterfall down her cheeks. “Please come back. Please … ” she kept repeating , holding Kai’s body rocking in place. “You are not dead , you are not dead. You can’t be dead. ” her fingers stroking his cheek. “Come back , please come back ….”

Y/N shot up straight screaming , feeling tears rolling down her cheeks one after another like an unstoppable force. She was so shocked and confused it took her a moment to realise where she was. Someone grasped her wrist , she jumped up turning around to see who it was and found Kai starring at her a small smile on his face. Her eyes widened.
“K-Kai ?” she asked confused and pulled him into a hug. “Oh my God! I thought … I … ” she hugged him so tight he flinched for a moment but didn’t push her away. “Y-you died. Damon killed you … I - I thought …”
Kai squeezed her tight , feeling the relief of having Y/N back. He didn’t even care about all the things she had said to him. All that mattered to him was he had broken through - she had flipped the switch.
Y/N pulled back cupping his face , her fingers tracing every inch of his face as a smile spread across her face. “You are real.” she said laughing , Kai couldn’t help but laugh too.
“I missed you.” he said smashing his lips against hers.
It felt like their first kiss all over again. Kai loved the feeling of her fingers tugging on his hair , pulling him closer to her , her lips on his…
All of the sudden Y/N pulled away with a shocked expression on her face , remembering everything she had told him when her humanity had been off. She got up , taking a few steps away from him shaking from the other wave of tears threatening to come. Kai got up looking confused at her.
“I’m so sorry.” she said , the tears starting to fall like a waterfall again. “Everything I said … what I did .. I … I can’t .. You probably h-hate me right now.”
Kai ran to her side , wrapping his arms around her tight. “It wasn’t you. I know you didn’t mean it.” he said stroking her hair. “I don’t hate you. I could never hate you , sweetheart. I love you with everything that I have.”
He pulled away , wiping tears from her cheeks. “Sorry for reading your diary …and using my magic against you. I know you hate it , but -”
Y/N smashed her lips against his , pushing her feet off the ground and wrapping them around his waist. Her emotions were on overdrive and she willed herself to focus on her love for Kai other ways she’d fall apart.
“I don’t care about any of that. All I care about is you.” she said. “I love you , I love you.” she said kissing his lips , his cheeks , his nose , making him laugh.
Kai removed a strand of hair from her face , his finger tips trailing down her cheek before tapping her on the nose. Her eyes were glowing filled with warmth , love and something different.
'I want you.’ she mouthed, her eyes darting between his eyes and lips.
He backed her against the wall , his hands roaming every inch of her body.
Kai’s lips attacking hers , demanding and greedier than ever not letting go for a second. He wanted her too but also wasn’t sure if after everything he’d done to her she’d want that too. Y/N threw her head back hitting the wall as Kai’s lips traced her jaw line , kissing her neck sucking on one spot making her moan out. He pulled back for a second , gazing into her eyes his fingertips tracing the purple-black veins flashing under her eyes. It had been one of the first times he saw he as a vampire and something clicked inside him. Then his fingers traced her lips , Y/N bit his fingers pulling them inside her mouth , teasing him. Kai could see it in her eyes - the lust , the desire.
“Playing with fire are we?” he whispered closing his eyes for a moment , pulling his fingers out of her mouth.
“MMhmmm…” was the only answer he got.
Y/N’s hands on the back of his head pulled him closer to her lips , tugging on his hair as he deepened the kiss. He pushed her harder into the wall grinding against her , moaning out into her mouth biting her lower lip.
“I want to tear off those clothes off you…” he whispered in her ear. “.. and have you for the night and every night after.”
Kai’s vampirism showed for a few seconds , as he let her down on her feet tugging on her shirt tearing it right off , unbuttoning her skinny jeans stopping only for a second before tearing them to shreds off her… A short giggle escaped her lips.
“That was hot…” she said grabbing at his shirt with one hand and with the other reaching for the buldge in his pants. “… not as hot as you tho.”
“Eager much ?”
“Very much.” she said , her hand sliding in cupping his semi hard lenght through his briefs. “You know … we have the entire place to ourselves.” she trailed off , moving in closer to him never taking her eyes off him. “We can do whatever we want … wherever we want.” she whispered in his ear pulling away enough for him to see her bite her lip. Kai’s eyes sparked and Y/N could tell he had picked up on the ideas popping in her head. His fingers teased her through her panties , feeling how wet she was. He licked his lips , vamp-tossing her onto the sofa ripping her panties off , his fingerstips playing with her clit. She tore his shirt off , sending it flying near the fireplace , her hands reaching for his pants but Kai swatted them away.
“Tsk-tsk… you can’t keep your hands off me , can you?” he grinned pushing two fingers inside her curling them around , going as deep as he could , thrusting at a slow pace with a few vamp - speed thrusts making her moans turn into small screams. He pulled them out , licking them clean before leaning in to kiss her. Y/N reached for his pants again , her fingers swiftly unbuttoning them pushing them down along his briefs as much as she could feeling his hard lenght in her hands.
“I want to feel every .. inch.. of you inside me ..” she whispered , stroking his shaft her fingertips tracinig the tip. Kai groaned , his hand reaching behind her back unclasping her bra tossing it on the floor. His fingertips tracing around her nipples before giving them a light pinch making her moan out. He leaned in , his lips placing gentle kisses down her neck sucking on her nipples before holding nibbling on them , his hands squeezing her breasts. He pulled away for a second , pulling his pants / briefs off onto the floor , his hands opening her legs as wide as he could placing soft kisses on her thighs , stopping for a moment or two to suck at one spot his lips slowly moving towards her core. Kai’s tongue swirled around her clit , sucking on it for a few moments never taking his eyes off her. He pulled back positioning himself carefully between her legs before with one hard deep thrust his hard lenght went inside her.
He watched as her body went forward , her head hitting the armrest of the sofa. Y/N’s fingers reached for her clit rubbing it while he kept thrusting in and out of her at a steady pace , feeling every inch of him inside her hitting all the right spots. She felt as if she was on fire , every fiber in her body coming back to life craving him and only him. Kai’s hands on her thighs holding on tight , leaving marks on them. He thrusted in again and again , watching her breasts rock with every thrust , feeling her walls contracting against his shaft. Y/N’s hands grabbed at the sofa , her knuckles turning white , feeling her orgasm approaching. Kai’s thrusts had gotten faster , her hips jolting to meet his.
“Give it to me.” Kai demanded , his fingers playing with her clit pushing her over the edge. Y/N threw her head back a little her back arching , her eyes rolling in her head as her body shook.
Kai couldn’t take his eyes off her , every time he watched her fall apart because of him something deep inside him ignited. She pushed him off , flipping them over in a split second , her fingers wrapping around his shaft stroking it a few times leaning over and taking him in her mouth.Kai groaned , his hands shooting for her head pushing her down on his lenght making her take him deeper , bopping her head up and down. Her tongue licking a stripe from bottom to the top swirling right through the middle of the tip before taking him in again , never breaking eye contact with him.
“Fuckk that feels .. so ..good..” he groaned.
Y/N pulled away , lowering herself onto his shaft , Kai’s hands on her hips pushing her down. Her hands roaming his chest , digging her nails into it drawing blood , making him gasp. His hands moved to her ass , squeezin her cheeks. She started going at a faster rhythm , their hips meeting halfway , the only sounds in the world in that moment their moans colliding.
“You feel so good around me.” Kai groaned. “So tight…”
She leaned in to kiss him , her tongue exploring his mouth meeting with his fighting for dominance. He felt she was about to come undone one more time and knew she wanted it but he had other plans. Kai pushed her off him , suddenly Y/N found herself with her ass up in the air kneeling on the floor , Kai standing behind her. His hands grazed her cheeks before giving it a hard slap , her body jolted forward a bit. Y/N had missed this feeling more than she had realised , feeling his hand rub the sore spot gently before giving it another slap. There would be a lovely bruise in the morning but she didn’t care. All she wanted was more. She felt his lips on her cheek , his tongue tracing a few lines before his hand - the hand with the rings smacked against her cheeks again.
“Fuckk” she moaned , feeling his fingers push their way inside her again , his rings grazing her clit as he slided them inside her curling them around before pulling out and repeating again and again while his other hand smacked against her ass again. Kai teased her entrance with his shaft , listening to her moans mixing with her begging for him to fuck her. He pushed in with one hard thrust , his hands holding onto her as her hips moving against him , her walls contracting around him. Kai’s body pressed against her as his fingers found their way to her clit.
“K-Kai .. Fas-ter..”
Kai smirked to himself , a devilish spark flashing in his eyes as he used his vampire speed thrusting inside her faster. He felt his orgasm building with each thrust , Y/N reached hers moments before he reached his. She screamed his name , her knees almost buckling down under him ,as he emptied himself inside of her. Both of them collapsing on th ground , the sounds of their heavy breathing filling in the room. Kai pulled her closer , Y/N’s hand on his chest tracing patters with her fingertips. For a few minutes none of them spoke , trying to catch their breath.
“Round 2 ?” Y/N asked , looking into his eyes.
Kai gave her a devilish smirk. “Are you sure you can handle more tonight ? ” he said , his breath catching in his throat feeling her hand wrapping around his shaft. He groaned , his vampirism showing for a moment. “You are so on.” said Kai , rolling on top of her , his lips attacking hers fiercely , taking her breath away for the hundreth time that night.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017

A Special Day (M)

Genre: smut/romantic AF fluff

Summary: It’s your birthday and Jackson gives you a lovey dovey, amazing time.

Word Count: 3635

Written by: Admin Smutty Woozfairy

Warnings: This is hella fluffy, so here is your warning.

A/N: First I want to apologize to @hannah-martinezzzz for taking so long with this request. I didn’t expect my summer to be as hellish as it was. Secondly, the request was a smut, yes, but it just didn’t want to happen that way. If you want another, more smutty, story, Hannah, please feel free to message me. I hope you like it anyway~~.

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As prompted by Anonymous.

Bucky Barnes x Reader: “If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.” 

Warnings: Fluff. Asshole boyfriend. Food mention.

Word count: 1,107

“Hey, Y/N,” Bucky says, stepping into your kitchen, his arms laden with groceries; even though your cold has been letting up the last few days, he had offered up his help in any way he could, assuring you that he was by your side until you made a full recovery. He settles the bags onto the table in front of you before he starts unpacking them.

“Hey, Buck,” you reply with a sigh.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, pausing in his endeavor. “Why do you look so upset?”

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Happy Birthday, @damelola! May this year be extra special for you. Please enjoy some birthday messages as well as some fanworks we have made for you.

AO3 Collection: GreatDame2017
Banner by @abydosdork and @txnmcky


happy birthday lola-pie! I like ur face! <3 Coop


Happy Birthday Lola. I am so grateful for all you contribute to this fandom. I eagerly gobble up your fic the moment I see it posted on Tumblr.  Though I am terrible about commenting, it always brightens my day.


Happy Birthday to my Perfect Pen Pal.  You bring me such joy.  I’m happy to celebrate the day you were born.  Here’s to a million more letters, headcanons, fics and laughs.


Happy Birthday Lola dear! I hope it’s full of laughter, fun and continued success. You are not only a fantastic writer but one of my favorite people. Many blessings as you enter a new year! I am so thankful for your talent and your friendship



Your writing inspires me and your generosity humbles me. Thank you for your indomitable spirit, your talent, and your friendship. Happy Happy Birthday!



Happy birthday Lola!

Thank you so much for all the stories. We’re so lucky to have you in this fandom to keep the SuperCat torch alive. Your updates always brighten up my day. Have a brilliant day, hun. And may the Grant Snark be with you always.

ps: actual depiction of me anytime I see a Notting Hill or Ballet AU



Happy Birthday, Lola! Hope you have a fantastic day filled with all the Supercat goodness you can handle!


Happy birthday to the diva who lets me constantly dump filth into your window and calls it inspiration.;)


Happy, happy birthday!

You’re always a voice of reason, respectful and your writing is awe-inspiring. You deserve all the best in life and I hope your day will be filled with good food and lots of laughter.

Regards, a huge fan of you and your writing.


Thanks for all the porn 😘


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MARY POPPINS OF FANDOM, LOLA. I am so glad you write for SuperCat and you write them so brilliantly! I love how interwoven and beautiful The Ballet AU is with both show canon things and freakin’ THEATRE THINGS!!! My two weaknesses right now (aside from Sanvers being adorable cuties). I’m also super glad that we’ve gotten the chance to talk this past month or so. It’s absolutely Mayka’s fault (as it always is, eh?) but has been a fantastic experience getting to know you and to bond over our mutual dislike of the other fandom, of our love and devotion for theatre and our thoughts on SuperCat.


Happy birthday Lola!

You are the most precious person I ever came across within the Supergirl’s fandom. You have a unique way with words and it makes you such an incredibly talented writer, sometimes I can’t believe how good your fictions are. Every single one is different but it’s deep and perfectly crafted and it echoes in me in ways I couldn’t possibly find elsewhere. I don’t have a favourite because all of them are pure gold but lately, I’m very invested in The Music and The Mirror. Thank you for everything.
You are a caring, kind, sassy and absolutely amazing soul and I’m fangirling over your existence.
You are a beautiful person, Lola.
Joyeux anniversaire ♥


happy birthday lola! you deserve all the fun and goodness in the worldd. i love all your fics!! thank you for helping keep the supercat fandom sane <3 <3 <3


Happy Birthday Lola from Octo!!  Thank you for being an absolute blessing and sharing your incredible writing with us, giving us hours and hours and HOURS of glorious absorbing worlds and entertainment. Have an AWESOME day and be merry!!


Happy Birthday!

Many thanks for all your wonderful efforts in fandom, both creating great stuff for us all to enjoy and share, and helping and encouraging others.

So here’s hoping you enjoy a year of health and happiness. Much luck to your new book and any other new stuff you grace us with, and may you have many more years of creativity and fun to come! Also many more memes because…Cat Grant and her pen definitely was a hit!

Good luck and much happiness in all you do,
PinkRabbitPro (Barb)


Happy Birthday Lola,

One of the first fics I read in the Supergirl fandom was So I Can Call (Just to Tell ‘Em I’m Fine). Needless to say, I was hooked. Your writing style is glorious. I always look forward to your stories; I’ve seen very few writers who understand their characters so completely. Your writing was one of the reasons I started writing again. I do hope you enjoy this birthday surprise and thank you for all you’ve given this fandom.



Happy birthday, Lola! I hope your birthday is as awesome as you. I absolutely love everything you write. You never fail to amaze me with your words inside fic and out.

I reread Asking Too Much probably too much, haha. But I still get chills reading it. Honestly I’m still not over chapter 17. Chapter 17 has gone down in history in my book and will forever be iconic to me. And I still laugh so hard every single time I read the ‘See ya!’ line by Alex at the end. Always has me cackling. The way you wrote Kara fully embracing Supergirl and starting the Supercenter, god. It’s freaking GENIUS. It’s so unique to everything else I’ve read. I still stumble and get mindblown thinking about it and rereading it, that storyline is just so brilliant.

I’ve never gotten around to writing my own fics, but I remember when I was really thinking about writing, you were so supportive and offered your help if I ever needed any. Thank you so much for that.

I really appreciate just how genuine you are and enjoy how outspoken you are. You truly are amazing and hope your birthday goes awesome, you deserve it. Happy birthday, Lola <3



Happy Birthday! May it be filled with things as fabulous as you are though that will be super hard because that is a very short list of things. All the best in the coming year. I love you muchly and am glad I get the chance to know you. Also I’m glad that I get to read the rich worlds and stories that you create. It’s consistently amazing and I’m happy it’s being recognized with your snazzy new book deal :D  



Happy birthday Lola!! I hope you have a wonderful day and get to eat all the cupcakes. My favorite fic of yours is With An Open Hand, because I love the playful version of Kara who is not afraid to push further with Cat to get what she wants… and also for the pen!kink, never forget the pen!kink :P

Of course I love all your other supercat fics as well. The Music and the Mirror is brilliantly done, and I get so excited for each update. Thank you for all the time you spend writing and headcanoning and overall spreading the supercat joy. And once more, happy birthday!



Happy birthday, Lola! Thank you for all of the beautiful work you share with us, for the insight and energy you bring to the SuperCat fandom, and for being such a kind and supportive person. Your writing and your presence are deeply cherished. Hope you have a great day and the best year yet to come.


Lola, happy birthday. Again, I want to say thank you. Your kindness and never-ending support made it possible for me to get the confidence and post my work on AO3 and Tumblr for the world to see. You are a fantastic fanfic writer and an all around amazing person. You are a wonderful human being and I’m so glad that I have the pleasure and privilege to have met you and talked to you. Honestly, the world could use a lot more people like you in it. I hope you have a fantastic birthday. You’re the absolute best and you do so much for everyone around you, even strangers who you meet in passing. Happy Birthday, Lola. I hope its a good one!


I hope you have a wonderful birthday Lola! I’m a big fan of your writing. I especially love how you come up with new and exciting ways to bring Kara and Cat together in your stories. Thank you for sharing your gifts and amazing talent, and for all of the things you do for this fandom. :D


Dearest, Darlingest Lola,

According to Facebook, we have been friends for over 7 years. Honestly, that surprises me because it feels like we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember.

I truly don’t have the words to tell you what you mean to me or how grateful I am to Dolly or whatever other deity it was that brought us together. I just know that without you, my life would be very, very different. And not in a good way.

We have shared so much over the years. Stopping shows, football in gay bars, your wedding (!!), pokerverse, and all things in between. You are a brilliant writer that everyone in the fandoms you write for is lucky to have and someone who I am so happy I can text at all hours of the day and night to share fic ideas, fandom theories, or just anything that is on my mind. You are snarky and won’t take shit from anyone and you’ve helped me to grow a backbone and be more outspoken myself since I’ve known you. And in the last year, you have been the most wonderful, supportive friend when I needed one the most.

Thank you for always being there for me. I love you to the moon and back, from Mirandy to 9 to 5 to Swan Queen to Supergirl and beyond. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday and I cannot wait to get to see your face in real life and squish you like crazy in like two months.

Love, love, love, always,

Tiff (aka writetherest, but you better freakin’ know that!)



Happy birthday, sugar lips! I am so glad that once again two fictional characters pushed us together in another fandom. The trash bin has been great and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you better. You are one talented, sassy lady. I hope this year is the best yet, with many more to come. I heart your face!! <3 - Torch

Day 4: Connected

((I fused Day 4 with @alteanbae ‘s request for a domestic AU with a puppy.))

Birthdays were a difficulty for Keith.

Growing up, there wasn’t much of an occasion for one. Both of his parents had died when he was very young and drifting from home to home made Keith’s own birthday fade into obscurity.

He’d never even truly celebrated it until last year when he came home to all of his friend’s jumping out at him screaming something about a surprise.

Despite the initial shock, the party itself was fun. It was everything Keith had heard about as a kid. Only a million times better.

Hunk had made a cake, Pidge had made him a mix of some of his favorite music, and Lance had given him a funny little cardboard card with a few bucks in it. The other’s had given him what could graciously be called a ‘look’, but Keith, who had never received any kind of card for any reason, quietly appreciated it. Shiro had gotten Keith a book he had been wanting for the past few months. He’d been too busy to hunt for it himself. Having had work and other responsibilities to tend to.

And then there were the flowers.

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December birthday


Harry forgets a very important December birthday 

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100 reasons why Stevie Nicks is my favourite person ever

1. Buckingham Nicks record

2. Her 1978 Cal Jam style

3. She dressed as Scarlett O'Hara for Halloween

4. Threatened to quit FM after learning the meaning of the album title ‘Tusk’

5. Silver Springs, sung directly to Linds

6. Say You Will tour side bangs

7. Dunkin’ Doughnuts with Christine McVie

8. The Dance Rhiannon intro

9. Gypsy music video

10. “Her Rhiannon in those days was like an exorcism”

11. “Carol you look like you’re a stewardess”

12. “Well I don’t think that you could say that to Bob Dylan”

13. Animal crackers are the best

14. Crescent moon necklaces

15. Crystal visions

16. Her thoughts on the fashion of the band

17. NO CLICK?!?

18. Stevie and Lindsey’s Sara antics during OWTS

19. Shawl twirling

20. Tambourine dancing

21. “Who are we to deserve the USC band to play for us?”

22. Forgetting to put the car in park…

23. Let’s join Fleetwood Mac and use the money to fix reverse in our car!

24. “The next song is not what I thought it was… It’s not my song at all… It’s actually Chris’ song…”

25. Destiny Rules spirit catcher

26. "And people wonder why we are still not together”

27. Amazing harmonies with Linds

28. “When you’re not looking is when people show up. So if it happens, great, and if it doesn’t, that’s OK; I’m a creative person, and I fill my world with creativity.”

29. Hand placement on Lindsey in the photo in the 2015 remastered Tusk edition

30. "We used to pin $100 bills up on the walls of our apartment just for fun.”

31. Inspirational Gypsy intros

32. “Lindsey, bar none, was the man who loved me the most”

33. The Wild Heart dedication to Robin

34. “When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty.”

35. Night time self portraits (NOT SELFIES!)

36. *holds plastic cup* “This is not vodka, like it used to be”

37. Black flowy witchy outfits

38. Baton twirling during the Tusk day at Dodger Stadium

39. AHS guest appearance

40. Dr Fuckhead

41. The fact that a 16 minute demo of Sara exists #Iwant #pleasestevie

42. “I’ve got more important things to worry about than people thinking that I’m a witch”

43. Sulamith and her fuck load of cashmere!

44. The Nicks Fix (she’s so cool)

45. Her travel tips: put 'X’s in tape on your luggage so it can be easily found

46. Protesting the “packing up, shacking up” line in Go Your Own Way

47. Pretending to ice-skate around the stage with Lindsey

48. OPI Big Apple Red nail polish is the best

49. Black top hats

50. Her gorgeous hair

51. Tapping Chris’s bum with her tambourine

52. Her collection of awesome rings

53. “Pretend you’re Greta Garbo and I’m Marlene Dietritch”

54. We agree, social media can be “evil”

55. She officiated Vanessa Carlton’s wedding

56. Black platform boots will forever be in style

57. Rolling Stones version of Gypsy

58. “Mick is wearing the worst shoes I’ve ever seen in my whole life!”

59. “Lindsey loves graveyards!”

60. “So if you’re not a swan, you can pretty much figure out that you’re never going to have a long term relationship”

61. Dallas 1978 interview #babystevie

62. Masterclass interview with Oprah

63. I said to the director “you can’t shoot that guy in my video!”

64. We agree, you should have been on the Tusk album cover instead of Ken’s dog!

65. Not just one, BUT TWO, Stand Back music videos

66. She inspired 'Night of a Thousand Stevie’s’

67. Death stares at Lindsey during the 1982 Mirage tour performance of The Chain

68. Strange sneaky smiling/trying not to smile at Lindsey during the 1982 Mirage tour performance of GYOW

69. Basically just the entire 1982 Mirage tour video…

70. The whole 'rain washing Lindsey clean’ imagery from Dreams

71. “What do you people want from us?”

72. Chiffon, chiffon and even more chiffon

73. Fully saving Lindsey from falling off the stairs at the AMAs #drugsarebadkids

74. Stevie Nicks: In Your Dreams doco

75. The fact that she sewed moons and stars onto Lindsey’s jeans

76. Tusk tour bun

77. All the Herbie Worthington photoshoots

78. The fact she can do the splits

79. Fangirling over Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

80. White winged doves

81. “You will listen to me on the radio for the rest of your life and it will bug you, I hope it bugs you”

82. “As far away as Lindsey goes from me, he’ll never get away from my voice”

83. Her work with wounded soldiers

84. Matching star necklaces with Lindsey

85. Her special Buckingham Nicks cover shoot blouse

86. Her love of the Twilight series

87. Music video commentary

88. Her many many notebooks of poetry and drawings

89. That fact that she has a vault of unreleased songs

90. Fist pumps with Lindsey during Landslide (Nov 21st,2015)

91. So many Rhiannon versions that we can’t even choose a favourite one

92. Love hearts with wings/wiggly lines AKA wild hearts

93. “Hmmm, hope you have a backup idea” - Stevie’s response to Annie’s idea to have the whole band in bed together

94. Her love of Edgar Allen Poe

95. For inspiring us all to follow our wild hearts, wherever they may lead us

96. For teaching us that destiny rules and that everything happens for a reason

97. Because of you “we have no fear, we have only love”

98. We will forever be your sisters of the moon…

99. … and the gypsies that remain

100. Stevie, you’re the poet of our hearts, never change, and don’t you ever stop!!

Happy 68th Birthday Stephanie Lynn Nicks

JiHan Fanfic Rec

for the anon who requested a jihan fic rec! ♡

i read through most of the fanfics in asianfanfics and archive of our own and these were the ones that caught my eye after reading them! and i also found a few chaptered fanfics while linking and gathering all of these for you so i’ll add them to this list if they also catch my eye. i’ll update this list every month or two, depending on the fanfics that were added.

i hope you enjoy reading these and message me and tell me which ones you liked the best! i’d love to hear your opinions on them because they’re literally all amazing. click on the hearts to be linked!

three sections:
one shots

(!!) bolded – favorite

one shots

The Train Doesn’t Stop For Anybody (And You Were Left Behind) | pg-13 | angst/romance
One night - no, one hour if they’re lucky - is all they get, and they spend it like they’re on their death bed. (summary cut short)

 What It’s Like To Be New | pg-13 | AU/romance| (main!jihan) (broken!jeongcheol)
After becoming a rather famous idol, with hit records, great reviews in dramas and movies, the time finally came for Jeonghan to participate on the dreaded but beloved “Who was your lover?” reality program. (summary cut short)

 A Morning with the Hong Family | pg | Family!AU/romance/fluff | (main!jihan) (mentioned!verkwan)
Jeonghan and Jisoo have a nice morning with their adorable little son, Minghao.

 Jacket | pg-13 | School!AU/romance
But for one Yoon Jeonghan, the only thing he looked forward to was hugging a certain someone named Hong Jisoo wearing his white fluffy jacket.

 3 Words | pg | AU/romance
Jisoo and Jeonghan had come to cherish 3 little words.

 The Invisible Dictionary | pg-13 | AU/angst/romance
Jeonghan kept discovering new words but couldn’t find the meaning of love.

 Trespassing Cat | pg-13 | Two Shot | AU/romance
Joshua’s cat invades Jeonghan’s apartment and through his kitty actions it leads to fluffy things happening.

 Would you please sign the visitor’s book? | pg-13 | suspense/mystery
Everything changed ever since his father went on a business trip to Canada.

 three reasons why | pg | romance/fluff
Junghan keeps a list of reasons why he should never confess to Jisoo. Jisoo disagrees with all of them.

 latching onto you | pg | predebut!era/romance/fluff
Every friendship has their beginning, and Jisoo doesn’t regret starting his with Jeonghan.

Lost and Found | pg | romance/mild!angst | (this is short but literally i died)
Jeonghan, a boy who just had his eyes removed, and Joshua, a boy going through numerous surgeries, share a hospital room. And Joshua decides to tell Jeonghan about what he sees every day from the view of the park from his window.

what’s with all the questions? | pg-13 | humor/fluff
Where everybody is wondering about Jisoo and Junghan and getting absolutely no answers.

Tooth Fairy | pg-15 | warnings – mentioned homophobia | mild!angst/fluff/romance | (side!docheol/seungyoon)
Jisoo finds an angel in a form of… his dentist assistant.

The Art of Tsundere | pg-13 | highschool!au/slight!angst
Jeonghan isn’t so sure if he’s content with his futile life anymore. Or at least ever since Hong Jisoo entered his life.

of unsweetened iced teas and scarlet red paint | pg | fluff/romance
Jeonghan paints the boy who sings down the hallway everyday. He doesn’t think much of it, the stranger is only a muse after all, but then he brings him home one day and he’s so in love.

Chocolate Tastes A Lot Like You | pg | fluff/romance
Jisoo gets stood up again, but this time Junghan is there.

Overwhelming | pg | predebut!era/romance
They’ve always been cautious about interacting near the other members – always one breath away from being that friendship, the ones that always talk about the wrong things, that always single each other out just a little less naturally than their group dynamic should allow.


 Pizza and Other Cheesy Things | pg-13 | university!au/pizzaboy!au
It all started when Jisoo accidentally said ‘I love you’ to the pizza boy on the other end of the line.

 Nostalgia | R | angst/romance | warnings – abuse, violence | (main!meanie) (mainside-ish!jihan) (mentioned!woohan/jeongwoo) | unfinished, still being written!
Wonwoo has been bullied for years. Mingyu and Jeonghan are best friends and delinquents. Joshua is Wonwoo’s neighbour and childhood friend, and Wonwoo’s father is abusive. Their worlds collided one day, leading to a series of unexpected events.

 Four and Thirteen | pg-13 | fluff/humor/romance | hogwarts!au | (main!jihan) (side!jicheol) (side!soonseok) | unfinished, still being written!
Four Hogwarts houses, thirteen friends. Seventeen, obviously.“ In which Jihan is the terrible idea of a Slytherin/Hufflepuff couple, Soonseok is the even worse idea of a Gryffindor/Hufflepuff couple, and Jicheol is literally the worst idea of a Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff couple.

 English for Dummies | pg-13 | fluff/humor/romance | school!au
Jeonghan’s close to failing his English class. If he doesn’t pull up his grades he’ll be benched and his starter position on the basketball team taken away. Luckily for him his English teacher says she found a tutor for him; a native speaker who moved to Korea a few years ago. Joshua Hong is the English tutor Jeonghan’s been looking for: patient, sweet, and teaches in a way so the English actually makes sense. Joshua being easy on the eyes is just an unexpected bonus.

 Fight me, Hong Jisoo! | pg-13 | fluff/humor/romance | cafe!au | (main!jihan) (side!jicheol) (side!meanie) (side!soonseok) (side!boonon/verkwan) (side!junhao)
Yoon Jeonghan was known for being a specialist in his area… actually, every one knew him. he was after all, “The Yoon Jeonghan”, food specialist, regardless of his talent, Jeonghan owned a modest cafe. But even the most famous amongst us have rivals lurking. So what happens when a certain Hong Jisoo comes and threatens Jeonghan’s well deserved titles, but also his loyal customers? War, that’s what.

 Take Me to the Top | pg-13 | fluff/humor/romance | school!au | (side!jicheol – if you squint) | unfinished, still being written!
“Popular boys are no good, Hong Jisoo.” Seungcheol pokes a finger into his best friend’s chest. “No good, I tell you! They’re basic. They only care about sports and hot girls! So stay away.”

 It’s called a “man”-icure for a reason, right | pg-13 | romance/fluff | unfinished! (if you’re the author and you see this pls continue i love ur fic)
Joshua forgot that he could speak Korean when the beautiful longhaired man said hello to him and somehow because of that he ended up with manicured hands. Oh, and a bunch of other things happened in between but basically it all sums up to Johsua is in too deep and now he’s screwed.

 Let Us (Not) Count the Time | pg-13 | angst/major!characterdeath | unfinished, still being written!
Jisoo always counts the time but when a boy who has long-hair named Yoon Jeonghan moves into their neighborhood, Jisoo wonders what time really is all about.

 MALL AU | pg-15 (author didn’t give specific rating and idk if its gonna be nasty later so) | humor/romance | | unfinished, still being written!
Everyone in Seventeen works at the same strip mall. And it gets worse.

nc17 for u nasties (feel free to ignore this if this isn’t your cup of tea!)

 My Love, My Love, My Love | nc-17 | fluff/romance | one shot
Joshua has a special present for Jeonghan’s birthday.

 Not ‘Sex and the City’ | nc-17 | warnings – semi-public sex
Jeonghan and Jisoo ditch Jeonghan’s moms’ wedding reception.

Hufflepuffs Can Dominate Too | nc-17 | hogwarts!au | (side!jicheol)
Hufflepuff Jisoo feels little butterflies in his stomach when he sees that beautiful Slytherin.

L'homme Douceâtre | nc-17 | warnings – food!play
Jisoo ate sweets. Jeonghan ate Jisoo.

anonymous asked:

If you get this, you have to rec your favourite fanfiction(s), and then send this message to five other people. Let's spread some love, writers deserve it!

Sounds good to me! :) I’m going to go with Destiel and Cockles fanfictions because that’s what I read the most. (and one Jimmy/Cas/Dean fic) Also, this might get pretty lengthy so bear with me. I’m not very good at picking only a few.

Hard Road (61k words):

Dean discovers a few truths about himself when he and Cas are forced to go undercover on a hunt to the very last place Dean ever thought he’d find himself: a gay resort, called “Last Hope”, geared towards failing homosexual relationships.

A Room of One’s Own (94k words):

All Dean wants is a little privacy. Cas doesn’t understand.

Past Present (83k words) // Not Available - Message me for PDF:

Dean/Castiel AU. When a handsome stranger wanders into his bar one warm fall night, Dean Winchester is charmed by the archaeology professor. As their friendship deepens, Dean will discover that there are a few simple truths about love: it can sneak up on you when you least expect it, and it will level you without warning. But it can also save you, when you’re lost.

Freefall (128k words):

Kindergarten teacher Dean Winchester spends his days elbow deep in play doh; the most exciting his life gets is when he plays mechanic in his uncle Bobby’s shop on the weekends. That is until a birthday party goes tequila-nova and he trips into a one-night stand with an incredibly hot firefighter named Castiel.

Painted Angels (105k words):

Author Castiel Novak has finally hit the big time, with a book based on his failed college relationship with a brilliant painter. He’s put all his pain behind him, but at a book signing, he comes face to face with Dean Winchester for the first time in twelve years, and the reunion doesn’t go like Cas hoped. Dean’s a broken man, with a lot of scars and secrets, shoulders weighed down by his demons and self loathing. Cas sees a second chance with the man he’s never stopped loving, but Dean’s moved on, and is about to get married. Sam launches a “brilliant” plan to reunite his brother and his best friend, but Cas is worried it will all blow up in their faces, and he’ll go through the agony of losing Dean a second time.

Porcelain (72k words):

High School AU ~ Dean Winchester has it all. He’s captain of the football team, a self-confessed ladies’ man and one of the most popular guys in school. But, is all of that about to change when he meets the mysterious Castiel Novak in an online chat-room?

A Home Beneath the Stars (71k words):

Castiel Novak is a young aspiring astronomy major, living on his own, far from his family for the first time. His life is a solitary one, that is, until he happens upon a man who will change it all. Meet Dean Winchester, who has, due to certain circumstances, found himself living on the streets, forced to beg for food, money, and the occasional odd job. Castiel decides to bring Dean to his apartment, giving him a chance at a single moment of comfort and safety. A friendship sparks between the two; will this lead to something other than just a one night act of charity?

The Breath of All Things (65k words):

Dean Winchester was twenty-six years old when a car accident killed his father and left him paralysed from the waist down. A year and a half later, Dean is in a wheelchair and lives in a care home in Kansas, where he spends his days waiting to die. It’s only when Castiel Novak starts volunteering at the care home that Dean starts to wonder if a changed life always equals a ruined one.

Pies and Prejudice (97k words):

Dean didn’t even want to enter this damn competition. He was happy with his life, more or less. It might not look like much from the outside, or to a younger brother headed towards a big time law career, but it wasn’t so bad that Dean needed to scrabble around for any opportunity to make a change – particularly not one as stupid as this. He’s going to throttle Sam the next time he sees him, for getting him involved in this ridiculous Bake-Off TV show. It’s bad enough that Dean has to cook in front of people he doesn’t know; he now has to go through the humiliation of being judged on it too. Its humiliation piled on humiliation, and to make matters worse Dean has to play nice with all the other suckers involved, like that rich dick-bag Castiel Novak. God, he hates that guy, and he hates that someone so awful has such a frustratingly fine ass.

Clean Air (121k words):

Centuries after the surface of the earth was devastated by an unknown disaster, the remnants of humanity live in a series of vast underground silos, each unaware of the existence of the others. For the inhabitants of Silo 34, the silo is the world, and the only world they know. Questions about the outside world are forbidden, and asking them is what got Dean Winchester’s parents killed. He isn’t even sure himself that they weren’t crazy. That all changes when he hears a voice on the radio – a voice from another world.

Misha’s Not in Vancouver Anymore (74k words):

An accident on set results in Misha ending up in the SPN!Verse and stuck with a confused and irritated Dean Winchester. Dean, Sam, and Castiel have to work together to find a way to send him back. Misha’s cheekiness brings to light the things that Dean only ever thinks about in the space between waking and dreaming.

Angel Slayer (138k words):

FBI Special Agent Jensen Ackles tracked a serial killer dubbed the Angel Slayer for six months in Washington, DC—the murderer was vicious, depraved, carved the names of angels into the victims’ chests…and eluded capture. Over eight years later, a murder in small Elton, NH has too many similarities for Jensen to ignore. Paired with a green agent, Jared Padalecki, Jensen travels to Elton to solve the case that has been haunting him for nearly a decade. In the course of the investigation the agents come across a local police officer named Misha Collins—who may have a deadly connection to the Angel Slayer.

Orpheus (84k words):

The club is Dante’s, the room is the Cage, and Dean is only there because he hates himself. He’s buzzdrunk from the shots he had at the upstairs bar, and dizzy from the heat. Ugly music thumps his bones, the juddering bassline overlaid with exactly the sort of discordant techno-trash he otherwise wouldn’t stomach in a fit. The Cage smells of sweat, sex and spilled beer, the tight space full of half- and near-naked bodies gyrating against each other and – shit, is that guy actually naked? He is, and the two men sandwiching him on the dancefloor look pretty pleased about it. Dean, in his jeans and tee, is practically overdressed, and as he stands there, equal parts aroused and ashamed, he has a brief moment of clarity. Get out. Go home. Stop punishing yourself.  Almost, he does. But through the din and crush, he suddenly feels eyes on him, and when he finds their owner, he remembers why he came.

Faith Healer (75k words):

Dean hates faith healers. Scam artists and power-hungry dicks, all of them. But with Sam nearing the end of his rope and desperate for a way to keep their father’s last words from being true, Dean has no choice but to turn to the enigmatic and irascible Castiel, more tattooed junkie than spiritual leader, in hopes of finding a way to cure Sam. Yet Castiel hides dangerous secrets, and Dean soon learns they have more to worry about than just Yellow Eyes and Sam’s growing demonic abilities. War is coming. Canon divergent after 2.10.

Take the Lead (59k words):

Castiel is one of the world’s biggest rock stars. Lead singer of The Garrison. He’s living a life of decadence, but he can’t come up with inspiration for their next album, and they’re supposed to be back in the studio in a matter of weeks. It’s no secret that The Garrison’s music is mostly about Castiel’s sex life, and the man experiments in lovemaking as often as he does with the band’s sound. Now, Cas needs a new sexual experience to inspire his music. Dean Winchester is a Mixed Martial Artist with a reputation for being able to take a hard hit and being able to deliver an even harder one. Having a fight in Vegas is surreal for the Kansas native. Being propositioned by a rock star after the fight is equally surreal. First of all, Castiel is decidedly male with a reputation with the ladies as sordid as Dean’s own. Second, his proposition to be at Dean’s mercy in the bedroom is as ridiculous as it is intriguing.

C-S-T-L (90k words):

It’s been nineteen years since the beginning of the Last War, and the Alliance Army is losing land faster than it can supply good men to defend it. Their hope is the synthesis of Android Angeles, a series of humanoid machines designed without the capacity to feel, and thus enabling them to be the perfect super soldiers. In order to check their battle suitability, the first prototypes are sent down with a landing party of the men they will later replace, and Sergeant Dean Winchester is paired with Unit 5284-C-S-T-L for the assignment. Cas, as Dean nicknames him, is easy enough to work with - once you get past the emotional vacancy and blatant disregard for human life, that is - but as the squad’s tour goes on, Dean gets to wondering whether the Android Angeles are really as unfeeling as he’s been told, or if the fear of a reality in which malfunctioning prototypes will be shut down is too great for them to exist any other way.

Love in the Wild (148k words):

When Sam decides it’s time for Dean to get his life together, he forces him onto a reality TV show. Supposedly a couple of weeks in the jungle with nineteen other hopeless people is all Dean needs to find “Love in the Wild.” Dean’s determined not to. It’s the principle of the matter. He hadn’t counted on meeting Cas, a down on his luck artist who’s only there to win the grand prize – a trip around the world. When Dean is saddled with him on the show, things immediately become complicated. Can the relationship they build in the jungles of Costa Rica survive in the outside world?

Red Right Hand (85k words):

It all starts with the mysterious note left on Dean’s chair. It all ends with Dean coming to terms not only with what he’s capable of, but how much that knowledge doesn’t bother him.

In the Weeds (40k words):

Dean knew, from the minute he laid eyes on Chef Castiel MacCarthy, the day would come that he would have to kidnap the man and dump the body in the darkest, dirtiest crack den in Ireland. Given that this was Dublin city, it wouldn’t be hard to find. Waiter!Dean and Chef!Castiel. Hate to love fic.

Thunder & Angels (54k words):

Castiel’s family owns the shoddily-regulated coal mine where John Winchester works, so Dean storms Cas’s mansion, demanding answers from the drugged-out trust-fund kid. In exchange for his help repairing the mine, Cas demands Dean live with him for three months and give Cas a shot at seducing him by allowing him one kiss a day.

Amnesia (77k words):

After an accident, Castiel finds himself with no memories of what has happened to him over the past nine years. Angels and humans live alongside eachother, however, their existence together can hardly be described as harmonious; and, as humans are agonisingly prone to doing, they oppress angelkind for their differences. Which is why Castiel is so disgusted with himself when he discovers that he has been married to one Dean Winchester, a human, for almost two years. As he attempts to gather his memories and understand the angel he has apparently become; he also finds himself, however reluctantly, falling in love with Dean Winchester, once more.

Bring it on Home (40k words):

Dean the Sales Rep just moved into the neighborhood, and his neighbor is a definitely crazy shut-in.

Kingdom Come (97k words) // Not Available - Message me for PDF:

Dean’s life is all work. He’s either at the bar that’s been left to him, serving drinks and cooking with his friend and partner Benny, or tinkering with prosthetic limbs. The rest of his life is one unhappy mess after another. Finding a stranger in the bathroom of his bar, after hours, doesn’t necessarily improve anything.

Revenge of the Subtext (80k words):

Things are finally settling back down to normal since Cas gave up his grace to cure Dean of the Mark. Well, as normal as their lives are allowed to get. Sam relentlessly finds new cases to work, one right after the other; but Dean thinks they need a break to let Cas have some purely human fun, for once. It’s true they had a difficult time readjusting to humanity at first, but Dean thinks Cas deserves to do more than ride around in the back seat and follow them on monster hunts. Then again, Dean’s a little bit scared to ask exactly what Cas would want, just in case it doesn’t include spending quite so much time with him. And with Sam (of course). Sam’s been tracking a series of odd occurrences in Laramie, Wyoming for the last few weeks that looks just enough like a case to finally convince Dean they should go check it out. Whether they like it or not, the goddess responsible for the weirdness in Laramie takes an immediate interest in the three less-than-perfectly-happy hunters who’ve stumbled into her town.

For All You Young Hockey Players Out There, Pay Attention (143k words):

Dean Winchester knows two things about hockey, two things his dad made sure he knew. One, hockey is a guy’s sport, and two, hockey is family. Hockey meant Sam and Bobby and Benny and Victor and Gabriel and hell, his entire team. So when Victor gets traded, Russian-star-turned-new-teammate Castiel Krushnic becomes a threat. As much as Dean hates him for that, the longer he sticks around, the more he begins to threaten that first rule too. Dean’s been taught his whole life that those who play hockey should not be captivated by deep accented voices and the way a guy handles his stick, so how the hell is he supposed to justify what he’s starting to think about Cas? All Dean wanted at the beginning of the season was to win, and now all he wants to do is figure out how he feels about Cas and how to deal with it without ruining his career and tearing his family apart.

Reconciling Hollywood (32k words):

Misha has always prided himself on his mastery of the first impression - both giving and receiving. After all, people are easy enough to read if examined through the appropriate lens. For the last two years he’s stuck to his guns and his assumption that Jensen is just a good guy who made a dick mistake back when he thought Misha was disposable. Pushed him up against a trailer door and took because he could. But now, with Jared overseas with his new bride, Jensen around more than ever, and a decision weighing heavy on his conscience, Misha realizes that truly knowing Jensen might be nearly as impossible as knowing himself.

The Complete Works of Emmanuel Allen (56k words):

Dean Winchester, reluctant business owner, reluctant home owner, and reluctant cat owner, is striking up a very promising friendship with the author of his favorite book series. And he has no idea.

To Raise a King (192k words):

This must be some kind of horrible joke at Castiel’s expense. Is he truly expected to protect a King? One who has been their enemy for as long as he can remember? He is much more suited to being a part of the army, or at the very least someone who helps to train the knights. That would be far more preferred than having to watch over the King. It means Castiel would get to keep fighting – and that’s the only way he knows to give meaning to his life.

Empty Spaces (50k words):

Dean is fine. The way he sees it, things are simple. He had a house and a family and food in his stomach, and now he doesn’t. And yeah, that’s a downer, but he’s not going to let that stop him from being fine, because he’s in control of the situation. He definitely doesn’t need anyone to save him. And it’s not like the weird guy with the nice butt from down the road is the knight-in-shining-armor type, anyway.

Satin and Sawdust (160k words):

When Castiel moves out of Jimmy’s house and into his own place for the first time, he saves money on buying a home by investing in a Fixer-Upper. He knows nothing about how to fix the many problems the house has, but he figures he’s smart enough to figure it out. Unfortunately it’s not too long before he learns that he’s way in over his head. Thankfully his new neighbor Dean is a handyman, and agrees to help him out. He knows Dean has a bit of a crush on him, but he’s not taking advantage of it, really. Dean’s a great guy, and quickly becomes a good friend. But a flash of satin under Dean’s toolbelt changes everything.

Pitchers and Catchers (123k words) (Dean/Cas/Jimmy):

In his entire career, from Little League to the pros, Castiel Novak has only ever pitched to his twin brother Jimmy Novak. When circumstances force him to need to find a new catcher, Castiel knows there’s no replacement for his brother…

Hostage Situation (30k words):

Cas Novak is a misfit soldier whose dream is to be a medic and devote his life to helping people. Unfortunately, he’s also a part of the Company, which puts greater emphasis and value on its soldiers fighting in the war against the Battalion and its most infamous and evasive sharpshooter, Dean Winchester. When the Company manages to capture him, Cas is stunned. He’s spent much of his life bearing witness to Winchester’s handiwork, and finally being in the presence of Winchester himself turns his world upside down.

Yellow (110k words):

Life had always been rough for long-time New Yorker, Castiel Haven. And when he ratted out his mob boss father, the rest of his horrific family, and about a half-dozen cops, he knew life wasn’t about to get better. Especially not when the FBI carted him off to the middle of nowhere, North Carolina. But he sure as hell didn’t expect the biggest complication to be a small-town brazen mechanic with a tenacious sex drive named Dean Winchester. One of them never lies. One of them never tells the truth. And both of them have no fucking clue what it means to love someone.

This got way longer than I had intended it to get. Please let me know if any of the links are broken and feel free to check my Fanfiction Recommendations Page for additional fics that I didn’t list here. ♥

Hollow - Part Three

Genre: Angst

Part One // Part Two // Part Three // Part Four // Part Five // Part Six // Finale

Word Count: 2,429

Summary: He was always busy, leaving you feeling hollow.

Jimin nervously toyed around with his phone, flipping it over and over in his hands. It had been almost an hour since he sent you the text and yet you still hadn’t messaged him whether you were done with work or not. He unlocked his phone, staring at the message you had sent to him a while ago.

You: Fine, I’ll meet up with you once I’m done work.

Jimin let out a groan, his body dropping back onto his bed. To say he was frustrated was an understatement. JYP Entertainment still hadn’t released a statement on how credible the articles and rumors of you dating Jinyoung were. He didn’t understand why they wouldn’t have said anything as this would cause the fans to misunderstand. Unless you really were dating him.

All types of questions floated around in Jimin’s mind. Did you forget about him- opting to go out on another date with Jinyoung instead? Had you passed out somewhere due to overworking? Where were you?

Jimin let out a sigh- waiting here wasn’t going to help him at all. He quickly pulled on his face mask along with a hat to cover up his face. Jimin knew you didn’t like people barging into your home unannounced, always demanding at least a two hours notice, but he was desperate. The thought that you may have moved on was eating away at him and he needed to meet up as soon as possible.

“Jin hyung! I’m going out for a while,” Jimin shouted, hearing a faint agreement from Jin before slipping on his shoes. There was no way he would let you go so easily.

The boys all let out a collective groan once the music stopped, dropping to the floor. You chuckled at their behavior- Jackson faking his death, shooting you a death glare. 

“Good job! You guys have done well enough to earn a ticket out of my studio. Remember to keep hydrated!” you reminded them, nudging some of them as they exited the room. Jinyoung hesitated at the door, analyzing you.

“You okay? You seemed kind of off after the break,” Jinyoung mumbled, reaching forward to tuck in some loose strands behind your ear. You sighed, debating whether you should tell Jinyoung about it or not. It wasn’t like you two were dating, but there was definitely something brewing between the two of you.

“It’s nothing much, I just have an important meeting to get to. I’ll talk to you later?” you smiled, trying to hide how distressed you were. You definitely were not emotionally ready to go meet up with Jimin. Jinyoung seemed to understand, offering to at least drive you home. Jinyoung helped pick up your things, even insisting that he carry them for you.

You had noticed that, ever since the first date, he had personally requested to drive a separate car to drive you home after each lesson. “Oh yeah, how come your company didn’t get mad at you about those articles? It looked pretty bad to me.”

“They were a little pissed, but I managed to get it under control,” Jinyoung replied vaguely, making you groan. He wasn’t ready to reveal that he had to beg the company not to respond yet- wanting to win you over first. “It doesn’t matter that much, just get in the car already.”

Once the car came to a stop outside of your apartment, you gave Jinyoung a hug before leaving. You suddenly recalled Jimin’s text, completely forgetting to text him back. You groaned, tapping away at your phone.

You: Sorry, just finished work. Where do you want to meet up?

You prayed that it would take him a while to reply, giving you an excuse to take up more time than necessary until meeting him. Fishing your keys out of your bag, you unlocked the door and slipped off your shoes. 

That’s when you noticed something was wrong.

Beside your shelve of shoes was Jimin’s sneakers- a pair you had gotten him for his last birthday.

“Jimin?” you yelled, silently cursing yourself for forgetting that he had a spare key to your apartment. Footsteps started from upstairs and you crossed your arms, waiting for him to appear. You expected Jimin to come from upstairs with a sheepish grin on his face, ready to apologize for coming unannounced. Instead, you were shocked to see his face mirroring your angered expression.

“Why were you with him?” Jimin growled as he advanced towards you. You scoffed at his behavior. This is how he was going to greet you after his tour?

“Last time I checked, I didn’t have to report anything to you,” you snarled in return, watching the pain flash across Jimin’s face. Guilt bubbled up within you but you were too angry to be stopped.

“You’re quick to move on, aren’t you? I saw the articles, I just didn’t think it was true.” A mix of emotions filled you. Jimin was jealous because of Jinyoung’s presence and yet never made time for you.

“That’s just rich coming from you, Jimin. Do you know how many times articles about you and another girl would be released? You never even tried to clear up the misunderstanding with me- when I was your girlfriend- and you expect me to do it for you? We’re not together anymore,” you hissed, tears clouding your vision.

“I thought you would have trust in me! You obviously didn’t trust me if you were so easily swayed by a few articles done by people looking for money!” Once the words left his lips, a wave of realization crashed down on him. It was too late to take back those words.

“How can I have trust in someone who doesn’t give me anything to trust in? How do you trust someone who never tells you what’s going on? You never gave me anything to believe in! I was the one who had to smile through the promises you forgot!” You could feel your face heating up as you finished with, “You can’t trust someone who doesn’t show their love for you.”

Silence filled the room. Jimin looked stunned, mouth hanging helplessly open. He hadn’t wanted this to happen. He had came in hopes of patching things up, but everything flew out the window once he saw who had driven you home.
The thought of you with another guy killed him and he couldn’t contain the anger towards you for leaving him behind so easily. But watching you now, pain so raw and tears streaming down your face, he was sure this killed him more.

‘Maybe it’s best I just leave her alone…’ Jimin wondered, angry at himself for letting it get this far. ‘If only I had just loved her the way she deserved… This would never have happened.’

“You’re right, I don’t know what I was expecting coming here. I’m sorry, I’ll leave you alone.” Jimin made his way past you, gathering all of his things to leave. He stopped at the door, sparing you a glance. “Good bye, Y/N.”

The door slammed shut and you crumpled to the ground. Why did he have this effect on you? Why did he always leave this hollow feeling?

Jinyoung glanced over at you for the millionth time. You were spaced out, slouched against the mirror- not even noticing the small slip up he had made. You always cracked down on mistakes, no matter how small, to prepare the group for their performances.

The song came to an end, and you still hadn’t spoken a word. Mark moved over to Jinyoung, eyes shifting from Y/N to Jinyoung.

“Hey man, did something happen? Y/N doesn’t look so good,” Mark muttered, the rest of GOT7 crowding in.

“I don’t know, she seemed a little off yesterday, but not this bad. I’ll try talking to her.” The rest of the members backed off, giving Jinyoung and Y/N some privacy.

“Y/N, you okay? The song ended already,” Jinyoung chuckled nervously, taking a seat beside you. You jolted out of your trance, finally noticing what was going on.

“Oh shoot, sorry guys. Uh, I guess you’re done for today,” you mumbled, turning to Jinyoung. “I’m fine, just a little tired.” The other members awkwardly looked at each other, deciding that it was better to leave. They all exited, leaving just Jinyoung and you.

“Come on, Y/N. If you’re fine, let’s go out,” Jinyoung smiled, lightly nudging you. He hated seeing you so broken and worn down. You never let anything get to you, always brushing off the negativity. And yet here you were, completely broken and empty.

“I don’t know, Jinyoung. I’m not feeling too well,” you complained. The last thing you wanted was to drag Jinyoung’s mood down. He shook his head at you.

“Don’t worry, let me help you feel better. Just let me take you out, I swear it’ll make you feel better.” Jinyoung got up, helping you to your feet too. You sighed- what you wanted most was to stay at home, blocking out the rest of the world. “Just trust me, okay?”

“Fine, I trust you.”

Of all the things you expected Jinyoung to do, you didn’t picture your date taking place at a cafe. Jinyoung always brought you to such interesting places that you’ve never even seen that you assumed this date would also be as spectacular.

“Uh Jinyoung, are you sure this is the right place?” you asked, evaluating the cafe. It didn’t look too special- all the drinks seemed to be normal, the atmosphere the same as others. There was no special spark to the place. The whole place was dead, just Jinyoung and you there.

“Of course, didn’t I tell you to trust me?” he teased, earning some grumbles from you. Not that you minded the choice of location- you preferred casual places anyways.

Jinyoung waved over one of the servers, whispering something to her. You silently eyed how close he was to her and how her cheeks were tinted pink. Anyone would blush at the sight of Jinyoung. He was handsome and young, paired with a killer smile.

The server left to retrieve something and Jinyoung seemed to notice your tense expression. His eyebrows scrunched together in concern, but the smirk playing on his lips told you otherwise. He was totally playing around with you. You scowled at him in return, letting your attention rest on the window instead.

Finally the server returned, a different menu in hand than the others you saw at the tables. After casting a lingering gaze towards Jinyoung, the server left and Jinyoung leaned forward. “Take a look at the menu, I guarantee you’ll like the selections.” You rolled your eyes, picking up the menu anyways. You expected the same selection as the other menus but this one was completely different.

“’Ruff Day’? What kind of drink is that?” you laughed, cracking the first smile Jinyoung had seen all day. He chuckled along with you, daring you to order it. Thinking that it’d just be a latte with dog foam art on top, you definitely were shocked when your order came out.

A white Pomeranian dog came racing out of another room, straight towards you. One of the servers trailed behind the dog, setting down the drink you had assumed was coming out. Jinyoung couldn’t help but laugh at your shell-shocked expression.

“You know you can play with him right?” Jinyoung pointed out, watching as you practically leaped out of your seat to play with the dog. He just sat back and enjoyed witnessing you trying to win over the dog. It didn’t take long before you pulled him into playing with the dog and you both tried to gain the dog’s favor.

You two must have spent hours in the cafe- leaving once the sun started its descent. Both of you had been giggling while recalling moments in the cafe during the ride home- letting you momentarily forget about Jimin.

“You were right,” you confessed, Jinyoung giving you a confused stare. “I do feel a lot better, thanks Jinyoung.” He grinned at you, reaching over to pinch your cheek.

“Aw, Y/N is actually praising me,” he cooed, earning a heated glare from you.

The car pulled up to your apartment, and Jinyoung stopped you before you could leave. “Actually, I need to tell you something,” Jinyoung mumbled, cheeks heating up. You quirked an eyebrow, but nodded your head for him to continue.

“I know this seems kind of sudden, but after spending all this time with you, I know that what I’m feeling isn’t some sudden feeling that will fade. I’m pretty sure I’ve felt it for a long time, just never acknowledging it in fear of rejection,” Jinyoung started, feeling nervous under your piercing gaze. “What I’m trying to say is that I want those rumors to become a reality. I like you, Y/N.”

Your heart skipped a beat at his confession and you were sure your cheeks were a blazing red. You couldn’t honestly say that you weren’t expecting something like this, but you always second-guessed yourself. Jinyoung was way out of your league, so why did he even want to date you?

“Uh…” you trailed off, trying to think of something to reply with. You wanted to say ‘yes’, but your heart still held onto Jimin. You didn’t want to ruin a perfectly good relationship because you couldn’t let go of Jimin.

“You don’t have to answer now- I know it’s sudden. Just consider me as an option, okay?” Jinyoung finished meekly, suddenly becoming shy. You smiled at him, before leaning over and pecking him on the cheek.

“Just give me a little time and I’ll give you my answer. Good night, Jinyoung.” You quickly got out of the car, not stopping to watch his reaction. It was the first time that you initiated a kiss, even though it was only on the cheek.

With your door firmly closed, you realized the upcoming decision you would have to make. You had to choose between Jimin and Jinyoung. The smart decision would be Jinyoung- he was caring, attentive and thoughtful. You had no doubt he would be sure to make time for you constantly. But Jimin was someone you had loved for over three years. He would not be easy to forget at all and you knew that somewhere in your heart you still loved him.

You groaned in frustration, leaning against the door. Two boys that held a special part in your heart, but only one could remain.

‘What do I do now?’

Birthday (Youngjae Fluff)


I wrote the story for my ultimate bias Choi Youngjae. I just wanted to do something super fluffy, because I literally love this boy so much. He deserves the world and just, he’s so cute.

Also sorry for any grammar mistakes I didn’t really check it.

Word Count: 1800+

Genre: Fluffy fluff

You quickly put your shoes on and grabbed your keys. Pacing to your car you smiled. It was finally your boyfriend’s birthday. Today he was turning 20. You couldn’t help but have a huge smile on your face; you probably looked insane to some of the people you walked past. It was so nice of the rest of the boys to help you with Youngjae’s party. You had told them about the idea, and Jackson was the most enthusiastic about it. You really wanted to surprise Youngjae since the boy had been working nonstop recently. He was always at practice and you hardly had anytime to see him. You knew how stressed he was with the new comeback coming closer than ever. You thought it was a good idea to help him unwind and enjoy himself for a day. Feeling a vibration in your back pocket, you already knew it was one of the boys calling you.


“Hey (y/n) it’s Jackson.”


“So we need you to be over here by one. Mark was gonna stay back from practice to help you set up.”

“That’s perfect Jackson!”

“See you soon (y/n)!” He quickly hung up the phone, not giving you a chance to respond.

Getting into your car, you pulled out the list of items you had to get for the party. Your thoughts wondered as you still couldn’t think of something to get Youngjae. You had asked him what he wanted, but he didn’t say. He just said he wanted to be with you. It made you blush a little thinking about his words. He was so sweet, he knew you weren’t the richest person on the planet, with you starting college and only working part time. However you still wanted to get him something special. You sighed and decided to text Youngjae.

‘Happy birthday Jae!!!’


‘I have to work Jae, but I’ll see you tonight’

‘Alright jagiya’

You smiled to yourself, if only he knew about the surprise. Looking at your list of things to do, you decided to go to the store and pick up the cake, and a few other things. Maybe there you would get inspired and figure out what you were going to get Youngjae. The drive was quick, or maybe it was the fact that you were jamming out to Got7. Either way you got there quickly. You entered the store and paced up and down the aisles looking for Youngjaes favorite snack. You smiled picking up a few bags of the snack. You then entered the bakery section of the store. The lady was nice as you picked up the cake. However you didn’t pay much attention to her, because all you could think of was Youngjae. Your only hope was that Youngjae would enjoy his party.

After gathering all the items necessary to complete his party, you still hadn’t come up with anything. The boys had all told you what they got him. It was some new expensive singing type equipment thing. Something you could never afford. Youngjae had said he wanted to get something that had to do with singing, or something along those lines. In all honestly you had no idea what it was.

You had eventually collected all the stuff needed, although it wasn’t all that much just food. You texted Mark and let him know you were on your way over. He simply responded with a simple okay. You were like 90% sure he was still half asleep.

You sat in your car for a moment thinking. You had nothing for Youngjae. You decided to just have him choose something, or beg him to tell you what he wanted. Arriving at their home, you picked the cake up in one hand and held the bags of food in the other. You rang the doorbell and you heard Marks footsteps coming closer to the door.

“Hey (y/n)!”

“Hey!” He reached out and grabbed the bags you were holding in your other hand.

“Wow, you got a lot of stuff.”

“It’s just food.”

“Do we really eat this much.” You turned your head slowly and gave him a look that said are you stupid.

“You guys eat like a herd of cows. Yes you guys eat a lot.” He laughed and scratched the back of his head.

“I guess you’re right. We can’t help it you know.”

“I know, and I really don’t care. However some of my doubts that this will be enough food for eight people.”

“We can just get more if we need it.” You hummed a ‘mhm’ in response. Mark began to play some music as the two of you began to set up decorations. After a few minutes of the two of you playing around and singing, you paused.

“Hey Mark.”

“Hm?” He hummed as he was cleaning the room.

“Did Youngjae ever say anything about him, like, wanting something?”

“Well as cheesy as it sounds…” He paused, pondering whether to tell you or not.

“I don’t know if I should tell you, for Youngjaes sake.” You set down the bowl you were holding.

“What is it Mark?”

“I’m not su-“

“Mark~” You whined.

“Alright, well you can’t tell him I told you this.” You waited anxiously for him to tell you what it was.

“He just said he wanted to spend time with you.”

“You made me anxious all for that!?” You chuckled and smiled.

“I did, Youngjae is so cheesy.” You blushed a little. Youngjae was so sweet, he always did so much for you. He took you to nice restaurants that you couldn’t really afford. He always made sure you were happy and healthy. In all honestly you felt like you could never return the favor. You paused for a moment, but then returned back to setting up the food. Time quickly passed as you cooked and Mark cleaned.

After finishing you flopped yourself onto the couch.

“Whew” you sighed. “We’re finished.”

He let out a breathless laugh. “Yea, we are.”

Your phone began to ring, you knew it was Bambam when you heard the extremely annoying ringtone he set for himself. The ringtone was a voice recording of him going ‘dab boi.’ You sighed as you picked up the phone.

“Hey Bambi.”

“Are you guys finished?”


“Good were on our way back.”

“Already?! It’s only…”



“Anyways bye (y/n).”

“Bye Bambi.”

“Jeez Mark, I didn’t know I was cooking for three hours.” Mark chuckled.

“The time flew by I guess?”


You and Mark just sat on the couch resting for a moment; waiting for the others to come. The two of you enjoyed the calm before the storm. The storm of screaming that is, the screaming that would happen as soon as the six others stepped foot into the apartment.

Hearing the laughs and semi-screams coming from outside of the apartment, you and Mark looked at each other and took a deep breath. Hearing the door beginning to open a sudden burst of anxiety spread through your body. You lightly clenched your fists and stood up. Your heart raced as you saw Youngjae enter through the door.

“Happy birthday Youngjae!” The seven of you yelled in unison. Youngjae began smiling and laughing. He looked so happy and surprised. His eyes finally met with yours and you felt like crying.

“Youngjae!” You felt yourself yell. You ran over to him and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“I missed you so much.” He immediately wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Jagi, I, thank you for the surprise.”

“Cute!” You heard Jackson yell, your cheeks tinted into a slight red color. Then you, resentfully, let go of Youngjae. He smiled and kissed you on the forehead. You could hear Bambam and Jackson screaming and running around the room. You could feel Jinyoungs and Jaebums annoyance. You could literally feel how much Jinyoung wanted to strangle Bambam. It made you laugh a little. You could tell it was going to be a good party.

Everyone started laughing when Yugyeom had pointed out how both You and Youngjae hadn’t separated all night.

“I well…” You had nothing to say. You missed Youngjae and wanted to be with him forever. Youngjae chuckled a little.

“She is my girlfriend. I can’t just leave her alone with…”

“With who?!” Jackson yelled. Everyone started to laugh and Jackson acted as if he was serious.

“With who Youngjae?” You could feel yourself running out of breath. You were laughing so hard that tears started falling from your eyes.

“With you Hyung.” Youngjae laughed. Youngjae then wrapped his arm around you, holding you close. You rested your head against his shoulder. You could fall asleep like this, in fact it was ideal, and you wanted to fall asleep next to him. Before you knew it everything fell silent. You felt yourself quickly falling asleep. You wanted to wake yourself back up, but your eyelids felt so heavy, and Youngjae was so warm.

You woke up to the feeling of sweet kisses on your neck.

“Mmmm” You groaned. “Jae.”

“Morning jagi.” His arms were wrapped around you. Both of your bodies pressed together, it felt so nice. Well it was more like the two of you had to be so close or else you would both fall off the small bed. Again, you didn’t mind, you didn’t care, you loved being so close to him.

“Did I really sleep until morning Jae?”

“Well you slept through the night, and it’s currently noon.”

“Oh I’m sorry Jae. I guess my lack of sleep is finally catching up with me. I’ll make it up to you.”

“Make what up jagi?”

“Your party and stuff, I did sleep through it.” He lightly laughed.

“Funny thing, I, uh, actually fell asleep too.” You giggled.

“Really? Or are your just saying that to make me feel better?”

“No, I actually fell asleep right after you.” When you tried to sit up Youngjae only tightened his grip.

“Jagi just stay here. I don’t really want to deal with the others teasing’s just yet…” He paused. “Particularly Jackson Hyungs.”

“Okay Jae.” You laughed.

“Also jagi.” You hummed in response.

“Mark hyung told me you were stressed over getting me something, and I just wanted to say, I already have everything.”

“But Jae, you got me a gift for my birthday.”

“But jagi you made me an entire party, and got me a cake. And best of all I have you.” You smiled.

“I love you so much Youngjae.”

“I love you too jagi.” He then left another kiss on your neck.

“You know we can hear you right?!” Jackson yelled. You blushed.

“You two lazys need to get up we made breakfast.” Jinyoung added.

“Mmm, jagi don’t say anything, I don’t want to stop cuddling just yet.” He spoke quietly.


We are currently open for reaction requests look at the groups here. Also I hope you enjoyed the story!

-Admin A

Present (Hansol/Vernon)

type: fluff??? angst???. idek
pairing: you x vernon
words: 1563
a/n: idk about this :(((


Today was the day. Hansol was more than a little excited when he woke up this morning. The birds chirped louder than usual, the grass looked greener, the sun shone brighter. He couldn’t wait for everyone to come barging in to sing that special song that only gets sung to him once a year, but most of all, he couldn’t wait to see the dazzling smile on your face when you pull him into a hug and whisper your greetings in his ear. Today was the day. It was his birthday. But as he lay there with his eyes closed, waiting for the sound of 13 pairs of feet to ‘wake him up’, and practicing that 'just woke up’ surprised look he was gonna make, he realised nobody was coming.

Curious as to why songs weren’t being sung, why presents haven’t been given yet and where you were on a day like this, he clambered out of bed, in search for somebody - anybody. His ears picked up on your sweet, melodic laughter and used it as a guide, a map, the treasure being you.

“Hey, babe I-” His words were cut off as he walked in on you and Dino, standing shoulder to shoulder, which was a little too close for his liking. You and Dino’s eyes widened as they acknowledged his presence, immediately pulling away from each other.

“H-Hansol-ah! What are you doing here I thought you would be with the others an-”

“Yeah. I guess you don’t want me here anyway, I’ll go hang with them, wouldn’t want to bother whatever’s going on here. I’ll see you later, hope you have fun with…” His voice trailed off as his eyes landed on his short, nervous dongsaeng. And at that, Hansol turned on his heel and walked out the door, leaving the two of you dumbfounded.

Something was definitely going on. At first, he thought nothing of it, perhaps he was just imagining things. At first, he thought he must’ve been going insane. At first he thought he was being a horrible person, a horrible boyfriend for having zero trust in you. But he sees how differently you act around him nowadays, you think he wouldn’t notice? He was your boyfriend for gods sake, he watches your every move! You always said you were ‘fine’, you always said you were ‘okay’, but the way you freeze up whenever he comes near deserves way more than a simple word as an explanation. Hansol knew better than to believe the lies you were feeding him, he was beginning to wonder if the promise the two of you made that you wouldn’t keep secrets from each other, was a promise you were willing to keep.

This wasn’t the first time he caught the two of you together, this wasn’t the first, second, third, nor forth. He’d seen you two at it for over 2 weeks, and it killed him inside, knowing that you were hiding something from him, but never knowing what that something was. And in all honesty, he was beginning to feel jealous. Why were you spending time with someone else? Especially on his birthday? Different reasons popped up in his brain, quite far fetched ones too, but the most realistic one he could think of was something he wished would never come true.

Were you… Cheating on him?

Hansol’s heart yearned for that to be false, but every inch of his body, from the top of his head to the tips of his toes, was telling him otherwise. Despite how crushed, depressed and angry he felt, there was nothing else that could lead to a different possible outcome. You were cheating on him, and even worse, with one of his best friends.

Not knowing what else to do, he set off in seek of help from his hyungs. But much like this morning, nobody was around. Where had they all gone off too? Especially on a day like this? The fact that the studio, dorms and practice rooms were empty filled him with slight anger. This was supposed to be a special day, the highlight of his year, but now nobody was here to even say happy birthday and his s/o, the one he loved with all his heart was cheating on him. Highlight of his year? More like the worst day of his life. Hansol needed answers, he needed them now, and the only way he could do that is confronting you and hearing the truth come from your lips, whether it killed him inside or not.


“_________, we need to talk.” He said in a stern voice after a few minutes of walking around, trying to find you, only to see you were in a dark room all by yourself. He was tempted to ask if you were alright, if you were feeling okay, but now wasn’t the right moment, he had to get some other stuff off of his chest.

“Hey babe, I’m glad you’re here! There’s something I wanted to show you.” Your words caused Hansol’s anger to increase, now you wanted to see him? Now, after weeks of feeling neglected by his own lover?

“What, things didn’t work out with Dino?” He could see what he said made an impact because you stumbled back a little and your eyes widened a bit more, confusion was written across your face, but you weren’t fooling him.

“What, in the world are yo-”
“Oh, stop playing dumb! You’ve been sneaking around with Dino behind my back for weeks!”
“Wh- Hansol! It’s not like that at all!”

“Then what is it? What else could you have possibly been doing when you cancel plans to meet up with me, only for me to find you with Dino? Huh?” By then the two of you were full on yelling, and he was surprised nobody had come to see what the commotion was.

With a glistening tear sliding down your cheek, you reached behind you and flicked on the light switch, immediately filling the room with balloons, colour, food and a massive 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANSOL!’ Banner, the boys were all hiding behind furniture, but due to the heated argument didn’t dare say a thing.

“Surprise.” You squeaked and bursted into tears before you pushed passed him and out the door, leaving him completely shocked and guilty. Dino got up, gave his hyung a disappointed look and ran off to catch up with you. Hansol just stood there in silence, letting the sadness and guilt seep in through his bones, tears threatening to spill out of his eyes. If he hadn’t lost you before, he definitely did just now.

His hyungs stood in front of their dongsaeng,“Hansol, are you seriously going to let _______ go just like that? Come on, you know better than that.” His oldest hyung, Seungcheol’s words caused something to click inside his brain. He was right, something as precious as you wasn’t something someone should just give up on easily. He needed to find you, now.


After what felt like hours but was only a few minutes, he finally found both you and Dino near a park bench, Dino saying something reassuring and you, sobbing your eyes out. The state you were in broke his heart even more for your sadness, your pain, was all because of him and his stupid actions. He was beginning to think he didn’t deserve your forgiveness, that his actions was something he should just live with for the rest of his life, but the words of Seungcheol stayed imprinted on his mind, he couldn’t give up on you easily. Dino noticed him standing there and whispered a quick 'I’ll be back’ in your ear, before quickly walking up to Hansol.

“Fix this, hyung.” With that, the maknae walked back in the building, leaving you and him alone.

“__________, I’m sorry.” He whispered, when you didn’t respond, he continued on talking, pouring out his heart and soul, so that maybe, just maybe, you would forgive him. “I admit, I was the worlds biggest jerk back there, and I have no excuse for my behaviour, all I know was that I was blinded by jealousy, that emotion took over and I said and did things without thinking about what would happen… And who I’d hurt. I know, I know you are hurt and upset that I have such small trust in you, but it’s not that at all. I can change, _________, no, I will change. I’ll change for you, I’ll become better. I-”

“Hansol, it’s okay.” Your sudden words caused him to widen his eyes,“I’m sorry too, I know I haven’t been spending as much time with you as I used to, planning your party and all, but I understand how you must’ve been feeling. You had no idea why I was always disappearing and I guess I would’ve had some ideas of you cheating on me if you were being like that, too. I forgive you Hansol, I forgive y-”

You never got to finish your sentence, before your last word got out he had engulfed you in his arms, hugging you tight. “Thank you so much…” He whispered, his voice cracking a little.

“Hold on! I need to get your present an-”

“I don’t need a present, having you in my life is the best present anyone could ever give me.”

Birthday Presents - Sam Winchester x Reader

Title: Birthday Presents

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: The other one would be that its the readers birthday and she’s never wanted to celebrate it but Sam (her boyfriend of 2 years) decides to spoiler her and they both have a surprise at the end of the day. Sam proposes and the reader says she’s pregnant

“Sam gosh” you breathed out burying your face in your hands as you felt your cheeks heat up as you took everything in.

Sam chuckled as he wrapped his arms tightly around you and kissed your cheek “Happy birthday baby.” he whispered in your ear as you felt your eyes well up with tears.

“Sam you- you shouldn’t have.” you felt your heart hammer in your chest as you took in the sigh in front of you. Dim lighting, candles laid all around and soft music playing in the background. And above all: a restaurant booked just for the two of you.

“No, no I know I should.” he breathed out, turning you to face him as he cupped your cheek with one hand “You deserve the world, (Y/n), and this is only a small piece of what I want to offer you; much less what you really deserve.”

“Sam I just-” you bit your lower lip “I told you I didn’t want to really celebrate it.” you mumbled, fidgeting with his white button-up shirt. The first three buttons were undone and it was already making you weak on the knees.

“I know just as I know that this once I wanted you to be able to celebrate it. Yeah, I know that you don’t really like it but there is nothing wrong with getting older. If anything I think you should be grateful for having gotten to live yet another year.” he shrugged softly, helping you take off your coat and resting it on one of the many empty chairs.

“You just want to spoil me, don’t you?” you asked with a smirk and he grinned widely, shrugging innocently.

“Maybe, maybe not. I guess we’ll have to wait to know.” he extended one hand for you and you took it gracefully.

“Oh really?” you smiled “So I should expect more or what?” your other hand rested on his shoulder as he brought his other one around your waist.

“Don’t know… maybe?” he smirked and your eyebrows shot up.

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TBBT: The Birthday Synchroncity (10x11)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

OMG!!! And the fandom goes wild… wow, wow and wow. 😆 This precious episode is everything. 💖 All hail to TPTB for a wonderful season. My ShAmy shipping heart is beyond excited!!! So much so, that I’ve watched it multiple times since yesterday. 🙈 Heads up, this may be long but there’s lots to talk about. 

Let’s get to it!

1. Amy’s Birthday:

First, lets remember that Sheldon is set on routines and has an pre-established bedtime. So you all know he waited for Amy to fall asleep (he must have pretended to fall asleep too) and he waited for it to be midnight - he was staring at his watch when the scene started.⌚

BONUS: Sheldon’s party horn had me dying, lol!😂

Then his gift:

A functional MRI of his brain!!! Sheldon is the best gift giver ever. 👍 He may lack some romance but his gifts always go above and beyond and I’ll share a tid bit. 😍

The orbitofrontal cortex is lit up because I was thinking of you

Amy, who is a Neurobiologist, knows what this means. The orbitofrontal cortex of the brain signals an affective reinforcement in decision making. In other words, it assist in decision making and provide sensations of reinforcement to make the decision. The OFC is linked to addictions as people who engage in addictive behaviors are said to be reinforced by feeling good even if the outcome is not good. 

I don’t know if you follow what I getting at but if he was thinking of her when it lit up, Sheldon is saying that he feels awesome and has the feels in any decision where she is concerned. 😲💖💖💖 (He’s not scared, nervous or anxious.) She’s like an addiction that he decided he want because he feels he needs.  

Also, lets not forget Sheldon says the basis of any gift is reciprocity. He believes when you give a gift, the receiver is obligated it to give something in return. We know what he wants - wink.

Sheldon planned every detail.

“I didn’t put on my come-hither plaid pj’s for nothing

He wanted her! This was another of Sheldon’s planned seductive moves! And this for me was EVERYTHING! 

Then we get a scene I have only read or written about in fanfics; Sheldon kissing Amy and gently leading her to her pillow while climbing on top of her. Oh my!!! He got comfy quick, didn’t he?

Let me just say I could watch this a million times and not get tired. Sheldon was sooooo ready! Why, oh why do the TV gods hate this fandom and had them interrupted? 

2. False alarm:

Quick shout out to nurse Althea played by the actress Vernee Watson-Johnson. Her sass and sarcasm is always a welcome surprise on TBBT. Her mamma mia nonsense line had me in stitches. I’m surprised she doesn’t remember Howard since this is the 3rd time she has seen him. I would think a nurse wouldn’t forget the man who came into the ER with a robot hand grabbing his penis, lol. 

Howard, Raj and Stuart are trying so hard to be helpful and they are truly concerned. I’m not surprised Howard’s doesn’t know how far apart the contractions were but Raj did.

Too bad it was a false alarm that interrupted our favorite power couple, who in the meantime are rushing down the stairs. A few quick one liners had me cracking up: Penny’s did she sneeze the baby out (funny). Sheldon rethinking The Flash onesie he got the baby. (cute and funny) Lol! 

But most importantly Sheldon and Amy totally can communicate with their eyes. Anyone catch how they went zooming up the stairs?

3. Raj: new level of cringe worthy:

I know its not Raj’s fault, its the writers. But that was really crappy. Raj blew it by revealing the baby’s sex. Ugh! I literally face palmed. Why? 😠

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

BONUS: Stuart adding fuel to the fire “Told me it was a girl and I didn’t say it” 

4. Second attemp:

Sheldon is not feeling the mood as before. Amy ever so patient and understanding “we don’t have to rush”. Sheldon doesn’t want to disappoint Amy either. This is why this relationship must be protected at all cost, because they do so much for each other. ❤💙💚💛💜

Amy decides to bring out her “surprise” and we learn that trains also turn Sheldon on. The man is a mystery, I tell you.

Amy lets Harry Potter make things hotter. YEAH AMY!!!👍 Can we take a moment to admire how sexy she looks and how nice her legs are? I appreciate this scene much more knowing how hard they are for Mayim and she embraces them and the result is magic. 

Wowza!!! Amy sure knows how to get her guy. Sheldon’s face is everything! 

Amy! You naughty girl! 😒😋🙊And then we get an awesome kiss, Sheldon pulling her close in by the waist, Amy holding him tight. They were already melting in each others arm. Hoo! Then Raj… REALLY?!?!?!


Raj - People just keep kicking me out wherever I go.

 Amy - Good, then you are used to this. (Door slam!)

5. The car ride:

Raj commiserates while the gang tries to help. He blurts out that Howard took 5 minutes conceiving the baby. And we get a little secret…

It took them hours! SCREAM FANDOM!!! 🙈🙉🙊😲Because we knew it! No wonder Amy said he had rocked her world. We know Sheldon is a perfectionist and according to him he excels at many things (except at getting over Amy). 

It’s OFFICIAL ladies - Sheldon is a monster in the sack. ✌✊👏 Sheldon, keep it up. 👍👍👍You are doing it VERY RIGHT! No wonder Amy was okay waiting a year. ROTF And Amy’s smile is represents the fandom.😆😉

BONUS: Nose “boop”. Btw, did you catch how he looks at her? I want someone to look at me the way Sheldon looks at Amy. #feels

6. Howard and Bernadette’s sweetest scene EVER:

I love Howard and Bernie and their on screen time together. But I have to say this is by far my favorite. It was sweet and honest. What a way to honor Carol Ann Susie’s Mrs. Wolowitz.😇 A++ to both of them on their acting an a special nod to Simon Helberg for conveying such real emotion. Did you all see when his eyes welded up? So heartfelt.💔 I personally would have liked for them to name her Debbie which would have been the Jewish tradition but I like Halley.

BTW, lets get this clear - the right answer is SNICKERS. SNICKERS ALL THE WAY!😺🍫

7. They come a long way:

I felt nostalgic with this scene. They really have come a long way, especially our babies. I kind of felt like they are preparing us for the series finale in the upcoming season. Tears.

  • Howard and Bernie are married: Who would’ve thought our favorite perverted mama’s boy would have a stable relationship?
  • Penny and Leonard are married: Who would have thought this 2 would stop behaving like teenager sabotaging their relationship and learn how to communicate better?
  • Amy and Sheldon in a healthy 50/50 relationship and living together: we are all invested in this particular journey so we know how far they have come. (But if Mary Cooper asks, they have bunk beds. Do they think they are fooling her with that? She knows.)
  • Penny has a stable career as a Pharmaceutical Rep: Whether she’s willing to admit it or not, Penny was a struggling actress. I felt bad when she had to live paycheck to paycheck and borrow money.
  • Howard went to space: even thought he was always made fun of for “only having a masters”.
  • Bernadette got her doctorate: Remember when she worked at the cheesecake factory while finishing her degree?
  • Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are working with NASA on gyroscope. I will always root for my guys. They deserve to make way in the scientific community.

7. Raj is a loser?:

Poor Raj 

(gif credit @mavikonvers​)

For God sake just drive in the knife why don’t you?

And Sheldon’s reprimanding Raj for being mean to Stuart: 

Raj, show some compassion. Those are thing we think but don’t say. 

LOL!!! 😂😂😂 Amy has definitely been teaching Sheldon some social skills. And Isn’t Stuart the best? He takes it like a champ but he can dish it to. Example of sarcasm at its finest…

Still a loser or did you turn things around while you were gone?


BTW, the quick take of Bernie yelling in the room when Raj poked his head in made me appreciate the fact that the writers decided not to cover the whole episode in that push, breath, scream, sweat dynamic.😷

8. Baby Halley is born:

Raj being the Godfather is expected. He deserved it. So what if he did blow the whistle with her gender? We can forgive him. He’s been there all thru the pregnancy. I would have like to see Bernie and the baby.

I soon got over it when the baby cried, I almost wet myself!!! That was gold.

9. Hankius Pankius:

Amy looked tired coming up the stairs. Sheldon looked sexy as hell to me.🔥 (I’ve followed HP and let me tell you, he made that look HOT!)

“And now it’s time to complete your birthday celebration”

Enough to shift Amy’s spirits. Notice how Amy went from tired to happy in seconds. Her smile lights up the world.😆 Sheldon went to The Wizarding World but he was totally thinking about doing it. Sheldon could barely wait. Feels and more feels. And we know they did it… FOR HOURS! 🙌

Needless to say, I loved this episode. It had a million Shamy love; kisses, nose boop, Amy and Sheldon side by side at the hospital, hand touching, stares, smiles, flirting and more kissing!😉😍

(gif credit @tbbt-faves)

I’m still recovering from all this. 😉Hopefully it will last me for the Christmas break. I just hope we don’t have to wait another year to see them intimate again. More please?😚

Credits: All gif credits that (except for the 2 identified before the pic) are thanks to the one and only @platypus-quacks-too​. I love her work! Go follow this talented shipper! The still pics belong to CBS.

Preference #5 - He Gives You a Present

**THIS IS KIND OF LATE I’M SORRY but I hope you guys still like it lol :)**


One day you and your boyfriend, Cole, were doing a bit of shopping. You passed by a jewelry store that had a beautiful charm bracelet in the window display.

“Oh my gosh! Cole look at this bracelet!”
“Oh wow y/n, it’s pretty!”
“Ugh but look at the price. It’s $200.”

Cole noticed how upset you looked once you two started to walk away from the window display. You weren’t really into jewelry so he was kinda surprised that you were interested in that bracelet. After shopping, the two of you came back home and you started to put away the clothes that you and Cole bought. Out of complete silence, Cole yelled from downstairs.

“Hey y/n! I think I forgot something at the mall I’ll be right back!”

A few hours passed and Cole still hasn’t come back from the mall. You grew a bit worried so you decided to text him “Hey, where are you?” Until you hear the front door open. You run from the bedroom and down the stairs to see Cole just awkwardly standing there with his hands behind his back and a giant grin on his face.

“So did you find what you were looking for?”
“I certainly did.”

He pulled out a small bag from behind his back and held it out in front of him. You looked at the bag and started to get confused.

“Cole I don’t remember you buying something from that store.”
“Weeeell, maybe you should open it.”

You didn’t ask any more questions and did what he said. You took the bag from his hand and pulled out a small box that was inside.

“Cole, don’t tell me…”
“I bought it for you! I saw your face when we walked away from it and I just thought it would be a great gift.”
“But this was $200!”
“That doesn’t matter.”

You looked at the bracelet and noticed a charm in the shape of a heart hanging from it that said:

“you and me -Cole”.

You instantly put it on and gave your boyfriend one of the biggest hugs ever. You pulled away from him keeping your arms wrapped around his neck and his hands on your waist.

“This is the greatest thing ever, thank you.”
“You deserve it y/n.”

He gave you a kiss on your forehead then continued with the rest of his day while you showed off your new bracelet on Twitter, Instagram, and basically everywhere.


It was your three year anniversary with your boyfriend Gabe and he completely forgot about it. You decided to surprise him at rehearsals with a DIY photo collage in a picture frame that you’ve been working on for weeks. When you pulled him aside from the boys to give it to him he was nothing but confused.

“Uh… Is there a special occasion y/n?”

You grew insanely pissed at him that you didn’t even want to say another word. Before you stormed out after asking him multiple times if he really didn’t know, you overheard Dana say “bro it’s your anniversary.” After Dana helped him out, Gabe instantly ran after you but you were already in your car driving away. He called and texted you all day but you ignored all of them and decided to just hang out with some friends instead.

After hours of being angry at Gabe, you decided to come home. It was already 11 pm so you thought he’d be home by now as well, but it didn’t seem like it once you walked in. Although, you did notice a small box sitting on top of a white piece of paper on the couch.

I know I forgot the most important day of our relationship and please believe me when I say I feel horrible. My calls or texts didn’t seem to get through to you so I hope this will. In a way this is an apology gift, but more towards a Happy Anniversary. I love you.
- Gabe

PS. I love the photo collage”

You started to genuinely feel bad for ignoring him the whole day after reading that note. You opened the box and saw the most perfect promise ring sitting inside. You took it out gently and observed it like it was the most beautiful thing in the world.
Out of nowhere Gabe walked out of the bedroom.

"Oh, hey Y/N.”
“Gabe, did you-“
“Look, I know I forgot our anniversary today and I know you’re probably still mad at me and I’m sorry. Right after you left I spent the rest of my day trying to find the perfect gift and I found that. I have one too so it’s like a matching thing. I also had it engraved- and I know it might not-“

You took your attention from him to the ring and looked for the engraving. The inside had you and Gabe’s anniversary date with a heart next to it.


You interrupted his rambling of an apology and walked towards him.

“It’s perfect. Like you.”

A smile grew on his face and he picked you up in a hug and spun you around. When he put you down he cupped your face and gave you a kiss.


“Hey beautiful! :) I have some bad news… Our trip has been extended for 3 more days so I won’t be coming home tomorrow for your birthday… I’m sorry, I’ll make it up when I get back! I love you”

You were in the middle of getting ready for bed when you got a text from your boyfriend, David. You grew completely upset and
plopped on the bed.

“Well this is great…”

You mumbled before shooting him a text back and saying goodnight. You stayed in the position that you fell into on your bed and slowly fell asleep. The night went by quickly and you were already waking up to morning. As soon as you opened your eyes, you noticed a teddy bear holding a cushioned gift box next to your pillows. You grabbed it out of curiosity then heard something on the other side of you. You turned around on the bed and saw David and his luggage. You assumed that this was all a surprise but you were too tired to say anything before he turned around and saw you.

“Hey Y/N! Do you usually sleep like that when I’m gone?”

Once you knew that you weren’t dreaming you jumped out of bed and into David’s arms.

“By the way, since you already noticed the bear you should probably open his gift box.”

You walked back over to the bed and did just that. Inside were pictures of you and David that have been developed, a CD of a playlist he made filled with your guys’ favorite songs, and random note cards that he wrote on listing everything that he adored about you. On the back of each photo was written the memory of every single one of them. Your smile grew bigger as you looked through each photo and notecard until you came across a picture that was different from the rest. Instead, this picture was just of you.

“David? Why is there a selfie of me in here?”
“Look at the back.”

You turned the photo over and read:
“My favorite picture of you. In my world, your smile does wonders.”

You looked back at David who instantly greeted you a happy birthday kiss and hug. Tired from his flight, he crawled into bed with you and you fell back asleep while he held you in his arms like he would never let you go.


You and your boyfriend Will were having movie night during his week off that he had. You two were in the middle of cuddling on the couch while watching your third movie when he interrupted.

“Oh! I almost forgot.”

He dug behind a pillow on the couch and pulled out a black leathered photo album. The cover was titled “Memories of You and Me”. You were so caught up in your feelings that you didn’t know what to say.

“Will? What is this? What’s the occasion?”
“Well, we basically had one whole day on the tour to do whatever soooo I spent that whole day making this!”

You flipped through the photo album and saw numerous pictures from the beginning of your guys’ relationship to now. He even took the time to be silly and decorate on some of them. While you were still looking through the photos, Will pulled out another photo album from behind the cushion.

“Then in the middle of making that I went out and bought another album just in case we ran out of space in that one. I never realized how much pictures we take together…”
“Will! How many photo albums did you buy?”
“Well, Y/N… I guess it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if I told you there’s another one in my suitcase upstairs.”

You laughed at how cute he was and how much effort he put into this. He took the photo album from your hands and placed it on a side table nearby. He grabbed both your hands and looked at you with the most sincere eyes.

“Basically what I’m trying to say through this… Besides the fact that I don’t have a life and spend my free time making a photo album. Is that I never want this to end. I want to keep making memories with you and taking pictures with you and then putting them in photo albums! Y/N, I love you.”
“Will… There’s no one else I’d want to have this with than with you. Absolutely. No one.”

He kissed you on the lips before he climbed on top of you and tickled you on the couch. No matter how much you begged him to stop all he wanted was to hear your laugh that he loved.


“I barely see you and the first thing you do when you come back home is go to a party? Thought we had plans but guess not.”
“Y/N I’m sorry… But I promised my friend I’d show up. Once the party is over I’ll come by, okay?”
“It’s fine. I have to study anyways. Bye”
“Y/N, can-“

You hung up on your boyfriend Dana before he could even finish his sentence. He was gone for a little over a month and his first night back he decided to go to a birthday party instead of dinner with you, which was the initial plan. You came up with the excuse of “studying” when you knew yourself you had nothing to study for. Friday night and it was spent all alone.

You ended up falling asleep, with your earphones in listening to music. As you sat up from bed you felt something dangling from your neck, a necklace that had an outline of a star. You took out your earphones and grabbed onto the necklace out of curiosity. All of a sudden you heard someone behind you. You turned around in bed and noticed Dana sitting on the floor, putting away your clothes in your dresser.


You sat up completely, rubbed your eyes, and called out Dana with a raspy voice. You looked at the clock and it was almost 9 pm.

“What are you doing here?”
“Well good morning Y/N!”

He finished putting away the last stack of clothes and made his way to you. He was about to give a kiss on the forehead but you backed away, obviously still upset that he chose to go to a party.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at a party?”
“Aren’t you supposed to be studying?”
“I asked first Dana.”

He sighed and put his hands in his pocket before he started to explain.

“I couldn’t go to a party and have fun knowing that you’re mad at me. So I decided to just come over instead and hang out with you while you studied buuut… I walked in and saw you sleeping. So I thought it would be nice for you to wake up to a clean room and clothes put away.”

You looked around your room and noticed that Dana really did clean up.

“And the necklace?”
“Ahh, the necklace. Yup, that’s from me too. I have a moon one. I was going to give this to you when I came back. But then I forgot about our dinner, and then the party came up, then you got mad at me, and so here I am.”

You looked at the necklace then at Dana. He looked genuinely upset that you were mad at him. You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt that caused him to fall down on top of you. He wrapped his arms under your back while you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Thank you Dana. For the necklace AND cleaning my room.”
“No problem babe. And the necklaces… It’s supposed to be a reminder. I know I travel a lot leaving you behind so I thought having a moon and a star necklace could be a reminder that we’re always together no matter what, since the stars and moon are always in the same sky.”

You laughed at how cute it was and gave him a kiss on the nose.

“Super corny! But, super sweet.”
“You’re not mad anymore y/n?”
“I could never stay mad at you Dana.”

Girl Meets Sleepover, Part 1

Maya finds out Farkle has been hiding something. 

OTP: Riarkle, Honorary Mentions of Zayadora and Lucaya

BrOTP: Larkle, Markle 


I’m working on my desk as Maya walks in. I smile at her and she smiles at me, and I say, “Nice of you to drop by.” b equals to 476 which equals to 2 multiplied by a.

She smiles. “My apartment was lonely.” Divide by two, a equals to 238.

I laugh. “That must be rare. Why didn’t you go to Riley’s?” Next question.

She stared at her fingers. “I needed to talk to you.”

I swivel my chair around face her. “Everything okay?” I furrow my eyebrows, because something must obviously be wrong if Maya was here, in my room, instead of Riley’s.

“I know you like her.”

I raise my eyebrows. “You’re going to have to be more specific. Brenda? Sarah? Who?”

“I know you like Riley.” My smile freezes on my face. Abort, abort, mission abort. Run. No. Don’t run. Say something, genius.

“Of course I like Riley. I like you. I like Brenda. I like Sarah.”

She finally looks up. “You know that’s not what I’m talking about.”

I grin. “What are you talking about then, Maya Penelope?”

“Stop that.”

My façade falls apart. “Stop what?” I ask, exasperated.

“Stop pretending everything is okay.”

“Everything is okay, Maya. Smackle is with Zay, Lucas is with you, we’re all happy.”

I notice how her ploy changes. Her body shifts, her hand is on her hip, her head tilts. “Are you jealous, that Smackle is with Zay?”

I roll my eyes. “No. I told him to ask her out. Smackle deserves someone who can treat her better than I did.”

“Yeah, why do you suppose that is, Farkle? Why couldn’t you treat her right?”

I know that she knows the answer to this, and she knows that my answer hurts. It hurts. “Because. Because I couldn’t love someone who couldn’t make me love myself.”

“Why couldn’t she make you love yourself?”

“Stop it.” I rage. “Stop asking me questions that you and I both know the answer to.” My voice is coarse, and fury is like hot molten lava, flowing over the cracks in my voice.

“I want to hear it from you.”

“I couldn’t handle it that someone was better than me. I’m a loser. I will not dictate the world, Farklenation is dead and I will probably also never own Minkus International. Are you done? Are you done, Maya?” I burst.

A sombre expression plants itself onto her face like a parasite. “You need someone who erases squeaky the mouse.”

I have nothing to counter that. “Did it hurt?” She tries one more time.

I look at her, silently asking her to explain her question. “Did it hurt every time Riley was with Lucas? Did it hurt, looking at her? Because I know whenever Lucas and Riley were together I almost couldn’t stand it. I hated looking at him, at them, and it took all of my self-control to not rip them apart.”

I don’t answer. Squeaky the mouse has taped my lips shut. “I know you stepped back,” says Maya.

And then, I do find it in me to lie, lie one more time. “Look, Maya. I’m really sorry you had to go through all of that for the longest time, and I’m really happy that you’re with whom you want to be, alright. But, I’m not you. I didn’t step back for anyone. I didn’t.”

“I didn’t know scientists lie that well.”

“I’m not lying.”

“You are.”  

“What proof do you have? I needs me my proof.”

“Fine. Let’s play this your way. I see the way you look at her. You saved her life twice, when all I did was stand there and ask her to lift her head. You figured out what she was going through the moment she entered dark Rileytown. You knew her feelings within minutes. You see through her. No one will love her the way you do, and I see that.”

“I do love her, Maya. She’s my best friend. As are you. And I love you too, Maya.” Yes, good job. You love them both equally. Play that angle.

“And I love you, Farkle. That’s why I am here. I need you to wake up and realize it’s always been Riley. You said it yourself. Riley will find love again.”

Love. What is that? A hormone released by the brain triggered by the senses, right? Every emotion is a hormone released by a part of your brain that gets influenced by something you felt. Nothing more.

“Look, even if I loved her in that way, which I don’t, we will never happen. Do you get that? Because Riley deserves so much more! Riley deserves someone who can love himself, who understands love, the universe, she needs a knight in shining armor. She needs someone who can treat her like a princess. I can’t do that. I can’t do that, I will never be able to do that, I will never get a chance to do that. Do you get that, Maya? All I am is Farkle Minkus, best friend of Riley Matthews. My story doesn’t go beyond that. And I learnt that a long time ago. And I coped with that. I coped with that fact, alright.”

She sits on the bed. She takes a deep breath. And she blinks back tears. She sighs. I stand, there, a frozen useless goose.

“That’s why.”

“What?” I ask her.

“Number 1, you do love her in that way. Number 2, Riley will never settle for anyone less than you. Number 3, and there is no one more than you, Farkle. Number 4, she needs someone who treats her like a human being with feelings, needs and wants. Which you do. Have always been doing. Number 5, your story goes so much more beyond best friend. You guys go to college, you get Minkus International and Farklenation, you guys get to raise eleven marvelous kids and you guys will own the first mansion on Mars.”

My voice, when it finally comes out, is tired, and probably does not belong to me. “Maya, stop playing cupid.”

“Fine. Then I’ll play Farkle. If you don’t tell her by the end of the week, this horn will blow.” She turns to leave, and it takes me an eternity to react. To react to my world falling apart.

“Maya, wait. You can’t.”

She turns around, and I realize that she’s quivering, shaking, cracking, maybe. “I can. You know why? Because I can’t watch you suffer anymore. I can’t watch your sad smiles when you look at her, because I know how it hurts. And I can’t watch you suffer without knowing why you are suffering. I can help, and I will. Remember. This horn blows at the end of the week.”

And she gains the leverage of the last word, and walks out of the door, leaving me with an ultimatum.

And a wrecked head.


I do my best to not look at Riley throughout the week. It isn’t easy, because we are Chemistry partners, and we had an assignment. I recall my most memorable assignment with Riley back in eighth grade, the one with the dirt marble. I remember looking at her through that clear water, thinking, she is my partner. Thinking, this feels right. Thinking, but never saying.

I’m a boy who thinks a lot. I don’t talk. Especially not about my feelings.

Riley waves a hand around my face, trying to get my attention. “Salts, maybe?” I smile at her, and I begin to examine the sample given to us, and I begin to note down my observations. She does the same, and we hand in our class assignments by the end of the lesson, to our Chemistry teacher, knowing fully well that was another A.

At lunch, we get our chicken pot pies and return to our table. Maya, with her packed lunch of a turkey sub, comes with Lucas, who is eating barbecue chicken and mashed potatoes, fresh from Zay’s mom. Zay and Isadora arrive at the table too, and I smile at her, and she faintly grins back. We are digging into our meals when Maya clears out her throat.

“Okay, guys, you know what’s happening this weekend?”
Riley looks up at Maya and smiles wide, and she says, “For my sweet sixteen?”
Lucas nods. Maya continues, “We are going to have a Sleepover Sunday.”

Zay shakes his head no. “What?” Lucas asks.

“Potatoes will never agree to having Lucas in his daughter’s room.” Zay had gotten into a habit of calling Mr. Matthews “Potatoes”, ever since he heard the love story of Cory and his Mashed Potatoes.

Maya smirks. “Hey, Mr. Matthews?” She calls. Mr. Matthews strides towards the table, and asks Maya what’s up. She presents a slip to Mr. Matthews, and says, “Will you please a sign this permission slip for me?”

He mumbles, “Sure,” and quickly scribbles his name on it, and then asks, “What’s it for?”

“So that we can have a sleepover for Riley’s birthday this weekend.”

He chuckles. “Maya, you don’t need my permission for tha-”

“Lucas is going to be there.”

“No. Nada. Zilch. Absolutely not. YOU PLAYED ME!”

Maya laughs in her 1950s Cheese Souffle, “What can I do, you’re such a Charleh!”

Mr. Matthews tries again. “No Lucas in the Matthews household, ever!”

Riley says, “Seriously? We’re not even dating anymore!”

It takes a moment for it to register in his face, and a while for it to register in my head that she’s actually fine. That she’s fine with Lucas and Maya going out together, that she probably gave Maya permission, like I gave Zay. I realize, she actually doesn’t like him.

As Mr. Matthews beams, “Oh, Yeah!” and walks away, a happy balloon starts inflating in my chest.


I drag Maya out of her Art Club meeting later during school. I just barge in, and drag her out. She protests, but the moment I glare at her, she surrenders to me.

She faces her back to the wall and asks me what’s going on.

“Do you think this is a game?”

She furrows her eyebrows and stands up straight. “What?”

“This sleepover? Is it really for her birthday?”

“Farkle…it’s her sixteenth birthday. It’s supposed to be special. We’ve never had a sleepover with all six of us before.”

“I wonder how else you’re going to make it special.”

“Farkle, if you do the right thing, you won’t even need to be scared by the end of the week.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Then if I’m going to pull a Farkle, I need me my audience.”

And then a wild idea plays itself in my head, circa New Years 2016, when I gave away something that was not mine. Us, on the rooftop, playing a game, talking, maybe, and then, suddenly, she says it. The looks on their faces, their looks, their how-could-you expressions, their solemn exits, and finally, her distraught reaction.

“Is this revenge for what I did two years ago?”

She shrugs. “Maybe. But I’m doing it to help you too. You know the truth is the best thing, then don’t hide it.”

“Maya, Riley was sure of her feelings. She was stepping back on purpose. I don’t know if this is true.”

“You’ve known since first grade, Farkle. If not first grade, then you’ve known it ever since you looked at her through that beaker. But you and your dumb-dumb heart, they denied everything. You’re too much sense. We might not be in middle school, Farkle, but Harper’s lesson is all the more important today, now. The stakes are higher.”

“Please, I’m begging you not to do this.”

“I need to go back to Art Club. I’ll see you Sunday, Farkle.”

And she disappears into the doorway, leaving me in the hallway, alone, one more time.


I go home and lie down on my bed, deciding to give myself a break. I listen to my music, ranging from Swedish House Mafia, to Fall Out Boy. The screaming and beats almost drown out the lovely Ping! Of my computer.

You have received a message from Friarinthehole.

I opened the window.

Friarinthehole: hey, is everyth gud?

Fmink: why wont it b?

Friarinthehole: idk, was everyth ok during lunch?

Fmink: yeah???

Friarinthehole: no
Friarinthehole: it’s just that
Friarinthehole: when maya talked abt the sleepover
Friarinthehole: u looked visibly disturbed

Fmink: just worried about homework

Friarinthehole: ???? i dont believe u

Fmink: srsly. i was

Friarinthehole: ??? Shes ur bff since forever
Friarinthehole: hardly think u wud be worried abt hw when shes turning 16
Friarinthehole: besides, its on sun, you have all of sat and fri

Fmink: why r u pushing this?

Friarinthehole: sorry for being concerned!!11 abt my best friends mental state!!11

Fmink: i think you confused me with joan d arc

Friarinthehole: srsly, is everyth ok? i mean it’s not just today. u seem in turmoi ever since the start of week
Friarinthehole: *turmoil  

Fmink: wth? i was just worried abt my education? sorry but not everyone is scholar athlete

Friarinthehole: what? ur the one who’s getting job offers from nasa  

Fmink: okok lmao. look, all is gud. Chill a bit, ok. U know if smth happened ull know…ill tell u

Friarinthehole: I know

Fmink: look, I need to finish homework 
Fmink: ill see u tmr

Friarinthehole: yeah ok bye

Friarinthehole has logged off.

I swivel my chair around and walk over to my bed and I collapse again, and I look at my motionless bedroom door, patiently waiting for it to open and for the Sandman to whisk me away to a beach where I can take a true vacation away from my life.

But the door is stubbornly shut.


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