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sometimes “doing your best” is being top of your class, straight As, etc. sometimes “doing your best” is just showing up to class without your homework and sleeping through half of it because that’s the best you can do. be proud of yourself either way.

Happy New Year everyone!!
Let’s make this a good year! I’ll try too!

just a reminder that during the mourning process it is also important to take some time for yourself to go out and do something you enjoy. please don’t spend all your time in bed thinking about it. get up, eat some breakfast, take a nice shower, put on a nice outfit that makes you feel good, do ur makeup if ur into that, and go outside. go meet your friends. take your dog for a walk. go see a nice movie. go window shopping. if you really cant bring yourself to go outside, thats okay. get up and do something like do some baking or go sit somewhere apart from your room and draw or binge watch your favourite show. please, please don’t let this stop you from living your life as you normally would. it is important to be sad and to cry and let yourself be emotional, but you also need to continue living your life. your wellbeing is so important and your life is so precious 💛


Frank Castle → hoodie appreciation [requested by: Simon aka @andy-clutterbuck‘s cat]

💗💓 💕 💖 💞 💘easy ways to make ur mutuals happy 💗 💓 💕 💖 💞 💘 

  • reblog their original content
  • or at the least, leave supportive comments
  • as nice as likes are, tbh reblogs are so much nicer to see
  • it means u Love something they made enough to show it to other people
  • that’s so heartwarming
  • send at least 1 ask every time u see someone reblogged an ask game
  • honestly!!! make it a personal rule!!! that u can’t reblog an ask game!!! until u send one to who you reblogged it from!!!
  • send them posts that pertain 2 their interests 
  • if they have niche interests that pop up on ur dash from time to time, send it to them
  • or tag them in posts
  • like their selfies
  • reblog if they allowed it
  • if they didn’t, leave beautiful and sweet comments on them (it takes a lot of courage to put your face on the internet, so make them feel really good about it)
  • leave fanfic writers some prompts (when they’re being accepted)
  • or leave aesthetic/graphic/gifmakers requests (if they’re taking them)
  • leave people asks with compliments from time to time
  • if they create something that u really love, leave an ask about it or private message them
  • and reblog it when/if they create things u requested
  • OH AND!!!! 
  • most of them want to be friends with u too
  • its so easy to befriend people on here
  • literally u can come barreling into their private messages with a “YO WONT BELIEVE WHAT THIS BITCH MICHAEL DID TODAY” they’ll probably reply with a “HOLY SHIT TELL ME”
  • honestly, it’s that easy guys
  • it makes people feel a lot less alone on this shitty ass website

Hey I heard you guys like readable guides so I made some readable guides for some alignment/gender/presentation systems.

IN THIS ORDER: Galaxy Gender Alignment, which is meant to be replacements for the typical ‘___-aligned’ description. Made by @temp-nb-blog

Celestial System, which is for nonbinary genders that have a soft “energy” to them – not a gender or gender alignment in and of itself. Made by @juparian

Xenic Alignment System, which is for xenic genders. Made by @uncommongenders

Aesthetic Alignment, which is for gender expression. Made by @elfiot

Exemgenders System, which is for xenogenders that have wild and animalistic traits, following the Pokemon types as a theme. Made by @coiningblog

Gender Element System, which is for a gender’s essence, not necessarily its associated alignment. Made by @genderelementarchive

WARNING: When you see the word “Neutral,” THAT DOES NOT MEAN “IN BETWEEN” OR “ANDROGYNOUS.” In most contexts here it actually means “gendered, but not binary,” which is similar to “nonbinary” but since all of these genders are nonbinary to begin with, think of it as the unnamed, but still resonant, feeling of having gender that has no masculine or feminine feelings within it. In the case of the Aesthetic Alignment, “Andro” is short for Androgynous, or rather mixed (or in between) gender expression. 

The terms “masc” and “fem” are short for “masculine” and “feminine,” not really masculine or feminine genders, but masculine or feminine feelings

The Element System has a secondary colorblind-friendly chart, since I know the color choices I picked for the first chart may not be viewable for some people with visual disabilities (yellow-blue color blindness, for example). Hopefully, for those it applies to, the colorblind version’s easier to see. 

And for the love of god, please, open these in another tab/window. Do not view them inside tumblr’s image preview, I will die inside.

If you have any other gender alignment systems that you want made into a viewable, broken down graph, please let me know. I’ll do what I can. I need sources for ALL CONTRIBUTORS and ALL POSTS should there be multiple posts/contributors involved in the alignment system.

Terfs, swerfs, MAPs, anti-MOGAI and other gender gatekeepers keep your filthy hands off. 

Important Message to my Followers:

If you are the kind of person to either:
Misgender people on purpose to make them feel bad in any kind of argument,
- Share nude/explicit/any kind of pictures that your ex have entrusted you with after a breakup without their permission, no matter how bad they made you feel,
- Force triggers of people that you know of on them by exposing them to the material they’re trying to avoid on purpose to make them feel bad,
- Send death threats or anything of the sort to people, no matter how bad the thing they did was,
…then please unfollow me

I don’t support this kind of behavior and I would appreciate it if you left and even blocked me, because this is something that I never want to see happening around me or anyone else.

something a little bit more on the move today

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Fear The Walking Dead 4x08 ~ 4x10

“She lived because my kids didn’t give up on her. They gave her a chance when no one else would. There’s not a whole lot of that left anymore. That’s why I need to find a place where things will be different. Because that’s still in my kids. But that light… It’s getting fainter every day we’re out here. And I can’t… I can’t imagine that part of them dying. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep it alive.” - Madison Clark

Advice for the signs
  • Aries: Take a step back and think. You are wonderful just the way you are, why do you have to be mean to others just to compensate for your lack of self-esteem? You care so much, I know that. But you have to let the others know that as well. You don't need to prove yourself to anyone. You're a hidden gem, aries and let someone find you instead of wrecking the surprise for them. You are loved and you know exactly how to have fun so keep reminding yourself that you are worthy of the adventure your life has to offer.
  • Taurus: Get out of your comfort zone and stop caring about what people think. I know that you're the best at giving advice but I think it's about time that someone takes care of you. You are not those stereotypes people try to label you with. You are candid. Don't forget your dreams and keep focusing on how to get there. Be social, let yourself be loved and remember that you can always learn from anyone. You're not alone and people can understand, if you let them in. Take in the sun, try something new and keep in mind the fact that you can live through anything. You represent grace. You are going to be okay.
  • Gemini: You have so many interesting things to say and don't let anyone ever shush you. You are a deep thinker, an innovator. Gemini, I know your mind is on overdrive but take a moment to slow down, on your terms. But after that, do as much as you can because you are capable of so much. Be sure of your opinions (stick to them!) and keep looking forward, you moment will come too. Discover yourself, your surroundings and let yourself be immune to all that is superficial. We all know you are authentic so why keep up the mask? We'll love you anyway and perhaps even more. You are going to be okay.
  • Cancer: You spread your love so much that at the end of the day, you have none left for yourself. So, when you're down, let yourself be nurtured as much you would nurture someone else. Your voice may be soft but every word has so much meaning. You are so kind, genuinely thoughtful and you are so rare. Keep your purity, don't let corruptions soak in your veins or crawl on your skin. Sometimes, it can be good just to stop caring and to live at the moment. The world's problems are not your responsibility. You are free. Always. You are going to be okay.
  • Leo: Keep being yourself, I like that. But remember, people's opinion about you does not impact your self-worth. You are special and you are whole just by yourself. It's okay to lose your cool sometimes and become humble and silly, it will feel refreshing I promise. You are so brave and one of kind. Keep standing up for what you believe in and never let anyone extinguish your fire. Go get what you want and keep fierce. You are going to be okay.
  • Virgo: You are so on top of everything and I admire you for that. I know that things are overwhelming right now but you have to realize that you are powerless to somethings. Live and let live. You are so talented, unique, sensitive, intellectual and grounded, why are you so hard on yourself? You are your very own prized position. Be proud of yourself and keep working hard, it's going to bring you places. Keep being kind and considerate. The fear you feel is only in your head and you hold power over it. You are going to be okay.
  • Libra: I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful you are, so stop trying to please so hard! The people who are truly good for you are the ones you will not compromise yourself for. You are aloud to be unhappy with something and voice your opinion about it. Discover your talents and expose them to the world. Sing, dance, laugh and don't let anyone rain on your parade. You are more than meets the eye libra. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are going to be okay.
  • Scorpio: Oh boy, there are so many things I want to tell you. I'll start by saying that people care about you as much as you care about them so stop pushing them away. When you're in the dark, let your hand be held. You know you are different but you forget that it's a good thing. You are so loyal but don't be with your demons. You are not who has hurt you so shake that thought out of your head. I love how you are able to strive even when your heart is shattered. Remember what your priorities are and make sure to include yourself. You are going to be okay.
  • Sagittarius: The world is your oyster so never limit yourself to only what is known. Be daring, keep being honest and don't let yourself taken over by things that are simply not worth your time. Be patient and the good things will come. Cherish your freedom and keep that laugh of yours just as loud. Remember your one liners and how many faces you have made smile. Do whatever you want your heart desires and stay candid. You are going to be okay.
  • Capricorn: You have so many plans and you know exactly how to make them happen. No matter what your achievements are, you will always be successful. Take a minute to look at the beautiful world around you. Show them they were wrong! You are so much more than what they tell you to be. Keep asking questions, competing but keep your mind open. You know that you have an emotional side to yourself and you will feel at piece once you acknowledge it. You are devoted but let someone but just as kind towards you. You are going to be okay.
  • Aquarius: Keep being weird and not caring about the differences that set you apart from the rest. Your brain holds so much knowledge and wisdom, don't let your pride get in the way of it. You can revolutionize, change the world, modify the norms. You are so peculiar and I know that it's hard to have your interest but I can promise you that if you look at everything without a filter, you will feel at peace. Be the exception to everything. You will be okay.
  • Pisces: Always follow your gut. Your thoughts speak nothing but the truth so never put them aside. You are so special already, you don't need to change to fit in. You naturally do. You are an old soul, the one who got away, the one who will take you home. Don't let yourself get taken avantage of, trust yourself and never stop dreaming. Keep doodling and listening. Remember how strong you are, that behind that sweetness hides a layer of tar that you need to discover on your own. You are multi-dimensional. You are going to be okay.