so you all have to promise you wont kill me

Namjoon Lip Appreciation



i really like his lips

like i could look at them all day

is my favorite 

i think


i dont think i have a favorite 

i think all of them

are my favorite

they’re so nice

I just wanna

run my

lips across his

is that too much to ask

pls god

i promise i wont sin

anymore than i already do why you lyin kaylee god knows that ur lyin you sinner

they look a lil chapped

there thats better

pls dont bite ur lip sir

dont lick ur lips sir

dont wink at me sir

juST DONT do anything

imma kill you 


u big fluffball

leeps are da best

and i promise u that im not a sinner jk i am

gifs and pics aren’t mine

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A is awkward, has low self esteem, and is just a really caged person but B is a freebird, an adventurer, an artist, amazing and perfect but is also like A but doesn't show it. (They're supposed to be friends in high school who have known each other since 5th grade)

1. “Come on, one part wont kill you, I promise.” 

“You dont know that, seriously, I’d rather not go.” 

“I dont want to go either, yet here I am. So come on, make it a little easier on me, and come with.” 

2. “I dont get why you still hang out with me, I am kind of lame..” 

“Dude? What? No? If anyone here is garbage it’s me, you’re like, perfect.” 

3. “You’re perfect at everything you do, and there is nothing special about me..”

“First of all, I am not perfect, I am good at a couple things, sure, but I am far from perfect. Second, you not special? I know I dont act like, but I freaking hate people. The fact that you’ve managed to be this close to me for this long has got to mean something, right?” 

4. “How do you do it? How do you act so care-free from all the time?” 

“Huh? That’s easy, it’s just like you said: It’s an act.” 

5.”It’s a wonder that we are still so close, we’re opposites in every way..” 

“Thats not true.. We are so much more alike then different.. We’re own people, sure, but we have a lot of eachother in us..” 

I hope this works for you! 

I'll protect you — always. [Calum Hood]

hey. so I wrote this kinda sorta out of personal experience . My dad is like, abusive ig. Sorta. & This is what I WISH COULD HAPPEN FOR FUCKS SAKE. But praise Jesus that I dont even live in the same state as him. I just visit him sometimes during the summer.

Warning: Self Harm, Course language, abuse, ect.

ps. this was written on my phone.
You cringed as your dad raised his hand up and bucked towards you. “S-stop please.” You pleaded as tears stung your eyes. You sat
between your knees on the ground and he stood up. “You’re such a coward. Running off with your boyfriend when you get scared.” He growled. he brought his hand down to your cheek and you yelped out in pain.

“He doesnt know about anything!” You tried to convince him.

Calum really didn’t know about everything. Every time you showed up with a bruise, you made a quick lie, “fell down my stairs”, “I slipped”, “My friend ran into me”, “I wasnt looking and ran into a pole.”

You never really knew if he believed you, but he didnt ask questions.

“And I swear if he does find out then I’ll kill you.”

You shakily nodded, bringing your palms to your burning cheek. “I won’t I swear!”

You’re phone buzzed and you reached for it. Calums name appeared on the screen and before you could answer the text your dad snatched it from your hands and read it aloud, “He’s asking if you’re okay? You did tell him!”

“No! I’ve been ignoring him since you got home and He’s just worried!”

“Fucking lie!” He kicked you in the stomach and you could feel the wind being knocked out of your chest. “Stop it!” You begged. “I didn’t do anything!”

“Bitch! You should know to never raise your voice at me.” He grunted as he let his fist make contact with your ribs. If they weren’t cracked they were definitely internally bruised.

He threw your phone at you, stomping away as you coughed blood, a few droplets landing on your white undershirt.

You stood up, your vision blurring for a moment before you ran towards the front door.

You’d had enough.

You banged on the door to Calums house. Not even a
minute later, Calum opened it. It seemed as if he was the only one home at the moment. “Oh my god, y/n. Are you okay?”

You shook your head, words not being able to form.

“What happened?” He asked as he pulled you inside and shut the door behind you. “Why is your cheek bruised and— is that blood on your shirt?” You shakily shook your head. The metallic/copper tasted terrible in your mouth. “Y/n, what the fuck happened?” Calums voice was gentle but tense at the same time. “I’ll make the bastard that did this to you burn in hell.”

“You… You can’t. It was my dad.” You said after a minute. The words flew out of your mouth and you felt like you would throw up. Your ribs burned and you doubled over to catch your breath.

“What? Your own father did this?”

You nodded a bit. “That’s terrible!”

You panted, “I… You’re not supposed to know.”

“Why don’t you call the police?!”

“Its not that simple.” You whispered. Your eyes stung again and a few stray tears escaped your ducts. “Yes. Yes it is! I don’t understand! He’s hurting you!”

“He still my dad! Its not simple throwing family in jail!” You brought your hands up to your eyes. Calum gently took your wrist in his hands and examined them carefully. “Are these… scars?”

You didn’t answer and Calum looked at you with wide eyes. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He whispered. He voice shook and he took your other wrist in his free hands. “We’ve been together for 8 months and I Never knew? Why didn’t you tell me about your dad, or that you cut?” Calum whimpered. He didn’t bother hiding his tears as he looked into your eyes. “I thought you had no secrets. You promised.” He cried.

“I—I’m sorry. I didn’t know who you would take it. Usually people who find out their girlfriends cut don’t stick around. I didn’t want you to leave me.” You sobbed. Calum pulled you up to his room as the front door unbolted. He slammed it shut and locked it.

He took my wrists again and kissed each one softly. “Please stop hurting yourself. If you feel sad please talk to me, okay? Promise me. I… I love you.”

That was the first time he said it. You were stunned. He deeply into your eyes with his brown hues. You cracked a small smile. “Calum it’s been a long time since I’ve heard those words. Almost a year.” You shook in happiness. “I love you too. I love you. I love you. You make me happy when no one else can. I trust you with everything. I love you.” You answered. He smiled, the redness in his eyes being replaced with happiness as well. “I love you.” He repeated.

His hands pulled your body to his and he gave you a sensual kiss. The kiss lasted longer than your usual kisses before.

One of his hands wrapped tightly around your back while the other cupped the back of your neck. His tongue continued to gently trace the shape of your bottom lip. Your hands gripped his shoulders as You parted your lips slightly and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside your mouth. His tongue massaged yours thoroughly, yours doing the same to his.

You pulled back, breathless. “O-oh…” Was all you could say. He chuckled and leaned his forehead against yours, his eyes turning serious again. “Promise me, y/n. Promise you’ll never cut again and promise me you will tell the police. You said its been a while since someone told you the loved you. You deserve the world for all the shit you’ve been through. If he doesn’t have the balls to even whisper "i love you”, then he doesnt deserve to even look at you.“ He ranted.

"I… I can’t. He didn’t commit murder so he wont go to jail for life. He told me that if you found out, or anyone for that matter, he’d kill me.” You muttered. “Plus, I’m only 17, so they won’t let me take care of myself.”

“You will live with us. I will not let you go back there alone—”

“Aye Mate, you in there?”

“Yeah Michael! Give me a second.”

“Anyways,” Calum started as Michael walked away, “You will live with us. Tonight you and me both will go pack your things, okay? Then we will call the police. I’m going to protect you. We all will. We’re your family now.” He reassured. You nodded, over-joyed that Calum was by your side. He smiled softly and made his way over to his closet. He tossed a plain pale-blue button down shirt that reached your knees at you. “Put that on. It’ll be better than bloody clothes.” He said as he gave his phone to me.

You put on his shirt, not bothering to go into his bathroom. You could feel his eyes roam you body observantly. “He got your ribs too?”

You looked down at your ribcage and saw black and blue. “Mhm. Its why Theres blood on my shirt.” You mumbled absent-mindedly. Calum grunted in annoyance. A moment later Calum knelt in front of you and kissed your bruises gently. “Fucking dickwad.” He whispered. You sighed, pulling him up and pulling him into bed with you.

You lay on your back and Calum lay on his side, an arm draped over your body and softly massaging your soar ribs. You let out a breathy sigh. “I love you.” He whispered as he peppered kisses over your shoulder.

You turned your body to face him. You kissed him gently before resting your head upon his chest and closing your eyes.

“I love you too…”

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Rest in peace dear Ashley, I'm crying right now, I've tried to help you but sadly I couldn't, rest in peace.

I still have a chance, I’m logging out.