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The Way She Looks at Him

So just before Christmas I did a post with the way Oliver looks at Felicity, today I’d like to look at how Felicity looks at Oliver. These are just a few of my favourites. There are so many! Who can blame her?!

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170114 golden disc awards - “most popular artist” award

minho: yes um… firstly thank you. today i am here to represent shinee and i would like to apologize again for not being able to make it together as a team. it’s my first time by myself at an awards representing my group, i am very nervous and in a really great mood. popularity award seems like the most meaningful award out of all the awards. not only our shinee world fans that are here today, shinee world fans that cheer and support us from a far, i would like to thank you so much. we have debuted for 10 years now, for supporting & cheering us on for 10 years endlessly i would like to thank you again. we will repay by becoming shinee that doesn’t disappoint and by showing great stages, so i ask you to cheer us on till the end. also, i heard the popularity award was the most intense out of all the voting and from that it makes me really happy. i am extremely proud of shinee world and want to thank them again. thank you shinee world!!

translation credit: @omggminho

So the blog has reached 1000 followers somehow?? Yes, hello, hi- um, the blog has been a bit silent lately due to me suffering with exams but I hope you’re enjoying yourselves?? (I’ll probably be more active here from now on, since exams are over now, so hooray for productivity!)

With that said… I’m not sure what to do to celebrate? A stream? Raffle? Something else?? I dunno, feel free to hit me with suggestions! Seriously, haha. I’m much too indecisive ;v;

And that’s all! Thank you for following me, it really means a lot that people want to see more of these weird kids ;v;

Stop Looking at Him

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Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2135

Author: The one who is completely obsess with Peter, Kate

Warnings: Um… Kissing? There’s a fight scene…

A/N: HECK YES GUYS!!! First, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to ‘anonymous’ for the PROMPT and requesting this fic! It’s my favorite one that I’ve written. Anyways… Guys! Can’t you tell how much better my writing is when I have a prompt? AND it’s not so fluffy that you’re suffocating in all the fluff… Okay, sorry, sorry go ahead and read the fic now… 

“Y/N!” Peter whispered. You were both in History class, in the computer lab, working on a research project that you had paired up with your best friend, Peter Parker for. Well, you were supposed to be working on the project, anyway. 

“What?” You breathed back through the pen that you were subconsciously chewing on, your eyes still focused on Daniel through the monitors. This was the only class you could secretly spy on your semi-crush without anyone catching your gaze. Unfortunately, Peter knew you better than anyone, sometimes even your self. And, he was also slightly jealous that Daniel was getting more of your attention than he was. A few months ago, he had started developing feelings for you, but then he got bit by that spider, and he couldn’t tell you. He just couldn’t put you in that danger of being in a relationship with a superhero.

“You’re doing it again!” Peter said, looking at you exasperatedly. You looked at him, biting your lip. You could stay on track most of the time, but you had completed today’s work yesterday, while Peter was out of class, for some reason. 

“Doing what?” You asked guiltily, knowing perfectly well what Peter was accusing you of.

“Y/N, you’re staring at Daniel! And we’re supposed to be working!” Peter looked at you with round eyes. You bit your lip harder, trying to contain a blush. You didn’t think that Peter would be watching you. 

“I’m not looking at him!” You insisted, cringing at your high-pitched voice. It always was higher when you were lying or mad. Peter titled his head to the side, laying on his unbelief very heavily. You huffed, and went back to your computer, checking that all your deadlines for the project were set. Finding nothing to do, you opened up the school newspaper online. Your article came up first under the title New York’s Very Own Masked Hero. Peter looked at your screen disinterestedly. ‘Another one?’ he thought. For weeks, he had been trying to dissuade you from following Spider-Man so closely, seeing as he loved you too much to put you in that danger of knowing that your best friend was the one under the mask. He wished he could tell you, but he wouldn’t until it put you in more danger to not know. 

Growing bored with your article drafts, you started zoning out, taking a peak around your monitor every once in a while to sneak another look at Daniel. Peter noticed your frequent head movements, and grew more frustrated with your behavior.

“Stop looking at him!” His tone caught your attention right away, it was full of annoyance at you, and it was quite obvious you were daydreaming, as normal.

“Peter, we’ve already finished our wor-”

“You like him, don’t you?” He asked, accusingly. You stuck your tongue out at him. Peter cracked, and a smile shone through his annoyance. You turned back to your computer, trying to focus and actually get this survey up online. Slowly, so you wouldn’t notice, Peter slipped a black notebook from your backpack. Though he wasn’t supposed to know what it was, Peter knew it was full of all your writing prompts and fanfics. On more than one occasion, he had found stories of Spider-Man saving you, and it had always helped him focus during long nights of stopping crime. He just wanted to check one thing. If you were having difficulty analyzing a situation, or you were very emotional about something, you would often write stories from multiple different viewpoints to help you calm down and remember exact details. He opened to the last entry he had read, and flipped through a few more of the pages. Just skimming the pages, he saw titles for ‘Daniel and the Dinosaurs’ which was apparently another one of your nightmares that “dream” Daniel had saved you from. There were also imagines about movie nights, and just becoming closer to Daniel. Peter mocked the name in his head, feeling more down by the second. He wasn’t included in any of these stories, where as before, he normally had a 1:3 ratio. 

‘Maybe she would like me better than him if she knew I was Spider-Man.’ Thought Peter, as he saw yet another Spider-Man fan page. He slipped the notebook back, and rested his jaw on his crossed arms, trying to ignore his thoughts of revealing his secret.


Finally, school was out for the day, and History class had been moved to the black depths of your memory. You skipped up to Peter’s locker, a pencil behind your ear, and your notebook in your arms. 

“Hey, Peter! Guess what!” You laughed ecstatically. He looked up from his backpack, which always seemed to be stuffed, even on the days you didn’t have homework, and smiled. Your conscious noticed the smile didn’t nearly reach his eyes, like they normally do, but you shook it off.

“What’s up?” He asked, focusing back on his locker.

“I totally nailed our Algebra test!” You grinned. “Guess all that tutoring paid off, huh, Parker?” He smiled an answer, and this one was sad, too. You were about to ask what was wrong when your phone beeped an alert from your police scanner app.

“Armed robbery on 13th.” You read out loud. MIdtown wasn’t far from there, and if your hurried, you might be able to get some pictures of Spider-Man in action.

“I’ve got… I’ve got to go.” Peter sputtered, pulling on his backpack quickly.

“Yeah, me too.” You clicked your phone off.

“Y/N, don’t go to the robbery.” Peter said quickly.

“And why not? What if Spider-Man is there? I can get some great pic-”

“Just… don’t. It’s dangerous. What if you get hurt?” You didn’t get to answer; Peter was already gone.

“Spider-Man will make sure I won’t.” You smiled, pulling a battered camera out of your backpack. You tried to run fast through the streets, bumping into multiple people who threw dirty looks at your back. Slowly and cautiously, you rounded the corner of 13th, and snapped a few shots of the police barricades. You continued round the mob of people, and surreptitiously slipped through the police. The bank came into view, and you heard a loud voice echoing through the building. You silently slunk through the doors, and squatted, your camera at the ready. 

“So, Spidey, looks like your all webbed up.” A coarse voice laughed. Again, you moved silently closer to the action. You expected to see the burglars stuck in webs, as was normal. Instead you saw your hero plastered to the wall in a net of webs that looked significantly different from the formula that you had spent months memorizing. Spider-Man was stuck. You gasped, and 3 men wielding guns and daggers turned at the sound. The eyes on Spider-Man’s mask widened with the proportion of his actual eyes. 

“NO! Y/N GET OUT OF HERE!” Peter yelled, his chest rising rapidly. You turned to run, but the biggest man with a dagger caught your arm, and twisted it painfully behind your back. Your eyes filled with terror as you felt the cold metal of the dagger push your throat. Peter was going berserk. He twisted back and forth through the web, trying anything to get to you, to save you.     

“Look at that, boys. Spider-kid has a girlfriend!” The robber laughed, pressing the dagger even tighter against your throat. Your breathing was uneven and shallow as you felt the skin break underneath the pressure.

“Please, please don’t hurt h-her. Do whatever you want-t to me, but don’t hurt her.” Spider-Man pleaded as he saw a bead of crimson blood roll down your snow white neck. Peter searched his mind frantically for anything, anything that would help. If he tried to cut open the web, you would die. If he tried to web the dagger, you would die. An idea came to him as he saw a tear roll out of your crystal blue eyes. He had installed that frequency emitter next to his web shooters. It would emit a sound frequency that would shock the villains into a neurological stupor until the police came, and he could reach it the button. He looked at you again, and realized it would affect you too. And he had never tested it before to see if the effect was permanent.

“WHY YOU LITTLE BRAT!” The villain holding Y/N screamed. You had twisted your head to bite his arm, and you also stepped on his foot to try and release his grip. He loosened his grip slightly, and you twisted out of his arm, but his dagger caught the flesh underneath your shoulder deep. You tripped, and one of the other robbers caught you, pressing his gun into your cut. Tears filled your eyes as the gun rubbed the wound. The man you had bitten pulled out a pistol, and aimed in straight at your forehead.

“Hope you don’t mind, Spidey, but I’m going to have to kill the girl.” He said, cocking the gun. Peter slammed the frequency button, hoping against hope it would do something. Time seemed to slow as Peter watched the trigger being pulled, and then everyone collapsed in their spots. Peter cut the web, and fell on the floor, terrified to see what state you were in. You were sprawled on the ground, a tear still midway down your cheek. Peter anxiously held you to his chest, checking your forehead for any wounds. The trajectory of the bullet had been messed up when the robber fell, and had grazed the skin just above your right eye, but it wasn’t deep. Peter breathed for the first time in a minute, and picked you up like a baby.


You woke up suddenly on a small bed. Your heavily bandaged arm ached from the muscle spasm of regaining consciousness, and you felt extremely dizzy sitting up. You fell back onto the bed.

“Y/N. You’re awake. Thank goodness you’re awake.” A blurry version of Spider-Man’s mask swam into your eyesight. You mouthed a question, but no noise came out. 

“Y/N. Y/N. Do you remember me?” Spider-Man asked in a very familiar voice.

“How-how do you know my name?” You asked, your head throbbing. That was Peter’s voice, but he couldn’t be Spider-Man. You were just hallucinating. 

“I-uh. I’ve read your articles about me.” The hero obviously lied, turning his head down just like Peter normally does. You looked around as your vision cleared. Peter’s room. You were in Peter’s room on his bed. Why would Spider-Man be in Peter’s room? You reached up to the mask with shaky fingers. Peter instantly froze at your touch. It felt like a zap of electricity through the mask. You bit your lip, and pulled the mask off. Your hand fell back to your side as Peter’s face was unveiled. A thousand, no a million questions raced through your mind as gibberish stumbled out of your mouth. Peter’s eyebrows knit together in guilt.

“Peter? You’re Spider-Man?” You croaked. He nodded solemnly. You started laughing as it all came together. The missed classes, the sad smiles, the dog-eared Spider-Man fics in your notebook, the secrecy…

“Y/N? Are you okay?” Peter was very concerned at your abrupt laughter.

“Ugh. I feel so stupid! Please tell me you weren’t the one that was reading my Spider-Man stories! Peter!” You giggled at his smile. 

“You, you’re not mad that I didn’t tell you?”

“Peter, I’m so mad that I could kill you, but can we save that for later when I have full use of my arms?” He smiled, and your melted at the sight of your protector. Your Spider-Man. Your Peter. Your best friend. All the same person, the boy that stole your heart. 

Neither of you could say exactly what happened in that moment, but your hearts started beating as one. 

“Peter, I think I love you.” You whispered. Slowly, Peter leaned closer to you, until his breath tickled your lips, his arms supporting his weight of either side of you. You tilted your head up until your lips connected. Peter melted into your touch. His arms wrapped under your back, and you felt his biceps flex as he sighed against your neck. 

“So, do you like me better than Daniel?” He mumbled. You didn’t answer until he lifted his head to look into your eyes. You sighed at the sight of his warm brown eyes so close to yours.

“Remember when you told me to stop looking at him?” You asked him, and he smiled, awaiting your response. “Well, I guess you were right, because I like looking at you a lot more.” He leaned in for another kiss, and your lips smiled against his. 

A Fairytale Beginning (1/?)

When @timetravelingpotatoast proposed a Captain Swan Enchanted AU, I couldn’t believe it hadn’t already been done (and apologies if it has), and I just had to take a crack at it. A Captain Swan romance involving Enchanted Forest AU, modern day AU, and 21st-century-man goodness? Um, YES PLEASE. So here it is - my take on a OUAT version of the lovable Disney movie (though, like all things OUAT, it’s a little darker than the Disney movie; Killian Jones is decidedly not a fairytale princess).

Special thanks to @lenfaz for letting me run my preliminary story outline by her. Chapter 1 is fairly short, but I promise the rest will be considerably longer. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Find it on AO3.

Summary:  Killian Jones, the notorious Captain Hook, has been on a quest to kill the Dark One and avenge the death of his first love for over one hundred fifty years. But when he crosses the Evil Queen, he’s magically transported to New York City, an strange land full of fascinating wonders, the foremost of which is Emma Swan, a cynical single mother with no time for fairytales, real or imagined. A Captain Swan Enchanted AU.   (Captain Swan modern AU, Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance & Adventure.  Rated G.)

Also tagging @piratesails at her request.

The thunder of hoofbeats fills the air as the roan mare gallops down the wide earthen path in the shadow of the needle-like spires of the Evil Queen’s castle.  Her rider urges her on, perched in the stirrups and leaning forward into the wind, his black leather duster jacket aloft behind him. The beginnings of a storm are curling on the horizon, the air heavy with the smell of coming rain, and, as accustomed as the man is to being soaked to the skin, he would still prefer to weather it from inside, rather than outside, the castle.  Besides, he’s survived quite an adventure to secure the prize that he carries now, and he’s eager to get his hand on the magical compass he intends to exchange it for.

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Heyyy Dazai! Um... so... I got you this... *hands over a bottle of sake* Merry Christmas, to you my favorite executive! (hope you have a nice christmas too, author-chan!!!!)

Ah, another bottle of sake.

Perfect for New Year’s Eve~

You know what, I’ll invite you to the fireworks display too—the one I mentioned earlier.
You have to hurry though; make sure you arrive before midnight ♪~

Happy 2017!!!\(★ω★)/

Hey guys! So um, quick note before you guys get back to your New Year’s festivities.

I want to thank you all for such a wonderful half year of SoH. This blog came to life on June 19th and it’s received nothing but love and good notes from all you lovely followers since then.

Yes, as I’ve said, this blog has been active for only half a year or so, and well, this message isn’t as impacting as it would have been if this blog had been made earlier, but well,… you guys are really phenomenal. Y'all are wonderful fabulous amazing stupendous awe-inspiring people and I love love love you guys beyond words, thank you so much for this amazing year and for just being awesome.

I want to thank you guys again. Thank you for posting art, thank you for writing fanfics, thank you for your aesthetic posts and playlists, for contributing. Thank you for liking, thank you for reblogging, thank you for pressing that little follow button, but most of all thank you for being part of this fandom, because without you guys, what is this blog really?

I hope you guys have a wonderful 2017, full of happiness, wealth, health, and love. Please be safe, please love yourself, and always remember that this blog and I are and will always be here for you, SoH related or not.

Side note, can you guys do me a huge favor please? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this blog is here for you, and I want to know you guys’ opinions and such. So if you can maybe leave a message on this post or send me privately what y'all want to see from this blog, or any issues that you guys want fixed, I will gladly do my best to help resolve those issues and include more things. Anything goes! I want to know what y'all want to see from SoH in 2017!

Be safe this year, and don’t forget to have fun as well!

(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

-Admin Jenny

Yes, Idiot

Request- Hello! May I get some fluffy Alex x Reader where the two are cuddling and fluff happens? I want lots of fluff~! Thank you ^-^

Once again, all written on mobile so formatting is shit. I know you didn’t ask for a modern au but I’m doing it anyway. I was also watching that episode of Parks and Rec while writing this so sorry. :) Warnings- um parks and recreation spoilers I guess and profanity

“Hey, what do you want to watch?” Alex asked opening Netflix on the TV. He was sprawled across the couch. You were in the kitchen making Mac and Cheese for the both of you. He could write like hell, and debate better than Jefferson himself, but he simply could not operate a stove. He set a knife on fire the last time he tried to make ramen noodles.

“Parks and Rec,” you called. You stopped to consider your choice, as much as you loved it, he was probably fed up with watching it all the time. You didn’t want him to be annoyed with you. Your self-destructive thoughts were interrupted by his voice.

“I shouldn’t have even asked,” he said opening your favorite show. You brought the two plates over and placed them on the coffee table.

“Do you have to take up the whole couch?” You asked, pushing his legs off the armrest. You sat in his lap as he wrapped his arms around you. You would never admit it, but him holding you was your favorite part of dating him. Of course, his political prowess was pretty great too.

He pushed your hair out of the way and rested his head on your shoulder to see the tv. You were halfway through rewatching your favorite show for like the bajillionth time but you still loved it. Ann and Chris were moving to Ann Arbor and it made you cry every time. A tear rolled down you cheek and you quietly sniffled, trying to hide it from your boyfriend.

“Hey, are crying?” Alex asked, leaning from behind you to look at your face. You missed the warmth immediately.

“It’s just, Leslie loves Ann so much and she’s leaving her!” You blubbered, immediately ashamed that you were crying over something so stupid. God, you were making yourself look like an idiot.

“Yeah, but I love you more than Leslie loves Ann, so you better not leave,” he whispered into your ear flirtatiously. The feeling of his hot breath consumed your thoughts. You wished he would speak more, if only to hear his deep voice. You could spend hours listening to him talk. When he was out of town, you would often call just to hear him rattle on.

“There’s no way someone could love somebody more than Les- Wait what?” You realized that was the first time he said that he loved you. It felt like fireworks just exploded in your stomach. He loved you! He loves you.

“Well it’s a good thing I’m not leaving then,” you stated, kissing him. It took him a second before he registered your words.

“Wait do you love me?” He asked, breaking the kiss.

“Yes, idiot.”

Take A Punch for You

Group/Member: EXO/Kai

Genre: Drabble, Angst, Fluff(?)

Word Count: 582

Summary: 4) “Who gave you that black eye?” 

Requested: Yes’m! @merla123 said: “Um I was wondering if anyone can do an angst/fluff imagine with exo’s Kai using #4. It doesn’t matter who writes it. Thank you and sorry for the trouble”

Author’s Note: Okay so, I’ve established that I suck at transitioning from angst to fluff… or it can just be that suck at both genres altogether lol I don’t know. 

- Admin Sonsee

Originally posted by kimdos

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I'd just like to say, you're all amazing, fantastic people. And mun, you're included! Olet hämmästyttävä. Þú ert góður. Du er sjovt. Du er vidunderlig. Du är älskad! (I'm also actually trying to learn Norwegian and Swedish at the moment so I'm wondering if I messed up these sentences.... I probably messed up the Danish, Icelandic, and Finnish though.)

//Aw thank you!! I have no clue though as my Danish is limited and I can’t speak the others xD//

Denmark: Thanks!

Norway: Yes, thank you.

Iceland: Um, thank you.

Finland: Awww! Thanks!

Sweden: … Th'nks…


(Requested by Anon)

Seth had been so sweet to you all day, you weren’t exactly sure what it was that made you say it but you were definitely regretting it now.


“Well you know, you are really cute.” You said shooting Seth a wide grin. 

His face flushed and he began to shuffle around nervously. “I…um, yes, I mean no, I…er, thanks?” 

“Seth I’m sorry I didn’t mean to-”

“Oh don’t worry Y/N.” Paul chimed in cutting you off. 

“Yeah Y/N” Embry continued. “He’s just not used to girls realising he’s such a…”

“Cutie.” Jared and Quil finished together with a laugh. 

You mentally face-palmed, you just hadn’t thought. Poor Seth, you didn’t realise the guys would give him so much grief. 

“Oh go piss up a fire-hydrant.” You snapped, taking Seth’s hand and dragging him away. 


As the boys pointed and laughed through their muttering across the fire you couldn’t help but think it would be a long time before you made that one up to him. 

awkwardlyplaced  asked:

Thank you so so much for sfi! I always find your characters so relatable and love all of them so much. It fills me with such relief to know that Gemma is able to be happy with herself I kinda wish there were more interactions between Mikey and Gemma's friends plus Natalie but that could honestly take up an entire book on its own. It would be so much fun to see Gemma show off her analytic skills to Mikey but I'm not sure what kinda situation would allow that to happen =P

Yes! I wanted more interaction between Mikey & Natalie and Gemma’s friends, too! Unfortunately it didn’t fit into the story. 

I also wanted to put a lot more maths and maths jokes into the story - but I needed to cut a good 75% of it because all that maths talk distracts readers and takes them out of the book! I just left enough to frame Gemma as a character and explain how she relates to the world. It’s such a pity, because I had all these projects that Gemma was privately working on all researched and planned but I never got an opportunity to mention them (except like once, I think, when Gemma was thinking of showing one to Mikey). The perils of being a writer~~

As a consolation, you will get to see loads of interaction between Natalie and the regulars from Min’s books: Henry, Bree, Sarah….. a tiny bit of Gemma and Mikey and some familiar villains from UMS. I’m going to surprise you about one of them. Natalie is a main character in Min’s third book. 

Being A Slytherin:

Muggles laughing and asking whether you are evil and comforting you. Um… I fuckin love my house…no thanks filthy muggle.

Befriending a Gryffindor… All of the disagreements but still being there for them ready to kill their enemies.

Feeling obligated to like snakes

Finding Dumbledore slightly biased…even if you love him.

Standing up for Draco even when he’s being a dickhead.

When your irl (temporary) muggle school house colour is green as well.
 I feel so validated rn!!!!

Yelling YES!!! When Albus was sorted.

Falling in love with Scorpius. You are a nerd… you are in Slytherin… I feel you… let’s be Slytherin nerds together!! 

Feeling Soo proud of your house while reading the cursed child

If you insult my Hufflepuff friends… Run, run like the wind.

lunarwanderer1420  asked:

Hello~ I was wondering if you could do the host club reacting to their s/o dancing terribly in public (maybe it's to embarrass them or maybe because they JAM IS ON AND THEY GOTTA SHAKE THEIR GROOVE THING! You pick~) Um, also... Your blog is hella and it brings me so much joy, so thank you!

i connect with this ask on a deep and profound level

(we are so sorry for the inactivity omg)

When you stopped dead in the middle of the shopping centre, looking for all the world like a stunned meerkat, Tamaki’s first thought was to be confused. And you then excitedly exclaiming ‘YES THIS IS MY JAM’, and proceeding to flail wildly had done nothing to help matters.
And when you had dragged him in to join you, he was nothing short of completely befuddled. He asks what you’re doing, to which you happily reply that this is your song, you have to dance!
It takes a few seconds for realization to dawn on him, but when it does, a grin breaks out across his face and Tamaki joins in with perhaps a tad too much enthusiasm.
“I see, this is a commoner tradition, then! Excellent, ______! Just the kind of exotic activity the host club needs!”

Haruhi tries not to laugh, she really does, but you just look so ridiculous.
Never being one to put too much thought into what strangers think, she just stands there, hand against the wall to steady herself, giggling uncontrollably. The idea of being embarrassed doesn’t even cross her mind, she’s laughing so hard.
And when you grab her hands and pull her into the music, she doesn’t have the heart to refuse. She stumbles a bit and her giggles falter, slightly more aware of the eyes now, but you don’t seem to care, so Haruhi tries not to either. Her sigh is both exasperated and fond as she reluctantly lets you twirl her around.
“Geez, ______, wouldn't you rather do this when we’re on our own?”

Hikaru is torn between pretending he doesn’t know you and bursting into laughter. So, stuck in this dilemma, he settles for standing awkwardly in front of you, red faced and snickering.
“Come on, _____, did you have to pick such an embarrassing song?”
In the middle of a flamboyant spin, you shout back at him that this is a fantastic song, what is he talking about?
Hikaru snorts.
And then videos the scene on his phone for blackmail material.

Kaoru plays the part of besotted fan spectacularly, over-dramatically cheering and wolf whistling as you ‘shake your groove thing’.
You laugh, and indulge him with an exaggerated wink. But he is quick to counter, full on swooning into your arms without a second thought to the looks you’re both getting from the public.
He cracks an eye open from his position in your arms, staring up at you with laughter in his gaze. 
“Wooooow… Never thought I’d be lucky enough to date such a talented dancer, ______!”

Kyoya stares at the scene playing out in front of him for a few moments, and then shuts his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. He sighs. He’s had plenty of practise in dealing with Tamaki, he’s more than used to being dragged into embarrassing situations in the middle of a crowd.
That doesn’t mean he’s happy about it.
“______. Do you know the meaning of the words ‘public protocol’?”
You either could not or would not hear this, continuing to prance around to the beat of the music, unperturbed by the gawking crowd.
He counts down from ten, before starting forwards with the unwavering spring of a businessman in his step, and before you even realise he’s moved Kyoya gently grabs your wrist and tugs you into the closest shop, effectively cutting off your impromptu routine.
You moan loudly, complaining that that was my favourite song I WAS NOT FINISHED COME ON BABE LEMME GET BACK OUT THERE.
“______, normally I would let you publicly embarrass yourself to your heart’s content, but you are now a permanent associate of the Ootori family for the foreseeable future, and I would prefer if you would please keep in mind that we have a reputation to maintain.”
The words ‘permanent associate’ are practically a love confession coming from Kyoya, and you wisely decide to let him have his way, too busy trying to calm your thumping heart to think about arguing.

Are you kidding Honey JUMPS RIGHT IN THERE WITH YOU. He doesn’t miss a beat, you barely have time to think before your hands are grabbed and he’s twirling with you in place, either not noticing or just not caring for the stares cast in your direction. If your goal was to embarrass him, it has sorely backfired, as the dance moves he’s roping you into are far more embarrassing than anything you could have ever hoped to top, and you can’t tell whether or not it’s intentional. And Honey’s so into it, enthusiastically swinging you around.
“Isn’t this fun, ______-chan?! We should dance like this all the time!”

If Mori is embarrassed, his face (unsurprisingly) does nothing to indicate so. In fact, a small smile graces his features instead. He truly doesn’t mind, it’s not like Honey hasn’t made a scene many a time in public, and your dancing is hardly doing anything to inconvenience the two of you or anyone around (unlike Honey’s episode at the sweet shop last week).
And your dancing is so horrendous, it’s actually… really cute.
You turn to him - or twirl, rather -  slightly sweaty with exertion, pupils blown wide and a grin so bright Mori feels his heart stutter right there.
He doesn’t care how silly you may look, he’d watch you dance forever if it kept that smile on your face.

- Admins Kits and Beckett

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Congrats on the 1.4 k . You deserve all the love that you get 😍😘😙

cont.: “ Oh and th last book I read was Percy Jackson and The Greek Heroes and the last song was um … Black Widow”

thank you so much!!! (and nice, i love that book sm)

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+ quote: “this is what i wanted to do with violet - give her only the good, keep away the bad, so that good is all we ever have around us”

Want one?

Straight White Boy Problem #926

*hanging with my bros*

bro: so dude….are you a boobs guy or an ass guy

me: *reading an ESPN article on my phone* what……what do you want?


*all 6 of my bros are looking at me*

me: *puts my phone down calmly, looks all of them directly in the eye*…….ass is good

bros: *nodding in agreement* yes…yes..we concur with your decision congratulations bro

me: um…thanks guys

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tagged by @queerlyalex thankies! :))

  • Gender: cis gal
  • Star Sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 5′1.5″ (yes, the ½ inch is important)
  • Sexual Orientation: oh jeesh, this is like a multi part question. um, so generally queer and questioning (i love all ppl a lot except i tend to be socially repulsed by cishet white dude bc Reasons [no points for guessing lol] so i feel like that must effect my general attractions a lil bit too?), but specifically i am also (grey) ace and aro-spec !
  • Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff, with a bit of ravenclaw
  • Favorite Color: Sea blue/green
  • Favorite Animal: dragons? or dogs and hedgehogs, they are all Good.
  • Average hours of sleep: 5-6 maybe? i sleep in Lots when i can tho
  • Cat or dog person: Dogs
  • Favourite fictional characters: omg ummmm. Natsume Yuujinchou (my bby), scoott mccall, veronica mars, toothless, castiel, spencer reid, Noni from beyond the lights (has everyone seen this btw?? it so good, i am happycry!), also Hushpuppy from beasts of the southern wild, katara from atla,  and the narrator from alice isnt dead (we dont know her name)
  • Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 quilt and a small 1d/dog blanket over my feet, but also like a heater/magic bag cos im an icicle :(
  • Favorite singer/band: 1d is a given, but i also rlly dig hayley kiyoko, sleeping at last, and delta rae a lot rn (i like lotsa diff stuff tho and it changes so much)
  • Dream Trip: New zealand or australia? or some kinda roadtrip with good pals, idc where
  • Dream Job: something to do with making movies, being on the radio/something music related but not making it cos i suck, orrr working with plants or animals (i have decided to be a vet tech, so that’s a thing, but like. if u got paid to foster bby animals? id be all over that)
  • When was this blog made: november 11, 2011 lol
  • Number of followers: would probs be 700 by now if i didnt block all the dang porn blogs, y’all need to quit it!
  • What made you create this blog: bunch of my irls had tumblrs, so they told me to make one and i did. things have changed a lot since then tbh. i do have a ficspo/art refs blog i made along the way too (mostly bc of all the irls around), but i dont rlly use it much
  • Bonus: name one interesting fact about yourself: i have to eat ice cream with a fork. i cant rmr how/why i started this habit but i cannot eat it with a spoon anymore cos it feels weird lol

aand no pressure at all to anyone but im tagging @justawordshaker @aeolian-harp @littlepetlouis @niallspringsteen @slug2 @aeolian-harp @stealmygrrl @marnz @carlyraejepsun and anyone else who wants to, go ahead!

The Best Drummer That Has Ever Lived Ever - A Josh Dun Line Prompt, #20

anonymous asked:

20 with Josh dun from twenty one pilots please!

Originally posted by falloutyler

Title: The Best Drummer That Has Ever Lived Ever

Fandom: twenty one pilots, Josh Dun

Words: 538

Summary: You and Josh have been dating for a very long time, but he still feels the need to show off to you. One rouge drumstick leads to a very embarrassing moment for him.

Thanks for the request, non! I hope you like it, it’s not my best work. So, um, here’s Joshy!


“Oh I’m so impressed.”

“I know!”

Josh, your boyfriend of too long to count, yells to you from behind his drum set. He still feels the need to show-off to you, a concept that only makes sense in his beautiful mind.

He’s drumming very fast, all with his eyes closed. An incredible feat in the world of Josh Dun, and you had to admit, you are enjoying it. The drumming yes, but hanging out with your best friend/love of your life and teasing him relentlessly is even better. 

“Here, now watch this!”

He picks up his pace even faster, and somehow the noise emitting from his drum set is melodic, not random and completely horrid. 

“Mmm, wow you’re pretty good at that drumming thing. You should really join a band or something.” You joke back at him, enjoying the show.

“Yeah, I’ve been- OW!” He starts off in a cocky tone, most definitely to supply a sarcastic side remark, but it is never to be. Before he can finish, one of his sleek, brand-new drumsticks (that he made sure to show you when he got them), slips out of his trained hand, and flies straight into his forehead.

He bring his hand right above his eye immediately, dropping his other beloved drumstick and groaning in pain. 

You, on the other hand, are rolling on the floor laughing. Screaming and/or choking would also be accurate words. You clutch your stomach and try to say something to Josh, whose cheeks have now turned a bright shade of pink. Alas, your words get caught in your throat, and rather come out as loud gasps for air.

“Come on, it wasn’t that funny.” Josh says sheepishly while standing up from his drum set, a frown decorating his cute face.

You begin to compose yourself, and head towards your partner, whose embarrassment was as obvious as a police siren. 

“Aww, Joshy.” You coo, finally reaching him and caressing his face while jutting out your bottom lip. “You want me to kiss-it-make-it-better?”

He grabs your wrist and turns away, eyes trained on the floor. You can almost feel the heat radiating from his perfect face, and start to feel a little bad about teasing him. 

“Aw, c’mon it was cute.” You try to lighten up his mood while bringing his face back towards yours. He instead buries his face into your shoulder the avoid your gaze. 

“No, it was stoopid.” His voice is muffled by the soft fabric of your t-shirt and you can’t help but giggle.

“Josh.” You say in the firmest voice you can muster, while grabbing his chin and bringing his eyes to yours. You can’t help but smile at the adorable look on his face. “You’re still the best drummer that has ever lived ever.” You state as a fact for the world to hear.

He chuckles that familiar laugh and snakes his arms around your waist, placing a heavy kiss on your lips.



He drummed great that night, his eyes always finding you watching backstage and smiling. The black eye he was sporting blending right in with his usual eyeshadow, and all was well again on the crazy life you live, right alongside Josh and Tyler.