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The Plan -WillNE

Anonymous said to simplysdmn:Ok could I please request a Stephen or will imagine (you pick!!) where they meet you after the sidemen match and you’re also a big youtuber and they like you or whatever but are kinda shy about it idk something like that please and thank you!!

A/N:I really liked this idea and I hope you liked the way it turned out, I chose Will because I’m more familiar with him but I kinda included Stephen too :), anyways enough rambling! Enjoy! 

Once the match had ended, all the players were evacuated off the pitch and all the people that invaded the pitch were safely evacuated also, we were told that all people with VIP holders were allowed back into hall were we could celebrate with the players. I came with Stephen to support his friend Will but I was also supporting a lot of the other players that I knew from Youtuber events.

I, myself was a Youtuber with 2 million subscribers making skits just like my mate Stephen. I think that’s why we were best friends, we were compatible on so many things but we always made the decision that we could never date as it would ruin the friendship we had.

Although he was always certain that he could match me up with his friend Will. I was the sister that he always mentioned. It got quite annoying at times but I didn’t mind when I knew he was talking to Will. He’d always mention me on the phone which I wouldn’t mind but I always thought what it would be like if I met him in person.

Well today was the actual day I’d meet him person and to tell the truth I wasn’t 

excited as I was supposed to be causing Stephen to question why I was acting strange. “Y/N, are you alright? You’re not as excited as you were earlier.”

“Yeah, well yesterday I wasn’t as excited as I was yesterday because, quite frankly, I’m shy. And you know that!” He laughed as we took the elevator up to the hall.

“You’d want to cut out the shyness because you’re about to meet him.” I sharply started touching up my makeup, making him break into more laughter.

The elevator stopped and I was already engulfed by the smell of sweat and strong cologne.

“Y/N!” I looked up and saw the bright smile of Calfreezy.

“Oh my God, Callum, you’re suffocating me and I literally slept on couch last night, the fuck is wrong with you?” I laughed at him once he loosened his grip on me.

“See, there’s something called adrenaline and really that’s fucking pumping around my body.”

“I forgot, I apologise,” I rolled my eyes while giggling a bit. “Anyways, congratulations! I’m very proud of you and your shitty knee.” We laughed and talked a bit more before I was pulled away by Stephen.

“Sorry Cal but you know my plan, well I’m about to go through with it.” I rolled my eyes and said my goodbye. On the way to wherever he was dragging me, I greeted some people that I recognised but finally we had reached Stephen’s beloved destination.

“Jesus Christ Steve, if you dragged me here for no reason and make me run out of breathe I’m going to kill you.” I threw him daggers until he nodded forward. I looked up and saw Will. I looked back over at Stephen making sure to send death threats through my eyes.

“Uh, hi! My name’s Will and you must be Y/N Y/L/N?” He chuckled softly and my surprised face.

“Yeah, that’s me! Nice to meet you.” I said quietly.

“Y/N, here is a Youtuber herself.” Stephen butted in trying to get the conversation flowing.

“And so I’ve heard, you never shut up about her Stephen.” Will laughed.

“Yeah, it gets quite annoying doesn’t it?” I laughed along.

“Sometimes but now I’ve realised he actually has quite some point to bring you up.” I looked away and laughed softly, embarrassment written all over my face.

“Oh God, I suppose you’ve watched my videos too?”

“I have actually and they’re pretty decent. I really like them, they’re better than Stephen’s.” We both laughed while Stephen scoffed.

“You guys are dicks, but do you want drinks?” Stephen asked.

“Yeah, coke is fine for me.” I replied

“I’ll go with a Corona.” Will replied.

Will talked for a little more until it was time we had to go onto separate buses to get to the after party.

Once we got on the bus, Stephen bombarded me with questions. It was quite funny when he got excited but I responded to every question he had.

“So the plan is that you talk to him for the rest of night play hard to get but give him his number before you leave.” 

“Stephen, you do realise you can give him my number?” I shook my head and chuckled.

“I could do that but it’ll better that way!” He kept trying to get his idea across until I confided.

“Fine, on one condition. You don’t bother me unless I ask for you. Deal?” I stuck out my hand and he reluctantly put his hand out.

“Ok I have a condition too, you go through with this plan, I’ll give you £500.” I smiled broadly and shook his hand.

“You’re annoying.”

“You’re worse.” We laughed. We talked a bit more until we reached the destination.

He walked me towards a group of the guys that were laughing and there he was standing there with all his glory. All it took was one look and a smile in my direction to make me turn around and run away. Sometimes my shyness overpowered me and right now that’s exactly what was happening. 

“Remember! £500 is on the table!” Stephen sang in my ear, I muttered a few profanities making him shoot me a smile. 

“I fucking hate you,” I mouthed at him while walking to Will.

“Hey you.” I poked his side.

“Hello! How was your bus ride?” He pulled me in for a hug.

“Not bad except for the fact that Stephen is a nuisance.” He agreed and laughed with me.

“Let’s go inside? Go get a drink?” I nodded. We walked in together, the pounding of the speaker already vibrating through my body. We reached the bar and we both sat down on a stool.

“What are you going to have?”

“I’ll have a gin & tonic.”

“I’ll have the same.” We had a small race on who was going to pay first and he won but it was all laughs later.

“I mean I’m not going to be able to living off of sponsorships forever so Youtube need to get their shit together.” I said

“Yeah, I completely agree but you’ve also got to see it from the advertisers perspective, like I understand why they don’t want their ads on certain things.” I nodded in agreement. A couple of drinks later the shyness had worn away and I was finally little more open to talking to him.

“Oh my God! I love this song!” False Alarm by Matoma started playing in the background and I started nodding my head to it without knowing.

“Ah, no way! Same!” I smiled and started singing along.

“Dance with me.” He said.

“Oh no, Will. I can’t dance for shit! I told you!”

“Oh come on, you won’t give me your number and you won’t dance with me. So unfair Y/N! So unfair!” I sighed playfully.

“Ok fine! Just this once!” His grin took up half his face and then stuck out his hand, I took and let him walk me to the dance floor.

I tapped my foot along to the song and sand along. 

“Come on! You’ve got to have something in you!”

“I dont know, maybe!” I moved my hips to the music and let loose. Not too soon the song was over. 

“Y/N! You’re a liar!”

“What? I wasn’t going to be stuck up! And I’m not that good.”

“Well, in my eyes it was quite beautiful.” I scoffed and look away the shyness kicking in again.

“You’re too much.” I giggled.

“You’re too cute.”

“Do you say this to all the girls you meet?” I laughed.

“No, just the ones that I think deserve it.”

“So I deserve your cheesy compliments?”

“Only in return for your number.”

“And if I don’t?”

“No more cheesy compliments. I can tell you like it!”

“Ok fine you win.” I rolled my eyes and handed him my phone, unlocking it and opening the contacts app.

The night finally arose, or morning as it was almost 4am. The night was full of laughters, smiles and giggles. 

“I expect a text message tomorrow afternoon Mr Lenney.”

“You’ve got it Ms Y/L/N.” He gave me a tight hug and I made my way to the taxi I was taking with Calfreezy and got a drunk phone call from Stephen when we got home.

“Well, how did it go?” He slurred.

“Aren’t you sleeping at his house?”

“Yeah but he’s already asleep and I’ve got the couch so be quiet.” I giggled at his stupidity.

“Oh alright then, I’m going to be honest and say I actually had so much fun.” He started freaking out on the other side and it took me so long to get him to calm down.

“I’m going to need you to calm down and not wake up the whole building, alright?”

“Oh, yeah I forgot, sorry. You said you had fun! So I was right! I knew you’d like each other. Most importantly did you give him your number?”

“Yes. I gave him my number.” I rolled my eyes but a smile was on my face.

“Ok great! See you in a couple of days then?”

“You got it! Sleep tight Steve.”

“You too!” And with that I fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face.

For birthday girl, mistralisoul

Holy fucking shit this took me whole day today. Maybe I haven’t lineart’d for so long, so it takes me a lot of time and energy. Anyways, yes, happy birthday you little shit. You thought I’d forget? Naaaah.

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