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oatmeal - papyrus x reader

send me the first sentence of a fanfic and i’ll write the rest

Pairing: Papyrus x Reader

Warnings: Swears that aren’t really swears…

Summary: Dork 1 and Dork 2 (Also known as you and Papyrus) have your first “argument.”

Notes: i like to imagine that papyrus is a dork with his s/o, so this is just teeth rotting fluff


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Church Boys Moan Louder

THIS WAS A PROMPT BUT I FUCKED UP AND ACCIDENTALLY POSTED IT EARLY SO NOW ITS GONE FOREVER IM SORRY ANON BUT I STILL WANTED TO FINISH IT SO YE the prompt was basically innocent religious dan and phil like pines after him ; ending in sex in church bathroom and yes, you are going to hell

it’s also really long oops


Phil was fucking screwed. Never had he wanted someone so bad as he wanted Dan Howell. That boy fucked with his head and his body and his life. And he wasn’t even TRYING.

If he was trying, he was doing a damn good job at hiding it. Dan seemed completely oblivious to Phil’s attempts to win him over. The light blush on his cheeks said otherwise, but Dan ignored it completely. Dan was the goddamn priests son, but Phil liked a challenge. And this definitely was one.

Phil took another sip of the dumb nonalcoholic punch they were serving, scowling at the plastic cup. He shouldn’t be here, at this dumb church party, he didn’t have to be. It was optional, unlike the weekly services he was required to attend due to his parents getting pissed that he had defiled the school with graffiti yet again. It wasn’t that bad, he got to see Dan at least. But the only reason he was here was for him.

“Hey,” a girl spoke, interrupting Phil’s thoughts. He turned to look at her, scanning her blonde hair and plaid school uniform. Who wears a uniform to a party? Church kids, Phil figured.

“Uh, hey,” Phil responded, sounding completely uninterested, but she didn’t take a hint.

“Fun party, huh?”

Phil raised his eyebrows at her, chuckling, pulling a flask out of his leather jacket pocket and tipping the clear liquid into the cup.

“No, not particularly.”

She seemed a bit put off by that, but bounced back quickly.

“So, do you know anyone here?” She asked, her voice light and Phil swore he heard a hint of flirtiness in her tone

Phil chuckled, his eyes glinting.

“Look, sorry honey, but if you’re trying to get in my pants you might as well give up now. I like cock, dunno if your tiny brain can wrap itself around that, but the only reason I’m here is that I want to fuck Dan Howell.” He casually picked at a black nail, flashing her a tight lipped smile. “So, if you still want to bother me after that, feel free. But I’m gay as hell. Just saying.”

The girl stared at him, her eyes wide and her jaw practically hitting the ground. Phil chuckled. He loved doing that.

She let out a small squeak, whirling on her heel and rushing off. Phil shook his head.

Phil cursed under his breath as he watched her beeline straight to Dan and his group of friends at the other side of the room. Phil couldn’t hear what she was saying, but she pointed at him less than subtly. A blush appeared immediately on Dan’s face, a hand going to cover his mouth automatically. He said something, and glanced over at Phil. Phil winked, waving. Might as well commit.

Dan blushed harder, looking away immediately and pressing his hands to his clearly heated cheeks. Phil smirked. He loved how much of an affect this had on him. He was so responsive.

Phil would just have to wait until he was alone.


It was about half an hour of boredom and wanting to leave later when Dan’s friends started to leave one by one, and Phil watched them almost hungrily until the only one left was the girl who had talked to him.

Phil moved along the wall a little closer, straining to hear their conversation. He couldn’t hear her but he heard Dan say “Silvia, I’m fine, I’m just gonna help clean up. I can take care of myself.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with walking home alone?”

“Of course. It’s just a few blocks over.” He offered her a soft smile, touching her shoulder, and Phil’s heart swelled. Damn it. “It’ll be fine. I’ll see you at school, alright?”

“Alright…” she agreed hesitantly, going on her toes to give him a kiss on the cheek, rushing out of the room.

And then it was only them.

Dan cleared his throat, his cheeks beginning to redden again. “So, um, do you want to help clean up, or…”

Phil recognized the opportunity he was offering, and took it. “Yeah, sure. I’d say you’ll probably need a hand.”

Phil helped Dan fold chairs, watching him the whole time while Dan avoided his eyes.

“You look nice,” Dan commented, just being polite, but Phil snorted.

“Are you kidding? I’m wearing rags compared to you. Seriously, who wears a tie to a party in a church basement?”

Dan blushed even harder, glancing down at the black tie fastened neatly around his neck.

“Me, I guess,” he muttered, laughing awkwardly.

“Was that your girlfriend?” Phil blurted.

Dan looked at him then, eyes wide. “Who, Silvia?”

Phil nodded, and Dan laughed. Like, really laughed.

“No!” He exclaimed, shaking his head. “She’s my cousin!”

Now Phil laughed too, pushing his hair back until it sat in a quiff above his forehead.

“Oh Jesus,” he muttered. “Well, thank god.”

He expected Dan to just brush off his comment like he always did, change the subject, look away, something. He didn’t.

“Why’s that?” He asked softly, pressing his lips together and searching Phil’s face. “Why are you relieved?”

Phil shrugged, tossing a plastic cup at the trash and making it. “Because if you were with anyone else, I’d be upset.”

He glanced at Dan, smirking at the way his eyes had widened and his mouth had fallen open just slightly.

“W-Why?” Dan asked again, biting his lip and turning back to the plates he was stacking.

“Because I like you.” He shrugged, casual. “I wanna make you mine, and if people are interfering, that’s a problem, isn’t it baby boy?”

A small gasp escaped Dan’s mouth at the nickname, and Phil smirked.

“Silvia… Silvia said you…” he trailed off, chewing on his lip, his eyebrows furrowed. Phil took this opportunity to step closer.

“That I want to fuck you?” Phil asked, finishing the sentence, and Dan tensed up.

“Yeah…” he muttered, practically a whisper.

“Well, it’s not a lie.” Phil glanced at him, searching his face before turning back to the chair he was folding up. “I’ve been hitting on you for the last month, you didn’t notice?”

Dan shook his head, avoiding his gaze, and they were quiet for a moment.

“You ever kissed a boy?”

“What?!” Dan spluttered, his cheeks redder than Phil had thought possible. “N-No, of course not, I… I couldn’t.”

Phil turned to look at him, frowning, turning his whole body this time so he was facing him.

“Why not?”

Dan faced him too, at a loss for words, his mouth opening and closing.

“I mean, I s-suppose I could but… I CAN’T. That… that’s…” he trailed off, and Phil stepped forward so he was only inches away. Dan froze, but didn’t move away.

He trailed a finger up Dan’s jaw slowly and Dan swallowed, shivering, watching its progress. “You never know if you like something until you try it, right?”

“Well I suppose, but…” Dan gasped as Phil grabbed his tie, wrapping it around his hand and pulling Dan closer.


“But…” Dan looked like his mind was going fuzzy, glancing down at the tie that Phil was holding him by and back up at Phil’s eyes, and then his lips. “I’m not gay,” he practically squeaked, his voice small.

“You never know if you like something unless you try it,” Phil repeated, slowly touching Dan’s waist with the hand that wasn’t gripping his tie. Dan didn’t move an inch as Phil leaned over, pressing his lips against Dan’s.

Phil waited a second to make sure Dan wasn’t going to pull away before reaching up to touch Dan’s chin, really kissing him. He dragged his tongue along Dan’s bottom lip, asking for entrance, rather surprised when he actually opened his mouth.

He could feel Dan’s hands shaking as they moved up Phil’s chest, sliding over his shoulders and wrapping around his neck. Phil gripped his waist, pulling him as close as possible. With one hand he tangled his fingers in Dan’s hair, kissing him deeper. He tasted like awful punch and fruit gum, and Phil was sure he tasted like cigarettes, but Dan didn’t seem to mind.

Phil backed him against the wall, kissing him hotly and letting his hands roam Dan’s body. He moved his mouth to Dan’s jaw, kissing down to his neck and nipping at the pale skin. Dan whimpered, moaning softly and tangling his fingers in Phil’s hair.

“Ah-” Dan gasped, letting his head fall back against the wall. “Phil…”

Phil pulled back, pressing his forehead against Dan’s and breathing heavily.

“Is there somewhere we could go?” Phil breathed, and he promised himself if Dan said no, or didn’t get the hint, he would give up. Dan’s brown eyes blinked at him.

“Just one…”

They ended up in the boy’s bathroom, Phil roughly shoving him against the wall and kissing him possessively. Dan whined into the kiss, wrapping his arms around Phil’s neck and clinging to him desperately.

Phil grabbed Dan’s thigh, hooking his leg around his waist and Dan took the hint, hopping up and wrapping his legs around Phil’s waist. Phil went back to his neck, trailing sloppy kisses down to his collarbone.

He unbuttoned Dan’s shirt, loosening and removing his tie before kissing him again. He let Dan push off his leather jacket and tug his shirt over his head, tossing it aside.

Phil’s hands explored Dan’s chest, pinching one of his nipples, and Dan gasped.

“Phil…” he moaned, an indirect beg for more. Phil palmed at his bulge, feeling Dan grind against his hand desperately.

Phil picked him up, spinning them around and setting him down on the counter, tugging at the button of Dan’s black jeans. Once he got them off he flipped Dan over after pressing a kiss to his jaw, bending him over the counter.

“I’m guessing you’ve never done this with a guy before,” Phil muttered, smoothing his hand over the curve of Dan’s ass and squeezing roughly. Dan jumped.


Phil kissed the nape of his neck, pressing himself against Dan’s body. “Are you sure you want to?”

Dan let out an almost desperate gasp, his voice breaking. “Yes, yesyesyes, god just please… p-please fuck me, Phil, want you.”

Phil grunted, slapping Dan’s thigh sharply. “Jesus, you have no idea how long I’ve waited to hear you say that.”

Phil took no time removing his jeans, tugging down Dan’s boxers as well, grinding his still clothed bulge against Dan’s ass. Dan moaned, reaching back and grabbing Phil’s hips, pulling him closer.

Phil’s boxers were off in a second as well, skin rubbing against skin. Dan pushed his ass back; he was a needy bottom and Phil fucking loved it.

Phil held two fingers to Dan’s mouth, motioning for him to open. Dan sucked on the fingers obediently, slicking them up with spit.

“This might hurt a little,” Phil muttered, rubbing Dan’s entrance with one finger. “Tell me to stop if you need to, alright?”

“Mhm,” Dan agreed, pushing his ass back again. Phil slapped it and Dan yelped, pulling forward again.

“Don’t be a needy bitch, Dan,” Phil growled, pushing the first finger into Dan slowly. Dan moaned.

“S-Sorry, sir-” he gasped.

Phil took his time stretching him; considering it was his first time he didn’t want it to hurt too bad. Dan flinched away at first but soon he was whining and grinding back on Phil’s digits. Phil moaned just at the sight, he never thought he’d have him like this.

Finally he pulled out, holding his hand up to Dan’s face again and instructing him to spit. Dan did as he said, and Phil slicked himself up with that as well as precum that was already forming on the head of his swollen cock.

“Ready?” He breathed, pressing his whole body against Dan’s and leaning over him to kiss his neck. Dan whined.

“Yes, yes sir, please, I’m ready, I need you.”

Phil hummed in approval; he loved how quickly Dan had changed from a good little church boy to a desperate slut with just a little kissing.

Phil pushed in slowly, taking his time in edging into Dan, which took an incredible amount of self control on his part. Finally he bottomed out, kneading Dan’s ass in his hands. Dan was a mess beneath him, whining and whimpering at every movement, conflicted between pushing back and pulling away.

Phil reached up, tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair, giving it a soft tug and driving a whimper out of Dan’s pretty mouth.

He began to thrust, pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in slowly, Dan gasping every time he did so. Phil snapped his hips roughly without warning, thrusting hard, and Dan cried out.

“Fuck!” He practically shrieked, a loud feminine moan falling from his mouth.

“You’re a loud little slut, aren’t you?” Phil panted, groaning as he thrust roughly again. Dan let out a high pitched whine.

“Fuckfuckfuck p-please, fuck, harder…”

Phil obliged, driving his cock deeper into the whimpering boy, skin slapping on skin echoing through the room. Phil tugged on Dan’s hair again, watching his face through the mirror, and fuck he could cum just from that.

Dan’s lips were swollen, his cheeks red and flushed, his hair messy and his eyes glazed over with need. Phil groaned, snapping his hips.

Phil knew he had hit Dan’s prostate when he screamed, a loud “FUCK, PHIL” bouncing off the walls. Phil smirked, angling his thrusts to hit that spot.

“This is a sin, you know,” Phil growled, reaching up to cover Dan’s mouth with his hand as he fucked into him harder. “Such a filthy fucking sinner for me, princess, ruined on my cock.”

Dan’s desperate muffled moans against his hand were pushing him to the edge, that and his tight heat encasing Phil’s cock. Phil smirked.

“Such a pretty fucking sinner too, isn’t that right? All for me. Your tight ass is all mine, yeah?”

Dan didn’t answer, continuous moaning falling from his mouth, muffled by Phil’s hand. He just nodded frantically, his moans sounding close to sobs.

Dan came after a few more thrusts all over his stomach, white streaking the counter under him and he whimpered, now sensitive to Phil’s cock pounding into his prostate every thrust.

Phil pulled out, quickly tugging Dan to his knees in front of him, guiding his cock to his lips. Dan took it obediently, lowering himself on Phil’s length. Phil groaned, tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair and fucking his throat as gently as he could. Dan gagged, digging his fingernails into Phil’s hips, and that was all it took. Phil came down his throat, keeping his cock still until he was sure Dan had swallowed all of it.

He helped Dan to his feet, holding him steady because it was clear he was close to falling over.

Dan just stared at him, stunned, watching as Phil casually got dressed. After he was clothed he cleaned Dan’s stomach and the counter with a paper towel, tossing it in the trash.

He grinned, kissing Dan’s cheek and backing towards the door, winking.

“See you next Sunday, Danny.”


gif meme - rupert giles + favorite quotes (for anon) 


Shiro: Lance… I Uh… I appreciate the con-confession… But I don’t know about this

Lance: …!

Shiro: But… I’m willing to try this out if you’re willing to take it slow and understand me..? 

Lance: Y-Yes!!

Shiro: Lets give it a Shance! ;)

Shance Week Day1: Pinning/Confession

I know I’m late on shance week but I had to finish this! I love this so much so I hope you like it too!! 


Art © @lilcinnamonrollmamaVoltron Legendary Defenders © DreamWorks and NetflixShirogane “Shiro” Takashi © DreamWorks and NetflixLance McClain © DreamWorks and Netflix
  • *at the office*
  • Virgo: Who drank all the coffee and didn't make more?
  • Aquarius: What are you the coffee police or something?
  • Virgo: Just an earth sign trying to find efficiency in this chaotic world-
  • Sagittarius: Damn Aqua, why did you set him off so early!?!?!
  • Aquarius: *shrugs*
  • Virgo: -and all I ask is to have some brewed caffeine to get me through the day, so please just make some more if you finish the pot
  • Aquarius: Yes sir, understood sir! *salutes*
  • Virgo: I know you're being pretentious but I'm going to take it *walks off*
  • Aquarius: *looks at Sagittarius* 3 - 2 - and - 1 -
  • Aquarius: how would we entertain ourselves without that guy, gotta love him

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are there new pt5 scans? because i have been seriously thinking about trying to rustle up a group of people to help me rescan and retranslate part 5 since the ones we're stuck with are so awful

Yes!  The Jojo’s Colored Adventure Team’s finished Vol 1-3 in color (ofc) so far but there’s also new black and white translations though about 85% of Vento Aureo (translations by Jojo Project, Daxing Dan and Nearzero I think).  They read really naturally.  For comparison:

I don’t even know what old scan Giorno’s talking about in this scene but new scan Giorno just straight up owned Cioccolata.

I think the new translations are up on through the Secco vs. Bruno battle.


Coursers - great at shooting things! …not so great with children

• day 1/30 of productivity • 22/1/17 •

HII decided to actually start posting to motivate myself to study more efficiently!! i managed to finally finish my bio LOs and some other stuff but i still have a GP essay 😭and i’m gonna try hard like really hard to get to 30 days of productivity so yes let’s go 2017!! 💪🏻✨


so now, 2 days of work, about 50 layers and laptop that cries “for the love of god, dont create another layerrrrrrr” later, this is all i was able to do

im far from being happy with it but to work on it any longer would probably destroy my poor laptop, so i guess its finished now :/

(and yes, its supposed to be water)

One more little op story to tell and it’s about this gem of an photo. So I got this idea with my brothers help from the fact that Dean never gets to use the rocket launcher on the show since Sam won’t let him. I figured why not have Jensen at least use a nerf gun. That’s how this picture came about. While in line everyone asked about what I would be doing and I explained, so many were excited for the pose. I even asked Clif to be in the photo to. So anyway I get up there and right off the bat Jensen apologizes for holding things up because he and Jared were talking to Clif. I was like that’s alright, and then got to explaining the pose. For which Jensen was like YES FINALLY, had everyone cheering behind me. The reason Clif is there he’s protecting me from Jared who’s trying to stop me from giving Jensen the bullets to the gun. Everything finished so quickly, but the guys were so sweet it was awesome.

chapter 6

Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum ft Jinyoung

Word Count: 1745

Warnings: none 

note: just nine more days until christmas break for me. (YES) it’s super cold outside everyone (or in canada it is) please take care and bundle up. that’s all i really have to say other than thank you! happy reading and take care everyone!

A few days past as my health got better. In a matter of four days, I began to go back to work as a design student, hoping to make the money that I so desperately needed. So, I worked late hours trying to finish up the designs or do any extra work that earned me money. Sometimes, I would come home to find Jaebum locked in his room and ignoring me completely. Other times, he would come home late from work and not say a word to me. Jinyoung, on the other hand, came to visit me everyday to help me with my issues. To be honest, Jinyoung has helped me so much in times like this, I felt bad for not giving anything in return.

“Jinyoung please, at least let me do something for you.” I pleaded him as I watched Jinyoung slightly smile behind his coffee cup. We were sat at a little cafe for lunch since I convinced Jinyoung to leave his meeting to come spend time with me. And there he was, handsomely vibrating with a white button up t-shirt.

“I could list a few things you could do for me but, we need to be in a private place for that to happen.” Jinyoung chuckled as he leaned back on his chair, the sun shining down on his perfect face.

I rolled my eyes and smiled, “I mean other things, Jinyoung. Anything else besides that.”

“Let’s eat dinner then.” Jinyoung beamed towards me, his eyes sparkingling in the light.

“Sure, when?” I asked as I leaned forward, setting my chin on top of my hands.

“Tonight. I’ll pick you up from Jae’s and we’ll go.” Jinyoung stated.

“That sounds nice.” I smiled, tucking the fallen hair behind my ear.

“Wear something fancy. I’ll come by around seven but for now, let’s go back to work.” Jinyoung said before standing up from his chair and offering his hand towards me. I gladly took his hand as we both walked out the cafe.

Throughout the whole day, I tried to plan the perfect outfit to surprise Jinyoung away. I knew I wanted to look fancy but, in my head, I wanted to look simply classy and sexy. So after a long day at work, I came home to an empty house again and hopped into the shower. The warm water cascading down my skin put me at ease as I enjoyed the peaceful shower. Tonight was the night I was only going to focus on Jinyoung and no one else. He made me realize that no other man could treat me right like Jinyoung does.

Finally finishing a long shower, I started to go through the wardrobe Jinyoung managed to save after I was kicked out of my house. I picked out a lowcut black dress that hugged all my edges which was something Jinyoung would appreciate. Then I started to do my makeup. And right then, Jaebum came home from work, interrupting the peacefulness that spread throughout the house. The loud walking and rummaging in the kitchen made me purse my lips and sighed to myself. What wasn’t he talking to me anymore?

Finishing up quickly, I head downstairs with a pair of heels in my hands. As I walked my way down the stairs, I made eye contact with Jaebum who was sitting at the dining table with a laptop and papers sprawled out everywhere.

“Where are you going?” He finally spoke up, breaking the eye contact.

“Out.” I simply stated. So now he talks to me.

“In a dress like that?” Jaebum raised his eyebrows. “I’m not letting you go out in that dress.”

“You’re not my boss. Don’t tell me what to do.” I fired at him as I reached the end of the stairwell and started to walk towards the exit.

“You never know, (Y/N). Men these days have different intentions than having a little chat with you.” I heard Jaebum yell from the kitchen.

“Well the only guy I’m going out with today is Jinyoung!” I yelled back, putting on my heels and jacket on. I stood by the door, waiting for Jinyoung’s car to pull up on Jaebum’s driveway.

“Jinyoung, huh?” Jaebum said, as he walked closer to me, leaning on the opposite wall. He had a smug look on his face that I wanted to punch away. Out of all the days, he chose to talk to me before I leave for a date with Jinyoung.

“Yes, do you have a problem?” I snapped at him, looking somewhere else instead of making eye contact with Jaebum. I saw a swift movement of Jaebum from the corner of my eye as I was suddenly pushed back against the door with Jaebum’s arm blocking my way of escape.

“It’s not a problem. It’s just I’d rather have you to myself than Jinyoung taking all the beauty away from me.” Jaebum smirked as his lifted his hand to push away the hair that covered my face.

I rolled my eyes and huffed out, “Whatever. We’re not dating anyways. Plus you haven’t spoken to me for days, why should I give in for you?”

“(Y/N),” He seductively whispered, “What Jinyoung can’t do is make a woman weak to her knees.”

My eyes flickered up at Jaebum as I saw a smug smile plastered on his face. His hands grabbed my waist, apply pressed onto it to keep me against the door. Slowly he leaned in until our lips were inches away from each other. One of his hands grabbed my jaw as he gently lifted it up so that he could connect my lips with his. Jaebum traced his tongue along my bottom lip, teasing me to the very last bit. I parted my lips and sighed at the feeling of adrenaline that ran throughout my body. Jaebum’s kisses were always so dominant which always made me weak to my knees. His hands let go of my waist and jaw as he started to slowly unbutton my jacket. I moaned against his lips as his hands grabbed my ass. Then, unexpectedly, Jaebum broke away from the kiss, leaving me breathless.

“My point taken.” Jaebum chuckled under his breath as he fixed my hair.

“Fuck you, Jaebum.” I hissed at him while I buttoned up my jacket again. Jaebum flashed a wide smile before running off in the other direction.

“Your boy toy is here.” He yelled before he left me alone. Sighing to myself, I closed my eyes and try to clear my feelings for Jaebum. I told myself that Jinyoung was the one countless times but, I still wonder why I did this behind his back.  But the thing was, why did I give in to Jaebum’s schemes?

Soon, the doorbell rang and I straighten my jacket. Opening the door, I find myself looking at Jinyoung’s charming smile as he held his hand out towards me.

“You look beautiful, (Y/N). Let’s go, shall we?” Jinyoung beamed at me. I smiled back at him as I grabbed his hand with a feeling of regret. Maybe I should stop this relationship with Jaebum. Move out of his house and stay with Jinyoung instead. It seemed like a good idea and a great topic to discuss with Jinyoung.

Jinyoung took me to a rather fancy restaurant that only people like him could afford the food. Throughout the whole night, I enjoyed my time with Jinyoung. It made me realize why I feel in love with him in the first place. A man like Jinyoung is humble to himself and is good at what he does. Jaebum, on the other hand, is reckless and rude. Plus, Jinyoung was always the one who was there for me.

“I’ve been thinking for awhile now.” Jinyoung started, with a glass of wine in hand.

“And?” I raised my eyebrows, leaning in so my head rested on the palms of my hand.

“What if we leave Korea, permanently, and start a new life somewhere else?” Jinyoung asked me as he took a sip of his wine.

“Where will we go?” I asked back, agreeing with this idea. It’ll be nice to run away from Korea. No men hunting me down and no drama. I could start a new life with Jinyoung and it’ll be perfect.

“Somewhere far. International, most likely. Somewhere where we can be alone and live in peace.” Jinyoung said, as he looked outside the window, getting a good look of the city lights.

“I like that idea.” I softly whispered so only he could hear. Jinyoung turned his head to smile at me. I looked at his facial expression and noticed something was off about Jinyoung. Although Jinyoung was a great actor on hiding his feelings, I know him too well to know what was wrong. And I knew he was hiding something from me.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Jinyoung nervously chuckled under his breath, sending me an unnatural wink. He was definitely hiding something from me, and I was going to find out what it was.

“Jinyoung-ah,” I started to say, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, (Y/N). I’m okay.” He simply stated as he avoided eye contact with me. He knew I could see through him but why wasn’t he telling me? Usually he would tell me everything that was going on but, he was being distant lately.

I sighed to myself and leaned back on my chair, “I know you too well to know something’s up. Tell me please.”

“This isn’t the best time to bring up this topic.” Jinyoung warned me as his eyes started to wander around the room. I crossed my arms, unsatisfied with his answer. He was acting weird and it was something I’ve never seen before.

“You tell me everything, Jinyoung. I don’t understand wh-”

A cold splash of water ran down from my head to my face interrupted me from finishing my sentence. I closed my eyes, mouth hanging wide open, as I try to recover from the cold shock. Opening my eyes, I look at Jinyoung as he’s sat there, staring right behind me. His face, not as shocked as mine, gave a serious expression. I slowly looked up and behind me to see who rudely poured water on me. Brown long hair, red dress, and a body who can make men go crazy. Then it clicked to me; Was Jinyoung seeing someone behind my back?

“Jinyoung, who’s this?”

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aaah would some lams lockscreen be possible??

YES! YES OF COURSE! Thank you so much for the request! What a perfect way to start off the summer, haha! Have a wonderful day! Love you! Thanks for waiting!

Reminder that if you’re not the requester, please ask before using! Thank you! I don’t really have the steam to continue right now, it’s been a really tiring day, I’m so sorry! I hate having to make you all wait. Thank you all so much for being so patient with me, I am only a child, haha. Feel free to continue sending in requests! There’s still a while before I close them.



Ive finally finished making Emma and Lotte’s San Myshuno apartment, and as you may have noticed, it’s somewhat… whats the word…?

ah yes, shitty.

Listen, I am a huge fan of the whole “young lovers trying to make their way in the big city on a shoestring budget” trope. Unlike the original four, whom I’ve been putting in swanky surroundings since day one, I want to see dear Emma and Lotte work their way up to success in San Myshuno. Which means they have to start out working minimum wage jobs to pay for their gross, cramped apartment filled with thrift shop furniture until they start making enough to afford a place that doesn’t constantly lose power.

It’s the lesbian rom com of my dreams

Of course their first place isn’t all bad. They manged to spruce it up with some pop-art and string lights. Plus there is a fairly spacious balcony with a decent view. But one of the lot traits is “fixer-upper”, so I assume Emma is going to be breaking out her repair skills fairly often. 

(Also, despite the fact there are two bedrooms, Emma and Lotte are going to be sharing the master bedroom. the second one is for the roommate im going to introduce later.) 


“1 year 6 moths 4 weeks and 1 day since that, I don't count hours is too much.

He’s so cute when he try to be cool with me… but don’t get confused, he’ll kick your ass if you annoying him”

“… finish this…”

“He’s a little embarrassed right now… he’ll recover soon… see you! and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!”

“yes, yes… merry Christmas…”

Rory talking!

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! thank you so much anon!! you’re so cute! 

Merry Christmas!! (I know is late… but I have to do it)  see you soon! 

sorry for my grammar mistakes I’m sure there’s a lot there u.u (even here xd)


I’m so happy about how it came out tbh. It’s been a while I’m trying to do something like this. Probably the shadows are a bit fucked up but I didn’t use much references tbh. Also his skin is a bit too light, but I was already half way through it when I realized it and just decided to finish it and maybe do a more accurate redo in a year, you know, maybe for progress.

Just finished watching Doctor Strange...

…and I feel like I consumed some mushrooms. Or some of that really strong weed from when we were in Amsterdam.

Hannibal, it is reassuring to me that you barely change even as you move across fandoms (eye makeup notwithstanding; don’t worry, Will loves you even in cosplay). Yes, death is an insult; that is why you deliver it to the rude, it makes so much sense.

Sherlock, did you not say NO to John’s manstache? Is this you trying to show him how it’s done? No. It’s still a no. Even to you.