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Dating Yoongs Includes...

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—being the first person he goes to when he’s in a really big slump with his music

—being his musical muse 🎶🎶😊

—having really deep conversations with him at like three in the morning

—falling asleep in each other’s arms when the conversation starts to die down

—waking up in the most awkward and uncomfortable cuddling position that leaves you wondering how da fuq did you fall asleep like this??????

—you two don’t sleep at all night

—y'all sleep in the morning cause you guys are more active at night anyways fuckin owls  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

—the cutest sleep deprived couple ever 😊

—a lot of teasing and random acts of playful violence like throwing him the softest things that are near you cause he said something really stupid/sexual/irritating in public

—him not being able to properly express his feelings so sometimes you doubt if he even loves you

—but then he’ll notice you doubting him and getting distant so he surprises you with cute shit like flowers, food, stuff animals, clothes etc etc 🔥🔥👌

—the couple that everyone thinks secretly hates each other but really y'all are both mushy love bugs that like keeping your relationship lowkey instead

—a lot of arguments about his health!1!11!

—"yoongi, you need to sleep. You haven’t slept in two days straight.“

—"I needa finish this one song for the album and I need it down in two weeks. Sleep can defiantly wait for now”

—this leads to small “breaks” every now and again 💔😭

—but eventually, you two will make up cause yoongi’s being clingy aff and even though you get mad at him you secretly love it and he knows you do

MAKE UP SEX1!111!!1!!!!

—getting texts from the other members saying crap like “yoongi hyung is in the studio again. he’s probably gonna stay late” or “yoongi doesn’t wanna leave the studio even if we’re going out to eat. (y/n) do something please”

—and to that you’ll have to come all the way to the studio to literally drag min yoongi’s cute ass out to go and be social and talk to people 💥👊💀

—weird ass antics that he does like sometimes he’ll hug you and be like “wow, you smell so good…”

—"wtf??? stop smelling me freak!!?”

—okay but calling yoongi baby or babe or honey or some other cute name just to get him flustered and blush in public

—"I hate you so much.“

—"I love you too, baby.”

—cue red face yoongi and gummy smile 😍

—absolutely does not allow PDA at all

—on rare days he’ll allow a little tiiiiiiny bit skinship (holding hands,, quick kisses) if he feels like it but other then that NOpE

—he’s usually the one to initiate it first so you know it’s okay to do it 😊

—okay but y'all don’t have cute nicknames like you’ll have the most shet eating crap names ever just to spite each other 🙃🙃🙃

—"come over here, my worm cake"

—"you look so good today, turtle boy"

—"trash princess!“

—"yes, garbage king?”

—the members constantly wondering if you guys are actually a couple or a pair of five-year-olds arguing????

—on rare days, he’ll play the piano for you bUT ONLY IF HE’S IN A GOOD MOOD

—but he’ll freestyle rap for you any day tho 🔥🔥🔥👌🏼

—and when you try to join in he’ll just stop and burst into laughter at how bad you are

—love making >>>>> rough sex

—but is ALWAYS down for hardcore sex any day!1!11!!

preeeeeeeeettty kinky 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

—will do what you want but to a certain extent (i.e. hardcore BDSM with whips, blood, candle wax, knives is a nOoPe!!)

—ass spanking 🍑💥👋

—soft boob grabbing

—soft kisses turn into heated making sessions 💗💋

—blow jobs are his favorite things 👄💨💦


—daddy kink afff 👀👀


—way too prideful to let you take over and you’re completely and utterly okay with getting destroyed by min yoongi 😇

—going to his hometown for the first time and Holly automatically taking a liking to your presence 🐶❤️

—catching him randomly staring at you like you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever laid eyes on and getting the urge to kiss the fuck outta your face but holds himself back and its true your beautiful love yah 😘


—soft!minyoongi only for you tho

—yoongs secretly being a cute lil fluff ball of softness that craves your hugs, kisses, just you in general  OMG MAH HERT 🤤🤤🤤

—not one to brag about your relationship and prefers everything to be private

—this cutie would never get jealous cause he knows that you’ll never fuck up the relationship cause he trusts you with everything he has including his poor damaged heart I’M N0t CrYIng wTf!? Ur cRYinG 😭😭

—takes a while for him to get used to all your fluffy antics and all that, but once he’s to you he’ll start opening up more about his past, family, childhood and how he misses his home


—whenever he’s fired up because idk??? the boys did something stupid??? he’d go straight to you to yell and scream and shout about how it pisses him off

—and rough sex to get out all his steam ofc ofc 😂😛

—constantly gives you music recs and you doing the same cause yoongs would probably go for someone who’s passion for music is probably as big as his

—if he really believes that youre the one (give him like a year or two) then he’ll make you meet his parents like ASAP!! 😶😬

—being extremely nervous on the day of the big milestone

—yoongs comforting you and trying his best to calm you down but he’s not very good at it so you end up literally almost breaking down in tears

—until finally he like, “(y/n), please calm down, alright? you’re gonna walk in there and my parents are going to absolutely adore you. you know how I know? cause I love you with everything I have and even if they don’t —which I highly doubt in that— I’ll still love you with all my heart. you’re amazing, baby, and I’ll always love you no matter what”

—and at that very moment, you realize that damn… you’ve fallen in love with min yoongi and you’re so glad that he was there to catch you and return your feelings 💋☺️❤️✨

The Dating Series: Taehyung | Namjoon | Yoongi | Jeongguk | Hoseok | Seokjin | Jimin

jeez… this was alot harder to write than I’ll ever admit js

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I just wanna say, thanks to all the Brazilian Army's who gave BTS a concert to remember.

I couldn’t be there and I’m not Brazilian, and yes I feel a small twinge of jealousy but I’m so proud of what they did for them. It really was an amazing concert, and I only saw clips of it! The bit that really got me was when Namjoon was doing his solo, and when he sang “I wish I could love myself” y'all replied with “We love you!” And I was like yes give my boi the lovin he deserves!

Anyways, my biggest thanks to anyone who was at that concert.


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“help i’m in love with captain flint. he hasn’t once let me down since…”

!! how far in are you now? s2 is just the best… if you weren’t in love with captain flint *before*…….

I just finished S1! 

  • omg flint’s “so it was bad”. this sarcastic little shit. he only smiles when everyone else is exasperated af. 
  • his EPIC FACE when eleanor was ‘he helped a lot’ about Silver. just pure I AM BEING TESTED AND I WILL MURDER YOU ALL
  • The Captain Has Feelings. So Many Feelings. 
  • holy shit that conversation between Gates and Flint. Holy. Shit. 
  • listen i came here for captain badass and i’m getting CAPTAIN FEELINGS. that CONVERSATION WITH MIRANDA. MY HEART. 
  • don’t murder your captain guys, he’s trying his best
  • what i earlier mistoke for distant badassitude is clearly just the very thin level of chill flint has. before he flies whole heartedly into six different emotions all at once
  • i live for flint’s murder faces at silver. 
  • i also love flint fucking with silver. tbh i love flint fucking with everyone. let the man have his joys in life. his sarcastic little joys. 
  • THAT GATES SCENE *CRIES* i am compromised. 
  • flint. flint. you are listening to silver. you are listening to SILVER this is a terrible idea. when ur taking the lead from the weasel. 
  • but also flint is a GODDAMN NAUTICAL GENIUS. ADMIRAL WHO? NELSON WHAT? *swoon* 
  • flint has s o  m a n y  f e e l i n g s. captain feelings
  • fuck that storm tho how dare it deprive the world of captain flint kicks the Urca’s ass
  • i keep saying it but i bust out laughing EVERY TIME flint gives silver that fucking look. like i know exactly what i’ve done in my life to fucking deserve you but that does not mean i will not rip your head straight off if you try that pouty sass with me again
  • also thank you whoever decided we needed shirtless toby stephens. well done u. we thank you for your contributions to humanity
  • competing OTPs for flnt rn are Flint/Blood and Flint/Rage Face

in conclusion: flint needs a hug and a valium. maybe two. actually, just give him the bottle. 

non flint notes:

  • blackbeard is BITCHING. i wanna grow up to be an asshole pirate lumberjack
  • Charles Vane like an undead boss. Easily my fav character to watch get the fucking shit beat out of him
  • i love gates
  • M A X. MAAAAAAAAX. *starry eyes* maaaaaaaaaaaaaaax
  • ascended Accountant. i love him. 
  • god silver is such an asshole. i love watching him weasel. john ‘every day i’m husslin’ silver. 
  • i love eleanor so much. i have loved a place as fiercely as she does nassau and god it tugs at my heartstrings.
  • bless poor jack rackham. 
  • Anne Fucking Bonny, need i say fucking more.
  • R A N D A L L i’m dying of laughter
  • everyone’s boobs are so nice
  • i will never get sick of this theme song
  • the real stars of this show are the completely amazing ship sets
  • i’m so sad about gates tho

Autistic Nico headcannons because,,,,I’m autistic and need this okay???? This is a good™
-This boy absolutely HATES bright lights
-Not because he’s tryna be edgy™ no
-His eyes are just really REALLY sensitive to light
-Too much of it will make Nico scream and panick because it’s too much
-Dim lighting is okay but darkness is preferred
-he honestly doesn’t stim much in public because he doesn’t want to draw attention to himself
-But when he’s alone he rocks back and forth, bounces his leg and even flaps his hands
-Although when he was alone and away from Camp he just didn’t stim often
-Even when he knew he needed it. He just didn’t have enough energy to do it
-He internalizes everything!! It’s a bad habit but!! Oh well!
-Emotions though. He can’t understand them
-He acknowledges the concepts of family and love are social constructs but
-He still welcomes them after getting over his loss of both after Bianca died
-He gains a family and is okay aw
-Sensory issues!!
-Anything with sequins is a huge no clothing wise
-Its too scratchy nope
-He can wear really tight or really loose clothing! It just depends on the day
-During days where he’s kinda dissassociated, he prefers tight clothing to keep himself grounded
(I hc he’s dissassociated badly some days as he tries to sorta deal with all the trauma he’s dealt with over the years but it’ll get better!!)
(Also it happens when he’s very low on energy and can’t function so he dissassociates and is p much on autopilot so to speak)
-His aviator jacket had such great fabric. Loose yet had a great structure?
-Sometimes Nico will just run his hands over the stitching of the fabric and just ,,,die,,,,cus it’s so good
-When his jacket was destroyed he was SO upset
-Seriously. The boy was just uncomfortable ™
-Percy got him a new one as a birthday present
-Percy is autistic too and knows that feel™ but like I said that’s another HC for another time aha
-Now back to Nico
-He hates physical contact. He’s sensitive to it and it just feels so fucking odd
-Will is the one person he’ll hug but even so he won’t be too physically affectionate due to his sensory issues.
-He’ll be a huge sap to make up for it though.
-Nico also can’t make direct eye contact
-But he hides it well? He just stares at people’s noses to mimick actual eye contact and it works!
-His speech can get very disorganized on days he’s just tired™
-If he isn’t talking he’s just grunting and pointing to things
It’s like
Nico: *points to a new Mythomagic card* *enthusiastic low grunting to show excitement
Everyone: What?????
Will: Do you want that card?
Nico: *grunts in response*
-The Seven can understand him well enough as time goes on and it gets better
-When Sensory Overload™ hits he’s very likely to have a shutdown
-When Nico shutsdown he’s nonverbal and tends to use sign language or write things off
-Meltdowns aren’t rare but they sure as hell happen
-Hes had plenty at Camp but it isn’t obvious?
-Its like? A noise hits that pisses him off
-Nico just walks away and looks angry, muttering curses in Italian
-His entire stance is just screaming ‘murder’
-People don’t go near him
-When it’s really bad and he can’t walk away Nico does hear voices of the damned which make the sensory overload even worse!
-I HC him as a schizoaffective autistic ™ TBH
-Its just too much and he’ll cry
-Hazel is great at calming him down and is quick to yell at people to give him space
-Nico can’t stand bright colors at all. Especially neon ones
-Theyre too tough on his eyes
-Which is why he wears very dark colors
-His special interest is Mythomagic OBVIOUSLY
-But he also has a huge interest in funeral rites and processes across different cultures
-He’ll babble about it to himself and just get so into it and switch to Italian, it’s just a habit

I HAVE MORE HCS but lmao this is already too long
Do y'all want a PT 2 to this?


Rant Time: Snily

Bro I’m so t i r e d of all these Snily shippers trying to justify Snape like lmao stop it. Stop trying to turn Snily into a goddamn love story because FIRST OF ALL there was never “love” in THAT sense to begin with. A one sided obsession though, sure, but it was never love. I just get absolutely triggered whenever people I know (YES THIS HAS HAPPENED WAY TOO MANY TIMES) depict Snape as Lily’s knight and shining armor in the books. Like, no. Stop it. And they go on and on about how girls should “get themselves a man as loyal as Snape” ???? Okay???? Do you even know what you’re talking about though??? They make it look like James was the home wrecker in Snily’s “love story”. Correction, Lily loved Snape as a friend, and nothing more, I tell you. Also the fact that most people think that Snape being obsessed with Lily after all these years is enough to justify all the shit he’s done??? I’m sorry but just because Snape wants to fuck Lily Potter, it doesn’t suddenly make him the good guy. Infact? He was the one who pushed Lily away, from the moment he called her a mudblood. It wasn’t James’ fault at all that their friendship drifted apart, you know? Yes, James and Sirius physically harassed Snape just because he was a competition for Lily’s affections, but was James’ fuckery the reason why Lily fell in love with him, though? Did Lily, paragon of sensibility and maturity, just go “oh shit he’s got idc if he’s the biggest fucking asshole in this school, I think I’m inlove” when James harassed Snape for the nth time? No! James had to earn is way up to that, he realized how big of a douche he actually was and changed for the better. “But James still harassed Snape for immature reasons, bla bla bla.” Y'all don’t believe in redemption? Yes, nothing can justify how badly James acted before but hey, you know, Lily actually had his child, so he couldn’t have been that much of an asshole anymore… I call BULLSHIT on the whole “Always” propaganda. It’s stupid, it’s not romantic at all. It seems like people forget the fact that Snape was actually the one who told Voldemort about the prophecy, was OKAY with killing the baby and James, if it meant that Lily was okay. What kind of “love” is that? If Snape loved Lily at all then he would have had enough sense to know that Harry and James were her happiness. He didn’t care about the possibility of it breaking Lily at all… And the way he treated Harry like trash throughout the books. Yep, he was a double agent, yep, he was “protecting” Harry…But wait, what sort of shitty protection includes day to day harassment and injustice? Snape hated Harry because he was James’ son. Even if he was ALSO Lily’s son, and Snape claims to “LOVE” Lily, it doesn’t stop him from treating the boy like dirt JUST BECAUSE HE’S JAMES’ SON. Why the fuck would anyone find this romantic at all? Why would anyone see Snape as the tragic hero? James Potter changed for the better after realizing that being an asshole was not going to make him ein over Lily’s feelings. Snape joined a propaganda hellbent on killing Lily’s kind, is willing to just kill a baby, actually becomes a death eater. And that’s love? That’s the kind of love Snily shippers want for themselves????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????

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like honestly,  you guys are incredible ?? i owe you all so much for making me feel so welcomed & loved in such a short span of time ! i’ve only been up for a few months & i’m already loving you guys so much. i have made some really close friends already, who deserve a lil’ special THANK YOU of their own. so without further ado, here is a huge thank you to these cocoNUTS

@facadesmiled / ace

ace, man, where do i even begin ?? we’ve been through it all…the thick, the thin & basically everything in - between. it’s just been the two of us together for literal YEARS now - it’s nuts but in a wonderful way. you never cease to make me smile & feel giddy & happy, you are honestly the brightest & sweetest ray of sunshine & incredibly talented in everything you do. & i will never thank you enough for all you’ve done for me : when i needed a shoulder to cry on, when i needed someone to rant with, when i have bizarre rarepair ships that border on the edge of crack & seriousness, & when i simply want to relax. i’m keeping this short for the sake of things, but honestly i cannot express how much you have meant to me & will always mean to me through words alone, & i’m proud to call you my girlfriend  ♥ ♥ ♥

@moanaialiki / monie !

MONIE MONIE MONIE !! i am so glad that i approached you on anon that one day shyly introducing myself as “a new maui” bc honestly? that started the budding of a beautiful friendship between us & i’m always glad that i did befriend you, because you’ve ended up meaning a hell of a lot to me. your is amazing & you bring your own beautiful take on her to the table, but you are equally amazing as your own memey self. i’m so glad i was able to find you & click with you, because you really DO mean a lot to me & i’ll never take you for granted !!

@seetheirsoul / @servesthegods / blue !

BL U E !! you’re an amazing person to talk to & your portrayals are always so flawless ?? thank you for bringing to life kubo & allowing me to cry about these two demigod brothers with you ! i’m so glad i’ve been able to form a friendship with you & given ma.ui such a meaningful relationship. i hope to continue to get to know you better & breaking our hearts with these lovely boys !!

& now onto the rest of my mutuals & beloved followers, who i am eternally grateful for, below the cut. pardon if i missed anyone ! in no particular order  )

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Last night was so beautiful, I had the best night of my life with my best fren. I know she won’t see this & obviously neither will Brendon but I want to thank them both.
Also, to the beautiful women who set up the G/G/B project. Thank you. You made me realize how much support I actually have. You made me realize how much love was really in the air last night. You made me realize that we’ve come so far for our rights. Thank you so much. I can’t emphasize how much it helped me, and I love you all wow. It was so alive last night, I was happier than I’ve ever been because of you and I’m so thankful. And heck yes I cried y'all, but it was 100% out of happiness. I’ll miss you guys, see you next time.
I love you all, stay alive |-/

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I saw all your stuff on Jesse speaking Japanese and jtbh YES but also... I raise you this: what if hanzo spoke fluent Spanish? Like I believe Mccree speaks Spanish and is a sucker for Spanish love songs so can we just imagine Jesse singing something like "ojos color sol" and being really cute thinking Hanzo doesn't get what he's singing but hanzo does and eventually just sings to him. Like out of nowhere just compliments him or sings a small line in Spanish back to Jesse. IDK what do u think?

*slams open your door* LISTE N….  that’s cute as McFuck.
multilingual Hanzo makes so much sense to me, for many reasons but especially what with traveling the world wherever his little mercenary chicken hooves would take him. So i think it’s highly plausible for Hanzo to have picked up Spanish if not fluently than at least conversationally –which throws McCree for a loop because his highly unsubtle flirting has been exposed but afterwards he’s thrilled to have now three languages to tell Hanzo I love you in….also three languages they can talk shit in. 

Hey guys so listen up
I realize that the ship wars in the Voltron fandom are insane and I get equally frustrated as y'all. But please for the love of god do not send anon hate to others. This goes to all the ships in the fandom. I’m sick of looking in the tags and seeing people send hate to one another over something simple as shipping differences. Yes, I don’t like particular ships but you know what? You don’t have to look at it. You don’t have to follow that person’s blog. And if worst comes to worst you can always block said person. Please, stop sending each other hate it’s giving our fandom such a bad reputation and I can’t stand it.

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Interviewer: steven, what are you thoughts of voltr- Steven, moving in so his lips are touching the mic: no

someone: can you talk more about vo-

steven yeun: have y'all watched the latest episode of the walking dead yet? good stuff.

someone: yes, yes, but can you talk about your part in vo-

steven yeun: oh man i LOVED being part of the walking dead. really grateful for the opportunity.


Take Me to Church - Hozier. this is my first time ever ever ever attempting to play this song after a kind friend suggested it today. i recorded it to see where i’d eventually get to from my first take but decided hey. this is real life. this is my first take with mistakes up the wazoo. and why not share that while also asking y'all what songs you’d want me to cover !!??

PS as many are aware, i’m surfing on couches and beds and dog sitting gigs all summer before i move into an apartment with some guys i adore in September. so no - my guitar didn’t get chopped in half - this is my new @martinguitar backpack guitar! still naming her… so open to any name suggestions ;) my big mama guitar y'all know is named after my grandma Betty Lou. part of me thinks this lil one should be named after my mum aka Betty Lou’s child but Stephanie Gay is a mouthful and YES MY MOMS MIDDLE NAME IS GAY I LOVE IT OKAY BUT STILL.

anywho. i love you all! suggest me names and also songs to learn and i’ll try my best this summer ❤️❤️ #hozier #takemetochurch #martinguitar #backpackguitar #mybaby #trans #transandhappy #music #queer #lgbtq #transgender

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Husband Yuta

Request: can you do a scenario with yuta where you and him are on we got married, like what kind of husband he would be?

A/N: instead of we got married i’ll just describe him as a husband in general, i hope you don’t mind !!

  • this marks another start of a series yay !
  • okay but thanks for requesting this anon , i’d just like to say that yuta’s a really great husband material like ?? wow
  • okay before reading this , you might want to check boyfriend yuta first ,
  • okay let’s get started !!

  • so one fine day you were just chilling together on the bed

  • cuddling and holding onto each other while stealing kisses if possible
  • in the apartment that y'all bought together thanks to yuta and his suggestions
  • and he randomly asked you ,
  • “ babe what if we got married ”
  • “ honestly i don’t think anything would change , i’ll still love you ”
  • “ really ? aw ”
  • then he attacks you with a big hug and kiss
  • two months later he invites you to the dorm because apparently “ taeyong has something to announce ”
  • being clueless you arrived at the dorm on your own first , thinking that yuta would be inside already
  • but only the dream team was there and they were all giggling and trying to keep their smiles to one another ,
  • you’re just there like “ what is happening ??? ”
  • cliche, but the lights suddenly go out
  • then from nowhere doyoung & taeil starts singing
  • and yuta’s wearing your favourite hoodie of his with sweatpants
  • his arms are behind his back , an excited & big smile showing on his face
  • and you’re still there like ???
  • amidst of all these taeyong looks like he’s about to cry as he holds ten for support
  • johnny & hansol’s just there smiling to themselves
  • chenle & jisung’s jumping excitedly
  • then next thing you know yuta’s on his knees and proposes to you
  • “ babe i know this isn’t the best way to propose and it all seems so rushed but i don’t see the need to plan everything nicely because nothing can portray how much i love you , are you willing to be my takoyaki princess ? ”
  • donghyuck starts cringing and screaming
  • still shookt , you hug him immediately and said yes
  • which made taeyong cry
  • okay fast forward !!
  • honestly the type of husband who’s really chill and relax
  • which means lots of lazy days together
  • one time y'all were too lazy to get out of bed , y'all stayed in there for the whole day
  • just talking and hugging
  • and at the end of the day he got all clingy and sly like
  • “ babe wanna shower together ? ”
  • “ why today out of all days ”
  • “ besides , we didn’t do much today i don’t think we need to shower ”
  • “ but babe :-((( ”
  • and he starts pouting and pecking your whole face , you eventually give in
  • he’s always there for you !1!1!
  • making your days better and never failing to cheer you up after you get home from a bad day
  • he’d immediately notice your grumpy expression
  • greeting you with a hug as soon as you stepped into the apartment
  • he offered to cook for you and let you rant to him about your day
  • when’s he’s beside you holding your hand and assuring you with a smile
  • the other members like to visit yall
  • sometimes without warning too
  • so one time you and yuta were getting into the mood 😏
  • halfway while making out , y'all heard knocking on the door and johnny’s loud voice calling out
  • yuta immediately groaned and his mood went from 100 to 0
  • he didn’t even bother to put on his shirt and opened the door for them
  • mark was shookt when he saw your messy hair and flustered face
  • haechan trying to keep his laughter in
  • johnny and ten just smirking and laughing at yuta ,
  • whom at this point , was this close 👌 to beating them up
  • turns out they were ‘bored’ and wanted to see how your marriage life was
  • it was all johnny’s idea
  • but after they went back he made it up for you during night time so
  • really sweet and caring tbh
  • one time you fell sick and couldn’t even get up from bed
  • he didn’t hesitate to take leave and skip practice
  • and he spent the whole day attending to you and making sure that you were feeling okay
  • he even took the effort and time to check your temperature and feed you every hour , despite him being tired
  • under his love and concern for two days straight , you got better
  • but poor yuta caught your sickness and fell sick instead
  • so it was now your turn to take care of him
  • which he loves a lot because he finds it cute seeing you being flustered and worried over him
  • fights and arguements hardly ever occur but when it does it’s normally over really serious matters ,
  • which usually concerns over one of your health issues
  • one time you got mad at him for always working till late at night and practising non stop even when there was no comeback coming up
  • he was so tired too he burst at you and said words he didn’t mean at all
  • this eventually led to a cold war between the both of you for like two days
  • it was not until taeyong appeared and tried to explain to you that yuta was practising a dance to perform for your anniversary ,
  • that you hugged him crying that night when he came back from practice again , apologising for not understanding
  • yuta’s heart softened as soon as he heard your cries and he couldn’t help but kiss you after , apologising for his words too
  • okay in conclusion he’s super sweet and caring
  • honestly he’s husband material af , bless whoever’s gonna marry him in the future
  • im sorry this was so bad omg
OopsDads!AU Headcanons

@bi-robbie-rotten​ inspired some of this with their comments on this post.

  • Robbie hid Áfram’s existence from Sportacus initially
    • It wasn’t for long though
    • About 3 or so days
  • Robbie isn’t in the best condition when Sportacus discovers him and  Áfram (who isn’t named yet)
    • Robbie is ill and in rough shape
    • Áfram is perfectly healthy though! (Robbie is doing a good job - at the cost of his own damn self)
  • To say that Sportacus is shocked would be an understatement
  • When he discovers who the other parent is, he nearly faints
    • Because it’s him
    • HE’S the other parent
  • He pretty much immediately bursts into tears
    • He never thought he’d ever have a biological child
    • He already feels like a father to Stephanie, and that is 100% the best thing ever
    • But never thought he’d be a biological father to anybody
    • It never crossed his mind
  • Sportacus assumes Robbie would be hesitant to have him be a part of  Áfram’s life
  • But the opposite is true
  • Robbie only hid Áfram’s existence because he was so overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do and was panicking and had gone into over-protective mama-bear mode.
  • So Robbie is more than happy to have Sportacus be the other parent
  • And thus they eventually picked his name(s) 
    • Áfram and Alfred
  • And then began parenting!
  • And then they sort of fell proper in-love with each other
  • And all is well
  • Happy family ftw
  • (Áfram gets like.. a ton of family out of this too)
    • Stephanie as an ‘official’ sister
    • Stingy, Trixie, Pixel and Ziggy are also honorary siblings
    • Bessie and Milford as an Aunt and Uncle
    • Glanni as a fabulous self-proclaimed “Glampa”
    • Ithro as a Grand-Pabbi
    • And Great-Grand-Pabbi Áfram (who would totally be a creep and climb through a tv to visit)

Ok I’m not sure how far these posts tell the truth but i’m fucking pissed and when there is someone out there doing stuff like this I wanna help taking her down. To be honest I never understood why someone would even hate on people online because I like to keep my opinion to myself. Still I would let those people be, it’s there decision how the waste their time and mostly they don’t even get what’s wrong about it even if you tell them. But it is NOT ok to actually go around and spread rumors or actually attacking and hurting people. Like it is one thing if you send them a massage about you hating them ( which is worse enough) but ACTUALLY TRYING TO KILL SOMEONE OR SPREADING FALSE RUMORS IS INACCEPTABLE. Do they even know how much damage they do by accusing someone to be a rapist. It’s not just his career that could end, also his private life will be affected just because some bitch has nothing better to do than going around hurting others. I’m not saying this just because it’s bts, no idol has ever done anything to deserve this they all work hard and those fucked up people have no right to judge them. I’m really angry and I hope that this person gets scolded not only by other fandoms but also mostly by exo-l’s, I know that there are some who agree with her but belive the the biggest part of this fandom isn’t like that and they would never encourage such behaviour because I know and love exo, although I’m an ARMY, and when they belive in their fans than so will I (not to mention because my best friend is an exo-l, yes people a friendship like this exists and it’s a fucking good one). Please help protect not only your but all groups, they don’t deserve this and we are better than people like that. Sorry for the long post and that I wasn’t able to express my self that we’ll but thank you for your attention I love y'all

It makes me so happy to see so many writers doing Yondu x Reader fics now. He deserves all the loving he can get.

I hope you guys still want and will enjoy my fics with him as well, because I ain’t gonna stop any time soon. I know I’m not producing stories as fast as the other Yondu writers, (mainly because I write for other fandoms/characters as well, and I don’t have many hours a day to write) but I hope y'all have the patience to wait for my stories 😊

The prequel to A Ravager’s Love will be posted later today. (And yes, it’s over 5000 words 😶)

Boyfriend Winwin
  • requested by an anon !!
  • the first ever chinaline request ever if im not wrong
  • guys dont sleep on the chinaline , don’t hesitate to request for the chinese members too because i’d be more than happy to be able to write something for them
  • okay let’s start

  • so you’ve been friends with taeyong for quite some time now

  • then one day he introduces winwin to you and at that time he was still very awkward and quiet
  • so you didn’t really pay much attention to him since all he did was smile and laugh during conversations
  • other than the fact that he’s so goodlooking you steal glances at him from time to time
  • until one day taeyong had last minute plans so he couldn’t attend the outing you guys had planned
  • and yuta was supposed to go too but he backed out and gave excuses not to go
  • yuta what do you mean by that
  • so it was only left with you and sicheng
  • you guys decided to just head to a cafe since it was only the both of you
  • he was very nervous and you could tell because his eyes kept shifting around
  • and you’d notice him trying to say something while opening his mouth but nothing comes out in the end
  • until you took up the courage to ask him about how he’s doing and all
  • then he relaxes and talks to you casually but is still afraid to have eye contact
  • and during the conversation you come to the topic of your insecurities
  • idk how that happened don’t ask me
  • and when you mention how you feel about yourself
  • he smiles and assures/compliments you to make you feel better
  • and his words made you feel so loved and you felt so much better
  • so you texted him that night to thank him
  • that’s how both of you started talking even more and got closer
  • taeyong noticed something was up when he saw you smiling to yourself while using your phone
  • same for winwin when he tried to talk to him , sicheng would always be too busy using his phone and smiling
  • so he called the both of you to meet up to have a meeting/talk
  • “ idk what’s with the both of you but are you two dating ”
  • “ no hyung .. ”
  • “ but why are you two blushing now , i need to know everything ”
  • “ okay taeyong do you really have to do this ”
  • “ yes i do Y/N , now spill the beans ”
  • “ we aren’t dating but i have feelings for her hyung ”
  • and you’d be shocked because you thought he would deny and say that he had no feelings
  • so you just sat there with your cheeks red and your eyes widened
  • sicheng would avoid eye contact and try to hide his face
  • and taeyong would be the matchmaker , asking you to confess
  • and boom , y'all are now an official couple
  • honestly he’s the adorable boyfriend you just wanna hug all day and shower him with love
  • this giant baby loves skinship A LOT
  • he has to have his arms and hands on you at any time
  • and every time he’ll flash you his small smile
  • and his eyes always lights up when he sees you smile back
  • he likes to snuggle his face in the crook of your neck a lot
  • lots of hugs !1!1!1!
  • he’s very very sweet ,
  • there’s not a time where he isn’t complimenting you
  • like you could just be brushing your teeth in the morning
  • and he appears with a backhug while resting his head on your shoulder
  • “ You’re so pretty ”
  • and everytime he says that you cant help but give him a small peck on the cheek
  • and he always blushes and gives that same sweet smile
  • so he tried cooking for you once
  • but failed terribly because he mistook the sugar for salt
  • and when he tasted it at the end he almost choked because it was too salty
  • and his expression fell because he genuinely wanted to make you something you like that’s why he’s disappointed with himself
  • so you took him out to eat instead ,
  • including icecream !!
  • so he cheered up almost instantly , and he hugged you so tightly because he was grateful
  • honestly he likes it when you interact with the other members and sees that y'all are close
  • because he’s happy that the other boys loved you and accepted you
  • he wouldn’t mind if they got close with you but not too close though
  • when he’s jealous he becomes a baby ,
  • he’d get all pouty and whiney ,
  • he’ll start doing things to gain your attention
  • “ Babe what are you doing ”
  • “ Nothing … ”
  • “ poking my cheeks and acting cute isn’t nothing ”
  • “ i just love you too much ”
  • and he pecks you on your lips suddenly
  • and you’re like ?? what just happened ?? ,
  • couple fights never really ever happen because he’d always give in to you ,
  • same like how you do to him
  • when it does he would ask taeyong for help
  • and most probably call you to apologise
  • he’s so excited and happy in the relationship ,
  • he has probably already thought of what he wants to name your children next time when y'all get married
  • if you really want something ,
  • he’d try his best to get it for you
  • and when he doesn’t he gets really upset and affected over it
  • but you always tell him that it’s fine because having him is honestly the best thing that has happened to you
  • morning stretches are really important !!
  • he forces you to stretch and do those flexible poses
  • and everytime you scream from the pain or complain he’d give that embarrassed smile of his and continue stretching
  • he gets really worried and protective when he sees that you’re sad
  • without any words he’d hug you in his arms and caress your back while you spill your heart out
  • but when he’s sad he gets really quiet ,
  • probably staring off into blank space and not answering your questions
  • and when you have the serious talk with him about it ,
  • he tells you everything and y'all end up cuddling in bed the rest of the day
  • all in all , sicheng’s a really sweet boyfriend who isn’t afraid to show you that he loves you
  • you’re honestly blessed if he’s your boyfriend
  • i love you sicheng
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I’m so grateful to all of you amazing people! From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who takes time out of their lives to look at my scribbles, extra love for those who take the extra time to like/kudos and the biggest hugs and love ever for comments/reblogs/sweet tags (yes I read them). Y'all will never know what it has meant to me these past almost 3 years.

Sherlollians are love!


oh my god i hit 5k??? what???? this is amazing oh my god 5k is a lot of people

i still can’t believe this someone pinch me plis

okay so i want to do something for y'all to celebrate! you decide! do you want me to do face reveal (im super ugly so trust me you don’t want that)? a celebratory drawing (oh yes i art)? anything??? nothing??? idk m8 i’m just sO HAPPY

thank you so so much for supporting me and sticking with my shitty posting schedule. i love you all so so much and i’m always here for you if you wanna talk, okay?

My Favorite Thing Lers Do

Yes yes, we all LOVE crazy, rough, ruthless tickles where we are literally tickled to tears. Can’t deny that.


On the flip side, I love those times where you get
just so lovey/cuddly/cute with your ler before and after the tickles happen. It’s just so innocent and flippin adorable, and shows how comfortable y'all are with eachother.

Going from being super super sweet, gentle, and cuddly to being grabbed, pinned, or hugged while simultaneously being tickle attacked mercilessly…and all while your ler continues to talk to you cutely and acts all lovey…they hit every spot driving you crazy, but you can’t help but feel so happy and fluffy inside.

And then once they tickle alllll of the giggles out of you possible, they go right back to cuddling and loving the heck out of you.

Just GAHHH it’s literally my favorite thing in the world. Literally makes my heart melt to mush.

Boyfriend Doyoung
  • i’m so happy i finally got a doyoung request like this is my first one ever , thanks so much for requesting anon !!
  • and also i’ve written this boyfriend! series for almost every member so sorry if the points are just repetitive or it gets really boring
  • okay on to this bunny ~

  • you were at this dinner/gathering you were forced to go to

  • because you could have spent the day home lying in bed but your friends just had to you pull you over
  • and they had this special performance halfway through the dinner
  • you weren’t paying attention at all until you heard the man singing on stage ,
  • and his vocals was so strong and powerful you felt yourself actually listening to the rest of the performance
  • something about him just attracted you
  • after he performed , he came down the stage for some drinks
  • and coincidentally you were getting yourself some drinks too
  • so you took the chance and complimented him
  • “ Your performance was great just now ”
  • “ Oh .. Haha thanks ”
  • “ How long have you been singing ? ”
  • “ A few years now .. I’m Doyoung btw , what bout you ? ”
  • “ Y/N , nice to meet you ”
  • and just like that you spent the rest of the dinner talking to him
  • and y'all actually shared the same interest and your personalities clicked ,
  • so he asked for your number ,
  • with that within two weeks of chatting and meeting up , both of you instantly became close
  • to the point where he introduced his friends to you and they were all comfortable with you too
  • you never actually thought the feelings you had for him were serious and were mainly just admiration ,
  • until one night he rushed down to your house just to cheer you up and give you a hug because you weren’t in the best mood that day
  • your feelings grew even more as he took care of you like no one ever did before
  • doyoung showed subtle signs that he felt the same way too ,
  • but you were always too afraid to ask
  • for example he’d sing and dance for you when you asked him to , while when the other members did he would reject them straight away
  • also , he often made decisions for your own good and wasn’t afraid to sacrifice for you
  • “ are you sure you don’t need to go home tonight ? ”
  • “ it’s fine , i’m sure the boys would understand ”
  • “ thank you so much doyoung ”
  • “ you’re important to me ”
  • the next day you found yourself in his arms , your head lying on his chest
  • you didn’t want to move as you were afraid you would wake him up
  • but as soon as he felt your shifting , he woke up and wanted to pull away ,
  • but you stopped him ,
  • “ stay here doyoung , i feel comfortable like this ”
  • and he’d be speechless as he lays there , his arms around you
  • an hour later he’s still blushing , as he prepares breakfast for you
  • “ about that just now- ”
  • “ i like you doyoung ”
  • “ you … what ? ”
  • “ i like you ”
  • “ i do … too ”
  • so y'all got official like that and as soon as he told the boys about this news , they were all cheering and clapping loudly
  • doyoung would tease you a little from time to time ,
  • and everytime he does he ends up laughing like a small kid with his mouth wide open
  • he’d be into skinship but in public i feel like he’d not get too touchy , as he’s cautious with the people around him
  • and with the boys , they’d make fun of him so he tries to refrain from getting too touchy infront of them
  • that one time he kissed you on cheek infront of them ,
  • and everytime he tried to talk to them they’d make smooching noises with pouty lips
  • for two weeks straight
  • but when you two are alone though ,
  • he hugs you a lot ,
  • and he loves to lie on your shoulder while he backhugs you
  • when you give him surprise kisses ,
  • his eyes would widen and you’d see his face turn red ,
  • but he’s laughing and smiling one moment after
  • jealous doyoung gets really protective
  • his smile would instantly fade and he’d have a straight face on ,
  • “ stay away from MY girl ”
  • as he pulls you away
  • and when you try to calm him down he gets all sweet again
  • “ baby you didn’t have to do that ”
  • “ i was jealous ”
  • “ i’ll always choose you no matter what ”
  • “ i love you so much ”
  • lots of morning cuddles together !!
  • he loves cooking for you , even though sometimes it may turn out as a failure ,
  • it still tasted good to you
  • when you’re sad or upset he tries to cheer you up by making lame jokes and puns ,
  • making silly faces to make you laugh
  • and when he notices that you smile a little , he gets excited like a small boy and would start smiling brightly ,
  • you can’t help but feel better
  • it’s hard to know when he’s feeling sad because he hides it so well ,
  • but when you notice , you interrogate him very seriously and ask him to tell you his problems
  • so he just sighs and pours his heart out to you , while you hold his hand and comfort him
  • the members would love teasing you too ,
  • so you two officially became the ones who were always being teased by them
  • “ Y/N ah , do you know doyoung hyung’s eyebrows move when he sings ? ”
  • “ Ten shut up ”
  • “ haha yes ten .. i do know ”
  • “ by any chance … does yours move when you sing too ? ”
  • “ ten stop it what are you doing ”
  • “ shh doyoung hyung . Y/N sing for me !! ”
  • and when you did , your eyebrows actually moved too ( according to ten )
  • so he ran to the others to tell them right away
  • the next two weeks the boys would wriggle their eyebrows while pretending to sing at the both of you
  • the both of you got so used to it , y'all wouldn’t react at all
  • he loves to go on dates together ,
  • be it a short walk at the park ,
  • or a small dinner at a restaurant ,
  • he never fails to make you smile
  • i’m running out of ideas so i’ll stop here !!
  • i’m so sorry omg