so yes all of y'all i love you

“At the moment, nothing”

FUCK YES. Sorry I know it’s all angst and sad and Malec are going to have to deal with a lot. But Let me tell you how much I love cold and calculating Magnus. It brings me life. Because everyone takes Magnus’ kindness for granted, they take his compassion and his love that he pours out so devotedly for granted. And when Magnus says ‘nothing’ you can look in vacated eyes and see nothing. I live for things like this, because it’s a reminder of what Magnus has gone through his immortality. Magnus Bane can be compassionate, loving, empathetic but he can also be cold and calculating and nonchalant if people push him. I LOVE IT.  

You know how in the Avengers (2012) Natasha and Loki talk about Barton? And Loki says “Oh. Is this love, Agent Romanoff?

So I have this headcanon that Loki is a massive Clintasha shipper and whatever he saw in Nat’s head made him think they are together.

And now someone (tbh probably Thor) tells him that Clint has a wife and Loki is all smiles and asks: “Oh, so Romanoff finally said yes?” and Thor sadly shakes head and expalin that Barton’s wife is not Natasha and LOKI IS SO MAD AND CONFUSED. 

Like how are they not together? How Barton could’ve take another wife? And children??? Dishonor! Dishonor on his whole family! Dishonor on him, dishonor on his cow! And Natasha??? How could she ever let Barton be with anyone that isn’t her? HOW ARE THEY SO STUPID?!

Loki is livid. 

He goes to the earth to talk with them, to make them explain HOW COULD THIS HAPPENED.  And Thor tries to stop him, bc Loki on Earth is never a good idea, but Loki is a man on a misson. HE NEEDS ANSWERS GODDAMIT. 

2016 was wild for sure, but I hope everyone can leave it remembering the moments that brought you joy and happiness. This community is a thing that has brought me joy countless times, and I hope we continue loving/supporting one another in the year(s) to come. Wishing for great things for ALL of you.
Love, T~

PS: is it weird that I wish there were feathers inside my heels? 🙃

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Alright I love Thomas and finally seeing pictures of him but his mustache needs to go right now. It's so ugly on him and he better shave it before The Death cure

okay this made me really angry. yes of course he’s gonna shave it before tdc because he’s playing a teenager. and can you all just stop being rude to him about this mustache oh my god, this poor guy hasn’t looked his age his whole life, do you know how annoying it had to be being 17 and looking 12? he’s growing up and he looks great alright stop bringing him down for trying out new things.

Blue Lily Tattoo [fic]

a/n: This was written for @grimreapercy for being amazing! She wanted a tattoo and florist AU with florist!Percy and tattooist!Annabeth, so I hope you like it, Shellie, and thanks for being so awesome! And thank you so much to @sexualpercy for beta-ing for me!!! You’re a rock star, Emily.

Come let me know what you guys think! xoxo


Percy has a complicated relationship with the owner of the tattoo parlor.

First of all, she (yes, she) buys the building directly across the street from his shop and turns the bakery into a tattoo parlor. Percy had loved the bakery (the blue chocolate cupcakes were his favorite), and then he gets to work one morning and finds out that a tattoo parlor bought out the business. A tattoo parlor. A place where they permanently ink things onto skin. It’s morbid and disgusting, and Percy hates the idea immediately.

But, his mother raised him to have good manners, so he grumbles the whole time while he puts together a welcome bouquet when the tattoo parlor finally opens up. He isn’t sure what kind of flowers go with tattoos, but he throws together a simple vase with yellow daisies before he walks over to the shop, calling out to Hazel that he will be back shortly.

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“…I admit, I was starstruck. No one prepares you for these moments. I said, “are you David?” Or something like that. I was freaking out so much inside I thought my hands were going to shake off. The crazy thing was he sounded very shy! …I finally got to the point where I asked for a picture and he said YES! What most surprised me was that he was short and very shy, but nice… I met the dude! Pretty awesome!!“

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Sorry I am late to the party! 💙 Eleven's new hair!! (Hard to pick one thing haha)! Have a very happy Valentine's Day!!

(You are not late to the party at all, Lovely Anon! The party is always happenin’ over here ^-^ AW YES, HER HAIR IS SO CURLY AND ADORABLE! Just think of how much the boys will flip when they see her) 

Roses are red, 

Eleven helped her friends as much a she could, 

Of all the ways I would say how lovely you are, 

I’d have to say “Pretty good” 💖

You are so amazing and sweet, my dear!! I hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day as well!! 💕💕

Send me a heart and what you’re excited for in Season Two for a valentine!

@theqveenofiron replied to your post:  Yes! I can’t wait to read it, love you so much  ♥

aldsfjasdjfalsk WELL i have work in seven hours BUT THE CHAPTER’S DONE.

tagging @lifeandeathbrigade because i promised i’d do it for her birthday gift as well. 

im love you all, g’night  ♥  ♥  ♥

  • Maya: *to Riley* That's what's so beautiful about you.
  • Maya: *to Riley* Gosh, you're cute.
  • Maya: *to Riley* Hey pretty lunch lady.
  • Maya: *to Riley* You're adorable.
  • Maya: *to Riley* A trick to make us all think you're cute.
  • Fandom: Oh yes, 100% platonic gal pals who have no feelings for each other whatsoever.
  • Lucas: *about Maya* Deep down, Maya's beautiful.
  • Fandoms: Wow. He is so madly in love with her. They should get married right now.

yo listen this goes out to everyone including the Korean media.
looks aren’t everything.
yes of COURSE eunwoo is handsome tbh he’s so ethereal, but don’t just say he’s that and not look at his talent. like hello !!!!! have you noticed how much he has improved from trainee/predebut era all the way through now? he’s gotten so much better at singing and dancing. all the boys have. and eunwoo’s confidence can literally kill anyone in the room. his skills are amazing and it’s really worth looking at, so “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

>> HEY

>> YOU



>> DO IT



I do not love you for the way you kiss
Though your lips, they can put me at ease
And I do not love you for your sweet green eyes
Though I love when they’re looking at me
And I do not love you for the way your hands
Can touch me and quiet my soul

I love you for all of this and so much more

hello its me! yes so i am back with my second follow forever :’) i actually wanted to do this but i got my goal of 400 but now this post is to thank all the 500 followers that i have now :’) thankyou everyone for following me even though i don’t edit and gif things well and often ٩ʕ•͡וʔ۶ i am really surprised that i actually got to 500 ;; I LOVE U ALL SO MUCH 

thankyou for always blessing my dash with amazing and top quality posts of svt ((all of you can edit so well i am such trash for your edits tbh)) i really never once regretted stepping into this fandom or should i slipped into it so i am so thankful that i met all of you ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ 

also, thankyou @snapbackhoshi for this amazing graphic for my ff! look its mingyu being so cute!!!!!!!!!!1 love u tin (‘∀’●)

i apologize in advance if i spammed your notifs :c // please tell me if i left anyone out too :c 

bold = mutuals 


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See ya, 2015

Just because I thought it was kinda cool, I wanted to share some facts with you guys. These are pretty rough guesses bc I’m bad about not posting stuff everywhere, so this is what my ff page is telling me:

I wrote 21 fics this year

I published roughly 132,588 words 

I started a new mutli-chap fic called We’re Starting At The End, which has been my longest project this year

My most popular fic this year was Check Yes, Juliet with 315 favs while Air Conditioning and Pajamas came in second with 232 favs

I made new friends with a bunch of hella rad people like @lililibird @bananannabeth @sexualpercy @falloutpercy @ishelmascarinas @nychie @percytheslytherin and lots more that I can’t remember right now

My love for all of my older friends like tripled bc you guys are awesome and I wouldn’t be where I am without @bellalou5 @merryannabeth @tai-chi-leigh @jasongrinchless @blackjacktheboss @son-of-rome @percyyoulittleshit @bellamyisinlovewithclarke @sorryimnotacandycanecharacter and so many others, like you guys are great and I love you so so much <3

Also thanks to my real life friends who support me so much, and I have no words for how much I appreciate @arianatrenta @iwillove @battlestar-giraffica @ashtontg6 and @gypsytrickz bc you guys mean the literal world to me and thank you for being so amazing

I hope you guys have had a great year, but I hope 2016 is even better! And just remember that I’m always here if you ever need anything. Love you guys, and have a great day/night! 

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How do you think suga moans? Like is it deep and husky, raspy, etc... can you pls describe it? Love the blog. Thank you so so much!

Y’all are really weird but I love you guys otl otl otl

Warning: not gonna rap this time, i’ll spare you guys that pain. but there are mentions of moans and stuff, you know, like when you get a really good dish at a restaurant and your like “fuck yes” and all that- uh. If your eyes are still innocent please keep them that way!


Suga moans….. wowwie wow wow. I’m just gonna do a list because….. yo….. I feel so awkward writing this otl….

  • soft
  • raspy
  • deep

So…. soft, deep, and a lil raspy is what I assume they’d be like? I mean, his voice is already pretty deep, so you gotta imagine, you know. His voice is pretty soft and smooth (otl nice adjectives darbs), and the raspy part I can see kind of being like a throat thing? 

- Darby is goin’ to church

hello yes this is your daily polite reminder that life is a process of change and growth is a process and just because you don’t have your shit together right this moment doesn’t mean you can’t eventually because we are all living growing people and while the world and society seems to enjoy deadlines, none of your life has to adhere to any of that. so take this moment to appreciate where you are and know that the person you will be a day, a week, a year from now, is gonna be so much further along. and don’t get caught up in the bad days. good things come with time. so work hard, and want things, and don’t ever stop thinking that you won’t get there someday. 

Natalie reads Absolution - Chapter 2

For you, carmillaboostein.<3

  • Omg, the title is ‘Submission’
  • Oh God, the angst.
  • I can’t deal with how well you write, dammit!
  • “When Laura woke up, when she flashed her that look of disgust, it hit her all at once.” No, no no, Carmilla, let me hug you.
  • She’s gonna tell her. I CAN’T TAKE THIS
  • Nope, I can’t take this unconditional display of love from Danny.
  • Carmilla being so worried

  • Ugh, I feel so conflicted about this. It’s so wrong, but so right.
  • They’re so CLOSE.
  • Carm, you are way too smug.
  • Danny, my baby. Oh, it hurts so much. DAMN YOU LYNDSAY.
  • Like I said, SO INTENSE.
  • “And I don’t think I want to.” *screaming*
  • It’s so hot. It’s so wrong. I am so torn.
  • top!Laura. *heart eyes*
  • I’m so weak.