so yep just something pretty for now

-Lotor squad after Lotor escaped off into space-

Zethrid: Well, there goes our bartering chip!

Ezcor: So what do we do now?

Axca:…..There still is one option left.


(Zethrid, Ezcor, and Axca are soaking up sun on the beach)

Ezcor:….So this is the plan? Just hide out here and do nothing?

Axca: *adjusts sunglasses* Yep, pretty much. 

Zethrid: Works for me. It’s what Narti would have wanted. *sips tropical drink*

Ezcor: Shouldn’t we like…I dunno…maybe go to team Voltron or something since the Galra won’t take us? Maybe warn them about how much of a backstabber Lotor is?

Zethrid: Oh shut up and read your Loverboy Lance erotica book we got you at the gift shop. 


happy Easter!

something i thought i’d throw together for you, i know it’s not much but i really hope you like these things- especially the glasses. i recently got some glasses that inspired me to make simlish rainbow ray-bans. they’re lit. and also, i know the crop tops aren’t extremely interesting; they just look pretty with jeans and choker. yep. so now you’re probably thinking, “well, where the hell is my download link ya bitch?” well, well, an easter egg hunt i have prepared for you my dear. tis’ not so simple. well it sort of is. here’s the catch, i’ve hidden your two present eggs as links within this post, just to make it a lil more interesting, happy hunting <3


for those who couldn’t find them;

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little crop tops

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Possibly my most favorite thing about What If… is that Jemma is so wholly, constantly aware that the Framework isn’t real. It’s not just that she keeps telling people, it’s in how she acts. Daisy kind of gets lost in her attempts to maintain her unexpected cover, but she’s still typical Daisy—to the point of moving to intervene when those three guys are beating up that Inhuman when they first enter the Triskelion.

Jemma, on the other hand? Jemma has no time for playing along with this fake world.

Exhibit A: her lack of social graces with Julia. To us, her “fascinating” and “you have dreams” are just typical Jemma, taking in details and being impressed with the Framework’s coding. Some random NPC has dreams and makes art? Amazing! But from an outside perspective, her words and tone are so freaking creepy. Like. Jemma, babe. Could you sound any more like a serial killer surprised to hear that her next victim is an actual human being?

But what really stands out is Exhibit B: her conversation with Burnell. Sure, the line “Hydra? They’re all Nazis” is great as a quote, but as an actual thing to say to an impressionable teenager living in what is, effectively, a police state? She encourages a defenseless kid to not only proclaim a very unpopular fact, but to spread it far and wide. It may be the truth, but Hydra does not like it and Burnell is gonna get himself seriously hurt—if not dead—by spreading it.

In the real world, you’d expect Jemma to take that into account. If things went nightmarishly wrong and Hydra won and SHIELD was just some kind of Resistance, she might say something along the lines of, “Yep, Hydra are 100% Nazis, but they’re also basically in charge right now, so maybe keep that fact to yourself and like-minded people you trust absolutely? Just….throwing it out there. Save fighting the propaganda machine for a time when you’re in a position to protect yourself from retaliation.”

But nope. This kid isn’t real. What does Jemma care if Burnell—who’s already shown himself to be pretty senselessly brave by actually tagging Jemma’s car with “Hydra lies” even though we’re shown like two seconds later that surveillance is EVERYWHERE, including this high school parking lot—gets himself killed shouting from the rooftops that Hydra are Nazis? He’s just a collection of code. It’s not an issue.

And the best part? It’s exactly what we should’ve expected. It’s just an extension of how she approached Aida—calling her “it” and always keeping in mind that she was an android, not a person. She, maybe more than anyone else, is super conscious of the difference between real and programmed, and she takes a very practical approach to all of this as a result.

It is SO JEMMA and I love it.

tl;dr: Jemma has no time for manners or for saving/protecting/acting as a good influence on the lives of these Framework NPCs…and it is GLORIOUS.

(I was gonna include her calling Ward a “psycho stalker” to his face, but lbr, she’d do that in the real world without a qualm.)

What happens in Vegas pt. 4 - Tom Holland

Word count: 2514

Summery:  You wake up after a night in Las Vegas, only to discover you married the one and only Tom Holland

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5


A/N: This didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted it to, but it’s here!  Currently I have 2 requests waiting, that I’m really excited to write, so I’m going to do that at some point. I still got something planned for the next part, but if there’s anything any of you guys want to happen, let me know! And let me know what you think!

It was finally Friday, and you couldn’t be more relived. Not because it was the weekend, but because you had a couple of days off. The next two days wouldn’t be pleasant. You knew you were getting you period this weekend, and as always it was going to be a pure hell.  

It had only been around a week or so since the whole lap dance thing with Tom. The entire week, you had kind of avoided each other, not once making eye contact. It hadn’t been hard to avoid him. You left before he got up in the morning, and when you got home, you were so exhausted that you went straight for your bed. But now you were going to be home for the next 36 hours.  And he was properly going to be as well.

It was only around 1, when you got back to the apartment. You were slowly beginning to feel nauseous, and you could feel the cramps slowly coming. They had been present for the past 2 hours, but it hadn’t been anything you couldn’t handle. You went straight for the couch, and just let yourself fall down.

You decided to just lay there. You lost all sense of time, as the cramps got worse. It felt like 1000 tiny needles pressing against your skin from the inside. Your whole body was tensing up, as you tried to fight the pain, but as always it was useless. You felt the tears pressing, as the pain intensified. The needles were turning to daggers, and you felt paralysed by the pain.

Since you were a kid you had had pretty bad cramps. You’d given up on painkillers, since the side effects just made you feel worse. You were on birth control, so you choose to only have your period every 3. Month. Sure, it was a bit worse, but at least it wasn’t as often. You always had to stay home anyway, so why not make it as few times as possible?

You heard the door open, but you didn’t even care enough to turn your head. You didn’t want to move more than necessary. There was no reason to make the pain worse.

“Oh you’re home” Tom said calmly, as he walked into the living room. “Are you. Are you alright?” He asked concerned as he looked at you. You shook your head, head still buried in pillows. You turned you head to look up at him. For the first time this week, you looked into his eyes, to see that they were filled with worry.

“Darling, what’s wrong? What’s the matter?” He asked with a quiet voice, as he kneeled down next to the couch. You wanted to make a snarky comment, but you didn’t. The words refused to leave you mouth. Instead you let out a whimper, as a new wave of pain hit you. “Darling, you’re scaring me a bit now”

“It hurts” You said, barely above a whisper. Without a word, he stood up, and walked away. It wasn’t like him to care anyway, so why should he this time? Because of your hormones, this hurt you much more than it should, and you actually felt upset.

A short moment you could hear him walking around in the living room again. Once again you turned you head, to find him in his previous spot next to the couch.

“Alright princess. I got you some pain killers for you. I got you a glass of water, with a straw, so you don’t have to get up” You looked at him confused. Why was he suddenly so caring?

“I don’t like painkillers” You whimpered. You always had more side effects than you had benefits from the painkillers. As a kid you had refused to take painkillers, unless there was no other way.

“I know darling, but I promise you’ll feel better afterwards. The sooner you take these pills, the sooner I’ll bring you something hot to ease the pain” He had never been this kind to you. You hadn’t really spoken in a week, and suddenly he was being so nice to you. How did he even know what you needed?

“Come on y/n. I’m going to bug you all day if you don’t take the pills” He continued, when you didn’t seem to take the pills. You closed your eyes in defeat, and slowly moved your hand out to take the pills. He held the water for you, as you swallowed the pills.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Now it’ll just be 20 minutes time before they kick in, and then I’ll leave you alone” He said, as he stood up, and hopefully went to find the heating pad. Already after a couple of minutes you started to feel the pills. The pain was still very present, but it wasn’t as bad anymore. On the other hand, you were also starting to feel a little high, one of the major reasons to why you hated pills.

“So we don’t have a heating pad in the apartment. I’m sorry. I think I sent it to the storage” He apologized as he came back. This day couldn’t possibly go any better. Not only were you in a pain hell, you were also starting to get high, and you had no heating pad. Oh, and of course the best part. Your hormones were a mess in front of Tom.

“It’s okay. You really don’t need to be so nice to me. Just go have fun this weekend. I’ll be fine” You snapped. You didn’t mean to come off as harsh you did, but you were suddenly just so annoyed. What kind of idiot sends a heating pad to a storage unit? Oh yeah, Tom.

“Despite what you think, I am actually a decent person. I’m staying till the pills kick in. Which should only be around 15 minutes” Oh boy was he wrong. They were already kicking in. “But if you’re really in need of some warmth, I can get you your duvet? And some blankets. Or I can heat some water, and put it in a bottle?”

“No, it’s fine. Warm water bottles are just. No. It’s fine. I’m fine. I’m not dying, so I’m fine” The pills were starting to take away your filter, and you were pretty sure that everything would go straight from you brain to your mouth from now on. Which might not be a good thing.

“I take it, the pills are starting to work?” He asked, with a careful smile. You gave him a quiet nod, not really trusting your mouth. “Good. That’s good… So… Do you want me to bring you some chocolate, or something? I have a small storage in my room” He offered.

“You’re just about the most amazing person in the world right now” Yep. The filter was definitely gone. “I would really love some chocolate. Thank you” He quickly went into his room to look for the chocolate, and was back almost faster than he had left.

“There you go, darling. Chocolate for the princess” He handed you the chocolate bar, and sat down on the small table next to the couch.

“What’s with all the pet names? Why are you being so nice to me? Why are you acting so strange today?” You asked. This wasn’t like him at all. He was an arrogant jerk. It didn’t make sense that he was being so sweet all of a sudden. He was being really suspicious.

“Oh I don’t know. Maybe the fact that you were lying on the couch, not moving, and looking like absolute shit when I got home. And you seem to be in a lot of pain, so I’m not going to be rude to you. When you’re better, I’ll turn back into an arrogant asshole, I think it is you call me” You couldn’t help but laugh, when he mimicked your accent.

Your laughing quickly turned into grunts of pain, but for some reason, you kept laughing. “I hate you Tom! It’s not fair. It actually hurts when I’m laughing, and you’re just so funny!”

“It’s good to see you smile, but it really wasn’t that funny” He looked at you, a bit confused, as you just laughed harder. The pain was going away again, and it didn’t take long until you could hardly feel it.

“Oh my god! You look so cute when you look confused! It’s like a confused puppy, when you pretend to throw something, but you don’t, so it can’t find the thing you threw. Tom, we should totally get dog! I would love a dog. Or a cat. We should get both! We should adopt the entire shelter!”

“Y/n… Are you high? You don’t seem like yourself. You’re being a little too happy, a little too suddenly” He still had the adorable confused look on his face. You couldn’t help but just laugh at him, something he took as a yes. “Alright. That’s why you don’t like pain killers. You get high. That’s noted”

“Yeah! And then I kinda lose my filter. And then I become really honest, and that’s a problem, because I’ll most likely won’t remember half of it, so that’s going to be really funny and awkward later. And how did you know I don’t like pain killers? How do you even know I needed them? How did you know I was on my period? Because if you keep a calendar on me, or track my birth control it’s kinda creepy. You’re a bit creepy”

“Your mom told me. I know you two don’t really get along, but she told me how bad your periods were. You know, just so you could be somewhat safe. And maybe so I wouldn’t be completely freaked out. So I’m not some creepy dude tracking your period. But since the pills have kicked in, I can leave if you want?” He offered, something that made you feel a bit upset. You didn’t want to be alone. That wasn’t any fun. His confused face was.

“No. Please stay” Your voice sounded so desperate, which made Tom smile while he shook his head.

“Okay. I’ll stay. No reason to get upset again. I’ll just text Harrison, and cancel my plans for the rest of the weekend. So I can entertain high Mrs Holland” He sighed, as he found his phone and sent a text.

“Could you use those pet names again? You make them sound so sweet, and it sounds really hot when you say them. Actually in general you are hot. But I’ll never admit that. Oh wait. I just did, didn’t I?” Now it was his turn to laugh at you, and then he sent you one of those stupidly hot smirks.

“Yeah you did, darling. But I appreciate it. And despite your current state, you are quite attractive yourself.” He even added a wink. That smooth arrogant asshole. That smooth arrogant hot asshole.

“Could you stop that. Stop being so hot, and flirting. You’re driving me crazy. I can’t sleep with you while I’m on my period, but I sure as hell want to! You already said the sex is amazing, and it is, so why don’t we do it more often? I still don’t like you, but I do like sleeping with you” Tom choked on his breath, as the words left your mouth.

“You… Eh, what? I… Do you… Mean that? Do you really mean that? You are pretty high, so maybe you’re a bit confused about what you want” The confused expression was back on his face, which made you giggle.

“I know what I won’t. I won’t ever admit it to you. You know, the actually wanting to sleep with you part. I won’t admit that” You kept giggling as you spoke, causing Tom to smile sincerely. Just when you though he couldn’t get any more attractive, he did.

“But you just did” He smirked again.

“But I won’t remember it. If I can’t remember it, it didn’t happen, now did it?” You raised your eyebrows at him, but he just laughed at your statement.

“Right. I’ll remember that” He shook his head at you. “Now, do my princess need anything?” He asked you, with a glint in his eyes.

“A heating pad” You responded, before letting out a yawn.

“That’s about the one thing I can’t get you, darling. I’m sorry” Another yawn come over your lips, as he spoke.

“You can be heating pad” You mumbled, as you snuggled deeper into the couch, earning yet another charming smile from Tom.

“Oh, I’ll be the heating pad? And how exactly do you expect me to do that, darling?” He asked you, trying to contain his laugh.

“Cuddle. You’re warm. Like a heating pad” You explained.

“Are you degrading me to a heating pad? I thought we were going to be married for a little longer, before that happened” He joked, making you giggle.

“It’s an upgrade from arrogant asshole” You commented.

“You know, you should take pain killers more often. It’s very entertaining to be around you, when you’re high” He kept smiling at you. That stupid smile, that you hadn’t really seen till today. Why hadn’t you seen that smile before?

“So you don’t like being around me normally?” You asked him, suddenly feeling upset again. Were you really that horrible a person? Was that why you had never seen that smile before?

“It didn’t mean it like that. Please don’t be upset. I just meant. Well. I mean. We’re not exactly best friends. We do fight half of the time. The other half we don’t really talk to each other. It’s going to be some really long months, if we go on like this” It only made you more upset, knowing he was right. It was going to be some really long months if you kept acting the way you did.

“Darling, I didn’t mean to upset you” He apologized, and leaned in to hug you. “Maybe we should spend more time together? All we do is fight and sleep together. So maybe it would be a good idea to actually get to know each other?”

“Well, I guess my mom already told you a lot about me, so I think you’re one step ahead of me. But you know. Maybe we’ll end up like one of those shitty romance movies, where they pretend to be in love, and then they end up falling in love. Properly not, but it would be a great story” You rambled on. As the words left your mouth, you were already starting to forget what you were talking about.

“Maybe you should just get some sleep” He laughed, as he lifted you up, and took place under you. The warmth from his body made you relax. He did made a nice heating pad after all. “Goodnight love”

“Night” You mumbled, before falling asleep on his chest.

“Maybe we will end up like one of those movies. Or maybe it’ll only go one way”

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Little Sister

Summary: Based on this anon request-

Can you write one for me? Tony’s baby sister moving to the tower after a nasty break up with an abusive bf and he asks Bucky to help her with some self defense moves? She’s super shy and sweet to ppl. They end up dating and tony approves cause he knows Bucky would never hurt her.

Bucky x reader. FLUFF/BRIEF ANGST. Word count: 1,818.

TW: Reference to abusive ex (not super detailed).

A/N: Sorry this took so long, but I kept toying with the ending until I got what I think was the best result. I hope you enjoy it!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey everyone, so this is my younger sister Y/N. She’ll be staying in the tower for awhile, so if could all be your usual warm and welcoming, that would be great,” said Tony as he introduced you to the team. They were all sitting around the television in the common room watching a movie.

“I didn’t know you had a younger sister, Stark,” said Sam.

“Yeah, Y/N doesn’t like the spotlight quite like I do,” replied Tony.

“Well, make yourself at home, Y/N. On behalf of everyone, welcome,” said Steve.

“Yeah! It’ll be nice to have another girl around! What brings you here, Y/N?” asked Wanda.

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english is difficult

summary: peter has a crush. said crush is the daughter of playboy, billionaire and philanthropist; tony stark. 

a note: this is pre civil war typa thing so tony and peter have not formally met yet. also, hey! i haven’t posted in ten years, what’s up my dudes? :) 

“did you finish the english thing yet?”

this had become routine for them, facetiming till the early hours of the morning. a lot of the time they did their homework together, or they just sort of talked until one of them fell asleep.

y/n sat at her desk, hair messy with a facemask on (peter thought it was funny), mindlessly browsing the internet, “yeah, it was easy. i like writing. when you like something, it’s a lot easier.”

peter didn’t know the first thing about poetry or writing, so he was struggling. the project was open ended, meaning you could write whatever you wanted and about whatever you wanted. short story, poetry, novella, pretty much anything.

“okay,” peter tore out yet another page from his notebook, crumpling it up and throwing it behind him, preparing to start fresh on a new page, “but i have no idea what to write about.”

“pretty much anything. the project has no theme, no nothing. go crazy.”

“crazy isn’t really in my repertoire, of well, anything,” he sighed, “english is difficult.” 

“okay, i’ll help you. just write about something you love. that’s easy enough is it not? you could write about how much you love sandwiches for all i care. just write down the thing you love at the top of the paper,” she paused, waiting for him to do so, “got that?”

peter looked down at his paper, where he messily wrote y/n, “yep.”

“okay, so now write down all the reasons why.”

the way her smile could light up times square, how she fiddles with her jewelry when she’s nervous, how shy and giggly she gets when i compliment her, her eyes….

“slow down there bucko, i’m sure that’s enough.” she laughed. peter kept writing out his reasons and couldn’t stop himself, he had so many. after filling up half the page, he placed his pen down.

“there. i think that’s good. now what?”

“take all those things and make it into a poem. a free verse one, meaning it doesn’t have to rhyme or have a specific form.”

“okay, i think it got it,” peter started scribbling out random lines and verses, “this is easy.”

she could only wonder what he was writing about, he seemed pretty focused on it. his tongue was stuck out ever so slightly as he wrote down the words on the page, she thought it was adorable.


she was surprised, “really? that fast?”

“yeah, your advice really helped.”

“that’s good.” she smiled.

her smile could light up new york city in the dark

“y/n!” tony’s loud voice shouted, “did you plan on going to sleep anytime soon? you have school in the morning, or this morning i should say.”

“oh my god, is that your dad?”

in the background of the video, peter saw tony standing in the doorway. crap, he’s definitely gonna find me and throw me in a dumpster or something. tell me again why i thought crushing on tony stark’s daughter was a good idea. 

she looked behind her, seeing him looking less than impressed, “yeah, uh, i’ll see you tomorrow.”

she turned back to her laptop, lightly smiling at peter before she pressed end call and slowly closed the lid. she waited a moment, hoping tony would just walk away, but she could still feel his presence behind her.

“just friends huh?” 

“yep.” she dryly said, keeping her back turned. 

she had no idea how long he had been standing there for, it could’ve been for the last hour and she honestly wouldn’t have noticed.

“just friends.”

e n d 

another note: bad ending? some things never change. 

Sexting (Part 2)

A nonny wanted more sexting so as promised here it is. I missed Tobi out purely because i was running out of ideas and didn’t want to seem too repetitive so i’m really sorry for that :( But hey bonus Cal for all you hoes! Anyway i hope you enjoy <3

Josh: You need to fucking behave
You: What did I do? o:)
Josh: Don’t act all innocent
Josh: You know exactly what you was doing
You: What was that daddy?
Josh: Wearing that ridiculously short skirt, bending over, you know everyone could of seen you?
You: Maybe I wanted them too, why do you think didn’t wear panties today :)
Josh: You’re being a very naughty girl today, do you need a spanking?
You: I don’t know daddy, do I?
Josh: With how cheeky you’re being yes you do. Come upstairs, I want you bent over my nap 

You: Why am I stuck at uni when I could be in bed with you rn :( 
Simon: Because someone insisted on “studying” elsewhere
You: You could give me encouragement to actually work though :((
Simon: Like what?
You: Oh I don’t know, everytime I finish a chapter I get to give you a blowjob ;)
Simon: Now you’re just being a tease
You: And if I’m a really good girl and finish a full unit I’ll let you do anything you want to me  ;)
You: I even have a special something I want to show you…
Simon: I’ll pick you up in 10 minutes
You: ;))

JJ: I have a surprise for you when you get home
You: Yes?
JJ: You want me to tell you now and ruin the surprise?!
You: Jide come on, work is boring and I need something to look forward to :(
JJ: Okay okay
JJ: I bought you a collar
You: What?
JJ: Yep! A pretty pink lace collar with a matching leash, so now you really can be my pet  
You: And you can be my master?
JJ: Of course ;)
You: Fuck, you’re making me so wet just at the thought
JJ: My little kitten is already making a mess ;)
You: Stop it
JJ: Can’t wait for you to get home kitten ;)

You: I’m so wet rn
You: Just been thinking about all the things you could be doing to me
You: All the things I want to do with you
Ethan: Babe it’s 9am, can’t you at least wait till I’m more awake
You: But that would ruin the fun ;)
You: Are you already hard?
Ethan: Yeah
You: Good, I want you to touch yourself and send me a pic
Ethan: Who put you in charge?
You: o:)
Ethan: You need to stop getting so cheeky
You: What are you gonna do about it?
Ethan: Punish you if I have to
You: Guess I’ll keep being a bad girl then

You: I can’t wait for you to finish up editing, gonna make you come so fucking hard
Vik: Oie!
You: What o:)
Vik: Stop it
You: Noooo, I don’t want to. I’d rather tease you so your nice and hard for when I suck you off :)
Vik: The more you message me the longer this will take
You: Guess I’ll have to come to you then
Vik: Don’t you dare
You: Already coming! Hope you’re naked and ready for me ;)
You: I know I am
Vik: I guess I can stop editing for a while…
You: ;))))

You: Harry I need you
Harry: What’s up babe?
You: I need your cock deep inside me, my fingers aren’t good enough
Harry: You know I’m streaming, so shut it
You: Just a quick fuck? They won’t even notice
Harry: No
You: Fine, I’ll find something else to get myself off then
You: I’ll even do it right on the sofa where everyone can see :)
Harry: Gdi fine. You’ve already got me hard af anyway
You: I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist why sweet, sweet pussy ;)   

You: You know how close I was to sucking you off during that stream? xx
You: Very fucking close xx
Chris: Even with Harry there? X
You: Especially with Harry there ;) xx
Chris: You’re too kinky for me xx
You: Aw we could of had a threesome :( I’ve always wanted two cocks deep inside of me ;) xx
Chris: Maybe I don’t want to share you xx
You: But wouldn’t you love to watch someone else fuck me? ;) xx
Chris: No, the only person that can fuck you is me. No one else can have that tight pussy. It’s all mine xx
You: Mm I like you being protective xx
Chris: Good, because when you get home I’ll make sure everyone fucking knows you’re all mine xx

Callum: Yknow…
You: Hm?
Callum: I really can’t wait to get home and be with you
You: Aw babe, I can’t wait too xx
Callum: Just so I can spread your legs and eat that pretty pussy of yours ;)
You: Really Cal?
Callum: Aw  Don’t you want my tongue flicking over your clit?
Callum: Don’t you want to be squirming in pleasure?
You:  You’re an ass
Callum: I take that as a yes ;)
You: Fuck off Cal
Callum: ;))

Dogs Deserve Better - Tom Holland Imagine

The first thing Tom learnt about you was you being a dog person. He knew you were a brilliant actress, you were nominated for Best Supporting Actress award after all, but he didn’t know any other thing about you, until now.

Your best friend posted a photo 25 minutes ago. You, sitting with your dog, big smile on your face. 

Photo caption was; “Ok my girl needs a boyfriend like ASAP. lol” So he learnt you are single too. Your fans were posting a lot of comments under the post. Some of them saying you are cute, some of them saying you should hit them up, some of them were just compliments for your dog. So Tom decided to write a comment too. “Pretty dog, pretty girl”. It was simple, he thought probably you won’t even see it. 


You were on the set of your new movie when your best friend called you. And she was screaming like a crazy person. “You won’t believe just who wrote a comment about you!” You didn’t even understand what she was talking about. “What do you mean ‘comment’? For what?” You couldn’t see it but you were sure that she rolled her eyes at you. “You never check my Instagram page do you? I posted a picture of you with your dog and guess who wrote a comment?” You tried to think someone, “Hmm is it one of my co-stars?” “Nope.” “Is it a family member?” “Nah.” “Is it one of my ex boyfriends?” “Nien.” You were out of patience now. “Ugh just tell me! Who?” You heard her chuckle. She was definately enjoying this moment. “How should I put it, hmm? Let’s just say your celebrity crush is not so clueless about who you are!” Your heart skipped a beat with this. “Tom Holland said something about me?” “Yep! He wrote and I quote ‘Pretty dog, pretty girl’!” You were blushing for sure. You quickly ended the conversation and opened your Instagram. There was the post and tons of comments below it. You searched through among them and found his. 


Tom’s was having a bro time with Harrison at that moment. He heard a *beep* and looked at his phone. There was a notification from Instagram. He opened it quickly. There was a reply to his comment from you. “Thanks for kind words :) Me and my dog D/N say hi!” Tom smiled at your comment. Harrison could tell something was going on. “Having a crush, mate?” Tom quickly put his phone down and turned to his friend. “No no just a notification.” Harrison gave him his “Really dude?” look with a smirk. “Then maybe you should ask that notification AND her dog for a date?” It was Tom’s turn to blush now. But in his mind, he was totally up for that…


After few hours from your reply, you heard the notification sound. “Finally” you thought, looked at your phone and there was a new message in your inbox. “So your dog’s name is D/N? Maybe we should introduce my dog Tessa and D/N to each other sometime? :)”

Second part of  (x).
Lena and Kara are at their first date.

Lena: “Thanks for accepting my invite, you look lovely!”
Kara: “No, thank you for inviting me! I… I was kinda surprised that you… I mean… The whole ‘asking out’ thing.”
Lena: “Apparently your friend Supergirl was very incredulous as well!”
Kara: “Yeah, haha… How can you blame her?”
Lena: “Well, since I wasn’t putting much effort in hiding my interest, I have to say that I wasn’t prepared for you to not to notice it. Such a reporter you are, huh?”
Kara: “I-I thought you were just extremely nice and… Which you are, by the way! I mean, it’s not… it’s not like you aren’t because you have… ehm…”
Lena: “Feelings for you?”
Kara: “…”
Kara: “I was just gonna go with ‘a slight interest for me’.”
Lena: “Slight? Yeah, alright, let’s put it in that way if it makes you stop being so nervous.”
Kara: “I’m not nervous! I’m just-”
Lena: “Nervous?”
Kara: “…”
Kara: “Okay, maybe a little bit. But it’s only because I don’t do this from a while, and never in this… in this way.”
Lena: “Which way?”
Kara: “I’ve never… ehm… I mean, of course I’ve dated before… Who… Who hasn’t… right? But never…  you know… Like… Like never a…”
Lena: “Girl?”
Kara: “…”
Kara: “Yep… Never a girl.”
Lena: “Oooh, so this is what it’s all about! God, I almost went crazy the other day trying to figure out why Supergirl was that shaken!”
Kara: “I WASN-! I-I mean, how could Supergirl ever be shaken, she’s Supergirl!”
Lena: “I thought she was having a panic attack or something, while now I know she was just concerned about your dating background.”
Kara: “Okay, first of all there’s no way she was having a panic attack!”
Lena: “Uhm, I’m pretty positive she was sweating.”
Kara: “SWE-… That’s not- This just can’t be true!”
Lena: “I must disagree.”
Kara: “I object!”
Lena: “Ohoh, alright, alright! She was all cool and fine! She handled the situation like a superhero - as she is -, and I read too much between the lines. Better now?”
Kara: “…”
Kara: “Yes.”
Lena: “Here we go. So, how do you feel about this? Really, apart being nervous, what do you think of us being on a date?”
Kara: “I… I guess…I guess I’ve never thought about dating a girl in the past and… I don’t know, I’m not sure if I’ve ever been into a girl before.”
Lena: “And?”
Kara: “And… I mean, I like… I like being friends with you-”
Lena: “Uuh, sounds like it’s gonna hurt, isn’t it?”
Kara: “What?! No! Nononononono, I’m not done!”
Lena: “You’re not?”
Kara: “Absolutely not done!”
Lena: “Alright. Please continue, then.”
Kara: “I was saying that I… really care about our friendship. So I just fear that… if anything happens…”
Lena: “We’re not gonna be able to go back to how things were before?”
Kara: “Yeah, pretty much. How can you always manage to finish all my sentences??”
Lena: “Oh, I haven’t told you? I’m a telepath.”
Kara: “WHAT?!?!!”
Lena: “Yeah, I can hear all your crazy thoughts.”
Kara: “…”
Lena: “…”
Lena: “… Kara, breathe, I’m kidding.”
Lena: “Your face is iconic right now.”
Kara: “I’ve almost had a heart attack!!”
Lena: “Why would I need to know what do you think if I already knew, Kara?”
Kara: “I… I don’t know, I…  Y-you’re the criminal mind, here!!”
Lena: “Crim-… I’m just teasing! That’s what I do if I’m nervous.”
Kara: “Oh my God, I was so close to-… Wait, what? You’re nervous too?”
Lena: “Sure I am: I asked the girl I like out and I still have no clue if she likes me back.”
Kara: “Wha-… Of course I like you!”
Lena: “Yeah, as a friend.”
Kara: “No!! I mean, yes, but-”
Lena: “But?”
Kara: “But… But I can’t figure out why, Lena. Seriously, you are amazing! You could be with someone that is just as wonderful as you are without any problem, and yet you… you asked me out. I just… I just don’t get why me above all the people.”
Lena: “Is this what is bugging you so much?”
Kara: “Yes! Yes, it is!”
Lena: “Oh well, Kara Danvers, I hope you’re ready ‘cause I’m gonna tell you. From the first moment I saw you, I asked myself how it could be possible for someone like you to be of this planet.”
Kara: “…”
Lena: “I’ve never saw into your eyes that judgemental look that everyone gives me all the time. Instead, you always made me feel like… I don’t know, like you were really trying to understand me. And I’ve never met someone who truly thinks that there’s some good in me, that I’m not only my last name. You have been kind, Kara. Always. Maybe it’s normal for you, but it isn’t for me. I’ve never felt such an instantaneous, true connection with someone, like the one I feel with you, and when I’m with you it’s like… taking a break from everything and… just being me. So maybe I don’t know what type of music you’re into, what’s your favorite color or what’s the name of your first stuffed animal, but I know enough to be… to feel in the way I do for you.”
Kara: “…”
Kara: “…I-”
Lena: “There’s no need for you to say anything. Well, exept for what you want to order, ‘cause it’s the third time the waiter tries to ask us if we’re ready and we completely ignore him.”
Kara: “Oh gosh, I haven’t even notic-… Wait, really?? The third??”
Lena: “More likely the fourth.”
Kara: “Okay, now I feel terrible.”
Lena: “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he gets a generous tip when our dinner is over.”
Kara: “Why can’t we apologize to him instead? He’s just right there!”
Lena: “Are you kidding? I’m not gonna apologize to him.”
Kara: “Why??”
Lena: “I own this place, Kara. The least they can do is to serve me when it most pleases me.”
Kara: “…”
Lena: “I also happen to own an entire tower, Kara. A restaurant is no biggie”.
Kara: “And we can eat all the things we want for free??!”
Lena: “… Sure?”
Kara: “Like, all the things???”
Lena: “Well, I’d like to keep the decor intact, but if you really can’t resist.”
Kara: “Why didn’t you tell me earlier???”
Lena: “I didn’t know that owning restaurants was the winning card for your heart!”
Lena: “… Unbelievable.”

Here for the third part (x)

pewds plays resident evil 7 ( sentence starters)

source [x]

  • “ ooh, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these.”
  • “ sort of went down hill for a while, didn’t it?”
  • “ where did it all go wrong?”
  • “ i don’t know why i’m talking like i have something stuck up my ass.”
  • “ i am genuinely passionate about these things.”
  • “ hey, sometimes you gotta live hard, and… this doesn’t seem like one of those moments, actually.”
  • “ oh my god, it IS a nightmare!”
  • “ oh, dude, what the fuck?”
  • “ i’m trying really hard not to hype myself up for this.”
  • “ holy shit! that looks incredible.”
  • “ i’m just gonna go and guess - make a wild guess; s/he’s fucking dead.”
  • “ uh-uh. they’re always dead. horror rule number 45.”
  • “ now you can’t bitch about me talking too much.”
  • “ i like the car, very nice car.”
  • “ talking a lot, i’m getting a little nervous, i don’t know why.”
  • “ it’s fucking broad daylight. it’s just, woods fucking scare me… and mosquitoes.”
  • “ this is so fucking cool.”
  • “ okay, well, that’s not gonna work, is it? i suppose we can climb over.”
  • “ i don’t know why i always try the same things. i think i have a problem.”
  • “ okay, what would i do in this situation? i mean, i wouldn’t be in this situation because i’m a puss.”
  • “ we can’t enter the bushes.”
  • “ no this is where we came from. great, you’re a fucking genius.”
  • “ join us? no thank you, paper, but i appreciate the invite.”
  • “ bald man turn into a dead cow. what a mystery!”
  • “ oh, wow, now i see what it is.”
  • “ thank you for the gift, honey, oh my god, it’s so pretty.”
  • “ you know, when you see something like that, that’s generally like a good way to be like: you know what? is this bitch worth it?”
  • “ it’s all jokes. everyone calm down.”
  • “ yep, that’s me, all right.”
  • “ and we enter the point of no return.”
  • “ hey, we did it! high-five, bro.”
  • “ wow, haven’t you missed these moments?”
  • “ who closed the fucking door?”
  • “ that- that is another big warning sign.”
  • “ just so i feel safe, i’m gonna check if i can open it.”
  • “ all right, we can do this.”
  • “ is that- is that sad?”
  • “ okay, it’s fine. you know what? i’ve been in here before.”
  • “ it shouldn’t be any problem.”
  • “ what a lovely place.”
  • “ hey! microwaved… crows… my favorite. they taste… crunchy.”
  • “ why do i bother j– ueegh! ugh! ugh, close it! close it! ugh, disgusting!”
  • “ is there someone upstairs?”
  • “ i don’t like how defenseless i am.”
  • “ that’s some creepy fucking picture.”
  • “ what the fuck was that?”
  • “ i think we’re gonna have to go upstairs.”
  • “ i really didn’t wanna go upstairs, cause in every fucking horror movie ever, they die when they go upstairs.”
  • “ now, i’m not keen on dying, all right. not today at least.”
  • “ fuck, the shadow fucking scared me.”
  • “ jesus christ, i don’t like this.”
  • “ so you can make the stairs go upstairs? wow. that’s, uh… that’s a new one.”
  • “ this wasn’t here before, was it? … or was it? i don’t know.”
  • “ dude, i can fucking hear you.”
  • “ i go first.”
  • “ aw, dude, the food looks delicious.”
  • “ okay, sorry. my curiosity got the better of me.”
  • “ yeah, so don’t go in there.”
  • “ all right, you go first, my man.”
  • “ hey, good friend, you go first.”
  • “ your mom’s down here. that’s why it smells.”
  • “ and that’s my queue to get the fuck out. how about that?”
  • “ oh, i don’t like where this is going, not one fucking bit, i’m gonna be quite honest with you right now.”
  • “ ain’t no water killed anyone. unless lack of water counts.”
  • “ sorry, i’m on fucking edge.”
  • “ the faster we can get out of here, the faster i can go home.”
  • “ everything is fucking fine. AAH! jesus, we’re not fine!”
  • “ there’s no reason to be upset.”
  • “ i am a little bit upset.”
  • “ oh my god… oh my god, this is bad. this is very not good.”
  • “ am i crazy?”
  • “ okay, well, maybe that’s a good thing, i don’t know.”
  • “ i suppose we could technically go back, but…”
  • “ i don’t - i don’t feel very good.”
  • “ i would hang onto those bolt cutters if i were you.”
  • “ do not fucking jumpscare me, i swear to god…”
  • “ just- let’s go. let’s just go. we can catch up later..”
  • “ i guess– you know what? i said s/he would be dead, and i was wrong. and you know what? i want to apologize.”
  • “ hey, hey, hey, cables. not cables. anything but cables.”
  • “ why are y–? oh, god, what is that? what are those? they don’t look good.”
  • “ it’s a trap. it’s a trap!”
  • “ hey, look, my face is back. how about that?”
  • “ i don’t know what happened.”
  • “ you know when it’s tight corners, shit’s about to get fucked.”
  • “ let me guess, it’s locked, isn’t it? do you have the key?”
  • “ i don’t like this enthusiasm.”
  • “ hey, creepy dolls. A+, that’s just what i wanted right now.”
  • “ sorry, i’d rather play with dolls. i’m sorry, okay, i’m not afraid to admit that”
  • “ we’re fine, everything is great. this is great.”
  • “ what the fuck happened to the weather? i swear it was sunny a second ago.”
  • “ maybe time changed.”
  • “ a map. we got a map.”
  • “ oh, fuck this.”
  • “ okay, we’re starting to get health, which is not good, because that means we’re gonna get attacked.”
  • “ we can’t jump out the window.”
  • “ who the fuck did that?”
  • “ what do i do? i don’t wanna go down there.”
  • “ call for help.”
  • “ i don’t have anything to defend myself with.”
  • “ i’m not ready for this.”
  • “ oh, shit, s/he’s strong as shit!”
  • “ the fuck is wrong with you?!”
  • “ you crazy son of a bitch!”
  • “ chill out, man.”
  • “ can you just fuck off, man… fuck off.”
  • “ we can punish you other ways.”
  • “ can i slit her/his throat?”
  • “ i’m sorry, but where is the knife? i need to confirm the kill.”
  • “ i can’t fucking handle this.”
  • “ stop. just stop. just stop– oh no…”
  • “ get the fuck outta my way, you fucking bitch!”
  • “ that’s fucking right. survival of the fittest, motherfucker.”
  • “ i better get that phone call.”
Tickly Massages (SouMako)

Author’s Note: I never realized how much I loves this pairing until I finished writing, wow. Anyway, this was just an idea I had and I wanted to write it out so yep! Here it is~! I kinda changed up my original idea and it turned into this. I’m happy with it though!

Description: After a long day of practicing, Sousuke and Makoto are exhausted and pretty sore as well. Seeing them like this, Rin wants to help them out with a massage. But that turns into something else after a while!

Word Count: 1,163

   “Haahh… Good work today, Sousuke,” Makoto breathed as the two of them walked through the door. Iwatobi and Samezuka had just held a joint practice, and now they were both fairly tired. They hadn’t even bothered to put their shirts back on; they had slipped their sweatpants over their swimsuits and left. Sousuke lazily flopped onto the couch as Makoto sat on the floor beside him, his knees hugged to his chest.

   “Yeah. You too,” he replied.

   “How’s your shoulder treating you? Is it alright?”

   “Mm, it’s all good. Don’t worry,” he nodded. “I’m pretty sore, though.”

   “That’s expected, though,” Makoto said. “But I’ll admit, I am too.”

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anonymous asked:

Chester's death hit me like a freight train and now every time I think about him, I feel like that same train is just reversing over me, over and over and over...

Yep, this sums it out pretty well. 

I am currently under the train myself so I don’t really have any words of consolation. Just try not to think about it. Distract yourself. Read a book, watch a movie, something that will not remind you of him. Don’t pick at the wound, give it time to heal. I haven’t been watching/listening to anything lately and I just try not to think about it, because when I do … well you know….

Try doing something like drawing, making something, even if you’re not talented I think it can help. I’m focusing on sketching my tattoo, it sort of makes me feel like I’m doing something for him, so it kind of helps. 

Ugh, I don’t know, today has been difficult. I just miss him. 

hugs to you

Things that you need to keep in mind about the TF2 Mercenaries.

Spy: Speaks more than just French. What was it… Like, that, English, Latin, and some other weird and wonderful language. His knees are thinner than toothpicks and all of his teeth are fake.

Sniper: Doesn’t speak much… And when he does, he’s practically spitting insults. Yes, even if you are his friend. This isn’t a constant, but it is frequent. His house is all worn down and old, and he likes to look for alien things and all that. And he has a sexy tan.

Medic: Has, like, no dignity whatsoever and doesn’t care about you as long as you can provide him with some medical fun. Heals you? Oh nice. It wasn’t on purpose though. He was just experimenting with your spleen and it was a side effect.

Heavy: Smart, literate, and doesn’t even really speak all that much. He served as the dad in his family of three sisters and his mother because his died. A long time ago. He also hates it when you blab a lot. It makes him want to tear you limb from limb.

Engineer: How old is he? We will never know. His maturity and smartness make him seem like he is ancient though. Oh, and he actually likes killing people with his machines. See that Sentry there- but it is too late! The Engineer’s gadget has shot you down and he is smiling kindly at your dead body. Oh, yes. He is also very soft spoken and relateable with all of those faces.

Demo: Not just your every day ordinary drunk man. He is a highly intelligent drunken man with bombs- and he is Scottish. He also has a bit of a weak will power. It cost him his eye and his sobriety. Oh yes, and he has a terrible plan to kill the Lochness Monster. Cost him his first set of adoptive parents. No, there is not an eye beneath that eye patch of his. Did you- Did you even read what I just typed down? Screw it, Merasmus.

Solder: The epitome if the “America is freedom” stereotype. Need someone to go on a killing spree for you? This man with a woman’s name is just your person. Need someone who is smart enough to teach himself how to use a variety of weapons and crazy enough to have numerous imaginary friends? This Soldier is your man.

Pyro: Flowers, sparkles, and rainbows. Pretty much sums up this happy-go-lucky pyromaniac who will set you on fire, thinking that he/she has just showered you in bubbles or something. Oh, yes, and please let us not forget that the Pyro pretty much pulled a corporation out of a big ditch and stacked it high up. Smart Pyro. Probably can’t read though.

Scout: There is just so much hinting to the fact that he is the son of the Spy. Oh, yes, and just because he is the youngest of his brothers doesn’t mean he is the weakest. He beat the living daylights out of them after honing his speed. Yep. Gets into fights a lot. Huge crush on Miss Pauling by the way. You know. If you haven’t figured it out by now.

Meeting at the locker room (Prompt #13 and #18)

Originally posted by dont-be-such-a--sourwolf

Requsted by anonymous:  Hi, can you do #13 prompt with Isaac please /  13 WITH ISAAC LAHEY PLS /  Could you do an Isaac imagine with prompts 13 and 18?

#13: Oh my God, you are naked! #18: I wasn’t flirting!

A/N: So I tried to combine those two as best as I could. I guess I am not that good with the flirting part but I hope you like it anyway, thanks for requesting. :)

“So, listen everybody!”, Lydia announces with her very serious business face on. You are sitting with the pack at lunch in the cafeteria, chewing on something they call hamburger, kind of distracted by the fact that Liam is already eating his second one. Everybody was constantly chatting but as soon as Lydia speaks up you automatically freeze. It’s just her natural authority.

“I thought about my birthday party again and I decided to declare a dress code. I went for Black and White, so you can decide between those two options or just a mix, whatever.”

You groan. As if a party with the whole school invited isn’t already challenging enough, now you even have to wear special clothes?

“Seriously, Lyd, I don’t have anything in either black or white that’s remotely pretty.”

“Then we’ll just buy you something!”, she suggests enthusiastically.

“Yep, no money for that. Come on, I don’t look good in colours that aren’t actual colours!”, you complain.

“I am sure that’s not true”, Isaac suddenly interrupts your little discussion.

You look up at him in surprise. His blue eyes are focused on you and a little smile plays around his lips. Even with that small mayo stain on his chin he looks attractive. You return the smile without thinking about it.

“Well thank you, Isaac. But believe me, you’d be surprised.”

“I am sure you could surprise me with a lot of things but looking bad is not one of them Y/N”, he replies with a smirk on his face, throwing a fry in his mouth in the act. You nearly laugh because he tries so hard to seem cool. But you like it, so why not go with it?

“I would tell you about it now but that would only make this boring”, you say playfully with a wink. Since when are you winking at someone? You didn’t even know you could do that.

He is about to counter something as the bell rings and stops your little game. All of you start to pack your stuff to get to your classes in time. Just then do you realize that the others keep shooting you irritated looks.

“What?”, you hiss as Isaac, Scott, Stiles and Liam already left for lacrosse practice.

Lydia grins at you. “You were totally flirting there! When will you make this PG 16 again?”

You blush a bit. “I wasn’t flirting!”


You are about to meet Stiles and Scott after English and their practice to spend your free period together in the library, working on a project. But as soon as you step out of the front door you realize that those plans are cancelled for good. Scott and Stiles hurry towards you and they both look very excited about something that’s surely not your project.

“Y/N, you need to get Isaac! Drive with him and we will meet at Eichen House”, Scott commands just like a true alpha.

You frown at him in confusion. “Woah, slow down! What’s going on?”

“Lydia called, she and Parrish found a new lead on the Dread Doctors but we have to hurry.”

“Okay, alright. Where is Isaac?”

“In the locker room. See you there!”, Scott says. They are already climbing into the jeep. Great. Nobody cares to ask you about plans before actually carrying them out.

Somewhat annoyed by that you stomp back into the school and hurry to the locker room. You know that you are actually not supposed to be there but normally nobody uses it when practices are over.

Normally. Apparently today is far out of normal because as you turn around the corner, already having Isaacs name on your lips, you suddenly stand right in front of him. And he doesn’t have any clothes on. Literally not one piece.

You pant of shock before you clap your hands over your mouth. You probably should have clapped them in front of your eyes but you are not capable of doing that, you just have to stare at Isaac’s flawless body while he turns around in shock.

Oh my God, you are naked!”, is the embarrassing sentence coming out of your mouth.

A few heartbeats ( and the pace of them is very fast by now ) pass before you finally get your senses back together and rush back around the corner, leaning against the wall and making a grimace of painful embarrassment that he thankfully isn’t able to see. You are not only blushing you are literally getting tomato red.

“I am so sorry!”, you apologise.

“It’s okay, you can come back. I am wearing pants now.”, he answers.

You make sure that he actually is by peeking around the corner before you step out of it again. He actually seems pretty indifferent now that the shock wore of. Quite relaxed about it as he pulls his shirt over his abs. That doesn’t make your head any cooler. This is so cringe-worthy!

“I…we need to get to Eichen House…Scott’s waiting there”, you stutter.

He grins at your weird and immature behaviour, his blue eyes are sparkling cheekily. “Alright. Oh, and by the way: you are kind of having an advantage now with seeing me naked and stuff. We need to get that back to equal sometime, but I am willing to wait as long as you need.”

A nervous laugh escapes your mouth. You are not sure if he means that but if, then Lydia has definitely been right: The two of you are seriously flirting.

@drinksss:When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood,

Who are YOU Gonna call?~

Me(in the background): Ghost busters…?

Drinks: Ghost Toasters. They’re gonna catch a ghost and… uh send it to hell?? Where the fuck do the ghost fucking go?

Me: Apparently it wasn’t really confirmed. Apparently they just throw out the trap and use another one. So, they have to have a constant supply of traps. Huh. That’s pretty dumb.

Drinks: yep… well, imma go now.

Dersha Fiction: skylines prequel (Chap.1 )

If you haven’t read the original Skylines, you can find it  (here).  You can find the original characters list in the first chapter of the original series. The prequel character list can be found (here) It doesn’t matter if you read it first or not since this is the prequel. But just in case you want to, you have it. I hope you all enjoy this first chapter. It’s more of an intro, but enjoy!

Chapter inspiration song: I Want You-Floetry 


Life after college could be rather scary. Even when you thought you had life together, the unthinkable hit you like a ton of bricks. After graduation, you were either stuck looking for employment, not finding the job you thought you deserved, or maybe you were one of the lucky ones. It was all quite unpredictable which was scary. No longer having to report to class and finish last minute projects but instead, being a part of the real world.

Ahsha Davenport was one of those people who had a plan from the beginning. She would work at a local dance studio, while attending graduate school to earn her MBA. Then she would start her own business, preferably a dance studio and live the life she always wanted. That all changed when she saw a flyer posted in the student center advertising the Los Angeles Devil Girl tryouts. They were the hottest team in the NBA and it wasn’t easy earning a spot. Luckily, Ahsha was a seasoned dancer and had been dancing since she was four years old. Her mother thought being on stage would bring Ahsha out of her shell. Which it did.

“I know you’re going to try it,” Bobbi, one of Ahsha’s roommates, expressed.

“Eh, I’m not sure. I’ve heard some crazy stories about the Devils and their crooked owner,” Ahsha replied, stuffing the flyer in her purse. “But their team is good. Really good.”

“Which is why you should tryout! What’s there to lose? You got a bangin’ body, you can dance your ass off and you aren’t too bad in the face department,” Bobbi added, earning a side eye from her favorite roomie. “Seriously, you should do it. Maybe you’ll meet one of those fine ass players and he can pay your bills for the rest of your life. Then again, your parents are pretty well off.”

“Keywords, they are well off. Not me. I have to make my own money, Bobbi. Yeah, they’d help me if I were in trouble but I can’t depend on mommy and daddy for a living,” the dancer explained. “If I make the team, that’s extra money in my pocket.”

“Mmmmhhmm. Now you’re on the right path. I think you have a good shot, girl. I’ll even drive you to the audition if I need to. Just to make sure your ass doesn’t back out of it. When is it?”

Ahsha sighed. “Right after graduation. The next day to be exact.”

“Good! I’ll be in town until that Sunday. Oh, my friend is about to be a Devil Girl,” Bobbi sang, her ATL accent strong.

Her friend’s excitement made Ahsha chuckle. “I haven’t even stepped foot onto the court.”

“Hey, put it out there into the universe. If I’m right, we’re going to dinner before I Ieave town,” the ATL born beauty, suggested.

“Yeah, yeah,” came Ahsha’s lazy reply as she and her friend walked out of the student union.


Graduation Day

“Ahsha Elise Davenport,” the university president announced. The Davenport and Hayes families cheered loudly as Ahsha crossed the stage to collect her degree. One chapter of her life was officially closing. Those four years seemed to zoom by and now Ahsha had to enter the “real” world. She had decided to audition for the Los Angeles Devil Girls the next day. Her mother wouldn’t be happy with that decision. As a judge, she had come into contact with the Devils owner quite a bit. Somehow, he always got away with what he was accused of doing.  That’s what money and good lawyers got you. Pete Davenport wouldn’t be too happy about this either because he knew how the professional sports world worked. Being the General Manager for the Oakland Raiders gave him a front row view of what professional cheerleaders/dancers went through. Some of the guys acted as though they had never seen a woman in shorts and a bra top before. Getting involved with a player wasn’t the best thing either and ended with a scandal or broken heart. Most of the time, both.

Bobbi and her family joined them for dinner after the ceremony. “So, you’re taking a job in Canada, Bobbi,” Pete asked as the two families surrounded the dinner table.

“Yes. Met a guy a few years ago that was over a graphic designing company. He moved to Canada and it’s grown since then,” she explained.

“That’s great. Not many people get that opportunity right out of school. Congrats,” Sloane expressed with a warm smile. “Ahsha always talks about how creative and talented you are.”

“The girl can literally free hand anything. She’ll be amazing,” Ahsha added, hugging her friend’s shoulders.

“She’s been drawing like that since she was four. I don’t know where she got that from because it surely wasn’t from my side,” Bobbi’s mother laughed, digging into her Caesar salad.

“Well I’m proud of both young ladies. Finished school in four years and now they are moving on to bigger things,” Pete said, holding his glass up for a toast.

“Cheeeeeers,” Bobbi sang, clinking her glass against Ahsha’s .

“Ahsha, I hear you’re in a graduate program and thinking about opening your own studio someday,” Mrs. Peters, Bobbi’s mother, began. “Heard you were some dancer too.”

“Hopefully I can have something open in the next four or five years. I actually want a big dance company but I’ll work my way up.”

Not even thinking, Bobbi blurted out, “She’s trying out for the Devil Girls too!”

Sloane dropped her folk and the table fell silent. Bobbi stared with her mouth open, while her friend pushed food around on her plate.

“Trying out for the Devil Girls? You didn’t tell me this, Ahsha,” Sloane began, that motherly glare blazing in her eyes.

“I…I kinda decided to do it at the last minute. They had flyers at school and I thought I’d give it a try,” Ahsha answered, still unable to make eye contact with her mother across the table. Sloane stood to her feet and excused herself from the table.  

“Can I talk to you for a minute in the kitchen,” the mother demanded, Ahsha following behind her and out of earshot.

This was the only chance Ahsha would get to state her reasons for trying out for the very team her mother hated. Once Sloane started talking, she wasn’t going to stop. “This isn’t a permanent thing, that’s if I even make the team. Maybe being on this team will help me eventually open a studio. It’s a big opportunity.”

Sloane was expressionless, letting her daughter speak before giving her two cents.

“I already know you aren’t into their owner, but this is for me. Anything to help me get towards my dream…I’ll be careful. I promise,” Ahsha continued, pleading her case.

“Okay, that’s all I ask. Please be careful because that owner of theirs is a devil himself,” was the only thing Sloane had to say.

There had to be a catch because Sloane was adamant about Ahsha staying far away from the Devils. “Wait…you’re not going to stop me?”

“Ahsha, you’re a grown woman. I can’t stop you from doing anything. It’s your choice. I just want you to be careful and not get wrapped up in the mess going on there. Don’t trust anyone,” the mother stated firmly. “That’s all I ask.”

Shock was written all over Ahsha’s face, but she answered with a quick, “Okay.”

“Make me proud, but I already know you will,” Sloane added, pulling her daughter into a tight hug. Even when she didn’t agree with Ahsha, as a mother she was behind her all the way.


Friday-Devil Girl Tryouts-Day 1

The Devils arena looked rather intimidating from the outside. This was one of the biggest stages a dancer could encounter. Bobbi pulled into a parking spot close to the side entrance. Ahsha was thankful that her friend drove because her nerves were bad.

“Here we are,” Bobbi announced, putting the car in park. “You’re going to kill it in there, I just know it.”

“Thanks for bringing me. With my nerves, I wouldn’t be able to focus on the road,” the dancer sighed, taking another deep breath before opening the door.

“I’ll be looking for your call later telling me you’re going to the next round,” her friend sang making Ahsha smile.

“Bye Bobbi,” Ahsha laughed, shutting the door, and making her way to the Devil arena entrance.

Stepping into the arena, Ahsha’s eyes went straight to multiple championship banners hanging from the ceiling. They were a big deal.  Being a part of this organization gave people power, whether they liked it or not.

The dancer was on her way to the dance room when a blonde headed young woman yelled in her direction. “Hey, are you headed to the tryout too? Been walking around this damn place for 20 minutes and can’t find the dance room to save my life,” she exclaimed, her southern accent heavy.

“Yeah, it’s on the second level. I’m headed that way now,” Ahsha answered, waiting until the woman was close enough to extend her hand, “I’m Ahsha.” Though these type of audition could be very catty, this woman looked approachable.

“I’m Kyle. Thank God you walked in or I’d be lost,” Kyle said, trying to catch her breath. “This your first time trying out?”

“Yes. I just graduated from college, so I figured I’d give it a try. You?”

“Yep! I’m not here for the dance stuff but I guess I’m flexible enough to make this thing, ya know. Rhinestones’ better be good for something,” Kyle expressed, throwing her bag over her shoulder and following Ahsha to the elevator.

Ahsha laughed. “Rhinestones’?”

“Yeah, the strip club. Made a pretty dollar at that hole in the wall but it was time to move on to bigger and better things. Now here I am. Even made a book of all the rich bachelors in the area. If I get a spot on this team, then I have access to all of them. Gotta keep my bills paid, honey. Mama always said use what you got to get what you want,” she continued, grabbing her breasts for emphasis.

Ahsha’s eyes widened but she liked Kyle. Not only was she hilarious, she appeared to be genuine. They finally reached the dance room, where many of the other candidates were stretching on the floor. When they entered, Jasmine Harris approached them. Ahsha recognized her face right away. Jasmine was the face of the Devil Girls and many girls looked up to her since she had made a name for herself.

“Hey ladies, come in and put your belongings along the wall. Everyone’s stretching and we’ll get started in a few,” Jasmine said sweetly, shaking each of their hands.  "I’m Jasmine, captain of the Devil Girls.”

Kyle and Ahsha introduced themselves before following the captain’s instructions. The dancers finished stretching and were taught a short routine to begin the tryout process.

Late afternoon came fast and they were ready to begin making cuts. First, the dancers had to perform one by one in front of the judges. Ahsha was the second to last performer, stepping out on the floor and introducing herself.

“I’m Ahsha Davenport, number 182 from Los Angeles, California,” she stated before hitting a pose and waiting on the music. A dance mix of various Aaliyah songs blared through the speakers as Ahsha began moving across the floor. She moved so effortlessly though she also had a spark that held everyone’s attention. In dance class, Ahsha was known for her stage presence and ability to grab people’s attention and keep it an entire routine. That shyness disappeared once she hit the floor or stage.

The judges seemed to be loving what they saw. Suddenly, Jasmine’s blood began to boil. She was perfectly fine with Ahsha when she was just a candidate looking for a chance to join one of the best dance teams in the country. Now, she saw Ahsha as a threat. Jasmine wasn’t the best dancer but she could choreograph and had enough personality to keep a crowd at her feet. Ahsha on the other hand could dance her ass off, plus she had charm. Something Jasmine lacked when she stepped off the stage.

Ahsha finished her routine in a middle split earning claps and cheers from her fellow candidates and judges.

“Thank you, Ms. Davenport. We’ll have our last candidate,” the main judge said.  

As Ahsha came off the floor, Jasmine grabbed her and pulled her to the side. “That prissy dancing won’t get you on this team. Nice try, though,” she whispered, giving Ahsha one of her fakest smiles. “You can sit down now.”

Confusion was etched on the dancer’s face. Wasn’t this girl just talking to her like they were besties a minute ago? What had changed? “Excuse me,” Ahsha muttered.

“You can return to your seat. Thanks,” Jasmine repeated, her attention back on the dance floor.

It took everything out of Ahsha not to drop kick Jasmine into the next room. Instead of arguing, Ahsha returned to her spot on the floor. Maybe Jasmine had an evil twin named Jelena that she hadn’t met until now. Interesting.


Two Hours later

The dancers filed into the gym, put their belongings on the sideline benches and returned to the middle of the floor. Jasmine was waiting with a binder in her hands, along with a few judges and the interim director.

“Congrats on making it to the next round. We’ll be learning two more routines, then performing them in front of the judges. You’ll be in groups of three.”

The dancers waited until they were sorted into groups, then spaced out on the floor. Kyle and Ahsha were placed into the same group with a girl named Claudia.

“Think this dance will be as hard as the last one,” Kyle asked, stretching into a split.

“Probably. Seems like Miss Thang is trying to kill us so she’s the only girl on the squad,” Claudia added, with a scoff. It was pretty clear that she wasn’t here for Jasmine.

In all honesty, Ahsha wasn’t sure how she felt about her either. At first Jasmine seemed sweet, until she saw Ahsha dance.

“I wouldn’t be shocked. After that first routine, she’s been giving Ahsha the stank eye. You sure you didn’t sleep with her man or something,” Kyle joked with her new friend.

Ahsha frowned. “Terrence Wall is fine but no. He’s not exactly my type,” she said, making her partners laugh.

“What exactly is your type then because Terrence is fine, rich and did I say fine,” Claudia added, high fiving Kyle. “What else do you need?”

Right when Ahsha was about to answer, the gym door opened and Devils players walked in. Ahsha had never seen any of the guys up close and was amazed at how tall some of them were.  Terrence was the first to walk in, followed by Derek Roman.

“Daaaaaamn, I may have to jump off the T-Wall train and jump on that bad boy,” Claudia gushed, her eyes set on Derek.

All of a sudden, Claudia’s words seemed to fade when Derek Roman and Ahsha Davenport made eye contact. It was like they were in a trance. The player’s lips curved into a sexy smirk as Ahsha stared back. There seemed to be an immediate pull. Derek took a seat in the front row, his eyes still on the dancer.

“Ahsha….Ahsha,” Kyle yelled, tapping her arm and following her gaze across the gym. “Damn girl, what were you daydreaming about?”

Finally coming back to reality, Ahsha replied, “Huh? Oh…sorry. I was just thinking about something. What did you say?”

“Uh oh, I think Miss Davenport has a little crush,” Claudia declared, glancing up at the baller who was now laughing with his teammates. “You’re too sweet for a man like Derek Roman. Heard that man will tire you out in the bedroom.”

“He’s definitely a bad boy,” Kyle added, biting her lip. “But some good girls are into that type of thing, Claudia. You can’t assume.”

“I don’t do bad boys. No matter how good they are in bed,” Ahsha admitted, turning her back to the Devils players. “Basketball players don’t make good husbands.”

“True, true,” Claudia chuckled.

The women continued to chatter as Ahsha took one last look behind her. Derek smiled again before pulling his jersey over his head and replacing it with a t-shirt. The dancer’s breath hitched when she saw his abs and bulging arms. Turn your ass back around, she thought to herself. But she couldn’t listen to her inner voice right now. Letting her eyes linger a second longer, Ahsha finally turned her head away. Derek chuckled to himself.

“D, don’t even think about it,” Terrence said, watching his friend make ‘the eye’ at a dancer across the gym. “Don’t you already have at least four chicks at the moment?”

“Only two,” Derek joked. “She’s fine as hell though. Damn.”

“Dude, leave that girl alone,” Terrence rolled his eyes. Derek and Terrence were drafted in the same year and seemed to click right away. They were total opposites. Terrence being the calm one who thought before speaking. While Derek was quick tempered and a party animal, though he had a huge heart. Few people saw it due to Derek not letting anyone that close.

“She doesn’t look like she wants to be left alone,” Derek mentioned, noticing that Ahsha had glanced at him again.  


After Day One of Tryouts

Ahsha made it to the next round while Kyle was eliminated. The two women exchanged numbers and went their separate ways in the parking lot. Stuffing the piece of paper in her bag, Ahsha headed towards the side entrance, where Bobbi had dropped her off. Not paying attention to where she was walking, the dancer bumped right into a hard body, knocking her to the ground.

“Whoa! You alright,” a deep voice asked. Ahsha looked up and saw the player she was eye fucking during tryouts.

“Yeah…wasn’t watching where I was going. Sorry about that,” she mumbled, brushing off her legs and trying to hide her embarrassment.

“That’s cool,” Derek replied, licking his lips. “Never caught your name back in the gym.”

Here we go, Ahsha thought to herself. Athletes were dangerous and she knew Derek Roman’s type. He was always connected with a new model or actress in the tabloids. “Probably because you never asked me or I didn’t tell you,” came her sassy reply. The man was sexy as hell, but she was about to nip this in the bud.

“Ohhh, why you gotta do me like that,” he gasped. “I’m Derek by the way.”

“I know who you are,” she groaned, crossing her arms across her chest.

“Mmmm, I bet.  Waiting on a ride? You know I could give you one, right,” the baller added, the double meaning obvious.

Ahsha’s mouth fell open. “Your pick-up lines are bad, dude. Hope your game on the court isn’t that wack.”  

If only Ahsha knew that her feistiness was even more appealing to Derek. “Damn! You aren’t letting a brotha up for air, huh?”

“Because I know your type,” she shot back as Bobbi pulled up to the sidewalk. “Oh, and the name is Ahsha. You have a nice evening…Derek Roman.”

“Nice meeting you, Ahsha,” he called out, walking backwards towards the arena.

The two held eye contact a few more moments as Ahsha ducked inside the car. From that very moment, their lives would forever be changed.

Thank you for reading! Hope you all enjoyed the first chapter of the Skylines Prequel. Next chapter will dive into Derek a bit more and we’ll move on to the second and final day of Devil Girl tryouts.

Winteriron Aristocats AU Y/Y?

Just finished watching Aristocats again and all I can think about is winteriron because obviously this ship has taken over my life.

For those of you who haven’t watched Aristocats, it’s about Duchess and her kittens kidnapped and thrown away by the owner’s butler when he heard that the cats will inherit the owner’s fortune instead of him. They met an alley cat, Thomas o’Malley who helped them return to their owner (and flirts shamelessly with Duchess in the process). 

And then obviously they fell in love :3

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OK now what’s the winteriron AU you say? Well imagine billionaire Tony Stark and his kids (course the AU can have kids or no kids, I’m just a huge sucker for dad Tony). One day Obie overheard Tony telling his lawyer/PA/Jarvis that Stark Industries would stop making weapons, and he arranged for Tony to be kidnapped when he was in Afganistan (maybe the kids are kidnapped too to make sure that SI would fall into Obie’s hands with no heir in line)

The Ten Rings used the kids to ensure Tony’s compliance, but with Yinsen’s help they managed to escape. That’s when they run into Bucky.

Here’s where it can go two ways, either Bucky is a suave playboy informant/soldier/bodyguard-for-hire that Yinsen knew from a friend of a friend of a friend and they hired him to take them back to USA safely under the radar. Can’t risk Obie finding out they’re still alive until Tony is back in the tower.


Bucky is the Winter Soldier who they run into completely by accident, and somehow Tony and the kids manage to trigger a bodyguard protocol in him so now it’s his mission to keep the kids safe 

I mean either way they’re completely smitten with each other by the end of it of course. 

(The howling commandoes are totally the scat cats, them being a multi-national gang and stuff)

(I can picture Bucky being mesmerized by Tony’s eyes like yep pretty sure that’s a thing right there)

(There was one scene where the geese thought o’Malley and Duchess are married and I can just picture Tony going

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Because imagine Tony and Bucky with the kids eating at a diner or something and ppl think they make the cutest family)

(And the ending scene too where they have to say good bye and Bucky is all like ‘well, I guess they don’t need me anymore’ but he came running the moment he heard Tony’s in trouble)

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fic: a hot drink and a Rose cuddle

Ten/Rose; The Doctor is ill. He wouldn’t mind, if only Rose would look after him.

“Last of the Time Lords? Oncoming Storm?” she reminded him. “And you’re making all this fuss over nothing! I’d’ve thought you’d try and ignore it, pretend someone else is sneezing every ten seconds. But you genuinely are just feeling terribly sorry for yourself, aren’t you?”

He growled at her. “Rose! I’m not making a fuss about nothing!”

“It’s just a cold, Doctor,” Rose sighed.

“It bloody isn’t!” he protested, sniffing despondently. “I’m dying!”

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Fated To Be

Having been told by the DM that my group was starting a fresh campaign with new characters. I finally decided to give Sorcerer with wild magic a try, going weird with a Teifling Noble who always has his traits covered and has an affinity for lightning spells. Being a larger DnD group less we were less inclined ending up with two wild magic sorcerers, two monks with swashbuckler and theif backgrounds, a rogue who is terrible at stealing, and white knight paladin. Tasked with escorting a supply cart with minimal teamwork.

Immediately within a few turns of our first confrontation our party is split as we’re ambushed by Goblins and Hobgoblins, our Paladin and one of the monks abandoning the cart. Not long after, the remaining monk and rogue are overwhelmed as both I and the other sorcerer continue to botch our rolls to protect them. Having been hit by an arrow I duck behind the cart before deciding something.

Me: So… It’s just the you and me left huh.

Sorcerer: Yep, I’m pretty sure we’re screwed.

DM: It’s your turn to go.

Me: All I’ve been doing is missing. Wait… *looks at spells* I want to climb the cart.

DM: huh? Sure, roll an athletic check.

*Passes with minimal requirements*

DM: Okay, now what?

Me: I want to crash down between the three goblins that are left and my downed allies using Thunderwave. Superhero style landing.

Downed Allies: Are you trying to kill us?!

Me: Trust me.

DM: Alright, *rolls savings throws* You kill one and the other two are hurt and knocked back. *he takes a moment before considering* Also, I’m activating your wild magic.

Me: Oh. Okay. *Nervously Rolls*

DM: *checks book* That’s… Your body still lingers with the static from your Thunderwave; as you straighten yourself suddenly an arc of lightning channels through your body and shoot out from your hands vaporizing the two remaining goblins.

Everyone ooc: Wtf just happened.

Sorcerer ooc: I think I’m the only one who actually saw that… From now on my guy will forever be jealous and strive to best you as a life goal for what he just witnessed.

Me: Haha, I guess lightning really was going to be my thing.

DM: Your Thunderwave also killed the animal driving the cart.

Me: I regret everything!!!

Everyone ooc: Noooo!!!

Don't Play With Me

Imagine Idea: Dean and the reader go to take down a Witch who makes Dean and the reader switch bodies

Warnings: Language, Mention of Smut, Alcohol, Blood

Word Count: 1369

A/n: I think that this has been done before, but I really like the idea so why not give it a shot.


The Witch continued to chant her incantation as Dean grabbed the knife to stab her. He ran up to her plunging the blade into her heart, the witch stopped talking and a deep gasp escaped her lips instead. Dean smiled watching her fall to the floor in a heap of clothes and blood.

You got dropped to the floor from the wall, the witch had you pinned up when Dean was knocked out from her throwing him against a wall. She had taken blood from both you and him and mixed into some concoction.

So far you didn’t feel anything aside from the lack of breath, and the bruising feeling in your ribs. Dean gathered up your guy’s stuff before rubbing his head inspecting it to make sure he hadn’t done major damage.

You and him walked back to the Impala not saying a word. Sam wasn’t there because he had been doing research for your guy’s next case.

“Are you good?” Dean asked breaking the silence, not taking his eyes off the road. You nodded even though he probably couldn’t see. “Yeah. How ‘bout you.” You turned looking at him. He shrugged. “Nothing a little whiskey can’t fix.” He said turning up the radio, not to you surprise Back in Black was on. You and Dean sang the words, hoping to make time go by faster.

You and Dean really didn’t care when it came to singing. It could range anywhere from trying to sound like an angel to screeching like a hawk.

After 6 hours you guys finally showed up at the bunker, tired an sweaty. You and Dean walked, more like stumbled in the door. Sam was passed out in the library, head in a book.

You said good night to Dean before walking to the bathroom to shower before going to bed. Yes, it was about 4 am but you didn’t want to go to bed with sweat and blood all over you.

You got undressed, turning on the water and hopping in. You almost fell asleep do to the warmth of the water, but you were woken up by a tingly feeling in your neck. You brushed it off as an aftermath of the whole wall thing.

After your shower you put on some underwear and an oversized t-shirt before hoping into bed. It’s was hard to fall asleep because the tingling spread from your neck to your torso and hands.

Soon sleep came, drifting you into darkness.

You woke up, light pouring into the room. You felt sticky and smelled kind of funny, it was odd though, seeing as how you took a shower last night.

You got up wiping your eyes and walking to the bathroom to brush your teeth. When you got up you weren’t in your comfy shirt you had put on last night, you were in a flannel and jeans. You ran to the bathroom almost slipping because you were still in socks for whatever reason.

As soon as you got in you locked the door and looked into the mirror.

Your usually delicate features were replaced with emerald green eyes, a chiseled jaw line and some scruff. You looked down the familiar body.

How is this even possible, you thought to your self. Just as you left you heard a very loud high pitched scream coming from Deans room. You ran in there to find Dean…. Well you, laying on the floor looking at yourself breathing heavily.

“Dean?” You asked, your voice coming out deep. It took you by surprise. He looked up eyes scanning you, he started giggling. You looked at him confused. He pointed at you, his or your shirt hiking up his waist. “You have a boner.” You looked down, and sure enough there was a big bulge in your jeans.

Your face got red even though it wasn’t you.“HOW IN THE HELL DO I GET RID OF THIS.” You asked your voice coming out funny and weird. “Jerk off.” He said simply. You stomped your foot then turned around to leave when you heard. “Nice.” Coming from behind you, you turned around and there was Dean peering down your shirt smirking.

“Hey!” You said defensively. He looked at you. “You’re literally about to play with my dick, why can’t I sneak a peak.” He said admiring his new body in the mirror.

You left, bumping into Sam on your way down the hall. “Hey Dean.” He said. “No I’m not De-” he cut you off. “So get this, I think I found out something about the thing.” He looked at you going right into a book. He started pointing out pictures and Latin chants, but you were lost.

“Can you do me a favor.” You asked. “Um, yeah.” He said awkwardly. “Okay so Dean and I went on a hunt we dropped our hex bags, and the witch switched our bodies and now I have a boner and I don’t know what to do, and I’m pretty sure Dean is in there masturbating with my body, and I just need help.” You rushed out quickly.

He looked at you closing the book. “Y/n.” He asked. You nodded. “Yep.” He started laughing. “You don’t know how to deal with a boner? Whatever, I’ll look for a reversal incantation or something, but I’m gonna go see Dean.” He said walking towards his room.

As soon as he opened the door you heard a “Shit Sammy, knock next time.” And a “Really, you just couldn’t resist could you.” You smiled and walked off to the bathroom to take yet again another shower.

Days had gone by and you hadn’t found anything close to a cure. On the bright side you were getting pretty good at aiming, probably better than Dean. Him on the other hand, was wearing very revealing outfits or poking your boobs every chance he could. Honestly it made you kinda uncomfortable, but Dean had to be Dean and whatcha gonna do.
On top of that it seemed that Dean wakes up with a goddamn boner every morning because let’s just say you’ve got some new skills to try out on a lucky guy at a bar once you get back to your body.

You and Dean were talking when the door slammed open and in came Moose. He almost immediately started talking. “I think I found a cure but it might hurt like a bitch for the both of you.” He said glancing between you.
You were fine with it, you looked at Dean, he nodded. You weren’t gonna lie, your side profile wasn’t half bad.

You smirked to yourself before getting up and following Sam. He had a huge altar with lots of weird bones and symbols placed around it.
Sam started talking in Latin, throwing things into a bowl, you and Dean stayed in your places on the symbol painted on the floor.

Sammy walked toward you with a bowl and gold knife in hand. He grabbed your arm and held up the blade, he carved an intricate symbol into your arm, you didn’t feel anything but Dean sure as hell did, he clutched his arm groaning in pain. Sam collected some of the blood then walked over to Dean.

Sam was right, it does hurt like a bitch, especially when you can’t do anything about it.

He poured the mixed blood into the bowl with all the other ingredients and chanted one last word, the flames on the candles shot up then went out, leaving you guys in the dark.

You felt your eyelids getting heavier and suddenly, it was all black.

You woke back up in your own clothes, in your own bed, in your own body. You smiled at your self, you weren’t gonna lie, you were gonna miss having a dick that you could fling everywhere… Not everywhere but you get the point.