so yeon kim


Things I wanna do with my love

  1. Hearing music together.
  2. Piggy back ride.
  3. Hugs that can make me feel ok.
  4. See him while he sleeps.
  5. Rides.
  6. Unexpected hugs.
  7. Eating ice creams.
  8. Forehead kisses.
  9. Dance soft music.
  10. Hear that he loves me.

These are such cursi things but when you love so much somebody, nothing is cursi. (via alykukaita)

This guy needs to be in more stuff… So much more stuff.


While You Were Sleeping - Episode 7


13. Song Hye Kyo 

12. Gong Hyo Jin 

11. Lee Yoo Bi

10. Yoo In Na

9. Ha Ji Won

8. Lee Min Jung

7. Jo Bo Ah

6. Kim So Yeon

5. Moon Chae Won

4. Han Hyo Joo

3. Kim So Eun

2. Jun Ji Hyun

1. Shin Se Kyung


But he remembers everything! That’s what Woo Jin-ie said. Because I have Han Jung Yeon’s memories, I am Han Jung Yeon, he said. I lived as Han Jung Yeon all this time because of what Woo Jin-ie told me! So, he’s Woo Jin-ie, too. Because he has Woo Jin-ie’s memories, he is Woo Jin-ie.