so yeon kim


I thought it was a party for the artificial heart implant. Of course I should be here. We are the heroes and heroines of this surgery.

This guy needs to be in more stuff… So much more stuff.


Things I wanna do with my love

  1. Hearing music together.
  2. Piggy back ride.
  3. Hugs that can make me feel ok.
  4. See him while he sleeps.
  5. Rides.
  6. Unexpected hugs.
  7. Eating ice creams.
  8. Forehead kisses.
  9. Dance soft music.
  10. Hear that he loves me.

These are such cursi things but when you love so much somebody, nothing is cursi. (via alykukaita)


“Now your life is important to me too. Not as the God who made me, but as the father of my wife”


If someone who has left doesn’t come, wait a little longer. 

To have loved more is not something to be embarrassed about. 

To have loved longer is not something to be ashamed of either. 

- Kim Nam Jo: “The person who left and doesn’t come back”