so yeah... fml

I made my own ashkore/masked man!! (actually i want him to be a grandpa buttttt it was 2 am when i sketched this)
i hope he has a pet dragon please let him have a pet dragon
also: he doesn’t have vitiligo, those are burn scars


rewatching/rereading nana is even more heartbreaking than watching/reading it for the first time bc you know everything that’s going to happen and it’s so damn sad & heartbreaking

do yall ever wake up randomly and just think ‘wow i live in a world where 6 kings just breathe and live in the same century as me’ bc mood always

25 & 26 / 100 days of productivity

24/25.07.2017 // Had my orientation yesterday and got to know the campus ans=d made a couple of friends.
Today was my first day of classes and I had psychology! the teacher is terrible and the material is irrelevant to me but oh well.

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Shy metal vocalist problems.

I have an inner ear disorder that my manager knows about. Its forced me to go to the ER twice and my doctor once in the past 6 months.  It causes extreme vertigo and vomiting. Pretty fun. Lasts about 2 weeks each time it flares up which has been 4 times in the last 3 years.

The only ‘cure’ for it is a surgery where they cut the nerve to my ear, which will result in me going completely deaf in that side. Its a last resort sort of thing.

So they give me medication to cope with it when it flares up. All three of which have a side effect that causes drowsiness. So I pass out most of the time. One also causes sever muscle spasms and jitteryness, and blurred vision.

Well last week it flared up again. I told my manager and she was ok.. I stayed home two days and did two half days. After that she was pissed. She asked me if Id just do the surgery cause “I mean its just half deaf right?”… So since I only worked like.. 16 hours I also dont have any money after paying one of my bills. 

She came up to me two days ago saying that I need to get this figured out because she cant have me sick all the time, its ridiculous… So she told the store director. And now he wants me to get a doctors note. Except I brought one in from the ER the last time, saying hey i cant work well or at all because im a fall risk when this happens and it reoccurs. He wants a new one…

And the soonest my doctor can see me is next week.

Told my manager this. She seemed annoyed but ok with it. Except.. she also cut my hours. I was 35 to 40 hours a week. I have 24 next week.

I dont know if its permanent or not but its giving me a lot of anxiety.

i ended up crying at work yesterday because now im actually considering the surgery.. in which case Ill have to move back home with my dad on the reservation that I tried to get out of, because the only way I could afford the surgery is to have my tribe pay for.. which theyll only do if i live there. 

so .. yeah. fml

tfw only after a year of living in an apartment you find what seems like a huge splatter of dried blood under the table…………..

GROWL : Suho

dont look at me 

2525 words, suho/reader, rated


“Hey, sweetheart,” Suho said, letting his fingers reach out and play with the tips of your hair. You looked at him curiously, because just earlier during the rehearsal he looked like he wanted to slam you against the wall and cuss you out. But that was the beauty of your Junmyeon, when he’s in performance mode you could never really tell what was going through his mind.

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