so yeah the finale was pretty brutal


Yeah I finally got time to finish this fanart :D
It´s a modern zombie apocalypse AU. I thought that could be so cool bc imagine all the drama and fights between them x)  

Gaston would have so much fun shooting down undeads, he would be quite reckless and still trying to get Belle on his side xD But Belle still thinks he is a jerk and she would definitely surprise the guys with her fighting skills and strength. She can get really brutal haha xD Lefou is pretty concerned all the time and he´s got the medical skills in the team. But as much as he seems to worry and to be afraid, he is still very brave and wrecks some zombie asses. Lefou and Belle would be the ones who could save the whole team cause they are using their brains if you know what I mean haha XD Adam would have lots of fights with Gaston about who is better and all that. Both of them would be very annoying I imagine. Stanley is the one who, even tho it´s zombie apocalypse, still dresses with style xD And I imagine him to be very quiet and helpful. But he would probably stick with Gaston and Lefou if he had to chose a side (bc you know Lefou 💜 hehe) x)

See lots of drama haha but that´s just what I thought haha XD How would you think they would be as a team? :D

I wanted to give them modern clothes but stick a bit to the original colors ^^ Also I made a bloody and a normal version bc I dunno I couldn´t decide and I love painting some blood xD

Welp I hope you like it even tho it´s super messy xD


Played some more Xillia tonight (finally) and got as far as fighting Brutaur and entering Xian Du.  In other words, I’m finally back to where I left off … the last 2 times I played through Xillia.  The boss fight was pretty brutal, what with all the monsters he summons in and just how hard he hits.  Still, I didn’t run through my entire Life Bottle collection, and I’m at least getting the hang of tagging party members in/out of trouble like you’re supposed to do in Zesty with the Seraphim.

Also I’m torn between pitying Ivar and laughing at him when he gets totally run over by Brutaur and literally nobody in the party even asks if he’s okay and they just leave him there.  Like, on the one hand, he’s so focused on one-upping Jude that it’s a little sad.  But at the same time, if he was raised to believe that he’s Milla’s handmaid and was raised to believe he was there to serve her, and for her to just brush him aside like that … I kind of feel sorry for him too.  It won’t stop me from kicking his ass with Jude every time I have to duel him though.  I mean, let’s face it, Geneijin/Phantom Edge is literally my favorite arte for Lion (in case it’s not obvious from how hard I spam that arte in Rays) and Ivar does not get to try and beat me with some of my favorite Lion artes.  Just.  No.  I suppose I’ll have to see what the game has in store for me later on with Ivar.

Tokyo Ghoul - 9, 10, 11, 12 [End]

242nd Completed Anime - Tokyo Ghoul - 7/10, even though the last episodes were quite enjoyable. 7 isn’t a bad rating, really, but it’s usually the lowest I give a show that I actually enjoyed. Anything 6 or lower generally means I didn’t like the show. 7 liked, 8 liked a lot, 9 loved, 10 my lover. lol. 

Also, according to ANN, the second season has been announced for January, so yay for that. I look forward to seeing where it goes. 

Since I wanted to finish this before getting spoiled, I watched the last four episodes last night so this is a really long write up, even though somewhere towards the end I stopped writing because I wanted to continue watching and then just wrote about the actual finale later on.

Spoilers all over the place. 

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