so yeah tada

myawseomeuniverse  asked:

Does PJ like Widow Maker from OverWatch ? xD

((will temporarily use Paint for reaction sketches to asks - but yeah he doesn’t know what Overwatch or Widow Maker are))

I have fallen in an oc creation pit
if none of your requests get filled for a while
that’s the reason why
I’ve now made a Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid OC
why? I don’t know
but I had to

I’ll post a WIP sketch tomorrow

Happy Valentines Day Bacon chii!

Dear Bacon chii,

First, I am so so sorry I used the mullet man meme even though you were like “NO ಠ -ಠ” I don’t think no one’s ever colored it before so yeah, tada! Anyways happy valentines day Bacon chii! I really love how you’re so creative in every comic post you make! I really admire them so so much! You’re really imaginative creating lots of different AUs and seeing those night guards, Doll, and all the others react to those situations are just amazing! My favorite ones that you made were the ones with peppercorn the pug and Lily Anna <3 I enjoyed even voicing the Doctor Lily Anna one! On a personal level, I’m sorry we don’t talk as often, but when we do, it’s enjoyable~ I remember how when we were once on a skype call, you really liked the “There she is!” music and vid because of how cute yet sad it was. I also remembered how you tried educating me on what a “condom” was o3o I still think it’s a balloon for maybe tires though. Basically, you’re just really awesome both ways and I’m really happy to have known you! I love you and Happy Valentines Day!

                                                                   Love, Clover ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Kissing in the Rain

I colored @umikopineapple‘s beautiful amazing lineart as practice. (Make sure to give the original lots of love! So detailed! So beautiful! And look at all those flowers! I fell in love.)

I mostly added flat color with some shadow and effects, nothing too fancy. The lineart speaks for itself tbh

“They used me… To kill those people…”

March Challenge: Video Games! from letsdrawsherlock (x)

This is my very first time to join any challenge ever. So here it is, Sherlock and Beyond: Two souls game crossover… From the moment I saw the challenge post, I can’t stop thinking about this game and how it so perfect for John and Sherlock…(my first thought, Sherlock Holmes and Jodie Holmes…).

But I think John suits the main character better, like the kind solider burst into tears when he realized that he was being used to kill innocent people (with the help of the entity Sherlock), and tried to kill himself… Something like that.. So yeah, tada? (sorry for my bad English ;__;)

Hope you guys like it :)