so yeah just like leave my stuff alone please


said: Literally Disgusting i’m glad i havent seen it (but also; if u DO wanna cos roq ande wants to have pearl done 4 kconand literally brought up if u or ame did rq theyd be excited b4 they even knew u originally wanted to do it SO U GUYS COULD MATCH)

right??? it just really grinds my gears urghhh like please leave my fat pink wife alone youre breaking her lol

and man yeah its always like im super on the fence about it. like i know me and ame do wanna go to kcon just to hang out and stuff and cosplaying would be hella fun cause it usually is but its like. intimidating bc i like have to be PERFECT and i am so afraid of failure for this particular cosplay bc rq is so close 2 my heart u know? and man if ande did finish pearl and ame was amethyst and i was rq we’d almost have the WHOLE GANG