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I thoroughly enjoyed your new fic, tysm! Such a sweet, satisfying epilogue, too, I am very happy where you took this story. :) I have a question: do you think irl Wirrow and Dan have/used to initially have similar type of connection as described in the fic? That they "get" each other on some level?

Thank you!!

I would guess they do just by virtue of having been friends for so many years, yeah. :) But mostly I just wanted to write an angle of that foursome that doesn’t seem to be explored much, and make sure the story itself skewed away from seeming like it was a story about romantic love curing everything. 


Me coming to the abrupt realization that Johnny Seo is the most caring, corniest and loving man out there and therefore the Best Man Alive™ and I can’t BELIEVE I exist on this planet at the same time as him

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My friend and I were shopping, and when we saw some lace underwear we were both like "Zen would wear that". We talked about it and we both immediately thought of you. And honestly the thought of Zen in lace is beautiful?

This is so sweet and amazing! ❤️ I hope you had a good shopping session!
Zen might act all macho sometimes, but I think he would want to try on anything that looks beautiful and elegant at least once. lol
You know, I wasn’t a fan of lingerie in general and for the longest time I had never seen anything convincing for men, but then @guacameowle started killing me with some insanely hot photos. So yeah, I’m definitely broadening my horizons :P

I’ve been going through some of my old likes and man I didn’t realized how much I missed my superwholock phase. Like it became such a cringe thing and I followed along with that, but honestly at the time, it was just fun. On the internet you felt included with this group of people who had the same interest, like I remember finding the “supernatural fandom has a gif for everything” posts hilarious. And irl it was great to go all out loving something, like squealing over new episodes of Sherlock, plus the amount of ‘inside’ jokes that rose with my friends from Supernatural, like ten inches. It all was so hilarious. yeah maybe it was a little ‘cringy’, but my god it was also a lot of fun.


Hello my loves!~ I am much better now. I guess I bounce back quickly. I loved that man but he was not my real Daddy. A real Daddy would never leave his little crying on her knees, begging for him not to walk away. (Yeah thats actually what happened) I have; after a few days of emotional turmoil, decided that it is better this way. I don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t love me 100% and won’t bother fighting for me. I love you guys for supporting me in my time of need. Thank you!!! My irl little friends are taking me to the zoo next weekend to help me feel better!~ I am so excited!!! ❤❤❤ Moral of the story is always try and see the bright side.

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Venting here, but I'm someone with an anxiety disorder, doc diagnosed and everything, so I'm always nervous and a little shaky. But when I'm having an ACTUAL anxiety attack, everything gets worse, including my shaking, which makes it hard as fuck to text my friends and I have to use autocorrect heavily, because without it I'm basically "crytyping" and am incoherent as hell. So yeah, aphobes are literally ableist and need to stop. I'm sorry I'm just so, so tired with this...

How much do you want to bet irl they make fun of people who stutter

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Um nsfw friends with benefits prompts or not even friends just two people wanting benefits yeah... Thanks, love your blog btw (/ε\*)

  • Person A and B having totally non-sex related conversation while going at it; complaining about school or work, telling the other about their life, asking what the other does, etc.
  • In the middle of sex: “I’m fucking starving.” “Same. Shall we get snacks after this?” “Yeah, what do you want?” “Popcorn, sour patch kids, chocolate—” “I WANTED SOUR PATCH KIDS TOO HIGH FIVE” “Ayyyyy”
  • Person A and B are making out when Person C - who doesn’t know they’re friends with benefits - walks in. Cue A and B deciding to simply tell the truth, but Person C has just found their new irl OTP and refuses to drop it. 
  • “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you sure do taste good.”
    “In what world could a person take that the wrong way?” 
    “…I’m so glad I picked you to be my friend with benefits.” 
    “Glad we could get that out the way. Now, shut up and get back to work.”
    “Yes, Sir/Ma’am/Other.”
  • Person A and B making a sex!bucket-list and then slowly crossing off all the items. Bonus points if they fight over logistics.
  • Person A meets Person B in a hotel/bar/club/other, and they end up having sex + some deep conversation. They don’t exchange names or say they’ll meet again, but a few weeks later A goes back to the same spot in the hopes of seeing B there. Miraculously, B is there, and the ritual repeats itself. This goes on for X amount of time, yet neither of them ever feeling the need to advance the relationship, finding it perfect as it is. 
  • “Just because we’re spooning doesn’t mean you can get any ideas.”
    “Oh, thank god, i was gonna say the same to you.”

These aren’t exactly nsfw so if anyone wants to add any that would be fab.


otp meme: 4 fights
↳ always (3) 

Well, I guess there’s just nothing I can say, is there? Okay, um… Yeah, you’re right, Kate, it’s your life. You can throw it away if you want, but I’m not gonna stick around and watch you, so this is, uh… over. I’m done.

Mistake pt. 1 [Jimin Angst]

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“One stupid mistake can change everything.”

Part 2

“Sometimes, I wonder why the hell I’m still here. I want to leave so bad but I can’t”

“It’s because you don’t love her anymore and probably have never loved her either. You just don’t want to break her.”

You were standing behind the slightly open door that lead you in to your shared bedroom. You wanted to burst in there and let him know that you knew and that you heard all of it. You wanted to make him feel like shit, guilty, for breaking you. But you didn’t want to see him in bed, with her.

“Why don’t you just leave? You will hurt her more if you saty.” You heard her ask him. You knew from the beginning that she had feelings for him. There was no ‘just friends’ between the two of them. Jimin would always say that you were stupid for thinking that they could be something more than friends.

But you weren’t dumb because you were right. It did happen.

“I should. But I’m still unsure about my feelings for her. It’s like, I want her, but then I want you. But I wished she was a bit more like you. You’re the perfect one for me and I regret not choosing you two years ago.” You shut your eyes, your fists clenching. It hurt too much for you to breathe properly.

Everything was breaking, especially your heart. It felt like someone was holding a knife that repeatedly stabbed you where it hurt the most. It felt like nothing was worthy anymore. Nothing could make the pain go away. Not even time.

“It’s in the past, Jimin, don’t think about it. The important thing now is to make the right decision.” The right decision? To leave you?

“I love you, Naru.”

The feelings that you were feeling were something you never wanted to go through again. 

Was this the meaning of love? Was love supposed to bring you happiness before breaking you into peices? Was it supposed to be like this? Were you supposed to fall in love to only get your heart broken?

I love you, Naru.

Love you, Y/N.

The difference.

You turned around before walking out of the house, leaving them behind. The house where you once shared happy memories togetherm you and him. Laughing, smiling and loving. All that was now gone and to say it broke you was obvious.

Did he lie to you all this time? Did he ever love you, like Naru said? Or was all this just a stupid misatke?

You couldn’t stop thinking that this might have been your fault, all of it. That all this time, loving him was a big, mistake. It might has been a mistake to care and to love him more than he ever would and could love and care for you. Perhaps, you were the one to blame for loving to hard and for falling for him.

Perhaps this was the meaning with love. To break and to heal. But were you ever going to heal from this nightmare? Will you be able to forget about this day? Will you be able to look back on this day and not think about how broken and hurt you were?

Were you going to get through this? You had not a single clue, no answers about it because deep down, you were already broken into a million pieces that were impossible to heal.

The road that you were walking down felt like a never ending road to hell. Every step that you took, every breathe that you took and every tear that you let fall, everything reminded you of his words.

“You’re the perfect one for me.”

“I regret not choosing you two years ago.”

“I love you, Naru.”

Where were you going? You had no idea, you just kept walking while your phone was ringing until you no longer had the energy to take another step. It was dark, rainy and cold. You missed sleeping in your warm bed. You missed smiling brightly at him and giving him a good night kiss. You missed being near his touch, feeling loved by the one and only in your life.

Where were you going after this? Home? Home to America? A place where you once left just to follow him to his home, Korea? Leaving without your parents permission. Were they even going to accept you after all these years?

No one could hear you, not during this time of the night and not with all the rain drops falling down like a waterfall. But there, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the rain and in the middle of the pain, you broke down in tears adn nothing could stop you from breaking apart.

“Fucking hell, Y/N, please answer me,” Jimin shouted on his phone before throwing it on the bed. Where the hell were you? He placed a hand on the wall, took a deep breath to try to calm down. But it didn’t work and he ended up punching the wall, again.

It had been a week since the last time he saw you. Jimin thought that maybe he would be able to enjoy life after that you left. That Naru might had been right about him leaving you as the right decision. But after only two days, he felt like his whole life had collapsed. Days without you didn’t feel as bright. Nights without you were cold and empty.

But where were you? He hadn’t even told you anything about breaking up. The two of you didn’t even have a fight before you disappeared. Where could you be?

“Have you thought that maybe, just maybe, she heard your conversation with Naru? Y/N came by the dorm and asked for you because apperently you had told her that you wanted to hand out with us for the rest of the day. But since you weren’t therem she left to go home.” Taehyung said thinking back to that  rainy day.

“Oh, hi Y/N. What are you doing here?” Taehyung asked, surprised to see you there. The weather was terrible and your clothes was wet from the rain. “Hi, is Jimin here?” You asked, trying to ignore the fact that you were freezing to death.

“Uhm, no. Why?”

“Oh… no, it’s just, he told me that he would be here because he wanted  to have some alone time with you guys. I’m just here to give him his phone that he forgot at home.” You said truthfully and handed him Jimin’s phone.

“I’ll give this to him when he arrives. Do you want to stay? The weather’s horrible and you’re going to get sick.” Taehyung asked. He was worried about your health since he knew you weren’t the strongest and healthiest person. He knew you could get sick easily and that it would be hell for you if you got sick.

You shook your head and gave him a small smile. “I’m fine, I’m heading home anyway.”

“I’m so worried, Taehyung. I’m going to go crazy. I miss her so damn much.” Jimin cried and pressed his forehead on to the wall, letting his clenched fists rest next to his head.

“She will come back, She loves you.”


Jimin stared at his phone for minutes. It was you. He could feel it. 

He knew it was your message.

From: My baby 12/8-2018 5:43pm


I’m leaving.

I know you have had thoughts about leaving me, breaking our relationship and to be honest, I can finally say that I do understand you and your decision. A relationship where you don’t love me feels like somethign that will lead me on and I will only get more hrut by the end of the road.

These past week has been the worst in my whole life. Living without you felt and still feels, like a nightmare that chases me every night. I have learned a lot. I have learned how to deal with myself. How to make myself understand and to not let myself be selfish.

I am broken. I won’t deny it, because I am and even if I never wanted this to be true, you were the one breaking me.

Loving you has been beautiful. It has been like a dream come true. I lived in a dream for a long, long time where everything I felt and saw was all perfect. I had you in my life and I can’t wish for something more.

I am leaving to start over. I am leaving for good and I won’t come back. But I’m fine, Jimin-ah. I don’t regret loving you. I don’t regret anything with you because although you broke me, you still gave me happiness throough these years and I am and will always be grateful for you.

Please forget me and live the life that you deserve.

I love you, Park Jimin.

As promised, another scenario is here!! This timne, a very emotional Jimin angst and I’m really positive with the result. I cried while writing the last part so yeah HAHAHAHA.


It’s been such a tiring year with so many memories. This school year has been the best so far. I have become friends with so many new people, both irl and here on tumblr. I now have friends for life and I am so thankful for that. 

Writing here on tumblr has been something I do when I want to get my mind off from school and other stressful thoughts. And I want to thank you guys for reading and for keeping up my motivation to keep writing.

I will post another scenario on Sunday or Monday again, as promised.I hope you enjoyed this scenario and if you did, give it a like and if you want part 2, let me know!

I will talk to you soon, mwah ~


*sweats nervously*


ayye internet peeps- I’m Jordan most of my friends call me Jo or just jordan , I’m 17(turning 18 in July). I’m in my final year of High school and I hate everyone there- so I’ve turned to the internet which is full of my people. I like a lot of things like anime, music , movies and writing. 
Seeing as I have like min (few) irl frens I really need a few people to keep me sane. I struggle with depression ut that doesnt stop me from being there for my friends. 
Anyways.. idk. Oh yeah I’d really love to skype if y'all want to I’m all about meeting people. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa , but if youre in another time zone I wont mind because I barely sleep- so feel free to hit me up. I love art and being creative ,but some of my ideas fall through because I cant finish anything -
I’m also teaching myself Japanese and its going okay so if youre teaching yourself too hit me up and we could be study buddies and because I love learning things I’m also learning the violin, piano and the ukulele. I really love music of all kinds especially classical, lo-fi hip hop and all kinds of rock. The movies I enjoy are typically on the horror and psychological side of the fence (My fave is American Psycho, by brett easton ellis) , and i love suspense, thriller books. Here some more stuff i like: 

death note
Tokyo Ghoul 
one punch man 
kill la kill
psycho pass
Noragami (Aragato)
- and a lot more 

bands// artists:
the 1975
fall out boy
j.s bach
james bay
-and like a bible more. 

-It doesnt matter who you are or where youre from, you can be my friend- and I’ll totally respect your opinions on religion and sex and whatever but seriously if its hateful plz dont expect me to answer and support hate speech. I’m not really sure about snail mail, but maybe sometime, ideal ages to hmu is (16-20)
You can find me : 

email: ( put findteenpenpals in the subject so i dont think its spam//note I dont really check my email so I’m sorry if it takes a while to answer.) 

snapchat: ferriraisbae
tumblr : dankstar3000
instagram: someone.sassy
skype : (email) 

-I cant wait to hear from you! 

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I am shipping JCL & Jodie so hard omfg that sex scene I wonder if they will get more projects together after TWP or if they are dating IRL I'm honestly just watching the show bc I just want to see them together lol

you are taking a dangerous path anon! believe me, i know.
but yeah, it’s fun and their amazing chemistry is not helping. i doubt they will work together again (unless there is a season 2… we will see!)

and for you anon, here Jacob & Jodie in their own little bubble during the Premiere ❤

yo m8 wanna be friends

hey, I’m avery, and I rlly want a squad of internet friends.  irl i have 5 friends who can’t relate to stuff i like.  for example, if tronnor does something really cute while I’m hanging out with my friends, I would have a heart attack and then my friends would be like, “um whats a tronner?” (true story *cringes*) well yeah I love tronnor, british youtubers, dank memes, turtles, and tumblr so if you want to be friends with a rlly awkward flop then hmu (just message me on tumblr) :D (btw I’m 13 but i’ll be 14 in a few months) ps wouldn’t it be super cute if we met and then we hugged ugh that would be gr8 lol k bi

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(I know I'm annoying for all my asks lately, sorry) I just wanted to say I've been having some real shitty days lately. So thank you for your blog. It really helps get me through, having someplace I can go to fangirl over Tyler/Dan or have a giggle reading your Anti/Dark anons... I'll try to limit this pointless ramble but... yeah. Thanks a lot for existing Ripley, you da real mvp of Tumblr. 😂❤️

You’re not annoying at all! I’m always here to talk to you guys about ANYTHING. Whether you want to talk about real life stuff, gush about the egos and the rest, etc. never hesitate to talk to me ever!!! I have approximately zero friends irl, so there’s no worries about ever interrupting anything or being a bother!! 💖

Hey friends just wanted y'all to know that this Monday (July 3rd) I’m going on a trip (TO EUROPE!!!!!!) and I’ll be there until July 18th. So I won’t be able to go on tumblr or animal jam as much, but I’ll get my bff irl to do the daily spin and such. Also my membership expires tomorrow so catch me playing the forgotten desert nonstop for the next 24 hours. Anyway, yeah thanks for reading and see y'all in 2 and a half weeks!!!!

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0-45 send me everything!!!

0: Height: 5′6
1: Virgin? Yes 👀 i am saving myself for my furry frnd @sharinghoe 
2: Shoe size: 40/8
3: Do you smoke? No i like my lungs 
4: Do you drink? no i like my liver
5: Do you take drugs? no i like my brain
6: Age you get mistaken for: with make up? 23. without? 15. No in between. 

7: Have tattoos? no

8: Want any tattoos? probably not
9: Got any piercings? yes
10: Want any piercings? yes, snake bites
11: Best friend? I am friends with literally every single human on earth both irl and online so i have multiple best friends but if i had to boil it down to one person yeah i guess i have one
12: Relationship status: single atm
13: Biggest turn ons: Niceness, black hair, pretty faces, looking through long lashes, bright ass smiles and subtle confidence 
14: Biggest turn offs: entitlement, loud eating, pushy behavior, pressing 
15: Favorite movie: name a comedy movie. That’s it.
16: I’ll love you if: i have good conversations with you and you make me feel at ease
17: Someone you miss: nobody i can’t reach out to 
18: Most traumatic experience: close friend’s suicide 
19: A fact about your personality: i am very perceptive by nature
20: What I hate most about myself: how flippant i am, it almost makes me feel like i am a fraud and the fact that i cant reach out to people emotionally 
21: What I love most about myself: i am funny and i use my humor to make people feel at ease
22: What I want to be when I get older: astrophysicist 
23: My relationship with my sibling(s) great love em but i suck at keeping touch with people and they live far away so i barely talk to them
24: My relationship with my parent(s) turbulent sometimes as is with most parents but i love them and they are great nonetheless..forever thankful because they are great parents 
25: My idea of a perfect date: the beach + good food
26: My biggest pet peeves: loud eating, loud breathing, too close for comfort, weird one but people shouting my name annoys me, aggressiveness 
27: A description of the girl/boy I like: he is the nicest person on this earth and he is very cute and my parents love him
28: A description of the person I dislike the most: bitch ass hoe who thinks shes the shit but is literally a pigeon shit
29: A reason I’ve lied to a friend: to avoid conflict 
30: What I hate the most about work/school: i struggle with focus and i am bad at the whole hard work thing
31: What your last text message says: irl friends ‘hahahaha thicc’ online friends ‘better safe than sorry’
32: What words upset me the most: ‘brb’ ‘later’ ‘bye’ i am a super extroverted person who literally NEEDS human company and when im left alone i get really upset 
33: What words make me feel the best about myself: i love you; its collective of a lot of compliments isnt it
34: What I find attractive in women: everything?? looks wise? full lips?? rosy cheeks? thats it
35: What I find attractive in men: i like men with pretty looking features. i like dark haired men. 
36: Where I would like to live: san francisco
37: One of my insecurities: i dont have a particular one but i have some off days. i feel insecure about my personality annoying people constantly though
38: My childhood career choice: astronaut :)
39: My favorite ice cream flavor: mint chocolate chip fite me
40: Who wish I could be: anyone who has their shit together better LOL
41: Where I want to be right now: home with my friends
42: The last thing I ate: cream cheese sandwich 
43: Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately: s..asuke..uchiha..and 1d
44: A random fact about anything: snakes can fart
45. Selfie: i dont have any on my laptop but here is little me

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Hi! I'm new to this blog and i wanted to know if you're all internet friends or friends in real life??

So, Day, Ash and I are internet friends I fucking love them, and I’ve never really talked to Savannah off this blog ??? but I love her too.


so yeah, Jc and I are best friends irl lmao if you couldn’t tell

- nez


Remember when Kenma first wore a skirt in front of Kuroo? And Kuroo had to assure him the skirt looked good?

A little something I did for saso2016′s bonus round 1!


I wanted to draw this as a Christmas gift but then I thought that it is awkward to give your friends IRL gifts such as your drawing…And I have no money… So yeah no gift for my friend… Unless she accidentally finds it… No wonder I have no friends… Yay… 

You know, at this point, I just wanna meet other Voltron kin. Like yeah, canonmates would be nice, but I just want you guys back in my life, regardless of what canon you’re from. I’m just a lonely Keith that wants my friends back.