so yeah irl friend wanted this

yo m8 wanna be friends

hey, I’m avery, and I rlly want a squad of internet friends.  irl i have 5 friends who can’t relate to stuff i like.  for example, if tronnor does something really cute while I’m hanging out with my friends, I would have a heart attack and then my friends would be like, “um whats a tronner?” (true story *cringes*) well yeah I love tronnor, british youtubers, dank memes, turtles, and tumblr so if you want to be friends with a rlly awkward flop then hmu (just message me on tumblr) :D (btw I’m 13 but i’ll be 14 in a few months) ps wouldn’t it be super cute if we met and then we hugged ugh that would be gr8 lol k bi

This is random but I just wanna say, I’m really thankful for my friend @shiros-clementine-pajimmyjams, I love talking to her and joking around, she has a great sense of humor, she’s so thoughtful , kind, open minded, and understanding, she’s listened to me vent so many times in the past, and overall she’s just such a great friend, I’m lucky to have known her even tho we’ve never met irl.

Idk I just really appreciate you Brandi, I get so anxious sometimes, but talking to you and even just your presence (if that makes sense) calms me down a bit.

This was ramble-y as with everything I write/say lmao, but yeah, just wanted to express how much I appreciate you as a friend ;__; 💖

Honestly I’ve been a bit depressed lately I wanted to join the USMC but I’ll be disqualified asap with my medical history and im not going to lie my way in and risk that… but yeah still have my letter just sitting there on my desk and I just lay here n cry someone please talk to me I need a friend right now. I feel so helpless and stuck.

anonymous asked:

But like kind you just imagine?! You actually taking pictures wearing your new bra and lacy underwear and then you want to send the picture to your best friend so she can give you her opinion but then accidentally sending it to Adam?!?! I would die 😂

Actually…that’s a cute AU prompt LOL

I mean IRL I would damage control the shit out of that and hide under a blanket for weeks, but yeah. That would also be a cute lil’ reylo au :3


Remember when Kenma first wore a skirt in front of Kuroo? And Kuroo had to assure him the skirt looked good?

A little something I did for saso2016′s bonus round 1!

ok so i’m v v bored and i’m gonna start looking for an internet best friend. i dont have that many friends irl so i’m hoping i can find one on here or something like that…so yeah…

you gotta like some of these:

- one direction
- 5 seconds of summer
- writing 
- books 
- Once Upon A Time
- Robbie Kay bc he’s bae

you gotta put up with these:

- my fangirl moments (theres gonna be a lot)
- my obsessions 
- my rants

i proise i’ll be there for you no matter what and we’ll faccetime, skype, oovoo or however you want to video chat or anything. we can imessage, kik and stuff too. i’ll reblog your seflies and i’ll stick up for you when you need it. 

i’ve been told that i’m a good friend so pls be my friend…thanks<3

(hi ok so about idk 5 months ago i posted this but i shortly went on a hiatus after for health reasons and didn’t get to pick or do anything w the post rly but now im back so im going to repost :))) 

so its really important to have a squad and i wish i had a irl squad but irl friends suck butt bc they always leave you so i want to make a really close group of friends on here :))  ill pick in about 2 weeks 


  • pls be following me
  • pls reblog this post
  • u can like to bookmark if you want
  • pls like 5sos (or 21p or halsey just so we have something in common u know)


  • me to harass you all the time (not really a benefit but yeah)
  • reblogs on your slefis w cute comments
  • advice/ ppl to be there when you need it most
  • talks about anything srsly we can talk about mashed potatoes and asshairs
  • exchange of imessages snapchats instas exc 


  • tell me about your self in the tag #katssquad
  • make me anything w Michael  aus imagines  (i will die and ull be a shoe in)
  • talk to me???
  • reblog this more than once
  • track the post incase i have anything to add or want to pick sooner 
  • thats it idk

(pls join me i need friends to talk about 5sos w ) 

edit credit goes 2 mtvdreams :~) 

yo so i just watched kim’s new ‘ask kim’ where she talks about shipping and i would really suggest watching it. she says ‘please’ but really, those are rules. please keep that shit out of the tags.

on a personal note (though i think i speak for quite a few people here) anything i ship is completely fictional. i see their personas as characters, due to the format of their videos and their presentation of themselves, and i dont think anything irl is going to happen. i may write and enjoy reading it, but there is absolutely no way irl hatsome/smornby/nanocoffee ect is ever going to happen, like in a million years. they are all just friends and im just enjoying their cute friendship in a different way!

just wanted to put that out there. shipping is 100% not real. keep it out of the main tags. its really fucking weird for them so be respectful. yeah.

So hi guys, this is Kara, and today I decided to start another weird thing! It started with me wanting to give my irl friends a little shout out, and it ended with me realize how much I love you and that you are all my friends and yeah this is where I ended up, PROMO THURSDAY!

So basically, you reblogg and you’re IN! Every Thursday, I’m going to pick five, randomly chosen blogs, look at the blog, give a small review and totally show them my love and show other people how amazing the blog is ! 

Just to make it clear, here are the basic rules:

  • Follow the Queen aka me 
  • Reblog this so more people can join, ALL of you who reblog will get a promo, maybe not today, or next week, but YOU WILL.
  • Hmm… i have nothing else to say, but two rules sounded boring so I will just write randomly to make it look professional

I’m going to start today! With giving my irl friends a little quick shout out! But I will do that in another post! Check it out! 


i recently hit 4k! which is very crazy so thank you so much. also it’s the christmas season (nothing gets past me) and i wanted to do a little follow forever so yeah. 

friends irl

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well that was longer than i thought and with no organisation ooops


Before I start, I just want to say I came on this site not expecting much and not know nothing about be blog guy but I’m so glad I joined because I have met genuinely some of the most amazing people. I have 5000 people that BELIEVE IN KAMINARI. I really do love you all and here are some people that deserve recognition for me reaching this 5 THOUSAND!!!!!!! and the list is freacking HUGEEEE!!!! 

HEY @staff , PAY ME!!!! I HAD FUCKING 5000 FOLLOWERS or give something for my interest!!!!……. oh yeah the list… RIGHT!!!

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THANKS EVERYONES FOR FOLLOW THIS GUY!!!! i promiesed ONE DAY i make my own blog of draws…. i know i always said this… but… well… someday……. my arts….. and not lazy……..

How this bullshit started.

(I suck at pronouns, okay, so I’m going to try and use them correctly but I may miss some.)

Okay, so, first of all, this started MONTHS ago. I met Han IRL at a dungeons and dragons session. He seemed nice so we swapped urls. Everything is fine for two weeks, we got along and I thought I had made a nice new friend who was like me.

Well, I was dead wrong. I reblogged one post, something to do with that meme of the lady yelling at someone for copying her husband or whatever, relating to bpd. I figured, hell yeah, relatable and spreading an actual symptom of a mental illness. Han immediately sent me a message asking if I had bpd, and I really don’t want to talk about what I have, so I told hym that I have anxiety, depression, and ADHD, which I do. He immediately responded in a hostile manner, demanding that I take down the post and “never fucking talk to hym again”.

I asked hym why. I didn’t understand why someone I was starting to trust would treat me like dirt. All I got for a reply was cussing and name calling. I wish I had screenshots but I couldn’t handle having that kind of negativity on my phone. (I do tumblr exclusively on mobile)

That went on for weeks. Name calling and hys friends harassing me constantly and picking apart everything I said. I was so panicked, that was when I started mutilating the soles of my feet and thinking about cutting my throat. Han and the system threatened to hurt me, kill me, strangle me, and that they would show up at the next dungeons and dragons meeting and kill me.
Let me explain why I was terrified. I have an extreme phobia of this kind of thing. The idea that someone wants to hurt me or find me makes me absolutely terrified.

And I may be a blackbelt, but the only thing it’s good for is looking cool while a do a series of moves by myself in my room. Sparring was my worst skill. And I know that, and therefore I am utterly fucking terrified by death threats.

Yeah, he said it was “the voices”. That doesn’t make me less scared or believe that he wouldn’t do it. Him being disabled doesn’t stop me from feeling terrified. I’ve heard voices. They have a way of making you want to listen.

I’ll admit that I did say a few things that were kind of crap of me. And I apologized for them.

I did say that I wished he would try to hurt himself and be unsuccessful so that he would be put in a mental hospital. I just wanted the tormenting harassment to stop, and I was so anxious and paranoid at the time I nearly failed my favorite class because I couldn’t focus.

I just wanted some peace.

This has gone on for almost six months now. Since I blog exclusively on mobile, my recommended feed often brings up things I’ve shown interest in… Which hym and his friends seemed to have a lot of my interests as well, so they’ve attacked me periodically for liking or reblogging their posts, which, frankly, all of them change blogs so much I don’t even know who the fuck they are anymore.

Last but not least, he put his friends up to sending me hate, and one even made an entire blog called @cslurcallout AND @katcalloutpart2 that took all of my posts, and picked them apart. There are also several instances in which he himself has stalked my blog and then posted about things on his own, once even reposting a personal post to my friends that had my Skype in it.

If you want screenshots, you can go to @abusescreenshots. I posted everything I have there.

so 2015 has been the first full year of having this blog and honestly im really happy for that so i thought id make my first follow forever ! i didnt want to make a huge list of blogs though so i apologise for everyone i missed out…

firstly id like to make a special mention to @diggitydamnsebastianstan for being the best person ever this year; dude im so glad we became friends so quickly this year and honestly i dont know what i would do without you

also my irl friends @loveyrose07 and @billdecipher i love you guys !

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I got into Steven Universe not too long ago (and loved it), and around that time Nao offered to create and help develop a gem oc if I wanted one. Which, btw, means you all should shower him with love cause he’s a complete sweetheart and LOOK AT HOW GREAT THIS CAME OUT TOO. But yeah, meet Po (Pacific Opal)!

They’re a gender queer character (they/them pronouns), and was inspired partly from a friend of mine irl, partly from a character I have in the works in another story, and party from the style from a game called Mirror’s Edge. Anyway, they would’ve survived the gem war on Earth, and have since moved into an urban/city environment as a defender of the planet. 

Po’s first form (one on the left and middle) is what they use for fighting and such, and their weapon is the one pictured above (one for each hand). The whole outfit/weapon combo is streamlined to help with navigating clustered city rooftops and alleyways. Their second form (on on the right) is what they turn into for chilling/etc. Basically a cute, chubby form to relax in that makes them comfortable, since they live on their own in a tucked away corner of the city.

Also, the little blue semicircle on the end of Po’s weapon comes from another gem, Lace, although it isn’t confirmed how they got a hold of it. As for other little details, the gem placement is between the shoulders for easy access to their weapons and because they’re a quiet, content, character, ergo the gem isn’t displayed out in the open. The tattoos were something picked up from their time in the city, and were inspired by Mirror’s Edge. As for the gem choice, I just really liked the blend of soft blues and yellows it had; reminded me of a sunset on the ocean (this city would be located on the coast). 

But yeah, Po’s officially my lil gem bby and I’ve already started fleshing out ideas and such in my head that’ll hopefully tie into the main character they were based off of!