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shout out to all muns who write OC’s for having the bravery to put forth their characters and creations for others to see ! all of them have hearts of steel for sticking around and not giving up on their characters, even if sometimes they receive hate or even if they feel like they are being looked over ! thanks to all of you for sticking around no matter what !


SPL’s List of Lovely Ladies Céline Dion

Please don’t make your career your life. Let it be your passion, let it bring you pleasure, but don’t let it become your identity. You are so much more valuable than that.

Oh yeah, the lapeeps drop feathers all the time, but after winter it gets a bit out of hand. they gain feathers in the winter to keep warm while they’re out playing in temperatures I don’t even want to deal with. 

and then as soon as it gets too warm… they take a few days just molting them all over the place. all over ME.

It only seems to bother them when they loose the shiny pyrite ones. sadly I cant hold onto any for long because when they drop any feathers they usually stick around for a little while until

they disappear in a tiny silent poof, and that specific feather then reappears on their body shortly after. I’ve only really been able to notice this with the pyrite feathers because its easy to tell when they’re gone.

I just wanted to make a short shoutout to all the people who have drawn my characters. Fanart is a really huge motivation for me because it leaves something of my story in this world other than my story. Even more, without me writing my story and keep telling the story of the people depicted in the fanart, they would slowly lose meaning and impact and doing that to any of your wonderful and lovingly crafted pieces of artwork makes me really sad.

So thank you, @baellielurk @pyromaniacqueen and @cinalilli . You guys mean the world to me and my writing.  Also a thank you to @philiasperanza ;even though that picture of Tahir was a prize, it still motivated to keep writing. So I can keep shoving it in people’s faces who know my perfect son :)

| 2014.06.01  Happy Birthday SILVER KING ♛ |

Leave the runner to me…
You just give me..  your best pitch right here.

He must be crazy…
He’s asking for this pitch right here with no warm up?
But… If he’s telling me to throw it right here,
Then he trusts me, right?
That I can do it.  


MCU Challenge [2 of 3 Avengers | Steve Rogers // Captain America]

I’m just a kid from Brooklyn. 

anonymous asked:

Which Hook do you think punched which, past punched present or present punched past?

which hook would a hook punch punch if a hook punch could punch hook

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[ aaaaahhhhhhh! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOLAR!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY TODAY!! You definitely deserve one ovo/ Thanks for being such a good friend and an awesome roleplaying partner! I hope to do more stuff with you sometime yeah? <3 Anyways, Enjoy yourself today, cause this is your day friendo, you deserve to feel special uvu ]