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Team machine - Sameen Shaw

“I did work for the government and I do want revenge. But if that work taught me anything it’s that how you do matters as much as what you do


Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories


Hey loveliez! ♥

I’m opening commissions~

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The current price is 6€ via paypal only

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Feel free to talk with me if you have questions too ~

Also I don’t have a specific number of slots, you can contact me whenever you want ^-^ 

Edit (18/08/17) : Commissions are closed (you perhaps already know that I have no more computer)

ch aesthetic tutorial

yeah so i’ve gotten a lot of compliments (thanks!) and tutorial requests about my aesthetic edits lately, so i decided to make one. boom. it’s really not that hard. i use photoshop, idk if this tutorial will work with other programs but you can try it out and let me know :) 

so if you wanna know how to make these types of edits keep on reading 

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David Tennant is the best at keeping secrets


Pairing: pre!Apocalypse Daryl Dixon x Reader

Words: 1,002

Genres: fluff, angst 

Summary: based off this drabble request. “I don’t want to put you in that type of environment.” 

Notes: idk if this is good, it’s sort of short, too long for a drabble tho but yeah here it is lol i didn’t edit it and yeah but i hope you guys like it! thank you anon for the request!!! I loved this one! 

EDIT: just saw i hit 1,000 followers! this is dedicated to all you guys, thank you so much for reading my fics idk how to celebrate what should i do?!?! <3 up to you guys <3 

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writingsinseoul  asked:

I wonder if Jimin's inner fanboy came out when he listened to the song and whether or not if he knows Tae's parts are about him😭💕

I keep thinking about this!!😭😭

Tbh I love Vmin’s relationship so much. Tae isnt really scared to show how much he loves Jimin and how much he means to him.
While Jimin is way more shy! Like recently Jimin said something like “oh Taehyung cant stop thinking about me” (speaking of 4 o'clock, i think he was in the fancafe? Im not sure).
He acts like it’s not a big deal and jokes about it but I’m 100% that it made him so happy. Idk it’s just so cute I love this kind of friendship

EDIT: actually Jimins post is from 2015 my bad eheheh but yeah!

me and john (@sixxxxxxer) were talking about heathers which led to talking about how toxic michael/jd is so yeah here something written by me and edited by him:
Michael, Jeremy, and Christine had somehow ended up in the small town of Sherwood, Ohio on their roadtrip. Of course, Michael forced everyone to stop by a seven eleven once they got into the town to refuel his car and get snacks. “Be right back!” he promised, closing his door while Jeremy groaned and Christine bid him farewell. He whistled a tune and strolled inside.

A boy in a dark trenchcoat towered over a girl in blue. It looked ugly, from what he could see. Michael avoided it and started to shop for the trip. He approached the slushie machine and caught the brunette exiting the gas station in fit of rage, now standing by his PT Cruiser, talking to his friends.

Michael, concerned something might happen outside, walked up to the boy to asses the situation, and immediately could sense something was off. After all, who the hell fights with their girlfriend in a seven eleven?

The trenchcoated male scoffed.

“My girlfriend just broke up with me.”

He had a weird smile on his face, like he wasnt actually upset.

Michael didn’t respond. He didn’t want to interact with this dude. He started generously pouring himself a cherry slurpee.

“God, she is so perfect.”

“That’s great dude,” Michael shot a red straw through the plastic top, grabbing the cup and dismissively wandering towards the cashier, “I’ll just get going-” “And to think i wasn’t going to kill her!”

Michael dropped the slushie in favor of surviving another day, taking a step back towards the door.

“Shit, I didnt mean to say that.” The newfound psychotic murder man chuckled calmly as he reached into his pocket for something, presumably a weapon, Michael never wanted to see, “You don’t seem like much of an asshole, so it’s a shame I have to kill you.”

“Dude, what the fuck-” Michael bolted for the door, not bothering to pay for the abandoned slurpee, “Theres a crazy dude in there!” He wheezed, announcing to his friends to lock the car.

“Oh, my ex,” Blue Girl groaned, as if this was a normal fucking occurence, “yeah, we better leave…”

“Hoodie kid!”

The dude had a gun. Of course he had a gun. Thanks, God, Michael thought.

Despite himself, Michael jerked forward and punched the armed offender swiftly in the face. His tall frame swayed before falling onto the ground face first. He went limp.

Christine squealed as she exited the car, followed by Jeremy, “Hell yeah! Go, Michael! The evil is defeated!” Jeremy patted him on the back and smiled.

The girl in blue turned to him, “That may have been a little extreme, but according to him, extreme always seems to make an impression.”
so now this is a thing. thanks again to @sixxxxxxer for helping me edit this and convince me to write this akjdksf


HD makes a huuuge difference!

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a-monster-of-ink  asked:

*tips hat* Hey there Tiddy. Mind if a talk to you about something? If you check Mccree's vest there are some wires connected to his torso, plus one on his back that is partially covered by the serape. Probably someone already saw this, but I just realized the other day. Have a good day ;) *rolls away*

*breathes deep* BOI LETS TALK!  this very concept has been lowkey stewing in my brain for months now!!!!!  Like i know we get hyped about Hanzo’s legs and how Jesse lost his hand but… i definitely think he lost more than his hand.

longish rant that doesn’t really reach a clear conclusion below:

Like you said, he’s got wires/tubes that to me look like they would serve cooling or ventilation purposes. I actually just ran across a post (HERE) that outlines some points on why he might just be more cyborg than we thought.

And also i noted the way he carries himself (as others have also pointed out before), he hides his entire left side with a serape, and often hides the arm back a little from view -but in doing so he’s also hiding that whole shoulder/side.
also his walk is heavy -”but he’s a big boy” yeah but it’s more than that, like watch him next time but pretend there’s a metal clunk clunk clunk to his footfalls. it’s like he’s very aware of his weight but that it’s not a natural part of him, so he has to carry it with careful steadiness (i.e: he’s aware his arm can rip through steel so he’s extra aware of placement/strength when he picks up a glass). now you could argue that he’s a big dude who is a professional stealther and i’d 100% agree with you. idk how else to describe it ‘m sorry that makes no sense.
**EDIT: OH ALSO HIS KNEE! i think there was also damage to his leg, thus the knee brace thing. which could contribute to the way he walks.

all to say My headcanon that i’m working on currently is that he had significant internal damage, maybe also like that post also suggests- he even lost most of that side of his body, in an explosion *cough*maybehewasatheswissbaseafterall*cough cough* or some other incident. I really like the headcanon that ties into the IRL gang rules of Deadlock taking McCree’s arm -but maybe their methods took much more, leaving him for dead?  I played around in some ugly doodles (that are too ugly to be viewed) what his torso might look like with “genji style” ports embedded, and judging by their placement, with the idea that maybe the armor acts as life support/filtration system in case his lungs would malfunction or he’d suffer something that could endanger his heart while on the field. 

“but if he had damage to his lungs why would he smoke?”
Hear me out here, *alien history channel dude gesture* prosthetic lungs.
If he’s got cyborg/prosthetic enhancements/parts maybe smoking isn’t deadly in the usual way but funks up the mechanics which could eventually lead to death -hence pissing off Angela.

don’t ask me how he’d be allowed to enter military combat with a bad heart or how the lungs work okay dammit Jim i’m a content contributor not a doctor!
Genji is a literal walking swiss army knife so… i mean… i think anything goes in the OW universe at this point. 

if anybody wants to piggyback on this or yell at me with ideas come at my inbox bros! i love hearin’ y’alls thoughts!

anonymous asked:

What do you do when you're trying to write a scene and you kinda know what you want to happen, but you don't know how to write it? Does that make sense?

Yeah, it makes sense, don’t worry about it!

Well, I can give you my tricks? If you want, like, what do I do in those cases;I honestly don’t know if they are going to be useful or not but, here we go:

Okay, so, I have three types to set in a scene I wanna write but can’t really find the words or enviroment to set it with.

[Not gonna put it under the read bc Idk if someone is on mobile so eh, Iwill edit that later] 

Type 1: The Poetic Lazy One

WIP Broganes Drabble. 

I use like those thingies [-] to know that all of this content happens in one scene. (Sometimes also as micro-scenes but that comes in type 3) 

I put the  [Voltron Broganes] as a reference for myself bc the drabble is chronological, they start from when they were younger [Babies Broganes] to where they are now, that is Voltron. 

Then, I set the ages I want them to be, again as a reference, and explain a little on what I want to see in the scene. What do I want to express, show, be known

I want the audience to know how Keith is dealing with the loss of his brother, I want them to see how hard it is on him and how in distress he is. I want them to empathize with him and see the connection the song they call theirs link them and how important it is to them. 

I state how I want them to see that: through the Black Lion. What do I want to archive: make Keith sad (sowwy Keith). 

Type 2: The Chatty Flowing One

WIP Kidge Romantic Drabble

This one is a lil bit more ugh bc you gotta write a little more, but it’s also good. It MAY MAY look like the real final thing, but it’s not, like, not really? 

Because this is the middle of the fic. 

It’s not the start. 

Most of the time the scenes we have planned out is because we see something or we think of a dialogue happening in a particular scene. 

You gotta write it down, like literally. Whatever is in your mind, write it down.

What’s the target here? Stating what you want to be talked about in the scene. What interaction you wanna see. 

In the Kidge example, you don’t know where they are, I didn’t even know where they were, but I knew what I wanted to be there. I wanted to a specific interaction between Keith and Pidge so I wrote that and then everything else? It comes on it’s on. Like: 

Then you can do the narration! You settle the scene, the enviroment, what is happening around them, how they got there, what they are looking for, why they are looking for it. 

Like, on the first Kidge example, that happens a lil bit after the start. This one right here is the start, and yet I wrote first the interaction between Kidge, because that what I had already in mind. It was what I already knew. 

Type 3: The Strawberry One 

WIP Beauty and The Beast Klance Multi

Now, this one is kinda of my fave bc it cracks me up. 

Sometimes you don’t even need fancy words and make it poetic as shit. Sometimes you just need to narrate the scene as if you were telling it to your best friend.

Use your own daily words. Your typos, your everything. Make it yours and express it as you see it in your head.

Polishing will come later, you will add or remove things, but you gotta settle what you want to see. 

This is what I meant by Micro-Scene. Basically, it’s two scenes that are connected but each of them have a Micro-scene that defines them, if that evne makes sense.

I write them down like this because I need to know how the two of them connect each other. 

I usually leave the scene above when I start writing, so like, it would be like this: 

As you can see, I didn’t need much? Just to know that Keith was going to enter the scene and he was FUCKING PISSED

So yeah! 

That’s basically my top 3 types! Hope that helped somehow? I mean, I know I’m no master on writing whatsoever, that I might be doing something wrong, but this is my method, and it works for me, so maybe for you too? 

Let me know if you need any help! :D 


Okay first things first, thank you guys SO MUCH I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. I love you all so much and it blows my mind that 300 of you actually want to follow my sims story / look at my edits etc. Just thank you from the bottom of my heart <3

I want to give back to you all some way, and I can’t really do a stuff/game pack giveaway due to money issues - though hopefully I will be able to in the future! So instead I thought of something I can do! Create sims! Yeah I know lots of people can do ittt, but idk I’ll make it special! Write you a lil story! IDK Whatever you want! I just wanted to give a little bit back to you guys :) 

So here’s how to request a sim! 

1. You must be following me! This is a gift for my followers, so that’s pretty straightforward right?? 

2. Reblog or like this post! Just so I know that you’ve read the guidelines! If you reblog it wow youre super nice and ily thats super cool because maybe more people will come by to request sims! 

Guidelines for a request (send this to my ask box): 

  • Tell me the general things about your idea for a sim. Age, gender, style etc. Give me a few bits of info (e.g what music they like, do they have kids? what’s their hobby) I can get as wacky as you want. You want a sims to scare other sims? You got it!  
  • Tell me what packs you have! And a yes / no on whether you want me to use CC. (I can go all CC, lil CC, or no CC your choice!)
  • Tell me if you want me to create a backstory! This is just a lil thing I don’t have to do - if you want to keep your backstory yours - ofc thats fine! But if you just want me to go crazy - i can do that too! 

As of now, requests will be open! I think I’ll do 10 requests. Just because the process of editing and linking cc takes a while. And idk if anyone is going to request at all and I’m just shouting into the void! ( ಠ◡ಠ ) First come first serve! 

Thank you on 300 followers!  

(shout out to @harrybuts and @hcbsims for helping me figure out sharing sims!)

“T'challa and Tony are foils and so that makes Tony a villain because T'challa is a hero.”

Hmm, well, not necessarily. See, T'challa and Tony are one hundred percent foil characters, its actually one of marvels more successful character developments, because comparing them gives so much insight into each character. But them being foils does not make them opposites, and it certainly doesn’t make one a hero and one a villain.

See what tony and t'challa represent is a how the little things you experience growing up can really change you.

Let’s start with their responsibilities. For one, T'challa grew up being groomed to be king, whereas Tony was set to be a weapons manufacturer. These are both things they could probably get out of, if they so wanted, but don’t out of a sense of duty to both their parents and their country. Both probably grew up mingling with diplomats, learning everything they probably could about what they would be responsible for (a business and a country) with little time to their own hobbies, and had to be on their best behavior at all times.

Theres also the publicity heavy culture of the US, versus Wakanda, because of their isolation, probably being a lot less concerned with celeb news. And lets be honest, T'chaka is so respected by his people, so they would adore the shit out of T'challa. Howard, while he certainly had the suppport of the United States at first, more than likely gained a lot of resentment after the Vietnam war. So, Tony would probably be the subject of harassment a bit more (imagine North West for comparison) because of his dad.

And then, theres the fact that T'challa seems to enjoy being Prince of Wakanda, and not because of what that position can do for him, but because of what he can do for his people. He’s the perfect example of someone who does what he does because he believes in It, him being really good at it is just a bonus. Tony? He more than likely never really wanted to be a weapons manufacturer. If we follow the 616 canon (which on this case we have to because of the mcu’s lovely lack of talking about Tony’s childhood), Tony’s first love was robotics. He wanted to make robots. Not weapons. He’s good at making weapons, he feels like he has to make weapons, but when he was younger he didn’t really want to. I’m also pretty sure that under Tony, SI started producing things other than weapons, which is how he was able to shut down that division of the company, because it was just a part of what they do (a big part, but still, just a part.)

And lastly, the biggest difference in Tony and T'challa’s characters are their relationships with their fathers. T'challa and T'chaka only share the screen for maybe five minutes (?) and we can already see how loving their relationship. In that five minutes, we see them talking to each other as equals, while smiling and laughing with each other. there’s a mutual respect there, and get this, the ~communicate~. Tony very much did not have that. Whether you go with MCU canon where Tony and his dad only spoke if it had to do with Tony’s work, and Howard was a borderline alcoholic, or 616 where Howard is blatantly emotionally abusive (Stark Men Are Made Of Iron, anyone?), and was a seemingly violent drunk, is safe to say that Tony’s relationship with his father cannot hold a candle to T'challa’s relationship with his. Tony and Howard had a one sided relationship, no matter how you try and spin it. There was no communication, no ability for Tony to disagree with the path laid for him. They don’t respect each other. Tony never got the chance to see Howard as anything other than a bully, and Howard never saw Tony as anything other than an heir, a creation if you will. In fact, Tony had to change his last memory of his father in order to allow himself the chance to properly grieve his death.

So yeah, T'challa and Tony are foils, and yes T'challa so far has made really great choices, whereas Tony’s past is sketchy. But you know what? For once, Marvel isn’t black and white in its story telling. T'challa and Tony don’t represent hero vs villain, they represent the “sins of the father” trope, and how if your father makes great choices, it makes it a lit easier for you to make good choices too.