so yeah i'm not that great with coloring


-My drawing for Inktober day 16-

In second grade for my birthday I got my very first handheld which was the Game Boy Color along with Pokemon Crystal which was my first pokemon game


Heyy I’ve finally made a Print Shop !! 

I’ll try to add more artworks little by little, don’t hesitate to tell me if you want one in particular and yeah that’s it ^-^ Thank you so much for the support, it means the world to me!

Have a beautiful day <3 <3

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Well... How are you, guys? How is your actual relation with Stan's gang? And Clyde, Token, Jimmy...? Sorry if anything is "inentendible"? I'm Spanish jeje..

TWEEK: Oh, we can answer this easy! I’ll grab some paper.
CRAIG: Shit, gonna get all artistic huh?
TWEEK: Shut up, dude. I’m a great drawer.

TWEEK: Okay so, Stan’s gang are all kinda dicks. I had my fill of them when I had to be part of their group..
CRAIG: They all still owe me 100$..
TWEEK: Yeah, overall theyre just kinda bad news.
CRAIG: Why’d you color in Kyle with the white crayon?
TWEEK: Because he’s literally that white, dude.

TWEEK: Clyde is a pretty cool guy to have around. He’s stupid, but it’s like how a dog is stupid. It’s an endearing kind of stupid.
CRAIG: I bet him he couldn’t eat 20 doritos locos tacos in one sitting and that night he called me and I had to comfort him while he was on the toilet.
TWEEK: Gross, omfg-

TWEEK: Token is really chill but also has no chill whatsoever.
CRAIG: He tried to lecture me on the importance of investing and tried to explain the stock market.
TWEEK: He means well.

TWEEK: Fuck– Dude?! Why’d you draw dicks all over Jimmy’s page?!
CRAIG: Because Jimmy’s a hoe. And hoes need dicks.
TWEEK: Ugh.. Jimmy’s really funny! He and Craig act like they don’t get along but we’re all friends. It’s like that whole best friend deal where you’re dicks to eachother but not for reals.

TWEEK: I added Kevin in too cause he’s been hanging out with us a lot lately!
CRAIG: Jimmy actually brought him into the group. He helped Jimmy with manual labor things around his house that kinda require the use of legs.
TWEEK: Yeah! And he’s a really cool and shy person! He made snacks for last weeks movie night and they were fucking amazing!

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Mother they left lars, why must they take away my son *tear* I hate steven universe but it's so gud!! I wanna see more soon!

Ahhhh I know I’m excited for the rest of this season too! So many unexpected directions they went with this opening arc, but it’s great!

Also, if Lars has all of Lion’s abilities? Maybe he can get a portal open by shouting or something so he and all the off-colors can actually get back to Earth! 

What went down in Reflekta
  • Vincent: all right everyone, it's time to pose for a photo!
  • Chloé: are you Pixelator?
  • Vincent: what? no! Pixelator's a creepy stalker and imma an Italian stereotype
  • Chloé: I think you're Pixelator
  • Chloé: he's named Vincent, he's a photographer, he's probs even voiced by Matt Mercer, although I think the wiki might be wrong about that
  • Chloé: so are you Pixelator, lying, or a result of a discontinuity between the scriptwriters and animators?
  • Vincent: f**kin bring it Chloé
  • Chloé: oh no he's gonna snap me to a digital void with a magic camera
  • Vincent: no, go stand in the back of the class photo
  • Chloé: I stand in the front or imma call my daddy
  • Vincent: oh good, I could use an assistant, now make like a pizza and olive me alone
  • Marinette: ok wow Chloé's no match for this guy
  • Juleka: I thought this episode was about me
  • Chloé: oh yeah right
  • Chloé: Sabrina, go lock Juleka in the bathroom
  • Juleka: this is not what I meant :(
  • Marinette: um Vincent could you maybe do something about this
  • Vincent: sorry I'm too busy wrecking Chloé
  • Rose: *rescues Juleka*
  • Juleka: this whole situation is terrible
  • Juleka: I've got some kinda curse, Chloé's after me, and the scriptwriters still won't let us be canonically gay
  • Rose: so you're gonna get akumatized?
  • Juleka: what no that sounds like the worst possible idea
  • Hawkmoth: I disagree
  • Juleka: nobody asked you Hawkmoth
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: dammit
  • Reflekta: why is it pink
  • Hawkmoth: it's the traditional color of chaotic evil
  • Reflekta: I think you just made that up
  • Hawkmoth: yeah maybe
  • Hawkmoth: now make more people pink
  • Reflekta: why
  • Hawkmoth: so that you can give everyone your face in order to finally be seen
  • Reflekta: that's really creepy
  • Reflekta: why couldn't you just give me a giant projector like Lady Wifi had?
  • Hawkmoth: idk now go zap some people
  • Reflekta: *zaps Chloé*
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: wait so I'm Reflekta now?
  • Reflekta: no I'm Reflekta, you're Chloé
  • Reflekta: but the chat transcript clearly lists me as Reflekta
  • Reflekta: oh god this is confusing
  • Reflekta: so do I get to zap people too?
  • Reflekta: no that's just me
  • Reflekta: dangit
  • Chat Noir: oh god, you both look exactly alike! which of you do I kill
  • Ladybug: no killing anyone pls
  • Chat Noir: omg have some respect for the trope Ladybug
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: this was not well thought out
  • Reflekta: ok imma go zap some more people so BYE
  • Ladybug: ok Chat Noir let's go set up a trap for her
  • Ladybug: which of you is Chat Noir
  • Reflekta: that's me so let's go stop a villain together and it'll be amazing
  • Ladybug: ok you're Chloé
  • Ladybug: other Reflekta, are you Chat Noir
  • Reflekta: indeed I am, m'lady!
  • Ladybug: call me that one more time and I'm going with Chloé
  • Reflekta: my apologies, m'ladybug
  • Ladybug: right that's even worse
  • Ladybug: come along Chloé
  • Reflekta: aw dangit
  • Ladybug: on second thought imma go at this alone
  • Reflekta: aw dangit
  • Reflekta: it's funny cause both of us are sad now
  • Ladybug: *ollies outy*
  • Reflekta: hey André are you ready for a makeover
  • André: not really feelin this
  • Reflekta: yeah me neither but I need a sidekick so
  • *Reflekta happens*
  • Reflekta: nvm I'm defs feelin this, it's totes my color
  • Reflekta: great now lets go to the place Ladybug's telling us to on the TV
  • Ladybug: wait that worked?
  • Reflekta: *dramatically enters studio*
  • Ladybug: Reflekta? more like RefWRECKEDa!!!
  • Ladybug: aaaaaaaand you're not the real one
  • Reflekta: nope
  • Ladybug: good cause I need to think of a better line
  • Reflekta: HEY GUYS
  • Ladybug: Reflekta! how dare you menace the city of Paris with your confusion and bright pink! this will be your final stand, and will mark the end of
  • Reflekta: yeah the first line was better
  • Ladybug: well have it your way
  • Ladybug: *RefWRECKS her*
  • Juleka: oh good it's finally over

ok ok ok,

I know Latinx/Hispanic doesn’t automatically mean darker skin like yeah there are white latinx and hispanics but……oh jeez.

when you’re drawing humanized panchito and josé, please keep in mind that there are latinx and hispanic ppl out there that are poc and are insecure abt their skin color (and just the way they look in general).

just think abt how much better they’ll feel abt themselves when they see amazing characters drawn the way they look.

I mean tbfh this applies to any characters that aren’t human but coded as poc. It wouldn’t hurt to give characters features that poc have when u humanize them.

look my life has been nothing but camp camp and darkest dungeon for like a month what did you expect?? here’s a super messy wip sprite edit thing (with flats because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wanted to see what the colors were like so I slapped some on) from my newest bad idea, which I’ve been calling dungeon dungeon

don’t ever let me design a vest I will always make it double-breasted and add tails. always. also the ancestor is cameron campbell so yeah david’s not doing great haha! also I never noticed how wide and squat the art for the highwayman looks before I tried to make it into the human string bean david so yeah it probably doesn’t fit the sizing even remotely anymore but whatever

It’s not the most elaborate doodle, but I wanted to make something so that I could wish all of you guys a very Merry Christmas! You guys always brighten my day with every message, like, and reblog. I’m so thankful for the amazing people I’ve met on this site and hope you all have a great holiday! Let’s have another great year, okay? :>

the fusions and their designs
  • stevonnie: yeah so I have a mixture of steven and connie's skin tones and a perfect mix of their outfits
  • opal: I have pearl's nose and amethyst's mouth and a mixture of their skin tones. my outfit is slightly different, but you can see the similarities
  • garnet: I have a combination of ruby and sapphire's figures, sapphire's mouth and ruby's hair, and all three of their eyes.
  • sugilite: so i'm cool i have a great mix of colors and hair and body shape and stuff and look at my face i have so many eyes from all my components and I have amethyst's mouth

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(Disclaimer I'm white) I found the line "it's not a problem if you don't look up" very ~interesting~ as it's said by one of the only white people in the movie to a person of color in the same year a certain greasy Cheeto was elected president and a lot of white people went "oh it'll be okay, we can duck and cover for four years" and all the POC around them went ?????? (I hope this makes sense)

yeah i think that’s why it was so annoying to me – and also why it was so great when cassian absolutely Wrecked her with the best speech ever filmed. the significance of a man of color telling a white woman that not everyone has the luxury of deciding when to care about something,,, iconic


*cough cough* Anyway, here’s me messing with my tablet and colors and such. I was gonna have this as part of a sketch dump buuuut pff I dunno .3.

*awkwardly finger guns out of the room*

Full-color commission of Momnar/Allegro-Designs’ beautiful OC Satoko Arishima from her story Cybergem!  Doing the biomech limbs took a long time but the designs were great and the ref was clear and it turned out looking awesome, so all in all totally worth it. :D  

Ayy , @allesiathehedge , sry for bothering your so much , but I finally managed to get it finished in digital ,so… Yeah ,, it’s the final work I guess.
Not that good tho , but I had fun coloring and shading it lol
So…uh… DACIANTALE then…

*slow clap*
K cya