so yeah i'd recommend it

Y’all like silly videos about Michael J Fox?

Youtube: [x]

anonymous asked:

Could you please recommend some blogs? I really like some of the content you post, and I'm not following many blogs, so I'd really appreciate any recommendations!

Uh yeah sure! I’ll just post the ones that come to mind

spectredeflector (duh, but still a rad person with a cool blog)
v0nvamp I reblog a lot of my random aesthetic stuff from them
superheroselfmade he’s great if you wanna get motivated to work out or do just about anything!
scumbugg I just really enjoy this person. Both visually and I love the way he talks
witch-intestines this is my best friend
greyproxy haven’t been following this person very long, but really enjoy their content so far

I know there are more but that’s who pops to mind