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Enunciate [m]

Smut  // How does one function upon knowing that their next door neighbour, Citrus134 (Kyungsoo) is the audio porn star of their dreams?

Follow up to Audiophile

So, what is the first thing you do when you’ve discovered that your new neighbour posts audio porn online? You lie back on your back and plug your earphones in then go through all of his audios…all of them. You listen to his breaths, laughs and groans over and over until they’re imprinted into your mind. that’s what you do.

Then you imagined him. You imagined his plump lips clamped between his teeth as he stifles a groan. You imagined his bare chest rising up and down as he tried to suck as much air as he could. You imagined his black hair sticking to his forehead after he spends 10 minutes edging.

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“You’re Giving Up On Us?”

A/N: hi, everyone! sorry i haven’t uploaded in a while. school has been keeping me more than busy lately! 

warnings: this is angsty (i think) ??

requested: @pxrrishly

thank you for requesting! i hope you enjoy it x

word count: 2,474

Originally posted by 2tiedships2

Y/N knew what she was getting into when she first started dating Harry. She knew that his job would often take him away from her, whether it was because he had to go on tour or due to late hours at the studio. She could take that. I mean, both Y/N and Harry were doing a pretty good job so far. A long distance-relationship wasn’t going to fail them, now. Right?

Harry had been on tour with the boys countless times before and it never really got in their way. But all because they compromised. 


Had it depended on the occurrence in which both of them would sacrifice bits and bits of their days now, Y/N would’ve forgotten what the word means long ago.

At late hours like these, in the dead of night, when she’s lying wide awake in bed, are the best timing for her thoughts to creep in, and as much as she doesn’t want them roaming around her head, they already settled a home up in there.

She reminisces the times when they’d both stay awake longer than usual — or wake up earlier than supposed to — just so they could talk and see each other as much as possible through video-calls. She reminisces the times when she hadn’t a worry in the world about where their relationship was leading to. She reminisces the times when it still felt like he was putting effort into communicating and contacting her while he was away, just as much as she was. But most importantly, she reminisces the times when she still felt like he was there with her, no matter how far he actually was.

But now that Y/N looks back at how it used to be and where they are now, she can’t help but feel as though someone just ripped her heart open and out of her chest.

The frequent and recurrent calls and texts here and there during her day began to become scarce when compared to the early days in their relationship. Texts that were always replied to, once he had the chance to write back a quick response, turned into hers always being the last sent and with the ‘Read’ tag underneath. What once was a continual exchange of ‘i love you’s barely happened anymore. Perhaps because they forgot or simply didn’t have the time to do so.

And eventually, he almost completely stopped trying to reach out to her. And when he did, it’d often be just a text telling her how busy he was and how he wouldn’t be able to talk to her later on in the day. He was tired. And so was she. For different reasons, of course. Clearly, he wasn’t aware of how much this whole situation was taking a toll on her.

However, it wasn’t as severe as it sounds. It’s not as if he completely forgot about her existence. He loved her too. He really did. But the pressure and hard-work mixed together wasn’t exactly the best combination, sometimes — specially at times like these. Harry knew this wasn’t an excuse because as much as people claim to be too busy or too tired for something — or someone —, they can always make time for them if the effort is really there. He’d talk to her whenever he found the chance to but, somehow, it just wasn’t enough.

For instance, she never cared about how tired she felt. As much as she needed to practically hibernate due to all the pressure and stress her work was putting her through, she’d always wait up for him to call her, just so they could see each other’s faces and share even if just a few words. She waited. She was trying. And as much as she wished to admit Harry was trying too, the only response she got from him were simple and very direct texts explaining how he wouldn’t be able to FaceTime her tonight.

Y/N missed him. And she couldn’t shake off the feeling that he had given up on them. For what other reasons would he practically stop trying altogether?

Harry had been on tour for almost a year now and she felt like she couldn’t take it anymore.

Y/N loved him. She really did. But how was she supposed to carry on with their relationship if the effort he once put into it was long gone? Sure, they’d still Skype each other occasionally, but the distance —both physical and emotional— was too much for her.

Video-calls that used to last around 2 hours — all because the two of them wished to cherish as much as they could whenever they had the chance to see the other — turned into 15-minute chats. Comfortable silences that was once part of their relationship turned into nerve-wrecking silences for her — the thoughts and ways of how she’d break the silence were all her mind surrounded with. And with vague words exchanged here and there, they’d quickly end the call and retreat themselves back to bed.

Y/N was never one to demand the presence and affection of her boyfriend every living minute of their day, but she needed something back from him. She couldn’t be the only one trying and willing to make things work. She just wanted to feel him close whenever she had the chance.

The tension between the two of them was undeniable. And as much as Y/N tried to understand what had changed so abruptly, she couldn’t find any answers. They had just become… distant. It’s not as if they had been arguing or fighting lately, or having silly disagreements. It wasn’t any of that. And she wasn’t sure what it was, but the fact that things just suddenly and unexpectedly changed without a proper reason or cause, made this situation even sadder for her.

For some odd reason, the freedom she once felt to share everything with him was now almost non-existent. Y/N knew she could but she didn’t know how to. And that’s how she figured he felt too. Harry eventually caught up onto her change of demeanour towards him and even though he was apprehensive to ask her if she was okay, he still did, gladly. (Un)fortunately — he really couldn’t tell —, she always replied with the same words, telling him that ‘yeah, just stressed with work s’all’, or ‘I’m okay, why wouldn’t I be?’, and brush it off with a small laugh. They never sounded honest for him though, and he never pressed on those answers because if something was wrong, she’d let him now… Right?

Harry didn’t want it to be true but he thought that he knew the answer to the ‘why wouldn’t I be okay?’ Y/N always pulled on him. He was well aware that they were distant and even awkward around each other at this point and he absolutely hated it. Harry knew she was not okay and he had a feeling that it was partly his fault. But he couldn’t know if she didn’t talk to him. Was he supposed to just brush it off or second-guess each time she said it?

It was bound to happen that her walls would cave down on her eventually—she just hoped it would have taken longer than this.

“Hello, love”, Harry greeted as soon as she answered his Skype call. She looked exhausted.

“Hey”, Y/N returned simply, not making direct eye-contact with him.

“Everything okay? You okay, love?”, he tentatively asked her, hoping for a real answer this time.

“’course I am. Why wouldn’t I b-”, she was immediately cut off.

“Love-”, he sighed. “Y/N… C’mon, talk to me. What’s in your mind? You don’t seem okay”. Harry was hopeful she’d give him something this time. After all, hope was all he had left.

“Harry- I don’-”, she let out a huff. “I don’t want to talk about it, okay?”

“But you know it’s not healthy to bottle up emotions, love. I’m here for you, you know that, don’t you?”

“No. Harry. I don't”, Y/N snapped.

“What? I’m always here for you-”

“Now, is that true, Harry?!”, she cut him off. She couldn’t keep her facade up for much longer. “You barely call or text me anymore! And I get to see you, what?! Once a week through a computer screen?! You don’t even put effort into us anymore! How would I be okay knowing you’re giving up on this relationship?! Tell me!”, Y/N was agitated to the extreme right now; her voice was loud and her cheeks were flushing up a bit—something that happened when she felt uneasy. She just wanted him to understand her side of the story. He might’ve been oblivious to it but she needed him to understand.

“Hey, hey, hey, now! Don’ put all the blame on me! You know damn well that I’m tired too! Sorry if I can’t exactly be right there at this moment to kiss your feet, princess! You know how my job works!”, Harry shot back. He might’ve felt bad and guilty when she started talking but after she accused him of such things, he wasn’t going to have it.

“You’re not denying it. God, I’m so stupid…”. Having a bad thought is something, but having someone somewhat confirm it goes to a whole new level. Harry wasn’t denying it. He was, indeed, giving up on them. Y/N’s mind was racing as she received what she thought was her reality-check.

“Y/N…”, he was strangely calm this time. Something was definitely up.

“Oh, so now you’ve got something to say?!”, she spat at him once again and if he was just previously coming down to his senses again, he wasn’t anymore. Her attitude was getting straight to his nerves.

“You know what? Just go straight to the point, yeah? I know what you’re doing here. Might as well just rush things up, no? I got better things to do…”

“Wow, Harry. Wow, really?! You don’t think that discussing this relationship is important?”, Y/N incredulously asked him, not waiting for a response.

“I didn’t say tha-”

“Well, you didn’t have to. I might just do you a favor and rush things up for you, yeah?!”, she huffed, mocking his previous words. “I can’t do this with you anymore. Clearly, you don’t give a shit about this so I might as well just end it, yeah?”. Y/N’s voice was slightly shaky but she managed to cover it up with a cough. She wasn’t sure if she had exploded way too suddenly and quickly in the course of their conversation but this was the least of her problems right now. She was literally breaking up with him.

“So you’re breaking up with me?!”. It was Harry’s turn to be stunned now. “You said I was the one giving up on us, but look at you now! Are we really not worth the fight for you?!”

“Oh, don’t put this all on me, Harry! You know damn right you gave up on us long ago! I’m just doing us both a favor ending this vicious cycle we’re in!” Y/N yelled, following with a sniffle and a sudden change in the room. It was quiet. None of them dared to say anything else at this moment. She had tears pricking at her eyes, begging to run free across her cheeks — but she wasn’t going to allow them. At least not now.

Vicious cycle? Is that really what you think this is- is that really what you thing we are? This could be nothing but a rough patch for all we know and you’re literally just throwing it all away?!”, Harry couldn’t believe the words he just came in contact with. How dare she say that?

“You know what?! I’m done arguing. Goodbye, Harry. I hope you have a great life!”

And just like that, Y/N ended the call and as much as Harry tried to be fast enough to stop her, his screen went blank and she was gone.

Right after she shut her laptop close, she broke into sobs. Did she make the right choice? Was there any chance left for them?

It wasn’t exactly an easy breakup — if you could even call it that. Y/N was aware of the words exchanged just now but she didn’t really feel as though as they were broken up. I mean, it’s Harry we’re talking about here. They’ve been together for the past two years and their relationship literally ended through a video-call.

It just didn’t seem… real. None of them got any closure. She literally shut the argument close, leaving both herself and Harry as confused as they could be.

Y/N knew what she was bound to do the next few days: grieve their relationship. Saying she was happy throughout their journey together was at least minimizing it all down to one word. There was no way she could describe what their love and connection felt like.

Both of them said things they didn’t mean. But was it worth going back on her words and apolozing? The pain that was unintentionally inflicted on her due to the distance and lack of contact with Harry was enough to bring her mind right back to where it was, in the first place. But, isn’t small contact better than none?

She was so stunned by the episode that just occurred that she didn’t even think about how Harry was feeling right now. Was he happy? Relieved that they were done? Sad? Shaken up?

And that’s how her next few days were spent: with her battling against her mind to give her some peace and with questions practically swimming around her mind — questions to which she had no intentions to finding the answers to.

Whenever, Y/N finds herself in hard situations, like a breakup, for example, she likes to be alone. She simply felt utterly lost and helpless — even though there was nothing simple about these two emotions.

She had to face the fact that she was now on her own and figure out a way to overcome Harry and hers breakup. Y/N had never loved someone as much as she did him and moving on would be complicated and perhaps even challenging. Might as well try to start now already, no?

Her trace of thought was immediately interrupted by a loud knock at her door, making Y/N huff in annoyance and get up from her lying position on the couch.

As she was making her way to the door, the person she missed most spoke on the other side of it, making her halt every movement she had — including her breathing.

“Y/N, love, please open up?”

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coming back around

Summary: Four months later, and it starts with a phone call and a slightly more-than-absurd request. 
Pairing: Taehyung | Reader
Genre: Fluff; Post Breakup AU 
Word Count: 4,738


“You want me to do what?”

Taehyung visibly winces at your tone of voice, while not over accusatory or threatening or aggressive, is just enough to make him realize the ridiculous notion of his previous request. It had been slightly absurd even before he had decided to brave towards a phone call, but now that the words are out there, it’s even more absurd. He tries to picture you now: your eyebrows knitted together and your lips jutting out into that adorable pout that he use to trace out with his finger before pulling you in for a kiss, nips and bites and anything to make your pout turn into the smile that he loved so much.

He swallows thickly as soon as he hears you humming on the other side of the phone, enough to drag him out of his trance, enough to make the statement burn itself into the back of his head: the statement that you weren’t his girlfriend anymore and he couldn’t just kiss you because he wanted to.

“Taehyung, are you still there?”

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is-my-biology-its-my-decision  asked:

Head cannon: kim being jealous cause now that Trini is out in school (assuming she did that) girls are hitting on her and she can't do anything because they're not dating (just acts overprotective), so onetime she does and Trini is like relax dude I'm totally into you.

Ignore the fact that I’ve never actually felt jealousy lmao.

Listen, she’s happy for Trini. Kim’s so glad that Trini was ready to come out, that she’s no longer feeling the need to hide that part of herself. Honestly, Kimberly is absolutely delighted about that.

The problem, though, is that now every wlw is hitting on Trini. At first, Kim brushed her annoyance and intense need to tell them to fuck off as simply looking out for her fellow Power Ranger. Of course, such a lie can only last for so long.

Usually, all Kim lets herself do is be…slightly overprotective. She’ll walk in on some girl flirting with Trini and she’ll say some shit like, “Oh, hey, Trini! Jessica, how nice to see you. Weren’t you supposed to meet Jake earlier? He’s looking for you.”

And, honestly, it’s pretty pathetic, but at the very least, it works. Most of the time, all Trini will do is quirk an eyebrow so Kim likes to think she’s being subtle about it.

One day, though, Kim can’t take it. Trini spends the entire day at school surrounded by beautiful, and most importantly, sapphic women. There’s no way she could get them to leave without being overtly suspicious and so Kim spends the entire day stewing in her annoyance and wallowing over her situation.

When the bell rings and the two of them are walking to the spaceship to train—Trini finally without her gaggle of annoyingly dumb fangirls—Kim explodes.

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Cupcakes-5x22 fic

A/N: Y’all…I don’t even know where this came from. It’s total and complete ridiculous fluff!!!! Please enjoy!! 

Felicity rushed through the door of the bakery ten minutes before the sign said they closed, the smell of sugar and dough hitting her before she was even fully inside.

“I am definitely in the right place,” she muttered to herself as she headed straight to the counter even though her suddenly growling stomach threatened to derail her mission. Her idea to throw Oliver a surprise birthday party was a good one, of that she was certain, but actually having to plan and organize the event was something else entirely. Luckily Thea had agreed to do the heavy lifting when it came to decorations which left Felicity in charge of food.

“Hi, how can I help you?” the woman behind the counter only looked slightly perturbed at having a customer barge in so close to closing.

“I need cupcakes,” Felicity said enthusiastically, eyes scanning the display case but not seeing anything she liked.

“We can pretty much do whatever,” the woman assured her, catching on that she hadn’t spotted what she wanted.

“Like maybe something chocolate and fudgey with green frosting?” she asked with a hopeful lift of her eyebrows. “But not like grass green or mint green, more like…Green Arrow green.”

The woman laughed, pulling out a pad to write down the order, “Your little boy is into superheroes? How many dozen?”

“Oh no, I don’t…I don’t have a son, little or big.”

“Sorry! Daughter. No reason girls can’t like Green Arrow either.” she said with a grin, leaning in a little closer, “I mean…have you seen the way he fills out those leather pants?”

Felicity felt her face flush as her hands curled tight, lips pressed into a straight line, “I um…I have not noticed. Nope. Never noticed that. Is it a good fit? I mean…sorry, never mind, we were discussing cupcakes for my non existent children.” she trailed off under her breath.

The woman looked at her a little strangely but nodded, “Chocolate fudge with green frosting. Any sort of decoration?”

She was about to say no when a thought crossed her mind, “I don’t suppose you have little arrows or something do you?”

“I have just the thing.”

Felicity watched as she looked through a drawer behind her, before turning back holding a small arrow attached to a toothpick.

“It’s perfect!”

“This will be the first Green Arrow party we’ve done. I might have to take some pics and put it on our instagram. Maybe you could share your own and tag us?”

“That uh…that might not be so easy.” Felicity stammered.

“Yeah, some parents are weird about their kids pictures being put on the internet, but I figured it didn’t hurt to ask. Now how many dozen?”

“I’ll take two dozen,” she said quickly though she knew they’d never eat that many, but if there were leftovers that would not be a problem. Then a thought hit her and she sighed, “You know what, make half of those vanilla. Rene doesn’t like chocolate and Curtis will only eat the icing anyways and–”

“I thought you said you didn’t have kids.”

Articulate  [m]

Smut //  Your neighbour is an audio porn star, and his latest post featured you and his erotic ramblings.Upon listening to the audio, you find yourself at his door.

Third instalment to Audiophile (i) and Enunciate (ii)

There were fifty thousand and probably infinite ways that the situation could’ve turned out and you go through each one as you stood in front of Kyungsoo.

First, you tell kyungsoo that you listened to him masturbate.

Second, you try and seduce Kyungsoo then reveal everything.

Third, you drop subtle hints here and there, till he himself knows.

Fourth, you don’t tell him. 

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New Spideypool Clip

(PSA My Spideypool is always Andrew Garfield/Ryan Reynolds. I love Tom Holland but his Spidey is too young for my fics)


“Yo, Spidey, I was thinking–”

“You never call me baby boy anymore.” Peter interrupted, and Wade crammed the rest of his burrito in his mouth as he thought about how to respond to that. “I mean, its fine, because it actually annoys the shit out of me, but why not?” 

“Well.” Wade swallowed and wiped his mouth before pulling his mask back down, turning around to look at Spider-man, wishing that ridiculous mask showed more of the kids expressions. 

“Look. Its not that I still don’t love you and all that. You know you’re always gonna be special to me, Spidey. But I um, I’ve been seeing someone.” 

“Seeing someone.” Peter repeated, and tried not to smile. “Seeing someone with your mask off?” 

“No. Not yet.” Wade said defensively. “But Im getting there. Anyway, you know. I uh– I call him baby boy. And I know it doesnt mean anything to you when I say it, but I like to think it means something to Pete, so I thought I should only say it to him from now on.” 

“Seriously?” Peter coughed to hide how hard he was grinning. “You only want to call that kid baby boy now?” 

“His name’s Pete.” Wade tossed a wrapper at him. “And yeah. He might not care, but I do.”

“So does this mean I wont have to endure your insane flirting anymore? You are putting all that horrible charm out on someone else?” 

“I think Pete likes my charm.” Wade shot back. “So lay off. And yeah, no more flirting for you, Spidey. All this grade A charm and awesome pick up lines and nicknames belong to someone else.”

“Im sure he’s thrilled, Pool.” Peter knew he was blushing beneath his mask. “It sounds like you’re real into this guy.” 

“I think I might love him, Spidey.” Wade didnt care how dopey he sounded, or about the way his voice softened. “I think I might love him.” 

It took all of Peters self control to not rip off his mask and tell Wade that he loved him too. 

Danny’s “Privilege”

He’s been criticized for this ever since Iron Fist dropped and I am so sick of it. In this post I am going to defend that Danny does not have privilege.

So he was born to wealthy white parents. From what we’ve seen and heard, they were good people. His life must’ve been great, and it was. Except for Ward, who basically tormented Danny. In IF 1x01, Danny says to Ward, “You were a dick as a kid, and you’re still a dick now. You used to lock me in the freezer at the Rand cafeteria. At one of the company picnics you put a dead frog in my sandwich. You would kick me in the balls every chance you had.” Two of those are physical abuse, and Ward is five years older than Danny and at some point knew that behavior was wrong. Yet clearly no one knew, as it went on and Danny’s parents would have stopped it.

Next, the plane crash at ten. He watches his mother die and finds his father’s corpse, he is the only survivor. That’s awful enough on its own. Of course he’s taken in by monks of K'un-Lun, who aren’t the great people Danny sometimes says they are. In 1x03, he says to Joy (apologizes in advance for the mispelled Chinese words, I did it phonetically)

Danny: “Everyone there, and I mean everyone, said there was no way a shaoguilou like me could do it.”

Joy: “Shaoguilou?”

Danny: “Yeah, it sort of means like an ‘outsider’. It’s what they called me.”

Joy: “Sounds kind of mean.”

Danny: “Sort of cool too. Besides, it just made me want the job more.”

Joy: “Yeah, sure, I get that.”

Danny: “So problem was, I never thought through why I wanted this job. I mistook my stubborn will for a sense of destiny or something. I never really counted the cost of what it might mean for my life.”

Joy: “You got the job?”

Danny: “Yeah. I fought the whole way for it. I earned it.”

He was called an outsider by the people who saved his life, and basically decided to become the Iron Fist to prove himself. These were the only people he was around. Sure, Davos seemed nice enough and he had fond memories, but that doesn’t change how harsh that was to a traumatized kid. He thought the only way to get them to really care for and accept him was to become the Iron Fist and serve them for all his life guarding a cold pass. Let that sink in.He continues to describe his daily routine to Joy as “First off, my room was nothing like this. Six by six. A dirty mat on the floor. I had a blanket, you know. A literal pot to piss in. Every morning I’d walk a mile uphill with jugs the size of my abdomen just to get me and my surfu’s daily ration of water. That was the easy part. Then it was training, all day every day. When we weren’t training it was fighting, sparring. Every moment was a struggle. Failure led to a beating. Victory led to the next fighting style, the next lesson.”

Joy: “Sounds like abuse.”

Danny: “Well, it made me what I am today.”

“Failure resulted in a beating” “Every moment was a struggle”. That’s not a healthy life at all, especially for a traumatized child to grow up in. Oh, about that trauma, they basically taught him to repress it and never actually confront and heal from it, as a drug-induced vision of his mentor tells him “Grief is weakness”. Joy rightfully calls it abuse, and he looks uncomfortable and avoids it. He says “It made me what I am today”. Not who, what. He has been told he is an outsider, trained to serve and fight the Hand for them, culminating in him becoming the Iron Fist, the ultimate weapon and slave. No wonder his name means so much to him, they basically objectified him. Yet he remains loyal to them, and that actually makes sense too. They saved his life and he probably feels immense gratitude and debt towards them.

Danny Rand did not have a perfect, privileged life. The first ten years were much easier than the later years, yes, but he still suffered. So don’t throw that “he’s an entitled white boy” crap at me.

Oh yeah, and what Luke tells him about beating up that kid? Danny didn’t know he was just a Harlem kid, Danny just knew he worked for the Hand. And we know how deceptive the Hand can be, Danny more so. He probably thought the “I don’t know” were lies.

So take your Danny Rand hate elsewhere, he is a hero who deserves to be loved and protected.

  • Junko: so you say you can destroy absolutely anything, yes
  • Flandre: yup!~
  • Junko: do you think, for example, you could destroy, say.... the entire moon
  • Flandre: yeah, probably!
  • Junko: you see, i was. wondering. i'm, curious. about something that you might possibly-
Beguiling Bubbles

Pairing: George x Reader
Request: Request where (Y/n) gets dosed with a love potion by someone else, but she accidentally falls for one of the twins instead
A/N: Sorry it’s been ages! It’s very late at night so this hasn’t been edited. Also, where I go into detail about how the first person the drinker sees is who they fall for, that was pulled directly out of my ass souly for the purpose of the story because the wiki didn’t have much on the other potions that weren’t amortentia so I made it up 
Squicks: little bit of swearing

~George’s POV~

He sort of blackmailed me into it. Seamus Finnigan knew about the shipments for the store that we were hiding in the Docks, and threatened to go to McGonagall if we didn’t help him out.

“Which one of you is the least crap at potions?” he had asked me and Fred, smiling while thinking of all the possibilities now that he had us under his thumb.

“Neither of us are shit at potions mate,” Fred stood up for himself, sneering down at the little stain who thought he could boss us around.

“Alright, if one of you can get a love potion to me by tomorrow night I’ll keep your little secret, howzabout it?”

We had no clue what he wanted a love potion for, but we didn’t really care. The less we had to spend dealing with that git the better.

You’re the least shit at potions,” Fred said to me once Seamus had buggered off, “do you wanna make it?” I groaned in response, honestly not wanting to go through the trouble of sneaking into Snape’s little pantry to get out some shit that I don’t even want, then go to the trouble of making this damn thing, again when it isn’t even something I want.

We stayed up that night making the blasted potion, Fred insisting that he was there for encouragement purposes. Not many people knew that I was actually alright at Potions, especially since Snape would never dream of giving me the marks to show it…

At around 3 in the morning, the stupid potion was done. We poured it into one of the empty bottles from the ingredients that we nicked, and snuck back up to Gryffindor tower. On our way back up to our dorm, we made sure to make a stop on the way. “Oi, what the f—“ Seamus started, freaking out at the sudden awakening of Fred shoving him, “There’s your perfume, now get off our backs,” I whispered sharply at Seamus, as he took the bottle and told us to piss off.

— — Morning (Regular POV) — —

Fred and George were at the Gryffindor table, their lack of sleep evident in their flippant attitude and tired looks. They broke out of this mood, however, when Seamus grasped their curiosity. He was whispering to Dean, holding the glass bottle filled with the cherry pink potion that George had made a few hours ago.

“What have you got, Seamus?” Ron called out, nothing his shifty behaviour as well as the unusual bottle. He was immediately shushed and shot an intimidating glare with wild hand movements, “Keep it down, Weasley! It’s a love potion idiot, I’m going to get Y/n to be all over me!” Seamus laughed, while Ron, Hermione and Harry all looked awkwardly and warily each other.

Fred’s eyes widened as he looked over at his twin, who had an angry expression on his face, mixed with fear. George, much like Seamus, had feelings for Y/n, and Fred knew about it because, well, of course he does. The two weren’t particularly close with Y/n, but that didn’t stop George crushing over her constantly.

Seamus and Dean laughed, as they nodded to each other, silently setting their plan in motion. Before George had the chance to do anything, Dean had started a conversation with Y/n, causing her to look away from her breakfast, while Seamus poured the contents of the bottle into her orange juice. George looked at Seamus with a panicked expression, only to have it returned with Seamus’ glare, wordlessly sending him a warning of what he’ll do if George blew his cover.

Fred quietly swore to himself, the gears in his brain trying to work out a solution, while George weighed out his options: lose Y/n or lose the shop. In these moments, the answer was obvious to George, but as he looked back at her, she was already bringing the glass to her lips.

“Y/N—!” George tried to warn her. As she drank the liquid she looked across the table at George, her eyes lingering on him. Seamus and Dean laughed and high-fived from behind her, as she put the glass back on the table.

Now would be a good time to take note on the assortments of love potions. There are five known assortments of love potions, each with assumingly different effects. George, having not opened up the shop with his brother yet, had not yet needed to test out these different types. Unlike Amortentia where the giver of the potion is the one the drinker will be infatuated with, it’s the first person that the drinker sees that they will be infatuated with in this case.

— — George’s POV — —

She kept staring at me, as if something was stopping her from looking away. A smile slowly formed on her lips, as she rested her head in her hands, still staring at me.

“Y/n? You alright there?” Fred asked, moving his head next to mine to try and get her to look at him. She kept staring, her smile big as she replied in an airy voice, “never been better”.

Seamus, clearly annoyed, sat directly next to Y/n and moved her head with his hands so that she was facing him, “Helloooo?” he said into her face,

“I’d rather look at George Weasley,” she giggled, looking back at me, her head resting in her hands again, “God, you’re handsome, isn’t he handsome, er, whatever your name is,” she said to Seamus, causing Fred and Dean to laugh and Seamus to look like he would explode with anger.

“Uh, how about we go for a walk?” I suggest quickly, standing up as more people start to pay attention to the small scene.

Y/n gasped with excitement, “yes! Let’s go on a loooong romantic walk together!”

I start to walk toward the door with Y/n walking on the other side of the table at the same pace, watching me still with that smile.

Fred nudged me, “George, mate, don’t get sucked into it, it’s the potion talking—“

“I know,” I say quietly back, “we’re going to the hospital wing”.

Walking all the way up to the hospital wing was nothing short of a nightmare. All I’ve wanted was for Y/n to have feelings for me, but there’s only so many compliments, hand holding, cuddles and heart eyes one man can take in the space of five minutes.

“What’s the problem?” Madam Pomfrey asked,

“Y/n’s been slipped a love potion,” Fred says, as I hold up my arm which Y/n is hugging.

“Ah, I see,” Madam Pomfrey says sceptically, “I hope you realise that love potions are banned from Hogwarts…”

I explained to her that I wasn’t the one to slip Y/n that blasted potion, but how I was the first one she looked at afterwards. She thankfully believed me, and sat the dazed Y/n down on one of the hospital beds and handing her an antidote.

“Isn’t he dreamy…” Y/n giggled, eyes back on me.

“I think it best that the two of you leave, or else the antidote will take much longer to work,” Madam Pomfrey explained, as Y/n flipped her hair and sent me a wink.

Fred and I both agreed, and we said good-bye to Y/n, to which she started crying. “Noooooo George, I don’t want you to leave, pleeeeeeease!” she whaled.

“It would make me really happy if you just stayed here and got some rest, alright?” I asked her, looking down at my hand that she had taken in her own. It stung that she was only acting as if she was in love with me because of a potion, and that she didn’t really have any of these feelings towards me, not really. I wanted to get out of there soon as possible so I wouldn’t have to think about that, but there was also something that felt perfect about my hand being in hers.

After a few hours, a healthy Y/n walked cautiously through the portrait hole of the Gryffindor common room. A few people saw her and giggled amongst themselves, embarrassment clear on Y/n’s face. A few hours ago she couldn’t keep her eyes off me, and now she couldn’t even bring herself to look in my direction, instead looking at the floor as she walked past the Gryffindors, towards the stair case leading to the dormitories.

“Y/n, hold up,” I say, taking hold of her forearm as we were half way up the staircase. She turned around, taking a moment before gaining the confidence to look up at me.

“Y/n, I know you probably feel like shit, and if there’s anything I can do I’ll do it, but I didn’t slip you that love potion, I wouldn’t do that to you,” I try to explain. I wasn’t trying to defend myself, I just wanted to ease some of the embarrassment that she was feeling. I repeat the story of how it all happened, and I could see her face soften. “I wouldn’t do anything to force you to have feelings for me, I know you don’t feel that way about me,” I say, not meaning to sound as deflated as I felt.

Y/n looked at me, not the same way as this morning, but with a curious look, as if briefly studying me.

“I do like you, George,” she said, smiling at the look of astonishment on my face.

“You… What?” is all I manage to say, causing her to laugh,

“Yeah, I like you a fair bit, maybe not crazy in love like this morning,” she smiles, “but there’s definitely something there. I’ve already made a fool of myself in front of you today, so I might as well admit it all now,” she says with a shrug.

I don’t say anything for a few seconds, because what do you say back to that? The girl who went from head-over-heels in love with me to what I thought would be her despising me, and now meeting in the middle to her fancying me, it’s a lot. So, with no words coming to mind to save me, I kissed her. I wrapped my arm around her, my free hand resting on her jaw, as she kissed me back almost immediately.

We parted, and I couldn’t help but smile. Who knew that Seamus being such a dick could’ve turned out this good?

anonymous asked:

Is sexual attraction really a thing? Like do people (strangers) actually look at each other and go "yeah I would like to sleep with you" in their heads? Because to me that is such a wild concept. It's not that I never find people attractive, I guess I've just never been turned on by just looking at someone? Idk, it's just something I've been thinking about lately. I've never been in a reltionship so I don't know if it's something that would change over time, but rn I think I might be demi/ace.

lmao I know right? I always thought I was straight/allo until the day I realized that sexual attraction meant literally wanting to have sex with someone and not just thinking they’re nice to look at. My whole world was rocked when I realized that people like… want to do sexual things with each other, even if they don’t even know each other, and that’s the definition of sexual attraction. 

Not that I look down on them or anything, the concept just boggles my mind. And I think if it boggles your mind too, you’re probably ace-spec.

HARRY STYLES is hurtling towards chart domination in the UK and US this week with his critically acclaimed debut album.

But as he emerges to greet me — dressed head to toe in black — from the back of a trailer parked behind the venue of his first ever solo show in North London, it’s clear he is in a reflective mood.

Security have just ordered us not to move more than two metres from the modest caravan — where his band members are chilling after sound check — to avoid the ­hundreds of fans gathered nearby.

It’s for their own safety, of course. Who knows the reaction if they knew just a fence and four guards stand between them and the new prince of rock ’n’ roll?

The ONE DIRECTION superstar shrugs it off — this level of hysteria has become a commonplace part of his day-to-day life.

My first interview with the band, in the X Factor canteen seven years ago, took place as a number of teenage girls were climbing on the roof.

It was a sign of things to come.

This is the first time I have seen Harry since 1D went on an ­indefinite break at the end of 2015 and there’s a lot to talk about.

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Saturday Night (Vernon x Reader)

Originally posted by visual-17

Admin: Mimi

Prompt/Ask: can you write something sub!vernon? with a female dom? maybe pegging or using toys on him? if it’s too much then that’s okay


Genre: Smut

Pairing: Vernon x Reader

Warnings: language, dom/sub, anal sex, toys

Word Count: 2689

Authors Note: This was an interesting ask lmao. But, I always like a challenge, so I decided to take this request. I hope it’s good enough, I’m worried in case I got anything wrong in it. Let me know if I did, and I’ll take that into account next time. However, I hope you enjoy this as always, feedback is appreciated, notify me of any errors, and happy reading! ^^

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Paint Night

I wish my spurts of inspiration would come earlier in the week, but here we are. Enjoy, loves, and have a wonderful weekend. xo, CC

“I’ll be right down.”

Katniss lets go of the intercom button, looking in the mirror one last time before grabbing her keys and heading out the door. Second dates are rare for her, and she can’t help but feel more nervous than she did before their first date.

Because there are certain expectations for the second date, right?

She shakes the thought out of her head as she approaches his car, and smiles politely when he opens the door for her.

“Thanks, Darius.”

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Tutoring | PJ  {Pt. 2}

Pairing: Student!Jimin X Student!Reader {ft. student!Jungkook and student!Taehyung}

Summary: Park Jimin was known for studying hard and getting good grades, but when he starts failing his parents force him into tutoring which is where y/n is pushed to step in and help the boy. Let’s not forget that this boy used to be her ultimate crush before he broke her heart.

Genre: Fluff, angst, smut

Warnings: fake sex, fake moans, mentions of sex

Word Count: 4.1k

Note: This is part two, you can find part one here

Y/n wasn’t a big fan of going to the lounge, mainly because her friends were always trying to set her up with some guy that she had no absolute interest in whatsoever. As soon as she stepped inside that café and looked over at the lounge she saw a massive group of people, laughing and talking. She turned around, about to head out when she heard the call of her friends. “Y/n! Y/n come sit!” Park Cho-rong said, a boy latched onto her neck as he left hickies along the skin that she exposed. Y/n turned around and sighed, walking over and sitting down between her and a boy who she saw around school; Kim Taehyung.

“Yo! Finally, you two arrive!” Taehyung suddenly shouted as y/n turned to look Jungkook and Jimin walk through the door. “Oh, look Jungkook, your boyfriend really missed you.” Jimin said indicating Tae and Jungkook were in a relationship causing him to playfully punch Jimin’s shoulder. Jimin smiled before noticing y/n and sitting on top of Taehyung so he could be next to her. “Yah! Pabo get off!” Taehyung said trying to push the boy off him, but he just ignored him and kept his eyes fixed on y/n’s orbs. “Hey.” He said, running his tongue over his bottom lip before smirking slightly.

Tae managed to push Jimin off him but it caused him to fall on top of y/n, his face dangerously close to hers that she could hear him breathing. His chest moving in sync with her own as it raised and fell with each breath. “S-sorry.” Y/n stuttered, feeling a blush creep onto her cheeks as she went to reach up and brush some hair behind her ear, but Jimin beat her to it. Pushing the strand of h/c behind her hair and smiling, running his tongue over his lips once again. “You’re apologising for me falling on you?” He asked causing them both to laugh slightly.

“Guys you in?” A voice broke the two out of the trance, they both turned their heads and looked at the girl with long black hair and a black cap placed on her head. “What are we doing?” Jimin asked, pushing himself off and away from y/n and awaiting the girl’s answer. “We’re playing Shadows, you guys in?” She asked and y/n cocked her head to the side. “What’s that?” She asked and everyone smirked at her. “A little game. Sort of like, hide and go seek except the first two who are caught have to…do stuff” She explained and the air got caught in y/n’s throat.

This girl may attend church and be innocent but she knew exactly what the girl meant. “I’m in.” Jimin spoke up, y/n turning her head and looking at the boy who didn’t even meet her gaze. He just held a charming smile on his face as Tae patted his back. “I’m in too.” Y/n said, everyone nodding and smiling. “Okay, I am the seeker—“ The same girl was cut off by Taehyung. “But you’re always the seeker.” He whined and everyone laughed. “Fine, Tae and I will be the seekers. Now remember the three rules, you can only hide up to the bridge, you can’t hide with more than one person and if you’re caught you can’t back out.” She explained and everyone nodded.

Y/n felt nervous, she prayed she wouldn’t be found first unless maybe if Jimin was found first. Y/n was innocent yes, but she’d do anything with Jimin. She does have sexual desires and dirty thoughts too about the boy. “Alright. Let the games begin. Remember, one minute to go hide. Starting…now.” She said and everyone ran out of the café, Jimin grabbing y/n’s hand and finally making eye contact with her once again. “Come with me.” He said, and all y/n could do was move her feet as he dragged her to god knows where. They ended up running into an alley, the walls so close together but there was enough space for the two to be pressed up against each other.

Chest to chest, feeling each other’s heavy breaths they take and let out. Y/n could feel something pushing against her thigh and she thought it might be his phone or his keys so she decided to whisper. “Umm…Jimin?” She asked, her voice so quiet but so loud in the alley. “Yeah?” He whispered back, thanking that it was dark because he was so red in the face right now. “Could you move your phone, or keys, or whatever is in your pocket?” She asked and he felt his cheeks heat up even more. “I don’t think I can do that…” He whispered back and y/n furrowed her eyebrows.

“Why not?” She asked, moving her leg to try and find a more comfortable spot but as she did so Jimin released a small whimper. “Oh.” She dragged out, realising Jimin had a hard on. Jimin squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to restrain himself from just fucking the girl right then and there. “Sorry, I-I didn’t realise.” She stumbled over her words a few times, feeling her own cheeks heat up and questions swarm her mind. Did I cause that? She smirked a little, the thought so good for some reason. “It’s okay, just try not to move too much.” He managed to squeak out without letting out a moan of a sort.

Minutes past but it felt like time was going so slow for them, there they stood pressed up against one another in the cold. Suddenly a light shined down the alley and landed on both of their faces. “Oh!” Taehyung called out, smiling and throwing a whistle as he looked at the two. Both squinting as the light shined brightly in their eyes. “Come out you two! Looks like you two will be doing some naughty things later.” Why did this make y/n nervous yet excited? Maybe because she had never done anything with a guy but she finally was but it was with her long-time crush who broke her heart.

 There y/n sat on the bed, feeling weird and awkward while Jimin sat in his computer chair, spinning around. “So, how do you want to do this?” He asked finally coming to a stop and flashing that millions dollar smile that made the girl’s heart melt. “I-I don’t know.” She stuttered, feeling heat in her cheeks as she looked down to avid eye contact. “How about this…” Jimin took out his phone and opened the voice recorder, y/n was confused but he made his way over to the bed. Smirking at how uneasy she would get around him, yet so calm in a way.

“Just go along with it.” He mouthed and she arched an eyebrow. Suddenly Jimin moaned, it was awkward cause y/n didn’t know what to do. He gave her a questioning look, and she nodded. She began to made seductive moans, acting like she was having sex with Jimin. The two began making moans and grunts, Jimin’s hands were placed on either side of her as he began to push down into the mattress to make it squeak. Making it bounce and squeak as y/n layed underneath his frame.

Her moans sounded so real to the boy and sounded like music to his ears, he had never heard anything so beautiful to him before. In a way, he was getting turned on but knew he needed to control his hormones before his dick makes another awkward appearance. To be more convincing y/n began to spit some words out, using dirty talk and it almost felt so real to Jimin. Jimin knew what she was doing and decided to give it a try too, yes it made them both cringe but it sounded believable. They finally finished and made it sound like they finished and Jimin turned off the recording.

“Do you think they’ll believe it?” She asked standing up, walking towards the boy as he began playing it and listening to the recording. They both look at each other and cringed. “I don’t know. We might need a little more evidence than that.” He said, Jimin knew they had enough but he just wanted to have a little fun. “Well what else could we do?” She asked, and Jimin made it look like he was thinking but he already had an idea in mind. “Take off your panties.” He said sternly, making eye contact with the shy girl with a confused expression on her face.

“What? No. That’s weird.” She said lying straight through her teeth. She would take them off straight away for him but she didn’t want to show him that he had an effect on her. “Do you want to be caught?” He asked and y/n sighed and rolled her eyes, giving him a gesture to turn around and he did. She reached under her skirt and pulled down the white lace panties she was wearing and handed them to the boy. He was shocked at first but just smiled and placed the lace between his teeth. Pulling a fuckboi face as he took a selfie of it quickly and then handed them back to y/n.

“Was that really necessary?” She asked slipping them around her ankles and pulling them back up while his back was still turned. “Yes, unless you want to get caught I would thank me.” He said, locking his phone and slipping it into his pocket. “Thank you? If it hadn’t been for you I wouldn’t have been caught in the first place and been forced to have fake sex with you and then give you my panties to put in your mouth.” Her voice changed as she grew slightly irritated with the boy in front of her. “Ah, I never knew you were so good with words.” He said placing his hand over his heart and smiling.

Y/n huffed and stormed past him, leaving his house annoyed and frustrated. “Idiot!” She yelled at herself as she got closer to her own house and then went inside. Greeting her parents coldly before storming upstairs and into her room, closing and locking her door as she landed on her soft bed. The mattress muffled her loud screams thankfully. Her phone beeped and she grabbed it, unlocking it to see Jimin had posted in the group chat.


Done and dusted. Nice and tight! Thanks y/n.

Jimin sent an audio.

Jimin send a photo.

 Y/n scoffed and cringed at it, hating herself for listening to him. Maybe he isn’t different, maybe he’s still the same guy from elementary. She thought to herself, feeling the need to cry but she shook away the tears that were about to fall. She changed out of her clothes and into some sweats, feeling more comfortable and warm. She rubbed her moisturizer on her face when her phone began going off, everyone in the group chat.


Y/n you dirty girl! Go you!


Wow, you guys did it. Jimin you dog!



Jae Eun

That’s fucking gross. Don’t post that shit in the group chat


Stfu Jae Eun, nobody asked for your opinion. Just because you wanted to be the one to do it with Jimin.

 After reading that last message y/n put her phone down, feeling worried that Jae Eun would now hate her after having fake sex with Jimin. She couldn’t believe they all believed it, except Jungkook who seemed a bit sceptical about it all. “I’m telling you, she was so upset when she ran out of here. I have another tutor session with her tomorrow afternoon and I’m going to play the good guy again.” Jimin said into the phone as Jungkook laughed on the other end. “So, you guys haven’t boned yet?” He asked finally stopping himself from laughing. “No not yet, but give it time. That girl is slowly falling for me. And she wants me. I can tell.” He said looking out his window over at y/n’s house.

“How?” Jungkook asked as Jimin stepped back from the window and ran his fingers through his hair. “She was wet. Like her panties were white but I could see that she had leaked a little in them. It was fucking hot.” Jimin said smirking to himself as he thought back to it. Jungkook began laughing like crazy before he finally calmed down and had to go. Jimin layed in bed, enjoying and letting the silence consume him as he stared at the ceiling. God, she was such a tease. He thought as he thought back to the time with her in the alley. How she kept moving her leg that was rubbing against his bulge.

 When y/n walked into school, she felt embarrassed and annoyed. Not wanting to talk to anyone, not wanting to smile, laugh, eat or do anything really except for study, work and do something she enjoys. “The three solutions of the equation f(x) = 0 are -2, 0, and 3. Therefore, the three solutions of the equation f(x - 2) = 0 are…” The teacher said, looking around the classroom for someone to put their hand up besides y/n who had her hand up each time the teacher asked a question. “Miss l/n” The teacher sighed as y/n smiled. “four, two and five.” She answered feeling proud before someone chimed in. “Wrong.” Everyone’s heads turned back to look at the boy who spoke.

 Park Jimin, who finally actually had the right answer and payed attention in class. “What’s the answer then Mr Park?” The teacher asked, feeling a little intimidated but waited to hear his answer. “zero, two and five.” He said and the teacher walked over to her desk, reading the answer before looking up, y/n had a ‘please say he’s wrong’ look on her face. “He’s right.” The teacher answered and the class was in a daze, people whispering. Y/n slumped back in her chair feeling embarrassed. She had never gotten the answer wrong in class, what was going on with her? It’s like ever since she started talking with Jimin her life began flipping upside down.

Her head popped up at those thoughts, looking ahead but in her mind the cogs were working. That’s it! She thought, smiling to herself before getting back to her work and writing down notes. She was so annoyed though that she couldn’t even concentrate on her work properly and time felt like it was flying by. The bell rung and y/n looked up at the clock that read 3:00PM, gripping her pencil more tightly before looking back down at her work seeing she had only gotten three questions done in an hour. She grumbled and began putting her stuff in her bag, the teacher dismissing them all as she stormed out and into the library. Not even wanting to tutor him anymore.

She doesn’t care if he fails but she made a promise to the principle, her parents and his parents she would help get his grades up. She sat in the library waiting, checking her watch every few minutes before looking at the door. But he didn’t walk through at any moment, and that’s when y/n knew she was being stood up. “Hey, is this seat taken?” She turned and looked at Jungkook, shaking her head and pulling her lips into a straight line as he sat across from her. “I’m Jungkook, you’re y/n, right?” He asked and the girl nodded, smiling slightly at the boy. “So, word is you’re the smartest girl and the best tutor?” He asked arching an eyebrow at her and she couldn’t help the blush that crept onto her cheeks.

“Y-yeah. I wouldn’t say that. I mean I’m doing the hardest subjects but I don’t know…” She said, trying to calm herself down but her heart rate was picking up, her cheeks now a cute red and her palms slightly sweaty. “You see I’m having trouble, with some of my work.” He said pulling out his own maths book, y/n went and sat on the other side next to him so they both could view it. Her face was so close to Jungkook’s even though it wasn’t even facing his. He watched as he tucked her bottom lip in between her teeth and her eyes fluttered back and forth reading his working out, the equations and his answers. Her nose twitching so slightly every now and then. “Okay, so what you’re doing wrong here is—“ She was cut off with Jungkook pushing his lips onto hers.

She squealed, the kiss a surprise. She tried pulling away but he held her head in place, pushing his tongue past and into her mouth. She bit down on his tongue, causing him to hiss and pull away. She grabbed her things and ran out of the library and few students giving Jungkook a funny look wondering what happened. Y/n ran home and upstairs, once again locking herself in her room and throwing her stuff onto her bed before going into her bathroom and brushing her teeth. Her first kiss and it wasn’t the guy she wanted it to be with. To many girls their first kiss wasn’t a big deal, but it meant everything to y/n. She was the only virgin left in the school. The only one who hadn’t been touched. Who hadn’t even been kissed, until now.

She heard the doorbell ring and was hesitant to answer it, afraid it might be Jungkook again. Even if it was him coming to apologise, she didn’t want to see him. But no one else was home, so she had to answer it just in case it was someone else. She walked downstairs, her pepper spray hidden behind her back as she opened the door to see Jimin in a grey t-shirt and some black skinny jeans. He was sweaty, his hair pushed off his face and loud pants leaving his lips. His flushed pink cheeks and chest that kept rising and falling. “I’m sorry, I know I wasn’t there for tutoring but—“ He stopped mid-sentence when his eyes landed on her lips.

 They were more swollen and red than usual, and Jimin couldn’t help the jealousy brewing up inside him. He stepped inside and y/n looked confused, he was so close to her. Tilting her chin to look up at him, he examined her lips more closely. “Who kisses you?” He asked, his voice darker now and y/n didn’t want to answer. She didn’t want to believe that she had her first kiss taken by a complete asshole. She didn’t want people to think she gave herself up that easily. “Y/n who kissed you?!” He yelled, his voice more aggressive now and it was starting to scare the girl more now. She couldn’t help the tears that began to fall, she needed an excuse or something. She knew how close Jungkook was with Jimin and she didn’t want them to have a falling out because of her.

“Y/n I swear to god if you don’t tell me.” He pushed her body up against the wall now, tears falling down her face as she shook her head and faint whimpers left her lips. “It was no one. I promise. No one. I just got hit in the face with a ball.” She said trying to come up with another excuse. Not only to get rid of Jimin but because she didn’t want to have her first kiss with Jungkook. “Why? Why are you lying to me? Who was it?” He asked again, his voice sounding as if he was pleading. And that’s when she did it, she brought her hand up and pushed his neck so his lips crashed against hers. His cherry flavoured lip balm chap stick on her lips.

The tears touching his skin as they came tumbling out of her eyes. Both just melting into the kiss, and she compared it to Jungkook’s. His was rough and unwanting, unlike Jimin’s whose was kind, soft and calm. Their lips fit together like they were made for each other. They finally pulled back, y/n’s hands still on the back of his neck and his hands still on her hips firmly. “You. That’s who I kissed. You were my first kiss.” She said softly, his orbs staring right into hers. “I was?” He choked slightly, he had never been someone first kiss. He always thought it was the best thing to be someone’s kiss because you can tell who someone is by their kiss.

“Was it good?” He asked, his voice a little shaky due to him being worried it was bad. She nodded her head and he smiled, pressing his plump lips too hers once again. After a hot make out session y/n invited Jimin upstairs so they could do their tutoring session which was just them two messing around with their work out in front of them and untouched. “S-stop!” She giggled as his fingers pressed into her sides, adding pressure to the sensitive spots. “Give me a kiss and I will.” Jimin said puckering his lips out for her. She smiled and climbed onto his lap, straddling the boy and kissing his lips once again. Oh, how she could kiss those lips forever.

She pulled back and looked into his orbs, a question that she’s been dying to ask all night crossing her mind once again. “Jimin…” She asked as he hummed a response for her to continue. “What does this make us? I mean, what am I to you now?” She asked and there was just silence, Jimin licked his lips slightly. “Well…” he said before swiftly turning them over so she was now pinned down to the bed, his body hovering over hers as she smiled. “How about girlfriend?” He asked, smirking slightly at the blushing girl. She nodded her head before his lips attacked the exposed skin on her neck. As much as she was enjoying the feeling of his lips on her skin the sounds of her parents walking into the house made her push the boy off her body onto the floor.

His body made a loud thud causing y/n to suddenly panic. “Y/n you okay?” She heard her mother’s voice call out. “Yeah, just about to take a shower!” She called out, her parents feet suddenly heard as they began coming up the stairs. Y/n grabbed Jimin and bolted into the bathroom, turning on the shower and ridding herself of her clothes and pushing Jimin into the shower before closing the shower curtain on them. “Y/n? you in here?” Her mother walked into her room and into the bathroom. “Yeah, sorry mum. Just in the shower.” Jimin tried his best to look away from y/n’s body but it was so beautiful. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her breasts.

“It’s alright. How was tutoring with Jimin?” She asked causing y/n to look at the boy who she was pressed up against. “Good. He got a lot done. I think he still needs some more sessions though.” She called out, her heart beat picking up and Jimin could feel it against his chest. “Okay, well once you’re done showering with him come downstairs for dinner okay?” Jimin went wide eyed and looked at y/n, wondering how she knew. “His homework was left on your bed. Be careful so your father doesn’t find him in there.” And with that her mother walked downstairs. “Oh my god. I’m in the shit.” She said to herself before turning off the shower and stepping out, wrapping a towel around her body as Jimin also stepped out still wearing his damp clothes. Y/n chuckled and handed him a towel. 

“Sorry, I have some of my brother’s old clothes if you want?” She asked and he nodded, grabbing a towel and trying to dry his clothes body. Y/n quickly went and grabbed him a blue Harvard sweater and some grey sweat pants. Closing the bathroom door so he could get changed and she could too.After the two were clothed and dry y/n hesitated to go downstairs. What would her father think of Jimin? Jimin held her hand and y/n looked at the sincere smile he gave her. “It’ll be fine.” He cooed softly, taking her hand in his as they made their way downstairs. “Finally, I have some people I want you to meet.” Her father said as they got downstairs, a man stood there in a suit next to a face that y/n can’t seem to escape.

 “Y/n, this is Mr. Jeon and this is his son Jungkook.”
Carry On: The Musical
A fan musical of the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell using songs from many musicals (and a few non-musical songs). Each song is annotated with a quote or reference to the book to demonstrate where in the book the song is taking place. Sadly, the annotations are not available on mobile. :( (Please suggest any songs and/or quotes you feel need to be added!) Incredible cover art by ! Go check out their blog; their art is fantastic and they are a really cool person!! (And so talented!!! Like holy s m o k e s)

Carry On: The Musical - listen here

A fan musical of the book Carry On by Rainbow Rowell using songs from many musicals (and a few non-musical songs). Each song is annotated with a quote or reference to the book to demonstrate where in the book the song is taking place. Sadly, the annotations are not available on mobile. :( (Please suggest any songs and/or quotes you feel need to be added!) Incredible cover art by @ddoale ! Go check out their blog; their art is fantastic and they are a really cool person!! (And so talented!!! Like holy s m o k e s)

Since the songs have annotations that don’t show up on mobile, I’ll put them under the cut! Hope you enjoy!!

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Masquerade III: The Rules of the Game – (The Real) Part 6 (Jungkook x Reader x another BTS member)

One must know the rules of the game, in order to come and play.

!! If you haven’t, please read the first two sagas in this series: MASQUERADE & Masquerade II !! [There will be spoilers if you read this story first.]

Summary: With Club Masquerade’s original hosts “graduating” one at a time, it’s up to the newcomers to pick up the slack and keep the customers happy. And who better to take the reins than the notorious Red Mask’s prodigy, Jeon Jungkook. But things become a bit difficult when you come into the picture, with your desire to do research on the rules of love and dating through your experience with your host. Will Jungkook be able to satisfy your curiosities… or will someone else?

Jungkook x Reader x BTS member [Read on to find out who >:P] (ft. Jimin & Hoseok)
CEO au, Host au, Cop!Kook au
Fluff & Smut

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 (Finale)

A/N: Thanks again for being so patient :) It’s been a crazy few weeks for me with BTS & with work >< but I’m glad I finally was able to finish the update woo ~ I placed another “Keep Reading” link so as usual if it isn’t opening, shoot me a message ~ Enjoy!

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           "Um…is it me or is Mr. Park staring at us creepily?“ You hummed as you and Jungkook got settled inside your cubicle.

           Jungkook glanced over to find Jimin grinning widely in front of the cubicle with his arms crossed, not saying a word.

           "Um can we help you?” Jungkook blinked.

           Jimin clutched his chest and fell to the side of the cubicle dramatically. “I can’t believe my two favorite people didn’t trust me enough to confide in me!!”

           Your eyebrow rose at the sudden change of behavior and emotion. “What’re you talking about Mr. Park?”

           "No.“ Jimin exhaled and looked forlorn. "Don’t mind me. I apparently am not worthy enough to be told of your love…after I went to such lengths to get you two together.”

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More | Stiles Stilinski

From: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Word count: 2,819
Warnings: fluff x

A/N: Yep, yet another one. Apparently, inspiration hasn’t abandoned me, so, until then, imma keep writing, whether you guys like it or not. And a special thanks to @ombralievedineve who helped me and proofread this for me! Enjoy! xo 

Beacon Hills. Same old Beacon Hills.

Nothing was really happening here lately so I thought it was the perfect day to spend the afternoon outside and enjoy the last few days before having to pack everything up for college. The sky was kind of cloudy so taking a sweater with me would probably be a good idea.

I headed outside, stuck my headphones in my ears and right before leaving the house I spotted my old black skateboard leaning on the fence. Oh, my God, I haven’t been on that in so long… I thought about it for a bit, shrugged my shoulders, smiled and picked it up.

Damn, I love this thing. I’ve always loved riding the skateboard. I remember when I used it everyday when I had to go to school in the morning: walking wasn’t really my thing and I didn’t want my parents to bring me because I didn’t want to disturb them, so, for my 13th birthday, right before high school started, I asked if they could buy me one, and they did, which made me the happiest person in the world. 

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