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Why Akashi invites everyone to Maji Burger....

Akashi: Let’s chat. 

Everyone: ………

Kagami: What did he just say?….
Takao: What does he mean by “chat”?
Kise: What’s up with Akashicchi?….
Midorima: I don’t get it….
Akashi: ……..

Kise: Um Akashicchi, did you really invite everyone here just to chat?

Akashi: Yeah. It’s a fandisk so I thought we’d do something we can’t normally do in the normal series.

Kagami: Somehow I’m remembering something similar happening before….could it be this is “THAT” again???

Kuroko: It’s not “could it be” I think it IS “THAT.” 

*Akashi then explains he felt jealous of not being in the previous two chat sessions so he wanted to do it.


Actually in love with @greatcheesecakepersona ‘s horizon (like honestly you;re amazing) !! This is a side-hood that I’d like to build some stuff in, this is Maple Lake and once I get a billion buildings in it I might do something with it one day! 

(I’m really amazed at some of the developments in ts2 cc this year! The horizons, the animated sky, I’m actually stunned)

Stanley picked at the ratty old hoodie Molly was wearing. “Where did you find this thing?”

Molly shrugged, “Storage, why is there a problem with me wearing it?”

“Nah, just hadn’t seen that old hoodie in years. I remember when you wear little you liked to snuggle into it while I was wearing it.”

Molly laughed, “pff, really?” 

“Yeah, you were a cuddly thing when you were young.” 

Stan groaned as Molly wrapped her arms around him and quickly lifted him off the ground, squeezing him tightly around the waist. “I think I’m still pretty cuddly yeah?”

“Yeah, yeah put me down ya’ Varmint.” Stan grouched. Molly laughed and set him down.

Stanuary prompt, memories. instead of doing something where he loses memories or looks at a photo album I thought it might he nice if he just commented on memories centered around old junk.

As a teenager one of Molly’s extra curricular activities consists of being Ford’s apprentice, so her clothes get messed up all the time in the field. Because of this she generally wears fairly tough clothes or old stuff she finds around the house. On one cold day she’s digging through the closets to find something relatively clean to wear and find’s Stan’s old hoodie. it’s got a couple of tears and holes, so she figures it wouldn’t be a big deal if it got messed up more. She ends up wearing it quite a bit, and even takes it to college with her. 


Summary: Bucky’s having a bad day on his birthday and his teammates keeping him from going back home isn’t helping at all. What he doesn’t know is that his teammates are planning a surprise for him.

A/N: Okay so in this imagine the team all lives in the Avengers Tower, just go with it, yeah? This is not a request but I wanted to do something special for Bucky’s 100th birthday. Originally this was supposed to be written without a reader but well, now there’s a reader. Hope you like this imagine!
Also, FYI, I opened my ask box again but REQUESTS ARE STILL CLOSED. If you want to say/ask something anonymously, now you can, again.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 3,827

Warning: just fluff, UNEDITED so there might be some mistakes

I decided to write this because I just can’t stand the thought of Bucky spending his 100th birthday in cryo (which is probably where he is right now *sob*). He deserves the world and he deserves to be loved and well, at least Steve loves him. Other people may need some time to warm up to him but let’s hope for the best. So, here’s a little fluffy imagine celebrating Bucky because he is an amazing person who has gone through torture who still takes the blame even though he shouldn’t. He’s a person who cares about other people, a person who does not wish to harm anyone, make anyone feel pain. He has a big heart. Here’s to the one and only James Buchanan Barnes.

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ENTP & ENFJ.     Saying thank you.  [personal experience]
  • ENFJ goes to the shop and decides to bring a can of Dr Pepper for her colleague who really happens to enjoy it.
  • ENFJ: Here ENTP I went to the shop and thought about you, so I got you this! :)
  • ENTP: ...
  • ENTP: *takes the can*
  • ENTP: I just made coffee but ok thanks gee now I can't drink it.. What do I owe you?
  • ENFJ: Nothing? I just wanted to get it for you...
  • ENTP: Ah ok. Thanks! Might drink it later or something, so I can have my coffee haha.. but yeah, thanks. Cheers.
  • ENFJ: No problem! *feels a bit sad over the cold reaction*
  • **********************
  • ENFJ: *comes to work the next day and finds a note from ENTP on her laptop*
  • Note: Thank you so much for being so kind and thinking about me the way you did, I really appreciate it and I've been smiling the rest of the evening, I will not forget it. x
  • ENFJ: What the fuck
  • ENTP: *pretends he never wrote the note*

STAN: Yeah, I think I’m gonna be alright. I-
KYLE: Stan!
STAN: Kyle?
STAN: Dude, what’s-
KYLE: I need to talk to you.
KYLE: Now, immediately.
KYLE: Right now.
STAN: Is something wrong?
KYLE: Stan, I have to tell you two things.

KYLE: They might make you kind of… angry?
KYLE: And you have to promise me you won’t get mad.
STAN: You can tell me anything, dude.
STAN: You know that.
KYLE: …Right.
KYLE: I kissed Craig.
KYLE: And I miss you. I miss you so much, Stan.
KYLE: I thought I could do it, dude, I thought I could move on.
KYLE: But I can’t. It hurts too much.
KYLE: And if you hate me for what I did, and what I said to you, I can’t stop you.
KYLE: But don’t be mad at Craig. And just… promise me that we can still hang out and be friends.
STAN: Wh- ha. What?
KYLE: I’m so sorry, I-

KYLE: …Is that thing on?


Yu Yu Hakusho 87: I remember freaking the fuck out when he took off his pacifier. I’m not quite sure why I freaked out, but it might have had something to do with his unobstructed bishie face. Or what I thought to be a bishie at the time. :D And yeah, no, the drool-y pacifier bit definitely did not turn me off then. [It kinda does so now though.]

loveandcyanide  asked:

YOur mod packs are just so fantastic, I love them so much! My question is if /when pets comes to sims 4 do you plan on making any mods for that? I'm not making a request more of just rather curious. But wow your mods though, can't say enough good things about them. ^+^

Hi there!  Thanks for the kind words :)

I haven’t given any thought to what sort of mods I might make when Pets arrive!  If I feel inspired by the EP (or frustrated by the lack of something), I probably will, though :D  I’ve wanted to make a CC set for a Pet Store (sort of like my beauty salon/bridal store packs) as well…so I’ll probably do that when the pack is released :)  But yeah, I just sort of let the mood hit me…I don’t really plan too far in advance for mods that revolve around DLC :)


Coffee…” Harry repeated gruffly as he pulled his pack strap over his shoulder and turned to look at you.

“Yeah. I mean, if you wanted.” You said with a shrug, trying very hard not to flush beneath his gaze. “Or we could go bowling…”

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“What?” Now you really were blushing. “No… Not a date-date. I just thought you might want to go do something fun sometime…” You gulped and added, “With me.”

He snorted. “That’s a date.”

“So, is that a no?”

At that he smirked and said, “How does Friday sound?”

(X) (~♫♪~)

Request: I just found your blog and I L-O-V-E it!!!! Maybe you could do an imagine for me? Imagine asking Harrison out on a date. And maybe being really awkward about it and he thinks its cute? Thx!

thoughts i had while i was getting braces today:

  • oh no. oh no no no no. i forgot to ask if they’re going to inject something
  • maybe i should close my eyes. i won’t see what’s coming and i might not feel pain Okay yeah im just going to get anxious if i do that
  • fuck they’re speaking in dentist speak. i don’t understand. is something bad happening? are they going to have to release laughing gas so i can jumpstart to stage 1 denial???
  • oh shit they’re putting a purple flashlight into my mouth. wait. can i taste the light?
  • how did the dentist understand i was asking “hey is this going to hurt” with my mouth open?? they’d probably be experts on that but
  • i really need to scratch my nose right about now
  • can i fall asleep while i get braces? they can probably just open and close my mouth manually
  • this light is the sun to my eyes’ icarus
  • is this a drill on my teeth right now what’d happen if it slips onto my gums
  • how do i position my legs. do i just leave it like this or Okay Well I Kicked The Fucking Machine Again

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honestly, the main reason I don't feel like I belong is just.... I feel like I'm not good enough, in a sense. Too immature. Too young. Too selfish. Too unexperienced. Too unknown. Every friend I ever had.... i always come back to these thoughts. Do they actually honestly like talking with me? Am I worth their time? Is it time to just fade from their life so they don't have a burden to carry? I guess its a big thing about me not being good enough... its such a big complex that tiny things hurt.

Yeah I understand 😮 but your friends might be unaware of this , you know ? I feel like this is something you should really try talking to your friends about . Or try telling friends outside of that group chat about how you feel and maybe they can help you. I really want to help but Idk what else to say except “go talk to them about the issue” ,because that’s just how my parents brought me up 😱 uhm.. I think that sharing your problem with your group of friends might be the only way to make you feel better. They’re the only ones who can actually make you feel better because they’re the ones you’re most afraid to confront. Tell them the truth and I’m sure everything will feel better :) ❤❤❤

steebsrogerz  asked:

yooooooooo i've been dealing with a lot of the same feelings w/ like relating to autistic-centered posts and stuff!!!!! idk where this message is going bc i don't exactly know what i'm doing either there than quietly saying "wow i might be autistic" every time i do or feel something that relates to posts like that

Ayyyyeee! At least we can be confused together! Like, I definitely think I am? Apparently, it was highly likely that I’d be autistic when I was born, and some who is definitely autistic was like ‘yeah yous autistic’ when I listed the reasons why I thought that??? Idk, but it’d explain so much??? I hope we both figure this out soon

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No reason exactly babs. I'm just gonna just gonna start writing and I will use my confesions blog as my confession/personal and my new writing blog (that I litteraly just made a couple of seconds ago) for my writing. I made a promise to myself that I'll try to write at least something before I completely scratch out the thought altogether. I think might do okay but my confidence in writing is like a negative lol

But yeah its also mainly because I feel like it I guess but I wanted to let y'all know because overall I come to this blog first thing when log in not to mention I send in asks and stuff not on anon so y'all know its me so it wouldn’t be fair for me to just up and delete this one without giving y'all a heads up first plus I don’t lnow if y'all would be worried or not if I just up and disappeared for 258 years 😂

i would suggest that you just try to write things in your head down whether you’re going to post them or not, it will help ease anxiety and will make things easier- I’m glad that you come here first! good luck with the blog change, i hope that it will help you!

-admin tal

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Whatever happened to the dates thing you planned on doing with your singles? Did you post a cancel? Or did it already happen? Just something I remembered and thought to ask.

Oh! Yeah I still want to do that. I never put anything up for it because I wanted updated art for the candidates and I never had the time or the inclination (I was trying to do it during my everything-I-draw-looks-shite phase) to finish the art, so the post never went up. 

It’s still something I wanna do! And I might get around to it once my commission queue is empty (I have to work on that today). So as of right now it’s in the works and hasn’t been cancelled or finished yet lol

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Hey have u ever thought of maybe doing a livestream on the new instagram thing? It'd be so cool to watch u draw or something💖💖

i have considered that yeah!! might do it someday, seems fun

INTP-ESFP Introducing MBTI
  • INTP: *Has just explained the difference between introverts and extroverts*
  • ESFP: Hmm...
  • ESFP: So, are you... an introvert?
  • INTP: *Pleasantly surprised*
  • INTP: Yes, I am!
  • ESFP: :O
  • ESFP: Oh, I'm sorry!
  • ESFP: Am I /draining/ you, INTP? Am I being /too much/ for you, or something?
  • INTP: Oh my goddd.
  • ESFP: :D :D :D
  • INTP: So, do you think you're an introvert or an extrovert?
  • ESFP: Do you know what I am?
  • INTP: *Nods*
  • ESFP: What am I?
  • INTP: I asked /you/ the question, ESFP.
  • INTP: That's not how this works.
  • ESFP: I think I'm...
  • ESFP: An... extrovert?
  • INTP: *Pleasantly nods* Yes, you are.
  • ESFP: ヾ(@⌒▽⌒@)ノ
  • --
  • ESFP: But I don't know, though, I think I can be introverted, too!
  • INTP: Do you.
  • ESFP: Yeah! Like, sometimes our parents will be gone and it'll be me and INFJ and she'll just be in her room watching Netflix and it's just frustrating because it's so booooring!
  • ESFP: And she'll just be in there for forever, so I'll come in and annoy her.
  • ESFP: But then she kicks me out.
  • INTP: You do realise that being forced into solitude doesn't make you an introvert, right?
  • INTP: Being an introvert doesn't mean you come home after a long day and make yourself a sandwich, and that's it -- as if /that/ was your alone time.
  • INTP: Being an introvert is more like feeling a need to have nobody around for an extended period of time. Just yourself.
  • ESFP: How extended?
  • INTP: It ranges. Sometimes it can be fifteen minutes, other times it can be for days.
  • ESFP: (⊙_◎)
  • ESFP: Maybe...
  • ESFP: I'm... /not/ an introvert.
  • INTP: Hahahaha, yeah, I didn't think you were for a second.
A Bad Boy/Good Girl Pairing PART 2 (Luke/4)

Request: A couple of requests for a part 2 of a bad boy/good girl pairing, so here it is! x



I sit in my car waiting for (Y/N) to come. There’s a knock at the window and, instead of it being (Y/N), I realise it’s Calum. I draw the window down.

“Not today, man, I’m giving (Y/N) a lift home” I tell him casually

“Yeah, I thought you might be” he smirks “Why her?”

I furrow my eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

Calum rolls his eyes at me, “There’s a lot of talk about the two of you today. Something about you hugging her in the corridor and then her being late to class?”

I sigh, “That’s nothing. She got a bit upset and I didn’t know what else to do.”

“So, er” He begins “Why you giving her a lift? You planning to…?”

I shake my head, “No, Calum. Her car broke down this morning so I’m giving her a lift home and then I’m checking her car out for her. No strings attached.”

“You like her” He declares

“What?” I question “Don’t be so stupid. She lives opposite me; I see her everyday. If I liked her, you think I’d get myself to yours when I could just go round hers?”

Calum laughs, “No but you like her. You’ve never done anything this nice or thoughtful for anyone before. Especially not a girl”

“She’s just….” I begin “She’s just in a vulnerable state, that’s all. You know I’m not that much of a douche!”

He laughs, “Sure”

He turns his head, “Oh, hi (Y/N), we were just talking about you”

I see (Y/N) walk up to Calum, “Yo-yo-you were?”

Calum laughs, “Y-y-yeah”

“CALUM!” I shout

He was mocking her and she must feel so embarrassed. He’s such a dick. But he’s been my best mate since I was a kid, and I like him. He can be quite a cool guy once you get to know him. It’s just he doesn’t always consider other people’s feelings if he finds something funny about them. Obviously.

“Alright, alright, I’m going!” He sighs “See you later guys”

He brushes past (Y/N), and she kind of hesitates before getting into the car. I put the window back up once she’s closed the door.

“Hey” I smile

“Hi.” She states abruptly

I start the car and head down my normal route.

“What were you guys saying about me?” She says eventually

I shrug, “Nothing, nothing. I was just telling Calum that I was giving you a lift home and not him today. That’s all. I don’t know why he turned it into a big deal”

She nods, “Oh. Did you hear him mock my stutter?”

“I did” I whisper. I cough, and I continue “Calum’s not a bad guy. He didn’t mean it to offend you or to upset you. He’s just one of these people who…who…who…likes to make jokes of things. He doesn’t always think of the impacts his words could have on people. But, you know, if he wasn’t a great person at heart, I wouldn’t be friends with him. I’m sorry if he upset you. I’ll beat the shit out of him tomorrow if you want me to”

She laughs, “No, Luke. No fights with your best friend. Especially not at my accord”

I shrug, “I’d do it, if necessary though”

She smiles, “I don’t know whether that’s sweet of you to say, or worrying of you to say”

I laugh, “Meh, it’s a bit of both”

I drive round the corner and we’re there. I pull up in my drive way and we both get out the car.

“So, this is your car, isn’t it?” I ask her

She nods, “It’s not impressive like yours, but yeah”

I grin, “Aah it’s just something for you to get yourself places really isn’t it?”

We cross the road over to her house.

“So, you said it didn’t start. Mind showing me?”

She gets her keys out her bag and gets in the driving seat of the car. She starts up the engine but it cuts out straight away, “And it keeps doing that every time I try it” she shouts from the car.

“Okay. I’m gonna look in the hood” I shout back to her

I lift up the hood and clock the problem instantly, “Okay, I think I can fix it”

“You can?” She asks, hopping out the car


She stands next to me; like, really close to me as I’m leaning into the hood of the car to try and fix the problem. She’s watching what I’m doing. I don’t know if she finds it entertaining or whether she’s just trying to work out what to do for if it happens again. But she’s distracting me by standing so close to me.

“There” I state “It should work now. Try it again?”

She nods happily, and gets back into her car. She starts up the engine, and this time it doesn’t cut out, so she takes the key out the ignition and gets back out her car.

“Thank you so much, Luke!” She beams “How can I ever repay you?”

I shrug, “How about you come over to mine on Saturday night and, err, we can, you know, hang out and stuff…order pizza, and yeah”

She blushes.

“I mean, that’s only a suggestion. And if you’ve got better things to be doing, like with Beth, then you don’t have to. But I don’t have plans for Saturday and I can’t see the fun in spending time with my parents and my brothers, so it was just a suggestion” I ramble anxiously

Anxiously? When do I ever do anything ’anxiously’?

She smiles, “No, don’t worry about it. I’ll save you from having to spend time with your parents!”

“So you’ll come over?” I ask, just to clarify

“Err, yeah. Sure. What time?”

I shrug, “Some time between six and seven-ish? Anytime between there will do for me”

She nods, “Okay. Well thanks again Luke. I’ll, err, let you get back to yours and do whatever it is you do on a school night. I’ll see you around tomorrow probably”

I smile, “Yeah, thanks. See you later”

And with that, I cross the road back to my house. It’s been a whirlwind day. I’ve set off rumours that I’m ‘dating’ the nice girl in school, gained a detention for back-chatting Miss Holland, and secured plans with said nice girl for Saturday night. Neat.


                                                                                            CHAPTER 3 >


Sometimes this happens, where you get something long in advance, but hey, it works out in the end, yeah?

So I bring unto thee a quick impression of the DMMd TV series’ domestic Bluray release.  I might do a more thorough report later, but for the time being, here are my thoughts after a quick skim of some of my favorite scenes thus far.

Note: I was mostly curious how several specific scenes would sound dubbed, so I focused on that.  I will check up on the subtitles later for translation concerns at another time.  My watch session involved parts of 4 episodes, but not everything yet.

The short story is that the dubbing feels really inconsistent; some characters are dubbed fairly well, while others sounded horribly out of the place and/or the acting was lacking.  Personally, Aoba’s dubbing left me wanting to mute him entirely, and it never seemed to improve.  Side observation: I’ve heard Koujaku’s name mispronounced as “KOU-jiku” in there.

Quite a bit of the dub script felt ad-libbed, with certain dialogue choices feeling either forced or hilariously awkward.  Really now, I should not be laughing during a serious scene.  Examples:

  • Aoba complains about his headache, to which Tae yells “Take your drugs!”
  • Clear uses a knife to protect Aoba, causing Aoba to scream “OH MY GOD!!” (instead of just calling out Clear’s name in the original script)
  • Aoba’s constant overuse of “hey man” or “hey dude”

Those of us familiar with the original game will note how some of the dubbed dialogue seems a bit mistranslated, too.  At one point, Clear’s dubbed as not remembering anything about his grandpa, yet that makes no sense, for example.

The more I watched, the more I found myself laughing unintentionally during a lot of moments that should otherwise have been solemn or serious, to the point where I had to stop watching entirely.

So take this with a grain of salt, since your mileage will vary with dubs.  At this point, I’d recommend to not set your expectations too high.  Although I didn’t buy this Bluray set for the dubbing, others out there might have.