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Harsh Words

Requested By: Anonymous

hey bae<3 could you write a fic with peter where he’s having such a bad day, he’s super grumpy and the reader tries to help him but he gets super mad and says cruel things? i’m a sucker for drama, sorry!! love your blog btw

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You’d noticed that Peter had been acting down all day, he was your best friend and you were concerned for him. You decided to try and help him, only to get belittled by your so called “best friend.”

Warnings: Swearing, could possibly be triggering to some people, verbally abusive, plot twist ending yeet

Word Count: 3,472

A/N: So this was so much fun to write oh myyyyyy, the ending is my favorite hahha, I am willing to write a part two if people really want it. But yeah, enjoy :)))

Originally posted by tomhollanderr

Lately, you’d noticed your best friend Peter had become a bit distant, you’d see how tired he’d look when he came to school, how on edge he was all the time, even a few marks on his face from time to time.

You were concerned for your friend, but at the same time you were confused as to why he was shutting you out.

You’d noticed Ned had started becoming distant too, becoming closer with Peter and excluding you more.

Michelle had noticed this happening too, she too didn’t understand what was going on, but at the same time she didn’t really care, it didn’t involve her.

You walked over to your table at lunch, carrying the brown bag in your hand, as Michelle sat a few seats away like usual, her face in a book, however, you noticed Peter and Ned having an intense conversation, but the second they saw you, they stopped.

“Hey guys.” You smiled, but they didn’t return the smile, nor the friendly gesture.

You felt your heart break, what had you done that made them suddenly hate you so much?

“Is every thing okay?” You questioned hesitantly, looking between the two of them.

Ned and Peter glanced at you for a split second before looking at each other, letting out a sigh.

“Yeah, every thing is fine Y/N, just a rough day, that’s all.” Ned answered vaguely, as you nodded, clearly not convinced.

You couldn’t help but observe Peter, he looked tired, worn out, overall just miserable.

“Peter are you sure you’re alright?” You asked again, you didn’t believe that they were just fine you knew there was more than what they were letting on.

“Y/N, just let him be.” Ned pressed on, making you roll your eyes, a flash of anger going through them, making Ned shut up quickly.

“I don’t give a damn, I want to know what the hell is going on? Is that so bad?” You spoke angrily, watching as Ned shrunk in his seat as Peter just glared at the table, his anger finally peaking.

“You know what Y/N? You need to mind your own damn business, maybe if you did that more often you’d actually have friends! Maybe then we’d actually like to hangout with you more if you weren’t constantly trying to pry into our lives and figure us out all the time! It’s like you have no consideration for anyone but yourself!” Peter shouted, surprising not only himself, but Ned, Michelle and especially you.

Peter had never yelled at you before, especially not in front of everyone.

You sat there, wide eyed, unable to speak, your heart broken into a million pieces.

He did hate you.

You nodded slowly, tears brimming your eyes as you started packing up your lunch, no longer hungry and definitely no longer wanting to be around him.

“Sorry to have been such a burden to you.” You spat out, tears streaming down your cheeks as you stormed out of the cafeteria, throwing your lunch away as you left.

Peter sat there watching you leave, his heart breaking as you did, he knew he messed up, really bad.

“Dude what the actual hell was that!” Ned shouted, hitting Peter on the arm, making him wince.

“I don’t know! Ugh, I really don’t know.” Peter muttered, frustration clear in his voice.

Michelle on the other hand was watching every thing, although she never interfered with any of her table members, she felt this was a good time to break that.

“What you did was really fucked up Parker, she really cared for you, I hope you remember that.” Michelle commented, before grabbing her book and her apple, and exiting the table, leaving both of them in shock.

“Dude you’re so fucked.” Ned groaned, as Peter hit his head on the table, groaning out in frustration.

“I know, I don’t even know why I said what I did! It just came out without warning.” Peter sighed, rubbing his face with his hands.

“Honestly Peter, I don’t know if you can fix this one, I don’t think Spider-Man himself can fix this.” Ned whispered the last part, making Peter sigh sadly, he knew Ned was right, you were never going to forgive him.

He didn’t know what had gotten into him the past few weeks, his job as Spider-Man had become a bit more stressful, therefore adding extra stress into his regular life, and then on top of that there was school, where he was pressured into doing well all the time, and he just couldn’t balance it out recently.

He’d been loosing hours of sleep fighting off criminals as Spider-Man, therefore making him more tired in class, unable to focus on the lessons.

Sometimes he’d come to school with a new cut or bruise from his mission the previous night, causing Ned to panic when he’d see him at his locker.

And then there was you, the sweetest person he knew, his best friend, the one person who wouldn’t even hurt a fly, the one person who genuinely cared about him, and now he pushed you away by going too far.

He thought pushing you away at first was the best to protect you from what he actually did, but as time went on it just got worse, he knew how bad he was hurting you, and it hurt him too, but he kept telling himself it was for the best.

But then Ned started to avoid you too, which made Peter angry, he wasn’t supposed to ditch you too, but Ned was also his best friend too, which made it even more difficult.

Peter and Ned had avoided you the best they could for two weeks, slowly getting out of your life, to keep you safe of course.

But you, you found it the total opposite.

And now your assumptions were proven correct, and you couldn’t feel any worse than you already did.

This time it was your turn to avoid both Peter and Ned, you did for weeks, refusing to talk to them, look at them, sit with them, basically anything that involved them, you find a way out of it.

If you were such a burden to their lives why be in it at all? Wasn’t that what they wanted anyways?

Peter did say you always tried to pry into their lives and figure everything out, and that you had no consideration for anyone but yourself, so you decided maybe he was right.

That’s why you decided to change, you weren’t going to be that person anymore.

Weeks turned to months, and you were still ignoring them, they did their best to try and talk to you, but it was no use.

You on the other hand became best friends with Michelle and Liz, who also helped give you a complete makeover.

You decided to become a better version of yourself, you dressed nicer, did your hair and even put on makeup, something you never once used to do.

This surprised everyone the day you walked into school with Liz and Michelle, nobody had ever seen you like this before, and you weren’t going to lie, you loved how much attention you were getting.

You noticed Peter and Ned, watching you with wide eyes, which made you smirk slightly, you got what you had wanted.

Peter and Ned on the other hand, got the exact opposite, they changed you, for the worst.

“Dude what the hell!” Ned whisper shouted, looking at his best friend with wide eyes.

“I don’t know Ned, I guess I really hurt her, and now she’s getting us back by becoming something she isn’t.” Peter sighed, leaning his head in his locker, groaning as Ned just stood there still stunned.

“She did look good though, you have to admit that.” Ned nudged Peter who’s head shot up quickly, hitting his head on the locker shelf.

“Ow,” He muttered, rubbing his head before slamming his locker shut, “And alright yeah, she does look good, I hadn’t seen her like that before.” Peter shrugged, adjusting his backpack straps.

The bell rang, and everyone started going to their classes, sadly for you, your first class was with Peter and Ned.

“Alright, good morning everyone!” Your teacher Mr. Scott smiled, as you all gave blank stares.

“I see everyone is tired, but this is chemistry and it’s going to blow your mind and wake you all up! So, to do that, I’m assigning you all in groups to work on a project.” Mr. Scott picked up his paper, scrolling down the list, while reading off names.

“Y/N, Peter, and Ned, you’re all one group.” Mr. Scott announced, making your eyes widen as you glanced over at the two of them, who were equally as stunned.

He then dismissed everyone to get to work, you slowly walked over to their table, throwing your stuff on the desk.

Peter and Ned watched you anxiously, unsure of what to say, or even what to do.

“So, uhm, what do you think we should make?” Ned broke the awkward silence, you gave a shrug in response, not looking at them as Peter kept his stare on you, his heart beating faster.

“Y/N, do you have any ideas?” Peter pressed on, making you roll your eyes before looking up at him, his eyes widening, this was the first time in months you both made eye contact.

“I think you should go to hell.” You smiled, grabbing your pencil before writing down chemical formulas.

Peter’s mouth dropped open, that was the last thing he’d expected to hear you say, he felt his heart break more, but there was also a bit where anger was slipping in.

“You know after months, I thought you would of cooled off already.” Peter muttered, making your head snap up, your eyes narrowing at the brunette boy in front of you.

“I’m sorry, let me see, last I checked my ex best friend was super nice, but then he suddenly abandoned me, and then his other friend, who was also my friend, abandoned me, and then I was told I wasn’t a considerate person, because all I care about is myself, which is ridiculous because I distinctively remember trying to care about you and see what was wrong.” You shook your head, laughing at how in denial he was. “God you’re such an asshole.” You spat, your blood boiling as you grabbed your backpack, storming out of the classroom, despite your teacher yelling at you.

“Dude what is wrong with you? Are you trying to make her hate you even more than she already does?” Ned scolded, shaking his head at his friend as he sat there stunned.

What was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he just apologize for what he had done, now he just made it worse.

But that seemed to be the only thing he was good at doing lately.

Days passed since the incident in the classroom, you had told Liz and Michelle what had happened, they both were surprised Peter had the nerve to say that to you, but they were proud when you finally found the courage to stand up for yourself.

A few more days passed, you were at Liz’s house, having a movie night with her and Michelle, you started doing this so you would get over the other two who shall not be named.

“So Y/N, are you going to homecoming with anyone?” Liz questioned, popping a piece of popcorn in her mouth, Michelle also curious.

“I don’t know, I don’t really know that many people.” You admitted, shrugging your shoulders.

“Oh come on Y/N, basically the entire football team wants to take you!” Liz laughed, throwing popcorn at you as Michelle grinned.

“Oh hush.” You laughed, eating a piece of the popcorn that was thrown at you.

You felt your phone buzz in your pocket, you let out a groan, causing Liz and Michelle to look over at you.

“It’s my mom, I gotta go.” You sighed, giving a sad smile to your friends who begged you to stay, but eventually let you leave.

You started walking home, it was late, the sky was dark, sometimes you were nervous walking alone, but for some reason this time you weren’t.

That is until you felt some sticky substance connect to your shirt, and before you knew it you were flying across Queens.

“What the hell! Put me down!” You screeched, and thankfully the “kidnapper” put you down on a building rooftop.

“Oh great it’s you, Spider dude.” You muttered, trying to remove the web attached to you.

“That’ll dissolve in two hours.” Spider-Man spoke, making you roll your eyes.

“That’s just great!” You sighed, running your fingers through your hair annoyed.

“Any reason you decided to kidnap me?” You looked at the masked hero, who shifted awkwardly.

“Actually yes.” He sighed, slowly pulling the mask off his head, revealing the last person you ever expected.

Peter?” You whispered, your eyes wide as Peter watched you nervously.

“I-I wanted to tell you Y/N, but my job, it’s just so dangerous, and I couldn’t afford to have anything to happen to you.” Peter rushed out, his hands shaking anxiously.

“Y-You lied to me! You made me feel like the shittiest person ever Peter!” You yelled, making him cringe at your words.

“You made me feel like you hated me.” You whispered the last part out, tears sliding down your cheeks.

“I thought that maybe if I made you hate me, it’d keep you safer.” Peter tried to explain, reaching out to you, but you backed away.

“You don’t get to touch me, you lied to me, you broke me.” You choked out, your body visibly shaking.

“I’m so so sorry Y/N.” Peter apologized, but you just laughed, making his blood turn cold.

“Did Ned know?” You questioned, watching him avoid your gaze, you nodded slowly, running your tongue over your lip, “Wow, so you trusted him, but not me.” You sniffed, anger taking over your emotions.

“I didn’t intend to tell him! He found out by accident!” Peter defended, making your shrug.

“Does it matter? He still knew Peter! Makes sense why he decided to leave me too.” You laughed bitterly, shaking your head at all the information you were receiving.

“Please Y/N, I’m sorry, please forgive me.” Peter pleaded, but you just shook your head.

“No Peter, I’m not going to forgive you, you put me through hell for months, and now you think it’s okay to just apologize and assume every thing will be back to normal.” You looked at him, tears stained on your cheeks as Peter looked at you desperately.

“It’s your turn to feel what I felt.” You looked around, noticing there was no way off the building.

“Get me down from here please.” You sighed, as Peter nodded sadly, wrapping his arm around you for what was probably the last time, as he swung you home.

He set you down on your fire escape, but before you could turn and go inside, he pulled you in for a tight hug.

You didn’t want to, but you slowly hugged him back, deep down you missed the brunette nerd, but at the moment you despised him with a burning passion.

“I will win you back.” He mumbled into your hair, pressing a kiss to your forehead, before swinging off.

It had been weeks since you had last seen Peter, or as you should say “Spider-Man” which wasn’t a bad thing.

He was off doing who knows what, fighting whoever, while you were planning on who to go with for homecoming.

“So how’s project Y/N coming along?” Ned asked, spinning around in Peter’s chair.

“It’s not, it’s more how is she making me feel, and I feel like shit. She told me she was going to make me feel how she felt, and well, it’s working.” Peter groaned, tugging on his hair frustrated.

They both were silent for a moment before Peter’s head snapped up, something was wrong, his Spidey senses were tingling.

“I gotta go, be back soon!” Peter shouted, before going out his window to where he was being directed.

When he arrived to the scene, he was shocked, there was a group of people being held hostage by some random person in a costume.

“Hey, sorry to interrupt this,” He motioned to the hostages, “But you have to let them go.” He added, as the villain laughed.

“And why should I do that?” They fired back, the voice making his eyes widen a bit.

“Because, it’s me you want.” He shot back, his heart beating quicker, as the villain nodded slowly, releasing the hostages.

“Alright fine, have it your way.” The villain shrugged, catching Spider-Man off guard as they hit him in the stomach and face.

Spider-Man groaned, before getting back up, he knew that voice, but how did he know it?

“Who are you?” He asked, as the masked villain laughed, grinning through the mask.

“Your worst nightmare.” They responded, before hitting him again, making him groan in pain.

Then it all clicked, it was you, you were the new villain he had been fighting for the past few weeks, and he just now realized it.

“Karma is a bitch Peter.” You laughed, before disappearing into the darkness, Peter standing there stunned.

He quickly swung home, scaring Ned as Peter flung his mask off, pacing around the room.

“Dude calm down, what happened?” Ned questioned, watching his best friend pace back and forth.

“You know the new villain I was telling you about?” Peter rushed out quickly as Ned nodded in response.

“I just found out who it is.” Peter breathed out, his face flushed as Ned waited anxiously.

“It’s Y/N.”

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Oh are you taking request? You couldn't do a lazy Sunday with Harry or maybe going to concert with him, whatever you prefer

Okay, this is very fluffy, but there is a little bit of sex, so I’m putting it in the smut category. Fluffy smut I suppose. Enjoy. x

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The sun hadn’t risen yet. The bedroom was still dark except for a tiny bit of moonlight that shown through the tree branches outside my window, casting an eerie shadow on the opposite wall. I watched as the shadow moved back and forth, silently telling me a story. A story that although I knew was a true one, I liked to pretend was fiction.

He was leaving tomorrow.

One more day. That was all I had left with him until…well I didn’t know for sure. And I didn’t think I wanted to.

I listened to his breathing behind me as I continued to stare at the wall, part of me wishing he would wake up so I may selfishly have more time with him. A tear trickled from the corner of my eye just as he seemed to somehow hear my silent request and wrapped his arm around my middle to pull me closer. I sighed and wiped the tear, allowing my body to fit into his like a spoon. He groaned low and kissed me just behind my ear. Seconds later I could hear his breaths even out and I knew he was asleep once again. I wondered if he had even awoken at all, or if his gesture was purely automatic.

It didn’t matter though. I was his, and he was mine, if only for a little while.

He’d told me he loved me that night. It had been in a moment of passion, and as one tends to speculate the truth behind such confessions, I certainly had. Not to mention he was who he was and could have anybody he wanted. Why would he choose to fall in love with me?

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Dadvid Appreciation Week

Also known as ‘Take Back The Dad and Cut Out the Bad’ Week. 

Because as someone who has been in this fandom since before the show even began, there has been one consistent annoyance in this fandom since, and I think you all know what it is.

I, much like many others in this fandom, are tired of Ma///x//vid. It’s disgusting, it’s obnoxious, and it’s a ton of other problems I don’t have the energy to list out. I’ve been tired of it since it first reared its ugly head last year during season one, so over a year ago, I helped to get the Dadvid AU train rolling here on Tumblr as an attempt to balance out the constant stream of Ma///xv//id on both here and on Ao3. 

And for a while it worked! There was so much Dadvid and so much less gross shipping! But not only has the ship resurfaced in full force, the shippers have latched onto the Dadvid AU, making it impossible to know if someone who likes the AU is secretly a gross shipper, therefore adding a ton of bad implications to that supposedly-innocent art of David and Max being a nice family. And I don’t know about all of you, but I’m tired of it. I’m tired, I’m bitter, and honestly? I’m super petty!

So I’m hosting Dadvid Appreciation Week. From October 22 to October 28 (Week before my birthday; fun fact!) we will celebrate Dadvid content in all its glory and the beautiful platonic father-son relationship between David and Max that we love so much! There will be a theme for each day, but heck, you don’t necessarily have to stick to it nor do you have to do every single day if you don’t have the energy or inspiration. Draw, write, even come up with headcanons or AUs, nearly any sort of content is welcome!

There are only a few rules for the week, centered around one big rule:


Now, obviously, I cannot stop them if they decide to draw or create something. But keep in mind, I have a LONG blacklist/Tumblr Savior list, and I do my best to check and make sure artists don’t ship the ship before I reblog from them. So none of their art or content will be counted as part of the celebration week if I have anything to say about it. This is a week to take back Dadvid and make it a safe and comforting AU again, away from shipping and nastiness. And even if it doesn’t work, I’m willing to try. Because I love this AU to death, I’ve watched it grow and blossom over the past year, and it deserves better than to be supported by people who also want the two people in it to be in a romantic relationship.

“But hey, it’s a fictional ship!” Yeah, and I’m feeling REAL annoyed feelings towards people who support it. I’ve tried blocking and blacklisting, I’ve tried being polite, I’ve tried creating a space where people who don’t like the ship could express themselves safely, And the shippers have stuck their noses into places they were not wanted every single time. So now I have to print it in big, bold letters and make it completely 100% obvious.

Some other rules, less major than the big one, but still important:

  • Don’t harass Ma//x///v/id shippers during this week. Yes, they are gross and awful, I will not deny this. In fact, I would scream it from a rooftop with a megaphone if I could. But I’ve never been fond of telling them to go kill themselves or calling a group that is (let’s be real) mostly composed of teens pedophiles because…no, that’s not necessarily true. Gross? Yes? But pedophiles is a stretch. Now the ADULT shippers, there’s some debate there and also they’re MUCH more gross than the other shippers. But the kids and teens? No. I want this to be a week of fun for those of us who don’t ship it, and we shouldn’t let them spoil it for us. Don’t harass them, don’t interact with them, don’t even instigate a fight if they don’t listen and try to participate despite not being welcomed. Which brings me to my next point.
  • Don’t harass them…but don’t give them attention either. Trust me, the worst thing you can do to an artist is not give them attention at all. Cut them out, don’t reblog or like their stuff at all. Be careful who you reblog from. I myself am going to do my best NOT to reblog from shippers but if I slip up, please tell me and I will delete the post immediately.  Make it clear that this week is not for them, that this AU is not for them. Hell, you can keep it up after the week is done. In fact, it’s encouraged! Stop giving them attention period. I don’t care how nice their art style is, it’s worthless if they support a pedophilic ship. And we as a fandom should be more strict and critical of the art we reblog and from whom. Now, again that doesn’t mean lashing out and telling artists to kill themselves, but do make it clear that their choice to support a gross ship has consequences that carry over to the rest of their content.
  • Off the topic of them, NO NSFW ART. Kinda obvious but…you know. This is a nice week, let’s not make things gross. I mean, blood I can understand because Max is a scrappy kid, but let’s not take things to a nasty sexual place. Again, obvious, but sometimes the obvious needs to be said.
  • This might be a weird rule, but if you’re going to draw content for the week, Don’t Whitewash Max. You have full access to his different shades of his skin tone in screencaps, use them properly. In fact, here’s a whole masterpost of them in case you need them! Don’t make him look washed out and sickly and pale. This is another problem the fandom has and we might as well work on it this week, too. Don’t give him pale skin and don’t get rid of his beautiful curly hair. (Also whitewashing is a problem I’ve seen a TON of Ma///x///vid shippers have, where they make him look super pale, almost like some kind of anime character and make his hair straight and not poofy at all. To the point where it sometimes only BARELY looks like him. So there’s another excuse not to do it, other than it being really racist.) On top of it being a week of nice content with David and Max in a happy father-son relationship, it can be a week where we all work to improve our art skills for the better, too! Win-win!

Other than that, go wild! A list of each day’s theme will be posted sometime in the future before the actual appreciation week (and once I finish coming up with them).

Let’s take this AU back and made it fun and safe again. Or at least, let’s make some nice Dadvid content without gross, uncomfortable implications behind it.

Fig chatter! (Q/A)
First off, i just wanna say thank you so much to everyone for all the super nice and encouraging notes! It always makes me to happy to see that my work is making people happy and your notes really help to motivate me to do my best at this comic!

Yep!!! That manga is one of my favorite things in the whole world so it really really influenced my comic.

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Meet me in London

Simon meets Baz online and they become best friends.

Based on the prompt: Baz and Simon meet online and become internet friends and skype everyday and end up in love

As always a very big thank you to @eroticgropefest for being an amazing beta!

I met Baz three years ago on tumblr. One day I saw an edit of his on my dash and I went to check his blog. The guy made black and white aesthetics that looked awesome in a dark sort of way. So I started to follow him. After he reblogged a video of a guy playing violin, I decided to send him a message.

Dragonwings61: for a disturbed guy, you really have an interesting choice in music

Disturbed-pitch: So because I’m disturbed you feel like I’m not allowed to like classical music?

Dragonwings61: Shit sorry didn’t mean it like that.

Dragonwings61: What I meant to say was

Dragonwings61: I’ve never really heard classic music before but I really liked the song :)

Disturbed-pitch: It’s one of my favourites, you should try to listen to more :)

It started there and we haven’t stopped talking since. We became so close that last year I really wanted to see what he looked like. He’d become my best friend and I wanted to see his face.

Dragonwings61: Baaaaz

Dragonwings61: I wanna ask you something

Disturbed-pitch: Hey. What is it?

Dragonwings61: I’ve been thinking about this a lot

Dragonwings61: And I really don’t want you to freak out ok?

Disturbed-pitch: Go on.

Dragonwings61: I just

Dragonwings61: I really wanna see what you look like

Dragonwings61: pls don’t freak out, If you’re not comfortable with this pls forget I ever asked

Disturbed-pitch: It’s fine Simon… I thought about it myself quite a few times lately.

Dragonwings61: Ohhh

Dragonwings61: so is that a yes?

Disturbed-pitch: Yes I’d like to see your stupid face too :)

Dragonwings61: I bet your face looks more stupid than mine

Disturbed-pitch: We shall see

We exchanged photos and one day, I was having trouble with my homework–I’d never cared for math–and he wanted to help me out so we skyped. And I’m glad we did. Baz is beautiful. He rolls his eyes a lot at me and fucking sneers but… I just really like looking at him. I like Baz a lot.

After that we became even closer. We talked almost everyday, first only for a few minutes then for hours on end. We would just turn skype on and do our own thing, like studying, or reading. Baz even played violin a few times for me to see and it was so fucking beautiful. Everything he does is perfect.

Now it’s the end of the summer and I’m going to university in a few days. I haven’t figured out what I want to major in but I’ll try a few different classes and see what sticks.

I told Baz my plan of moving to London months ago–I live in Manchester and Baz leaves in Hampshire–and he hasn’t said a word as to where he’s going. I’d love to meet him one day… I’ve just never had the courage to ask him. But I really want to touch him, make sure he’s real. I mean, of course he’s real, but I’ve never seen him outside of my screen before.

I’m at my laptop scrolling through tumblr when Baz asks to skype. I accept.


“Hey Baz.” I smile at him. I’m always happy to see him.

“Listen… I’ve been meaning to tell you something for awhile.”

I stare at him through the screen. Why is he nervous? He’s making me feel nervous “Okay.”

“I just…” he sighs and runs a hand through his hair “You know that I’m going to university.”

I look at him expectantly. Is he finally telling me where he’s going? It’s not like him to keep things a secret; not from me anyway.

“This doesn’t have to mean anything but–” he continues, and he’s blushing right now and I feel like blushing myself just by the way he’s looking at me. “I’m going to London.”

“What?” Wait, what? Did he really just say–

“London. I’m going to fucking London, Simon.”

“Why?” I ask stupidly. But I start grinning at him like an idiot. We’re going to be in the same city. Fuck, I’m gonna be able to hang out with him and actually see his face.

“Well there’s a really good school there… Besides, there’s someone I was really hoping to meet in person.” I feel my cheeks burning as he says this.

Holy shit this is really happening. I’m going to finally meet Baz. “When are you moving to London?”

“I’m already here. I just arrived at my aunt’s flat a few hours ago.” Then he grabs his laptop and turns it around so that I can see his new room.

“Baz?” I call him, and he puts his laptop on the desk again.


“I’m gonna be in London in a few days.”

“I know–”

“Let’s meet?” I say unsure, interrupting him.

“I’d like that.” he tells me, half smiling.

And there’s nothing to lose now, so I might as well try my luck. “As in, a date.”

“Oh?” He looks surprised.

“Is that cool?”

“Fuck, of course it is, Simon.”


We agreed to meet at Kings Cross, Baz said he would pick me up when I arrived (everything that I own fits into a bag) and then we would go on our date. I can’t believe this is happening, that he actually said yes to go out with me.

I’ve been so nervous the last couple of days because of this, of finally going to meet him. But as the train arrives at the station and I exit the platform all that anxiety melts away when I notice him staring right at me.

Once I reach him I let my bag drop to the floor. I put my arms around him to pull him closer into a tight hug and he does the same. He feels so good this close to me, and smells incredible, I don’t know how to describe it other than that he smells posh and it really fits him.

“Baz.” I say, grinning into his neck. I still can’t believe that he’s actually here in front of me.

“Hello, Simon,” he says, and it’s muffled by my hair. He holds me tight against him longer than necessary before letting me go.

When I step back all I can focus on are his lips. They were so close to mine. And I just really want to kiss him.

I put my hand on his neck and make slow movements with my thumb. “I want to kiss you…” I start,“but we haven’t even been on a date yet.” That gets me a eye roll from him.

“We’re not exactly strangers,” he says, leaning into me.

He’s so close now; if I just leaned a bit forward, we’d be kissing. “I know, but I still want to take you on a–”

And then he kisses me.

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I need your help


Hi everyone! (I’m actually really nervous about this.. but.. here goes nothing..)

I am in need of your help. I’m gonna explain why. One of the reasons is actually very sensitive as I would be risking my family and my own safety if I did so say the sensitive reason why I’m asking for your help. Well, I have a few reasons why I’m doing this. I would be fine with sharing it to any of you if you want to know, just message me. I hope that you’ll read til the end. Please bear with me as this might be a long post. But I’ll try to summarize everything as much as I can. I might not share all the details because as I’ve said, it’s really risky and complicated. 

But I can’t take it anymore, I can’t just keep my mouth shut and let life drag me down as the days go by. It’s really heart-wrenching for me everytime I think about my situation, my family’s situation. This mess we’re in is even tearing our family part bit by bit. My mom and I aren’t in good terms because of this. This “mess” is the root of all the disaster that’s happening in my family right now. Ok, so I’m gonna tell you why I’m asking for your help. I have some plans to help my mom because we’re struggling financially, and by struggling, I mean that we’re really having a hard time financially. It’s actually the reason why I think she’s depressed. I noticed how she’s been irritable and sensitive lately, she’s also a lot more aggressive. I honestly don’t know where it started but I have a feeling that it’s due to our endless problems. 

Then, we had an argument. I talked back because I didn’t like the things she said. Take note : I know she didn’t mean any of the words she said, she was just able to tell us such horrible things because she’s stressed. I know because I’m completely aware of what my family is facing. She said things like how me and my siblings are such nuisances in her life, that we’re such a huge “responsibility”, that she wants to leave us, she threatened to poison us so we’d just die. I have two younger siblings and yes, I’m the eldest. My brother’s 12 while my little sister’s 10. So yeah, I know it sounds crazy and complicated, much like straight from a drama film. I cried, of course, I mean, who wouldn’t? I wasn’t able to contain my anger because I was truly hurt by the things she said, that’s why I was able to talk back. I know it’s wrong, very very wrong, but I’ve apologized. I can’t say that she accepted my apology because now she’s being cold to us. Specially to me. She acts as if I’m invisible. She doesn’t call me by my name, refers to me as ‘it/her’ when she talks about me with my younger siblings. I’m doing all the work at home, woke up very early to cook breakfast because she won’t do it. Me and my brother were even late because like I said, I had to do all the work by myself. It’s really taking a toll on me. And the fact that she’s really mad at me hurts me more.

Just this morning, I almost cried when a friend of mine smiled at me. Yes, it is that hard for me. To see someone smile at me, it’s as if someone lessened my pain somehow. I’m feeling really hopeless that’s why I decided to write this, to you. I am in desperate need of your help. Any amount will be very much appreciated. I will use the money to buy a new laptop for my blog because the laptop I’m currently using is broken, it’s actually a gift and it’s kinda old but It’s about to reach its limit. It might just suddenly break again and I don’t have enough money to have it repaired, (I have created a new blog) and a camera (a cheap or second hand mini dslr camera will do.) I’ve signed up to a blog advertising company and once I earn enough money from blogging or any other online job I could find, I want to make a business to help my mom out. Please, I’m not sharing these details with you to act meek so that you would give me money. I can’t ask help from my friends either because they’re all connected to that one “person” who wants to harm us. My boyfriend is trying his best to help me at the meantime but I don’t want to ask any more help from him like money because my mom doesn’t want to accept it. I’m sharing these details with you to let you know why I need your help. :( But all of our problems have one root, and I can’t tell you that root (unless you message me about it, I’d be okay with sharing it with you) because once I expose it, it’s like I’m calling out to the person who wants to .. I’m sorry, I really can’t say it. I actually thought of making a video about this, to explain everything elaborately (verbally) but I can’t either. Because I really cannot expose myself.  My mom doesn’t know I’m asking for your help, and I don’t have any plans of telling her yet.

If you’d like to send any amount of money, please message me via Twitter or here (on Tumblr) for the Paypal link. I can’t share it on here as well because it contains our location. It’s just really risky. We can’t ask help from anyone in my country because 1.) It could make our problem 10x more complicated and worse. 2.) We are all terrified to death if anyone finds us. 

I will be very grateful to any amount that you’re willing to give. And if it won’t be a bother, could you please reblog this? Thank you so much! <3

When things get better in the future, I will make video about this ^-^

Thank you so much and god bless you. <3

“Broken” (Chapter Four)

I love this Chapter! I love Bucky getting to know the team better, and I love Sam. Bucky and Tony talk for the first time as well, and its a sweet moment. Long chapter, almost 3500 words.

Please make sure if you’re reading this you at least hit the like button, I am tagging ALOT of people, and am only getting about half of liking it, and maybe a handful of people reblogging, which is super discouraging. Writers don’t ask for much, so please just show the fic a little love! Ill post again when most of the tag list has responded to the fic!

Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list!


Enjoy :)


Out of everyone, it was Sam who made the first real effort to drag Bucky out of his room and into the world.

Sure, Clint would come and knock on the door if Bucky was late for a meal, and of course Steve invited Bucky along to everything he did, even if it was just walking downstairs for some coffee. But it was Sam who decided that he had had enough of Bucky hiding away after a week or so and showed up to change it.

“Bucky!” He knocked on the bedroom door loudly. “Bucky, I know your ass is awake, open this door. Don’t make me come in after you!”

“Sam.” Bucky opened the door and looked at Sam cautiously, left arm behind his back, wings nearly hidden behind his shoulders. “Are you looking for Steve? He’s in the–”

“Looking for you.” Sam folded his arms across his chest, wings rising in interest as he looked Bucky up and down. “I was thinking– I know you can run, seen it for myself. You want to go for a run with me this morning? Usually Cap goes with me, but he’s taking his sweet time in that shower so why don’t you and I just go?”

Bucky shifted uncertainly at the thought of leaving the Tower at all, much less without Steve, and looked back into the room as if hoping Steve would appear and make a decision for him.

Sam caught the quick motion and cleared his throat. “What, you need permission? You’re a big boy, come on. Get some fresh air, wind through your wings, all of that.” Then he raised an eyebrow challengingly. “Unless of course you think I’m gonna outrun your ass. You’re as old as Steve right? Pushing a hundred?”

“A hundred?” Bucky blurted before he could catch himself. “The hell I am!” 

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The Preschool Teacher - Chapter One

And the winner is…..

The Preschool Teacher! Yes, you voted and, with 36.5% of the vote, this is the next chaptered story! If this is not the story you wanted and you did not vote…vote next time. :) If you did vote for a different prompt, I am keeping the results and that is the order I will write future chaptered stories in, unless a new idea pops into this head of mine first.

All of the prompts I gave you to vote on were from novel imagines I’ve already written or started. This one I created in March and have yet to finish, although I story-mapped it a few days ago to keep me on track.

My inspiration for this story was a voice…the voice of Harry’s son. I kept hearing it in my head, and actually searched for two hours to figure out where I had heard it, because I knew it was the voice of Harry’s son in my head. I’ve pinned it down to being similar to the voice of Peppa Pig (the young Harley Bird, when her voice was still scratchy and raspy and she talked a bit slow like Harry does sometimes)…don’t judge me, I work with young children for a living. If you want to hear the voice before you read the story, youtube Harley or Peppa when she was younger (Harley is 15 now), and listen. That was my inspiration for the entire novel.

I have had huge anxiety about posting another chaptered story! This chapter has been finished for a couple of days, but I’ve had to continually convince myself to post it. I’m nervous, I think because For The Love Of Harry did so well, maybe you won’t like another chaptered story I write. Beginning chapters can sometimes be more informative, but I hope I don’t bore you in the build-up.

So, without further delay, I hope you enjoy this first chapter of “The Preschool Teacher”! If you do, please like and reblog, and I promise to have chapter two available very soon!

Much love to you all! xo



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anonymous asked:

hey i wanted to ask if you could make recommendations for bakushima fanfics? i'm curious as to what you're currently reading, what your favorites are and what your thoughts on the fanfics you read are! :)

Boi!!! Okay, I guess I did something like that a long while ago, everything I said about those fics is still 100% valid, after making that list I reread nearly all of them a dozen of times and I’ve loved them all just as much each of them, good great fics those - but since then I’ve read a shitton more, so!! Let’s do this? Let’s do this

My (newer) Favorite Fics:

  • one to ten by crunchrapsupreme - lotsa pining, acquaintance to friends to lovers, incredibly soft and ridiculously happy it gave me such a warm feeling reading it? Kirishima is so pure it made my heart sing, Kaminari is just as ridiculous and negative as he’s supposed to be and Bakugou’s!!! Perfect I’m sure you’re gonna like this one
  • out of sight, within reach by potato - no powers AU, high school AU, misunderstandings and jealousy and ridiculous babies in love - Bakugou pines!!! It’s actually!!! A fic from Bakugou’s pov with this ridiculous dork pining!!!! I would have loved it just for that, but honestly anything potato writes is worth reading they’re just so good and know the characters so well !!!
  • get tough, straight up by quactus - this!!!! damn!!!! fic!!!! it’s useless even to drag this for long, the reason why this fic is between my favorites is straight out the incredible amount of Bakugou and Kirishima acting like a couple while they’re not even aware their liking each other might be mutual - they’re soft, got no personal space at all, care for each other so sweetly seriously it’s so good to read it made my insides melt
  • all good things need sunshine by shizuumi151 - a flower shop AU from another author I love with all my heart! Go check everything they’ve written they’re honestly a fave, such a good grasp on these two - this fic is sweet (I think I used that word to describe all the fics I’ve recced till now? It’s my fav genre what can I do) flowers make me soft and these two acting like the ridiculous crushing idiots they are surrounded by them is just a recipe to make me happy lbr
  • it’s pouring out here again by shizuumi151 - no power/high school/basketball club AU and I’m pretty certain I suggested this one already between my favorite Kaminari fics? Cause he’s amazing in this one, he and Sero both - so are Bakugou and Kirishima, obviously, the whole atmosphere of the fic makes me genuinely happy every single time I read this fic (which I’ve done… way too many times in the last month already, honestly… rip this is a fav for sure)
  • Fight Me by ryonello - no quirks/nurse! Kirishima AU and oh my god this fic is so good - it’s fun? and bright? and Bakugou pines in the most endearing way ever? I spent the whole fic nodding and going same Baku same haha
  • From Pictures to Words by Kivea - snapchat AU snapchat AU snapchat AU!!!! Holy heck!!!! These!!!! NERDS!!!!!!! This is a seriously great fic - Baku/Mina friendship and the squad being it all there and Baku & Deku being on civil terms make it all even better, but g o d Bakugou and Kirishima in this fic. Jesus Christ. I love them so much I can’t even find the words to describe it
  • little are the things we learn by newamsterdam - a 5+1 fic, 6 PoV total each of them describing the KiriBaku relationship from the eyes of those aorund them - listen. Listen. This might be obvious, because newamsterdam is my absolute fave KiriBaku author, but I live and die for this fic - aside from how I adore the external PoV format in general, every single character is so incredibly IC? And the KiriBaku relationship is so so so well described and complete even if constantly seen from an outsider’s point of view? God, I love this fic. I should reread this fic right now, honestly

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New Girl

Pairing: Clay Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 3.5k

Warnings: A lot of fluff.

Summary: You’ve moved to San Luis and now attend Liberty High. You meet Clay and develop a crush on him, but only start talking to him when he hurts himself badly in front of your house. It takes place the summer after Hannah’s death.

A/N: I wrote this right after I binged watch the show. I really fell in love with Clay’s character. This is a little something for all those who believe Clay deserves true happiness.:)

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We’ve been here before

In recent days bloggers have been discussing what gall it takes for the Chicago Dyke March Collective (CDMC) to respond to its antisemitism by dichotomizing, claiming to hold the moral high ground with people of color while looking down on its enemies who are allegedly white and who are allegedly Zionists. We have been infuriated while learning that CDMC cried, “White tears!” after kicking a Jewish woman of color from the 2017 Chicago Dyke March and did so again after Gretchen Rachel Hammond, a Jewish trans woman of color, was harassed and robbed of her job for giving a truthful account of what happened at the March. I was thinking about what I could contribute to this conversation when I realized I had already said pretty much all I need to say about this matter in a zine I first published in the fall of 2015 (about a year and a half before the March).

A little background: For anyone who does not know, I was a core member of CDMC in 2009. This is a recollection of one of my experiences as a core member:

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anonymous asked:

Zimbits coffee shop au please!

Jack pulled his hoodie down lower over his forehead and glanced around nervously. He hoped no one recognized him. He better not recognize anyone here either, he silently added.

A new bakery-slash-coffee-shop had opened in the neighbourhood, just a block from Jack’s own bakery shop, and while he wasn’t concerned about losing any loyal customers, the competitive side of him got curious.

So, wearing what was probably the worst attempt ever at obscuring his identity, Jack had gone to the new coffee shop to see what they had to offer. He busy was glaring at the attractive display of lemon bars and danishes  when his attention was suddenly caught by the small, blond guy at the front counter.

He wasn’t sure how long he was openly staring, but the gorgeous specimen of a human being had to ask him twice if he was okay. Jack flushed; he could feel his face turning pink.

“Sorry,” Jack apologized. “I was trying to decide. Um, so many choices.”

The guy gave a small smile and beckoned for Jack to come closer. Jack was like a moth to a flame. “I recommend the maple praline squares,” he said with a charming, southern drawl.


“And,” the guy whispered conspiratorially, as if he was sharing an important secret with Jack, “I’ll even let you have a sample, on the house today.”

Jack swallowed. “You really don’t have to,” he started.

“My treat,” he said, already wrapping up the largest piece of the dessert in wax paper and sliding it across the counter to Jack. “Just don’t tell my boss,” he added with a wink.

Jack was back the next day. He really shouldn’t be here, but now, he was even more curious than before. The maple praline square yesterday had been pure deliciousness and he’d even gone so far as to lick the wrapper for the last, sweet crumbs. He’d crumpled up the wax paper and hidden it deep in the garbage can so that no one would find out where he’d gone.

He justified the next visit as a reconnaissance mission. The more he knew about this bakery with the cute cashier, the better Jack could formulate a plan on how to manage his own business.

The guy recognized him and gave him a wide grin when Jack went in. Just like the day before, he gave a recommendation (apple pie with maple sugar crust), except Jack insisted on paying this time. When he refused to take the money, Jack dropped a twenty in tip jar. On his way out, he heard the guy call out, “See you tomorrow!”

Jack was so gone for this guy, it stopped being funny.

He eventually learned his name (”It’s Eric. Or my friends call me Bitty too.”) and he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about Bitty all the time He went every afternoon to the competitor to buy their baked goods just for a chance to see the human embodiment of sunshine.

Jack wondered if he could persuade Bitty to quit and then come work for him. He’d be willing to pay a much higher wage if it meant he could see Bitty at his bakery everyday. Anything to have to Bitty close.

It got harder and harder to hide this from his coworkers. Shitty, who’d started the bakery with Jack and co-owned it, had started giving him shifty looks every time he came back from seeing Bitty. Lardo, on the other hand, gave him knowing looks, and Jack supposed she already knew. Lardo knew everything.

He needed to consider what he was doing. Jack stopped going to the other bakery for a couple of days. He felt miserable, but he realized that he needed to stop fixating on the other business so much. He had his own bakery to manage, and it was probably better for him the long run anyways.

On the fourth day, Jack was working the late morning shift. The bakery had quieted down after the initial early morning rush. The door opened, and to Jack’s utter surprise, Bitty walked in.

“There you are! I thought you were sick or dead,” Bitty said.

“I–” Jack’s heart started beating like it wanted to escape his chest. Bitty was here. Bitty realized he was the rival bakery.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” Bitty casually hopped on one of the counter stools and looked expectantly at Jack.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” Jack managed to choke out.

“I took the morning off. I can do that.”

“But why are you here?”

Bitty raised an eyebrow. “I am here because the guy I have been outrageously flirting with suddenly disappeared so I decided to track you down myself.”

Jack actually spluttered, but after he regained control of his breathing, he said, “You aren’t mad?”

“Why would I be mad?”

“I own this place, Bitty. I’m your bakery’s competition and I never said anything. You probably shouldn’t even be here. Your boss could fire you or–”

“Jack,” Bitty said sweetly. “I know.”

“Oh.” Jack wasn’t sure how Bitty knew, but he wasn’t mad and that was all that really mattered.

“And, Jack?”


“I’m the boss.” At Jack’s confused expression, Bitty clarified,  “Of the bakery. I own it. I bake.”

Jack took a moment to process the information. “So, did you know who I was the entire time? That I’m your rival?”

Bitty laughed. “I knew the first day you walked in.”

Jack felt out of his depth. He wasn’t sure if this was some kind of cruel joke and now Bitty had come to gloat.

Bitty, sensing the shift in his mood, softened his expression. He slid off the stool and walked around the counter until he stood in front of Jack. “I came to ask you out,” he said. “I was thinking lunch at that really nice bistro on the east side of the river.”

“Really? You want me?”

Bitty was inching ever closer. “You think I’m going to let go of the guy who can make a pecan pie to rival mine?”

The answer was pretty self-explanatory after Bitty pulled Jack down to kiss him.

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Music Series: Take My Hand by Picture This


That’s as much Halloween as you’ll probably get out of me right now.

In an attempt to forget about the problems in my life right now (I have a very toxic person in my life that is making living hell), I decided to try and tackle the Music Series requests in my inbox. Writing for my blog hasn’t been easy lately. Writing for myself has been flowing beautifully…but writing for others…not so much. But, because I love you all, and I appreciate the requests I get, I want to try and fulfill them, if I can. I only have a few in queue at the moment, so let’s see what happens.

I had never heard this song before receiving the request, but I really like it, and I hope you will too, along with my little Harry imagine. It is “Take My Hand” by Picture This, and you can find it on my Spotify playlist called, “Harry Styles Music Series Imagine Inspirations by Charligirlmusic…sheesh, I need a new name for that playlist…

I hope you continue reading my writings, and sharing/reblogging them with your followers. Thank you to everyone who follows my blog! I appreciate every one of you!!!

Much love to you all! xo



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seigephoenix  asked:

Number 18 for Shakarian please!!!

**Okay let’s try this again shall we lol. This is for a much older prompt so not the one I just reblogged for those of you confused, here was the line!**

This wasn’t where I had intended on going with it but it’s where I wound up hahah. Hope you enjoy it!! Read on Ao3 here <3

“Where are your pants?” 


Knock knock knock 

Who… what the hell. Maybe… maybe they will go away… Yeah… Anyone that values their life wouldn’t be here this early. 

Knock knock knock

“Damn it.” Shepard huffed pulling the pillow off her head with force slamming it into the empty space beside her. She opened her eyes, blinking slowly as she stare up at the open space passing above. Sliding her eyes to the clock beside the bed she read 0448. 

With a sigh she slid from the covers in a lazy walk toward the door hearing the steady knock in threes once more. “Alright, alright, I’m up! Someone better be dying or the ship better be on fire-” She lazily pushed a fist into the red hologram lock in the middle of the door, her other hand rummaging through her bedhead using her fingers to comb through her red hair. 

The mechanical buzzed sliding the doors to there respective sides and she saw just who decided to bother her before 8 on a weekend. Garrus… He was standing tall with his back towards the door and she could see he was fidgeting with his hands anxiously. He wasn’t in his usual large bulky armor, but he still looked just as large and broad shouldered. Garrus didn’t turn to face her, he only cleared his throat and continued staring forward. Tucking a strand of red behind her ear, she had a gut feeling that he had something to say. And she had a pretty good idea on what it was about… 

“Garrus? Is… everything okay?” Her voice broke as she said his name having been the first time she spoke since the evening before. 

She was nervous because this was the first time he’d spoken to her since their little visit to the Citadel the other day. Since she stopped him from collecting the debt he thought he owed his dead squad. After she cleared her throat and licked her lips, she crossed her arms at her bust stepping closer to him with brow furrowed. 

“Shepard, I know it’s early but… I, well. I just have to say this. Before I lose my nerve.” He leaned his head forward, but still didn’t turn to face her. “After you stopped me the other day… I was just so damn angry. I’d been looking for Sidonis for so long and you just… Well, you did what you always do and you saved him.” He heard her protest so he turned around finally to face her, not speaking but his eyes asking her to please just listen. 

She leaned back into a heel as she pulled one hand to her mouth covering it, biting her lip offering the silence he requested. After a second he nodded and continued.

“I thought at first that maybe you did it because that’s just who you are. Because you’re this… pinnacle of morality and virtue. That an unarmed civilian was more important than your best friend…” Garrus stopped for a moment with mandibles pulled in tight, he could see that part upset her but he continued strong, his subvocal purring softly. “But the more I thought about what you did, the more I realized why you did it.”

Garrus stepped closer to her, not breaking his eye contact. Afraid that if he did he would lose his footing and go spiraling into the atmosphere. “A whole hell of a lot happened after you died, Shepard. Some things I wish I could take back… I’m not necessarily proud of all of the choices I’ve made. A lot of them have been rash, impatient… and I was about to add another one to that list. I thought I had lost everyone. Every friend I’d made on Omega was dead. You were dead…” 

As he stepped even closer she felt her heart drop to the pits of her stomach, his subvocal’s growling lightly causing her breath to quicken. “But I didn’t lose everyone. I didn’t lose myself, and I didn’t lose you. I owe… everything to you. I realized… just now actually as I was laying there. It just all made perfect sense. You didn’t choose Sidonis. You chose me.” 

Jane pulled her lip in biting it lightly as she thought on the clarity his words brought. He wasn’t wrong… She had feelings for him and the last thing she wanted was for him to go and do something he couldn’t take back. She knew if he killed Sidonis that would mean vengeance won and she wasn’t about to lose him to that kind of darkness. Jane didn’t want him to be haunted by that decision for the rest of his life. She wanted his conscious to be clear and she knew that if he pulled that trigger, he’d have lost himself. 

“I don’t want to be presumptuous, Shepard. But… is…” He slid a taloned hand to her cheek lightly running his fingers over her freckles.

She felt her heart pounding a mile a minute as she look up at him. Garrus stood over a foot taller and she could smell his skin and see textures of his carapace she hadn’t been able to before. “Is what?” She breathed out lightly. 

“Is this… Did taking a rocket to the face make me insane or is there something here?” He slid his taloned thumb across her chin lightly. 

“You may be insane, Garrus, but… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel something for you.” She leaned slightly into his hand as a ripple of chills ran through her. 

“Oh! Well, uh, I’m… glad. This would have been really uncomfortable if you’d of said no.” His voice was full of surprise but shifted easily to a soft laugh as he held her face tenderly between his hands. 

After a second she stood on her toes as he leaned down to kiss her. Hoping he’d done it properly, he was quite nervous considering he’d only seen it on vids. He felt her nimble fingers slide to his neck pulling him deeper into their embrace. Clearly he had done something right. After a moment their mouths parted and they both stood momentarily with eyes closed in a blissful silence. 

Shepard slid her emerald eyes open and smiled widely up at him. “I wanna do that again.” Her voice was small, and she continued with a quiet laugh. “Can we do that again?”

Garrus leaned down kissing her once more, but after a moment he stopped rather abruptly pulling his head back slightly. He still held her face between both of his hands as he spoke, noticing the confusion spread across her eyes and face. 

“Shepard, I’ve got to ask…” He leaned close to her ear and spoke teasingly in a whisper. “Where are your pants?”

She pulled back quickly looking down at her bare legs. Noticing only now that she had been in her underwear and an oversized N7 tee all along. Her face turned a bright shade of pink as she stumbled back pressing the green button of her door. “Uh, Garrus. I… We will pick this back up… Later. If you want. Cause. I want to… that. Alright… Uh…” She stepped backwards through the door, pulling down at her shirt lightly with a bashful smile as it shut in front of her. 

She turned around and leaned back onto door with her face buried in her hands. Laughing quietly as she shake her head side to side in slight embarrassment and excitement. Her stomach swarming with butterflies ticking about crazily. Walking to her fish tank with a smile she pressed the big red button and whispered. “Wow.”

No Control | Chapter Fourteen


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

To read previous chapters, you can go here.

*Please feel free to reblog and send feedback. It’s much appreciated :)*

*Gif is not mine.*


After Harry and I’ve showered and redressed, we go back downstairs and cuddle up under the blanket on the couch. I find a film playing on the telly, one that Harry proclaims as one of his favourites, and we settle in, Harry behind me and me between his legs, spread out along the length of the sofa. He’s got his arms wrapped around me and my hands in his, his long fingers playing with my much smaller ones. His thumb absentmindedly twirls the ring he gave me around the base of my own while he watches the screen.

Clouds have completely covered any remnants of the sun, so it’s pretty dark in the room, making it feel a lot later than it is. I stop glancing at the clock sometime around five, content in knowing that my parents will be home soon. I’m nearly falling asleep against Harry, exhausted from earlier and really comfortable to have him wrapped around me. 

The film ends and Harry stirs behind me, jolting me out of my half-asleep haze. His fingers tap at my hands to get my attention.

“Can you get up, love? Just need to run to the loo.”

I shuffle myself away from him so he can stand. “There’s one by the back door, just through the kitchen.” He nods and drops down to press a kiss to my forehead before disappearing into the other part of the house.

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Fast Firsts and Sloppy Seconds (Part 3)

A Rowaelin/Manorian AU

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The second Dorian saw that look in Aelin’s eyes, he knew the dance was over. He easily stepped out of the way, a small smirk on his lips as he glanced behind him, catching the slightly scared and entirely determined look in the barkeep’s eyes as Aelin stepped directly into his arms.

The barkeep almost immediately stepped back, attempting to keep Aelin at a comfortable arm’s length away. Dorian couldn’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness, as though Aelin would actually let him keep her at a distance. In any case, he didn’t really have time to spend watching the soon-to-be happy couple. His eyes quickly scanned the pub, once again falling onto Manon. He took in the satisfied smirk on her lips as she watched Aelin dance with Rowan. If you could call it dancing, that is. Rowan was awkwardly waddling from side to side, stiff as a board, as Aelin moved around him like a force of nature – absolutely breathtaking.

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being friends with an ENFP: the INTP experience

i just wanna talk about my experience with ENFPs, specifically my best friend ENFP. i mostly decided to do this because they are in a rough spot and it made me think about how much i truly cherish our friendship.

i don’t know if my experience with my ENFP will be the same as anyone else’s, but i’ve noticed INTPxENFP friendships are very common. i will also talk about what i do when my ENFP is having rough day or week or month(so for us emotionless, don’t know what to do in emotional situations because ENFPs cry over literally everything, INTPs.. you can read that part and see if it helps.)

soooooo i have been going to school with ENFP as long as i can remember, but honestly we were never friends. we never really talked to each other, and now ENFP told me that was because i’m a person who changes how they act according to the people i’m around(a pretty INTP trait in my opinion) but we were always aware of each other. that probably sounds weird, but even before we were friends we lowkey knew we had similar problems(honestly teen angst problems, not like the seriously deep childhood life long mentally scaring problems that we also share lolol). and i think it’s funny because after we became hella close we had a late night early morning convo in my kitchen and realized just how similar our experiences were and we admitted that we secretly checked on each other to make sure we were okay before we became friends(lol cheap af i know)

then about a year ago… not even.. we became friends about 10 months ago. and in that time we have become a force to be reckoned with. all because we had the same art class together and bonded over kpop. now this was an important moment that is when i deemed ENFP to be a worthy friend. ENFP has the most crazy and amazing dedication to kpop, and as an INTP who picks something and obsesses over it til they die this was how i knew that this ENFP was worthy of friendship. and from their the most beautiful friendship blossomed.

and i pride myself in being an amazing INTP(lol) because i try really hard for ENFP. and ENFP told me that they decided they like really wanted to be friends with me, like close friends, because i made an effort and made it clear that i wanted to hangout with them and enjoyed hanging out with them, because no one had legitimately enjoyed their company(especially my ENFP :c her old friends basically duffed her and it was an ass move, my ENFP is beautiful)

one of the most amazing things that i love about ENFP is that all our interests are the same, and that makes it really easy to keep a conversation. and ENFP is good, ENFP is always up to date on the latest news in kpop and watches all the vlives(and all those good technical terms) so they are always there to hold a conversation about interesting things. and we dive into different groups together. so when we find a new group we sit on the couch all day until we listen to all their songs, learn names to faces, the ships, our biases ect. ect. and it is great to just have ENFP their to share interests with and be just as crazy as me.

which leads to another amazing thing about my ENFP, they bring out the best in me. and i feel like this is something where i feel different from other INTPs, because even though i am an INTP-T i feel that i act rather extroverted. this is mostly because i have no pride and i just don’t care, but ENFP really brings that out in me and makes me a confident enough person. 

now onto the important part how i handle ENFP when they are in a rough spot because like everyone else we have our bad days. and sometimes ENFP has a lot of bad days. and it can be hard because i feel that ENFPs are the most introverted of extroverts honestly. and because of this, when ENFP has a bad day they won’t say anything. it is just readable that ENFP is having a bad, and honestly there isn’t much you can do about it.

if it is something really minor, like they just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, i honestly just don’t talk to ENFP. ENFP likes to handle things on their own, and i think that they’re just processing things and having an all day rant in their head, and that’s fine. they need that. and if you try to talk to them they’re just gonna stare at you, and they might nod at everything you say but really everything is going in one ear and out the other. this is were ENFP just needs time and time is really the only thing that is gonna fix it.

if things are a little more serious and ENFPs favorite tv show ended, their favorite character dies, an emotional song plays or anything like that and they just ball their eyes out. this is when i console ENFP, i don’t usually say anything, and if i ask ENFP they will say no so i just have to do it without asking(that’s the hardest part). i will get tissues or make ramen or my ENFPs favorite is holding my hand until they pass out on the couch from crying.. yeah things like that.

if things are really serious, like a close family member died OR THEY COME TO YOU(very important) THIS IS WHEN YOU LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE FOR YOUR ENFP. YOU BETTER TELL THEM THAT YOU WILL CROSS RIVERS AND CLIMB MOUNTAINS TO BE WITH THEM TO MAKE SURE THEY ARE OKAY UNTIL THEY ARE LAUGHING THROUGH THEIR TEARS because this is when ENFP is doubting themselves. AND WHEN AN ENFP COMES TO YOU that is when shit is real! when ENFP doesn’t want to tell you what is wrong, and they are sorry that they “haven’t been themselves lately” THAT IS WHEN SHIT IS SO REAL and ENFP needs to be reassured. i don’t care if you are piss angry at them or going through a hard time yourself, cuz really INTPs we are tough ass bitches and we can handle ourselves, BUT ENFP NEEDS US. and in this moment ENFP needs to be reassured. ENFP NEEDS TO BE REASSURED!! i don’t know what is going through their head, but i assume the worst. ENFP is doubting themselves, and if they are coming to you they want to be reassured that no matter what you will always be their friend! they need to be told that they are important! they need to be told that you couldn’t live a day on this earth without them and WHY they are so important that you need them. they need to know that you would literally do anything to be at their doorstep with whatever they needed, food, movies, or just someone to hug them and IF THEY ASK YOU TO THEN YOU BETTER ALREADY BE ON YOUR WAY. if you can’t. call them. a phone call or face timing is also good. because if they ask you to that means that they need you, they need someone to occupy them and comfort them AND THAT IS IMPORTANT!!

lol thanks for reading this, sorry if it’s inaccurate, it’s all based off my experience with my ENFP. it may be different for other ENFPs and i’m no expert so lol.

Bucking Hips (1/2)  NSFW

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Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count:  1985

Warnings: Cursing, Smut… Rather Rough

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Type: Crack, Smut

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Y/N’s POV:


“-Who is the Winter Soldier? Is he some hot male model in his spare time-”

Steve snorts, trying to hide a laugh.


“-Winter Soldier spotted in five separate locations scattered about the city-”


“-Terrorists attack city hall, speculations about the Winter Soldier’s involvement-”


“-So no one told you life was gonna be this wayyyy-”

Natasha walks by and claps rhythmically before leaving for the kitchen.


“-Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies,

Look Out!-”

Peter, who was sitting with us promptly, muttering: “I fucking hate this song.”


“-I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family-”

“What the fuck? I didn’t know they still ran reruns of that show,” Tony says, right next to my ear.

I jump about 10 feet into the air.


“Worth it!~” he calls in a singsongy voice as he stalks over to the bar.

“Asshat,” I call back.

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out!” he calls before downing a shot and walking out.

For the past hour, I have watched my boyfriend flick through channel after channel, mindlessly viewing random episodes and the news while the Avengers walk in and out of the living room. Some staying for a few minutes but getting tired of Bucky’s constant changing of channels.

I was getting tired of Bucky’s lack of attention.

A few hours ago, I came back from a hard mission and wanted a little affection. I curl up closer to him and poke him gently on his side just as he changes another channel.

I groan dramatically to get his attention, failing once again.

I stand up in front of him and block his view of the screen, he simply moves his head to the side and watches the show playing behind me instead.

I threw my hands up in aggravation and go up stairs to my bedroom to change.

A few minutes later, I walk back down and lean against the door of the living room wearing a silk silver robe. I stand there watching Bucky now captivated by a sit-com and hoping I could get his attention and lead him to the bedroom.


He grunts.

Fuck it.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y. can you please close all the doors of this room and not let anyone in, as well as turn off security cameras?” I ask.

“As you wish, Miss Y/L/N.”

Instantly, the doors sweep shut and all the locks click. The cameras power down and their red lights turn off. The lights start to dim and I snap my fingers, making candles appear around the room. I snap my fingers again, making a four poster bed appear against the far wall. A third snap, and ropes appear to tie Bucky up. I hear a muffled cry and see Bucky struggling against the restraints on his arms and legs, tying him to four posts of the bed. Bucky turns to me with a frightened look on his face and says,

“Y/N, what the fuck is going on?”

I feel a dark look fall over my face as I turn around.

“Oh Bucky, we’re going to have a little fun.”


“You haven’t been paying attention to me all day, just watching that damn television!” I say, pointing at it while glaring at him.

Bucky rolls his eyes and groans exhaustedly,

“Is that really what this is all about?”

I nod and the fucking prick smirks. Something in me snaps. A quick thought and the TV explodes in a shower of sparks. The smug look on his face drops and he stares at me like I just murdered Steve.

“Y- You- You killed B-B-Ben. How c-could you d-do that?” his voice cracking slightly.

“YOU NAMED THE FUCKING TELEVISION?” I scream at him, confident that F.R.I.D.A.Y. would keep the room soundproofed.

He flinches and shifts in his ropes uncomfortably.


“You have invested more emotional attachment in an inanimate object- No offense, F.R.I.D.A.Y., I love you to bits-”

“None taken, Y/N,” her smooth Irish voice responds.

“-than our relationship.”

Bucky sighs and looks dejected.

“To be honest, I’m just really bored of-”

This boy…

“Oh you’re bored of me now are you?”

“That’s not what I-”

I shake my head and snap my fingers so that a ball gag is in his mouth.

“You want exciting? I’ll give you exciting,” I say while snapping my fingers and making his shirt disappear.

“But you’re not getting any release tonight.”

He whimpers and I know that a devious twinkle flashed in my eyes.

I scrunch my nose in annoyance and turn around so my back faces Bucky. I untie the rope on my robe and shrug the silky garment off my shoulders, revealing the lace undies I had changed into. Checking myself out in a mirror I conjured, I decide it isn’t provocative enough. I snap my fingers and change into a black corset and garters, keeping the lacy thong I have on.

I bend over slowly to pick up my robe from the floor, seeing Bucky checking out the great view of my ass that I’m giving him in the mirror. I put the robe on the coat hanger in the corner.

I walk over to a side of the room and pull a chair to the base of the bed and I sit down with my back on one side of the arm and my legs draped over the other. I flick my wrists upwards and a dildo appears in my hands and I look over at Bucky, smirking.

He glares harshly at me, fighting the restraints on his wrists and ankles.

I lick the dildo from base to tip and back down again. I can see his little soldier trying to escape his pants, so I decide to free it. With a snap of my fingers, the rest of his clothes disappear.

I openly stare at his member and smirk a little before continuing to lick the dildo. With a cheeky grin, I make the dildo just slightly longer than his member. I kiss the tip and begin sucking on it. I maintain eye contact with his slowly growing erection and start to deep throat the toy. I close my eyes and moan a little, hearing Bucky’s grunts and shouts of protest through the gag.

Without opening my eyes, I leave the dildo in my mouth and unhooking the garters and taking off my panties before rehooking the gaters.

I open my eyes and look at Bucky’s while taking out the dildo slowly and tracing it down my body before using the tip of it to rub small circles around my clit. I make it vibrate. Loudly. I moan and my hips squirm a little, moving around the vibrator.

I rub the dildo up and down my slit slowly before angling it just right and slamming it all the way in.

I moan loudly and squeeze my eyes shut. I mentally make the dildo vibrate a bit more intensely. I moan as I start to move the toy in and out slowly. I lean back into chair’s arm and curl my toes as I move faster. I look over at Bucky and moan at the sight. He was sweating just watching me, his boner at full attention and his eyes pleading. I shake my head no and he glares at me, fighting against my restraints harder. I make the bonds tighter so he couldn’t trash around.  

Having the power to warp reality is amazing.

I stop moving the dildo with my hands and move it with my mind instead, varying the speed. With my right hand, I rub my clit in small, quick circles and I use my left to gently massage my nipple.

I groan loudly as I start to get closer and closer to my orgasm. I add more pressure onto my clit and my back starts to rise off the chair’s arm.

I hear Bucky practically screaming into his gag and tugging harshly at the restraints.  

I ignore him as I move the dildo faster before orgasming hard, clutching the cushion of the chair and silently screaming.

I let the dildo move at a slower pace as I ride out my orgasm. I take out the dildo with my hands and lift it to eye level and start to suck it clean, staring into Bucky’s eyes while doing so.

He’s so frustrated.

His eyes are filled with lust. There’s drool all around the gag and precum is oozing from his dick.

“Okay baby. Maybe I’ll play with you now.”

“Mmph! Mmphmmm!” he cries from the bed.

I flick my wrists and my toy disappears, as well as my clothes.

I walk over to him and get to eye level with his cock. I smile and lick his balls gently. He immediately goes wild, tugging on the ropes so hard, the rope burn is visible. I lick along his base and up to his tip before returning down. I repeated this a few more times before swirling my tongue around his tip.

I wink at him before covering his tip with my mouth and sucking it gently. He stops trashing and resisting and begins to whimper softly underneath the gag. I continue sucking and looking up at Bucky’s icey blue eyes before he closed his eyes shut and rolls his head back as I suck harder.

After a few more moments of light moans from Bucky behind his gag, I stop sucking and pull back, leaving him without a touch.

He cries out from under the gag, what sounds like a plea.

“What do you want Bucky?” I ask, drawing out some of my words, chuckling a little.

Not gonna lie, seeing him begging for me turned me on.

“Mmph! Mmph!”

I sit back onto the balls of my feet and spread my legs  and rub my clit gently. Moan softly before asking,

“What was that, Bucky?”

I snap my fingers and the gag disappears for him to answer.


That’s all I needed to hear.

I flick my wrist again and the gag reappears on him and I lay on my stomach in between his legs. I lick a vein on his throbbing cock before sucking on the tip and slowly taking an inch of him into my mouth.

I slowly bob my head up and down a few inches at a time while he moans and shakes slightly. I then pull him out of my mouth, he looks down at me pleadingly and I lick up the saliva trail before winking at him. “Prsh!”

I laugh a little and lean back up and hover my mouth over his tip. He tries to buck his hips up, but instead I cover his tip with my mouth and deepthroat him immediately.

He lets out a loud moan and I cover my teeth with my lips before biting down, making the fit extremely tight for him.

His head rolls back as he moans and clutches the sheets tightly. I pull him out a bit and sucked on his tip while looking at the view in front of me.

I wave my hand and the gag disappears.

“You wanna cum, baby?” I say as I give him light kitten licks up and down his shaft.

He nods furiously and I frown, pulling back.

“That’s not an answer…”

“Yes! (Y/N)! Yes, I want to cum, please don’t stop!”

“Hmm,” I tap my chin as though I was thinking about it.


I stop everything and lift off him.

“Now you’re all excited, but I’m not having much fun. We can’t have that, now can we?”


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No Control | Chapter Twelve


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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It’s only nine in the morning, so we decide to make the trip out to Manchester first. Figure we’ll start there and work our way back toward home as the day goes on. Georgie wants to do some shopping in the city and get something good for lunch, since we really only have small diners in Wilmslow. We’re at the shops for a few hours, window shopping and actual shopping. I make myself limit my purchases, since I only have so much room in my suitcase and I’m not paying for another checked bag on the flight back. 

Around noon I get a text from Trevor, checking in on me.

Hey, hoe. How was ur flight?
Good, got a nap in. Hanging out with Georgie in Manchester now.
Tell her I said hi and I miss her. Bring me back something cute from River Island, yeah?
Do u think I have River Island money?
I’ll wire u some cash.
Must be nice being a rich boy.
Speaking of rich boys, have u heard from Harold?
Not since Saturday.
Hey, be nice. He’s busy, u know that.
Yeah, I know. Still. Could at least send u a text.
And I could just as easily text him, but I haven’t. Two way street, ya know?
So then y haven’t u?
Cuz I’m not expecting anything of him. Casual, remember?
Ur so full of shit. U know u still want his dick.
Of course I do, but he’s in America, most likely. Not much we can do with an ocean between us.
Isn’t he on a break? Could be back in the UK
Who goes to the UK for a week just to come back to America for a few months?
Fuck off.
Love u too, bitch.
Goodbye Trevor
I’m serious about the clothes!
I know you are. I’ll send you pics.
Thanks boo!

I laugh and pocket my phone. 

“Who was that? Trev?” Georgie asks, already walking in the direction of the River Island store.

I nod. “Yeah, says hi, and he wants me to get him something from River Island.”

“Can this be the last store? I’m starving.”

“Yeah, I’ll get him a shirt or something then we can head to eat. I’m getting hungry, too.”

I have great luck in the shop, so I pick up a button up shirt in Trev’s size, see that he’s transferred a hundred bucks into my account, and make the purchase. The shirt’s only fifty bucks, so I text him to take the rest back, but he tells me it’s part of his dad’s monthly guilt allowance, so he leaves it. 

With the extra money, I take Georgie to a Red’s True Barbecue, because she has a weird obsession with American barbecue that I’ve never quite understood. She’s never actually been to America, but I described the ribs and pulled pork and coleslaw to her once, and she’s been hooked ever since. We obviously don’t have a barbecue place in Wilmslow, so Manchester or London are her only opportunities to get it, and it’s too expensive in London when she’s there for school.

It’s nearly two when we’re making our way back to our little town, and Georgie has let me drive again, claiming she’s still tired from her drive from London to Manchester over two months ago when she got done with school. I don’t mind though, because I genuinely do miss driving. It’s on our way back that Georgie grabs ahold of my left hand and jerks it into her view, nearly making me swerve into the next lane.

“Jesus! What are you doing?” I shout, trying to get my hand back. “You nearly made me wreck.” She won’t give my hand back, though, gripping my wrist tightly so I can’t put it back on the wheel.

“Where did you get this?” she asks, running her finger over Harry’s ring on my thumb.

I press my lips together and glance at her quickly before turning back to the road. 

“No!” she gasps out. “Are you fucking serious? He gave you one of his rings?”

I shrug, trying to play it off. “And a few of his shirts.”

“Micky Starr Bennett! How well did you exactly get to know this man?”

“I spent a few days with him, Georgie,” I tell her, finally getting my hand back to place on the wheel. “He’s really nice, and we got to know each other pretty well.”

“So you didn’t just spend all your time together in bed?”

“No, obviously not,” I huff. “We went out and did things, we talked, we hung out with Trevor and Harry’s bandmates. I actually spoke to the guy. We got to be friends.”

“I’d say a little more than friends who fuck if he’s giving you one of his rings.”

“He said he wanted me to have something to remember him by in case we never got to see each other again.”

“That’s disgustingly sweet, but hasn’t this guy ever heard of a mobile? They’re great at being able to keep in touch with people.”

As she finishes her sentence, my phone begins to ring in the cup holder between us, where I set it when I got in the car. I glance down quickly to see Harry’s name—which I did end up changing to Harry Edward for his contact—flash across the screen, as well as a photo we took together while we were at the museum, James Dean in the background. My stomach flutters at the sight, a quick reminder that my days with him actually happened and aren’t just a figment of my overactive imagination.

“Evidently, he does,” Georgie mumbles, astonished that he’s actually calling me. Honestly, I’m a little surprised, too, considering I haven’t heard from him since the day he left. I know he had a show in Ohio and then a short break, but I didn’t know much else.

“Can you answer it and put it on speaker, please?”

“You’re gonna talk to Harry Styles while I’m in the car?” she shrieks. “I’m not prepared to hear his voice, M.”

“Oh, shut it and just answer my phone, before it goes to voicemail, you freak.”

She shoots me a glare, but slides the little answer button and presses the button for speaker when it shows up.

“Hello,” I answer.

“Hiiiiii,” Harry draws out, making me smile at the low, honey-like tone of his voice. It’s only been a few days, and I haven’t realized how much I had missed the sound. “How are you?”

“I’m good, Harry, how are you?” I ask. Georgie lets out a small choking sound beside me, but thankfully it’s muffled by the sound of the tires on the road.

“Good, enjoying my days off before getting back on the road. Where are you? It sounds a little funny.”

“I’m on the road and I’ve got you on speaker.”

“Ooh, where you headed?” he asks.

“I’m actually on my way back to Wilmslow from Manchester. Spent the morning out there with my mate.”

There’s a few moments of pause in the conversation, and Georgie looks between me and the phone. I glance down with a furrowed brow to see if the call was dropped, but it says he’s still on the line.

I hear his throat clear on the other end, finally. “You’re in England?”

I nod, even though I realize he can’t see me. “Yeah, got some time off of research, so I booked a flight and came out here to spend time with my family before school starts back up. Just got in last night.”

“You’re in England?” he asks again.

I chuckle. “Yeah, Harry, that’s what I said. Where are you?” I ask mainly to change the subject so I don’t have to answer again.

“Holmes Chapel.”

I feel my eyebrows jump up on my forehead, and Georgie’s hand clamp down over my left bicep in shock. “Yeh serious?”

“Yeah, flew in yesterday morning. We all flew back to spend time with family.”

“Oh, wow,” I breathe out. “I suppose your mum’s glad to have you home.”

“Yeah, surprised her yesterday. She cried,” he chuckles. “What are you doing today?”

I look over at Georgie for ideas, but she shrugs and shakes her head. 

“Nothing. Just hanging out until my parents get home, I s’pose.”

“Can I see you?” 

“What? Today? I don’t have a car. I’m using my friend’s.” The possibility of seeing Harry again is making my heart race, but the reality that I don’t have a way to get to him when he’s only a half hour away is making it plummet. 

“I’ll drive out to see you. Mum’s out for a girl’s day anyway.”

“Harry, are you sure?”

He chuckles, and I can imagine him running his hand through his hair, pulling it back from his head. “Yeah. Kinda want to meet your parents anyway. They sound like proper legends.”

I groan at the thought of Harry meeting my parents. And then imagining my mum meeting Harry properly makes me groan even louder. Georgie stifles a laugh beside me, probably correctly guessing the scenarios being played out in my head.

“Oh, c’mon, love. I wanna see you. How long will your parents be out? I miss you, princess.” His tone drops to that gravelly voice he uses during sex to tease me when he won’t let me touch, and my stomach clenches. I have to refrain from rubbing my thighs together when he says, “I really need you to see you, Micky.”

I see Georgie’s eyebrows raise and she mouths, “Princess?” to me with a smirk. She’s biting on her fist to stop herself from laughing.

I clear my throat and clench my fists around the steering wheel. “Um, Harry. My friend’s still in the car.”

“Oh, fuck.” I hear some sort of shuffling. “Shit, sorry. We really have to stop talking about this shit over the phone.”

“Hey, you’re the one that always brings it up. And you’re the idiot who left his phone open on a table while you used the restroom.”

“Yeah, well you let me start talking while you’ve got me on speaker with your friend in the car.”

“I thought I had made that pretty obvious.”

He laughs. “Whatever. How much longer ’til you get home?”

“About half an hour.”

“Perfect, I’ll leave right now. Been pretty bored being home by myself. Waited all afternoon to call you so I’d catch you at a decent time for New York. Turns out I didn’t have to. Send me your address.”

“Okay, I’ll see you soon, mister.”

“Bye, love. See you soon.”

Harry ends the call so that I don’t have to, and Georgie and I sit in the car in silence for a few moments, her gaze never leaving my face, which I keep pointedly towards the road.

“Princess, huh?” she finally asks, and I can hear the smirk in her voice. “Sounds a little bit like a sexual thing. Do you call him ‘Daddy?’” she asks over a chuckle, fully expecting me to deny it like she’s crazy.

I’ve never been able to lie to Georgie, however, and when I give her no response, she gasps.

“Oh, my God. You do! Holy shit. I don’t want to know. Kinky bastard.”

I have Georgie text Harry my address from my phone after we hang up, and listen to her babble some nonsense about texting the Harry Styles. I let her go on for about two minutes without saying anything, because this moment is definitely huge for our fifteen year old selves who only daydreamed about even getting to see the boys in person some day. Georgie had always been more of a Liam girl, but we could both appreciate the other boys, as well. 

The rest of the trip, she asks me about how Harry was like as a person, and she sighs dreamily when I tell her he’s even more kind and caring than we could have imagined. I tell her about his love of books and poetry and how we spent a few hours just talking about nothing and everything the first night we met (I leave out that the talking happened after we’d both gone down on each other, however). I tell her about getting to hang out with all four boys when we were out in New York and finding them even more endearing and amazing after the few hours we spent together. I ask her if she knew that Louis was going to be a dad, and I feel like an idiot when she says she already knew, but she assures me that it was in a lot more gossip rags in the UK than it was in the states. I still blame spending my whole summer in the lab with my eyes glued to slides under a microscope for my lack of knowledge.

When we pull up to my house, a black Range Rover, much like the one Paul drove in New York, is parked at the curb. The windows are tinted pretty dark, so I can’t see inside, but I know that it’s Harry, most likely messing about on his phone to pass the time. I see him open his door as I park and turn off Georgie’s car, a smile splitting across my face. He looks good and very much like the uni boy he wants to be in his dark wash jeans with rips at the knees, dark brown leather boots, plain dark blue t-shirt and a pair of sunnies. He slips his mobile in his pocket and smiles as I throw open the door, skipping down the drive to meet him.

Harry opens his arms for me and I laugh as he lifts me off the ground, holding me securely to him as he spins us around. He tucks his face into my neck, his lips pressing warm kisses against the skin as my fingers make their way into his hair, having already missed the silky feel of the ringlets. I feel more than hear him hum against my skin, and I take a deep breath, savoring the scent of him—his Tom Ford cologne mixed with the mint of the gum he’s constantly chewing.

“Missed you, pet,” he murmurs, his voice muffled by his face in my neck. His chest rumbles against mine, though, making me warm and fuzzy all over.

“Missed you too, H,” I sigh and turn my head to press my lips to his temple.

He finally sets my feet back in the floor, and I move to step away, but his arms at my waist pull me flush against him and his head dips down to capture my lips with his. The kiss is soft and sweet, his tongue barely sweeping against my lips, and I hum at the feeling of him pressed against me again. It’s only been a few days, but I missed him so much, and I don’t know what I would have done if I had never experienced this again.

We would stay wrapped up in each other forever, but we’re broken apart by the slamming of the car door behind me, and the sound of Georgie’s boots slowly tapping on the pavement. I nearly forgot she was still here, even though I had just gotten out of her car two minutes before. Harry pulls his head back from mine and straightens up to his full height, licking his lips. I clear my throat and turn in his arms so my side is pressed against his but we’re both facing my best friend.

“Harry, this is my best mate, Georgina. Georgie, this is Harry,” I introduce, like Georgie has been living under a rock for the last five years.

Much to my relief—even though I trust her immensely not to go complete fangirl in my drive—Georgie simply smiles and offers a wave at Harry, keeping a few feet between them. “Hey, nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, you too,” Harry smiles, and I can see Georgie press her lips together when his dimples come out. I bite my lip to keep from chuckling. “How long have you and Micky known each other?”

“Since we were—what? Nine, I think,” she answers. I nod in confirmation. “Been like sisters ever since.”

“Sure beat the hell out of the brother I have,” I joke. Tommy and I get along fine now, and we’ve never had a bad relationship, but he was the typical older brother when we were younger. I was never allowed to hang out with him and his friends, and I was the butt of his jokes well into our adolescence. But, with the five year age difference between us, Tommy was my protector—and usually cockblock—when I was in secondary and he was in uni. Scared the boys I brought home half to death, resulting in teenage Micky not getting a whole lot of male attention until he was well moved out by twenty-two.

“At least you have an actual sibling,” she counters with a raised eyebrow. Georgie has always been bitter about the fact that she’s an only child, mainly because it’s meant her parents keep a pretty tight hold over what she does. She’d always been jealous of how laid back my parents are, resulting in her spending a majority of her time at mine whenever she could, not that anyone minded.

“Eh,” Harry shrugs. “They’re not that special.” 

Georgie snorts out a laugh before putting her hand out, palm up. “Alright, give me my keys, Bennett.”

“Leaving so soon?” Harry asks, genuinely surprised at her sudden departure.

“Mick’s got an empty house and I’m sure you’ll want to…spend some time together before her parents get home,” Georgie says with a suggestive raise of her brows. “I’m sure I’ll be back over later, though. Her parents like to feed me.” She smiles big and cheesy before rounding her car to get in the driver’s side. She waves at us through the window as she back down the drive before pulling onto the street. 

“Come on, it’s getting chilly out here,” I urge, pulling him toward my house. The wind has started to pick up and the sun has disappeared behind the clouds, making the previously tolerable day require jumpers and jeans. I get us into the house quickly and kick off my shoes by the front door, Harry doing the same.

“Want a cuppa?” I ask, heading toward the kitchen, glancing at him over my shoulder.

Harry trails behind me, looking over the photos my parents have spread around the house. “Yeah, that’d be great.” I leave him in our sitting room to look at some of old vacation photos and go to put on a kettle.

We’ve got a variety of teas in a cupboard above the sink, so I sort through them, trying to find something that might be suitable. English breakfast tea sounds a little boring, but it’s getting a bit too chilly for a fruity tea that my mom likes. “How do you feel about chamomile?” I ask, my voice slightly raised so he can hear me.

I don’t realize, however, that he has stealthily entered the kitchen behind me, thanks to his boots being off, and he answers from only about a metre away, startling me.

“I like chamomile with a bit of sugar,” he agrees, his voice smooth and warm. I feel his arms warp around my middle as I grab for the box I want, his hands diving under the elastic hem of my shirt to my skin. His hands are surprisingly warm, except for the cool metal of his rings at his knuckles. He hums and presses his lips to my exposed shoulder. “I like this shirt.”

The box tumbles from my hands onto the counter when he bites lightly at my skin and his hands trail to hold my sides. “You smell good, too.”

“You’re gonna have to behave for a bit if you still want tea,” I tell him, reaching a hand back to wind in his hair and play with the little ringlets.

“I’ll be good, promise,” he assures, pressing more chaste kisses along my shoulders and up to my cheek. His chest is warm against my back, and I can feel the evidence of his arousal pressing into me, but he’s good and just holds me to him. “Just missed you, is all.”

I can’t help the smile that touches my lips at his confession. “Missed you too, Harry.” I turn my head and catch his lips in a short peck, not letting it progress any further since the kettle starts whistling. 

Harry lets me go as I turn to switch off the burner, and I direct him to where the mugs are, just by the cabinet full of tea. I pour hot water in and submerge the little bags. There’s a platter on the kitchen table with sugar on it, so I direct Harry to grab it before leading him into the living room. We settle in next to each other on the couch and I reach for the throw blanket on the back, pulling it across my lap. It’s odd to me to be getting cozy like this in the middle of August, but I wouldn’t trade English summers for anything.


You’re On

Crowley x Reader
Words:  803
Requested by @damalseer:  Crowley x reader. you make a bet with Crowley that you can get the Winchesters to give you the keys to baby. your choice of ending and wins/punishments

A/N: Do NOT post my writing on any other site. Do NOT take credit for my work. Do NOT copy and paste.
A/N: Reblogs are perfectly fine…because that’s still giving me credit for the work I did.

          It was something fun between you and your boyfriend. Ever since you had started dating, you had been making little bets here and there. The winner normally won some kind of affection or dinner. The loser normally had to do something the winner wanted. It was never really crazy. It was just something for the two of you to enjoy.

           “So, you really think you can get the Squirrel to hand over the keys to his precious car?” Crowley asked.

           You nodded, “I do.”

           “Wanna bet?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

           “Sure,” you shrugged, “What are the stakes?”

           “If he hands them over, I take you wherever you want to go, no questions,” he said, “But if he doesn’t, you get to give me a strip-tease and lap dance.”

           You rolled your eyes. This wasn’t the first time Crowley had chosen that as his winnings, “Seriously?”

           “It’s what I want,” he said.

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