so yeah i hope this gets notes *sigh*

anonymous asked:

hello! could i request some protective!imayoshi, i want to see him get serious about his girlfriend for once. maybe like someone is harassing her? like an ex or something? thank you! <3

Hi! I hope he didn’t appear too OOC here. I rarely write something with Imayoshi in it so……..yeah. MIAN.

You were making your way to the basketball gym where you boyfriend was. You were planning to return his notes in Mathematics since you’ve accidentally fallen asleep during the long lecture about definite integrals. Sighing, you remembered how placid his expression was when he lent you his notebook. It wasn’t the usual him. Well, in all honesty, you didn’t know if you did the right thing about going out with Imayoshi. You felt like you were treated differently. He was less smiling, less talking, less everything whenever he was with you. You were so close to asking him if he thought that your one-month old relationship was just a joke

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