so yeah i edited everything p:


minor season 2 spoilers! i used a few scenes from the trailer so, if you’re avoiding any spoilers at all costs, maybe don’t watch lmao

so ive been working on this since this song came out back in like??? october??? and i got quite a bit done when i first started working on it, but then i rly liked what i had so i stopped lol but then!! i realized that i could make this @dadliestwarrior‘s birthday gift so :D i finished it just for you, tori!! happy birthday!! :D i hope you get everything that you want and that you have a great day :D ilysm im so glad voltron brought us together!! ;w; lance bless (’: i hope you enjoy your video!! ♥

Inuyasha/Mermaid Saga Xover

~no it doesn’t have a title as of yet :P

yeah I just read Mermaid Saga today and this happened almost immediately after. Go figure. Also I haven’t proofread this yet so mistakes will abound. I’ll edit tomorrow but it’s late right now and I just wanted to share. Plus i’m gonna add more to it like a conversation between Yuta and Inuyasha, as well as maybe a fight with a modern mermaid? :3 we shall see! And eventually I’ll post it on my fanfiction account once it’s finished and edited and everything.

Rated: T

Words: 5,000 apprx.

“Dammit, what’s it take ta kill this thing?!”

Rolling to avoid a swipe from a massive clawed hand, Inuyasha righted himself just as the bulbous-eyed creature turned his way. The veins bulging out over its skin pulsed with its rapid heartbeat, shallow breaths escaping from gaping jaws lined with sharp teeth. The stench of fish and sea-water emanating from its mottled green skin was almost overpowering, but taking a few quick breaths into his sleeve, Inuyasha once again set out on the offensive.

With a swing of Tetsusaiga, he’d cleanly hacked off one of the monster’s arms – but despite the gusher of red from the wound, his opponent seemed oddly unfazed. Growling, he lunged out of the way as it swiped with its good arm and nearly caught him in the back. For its size, it was surprisingly limber; Inuyasha watched its movements carefully, senses trained at all times on the girl huddled behind him, wrapped in nothing but his fire-rat robe. Her love of baths had really got them into trouble this time. As blood continued to spill from its wound, he hoped it would eventually slow its movements, but even as he watched, the flow seemed to stop. Even the cuts he’d inflicted on the creature earlier in the fight were already healing faster than any demon he’d ever met.

What the hell was this thing?

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So we went to Joplin today in search of some new gecko food (we didnt find any) but in search we stumbled across this little place called Noah’s Ark Petstore….
Oh my fucking christ
Its a small little store
Where they have maybe seven types of birds all kept together in the same small pen, where their water looked filthy along with the rest of it.
There was an underweight and stressed as hell cockatoo too
They had two kittens that were unbelievably fatigued and sickly looking
And the dogs
Ooooooh the dogs
They were hardly moving (there was one that was just pacing)
Several were kept together at once and i saw one start fighting (to which the lady working there basically ignored it)
They werent making a sound apart from one dog
From the reviews written on this place, they write fake ones (im probably going to edit this so i can include screenshots) to keep their reviews high and they’re dogs are normally sick with kennel cough and are flea infested
Oh yeah and everything is so fucking overpriced
1600 dollars for one of these sick dogs
I could say more but i’ll be editing this most likely
P l e a s e please please
Sign this
It goes into detail aswell
Im going to call the humane society too
Im unbelievably pissed
I would link sources but im sure you could look them up and find this on your own (im on mobile)

"You do not know how i feel!
Monsters like you have everything!
You don't have to be good!
You can mess up over and over again
And the whole world loves you!
You'll never know what it's like to fail!
Because you were born a Sullivan!"
"Yeah i'm a Sullivan, 
I'm the Sullivan who flunked every test,
the one who got kicked out of the programme,
the one who is so afraid of letting everyone down that i cheated!
And i lied!
Mike, I'll never know how you feel..."

Be My Princess Season 2 - Sieg Lieben [Private Travel Event] Jpn GREE

「Sieg. Call me Sieg……」- Sieg

That devilish look ( /)v(\ ) and that happy face after the MC called him Sieg lol! Oh, and how could you blush in Sieg’s route, Ivan?! Too cute XD Go ahead and give a guess on where they went, based on the background screenshot ^^

((I posted two CGs this time, one 480 x 855 and the other 640 x 970. But I forgot which is which :p So yeah…))

Henry; Kuon; Kevin; Oliver; Maximilien; Ivan

((Please credit back to this blog for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you’ve taken that was originally posted from this blog. DO NOT REPOST! Please ask permission first before using ANYTHING originally posted here for edits or other stuffs! Thank you!))

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anonymous asked:

what software did you use to create that glitch art?

well, which glitch art! i make a lot of things a lot of different ways

stuff like this i use processing, and a script i hacked together for it

and most of the stuff that’s really abstract that i do with processing actually starts out as an image (usually a selfie, tbh, most of these things were selfies at one point) which i put into photoshop and use the Median filter on to make it a blurry mess, and then use Curves and Selective Color to make it nicer looking/completely unrecognizable

stuff like this (a variation of the one i reblogged last night that was on weheartit)

was glitched by hex editing it (i’m on a mac so i use hex fiend, which is great). this was a while ago and i don’t remember it that well because i ended up not liking it as much as i wanted to, but i’m pretty sure that i first hex edited a photoshop raw version of the image, and then saved that copy as a flat psd and hex edited that one. the funky colorful lines are one of the effects of psd hex editing, and here’s what it looked like when i hex edited the raw file

so that’s where that visual effect comes from

my recent stuff like this

and this

are both still frames of gifs (which can be viewed here and here, respectively), and are a result of me getting more and more into video glitching. both of the original video source files for these were created in google sketchup (which has animation features!!! the more you know), and then converted to mp4 (.mov has no p frames) and edited using avidemux (incredibly useful software which you should get right now). in avidemux, i took out some of the p frames, which results in the weird motion and artifacting you see in these. sometimes i also do minor hex edits on video files, but that’s less predictable

that method is actually a gross simplification of datamoshing, which is something i’m experimenting with right now, but it’s harder to get aesthetically nice visual results from it and i’ll have to play around more

everything i’ve done ever is probably either using these methods or a combination of them, and then a lot of tweaking in photoshop

so yeah software

  • photoshop
  • hex fiend
  • processing
  • google sketchup
  • avidemux
  • extrafile (good for viewing live updates of things you’re hex editing)
  • i’ve used BECOME A GREAT ARTIST IN JUST 10 SECONDS before, and it’s wonderful, and you could count it here, but i have mixed feelings because of intellectual property stuff
  • for datamoshing, ffmpegx is also reccomended
  • i use miro video converter, handbrake, and macx video converter pro interchangeably


Submit Anon: Weeb in the American History Project
So for my last semester at community college, I decided to try and take it easy. I signed up for a few classes I’ve been itching to take, one being *drum roll* AMERICAN HISTORY! 

It’s American history part II (post-Civil War to modern day), and the first class seemed pretty good! The majority of the students are in the military (important later). I didn’t notice any weebs at first, but that’s because the weeb in question (P) didn’t come to the first class.
So before we got started with our lecture, our professor already assigned a group project: a group of 4 people present about something in history. My group was already made up (we were all in the first row) and when we looked over the topic list, we all agreed on something: the Japanese-American Interment camps. At this point, P hasn’t walked into class yet, she doesn’t come in until halfway through the lecture. 
Once class was over, the professor calls her over and explains what she missed. The professor asks my group if we were willing to take in a 5th person, and we were. We didn’t have enough time to explain the topic, we just got her email and told her we’ll explain later.
Quick intermission - P didn’t seem like a weeb. She wasn’t wearing anything anime-related, she was really clean, and she didn’t have any hint of weeb on her (to the naked eye). 
We’re back. So skip forward to the 4th class, our professor tells us to get into our groups and just go over what everyone is doing and make sure we’re all on the same page. P was there on time, and when we were deciding who was doing what, P said that she’ll do the whole powerpoint.
We kept telling her that she doesn’t have to do it, that we should all put in some effort in both researching and presenting.
“No, I don’t mind! I know a lot about the topic!" 
"…” “No.”
“Come on!" 
We decided to each do some research, but she could proof-read it. 
So fast forward to the 23rd of January. It was our day to go. Everyone in the group was there, but P. We couldn’t go without her, so we were both worried and pissed. 
A few minutes after class started, she strolls in all smiling and happy. I leaned over and asked what was going on, where was she, so on. She explains that she was just finishing editing the project. 
Remember me mentioning the military guys in the class? Yeah…
P puts in her flash drive and pulls up the powerpoint, and all was good. Until when it was P’s turn to present (we all had our own slides).
She starts going off on a rant. 
She listed everything you’d hear a typical weeb would say about WWII and Japan, about Pearl Harbor. But, with a splash of these camps in the discussion.
Some of the military men started yelling at her (to stop), the professor was trying to end the rant she was on, and we were trying to get her to stop. She kept going.
We ended up dragging her out of the class and locked her out, she ended up breaking the professor’s Mac laptop and phone (she grabbed onto the podium and pulled them off), and everyones upset in every sense of the word. 
Our professor ends class early, saying he’ll email us the lecture notes. He pulls us aside and asks what was going on. 
Thankfully, he gave US (the other 3 members and I) another chance. We picked ‘Pop Culture in the 1920s.’ I’m not sure how the class is going to feel with us going again, but with her out of our group (and a less controversial topic) we should be fine. 
TL;DR: A weeb in an American History class ends up working with us on a group project about the Japanese Interment camps, and goes off on a rant that upsets everyone.

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