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Tease // Colby Brock

Prompt: You prank Colby and have a little war after. Frisky Frisk ;) ((hehehehehe idk))

Warnings: Swearing, frisky, kinda fluff?

A/N: Okay I was thinking maybe like a really smutty imagine but uh idk how you guys would feel about that??? Also leave me requests and stuff. And if you would like to be tagged in these just message me and I will :)))

Word Count: 1,332

“Pst. Pst.” You opened your eyes to hear weird sounds. You sat up and saw Sam in the door way. “Come here.” He whispered and you got up quietly so you wouldn’t wake Colby.

“What?” You whispered and shut the door softly. “Let’s do Colby’s makeup.” He said with mischief written all over his face. “Okay come on.” You laughed and he pulled out his camera and told it what you were doing.

You snuck back into the room and grabbed you makeup bag off of the floor, walking over to him quietly and pulling the blanket down. Luckily he slept on his back so you could do his entire face.

You pulled out my three eye shadow pallets and held them out for Sam. “Choose.” You instructed and he picked three colors. Blue, purple and black.

You did a smokey eye with black and purple then gave him winged eyeliner, which was really hard to do since his eyes kept twitching. “Lipstick?” You turned holding up colors to Sam, who put the camera onto your face.

“Yeah and some highlight.” He smirked and ypu nodded, dragging the black lipstick across his perfect lips. “Finished.” You said after you finished the highlight. “Damn he looks better than me.”

“Should we wake him?” He asked and you nodded before jumping on him and yelling pineapple. You dont know why you yelled pineapple, just came naturally.

“What? What the fuck?” He groaned and you rolled off of him. “Why do my lips feel so dry?” He looked at the camera and groaned, standing and walking to the bathroom. “Y/N.” He groaned and stared at his tired reflection.

“It was Sam’s idea.” You laughed and hugged his side as he ran his finger over his lips.

“At least I look hot.” He laughed and looked down at you. “Kiss me?” He puckered his lips.

“Ew no.” You shook you head and backed up.

“Come onnnnn kiss the Colby.” He kissed the air and grabbed your hips going in for a kiss but you turned my head and he kissed you cheek. “Just one?” “No I hate lipstick.” You shook your head. “Then why do you own it?” Sam asked behind the camera.

“Because I feel like it.” You laughed and turned back go Colby. “Come on.” He said and puckered his lips for you to kiss. You sighed and pecked his lips. They felt so dry from the matte lipstick.

“Ewwww.” You said and wiped your lips even though there wasnt any on your lips. “Edit the kiss out.” You turned to Sam and he laughed. “No can do.” He smirked and you rolled your eyes.

“Get out so I can shower and clean this off.” Colby said. “Y/N isn’t there special stuff to get this off?” “Yeah there’s the stuff in the drawer.” You pointed to it. “And also you dont need to shower to get it off.” Youlaughed at him.

“I know but I feel dirty from it.” You laughed and left him to do what he was doing. Sam said goodbye to the video then turned to you. “So are you and Colby dating?”

“I’m not sure. We haven’t really talked about it.” You shrugged. “I mean we kiss and act like we are but we haven’t made it official yet I guess.” "Ah. You’re the first girl I’ve seen Colby like this with. Its a crazy thing.” He laughed. “You have him wrapped around your pretty little finger.”

“I’m talented like that.” You smirked and dramatically flipped your hair. He rolled his eyes and turned to go to his room. “Goodnight Y/N.” you mumbled one back and went back into Colby’s room, laying in bed and waiting for Colby to return.


“Why did you guys do this to me.” He groaned and fell into bed beside you. “Because we love you.” you smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Awe you love me?” he turned and smirked at you.“Of course. You’re my best friend.” Yoi nodded and his smile fell slightly but went back after.

“Damn.” He smirked. “Totally friend zoned me.” “No I didnt. You’re already out of the friend zone.” “Yay.” He cheered and put his head on your stomach. “I’m going back to sleep. Leave my face alone this time.”

“No promises.” You smirked and put your hand in his hair, shortly falling asleep after.


“Whores!” You yelled as you ran away from them. “Stop running!” Sam chased you, Colby behind him.“No you’re gonna shoot me!”

“No I won’t I promise.” Sam dropped his gun. You stopped and narrowed your eyes. “Kick it over.” You instructed and he kicked it to me. You picked it up and pointed it at them, backing away slowly.

“I never said I wouldn’t shoot!” Colby yelled and shot the Nerf bullet at you. You screamed and shot him right in the forehead.

“Fuck off whore!” I ran through the gate and into the street. “You’re the whore!” He yelled back, shooting but it missed. “Only on days that end with Y.” You winked and shot him in the forehead again.

“Fuck! How do you keep hitting in the same place?” “I have fenominal aim.” You smirked and shot again, hitting him in the exact same spot.

“Thats it Y/L/N!” He ran up to you and pulled the gun from your hands, leaving you defenseless. He shot you with both and you screamed.“You’re gonna Die, Brock!” You yelled and he ran straight for the backyard, you following suit.

“You wouldn’t dare kill me so no I’m not gonna die.” he smirked and you rolled your eyes, grabbing his arm and throwing, well pushing him into the cold pool.

“Dammit Y/N!” He yelled once he resurfaced. “Dont stand by the pool, dumb ass.” You laughed and ran inside the house, locking the door behind you.

“Come on. Let me back in.” He pressed his face into the glass. You smirked at him with your hands on your waist. “No thanks. Its much more quiet in here.” You smiled and walked away and up the stairs.


Eventually Sam let him in sadly and he came straight to your room, dripping water all over your wooden floors. “you’re gonna pay for that.” “Oh is that so?” You rolled your eyes, not bothing to look up from your computer screen.

“Yep. Just wait Y/N, just wait.” He narrowed his eyes and backed out of the room slowly to add affect. "Idiot.” You said and a few moments later he returned into dry clothes. He closed the door and slid into bed beside you, pulling you into him chest and rested his chin on your shoulder.

“You smell like pool.” You scrunched your nose and tried to pull away but his arms were stronger. “Oh well.” He shrugged and placed a kiss on your neck, causing your entire body to tense. “Stop.” you said, able to keep your voice steady. He just continued to kiss your neck in different places.

“C-Colby.” you had warning in your voice. He wasn’t your boyfriend he shouldn’t be doing this. “Yes?” He asked as if he wasn’t doing anything and kissed your collar. “Stop.” You pulled away but he pulled you back and flipped around so he was hovering above you.

“Are you sure?” He asked and put his lips extra close to yours, causing your heart to race. This was the most sexual you guys have ever been so it had you by surprise. You looked up at him and he had a smirk on his lips.

He got closer and you went to kiss him but he pulled back. “Eh I’m hungry.” He smirked and slid off of You, leaving you there in shock. You just wanted to kiss him but he had to be a tease.

“Fuck you.” You growled and crossed your arms. “Ah fuck it I can’t punish you.” He sighed and turned quickly, pushing his lips onto yours roughly and pressing you into the bed.

au where isak and even both have boats and theyre enemies and try to like upgrade their boats to show off and one time when isaks having this big party on it and sees even just sittin on his, drawing maybe, isak grimaces at him and even just leaves and goes inside the cabin and isak follows him offended like ,“jealous of my party?” and even just sitsdown like “can you just leave.” and isaks like “aw ure finally accepting i win” and even just clenches his jaw, “isak. please leave” and isaks like, frozen bc ??even always fights back? so hes standing there all confused like, “whats up” and even scoffs,“im not talking to you” and isaks like “well yeah thats kind of why im standing here like a rock or some shit” and even looks him up and down then rolls his eyes, “its personal, okay. go enjoy ur shitty party with ppl ure not even friends with.” and it hits home bc its true but isaks like “fuck you” and leaves and he’s pissed off and he gets drunk, so drunk, and when nobodys paying attention to him at the party he climbs into evens boat and just sits there for a while until evens voice scares him, “what are you doing on my boat.” and isak is so close to whining and crying but he just throws his hands up, “u were right. they arent my friends. but so what??nobody cares about anyone, anyway. all we’ve got is ourselves” and then he feels even sit next to him silently and its..weird but he doesnt move away. “thats probably the only thing i’ll ever agree on with you” and isak snorts, “like you know the feeling” and even fishmouths a few times and its making isak a little anxious then even laughs bitterly, “i just think its. its not possible to lose people, u know. bc ure alone anyway” and isak thinks for a moment, “are you?” and even looks at him, “am i what” .. “alone?” and they just stare at each other then even looks out to the water and lets out a breathy “yeah” and isak feels a little uncomfortable but also knows the feeling so he just. doesnt say anything and theyre sitting there in silence until the sun is coming up and man its SO weird to watch the sunrise with even??? on a boat?? after exchanging thoughts?? and so isak is standing up, “right.,.i better go” and even just nods and isak is ANNOYED bc they never,,say goodbye or just nod??? and isaks about to go off about how weird this feels but then even turns around, “dont think i like you now. ure still a pretentious asshole” and isak smiles and his shoulders relax bc yes thats the even he hates, so he just “dont worry i wouldnt even dream of u liking me” except that night he does, dreams about that and he wants toforget his racing heart when he wakes up after even touching his body. and after that its different with even, they still piss each other off and sometimes it almost goes too far butisak just cant get that dream out of his fucking heAD and its driving him mad and one day whn he sees his boat covered in sillystring which is indeed fucking SILLY so he storms into evens cabin and even jumps up from where he’d been lying on the little bed and isak is shouting ,throwing his hands up like “alRIGHT iM TIRED OF u just doing all these stUPID stuff to my boat it doesnt even mAKE SENSE-” and he’s stepping closer and closer to even andthe back of evens knees are nearly hitting the mattress and he tries to speak but isak doesnt let him “sillystring??realLY??WHAT ARE U FIVE???since whEn did we start pullingPRANKs on eac-” and even just. shuts him up with a kiss. he’s cupping isaks face tight and theres no tongue, just their lips pressed hard against each other and isaks eyes are wide open ,his hands mid air. then even pulls back and hismouth is hanging open and his chest is heaving and probably isaks as well if he hasnt forgotten to breathe and then theyre just staring at each others lips and eyes then isak clenches his jaw and goes in, kisses even with his hands grabbing his shirt and then theres tongue, evens sliding into isaks mouth and against isaks own tongue and they let out a whimper then even turns them around and throws isak on the bed and evens hands are all over isaks body,pullin off his clothes and it almost feels like in isaks dreams except its so much realer and hotter. so they have sex then thyre lying next to each other out of breath and with several hickeys then even talks, “it wasnt me” and isak looks at him confused, “what” ,even looks down at isaks lips before he looks back up, “the sillystring, i didnt do that” and isak furrows his eyebrows, “then who was it” and even shrugs then isak throws up his hands dramatically, “so we had sex for nothing” and even lets out an offended “heeey. it was great” and isak pouts his bottom lip, “it was pretty hot” and then theyre laughing and make out somemore. and they slowly become friends but the teasing about the boats is still there and when even tells isak his boat is better bc they had sex in it, isak pulls him into his own boat and dont leave until they had sex two times and even just rolls his eyesand kisses him. then like 2 years later when theyve been datin for a while, even is taking a blindfolded isak somewhere but isak hears the water and when even tells him to look ,theyre standin on a big ass boat and its really cool and isak turns towards him “whats this” and even smiles, “our boat” and isaks eyes definitely do not tear up but even kisses right under them and then isak hugs him close with his face buried in his neck and feels even shiver when isak whispers for only to even to hear, “youre not alone” 

I'm quiting
  • I dont know if anyone even noticed but i havent been active lately so i decided to tell you that i will completly stop posting. I have been dealing with some issues that i dont want to bother you with,and i havent been feeling myself. I dont know if i will start posting soon,is this a break or goodbye i dont know. Dont know if anyone cares but yeah.
  • Love you with all my heart.

Dean Winchester - Say Goodbye

  • Degrassi Season 12 Summary
  • degrassi: meet Mike Dallas, Campbell Saunders, and Luke and Becky Baker
  • degrassi: Dallas, Cam and Luke play hockey because we are in Canada.
  • degrassi: the Bakers are religious.
  • degrassi: see how cute Dylan Everett is? he plays Cam, he's a puppy LOVE HIM.
  • degrassi: luke and jenna? nah
  • degrassi: beckdam, beckdam, beckdam, beckdam
  • degrassi: zaya..? lol nope.
  • degrassi: camaya, camaya, camaya, camaya
  • degrassi: every's so perfect in the world of degrassi.
  • degrassi: we're gonna kill someone, lol.
  • degrassi: haha, we killed the puppy.
  • degrassi: everyone's so sad, especially eli, pay attention to eli.
  • Degrassi Season 13 So Far
  • degrassi: we just killed Cam, but you know what? let's kill someone else.
  • degrassi: Adam was texting and driving. rip
  • degrassi: oh you liked Adam? lol sorry.
  • degrassi: Eclare,eh, maybe, but look CLEW.
  • degrassi: matlingworth, matlingsworth, matlingsworth
  • degrassi: lol who's Zig?
  • degrassi: PARTY.
  • degrassi: Zoey was sad...
  • degrassi: OH, THAT LUKE! yeah, say goodbye, shouldn't be hard. i dont even know who he is.
  • to be continued.