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True blood son...and daughter - Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

Summary : Your first meeting with your half-brother didn’t really went well, both of you being quite hot headed…Slowly but surely however, you guys warm up to each other. 

It’s meh, I’m so dissatisfied with my writing lately…hope you’ll still enjoy it :

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-Don’t forget I’m the true blood son ! 

-Oh yeah ? That’s funny because you know what ? I’m the true blood daughter ! So your argument is invalid. Do you think before you speak ?

Your father looked between you and Damian, not knowing what to do…This wasn’t going how he wanted it to go at all. 


Your first encounter with your half-brother Damian was…tense, to say the least. One day your dad came home with the boy, and boom, I guess you had a new brother. You were super excited. At least at first. You quickly realized that he wasn’t really…the nicest. 

Even before your father explained where he came from and all, you knew he was definitely your brother. He looked almost exactly like your dad when he was a kid. Almost exactly, because his eyes weren’t blue but green, and his skin was way darker than your father’s pale complexion. Other than that…it was like seeing a mini-Bruce. You hoped he wasn’t like your dad mentally too, because that was gonna be a nightmare…And he wasn’t. He was worst. Oh my god so much worst. 

The first words he uttered to you were full of disdain : 

-You look weak. 

Your father stiffened, ready to intervene. He knew that with you, this could go only two ways : you’d loose all control and fight Damian, or ignore him completely, much like your mother would. Your mother, Catwoman, champion in ignoring people that annoy her since the day she was born. You took the second option, and with a little smile that made Damian fumed, you turned away from him, going back to the work you were doing on the bat mobile before your dad emerged with your brother. Hum. Half-brother. 

But Damian wouldn’t have it. He already met the other batboys, and he made sure they knew that Batman’s TRUE son was home. He went too you, under your father’s gaze. Your dad was still ready to lunge forward between you two. 

-Did you hear me ? 


Damian was confused. Even Dick, who seemed like the most collected one, reacted to his provocations. And here you were, kinda ignoring him, a smug look on your face. He had to assure his superiority on you, and you had to react for it to work !! 

-You look very weak. 

-You already said that. Redundant. 

-You look like you…

-Hey, listen, I know what you did to Dick, Jay and Tim ok ? Won’t work with me, I don’t care about your little need to feel better than us. So here we go, I’m gonna tell you know : hey, you’re better than me. Cool right ? I bet you feel great now. 

-Well at least you know your place. 

Oh damn. You were doing such a good job. You were being so calm and collected, like your father taught you. You should have kept ignoring him, just like your mom did to people she didn’t like…You knew he was eventually going to say something that’d make you mad. And here. “Know your place” ? “KNOW YOUR PLACE” ? How dare he ?!  

You stood up to face him. He was almost as tall as you, even though he was definitely years younger, no more than 10, and you were already (your age). You were kinda short. Like your mom. In the corner of your eyes, you could see your father coming towards you, but you made him understand with your eyes that he shouldn’t intervene. You needed to do this. And so he stopped, and looked at you two. 

-Do you want me to teach you your place ? 

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*Craig and Tweek at 16 years old are playing video games in Craig’s room while asking eachother random questions*

Tweek: “What’s your favorite color?”

Craig: “Red, like Red Racer.”

Tweek: “Red Racer, huh?”

Craig: “Shut up.”

Tweek: “Then why do you always wear blue?”

Craig: “I dunno, it’s easier to wash. Red bleeds too much.”


Craig: “When did you have your first kiss?”

Tweek: “Oh, uh, ngh, never? Too much pressure! I use to lie and say it was with some chick from Wyoming to keep Cartman from putting me on blast. I, err, didn’t want to end up like Butters.”

Craig: *feels remorseful, remembering his part in the whole Butters situation*

Craig: “So no special ladies?”

Tweek: *looks at Craig with a tired expression* “Nope. Just you.”

Craig: “Oh yeah. We’re still doing that. I don’t think anyone believes it anymore… Yanno, except the idiot adults.”

Tweek: “Yeah… So what about you?”

Craig: “Me?”

Tweek: “Not, ngh, talking to Stripe #6.”

Craig: *flips Tweek off* ‘Some girl from Wyoming.“

Tweek: "Don’t be an ass! Be serious.”

Craig: “When am I not?”

Tweek: *facepalms*

Craig: “What did I say about hitting yourself.”

Tweek: *glares punches Craig in the leg*

Craig: “This is domestic abuse!”

Tweek: *ignores Craig and focuses on the screen*

Craig: “What.”

Tweek: *ignoring*

Craig: “You’re mad.”

Tweek: *sighs twitichily*

Craig: “I wasn’t making fun of you.”

Tweek: “Then what were you doing?”

Craig: “I haven’t kissed anyone either.”

Tweek: “Ngh…what?”

Craig: “We’re in the same boat.”

Tweek: “Oh… why?”

Craig: “Girls have cooties.”

Tweek: *snorts* Cooties aren’t real. But herpies are! And Gingivitis! And mouth cancer! Oh God!“

Craig: "Calm down. You’re not going to get herpies from kissing someone.”

Tweek: “You don’t know that man! Cold sores are a kind of herpies! Everyone gets them! Or what if they give me gingivitis! What if they got it from someone else! Ngh! AND THEN EVERYONE GETS IT! Kissing is a bad idea!”

Craig: “Then kiss a mouth virgin.”

Tweek: “You make it sound dirty.”

Craig: “Hypocrite.”

Tweek: “How do I know if they’re a 'mouth virgin’?”

Craig: “Ask them.”

Tweek: “What if they lie?”

Craig: “Ask someone you know who wouldn’t lie.”

Tweek: “Like Token?”

Craig: “Pretty sure Token has gone further than losing his mouth virginity.”

Tweek: “I, ngh, didn’t say I wanted to kiss him! I was just saying is I trust him to tell me the truth!”

Craig: “I know, but your reaction was hilarious.”

Tweek: “… I don’t really trust anyone.”

Craig: “Well who do you trust?”

Tweek: “Uh, Jimmy, Token, Bebe, Stripe, sometimes Clyde. If I bribe him. And…”

Craig: “And?”

Tweek: “…you?”

Craig: “I would hope so. I am your boyfriend after all.”

Tweek: “…”

Craig: “…”

*Craig has an idea*

Craig: *Gets up and leaves to the bathroom*

Tweek: *Sits silently playing Mario Kart alone, trying to not feel awkward*

*Craig enters a few minutes later and flops down into the beanbag next to Tweek*

Tweek: “…”

Craig: “…”

Craig: “Hey Tweek.”

*Tweek turns to look at Craig, only to be met with a toothpaste flavored kiss. It lasts a few seconds while Tweek is completely shocked, and ends with Tweek pushing him away, freaked out.*


Craig: “Two birds with one stone. That wasn’t so bad.”


Craig: “Well I don’t have herpies or bad breath. And l, um… I don’t know.


Craig: “I mean I dont know. ”

*Craig looks at the ground blankly as Tweek freaks out. After some time, Tweek calms down seeing Craig in such a state. It might not look like it to someone else, but Craig was freaking out as well. Very Craig-ishly.*

Tweek: “…”

Craig: “…”

Craig: “Are you mad?”

Tweek: “Ngh-No.”

Tweek: *Almost whispers* “I’m sorry!

Craig: "Uh… why are you sorry?”

Tweek: *blushes very hard*

Craig: “I should be sorry for doing that. It shouldn’t have-”

Tweek: “Thank you.”

Craig: “Uh..”

Tweek: “Uh… I didn’t freak out because YOU kissed me, I freaked out because You KISSED me. Does, ngh, that make sense? You don’t have to, um, ngh, say anything. I think we just crossed a line. A-and, um, you scared me. Not… not in a bad way. Ok? Oh God, um, so we don’t have to talk about this, if you’re not, ngh, ready.”

*Tweek wasn’t sure how he wasn’t freaking out, but he knew Craig was having a harder time processing what just happened than he was.*

Craig: “I don’t know yet. There isn’t much to talk about. I kissed you. You freaked out. We are dating but not, maybe.”

Tweek: “Did you just brush your teeth?”

Craig: “…What?”

Tweek: “Uh, when you left.”

Craig: “Yeah.”

Tweek: “You didn’t have to.”

Craig: “Yes I did.”

Tweek: “Did…ngh, my uh…”

Craig: “You tasted like coffee and bananas.”

*The two of them were silent for a moment before laughing like maniacs. Neither of them knew what was going on, but that was ok. And it was no ones business but their own.*

6am: ArchiexReader

hey guys, just a quick oneshot that I threw together. idk, having major archie feels. feedback would be appreciated if you don’t hate it. 

Summary: Archie waking you up in the middle of the night. Basically just complete fluff.

Originally posted by juggiehead

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the art of being a gentleman

because who doesn’t want a muggle au? 

James should be thinking about several things.

He should be thinking about his history course work due in two days or his match on Saturday. He should be thinking about the prefect timetable he has yet to organise and he definitely should be thinking about the niggling pain in the back of his knee and if he should mention it to his coach. What he categorically shouldn’t be thinking about is the pretty redhead at his bus stop and how he wants to kiss the colour out of her lips and hold it in his chest.

She’s wearing those bloody jeans again, the same as the week before, that hug her legs and around her waist (and other areas James definitely isn’t looking at). The streetlamps have already clicked on, her skin is woven gold under the amber light.

He can’t look away, won’t look away as she wanders up and down the bus stop, her fingers tapping at her phone screen and her mouth lifting into a lazy smile as she reads a text. Thunderous grey clouds hang heavy in the sky and he wonders if he is going mad, standing in the cold about to be soaked when with one call he could have a car pick him up with complimentary tea and biscuits.

The girl smiles again and he knows he’s going mad because his heart is pumping in his throat and flowers are growing through his ribs. His phones rings and he lifts it to his ear, noticing there is still a smear of blood across his bruised knuckles.

“We need your help,” Sirius tells him. James can hear what he thinks is Pete trying to move a bed. “Where are you?”

“I’m at the bus stop, I need to nip to the flat to grab something.” James tells him, craning his neck to see if the bus is coming. The girl glances at him, pulling her bottom lip through her teeth. James flashes her a grin and blood burns up the neck he so desperately wants to press his lips against.

“I thought that’s what you were doing last week?” Sirius replies.

“Yeah, I just need something else.” James winces at the silence that follows. There’s another crash and Pete is violently swearing.

“This wouldn’t have anything to do with that redhead who was on the bus last week, would it?”

James can’t stop his eyes flickering to where she stands, leaning against a lamppost, her silhouette cut from the shadows. “Err- potentially- anyway why did you need me?”

“We’re trying to find Moony’s philosophy notes, he’s hidden them.”

He runs his hand through his hair, it needs a wash to get rid of the remnants of mud. “Obviously, last time you used them you spilt gin all over them.”

“That wasn’t my fau- oh you utter bastard you know where they are don’t you?”

James laughs and leans against the crumbling brick wall behind him. “Look, Pads, I’ve got to go, I’ll see you tonight.”

There’s more crashing and what sounds like ‘James you fucker’ before James can press end call. The girl is staring at him, the corner of her mouth twitching. He pockets his phone with a sheepish grin at her. He’s about to ask her something, anything. Words are climbing up his throat and dancing across his tongue, a ballet of letters held between his teeth.

Then the sky opens.

The rain isn’t particularly heavy but it’s the sort that seeps under the skin and lingers in the blood, James’s hair is already damp by the time he gets his hood up. The girl is shivering, her thin jumper soaked through. James’s legs start moving before his brain does, his hands unzipping his rugby bag and fishing out his school hoodie. The girl looks confused, James must too because he’s not really sure what he’s doing.

“Here, it’ll stop you freezing to death.” He says, offering it to her. She reaches for it, uncertainty spilling out of her eyes. “I’m James, by the way.”

“You’re not a serial killer, are you?” she asks once she’s tugged it over her head. He almost misses the question, thinking too much about how she would look in nothing but his rugby shirt.

She’s staring at him expectantly, her brow crinkled ever so slightly.

“Only on Thursdays, you should be safe.”

She laughs, sunlight falling from her lips, her fingers tucking strands of copper hair under the hood. “I’m Lily,” she says. Lily. He nods, it settles in his stomach like it’s always been there, Lily. The rain keeps up it’s symphony on the pavement.

“So how posh are you, on a scale of Eddie Redmayne to Prince William?” she asks. Her eyes are alight, her voice bubbling like cheap champagne. He thinks he might be already drunk.

He raises an eyebrow, pretends to look offended, drinks in the light that’s pouring out of her. “Me, posh? Never.” Her phone beeps but her hands stay tucked in the pockets of his hoodie, he lets a drop of warmth creep into his bones.

“Seriously though, I hear your school fees are insane.”

He glances at the crest stitched into his jacket, into the hoodie, into his skin. Red and gold and laughter and adrenaline and home. “I’m not that posh. Sirius, he’s a lord, but I’m nothing special.”

He knows the weight the name carries, knows the looks in the street, the eyes noting the tie and blazer, the polished shoes and tailored trousers. He knows what they think of, arrogance smirks and burnt fifty pound notes, wrecked cars and opportunities thrown about like paper in a classroom. They’re not all like that, he’s not like that.

“A lord, huh?” she says, “Can you get me his number?”

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“Um, ok, you’re the Coach..”

Is something you shouldn’t always say…

Or y’know, end up like this blank, hypnotized, good boy here.

Maybe I should reintroduce myself, if you’ve forgotten who am I already, or just visit and access the story before this one: “Sorry, What?” Link

This piece of meat is an exchange student from Canada, carrying some sort of scholarship that gave him a free ride along with all facilities paid for. School System has him bearing the name William Red, which kind of has a nice ring to it. And for you to get the whole story, we will start at the top.

It was 6PM, and there weren’t a lot of guys and gals in the gym, possibly because it was crunch time. The gym barely had 4 users, which was sort of disappointing. 


It was an email from the Admissions and Facilities Department, and left me sort of curious.

Subject: Admission of Mr. William Reddison [StudID: 12938]

Dear Braxton, 

We will be admitting a Canadian Exchange Student today, and he has specified that he wishes to use the gym regularly on a regular basis. His details, records, and additional documents have been saved on the Staff Drives along with photographs in digital format. Please grant him access to the gym, and introduce him to the facilities we have.

We can always rely on you for everything Brax,

Sincerly, Judith.

Head of Admissions

I immediately clicked into the Shell and accessed my drive, but stopped to think.

It’s probably another nerdy scholar, with a funny accent”

I shrugged, and inputted my log-in

//  University Staff Drive  \

Welcome Brax,

ACCESS?> J:\BraxFiles\SharedFiles


[Ellis, Jonathan] <-OPENED->

[Bain, Raymond] <-OPENED->

[Johnson, Max] <-OPENED->

[Reddison, William] <-SHARED BY judith.samson@admissions.system

COMMAND?>DOWNLOAD [Reddison, William] X:\PersonalFiles\ControlledBoys\NewTargets

The command has been completed sucessfully.


My dick immediately hardened, and knew that he needed to get under one of my training programs!

Name: William Reddison

Notes: After interviewing Mr Reddison, he seems to be a shy guy, with minimal social connections to close friends, family and mates. Does not seem to like spending long periods of time with a stranger, but favors the gym. Reddison has also indicated to us that he feels more free in the gym, and may serve as a exploit in getting at least a conversation with him 

- Judith

Date of Birth: REDACTED

Place prior transfer: Montreal, Canada

Scholarship: Jason Cox’s Excellence In Athletics Scholarship

[New Notification: New Student Logged In - William R.]

There he was, wearing his Red Calvin Kleins, with a white tank top, and Nike shorts”

I already made plans with Jonathan, (you may remember him from a previous encounter) to err, make it easier for me to, umm, compel the new guys. Jonathan quickly made friends with the Canadian hunk, and called me in.

Jonathan: Coach, this is William, he’s new here

William: “Errm, umm, hey. I’d like to train please”

Me: “Yeah, sure thing. Follow me to my office”

The office was upgraded to have blinds, to ensure no one on the outside knew what I was doing to fuckable fuckboys.  

So, Mr Red. Take a seat. I need to verify a few things before we get you started…

Welcome to GymOS!

COMMAND?>LOAD GRAFX X:\MindSnap\CONTROL.exe -unsuspecting

This command is now running…

William, take a look at the screen here, do these records look alright to you?

William was groaning, grunting out yesses at every page, each yes getting longer.

Fuck, he looks so good going under..

I signaled Jonathan to slowly and gently hold the hunk on the chair, as William was staring at the screen. It was a spiral, though it was transparent so he wouldn’t suspect, but enough to be visible by the subconscious.

He started to resist, and jiggle aggressively 


His body started to sloooowly slump.

Good boy.

At 7:30PM tonight boy, you will come over to the addressed supplied to you, and you will strip down to your underwear lie down on my bed, and wait further instructions.

His glassy eyes simply flickered, with his head nodding, saying ‘Yes’

I walked into my room at 7:45PM to find him like this. I smirked, and started feeling him up. Another blank muscle boy added to my collection. He needed more work, but nothing I could fix.

I put my hand on his crotch, and told him the following:

“You are no one else now, but mine. You will still go to University, train hard with me in the gym, aim for the best in your studies, and get a job, and you will come home to me, mindless, obedient, and waiting to serve.”


I asked him to strip off his underwear and start playing with it mindlessly.


He was mine to use. Mine to control. Mine to fuck. Mine to do whatever I want.

Kneel while standing up boy!


Now, you are no longer a shy muscle man. You are now a cocky, arrogant and playful subject. You know you are controlled, and you like it. You love it. You need it. Being controlled is what defines you now. You love me. You need me. You can’t live without me. Understood?

His voice shifted to a more playful and cocky tone


He liked having his photos taken now, with or without clothes, and enjoys his regular fucks, and submissions. 

He thanks me regularly for freeing him of his own control, now that I control him. We are now processing his visa, so he can stay here with me, forever, as my Canadian muscle puppet boy.

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Kiss Me Not -Part 16-

Find Part One Here!

tags: drarry, hogwarts eighth year, soulmates au

this one ended up quite long so I thought it best to put it under a keep reading

“Mr Potter!”

Harry turned, half expecting to see Pansy before he realized the voice didn’t fit. The girl was wearing Slytherin colours but, best guess, she was a fifth or sixth year, with long blond hair rather than Pansy’s short black bob.

“Err, yeah?” Harry said nervously.

“My friend Ellidh said she kissed you, is it true?” she demanded.

Harry frowned, “Who-?”

“Ellidh Keegan!” She shouted, her face taking on a red tinge, “She’s a sixth year Ravenclaw with brown curly hair and freckles across her nose!”

“Amelia, Ellidh isn’t the type to do that and you know it,” A tall hufflepuff with spiky black hair said as he walked up causally to join his friend.

“Shut up, Jeremy!” Amelia said sharply, keeping her glare fixed on Harry.

Harry shook his head, “No, I haven’t kissed her,” he said, trying to edge around them.

Amelia moved with him, continuing to block his way, “But you let her try, didn’t you? I’ve heard people talking-”

No.” Harry said with an exasperated sigh, “I haven’t let anyone try. I’ve been jumped and surround and tricked but I had nothing to do with it. Let me pass, would you?”

Amelia  face grew redder and she snatched the sleeve of his robe to keep him from leaving, “She said-

“And I said No.” Harry cut her off, just barely holding onto his temper and not wrenching his robe away and shoving past her like he wanted to.

“Come on, Amelia,” Jeremy said, gently catching her arm, “I know you fancy Ellidh but-”

“I DO NOT!” Amelia shouted on the verge of tears as she let go of Harry’s robes and ran down the hall, shoving Jeremy as she went.

Harry heaved a sigh and pushed his hand through his hair.

“So- The kissing thing is totally off the table?” Jeremy asked, “Because I’ve always thought if I ever were to fancy a bloke you’d-”

Enough, Mr Zhao,” Headmistress McGonagall interrupted tersely.

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“Draw me like one of your French...boy ?” - Jason Todd x Reader

I’ll never get tired of writing thing with Jason (the best Robin FIGHT ME ON THAT !). Hope you guys will like it :

(My masterlist blog here :


-Can you flex your back muscles please ? 

How could you just ask questions like that without even flinching ? Or blushing at least ? Err. Those were stupid questions, and the answer was very simple : you didn’t like him that way. For you, he was just a friend. Just a friend who accepted to get down in his underwear for you, so that you could practice anatomy. Totally normal. That’s what friends were for. Helping. 

-Great, thanks Jason. That’s great. Wait, turn just to your left a bit…yeah, perfect, thanks. Oh, do you want a blanket or something ? 

-No. No thanks. I’m fine. Just a…little swift of cold wind that’s all.

“Just a little swift of cold wind”. Yeah. Right. Your hand brushing his bicep when you angled his body like you wanted, that’s what made him shiver. But hell was he glad you thought it was because he was cold. 

You were just his friend. His extremely talented friend. His extremely talented friend he was in love with. Oh bugger, he was in for a treat…

It was very rare, that Jason found himself speechless. Or that he was afraid to ask a girl out. After all, like his father, Bruce Wayne, he was quite the ladies’ man.

He never found it hard to ask for someone’s number, or if they wanted to go get dinner with them. But with you ? Well, with you, it was different. And he didn’t really know why…Maybe because he was genuinely in love ? Because this time, if you said “no” to his date proposition, he had everything to loose ? 

You entered his life quite randomly. He was running in one of Gotham’s park and as he ran around it multiple times, his eyes couldn’t help but notice you, sitting in the grass with a sketchbook and a pencil…Especially because you kept staring at him when he was going by. 

Curiosity got the better of him, and after a seventeenth tour of the park, he stopped to stretch…right in front of you. And you kept staring, making him uncomfortable. He was never uncomfortable ! On the contrary, he liked when girls looked at him. He liked it a lot. But you…God he felt uneasy. 

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Pepper Potts meets Peter Parker for the first time and thinks he’s Tony’s son

Okay. I was robbed of a scene where Pepper Potts meets Peter Parker for the first time in Spider-Man: Homecoming. CAN YOU IMAGINE

Tony: Pepper, meet the kid. Kid, this is Pepper.

Peter: Hi. I’m Peter… Parker

Pepper to Tony: You did it, didn’t you? Of course. Why am I not surprised. Well, I hope you don’t have his penchant for attracting trouble, Peter.

Peter: Well, er…

Pepper: It’s very nice to meet you, Peter. Tony, has Legal seen him?

Tony: He’s sort of hush hush

Pepper: Tony!

Tony: What? We can’t let the public know who he is.

Peter: Please, Ms. Potts, you cant tell them.

Pepper: I’m sorry, Peter. There have been a lot of false claims before, all a ruse to get money. For the safety of the company and of Tony as well, I have to let Legal handle this. Secretly, of course. 

Peter: I don’t want any money. Not that it wouldn’t hurt to have some money. But… Hold on a second. There are people out there claiming that they’re me?

Pepper: Yep. That’s why Legal needs proof that you are who you say you are. This means we’re gonna need some blood samples for a DNA test. 

Tony: We’re not studying him like he’s an experiment.

Pepper: Tony, I can’t run a paternity test if I don’t have all the variables 

Tony: Paternity test? Wait. You think he’s mine?

Peter: Oh. Mr. Stark’s not my– He’s not my–

Tony: We’re not– I’m just mentoring him.

Peter: I have parents. Had parents. They died but I have an aunt.

Tony: Jeez, Potts. I can’t believe you’d think that. Well, I guess it’s not so outlandish. I mean, I did have a sordid past. And given Peter’s age, his above average intelligence–

Peter: Mr. Stark, sure, yeah he’s like a father figure. But I’m not his son. 

Pepper: Oh. I’m sorry. It’s just that working with Tony and taking care of his past girlfriends have made me quite prepared for the possibility that he has a child out there somewhere and will one day show up. So I just assumed… But wait. If you’re not his son… Tony, Peter, what are you hiding?

Tony: Do we want to tell her? Pepper’s good with secrets.

Peter: Yeah?

Tony: Yeah! She’s motherly, she’ll take good care of you. Although, she is physically capable of hauling your ass back home if she thinks it’s necessary.

Peter: I guess that’s better than May knowing.

Tony: Ohhh, now that you mentioned it she’s the kind of person Aunt Hottie will get along with. She’ll send May daily reports.

Peter: Err nevermind

Pepper: You know, I’m right here.

Second Chances

Words: 10.1k

Genre: Fluff / Soulmate AU

Warnings: slight description of a panic attack, swearing

Description:  Soulmate AU in which you get to see colours when you kiss your soulmate. Dan has a particularity.

Read on AO3 / @cityofdan made a moodboard for this and I’m crying

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The Mystery of Y/N (Part 1)

Originally posted by archibald-andrewss

Pairing: N/A

Requested: Nope

Summary: You’re at a party when you mysteriously disappear. You’re friends work together to try and piece together what happened to you leading up to your disappearance. Little did they now they all know a part of the reason why. What happens when they find out the truth? 

GIF Not Mine

Part 1 -> Part 2

This is inspired by @slayxwolf‘s series ‘What Happened to Y/N’ which you should totally check out because it’s so freaking good (Part 1 is here)

Chapter 1 - Y/N POV

“So, Y/N you going to the pep rally bonfire tonight?” Veronica asked popping a fry in her mouth. You had all gone to Pop’s for a milkshake and burger to catch up after the summer.

“Oh, I don’t know.” You replied playing with the straw in your milkshake. 

“Come on, Y/N you have to be there. It’s a tradition to kick off the school year at the bonfire.” Archie chimed in. 

“Even I’m going, Y/N.” Jughead added. 

“Ugh, fine. I’ll go.” You reluctantly agreed. 

“Yay. So I was thinking we could get ready at mine.” Veronica addressed you and Betty. “And-.” Your phone buzzed signalling a text. Instead of going to answer it your eyes remained on Veronica who was speaking. 

“Aren’t you going to answer that?” Jughead asked laughing slightly as normally whenever your phone went off you immediately pounce on it and reply straight away. 

“Huh? Oh yeah, it’s probably nothing.” You replied but Jughead gave you a quizzical look so you decided to check your phone. You tensed up when you saw the text. 

“Is everything okay, Y/N?” Archie asked. 

“Oh, err… yeah it’s fine.” You replied, your smile forced. “I should probably get going but I’ll see you tonight.” You gathered your things and walked away from the table and out of Pop’s before your friends had a chance to ask you any more questions. 

“Okay, that was weird.” Betty commented a few minutes after your sudden departure to which everyone nodded their heads in agreement. 


You were at Veronica’s house sitting on her bed whilst she helped Betty get ready for tonight. Instead of your usual bubbly self inputting your opinion like you always do when you’re getting ready at Veronica’s you kept checking your phone every five minutes and your knee kept bouncing up and down, a nervous habit you have. “Okay, enough.” Betty interrupted your thoughts causing you to stop what you were doing and look at her. “You’re making me nervous. What has gotten into you?" 

"Nothing.” You said a little to quickly. 

“I think what we need is a bit of liquid courage before we go.” Veronica suggested leaving her room and then coming back with a bottle of tequila with three glasses. She poured out a glass for her and a glass for Betty and another one for you. Instead of taking the glass you took the bottle out of the other hand and took a huge drink of it, wincing as the liquid went down. Both Betty and Veronica gave you a surprised look. 


The party was in full swing when you all got there. People were already tipsy but you weren’t behind due to the drinks you had at Veronica’s. You were greeted by the rest of the group who were already there. Archie and Veronica greeted each other by making out. Jughead was complimenting Betty and listened intently at her drunk ramblings. Kevin was dragging you to the makeshift dance floor telling you he loves your shoes along the way. You were moving to the rhythm of the music, swaying your hips as you danced beside Kevin. Your feeling of freeness soon changed as you felt your phone buzz in your pocket signalling a text. You stopped dancing for a moment and took a deep breath before you looked at the text. It told you to meet them in the bathroom. You looked up and saw a figure off to the side motioning you to come and follow them before they walked off. You told Kevin that you needed to go to the bathroom and that you wouldn’t be long. He nodded and carried on dancing, moving over to the guy who has been checking him out all evening. 

It had been an hour and a half when the party started dying down. Everyone was tired and drunk. Veronica was laying down, her head on Archie’s lap. Betty was by a tree throwing up, Jughead holding her hair back and patting her back awkwardly. Kevin came over, from his rendezvous, a huge smile on his face. His eyes flicked from each of his friends before noticing you weren’t there. “Hey, guys, when was the last time you heard from Y/N?" 

"Wasn’t she with you last?” Veronica asked, her arm covering her eyes as she was trying to go to sleep. 

“That was two hours ago. She told me she’d be back but I haven’t seen her. I just assumed she was hooking up with some guy but she hasn’t texted. I’m worried. It’s not like her to disappear.” Everyone went from disinterest to concern. Veronica got up from her position fast, causing her to be a little dizzy from the alcohol. Archie and Jughead looked concerned as well as Betty who stopped throwing up. 

“Let’s look for her then.” Archie suggested standing up holding Veronica up too. 

They branched out and started looking for you. Archie and Veronica looked around the bonfire and the field whereas Jughead, Betty, and Kevin took the other side. They looked and looked but found nothing. 


It has been a few days and you still haven’t turned up. A missing persons report was filed by your parents and Kevin’s dad was on the case but that didn’t stop the five of them trying to help find you themselves. The murder board they used for Jason Blossom’s murder was brought out and had a picture of you stuck on it. When they weren’t in class they were in the newspaper room trying to figure out what happened. Everyone was sitting down racking their brains to see if they remember anything from that night when Veronica remembered something. “Oh my god. I think I know who the last person was who saw Y/N that night." 

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A/N: this is my new Riverdale series that will probably be nine parts. I’m excited for this one and I hope you enjoy it.


EXO Reaction when you have bad relationship with them but due to an school project they get to know you and fall for you

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“No no… this can’t be… there must be something wrong with me… I can’t be falling in love with the enemy… no… damn she’s pretty” *Very confused boi*


*Really worried* “Oh great Kris! You fall for the one who hates you! Like… why were you so mean at the beginning… this is going to be hard… oh shoot here she comes, act normal”


*Literally him during all the time you spend together* “Were you… this amazing yesterday? Woah…. want to go for a coffee?” *No chill here*


*Kicking himself mentally* “Why are you like this… why do you like tormenting me like this… she’ll never say yes… ahh.. I can’t give up…”


*Trying to be invisible while you two work* “Oh no.. why is she so close.. I can’t.. she is staring at me… she’s making me nervous… ugh I want to cry… she’s so beautiful.. ah stop! I like you! Now stop!”


*Knows he’s screwed* “She’s not that bad… no wait what am I saying… ugh.. she’s amazing.. what was I doing all this time… wasting time? Yeah… great Minnie, great!”


*Probably will annoy you more and make it seem like he hates you more and more as time passes but the truth is that all he wants is to hide the fact that he’s falling for you because he thinks he stands no chance*


*Stops functioning in front of you* “Err… project… you…. me.. together…. work… love.. yeah… hi”


*He’ll just accept his fate. What else can he do?*


“Oh great.. always making the worst choices in love… I guess love is not for me… she hates me… great… so wise… I’ll just go and hide” *So squishy*


*He’ll leave everything behind and start working hard in winning your heart* “This is my chance! I better do not screw it!”


*Don’t worry he always like a back up plan* “Operation 1288 sexy oppa in action”

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Be the Leia to my Han?


Pairing: Tom!Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: The Stark Internship finally allows for some free time and even a movie night…

Since Peter had become Spider-man, there had been less time for you to spend together. Sure, it would’ve been nice to spend every day together like you used to but you knew that that just simply wasn’t possible now that he had to be off saving Queens every other hour of the day. It wasn’t that you hated him for it, hell, you were so proud of your best friend for doing what was right for the city and for keeping everyone safe but it just meant that you had to sacrifice some of your Peter-time while Queens had some extra Spidey-time.

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tooboredtofindagoodusername  asked:

Heya hey hey! (☆w☆)/ Can you write some headcanons about RFA + V and Saeran breaking MC's glasses by accident while she was sleeping? (She can barely see without them...) Have a nice day! ^^

Hi! I hope you have a nice day too!! I hope you like it! I’m sorry if they’re done differently from what you planned. Sorry for the wait!


  • You had fallen asleep on the couch while waiting for Yoosung to come home from school
  • You laid your glasses down on the floor beside the couch
  • That was a big mistake
  • Yoosung came home from school and saw you napping
  • He walked over in front of you and heard a little crunch
  • He looked down and literally almost cried
  • He didn’t even know what to tell you
  • Yoosung just stared down at the glasses for like ten minutes
  • You woke up and saw him in front of you 
  • “What’s going on?”
  • “Shit, sorry for swearing, oh no. I broke your glasses, MC”
  • “What…?”
  • “I’m so sorry”
  • Yoosung looked at you, and you could see how sorry he was
  • “I, umm, it’s okay… I just can’t see anymore. Heh”
  • “I know, I feel so bad.”
  • “I forgive you, Yoosung. You’re too cute to be mad at”


  • Jaehee had had a long day at work
  • She was entirely too tired
  • She blindly walked into you two’s bedroom and bumped into the bedside table, successfully knocking your glasses off the table
  • She didn’t even notice, she was too out of it
  • That’s why she didn’t see your glasses under foot 
  • All she heard was a loud crunch 
  • Jaehee looked down and internally swore
  • She looked at you and sighed
  • She picked the glasses up off the ground and assessed the damage
  • The glasses were T R A S H E D
  • She sat on the bed beside your sleeping figure and shook you awake 
  • “Mmm, hi Jaehee”
  • “MC, dear, I got home from work and I was exhausted. I walked into the room and bumped into the table, and I broke your glasses. I’m so sorry”
  • It took you a bit to process everything 
  • “Oh? You’re going to have to be my help then. I can’t see anything I’m as blind as a bat”
  • “I will do anything to make it up to you”
  • “It’s okay, Jaehee. I forgive you. I just need help walking around until i can order a new pair. “


  • Tonight was yours and Zen’s date night
  • You guys would usually do something every other Saturday
  • Zen and you were sat on the couch
  • You were laying down on his lap, one of his hands were in your hair, the other on your hip
  • You had ended up falling asleep in the middle of the movie due to a long day at work
  • Zen didn’t notice your glasses falling on to the floor
  • So when the movie was over, he went to pick you up and carry you to his bedroom
  • He heard a crunch as he started walking
  • Zen ignored it because he had a more important task on hand
  • He made it four steps before he felt a sharp pain in his foot
  • His loud swearing ended up waking you up
  • “Zen? What’s wrong?”
  • “I stepped on something, and I think I got glass in my foot”
  • “Let me down, I’ll go grab the first aid kit”
  • You tried wiggling out of his arms, but he held on tighter
  • “A princess should not allowed to walk when there’s danger around”
  • “Shut up, Zen. You’re bleeding and in pain. Let me down so I can grab my glasses and go get the kit”
  • He let you down with a dramatic sigh
  • You walked over to where you thought they were, but all you could see was a blurry mess of what was your glasses
  • “Dear…? Did you step on my glasses?”
  • Zen looked down and he immediately felt horrible
  • “Err, I think I might’ve. I’m so sorry, princess”
  • How could you honestly be mad at him?
  • “It’s okay, I have an old prescription in the bedroom You sit down, and I’ll grab them so I can get the kit”


  • Jumin had just gotten home from work
  • You usually greet him as soon as he gets home, but today, you were no where to be found
  • He spent twenty minutes searching for you 
  • He was about to call security in, but he heard a soft snore from Elizabeth’s room
  • Jumin walked in and found you laying on the floor with Elizabeth on your stomach
  • He walked over to you and got on his knees beside your sleeping form
  • He heard a small crack, and he mentally cursed himself as he looked down
  • He had snapped them right down the middle
  • Jumin picked the glasses up and put them up on the stand 
  • He quickly called the eye doctor and had them start immediately making a new pair for you
  • The sound of Jumin on the phone made you and Elizabeth wake up
  • You carefully got up with Elizabeth in your arms
  • “Honey, what’s wrong?”
  • Jumin looks down at you and frowns
  • “Oh kitten, I accidentally broke your glasses. I was just making a call to the doctor for a new pair. They should be ready by tomorrow”
  • You blink once, taking a moment to comprehend what Jumin had just said
  • “Oh?”
  • “Yes dear, I hope you are not mad. You look quite upset. I am truly sorry”
  • “It’s okay. I’m also not upset, I was just confused for a second. I understand that you didn’t mean to break them, love”
  • Jumin smiled softly
  • “Thank you for not getting upset”
  • “It’s really nothing to get upset about, dear. I understand”


  • Saeyoung and you were laying in bed watching some stupid YouTube videos
  • You had gotten bored of watching cringe comps, so you ended up falling asleep on his shoulder
  • He didn’t notice you were asleep until about an hour later
  • He looked down, and he had no clue where your glasses were 
  • He knew how important they were for you to be able to see
  • He lifted the blanket up, and there went your glasses flying onto the floor
  • Saeyoung didn’t see it like that though
  • He saw it as though it were slow motion 
  • He just watched as your glasses cracked
  • Saeyoung couldn’t help but to laugh because they looked like his one emoji
  • His laughter woke you up
  • “Mmm, I’m trying to sleep, honey”
  • He looked back down at you and he instantly felt bad again
  • “Oh… I have something to tell you”
  • You immediately knew something was up, he was never serious 
  • “What is it, Saeyoung?” 
  • You sat up and looked around for your glasses
  • “Uhh, well, your glasses kind of broke…”
  • Your eyes widened
  • “Ha, you’re joking, right?”
  • He reached down to grab them and handed them to you
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • You laughed as soon as you looked at them
  • “They look like your emoji~!”
  • He grinned at you
  • “That’s exactly what I thought too~!”
  • Saeyoung suddenly scampered off the bed and out of the room
  • When he came back, he was carrying one of his three pairs of glasses in his hands
  • “Here, you can wear mine until you get new ones~”
  • You put them on and snorted
  • “Saeyoung, I think your vision is worse than mine. I don’t even know how that’s possible”
  • “Oh hush, honey~~”

V/Jihyun *slight blood warning!*

  • V had just gotten his eye surgery, but he had to wear bandages over his eyes because of hos sensitive they were to light
  • As he walked around you two’s house, he could see literally nothing
  • You had to be like his seeing eye dog
  • V had to use the bathroom late one night when you were asleep
  • He didn’t want to wake you up, so he felt his way around his room to get to the master bathroom
  • He ran his hand across the night stand and knocked something down
  • He just wanted to find his walking stick 
  • But whatever he happened to knock down must have been glass
  • V’s sudden gasp woke you up, which caused you to down at your boyfriend
  • Your boyfriend who was currently blind was trying to clean up what looked like tiny glass shards
  • “Jihyun, dear, no. I can get it”
  • “No no no, I don’t want to trouble you. Go back to sleep, love”
  • “You can see nothing right now, let me do it”
  • You reached over for your glasses, only to find the bedside table to be empty
  • “Are those my glasses on the floor?”
  • “Err, I’m not sure. There’s a good chance that they might be”
  • You nodded, only to mentally smack yourself when you realized that he couldn’t see
  • “Oh okay. I always buy two pairs when I go. I’m always clumsy”
  • You get off the bed to grab your other glasses from your dresser and slide them onto your face
  • You look down at the glass shards on the floor and nod
  • “Yeah those are my glasses”
  • “Oh, lovely, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I feel so terrible”
  • You looked down at him and he just looked so sad
  • You got down on your knees beside him and hugged him tightly
  • “Shh-shh-shh, it’s okay, dear. It’s not a big deal, I promise. I have another pair on right now”
  • You grabbed his hand gently to bring it up to your face so he can feel that you’re wearing your glasses, but you felt something warm on his hands
  • You looked down and saw blood dripping from his hands 
  • “Why didn’t you tell me you got hurt?”
  • “I didn’t want to have you worry”
  • “Jihyun, there’s probably glass in your finger, let’s go to the kitchen so I can get the kit to clean your wound”
  • He shakes his head
  • “No, love, I can do it”
  • “No you can’t. You can’t even see right now, let me do it”
  • You stood up, and grabbed his uninjured hand in your own as you helped him up
  • “Oh, by the way, I could never be mad at you. Something as small as breaking my glasses doesn’t matter to me. I love you”


  • Saeran had went to help Saeyoung with one of his car
  • You had waited for him to come back from the garage patiently, but you ended up falling asleep on the floor in front of the couch
  • Your glasses were put on the couch cushion haphazardly by a half asleep you 
  • Saeran and Saeyoung came back in a couple hours later 
  • Saeyoung snorted as soon as he saw you
  • “What a weirdo”
  • “Don’t make fun of her,” Saeran growled as he went to wash his hands in the kitchen
  • Saeyoung put his hands up in defense as he went to his own room
  • Saeran looked down at your sleeping figure and he felt as if he could hear you saying
  • The floor is comfier” 
  • He sat on the couch behind you and he heard a loud crunch as he sat
  • Saeran got off the couch and saw your glasses broken
  • Luckily, they were only snapped in the middle
  • “Shit!” 
  • The loud sound startled you awake 
  • “What’s wrong, Sae?”
  • “I broke your glasses”
  • “Hmm?”
  • “I said that I broke your glasses”
  • He handed the broken pieces to you, and you just stared at them
  • “Well…”
  • “I-I’m sorry”
  • Saeran looked at you nervously 
  • “It’s okay, Sae. I needed new ones anyway”
  • He scanned your face carefully for any signs of lying, but he came up with nothing
  • “Why aren’t you yelling? I broke something of yours”
  • “Well, first of all, I’d never yell at you. Secondly, I need a new prescription anyway. I’ve had them for over a year”
  • Saeran stared at you for a bit
  • “I love you, Saeran”
  • Saeran scoffed as soon as you said it, but he saw hurt flash across your face as soon as he said it
  • “I love you too, MC” 

i uhh…

didn’t want to make this one because i thought it was obvious but err uhm…

nora’s homage to pyrrha is literally how her heart is feeling, placed right on her…

shot… through the heart. yeah…

just in case you forgot that nora’s heart symbol was not always like that…

anonymous asked:

Oh oh I was thinking about what would be the best gift for each of the rfa members including Saeran and V?

Author’s note: GOOD MORNING !!!!


  • ok honestly he’ll get excited by any gift as long as it’s from you
  • He will love it biggest understatement ever


  • The best gift you ever gave him
  • (Besides the monogrammed pajamas that he wears ALL the time now)
  • Was a shirt with your face on it that says “Property of MC”
  • you also gave him booty shorts with property of MC on the ass, but that’s just a secret between the two of you
  • And let me tell you, it is the funniest thing when a fan takes a picture with him while he’s wearing it
  • Bc it’s like “oh there’s the fan, and there’s Zen, anD THERE’S MC’S GIANT FACE”


  • ZEN
  • Also some books would be nice


  • He would never admit this
  • But since he’s always taking the group photos and stuff, he never gets to be in them
  • And that really bums him out
  • HE CRIED he loved it so much
  • And now when he’s sad he’ll just flip through the pages
  • Like oh there’s one of me yelling at Seven, and one of Zen and I admiring his motorcycle, and there’s one with MC kissing my cheek I wonder who took it ??? probably Jumin since it’s so blurry 


  • Just
  • This mug

Unknown (Saeran)

  • You and seven teamed up for this one
  • So you were both there when he opened up the tiny box and pulled out a circular shaped locket
  • “Is this a joke?”
  • “Open the locket!!”
  • “Yeah bro, open it!!”
  • “Don’t call me bro.”
  • “Err, I mean, Saeran.”
  • “…”
  • You bounced up and down excitedly
  • “Is this a picture of you?”
  • “And a picture of Seven, see!!”
  • You pointed to the other side of the locket
  • Saeran stared at the necklace and rolled his eyes, slipping it into his back pocket
  • At first you were scared that he didn’t like it, but the next day for breakfast you noticed it around his neck
  • You didn’t say anything, but you couldn’t help smiling
  • And now when he thinks no one is looking, he’ll open it up and stare at it with a goofy little smile on his face


  • “The best gift you could give me is your undying love.”
  • “…Okay…”
  • “…”
  • “I also got you something else.”
  • “Oh thank God,” Seven mumbled under his breath.
  • “What was that?”
  • “Nothing! Soooo, what is it?”
  • You walked out of the room and returned with your hands behind your back
  • “Close your eyes and open your hands.”
  • “Why?’
  • “Just do it.”
  • He sighed before doing what he was told aND OH
  • MY GOSh
  • “I got us a kitten. “
  • “BEST. DAY. EVER.”
When Fandoms Are @ War
  • Fandoms: We must fight to prove our fandom is the best!
  • Me: YEAH!!! Who are we beating first?
  • Fandoms: *name an other fandom*
  • Me: Oh erm... It's a bit awkward I mean I'm also in this one so.... Yeah maybe not...
  • Fandoms: *makes a list of 385939243819 other fandoms to destroy*
  • Me: Okay so I checked the list and... Err I think we could destroy this one... Oh wait no nevermind I'm in this one too... So... Er yeah... Fancy a drink?
  • *1st Month-ish of Dating*
  • *topic of sex comes up*
  • Me: so like I don't know it just...doesn't click with me? Like I think I'm a wall where most people are doors, like that whole "swinging one way" thing and I...don't think I even have a door.
  • Bf: are we...are you still talking about sex?
  • Me: was that not clear?
  • Bf: Uhm, no...and okay.
  • Me: But everything's been kind of confusing since I started liking you.
  • Bf: Huh...okay. Well we don't have to talk about it now.
  • Me: Err...okay?
  • *Four Months Into Dating*
  • Bf: so can I ask something?
  • Me: Yeah?
  • Bf: That wall thing from a few months back...?
  • Me: ...Yeah?
  • Bf: Are you still a wall, or..?
  • Me: I...don't think so? I think I'm more of a door, with a lock...and you've got a key?
  • Bf: Huh...okay. I was just thinking about it, we don't have to talk about it so soon, especially if you aren't completely sure yet.
  • Me: okay..?
  • *Now, six months into relationship*
  • Me: So yeah, about that, I'm like 99.99% certain I am a door with a lock and you've got the key.
  • Bf: So demisexual?
  • Me: ...Yes. How did you..?
  • Bf: I did like a shit ton of research when you first told me. You were explaining asexuality, but you said you weren't sure then, so I looked up other parts of asexuality. You're demi, is what you're saying, right?
  • Me: okay with that?
  • Bf: I'm okay with anything, so long as you're okay with it.
  • Me: Huh...well...okay long have you..?
  • Bf: Mainly it was just a guess, I didn't want to ask if you were and upset you and seem like an idiot.
  • Me: You're not an idiot., okay...You sure you're okay with that?
  • Bf: I would've been okay if you thought sex was disgusting. I love you, duh.
  • Me: Hah, I love you too.
  • MORAL IS: It's okay to be dating someone and confused about your sexuality. If they really love you, they'll accept you no matter what.