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Autumn Would you Rather
  • Would you rather:
  • 1. Go apple picking V.S. Go on a hay ride
  • 2. Scary V.S. Sweet
  • 3 Sweaters V.S. Boots
  • 4. Socks V.S. Mittens
  • 5. Bonfires V.S. Football
  • 6. Trick or Treating V.S. Watch Scary movies
  • 7. Apple Pie V.S. Pumpkin Pie
  • 8. Halloween V.S. Thanksgiving
  • 9. Bake Pie V.S. Bake Cookies
  • 10. Rain V.S. Fog
  • 11. Black Cats V.S. Owls
  • 12. Ghosts V.S. Wizards
  • 13. Harry Potter V.S. Halloweentown
  • 14. Go Hiking V.S. Sleep in
  • 15. Cinnamon V.S. Nutmeg
  • 16. Reading V.S. Writing
  • 17. Hot Chocolate V.S. Tea
  • 18. Live in a Cabin In a Forest V.S. Have it be fall 24/7
  • 19. Candy Apples V.S. Caramel Apples
  • 20. Blankets V.S. Pillows
  • 21. Roasted marshmallows V.S. Roasted Chestnuts
  • 22. Coffee V.S. Apple Cider
  • 23. Red Leaves V.S. Orange Leaves
  • 24. Braids V.S. Bows
  • 25. Scented Candles V.S. The Smell of Fresh Baked Goods
  • 26. Carve Pumpkins V.S. Make Pumpkin Pie
  • 27. Pumpkin Spice Lattes V.S. Chai Tea Lattes
  • 28. Coats V.S. Oversized Sweaters
  • 29. Beanies V.S. Berets
  • 30. Candy Corn V.S. Peanut Butter Cups
  • 31. S'mores V.S. Apple Crisp
  • 32. Jump In a Pile of Leaves V.S. Swing on a Tire Swing
  • 33. Corn Maze V.S. Haunted House
  • 34. Bob For Apples V.S. Visit a Pumpkin Patch
  • 35. Whipped Cream on Hot Chocolate V.S. Marshmallows on Hot Chocolate
  • Drop me a couple numbers and then reblog so you can play too!

have some tagged emotions before bed lmao


These are pics of Bill Cipher, from an au I’ve been working on. It’s not finished yet, but the gist of it is that: Bill is a human, he’s trying to hide from someone ((probably gonna be an abusive adult)), he escapes to Gravity Falls, gets hurt and is found by Dip-dop and Mabel, they heal him, and let him stay at the Shack as long as he works Fridays and weekends, he’s also blind in his right eye ((the scar on the eye is from earlier mentioned abusive adult))
This au contains: Flash backs of Bill’s traumatic past, fluff, like, truckloads of sickeningly sweet fluff, Billdip, silliness and mystery shenanigans.

I’m gonna intro myself here!! I’m Terezi but give me any cute nickname off that name and I will love you forever. This started as a side blog, even tho on a different account but I’m mainly here. I MAY have found my Karkat and that’s it. I’m 15, and I’ll be around a lot. I normally type with my quirk but I’m not right now just for the sake of being easy to read!! Talk to me because that’s always fun. And check my memory tag if you’re looking for your Terezi. And message me if you’re looking for your Hal, Davesprite, or Dave bc I’m kin with them too, that’s just not the focus of this blog.