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Anni and Venla’s anime au #1: harem

OK so Anni (@kuudessilma)… knows people… let’s not get more personal than that… and I said she’s a harem anime protagonist now because of course she is. And now it’s an au.

So the anime is called アンニのゲイのために (Anni no Gay no Tame ni (or tameni, whichever suits you the best)) and it’s an LGBT+ heavy harem show. 

Anni is the harem anime protagonist, which means that everybody falls in love with or thirsts after her. And she just HAS TO CHOOSE because she’s a GOOD PERSON and NOT A TWO TIMER as she so kindly let me know irl. Except Anni is an exceptional harem protagonist in two aspects. 1) she’s pansexual and 2) she has a hellova personality so she’s actually likable in the viewers’ eyes, too. The “options” include, but are not limited to, a cool agender senpai, a hot male classmate, a cute girl from tinder and a meme skeleton from a mobile dating sim game.

Venla (yours truly) is the token creepy best friend who has nice oneliners and thirsts after everything that moves but with no success (because her flirting game is horrible). That’s ok tho, because she has her own fanbase on the other side of the screen. Venla appears in like, every other episode, and she’s mainly there for the comic relief and cheering Anni on. There’s also an OVA focusing on her.

Anni has designs, I’m hoping she adds something here. Directed by Satoshi Kon, starring Brianna Hildebrand  and Aoi Yuuki, the anime will air on TV Tokyo on the 8th day of the week at 25:00, starting February 30th, 1674! Please look forward to it! m(_ _)m


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ok but his bed hair must be impossible to fix

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