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List of Things That MUST Go in the BTS fandom (ARMYs):

- u got no jams
- any form of the jams “joke” tbh
- infires
- calling taehyung an alien/ telling him he has a 4D personality
- jnope
- calling kim namjoon ugly
- jin being irrelevant
- hating on any member tbh
- starting fan wars with another fandom (tbh @ everyone)
- i hate snakeu
- adding -eu to anything
- excuji me or any variation
- jhorse / any jung hoseok + horse
- dirty water
- namjoon breaking everything (he may be clumsy but jfc)
- any ARMYs here XD or pulling up bts on a random video when it has NOTHING to do w them
- making lame puns w their stage names unironically (“I’d like some tae w 2 cubes of suga and a kookie please” yIKES)
- eomma jin
- jeon cena
- whitewashing oh my god this doesn’t just apply to armys it applies to EVERYONE

and these are just ones that I could think from the top of my head. (feel free to add more)

look I have nothing against armys bc I’m one too but everything listed above is getting out of hand and it’s really annoying and don’t pull the “you’re not a TRUE army if you think like this” on me okay it’s 2016. it’s time to move on.

Never Strikes Back Chapter 6

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 I rushed this one :/ 

At the time of posting, I’m going to be off on holiday, and I panicked, trying to write this before I left. It’s smaller than the average chapter, but, hey, it’s still a chapter! Sorry for the crummy fight scenes - I can’t write them in my opinion. :P

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I pulled against the muscular arm which clamped down on my neck. I cried out in pain and tried to struggle free, but it was to no avail. I was going to die. Die or be in intense agony; they were two sides of one coin and I was at point blank. Tears brewed in my eyes. The arm clamped down harder, and I began to choke back sobs. I sent pleading eyes over to Tony and Bucky. They had their weapons trained on my assailant, but we all knew if they shot, I would be a meat shield. I felt a faint breath on my neck.

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Fav sterek moment?

Ooooooohhhhhh I’m cheating because you said “moment” but there are too many to choose from.  I loved them saving each other in 2x04

And I loved the little touches in 3x10 and 3x11

I love the moments when they’re playful with each other

and the moments when they show how much they care about each other

but you know what my absolute fave sterek moment is? It’s when Stiles looked at a set of initials that may or may not have even belonged to Derek and he just

ooo could these possibly be about gastina??? it’s rather unlikely to be about lutteo since luna was shown to have feelings for simon in the last few episodes and it can’t be lumon either because simon is with daniela and if they break up by then i don’t think simon would jump in another relationship so fast because it seems he has genuine feelings for daniela

She was late. Embarassingly late honestly. Mucking out the stables had taken longer than she’d expected, and now she was arriving to Boden hall twenty minutes late. Not good. Very not good. Especially seeing as she was meant to have been spending the hour presenting on the symbolic imagery found in Wuthering Heights, not standing outside dithering on her feet about whether or not to go in. On the one hand, if she didn’t go in, she wouldn’t get a grade for her work. On the other hand, if she did go in, she’d get the bollocking of a life time from her tutor. 

So it was…difficult.

She crept over under the window to where she could see the room, and where she could see her lecturer gesticulating wildly. Oh no. She looked angry. And then Rosie made direct eye contact with the lecturer. There was a flash of recognition between them both, and then she was bolting, like when Sugar got startled in the thunder and reared away. Except, she was human, and running as fast as her little legs could carry her, not looking where she was going until she ran slap bang into the back of someone

“I. Am. So. Sorry” she yelped, jumping away from the person she’d just careered into