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EXO Reaction to their S/O calling them Daddy.

anon requested:  Hey i’m new on your blog but i already love you guys!! Could i please request how the reaction of exo would be if you called them daddy? Thank you already :D

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He would be so ready to go down on you immediately after everytime you call him Daddy. 

‘‘Come here little kitty. Daddy wants to please you.’‘


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This Man. I don’t know, he just loves it. End of the story. He’s a born Daddy.

‘‘That’s right Babygirl sit down on Daddy’s lap. Look what I bought just for you.’‘


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A little bit confused at first since he always thought you were actually innocent but starts liking it after a few times of you calling him Daddy.

‘‘Yixing can you please come for a second. I can’t reach the top shelf.’‘

‘‘Jagi, Daddy it is. You started it and I started liking it.’‘


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Little Baekhyun would like it too but wouldn’t show it. Instead he would tease you until you scream for his touch. I mean you made him hard so he must make you wet.

‘‘It’s so warm here. Babe can you please help me take off my shirt?’‘


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I just can’t think of that any of the members wouldn’t like it so Jongdae is of course no exception. Jongdae is in my eyes also the kinkiest among them.

‘‘Baby Kitten where’s the collar I bought you. Daddy really likes it, you know.’‘


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Everyone always thinks that Chanyeol is a innocent bean. GUYS HE’S 24! NO GUY IS INNOCENT AT THE AGE OF 24!! Believe me, I must know it. So yea Chanyeol also loves it. He’s someone that also loves hearing that he has a higher Position than others.

‘‘Yes that’s right Kitten. If Daddy wants something, he gets it.’‘


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He knows that it’s a act of Love from you and because he loves you too he also loves almost everything you do and say.

‘‘Jagi I really like that. Are you going to use this word more often, please?’‘


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Jongin is also not innocent but he’s quieter when it comes to things like that. He wouldn’t mind it but definitley would ask you to stop when you’re together in public.

‘‘Baby I love you too and like it when you call me this but please keep it down when we’re in public.’‘

But when you’re at home shit’s going down


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Like Chanyeol, Sehun is someone that also loves hearing he has a higher position than others so he likes you calling him Daddy to no end. 

‘‘Y/N, I love you.’‘

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Accused. (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Steve Rogers x Reader (Requested by @createdbytinyaddiction)
Request: Hey! could you write out a Steve Rogers x Reader where Steve thinks the reader is cheating on him because she is spending time with Tony and screams at her and is completely and is just moments away from breaking up and the reader is already crying showing him a little Photoalbum she made for him asking Tony to find all the old pictures of Steve and Steve is completely sorry apologizing and just huge fluff of calming the reader down and lots of love? :)

Note: My second Steve Rogers request! This one was interesting to write. I’ve never dated, so I don’t know what it’s like to feel like you were cheated on, but I think I got this. 

Other note: Don’t ever cheat on anybody, please. Cheating has broken up and destroyed families, and sometimes end up in murder. Don’t get into a relationship or marry if you think you’re ever going to cheat. Writing this has actually gotten me mad when writing this, and it has a lot of angst and anger that you can even feel it as you read this story from your screen. So please don’t ever cheat or flirt with others if you’re married/in a relationship.

Other other note: I can’t for the life of me see Steve scream at anybody, other than in the MCU, but that wasn’t even him screaming in the slightest, and that’s what I imagine when I read “XXX screams at XXX for XXX”, you know?

For the last few weeks you and Tony have been spending together in the lab doing some experiments together, seeing what you guys can invent in a certain, and who’s invention can destroy who. It’s pretty fun, considering your boyfriend, the amazing Captain America, Steve Rogers isn’t  appreciating the time you’re spending with the billionaire Stark.

You take your goggles off from your eyes, and looked at the dirty Stark, as his invention blew up in his face, blackening his face, leaving you laughing. “Looks like I win again, Stark. Face it, I can make better inventions than you.” You quipped at him, smirking that well-known smirk that everybody loves so much, making him sigh in defeat. “Yea, yea, Y/N. There’s no chance in Hell I am going to say that. You know I’m way better than you.” He replied, taking his goggles off, showing his eyes, and white parts of his face where the goggles where placed on his face.

You laughed, punching him in the arm. “Oh yea, did you get everything I asked for? It’s almost the fourth of July, and I want to make this a perfect gift for him.” He smiled proudly, puffing his chest out in victory. “Yep, now you just need to put it together.” He pointed out, giving you a brown package. “I will. It’s tomorrow, so I can put this together tonight, and give it to him.” “He’ll love it, Kid.” He smiled at you, and you laughed. “Thanks, Tony. I appreciate this, and for helping me.” “Anything for you, Kid.”

While you and Tony were talking, Steve went to the lab to get you so you both can hang out, and watch a film together, and he hear’s you and Tony laughing. “Thanks, Tony. I appreciate all for this, and for helping me.” “Anything for you, Kid.” He wondered what you two were doing, and walked into the lab. “Hey, Y/N. Whatcha guys up to?” You quickly hide the brown package behind your back, and moved away from Tony, causing suspension between you two. “Nothing, Stevie! We were just finishing up for the day.” You smiled at him, and ran past him, but he grabbed your arm, stopping you in your tracks. “What’s wrong baby?” You asked him innocently, gazing up at his sky blue eyes. “Tony, may you please leave? I need to talk to Y/N…” You gulp, and Tony nods respectfully, walking pass you two, and grabbed the brown package out from your hands before leaving, “Got it, Cap. Don’t touch my stuff.” He doesn’t move his gaze away from you, “Thanks.” His voice was lace with anger, and Tony leaves the lab, leaving you two alone.

“What’s-” “What was that?” You looked at him with a confused look, not understanding what he’s talking about. “I don’t follow, Stevie. What-” He cuts you off again, holding your arm tightly, but not tight enough to snap it in two. “What did he give you that you had to hide it from me? And you two are actually getting a little bit close for comfort.” You were taken aback, is he getting jealous cause you’re working and hanging out with Tony more than him? “Stevie, we’re-” “You’re what? "Just friends”? I see how you two look at each other, Y/N. I can’t believe this! I trusted you, Y/N! And you’re going to take me for a fool! Or was it to say that you dated or were dating Captain America?“

You were on the verge of tears, stumbling over your words, "Stevie… I’d never cheat on you… We… We…” “I don’t want to hear it Y/N!” You whimpered, and broke out of his grip, running out of the lab, sobbing in your hands as you pass Tony, running to your room, making Natasha notice, and motioned Wanda to come and follow her to comfort you. “Steve’s fucked up this time…” Natasha mumbled under her breath, walking into your room. “Oh, my god, Steve. What the Hell did you do this time?” Tony grumbled under his breath as he walks into the lab with a little package with red, white, and blue coloured stars on the wrapping paper.

“Ok, Capsicle. What the Hell did you do?” Tony snapped at the super soldier, putting the little package on the table next to him. “She’s cheating on me with YOU, Tony!” Steve snarled, groaning in frustration, running his hands in his blonde hair. “You guys are always spending time with each other even if it’s not work related! And what did you give her? What was in that brown package?” “Calm down, Steve. Y/N is not cheating on you with me. She’s a lucky catch you got there. And I won’t go near her that way. And of course we hang out more than you two do, it’s our job. We’re inventors, we build shit, and sell it for money. It’s what we do, and we use the failed projects to fight against each other to see who’s more of a failed project. Or to piss of Banner when he’s in here with us. But she is not cheating on you!”

He looked at Tony with a surprised look, “What’s with the package then?” He asked annoyed, pointing to the package on the table by Tony, assuming that’s the same package. Tony let’s out a deep sigh in annoyance, “For being 99 years old, you are so clueless on how woman work, and what a surprise is. But if you want it, the take it.” He hands Steve the decorative package, and he opens it up carefully to reveal a leather-back photo album. “She was going to give it to you tomorrow, but since you insist, that’s your birthday present from her to you.” He opens the photo album, and sees photos of him when he was in the army; a few with Bucky before the fall, Peggy before he left to face Red Skull, and a few others with him and other comrades he used to fight with, and before he was given the serum. He brushed his finger on the picture of himself when he was tiny and unable to go into the army, almost tearing up from the past memories.

“Oh, my god… What did I do?” “You broke her heart, that’s what you did. Go to her and make things up, I’ll get you back for accusing me later.” He stated, crossing his arms at Steve, shooing him away from the lab. “Go fix things up with her. She must be devastated right now.” He nods at Tony, and leaves the lab, making his way up to your room, holding the photo album in his hands. Bucky sighed, shaking his head at Steve, “Good luck, she’s crying and in her room… Nat and Wanda are in her room comforting her… Try not to piss them both off… You know how they are when it comes to Y/N…” He nods in agreement, and walked to your room, knocking softly.

“I’ll get it. Don’t get up, Y/N…” Wanda’s voice was heard on the other side of the door, and he steps away from the door, knowing she won’t be welcoming once she know’s it’s him. “Yes?- Oh, it’s the captain, Y/N…” “Don’t let him in, Wanda… He needs to leave her alone…” Natasha implored to Wanda, and he puts his foot by the panel to keep it open if she slams the door in his face. “Please, I need to talk to her…” “So you can break her heart again? No thanks, Rogers.” Natasha snapped again at him, holding you tightly in her arms, as you sniffled in her arms. Your voice was rasp and quiet when you spoke up, “I’m fine, Nat… Let him in, Wanda… I want to talk to him in private… I got this…” She gives you a protective but understanding look, before asking if you’re sure, and if you’ll be ok with him by yourself. You nod, giving her hand a tight squeeze in reassurance before she gets up, and leaves the room, Wanda following suit, and left you and Steve along in your room.

He closed the door, and holds out the photo album you and Tony made. “I am so sorry for being an arsehole to you, Y/N…” You looked up at him, eyes puffy and red from crying too much, holding the little Captain America stuffed bear Bucky gave to you as a joke. “I wasn’t cheating on you, Steve… I would never do that… I love you too much to do that… But you really did hurt me…” He sighs lowly, scratching his head, “I know, Y/N… I am so sorry for that…” He walks to you, siting on the edge of your bed, “I guess…” He gets closer to you, pulling you into his strong arm, and you leaned back into his body. “I love the present, Y/N… Thank you… I am so sorry…” He strokes your hair softly, making you tired from stress of today’s events. “I forgive you, Stevie…” He sighs in content, squeezing your free hand with his free hand, “How did you get those photos of me?” You giggled, and looked up at him, smiling warmly. “Tony found them… Howard had left the photos from when he was in the army with you…” He smiles, laughing from the old memories, shaking his head. “Good ol’ Howard… Such a ladies man..” “So are you, Steve Rogers…” You pulled him into a kiss, and he melt into the kiss. “Happy Birthday, Baby…”

Thank you @createdbytinyaddiction for giving me this request to write out! I posted it today, cause it’s in the same settings as today, and it is Steve’s 99th birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday Steve Rogers! -Moose

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Cali Thornhill Dewitt is a creative monster. He has been consistently putting out work for years running label Teenage Teardrops, making zines and art with his WSSF/ZMFTW squad, collaborating with fashion brands like Colette and Off-White, and more recently participating in major art fairs and being exhibited internationally. If you pay attention to the art scene, chances are you’re familiar with his bold text-based posters or Cholo-influenced sweatshirts with dedications to deceased cultural icons in Old English text. I caught up with Cali at his downtown Los Angeles studio to see what’s new.

What have you been working on lately?

CTD: I had a few shows all in a row so I was working on those and that was working with deadlines, which is cool but there was sort of too many of them in a row and I couldn’t really like…it wasn’t giving me time to experiment that much or expand on stuff. So I was doing stuff I like but now that I’m home and past that, I’m just kind of experimenting on different text things and ways to do them just to see what works with no pressure. I really like the idea of trying to paint text on images that make it look like a machine did it. That’s kind of what I’m doing right here while we’re sitting here (laughs).

That’s kind of like the Warhol mentality right? He wanted to be a machine—or he would say that in interviews.

CTD: Yea, I don’t know, machines are cool, it’d be cool to be a machine (laughs). I don’t dislike the way things look when they’re handmade, it’s the opposite—I like the way things look when they’re handmade but I want to try to make things look like a machine.

How has the internet and being exposed to so many images influenced your work? You grew up in a time when that shit was not around, but now it’s everywhere and images are available instantly.

CTD: Um, I like it. I think a lot of people my age don’t understand it or don’t really know how to use the internet, you know? I like both. I like when it was harder to find images and I like it when it’s easier. I mean, I’m not sure in the long term how it effects me but I think all of us see 100 images or more in the first hour we’re awake. So I just think it’s important to figure out a way to digest them. So I guess that’s cool and that’s what I subconsciously try to do, digest everything. I remember what it was like when there was no real internet but that doesn’t really matter, you know what I mean?

Yea, it’s here and there’s no point in comparing the two [time periods].

CTD: Yea, It doesn’t matter to me that I was there for a different timeit rarely matters to me that I was there. I guess it’s interesting to see what images you are more assaulted with now, you know?

Like if you thought that that picture of Marilyn Monroe was famous before (points to the piece he is working on), the one in the middle of this board, now it’s so famous. It’s interesting to see the unconscious hive of people latch onto [images], like that frog meme (laughs). It’s interesting to see what people get into as a herd, like the thing that everyone can agree on. Like it seems that everyone can agree on Bart Simpson, which I don’t dislike Bart Simpson but the popularity of him on the internet makes me never want to watch The Simpsons again.

(Laughs) Yea, that’s the thing with the internet, when things go viral, it happens so quick and can make things played out quicker I guess.

CTD: Yea, the shelf life of things can be much quicker, absolutely. And that’s something people should maybe keep in mind. Know that your shit can get played out real fast if you hammer it home too much.

The scale of your work has grown increasingly larger, and you install pieces to take up entire walls. Is this meant to overwhelm the viewer?

CTD: Yea, I like that immersion thing. So If I’m given the opportunity I like to do that for sure. It’s fun to make it something you walk into and are assaulted by—or try to do that. At the same time I don’t want to only make large things because there’s not that much space in the world for just large things. But I think naturally I do like to make bigger things, or more assaulting and immersive things.

A lot of your work seems heavily influenced by city life. You got married in the LA river, some of your pieces are printed at the swap meet, and the sweatshirts you make are influenced by gang culture. What does Los Angeles mean to you and your work?

CTD: Oh I mean everything, in the way that it’s my home. So everything around me here…almost everything here that I make is somehow right downstairs, so I like that. I like it here more than I’ve ever liked it before. I continue to love it here and I guess you couldn’t really predict that would happen, you know? But yea I think it means everything. I ride my bike around and I love it and my relationship with it gets deeper. It’s what I see, what I like to see. It’s like a living animal to me.

Some of your recent pieces have incorporated American flags. What are you trying to say about the American experience?

CTD: I don’t really know (laughs). It’s just funny. It makes me happy to work with something that’s supposed to be sacred and something that represents fear and oppression in the rest of the world. And it’s funny to work with something that you’re supposed to hold sacred just because. I also really like the American flag, I like the way it looks. I think it’s an image that everybody knows and I’m fascinated by the reach of certain images like that image, and how it can mean something to so many people. You know, here it means… I don’t know, it’s supposed to be this thing you’re really proud of, hold close to your heart. And in other places of the world it’s this thing people want to step on and burn. It’s this really loaded image that you’re not supposed to do anything with, so of course it appeals to me, like well..what if I do something with it? And just on an aesthetic note I do like the way it looks.

You recently went to Hong Kong for Art Basel and to Tokyo with the WSSF/8-Ball crew, among other places. How has traveling been for you? How have the reactions to your work been in other parts of the world?

CTD: Traveling is awesome. I love to go and I want to see everywhere but I also kind of want to extend the family. So that’s the goal with traveling, have people in everywhere you go that you can call a friend and they can come to LA and stay with me, and I think that’s probably the best part of it. The reaction has been surprisingly good. I mean I didn’t expect that it would be bad I just didn’t expect it would be anything. My expectations are low so when people come and are into it that makes me really happy. None of it seems too crazy—

Just everyone pretty stoked on it?

CTD: Yea and some people aren’t and that’s good too. If everyone thinks it’s great or everyone thinks it’s pretty good then it’s probably nothing (laughs). It’s better to have some kind of polarizing reaction. The one conversation I keep thinking of is one in Paris, which really had nothing to do with [this], but there was a guy who liked the show, but he wanted to know if it was true that I was a drug addict who essentially became braindead (laughs) and that I fought my way back to sanity. And I was like “Umm, sure. Yea that’s true!” It was the way he was saying it that was so funny, like I was Robert De Niro in Awakenings. But it’s been good. I feel so lucky that I get to go somewhere else and have an art show. I feel so lucky that I get to have one here. I feel so lucky that it’s Tuesday and you and me are sitting here, you know? I really do feel so happy about stuff like that. Anything else is like that feeling elevated, like I get to go to this thing in Honk Kong, or Long Beach, or wherever. I feel that there’s nothing I should complain about being a white male in America as it is. So all this other stuff is so dope, and such a blessing. That’s just the overriding feeling, that I feel lucky that I got to go to all those places. Lucky that I got to meet all these people this year, and lucky that most of them were really awesome.

You made some “Desert Island Drinks” shirts a while back. What’s your favorite beverage?

CTD: Well when we made those, it was me and James Rockin. When we made those, those were our favorite beverages (Tampico, Arizona, Jarritos). I was on an Arizona Iced Tea thing, but if I have to pick favorite beverages it’s three: it’s Canada Dry ginger ale in a can, it’s Coke in a can, and it’s coffee. The runners up are Topo Chico mineral water, and Mineragua mineral water. Those are the best drinks. And I feel like the rest of the world that I’m super into that sparkling LaCroix water right now. Especially the coconut one. Coconut LaCroix, it’s like coconut and sparkling water.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2015?

CTD: Well, I’m gonna stay home until August and work on new stuff. And then I’m gonna spend August with Jenna in New York cause she has summer vacation so we’ll go out there and probably work on stuff there too but be somewhere else. Then in September is the New York Art Book Fair and then after that I have no idea. I have nothing else planned, except for I’ll go to the beach as much as I can once it get’s hotter, hopefully in a couple weeks.

Any shout outs?

CTD: Just shout to the squad, you know who you are.

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Lanyard Dreams pt 16


Hey yall! Love this part and I hope you guys do too. Seriously wish this shit would happen tbh lol (: Let me know what yall think in my ask! Thank you for reading my stuff and leaving me nice things <3 Talk to you soon!

- M xx


You and Luke just had the best night ever. It was everything that you imagined it to be and more. He was so giving and it couldn’t have gone more perfect. Sulking in last night’s fantasy you couldn’t help but replay everything.

“Hey!” Luke says snapping you out of it.

“Oh yea sorry.”

“Get ready now we’ve got something planned!” Luke said with excitement.

You didn’t remember arranging anything with the boys and the boys haven’t told you what they were doing today. Getting ready in a hurry you throw on a black t-shirt dress and some slip ons. Luke dressed in his usual all black get up.

“Do you own anything with color?” Luke looks at you up and down.

“Okay yea like you don’t wear black all the time either.” You scoff jokingly.

You both walk out of the room and are greeted by the boys and your friend all dressed and ready too. Your friend was sat on Calum’s lap. You furrow your brow in confusion.

“Hey girl. How was last night?” Your friend gets off of Calum’s lap and walks over to you.

“Uhm…” You hesitate. “It was good…jk it was amazing…” You say smiling to yourself.

“I bet we could hear you.” Calum butts in. Calum and your friend begin to chuckle.

“Shut the fuck up….no you didn’t….” Your face begins to flush a deep red and you feel the heat rising from your neck.

“Wait! We were just joking! Did you and Luke…” Your friend’s eyes widen. You nod while biting your lip and almost laughing to yourself. “NO FUCKING WAY! You son of a-” She grabs your arms and pulls you in for a hug.

“Wait how was he?” She whispers into your hair.

“Fucking amazing but now shut the fuck up.” You whisper back to her.

Calum walks up to Luke and pats him on the back. His face turns a bright pink. You walk over to Luke and hug him around his waist.

“Fuck off Calum” You laugh.

Still wondering what you were doing you and your friend take a seat on the couch.

“Alright so me and the boys decided last night that since this is our last day before starting up the tour again we would do something with all of us.” Luke says staring you in the eye.

Your heart begins to pump with pure excitement.

“What the fuck are we about to do? Just say it.” Your friend shouts.

“We’re gonna go to the All Time Low show at Wembley Arena. It’s gonna be so sick.” Ashton spills.

You and your friends faces light up. Holy shit it was gonna be so much fun.

“Whaaaaaaat!” You say like a complete dork forgetting that the boys of ATL were actual friends of 5sos.

“You seem a little too excited for this.” Calum says while laughing. “The dudes are actually pretty cool though.”

All Time Low was one of your favorite bands in middle school and to actually see them perform was something that you’ve always wanted to do.

“Yea we’ll probably hang out with them backstage before the show.” Luke says.

You look toward your friend.

“Holy shit girl. Going to a concert with 5sos to see fucking All Time Low. What the hell is our lives right now.” You say with excitement.


As you get to the arena you and the boys are brought backstage. You had that feeling in your stomach when Dave had brought you backstage to meet 5sos but now you were hand in hand with Luke and your friend with Calum. “This was all some sort of dream” you thought to yourself. As you make it to ATL’s dressing room you were greeted by the whole band.

“What’s up guys!” They all cheer. There was exchanges of handshakes and hugs. Feeling awkward at first because they didn’t even acknowledge you and your friend.

“Hey this is my girlfriend _________” Luke says with his hand on your back. You hug everyone in the band. They were so nice and welcoming introducing themselves one by one.

“Girlfriend?!” Jack Barakat exclaims. “Shit Luke I had no clue.” Jack gives you a big hug. “And Calum who’s this?” He says pointing to your friend.

“This is _________ she’s my uhhhh” Calum says hesitantly looking around awkwardly.

“Hey nice to meet you!” Your friend saves Calum from his awkwardness and leans in for a hug.

“Nice to meet you. Damn guys I didn’t take you two for the relationship type. I mean Ashton yea I guess and maybe Michael but not you two.” Jack says while rubbing his chin.

Eeeeek. You felt a little awkward. Why weren’t Luke and Calum the relationship type? All you guys sat on the couches in their lounge. Calum and Jack were almost like two peas in a pod cracking jokes left and right. Luke wrapped his arm behind you pulling you closer beside him. Calum sat on the armrest while your friend was down on the couch beside him. Everything was so chill and all the guys were super nice.

“So you guys excited for the show?” Alex Gaskarth looks to you and your friend.

“Yea! We’re both super stoked. Your music is amazing!” You answer flashing a big, nerdy smile. You felt like such a fan girl but you had to play it cool.

“Shit Luke I think she’s flirting with me!” Alex grabs Luke’s shoulder. “Joking. Thank you so much though I appreciate it. 5sos are pretty sick too you should check them out.” Alex says with a laugh.

All the boy in ATL were so supportive of 5sos and everything they did which was awesome because you knew how much they all looked up to them.

“Alright guys showtime in 10” A voice says through the door.

“Well we’re gonna head out there now! Have a good show!” Luke says shaking all of their hands and patting them on the back.

“Come out with us tonight bro” Jack says to Calum as he grabs him by the shoulder.

Your eyes shoot directly to your friends to see her reaction. Calum smiles at Jack.

“Yea mate definitely!” Calum answers.

“Alright we’ll just meet up with you guys after the show.” Jack says as he begins to walk out of the room.

As you all make your way inside the venue to the back where you guys were all gonna be you catch up with your friend.

“So we’re going out later? You sure?” You say giving your friend a stern look.

“Yea yea it’ll be fine.” She says unsurely.

The lights begin to dim and the crowd builds into a loud roar. Calum walks up to your friend with two pints and hands her one. Luke not too far behind Calum was holding two smaller glasses filled with yellow ish alcohol.

“I hope you like this.” He hands you one.

Taking a sip your face turns sour. “Holy fuck, Luke Hemmings are you trying to get me drunk? This is strong as shit!”

“Weak!” Luke says in his stupid, deep American accent.

The show begins and the venue was going crazy. ATL played a bunch of new songs and some good oldies. You and your friend are jumping around like crazy singing at the top of your lungs. You guys have had a couple of drinks by now because Calum and Luke kept bringing you some once you’ve finished one. Grabbing the rail in front of you, you and your friend are dancing like drunken idiots. You turn around and see Luke and Calum laughing their asses off while flashing you guys a big thumbs up.

“Shit girl. Are you feeling this because I fucking am!” You scream over the blasting music.

“I think I’m gonna die!” Your friend says sarcastically while still jamming out.

Calum and Luke walk behind you guys. Luke grabs you by the waist pulling you in. Calum pulls on your friends arm to bring her body closer to his.

“Nice dance moves” Luke yells into your ears. You shove him and begin to laugh. You turn to your right and see your friend and Calum full on making out. Calum’s arm wrapped tight around your friend while his other hand cups the side of her face. It was as if they were in the privacy of their own room.

“HOLY SHIT! Do you see that?” You point to your friend and Calum.

“I guess they’re fine now!” Luke says with a shrug.

“So our next song is a good one but an old one. We’re deciding to play this tonight because we have some special guests in the audience tonight. Who knows the guys from 5 seconds of summer?!” Alex yells over the mic. The light shines from the stage over the crowd and illuminates everything. The crowd roars with screams and yells and claps as they turn around to see the 5sos boys in the back. “Well they did a cover to this song a long ass time ago so we just want to bring it back for them. This is Jasey Rae!”

5sos wave their hands at the crowd and to the guys in ATL. Luke’s arm still around your waist. Calum quickly released his lips from your friends to move his attention to the crowd as the light shined on him. He almost looked embarrassed. Your friend giggling so hard because they were almost caught basically having sex with their clothes on.  

“Aw fetus 5sos!” You say looking up to Luke as Jasey Rae begins to play in the background. Luke rolls his eyes then smiles at you.

“That cover was complete shit!” Ashton and Michael join you and Luke. Calum and your friend begin to make their way over to all you guys. The boys all standing together listening to Jasey Rae was such a surreal moment. You remember watching that cover on Youtube but now you were with 5sos at a fucking All Time Low concert listening to them perform that song. It was crazy to wrap your head around.

“Here get on my shoulders” Luke bends down and you swing your legs over his shoulders. Holy fuck you were so high but now you could see over the massive crowd.

“Get your ass up here!” You yell down to your friend. Calum bends down and places your friend on his shoulders too.

You begin to sing Jasey Rae at the top of your lungs, grabbing each others hands and lifting them up almost in praise. You look down and see all the boys singing along too. It was precious.

The rest of the concert was amazing. Luke kept on pulling you in for random hugs and kisses. Holding your hand throughout the show and pretending that your linked hands were a microphone, he would sing into it stupidly. Calum and your friend were inseparable during the whole thing never letting go of each other. Your friend would obnoxiously sing straight into Calum’s face but he would laugh at her being stupid and add some kisses.

When the concert was over you all made your way to the van.

“Hey Jack said to just meet him at the club. Sound good?” Calum said as he locked his phone. All the boys nod and agree that they were down to go.

“You sure you wanna go?” Calum says looking at your friend. She was fucking piss drunk already

“Yea! Let’s gooooo” She yells slurring her words.

Luke looks at you.

“Do you think she’s ok- oh fuck you too?” Luke says while pushing your hair out of your face. You were drunk already too.

“Nope nope I’m fine I sw-” You trip over your own feet and Luke catches you by your arm.

“Okay. If you say so…” Luke lifts you into the van and sits you beside your friend. Your vision beginning to make things a little hazy.

Getting to the club, you all exit the van and are greeted by the boys of ATL.

“Hey glad you guys made it!” Jack says as everyone exchanges handshakes and hugs.

“Awesome show!” Luke says to Alex as they go in for a bro hug.

“Thanks man! We have a table reserved over there!”

The drinks begin flowing in. You see a bunch of girls approaching the area where you all were.

“Who the fuck are all these chicks?” Your friend says to you.

“I have no idea. Maybe Jack invited them over.”

“Caluuuuum. Man I still can’t believe you dude. I thought you were single life for life!” Jack says to Calum as he takes a seat beside him. Calum smiles awkwardly remembering that a day ago he was about to be living that ‘single life’

“Yea mate I don’t think that’s me anymore actually that hasn’t been me for a couple months.” He looks towards your friend and flashes her a cute smile.

“Well suit yourself!” Jack says as he walks towards the group of girls that came to the table.  Calum turns back to your friend putting his arm over her shoulder on the couch.

“CALUM! If you want to live the single life then do it!” Your friends words were slurring even more now. Even though you were drunk you weren’t on your friends level and you were able to snap yourself out of it.

“CALUM you cheated on me and we aren’t even together!” She begins laughing to herself like a crazy person. Your friend being drunk meant that she was going to start blurting out shit she didn’t mean. Fuck fuck fuck. Trying to save her ass and stop her you put your hand over her mouth.

“Dude shut the hell up.” You say into her ear. “Calum. She’s fucking wasted. Please don’t listen to anything she’s saying. Go. Go ahead and have fun I’ll take care of her.” You say to Calum as you grab onto your friend who was trying to break free of your grasp. She was a fucking mess.

“No. I’ll stay with her. It’s fine. I got it. Go have fun. Luke’s getting pretty wasted so you’ll already have your hands full tonight.” Calum says pulling your friend into his lap and wrapping his arms around her so she couldn’t move. She was so restless trying to push her way through his tensed arms.

“You sure?” You look at Calum. You knew partying was his shit and for him to sit out this one was a surprise.

“Yea I’ve already gotten myself into loads of shit the last time I went out and got drunk. I’ll let her have her turn.” He says with a smirk. You smile back at him.

You walk back to Luke. His eyes glossed over and he had a drink in each hand.

“HEEEYYYY!” Luke says in a high-pitched voice.

“Well look who’s the fucking drunk now!” You say as you rub Luke’s stomach.  

“Here let’s take a shot! Unless you’re too weak for this.” Luke says slyly.

“Shut the fuck up and give me it.” You say confidently but you knew for a fact you were going to regret this tomorrow.


Yea okay but like what if after Raphael and Simon start dating, (because they obviously will) Simon realizes that Raphael is actually super ticklish, which then leads to Simon tickling him to almost the point of tears and Oh my goodness why do I do this to myself.


Simon never really noticed it before. Then again, Simon was practically oblivious to everything (one of his very few flaws if he had to say so himself). But lately, Simon has caught on to the fact that Raphael is very peculiar about his sides being touched. Like last week, Simon, just annoy him a little, poked Raphael in his side. Simon remembered him squirming away and giving Simon a glare that said, “Touch me again and I will slit throat.” Simon smirked at the memory. He had to be ticklish. The big bad vampire of Brooklyn was ticklish. Simon grinned as the plan began to formulate in his head. He had to test his theory now. For science of course.

Simon made his way to Raphael’s bedroom, giddy excitement and a tad bit of fear pooling into his stomach. He causally walked into Raphael’s room without knocking (boyfriend perks he supposed), earning a slight glare from the older vampire, who was seated behind his desk, surrounded by piles of paper.

“What are you doing in my room Daylighter?” He asked with no real menace in his voice.

“What?” Simon replied as innocent as he could. “ Can’t a guy enjoy the company of his boyfriend?” An easy smile played at his lips. But Raphael wasn’t having it.

“Dios Simon I am working,” he huffed, rolling his eyes in the process.

“You know if you roll your eyes to much, eventually they will roll out of your head,” Simon shot back, earning yet another eye roll. Raphael muttered something, probably an insult, in Spanish and returned to his work.

“What are you doing anyway?” Simon asked, coming around the desk. Raphael didn’t reply, keeping his dark eyes trained on the papers in front of him. Simon bit his lip and reached out to poke him in the side. (It’s now or never) he thought, reassuring himself that if he died, he died in the name of science. The moment Simon touched his side, Raphael was half way across the room.

“Dios mio what the hell was that!” Raphael hissed from his spot. If looks could kill, Simon would be dead three times over.

Simon shrugged, “Only testing a theory.”

“And what kind of theory would that be?” He asked skeptically. Simon grinned, looking sweetly at the shorter boy.

“Oh, only the theory that you are in fact ticklish.” And before Raphael could even react, Simon sped over and wrestled him on the bed.

“Daylighter I don’t know what you think you are doing but I demand that you stop right now!” He grounded out. But Simon shook his head.

“Nope,” he said popping the “p”. “No can do.” With that, he started to really tickle and Simon didn’t stop until Raphael’s eyes were wet.

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t.”

“I’m pretty sure I do.”

Simon bent down and kissed him long and slow. He felt Raphael squeeze his sides and he broke the kiss to smirk down at the older vampire. “Nice try. But I’m not ticklish.” Simon then squeezed his side, causing Raphael to jerk away. He groaned and pulled Simon back down for another kiss.

“I will find a way to make you suffer,” He mumbled into Simon’s neck. Simon laughed and rolled away with a stupid smile plastered on his face. He would definitely mark this day as a victory in his book. An experiment gone well and a theory proved right. Who knew science could be so fun!


Yea okay so I’m not very good at writing but I gave it my best…. *hides*

Lanyard Dreams pt 14

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Hey yall! This part gets pretty intense so I hope you enjoy it! There’s a lot of POV shifts because I feel like that’s the only way all of this could develop properly and still be a CAKE type fanfic. Thank you guys for reading my stuff, I really appreciate it! (: Leave me stuff in my ASK and let me know what you think.

- M xx


“Hey did you hear me?” Your friend exclaimed.

“Oh yea—yea. Sorry” You zoned out. What were you supposed to say? You wanted to offer the most support you could toward your friend but you and Luke’s relationship literally had just begun. Feeling scared to ask if she wanted you to come you just wait for her to bring it up.

“I just think it’s what’s best for me and Cal. I’ve learned a lot about how Cal is as a person in just these past few hours. He’s stubborn which sucks because I’m stubborn too. He’s literally me and that’s scary. I just wish he could express his feelings more to me. He seems so guarded and if I can’t get through to him I don’t even know…” Your friend seemed confused.

“You’ll get through it girl. I know you will. He likes you a lot but like you said he just stubborn as fuck. He doesn’t know how to deal with emotions properly so he just kinda brushes it off and blames it on him being fucked up.” Your stomach begin to feel like you were on a roller coaster. Was she ever gonna say if she wanted you to come home with her?

“Also…” Your friend said hesitantly.

“Yea?” You answered immediately.

“I don’t expect you to come with me. You and Luke have a good thing going. I don’t want to ruin that for you by stripping you away from him so early on. You deserve to be happy.” Your friend says with a smile.

You feel your stomach untwist and you’re relieved.

“Are you like totally sure? I mean I-”

“Bitch shut the fuck up. You’re in Europe with the hottest guy ever. I’m not that selfish to tear you two apart.” You both begin to laugh and hug on the bed.

Luke walks in.

“So I heard the good news. You guys are so cute I want to puke.” Your friend says as you get up and hug Luke around the waist. Luke smiles at your friend.

“Thanks. But you alright with everything?” Luke questions.

“Yea…I just need to get out for a bit.”

“And by get out you mean…” Luke pauses.

“Like America. I need to go back home for a bit.” Luke’s face drops.

“What?! But like Calum and everything-”

“No I know but he’s the reason why I need to go. It’s just too much for me to stay here and you guys need to focus on your music and I just feel like I’m fucking everything up.” You look at your friend and she looks back at you. She gives you a small smile.

“Have you told him yet?” Luke scrunches his face almost anticipating the answer.

“No…but I’m about to I just need to find him.” Luke gives your friend a hug and she then walks out to the living room where Calum is still sat on the couch.

You and Luke walk back to your bedroom. You hear your friend and Calum walk into their room.


Friends POV with Calum

You and Calum walk into the bedroom in complete silence. Only the sound of the door was making a noise. Your heart was racing but this time it wasn’t for good reasons. Trying to collect your thoughts before you speak you pace back and forth with your head hung back. Calum takes a seat on the bed. His feet planted on the ground, his elbows on his knees, and his face in the palm of his hands. He keeps pushing back his hair almost in an anxious way.

“Hey I just wanted-” You stop Calum midsentence.

“Shhhh- let me talk.” Calum slumps his shoulders down.

Feeling courageous and dignified you say exactly how you feel.

“I’m going back home. I just feel like we nee-”
“WHAT you can’t!” Calum gets up from the bed and walks towards you.

“Calum PLEASE let me finish!” Bracing his arms you hold him away from you. “I…we need time apart. We might’ve gone too fast too hard. After all that’s happened I just need time to think.”

“Well why can’t you think here? It’s the same shit!” Calum begs.

“No it’s not the same because you’re here and you’re the problem!” You instantly feel regret in your voice as you see Calum sink back down to the bed. His eyes were moving rapidly side to side. He lies down with his hands resting clasped on the top of his head.

“But Luke and your friend are fine…how are we any different?”

“They’re not like us. We’re so alike Cal it’s not even funny. We’re stubborn and stupid and act on our feelings right when we feel them. It’s a blessing and a burden.” You feel yourself soften as you see the look on Calum’s face begin to understand what you were trying to say. You both sit in silence for 5 minutes. You were standing, leaning on the dresser and Calum lying on the bed. You had never felt so disconnected from him. This was a new feeling and you didn’t like it one bit. You knew that this could ultimately change everything. You could go back to your old life and live simply or you could be with Calum again but have to deal with other complex parts of him that you had no clue about yet. You couldn’t answer what life you wanted yet but all you knew was that home was calling your name.

“So this is it.” Calum breaks the silent thoughts running in your head.

“No. It’s not. It’s a see you later. We just need time apart to think about what we want. I thought I knew and I thought you knew…” You say with a trembling voice. No. You were not about to cry.

Without any words Calum gets up from the bed and walks towards you this time you didn’t back away. Craving his touch once more because you knew that you weren’t going to feel it for a while or even ever again. He lightly grabs your arms scared that you were going to pull away. But you didn’t. He wraps his fingers finger by finger around you and then gently pulls you in for a hug. Even though you hated him so much for everything he did you couldn’t resist the feelings you still had for him. He tucks your head under his chin placing his right hand behind your head and then tucking your hair behind your ear like he always did. You shut your eyes trying to hold back your tears. This sucked. You feel Calum lean his head down to reach your ear.

“I’m so sorry for everything.”

You didn’t respond. You both just stood there. You felt like the room was spinning around you and you and Calum were the only things standing still. You wished so hard that none of this had to happen but it did and you couldn’t take back anything you said and he couldn’t take back anything he did. Finally releasing you from his embrace he wipes the tears that had escaped your eyes.

“I’ll make some calls so they can arrange a flight for you.” Calum pulls out his phone from his pocket and walks out.

You couldn’t believe that this was real. You hoped this was all some nightmare and you could go back to the dream that you felt like you were in with Calum not too long ago.


“We should grab something to eat with her since she’s leaving” You look at Luke.

“Yea I’ll tell the boys and then we all can go.”

You and Luke leave your room. He goes to Ashton’s room where him and Michael were. You go to your friend’s room. On your way there you see Calum on the phone outside through the backyard window. You knock twice on her door before you squeeze your way through the crack.

“Hey how did it go?”

“It was hard. But I did it. I almost wanted to just fuck it and stick it out here but that would do nothing for me or for Calum.”

“I’m proud of you girl. When are you leaving?” You say with a sad tone. You hated that your friend was leaving because you guys just got to London but you knew this was the right thing for her to do.

“Not sure yet. Calum’s getting everything situated.”

“Oh so are you guys like okay though?”

“Yea he was mad at first but I think he’s starting to understand. I feel like I’ll be back soon enough. I just need time to myself. These past months it’s been Calum Calum Calum go go go but now I get to focus on what I want and it feels good.” Your friend smiles to herself.

“Well we wanna take you out to eat if that’s okay. You didn’t get to experience London much and that blows.”

“Sounds great actually. I’ll get ready. I look like a fucking wreck.” Your friend gives you a hug. “Thank you for everything.”


You all get to a restaurant in the city and to your surprise everything wasn’t awkward like you anticipated. It seemed almost…normal? You and Luke were same old, same old. Ashton and Michael were their usual goofy selves. Calum and your friend seemed better than they were a couple hours ago.

“So I heard the good news. I’m so happy for you guys!” Michael says to you and Luke across the round table. “Now you don’t have to get all steamy in secrecy!” Everyone laughs. You and Luke both flash your middle fingers at Michael while laughing. Luke turns towards you and places a kiss on your lips. You feel his little nose crash into yours. You guys haven’t had much practice showing off PDA.

“Fuck. Sorry.” Luke says.

“We suck at this whole thing” You say laughing. Luke grabs your hand under the table and gives it a little squeeze accompanied by that stupid straight smile he does. Everything felt so perfect besides the fact that your friend and Calum were on the rocks. You look at both of them sat across the table. She still had that look in her eye that she had on that tour bus months ago. He still made her laugh at all the stupid shit he did. Why did Calum have to ruin everything with a girl who didn’t mean shit to him? You felt sad watching them interact because you knew how hurt your friend was and also how confused she was. She liked Calum a lot but nothing could sway her from going back home or at least you thought.

You notice Calum get up from his seat and so does your friend.

“We’ll be back.” Calum says. You look at your friend with a “what the hell is going on look.” Her eyes widen and she gives you a straight smile. What the fuck was going on?

“Uhm. What’s going on?” Luke says worried.

“I have no fucking idea…”


Friends POV with Calum

As you and Calum walk out of the restaurant into the London streets you turn to look back. Everyone at the table was whispering to each other. You could feel their eyes glued to you and Calum, especially your friend and Luke.

“Uhm what exactly are we doing?” You say looking up at Calum.

“I just want to talk to you. If that’s alright.” You nod. You take Calum’s hand subconsciously. Fuck. You release it quickly. You were supposed to be mad at him but it was so hard. The sky was cloudy and grey. The streetlights were just turning on. Calum looked absolutely beautiful under the London sky. You tried to snap yourself out of it but every time you fought back it just came back ten times harder. Your feelings for him were undeniable but you were just waiting for him to say the right words.

Reaching a bench on the side of the street, Calum takes a seat and you slide beside him. He turns to you placing his hands on your thighs you feel shivers run down your spine.

“Stay. Just stay. Don’t leave.” Calum pleads without wasting time. You feel your heart drop and the blood rush to every place in your body. But you couldn’t give in that easily.

“Calum, I can’t just stay. I need to-”

“Please. I’m not good with words. I’m actually shit at it. I don’t even know how I’m able to write lyrics. But please if there’s one thing I can ask from you is to stay. I know I don’t deserve anything from you but if there’s an ounce of you that still believes in what we have then you will stay. I don’t want to experience this without you it just doesn’t feel right. I’m sorry for what happened. I’ve never been good with this relationship stuff. I never wanted to take it seriously until I met you. You’ve changed me but for the better. I know I’m shit at showing it but you are changing me. It’ll take time but it’s happening. That girl at the club meant nothing to me. I was drunk. We didn’t have sex I can tell you that for a fact. We just kissed but it didn’t make me feel anything. I want to feel something when I’m with someone and I only feel that with you. You don’t have to forgive me now or anytime soon but just don’t leave. We can work this out here. I can sleep with Ash or Mikey you can have the room and your space. Just please.”

Wow. Calum just laid his heart out for you, something that you didn’t expect to happen. This felt like some weird alternate universe. Calum never felt like the emotional type at all but for him to do this for you felt like something special. Feeling your emotions for Calum overcome you completely, you grab his hands that were on your thighs.

“Okay. I’ll stay.” What? It was almost too easy for you to say those three words. You surprised yourself and Calum too.

Calum stands up in excitement and lifts you up off the bench. You wrap your legs around his waist. Those were the exact words you wanted him to say to you. You wanted him to open himself up to you and that’s what he did.

“I still hate you.” You say in his ear.

“Thank god you’re staying! I swear this will all work out.”

“You should probably call and cancel my flight.” You say as he places you back down.

“I actually didn’t really call… I just called Mali to ask her what I should do about all of this and this is what she said to do. I’m glad I did it.”

You couldn’t help but smile.

“Fuck you Calum Hood.”

140413 Mouse Rabbit

I only had one shot and I met Yesung at Mobit today…I ordered honey bread from him, after giving him the money I shaked his hand lightly (I was so stressed and shaking I can hardly remember). (Had to make him repeat almost everything he said because I suck). 

I gave him my painting that I made of him and he handed it to a staff.  After when he gave me the buzzer thing and reciept he asked “you sketch??” (Like did I make it) so I was like yea and he said a long “OOoooooooh” and made like a stupid impressed face while saying it lmao. were you impressed or no lol. but omg just bless your soul and thanks.