so yea dont take me seriously

UGH I’m In Such A Mood Right Now!!! IDK wHAt my deal IS (i ithink i’m manic i guess? idk i dont really get manic usually.. i just feel like there’s eight Big Hamsters scrounging aaround in my brain for some small semblance of a personality)

maybe because im seeing the doctor my mum (basically forced) persuaded (?) me to go see tomorrow. and like. idk. idk. IDK :V

I’ve Been So Consistently Knocked Back By Doctors regarding mental health stuff (that comic i saw earlier about the goat going to see differetnt doctors abt their mental health and getting not taken seriously is like Story Of Mine Life Too Friend) so yea im like. how do i even make someone take Me Seriously. (when i dont take myself seriously)

NAH BUT LIKE IT IS SERIOUS i seriously Want to be taken seriously. and i want serious help. but it’s just idK! i feel like i need to be trained in the art of being taken seriously. because, i default to happy bright chirpy format (also laugh compulsively at serious shit 2 do w myself) and that doesn’t convey the GRAVITY of my situation. lmfao.

but anyway. if this one tomorrow doesn’t go smooth then im moving out like next week and i can go see a doc of My Own Choosing and i can talk to them instead.

anonymous asked:

Xiuhan suffocates me I hate them I hate xiumin


my heart

but why

dont be tao.

seriously though, just look at how they look at each other

is that not the cutest

they suffocate you?

idk bruh. tbh they kinda suffocate themselves

homo hugs for xiuhan

lol look at them trying to decide whos gonna top

look at them being ultra homo so adorable.

You hate Xiumin?

yea me too.

but Kim MInseok?

oh lordy

that is one sexy mudafucka

shhhh anon i can’t here you over his perfection

this is what sex looks like

pure sex

*heavy breathing*

yea walk towards me baby

yea take it off

damn Mr Kim you fine

so fywne

shit what is a Minseok, i want 10

*eye sex*

But seriously anon even if you hate Kim Minseok you dont hate Kim Minseok.