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Time to indulge myself in bts songs after a nerve racking day, so happy we won. 😭😭😭😭 ARMYs are truly Extra+Ordinary. Beautiful family we habe here!

This ask is about this post HERE

Yes, dear enjoy yourself ^^
We will need to get ready for MAMA. Voting begins 19th Oct 6:00PM KST. So have pleeeeeeeenty of rest now ^^

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anyway heres some allurance headcanons no one asked for bc i cant stop thinking abt these two

  • allura kissed lance first and he almost passed out
  • they wear matching/complementary outfits all the time bc theyre That couple. they also wear each others colours a lot (lance in pink and allura in blue) and lance somehow makes them custom tshirts?? they have cheesy shirts that embrace the whole ‘mr and mrs blue lion’ thing and …”are u guys wearing tshirts with each others faces on them?” “yes”
  • no offense but theyre lowkey obsessed w each other n love all the little things abt each other. like allura thinks lance makes the cutest/dopiest expression when hes surprised so sometimes she’ll randomly grab his cheeks, pull her face close to his with an urgent “lance” just to startle him and then laugh and kiss him all over his cute surprised face 
  • lance traces her altean markings when theyre soft n sleepy
  • they fall asleep on each other in a heap after long missions
  • also lance falls asleep in random places in the castle and sometimes allura will find him and carry him to his bed (and sometimes she’ll climb in w him)
  • they have a bunch of inside jokes n sometimes all they’ll have to do is look at each other to burst out laughing and the others will be like ?? whats the joke ?? n lance crosses his arms still holding back laughter n is like “sorry. blue paladins only”
  • lance teaches allura how to play video games n she loves them !! it takes her a lil while to get the hang of them at first but then she gets rlly good and one time she beats this boss that lance has been trying to beat for ages and for a moment its just…lance.exe has stopped working but then he launches himself at her and covers her w kisses before bolting out of the room n shouting “guys allura beat that fuckin boss!! in like three tries!! guys!!! allura ur amazing!! guys shes amaziNG!!!!”
  • (there’s a chorus of ‘we know’. allura is smiling so hard it hurts)

ok so funny story time: my cousin used to go to school to be a make-up artist for films and while he was in school, marvel came to them and asked them to be assistants on the make-up for their new project and i mean obviously they said yes right?

so they gave them the details of the job when it was set in stone, but told them, “all of this is a secret, you cannot tell anyone what you’re working on here.” and everyone agreed. then my cousin got in his car to leave that day and called my entire family, the first thing he said yelled when we answered was “I’M HELPING WITH THE MAKEUP ON GAURDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 BUT YOU CANT TELL ANYONE BECAUSE I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO!”

so tom and mark aren’t the only ones who can’t keep marvel secrets.

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can you do a blog rec for each letter of the alphabet? (like one blog per letter) p.s.: i love your blog xx

Oh I’m not sure if I know a blog for every letter but I’m gonna try ! (also, for some letters it will be very hard, so i’m really sorry if you are my mutual and are not mentioned here) ~~ (as it turns out there were letters with too many blogs to mention so this is what i could do) 

A @akilahthegreat & @alphalester @amistakeprobably & @autumnleavesphan // B @beetender & @bagueddy // C @celestihals & @crisshowell & @chemicxlphxn & @corgisocks // D @deathclassic & @domesticbanting & @danielbear // E @eaglephil & @eclipsemyheart // F @fireworksphil // G @galaxydun & @golddustphan // H @huwull // I @ignorance // J @justphantastic & @juliaisabuttercup & @jen-syx // K @kickthepjappreciationblog // L @latenightdork // M @misterphilly & @moonshine-lester // N @numberonetrashcan // O @oops-phan // P @philscurls & @pajamas-linguine // Q  @quizzicalhowell // R @rippedjeansphil & @radtinyplanetexplorer & @rainbow-ponny & @rollerbladingphan // S @squarehairdan & @spacedan-n-philclouds & @spookydads & @spookybakingvideo & @softestboyes & @spoopysporks & @spooky-scary-skeledan // T @toasterboasterrr & @theirforeverhome & @thatweirdodiv // U @unhugme // V @vampiredan // W @wildflowerhowell // X @x-filer // Y @yaysatan // Z @zoemozelle

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pre-dating harry and eggsy where eggsy is like "i cany tell him i love him yet he needs space" they went somewhere together dinner maybe AS CIVILIANS. so harry is wearing a suit but he colin-ed it (with two buttons off, that bastard) and EVERYONE has hit on harry in front of eggsy's eyes and eggsy doesnt know if harry was just trying to be polite or flirting back? anyways harry kissed eggsy that night and eggsy's brain shortcircuited

Aaaah, yes this is perfect.

Harry asking him to dinner and Eggsy says yes, obviously but he’s sure it’s just a dinner, like many others they’ve had.

So he meets with Harry and he’s a bit breathless when he sees him, hair not so severely styled, no tie, two (actually, they’re three) buttons left unbottoned.

Eggsy can’t stop staring at Harry’s neck all night. At first he doesn’t even notice the waiter flirting with Harry, distracted as he is. But then he realises and gets a bit angry but he tells himself it’s not a date, so what right has he to even get jealous.
And Harry is so polite and charming as always, with those big smiles of his, dimples all out. Eggsy is sure Harry is flirting back with the waiter. Why shouldn’t he? The guy is cute and Harry is free, he can do whatever he wants.

So maybe Eggsy gets a bit sullen, but he wants to enjoy this time he has with Harry, too so he tries to cheer up.

But Harry actually invites Eggsy over, to his house for a nightcap. And then he kisses him, and how could Eggsy be so blind? 

I Have Issues (Forever and Ever)

I’m currently freezing at the baseball field - which is ridiculous since it’s like 60 degrees. But I swear it feels like it’s 40 degrees. I’ve definitely been “southernized” and I don’t like it.

Also, I’m trying to figure out the most obnoxious and ridiculous “Yes” or “No” questions to ask since that seems to be going around. Some of them are pretty awful (not in a Dad Joke kinda way, though). So I guess we’d all be better off if I refrained. No need to stir anything else up around here.

Serious Issues

FINALLY….. I can’t believe I have to bring this up but lord this has caused massive issues on my end. So without further ado….


Yes, I realize I act like a goofy kid when I’m on here and I do this to blow off steam from having to juggle some very serious issues in my life where I’m expected to act like an adult. But, I realize now that these goofy actions may have sent mixed messages to many people including younger viewers. 

So for you younger peeps in the audience (under 18).

- Stop trying to ask about my everyday activities

- Stop thinking I’m just another kid

- and for gods sake stop thinking you can get close to me. 


— I’ve already had to deal with an underage person who tried to express feelings for me. And I had to tell them to stop immediately since I know it’s ILLEGAL and morally wrong.  

That talk most likely left the user hurt and sad even though it was necessary for me to stop her from continuing. But it also destroyed my motivation to continue working since I’m terrified of running into situations like this again especially with more people visiting this blog now. 


So a note for everyone, I’m going to limit  communication with users based on age.

This is not me being a mean old adult.

This is to protect younger users from getting the wrong idea and to prevent future issues from arising. 

Besides, it’s probably better for me to start acting my age since, hell, I’m kinda a professional artist now. :/ And while I know next to nothing about comics, animation or really any facet of the art business I feel like I’d learn a lot more if I started acting like an adult and less like a goofball kid. 

So yeah, please enjoy the future content. Mind you I’ll be taking a break since this has still been really bothering me and made me hesitant to interact with anyone. But I’ll be back to normal soon.

And please be safe everyone. There are some very bad people out there who will take advantage of you if you let them and I don’t want to see that happen to anyone. 

Alright, that’s it from me.
-Wraith out. 

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Hey, I see your slime rancher fireworks pretty often and I was just wondering how you did those? I kind of want to try them myself.

okay so i’m gonna do a bit of an in depth guide here so that everyone can learn how to make one before it’s patched!

credit goes to @theslimeologist for discovering this neat thing!

first you wanna find a good area to do the firework in, usually somewhere with lots of open space. then you wanna get a gordo snare (preferably a master snare) and put a briar hen in it for a boom gordo. (other gordos do not create fireworks)

then sleep until morning and your boom friend should be waiting for you!

then just decorate your boom friend with lots of echoes! the more echoes you have, the better. having lots of echo nets helps.

covering the entire gordo in echoes makes more of a dome shaped firework, personally i prefer this method of just covering the top half.

then all you need to do is feed the boom gordo until it explodes! and boom! firework!

hope this is useful for everyone! i’d love to see all of your fireworks before they’re gone!

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Would it be cool if i did like some paintings of you cause i love your fashion sense and i've been dying to paint you with yoongs or joonie

SJIDFNKSJG omg yes please !!!!!! you don’t even have to ask omg but all I ask is you either post them or submit them here so I can see them 

Oh my goodness guys…I-Im genuinely overwhelmed at the fact that after posting this, so many of you guys asked if Im okay…

God, I…Guys…Thank you. Thank you so much for your concern, it truly truly means a lot to me, thank you…I love you guys so much..!

@signore-delle-cime @cri-arts @ask-the-dancingdreamer @ask-child-prodigy-russia @ask-aph-lebanon

Yes, Im alright, thank you so much. I know I dont really post these kind of “personal” things here and Im very sorry for making you guys worry…

Well see…

Things have been changing around me…and sometimes, I can feel myself changing as well…and that scares me…I dont know what will happen to my family in the future, nor do I really know what will happen to me…

Ive become a little more forgetful…as though tiny fragments of my mind are slowly beginning to drift away…and for someone at a young age like me, its…terrifying…at least for me.

I feel a little lost at times…My mind is cluttered and I need to try and get things in a little bit more order…

I wont really go too deep into this matter, if thats alright with you guys.

I made this post last night, and at the moment its already the next day over here and I feel much better now. I was so surprised when I saw so many messages from you guys..!

But please dont worry, Im alright now! Thank you once again! You guys are absolutely wonderful~ QvQ)

I hope I wont really have to make another post like this in the future. I know that you all also have some personal problems of your own that you need to think about and overcome, and I dont wish to add on to that burden of yours by making you guys worry over little things I may say.

I just want to say, thank you again for all your concern, it means a whole lot to me! This may have gotten kinda redundant, but I just really want to show you all my appreciation!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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36, 39, 75? Please :)

36. Do you know where the last person you kissed is?
Yes~ She’s in our bed at home, sleeping. She has probably put our Levi dakimakura next to her so it can fill the space where I would usually be. I would love to kiss her again…but I’ll have to wait 33 more days…

39. Who was the last person you danced with?
I probably danced with some of my friends at the parties during freshers week here. But the last dance that I immediately had to think about was my girlfriend’s and my dance as Erwin and Levi at the cosplay ball this year <3

75. Do you study better with or without music?
When I still went to school I wasn’t able to study with music at all. But since starting university I always listen to music while I study. I either listen to movie/game soundtracks or classical music.

Thanks for asking!

Make me admit stuff~


[@youinmyhoodnowson asked: Is there an ending to your book, or does it just continue? Are the pages you haven’t used yet blank, or is every page full and you are set to use what is written? Is every thought recorded, or just what you want to tell others? Also have there ever been pictures? (Its a loooooot of questions I know. ;w; I’m just so dang curious)

1. Yes, there are a finite number of pages.
2. They’re blank until used, then fade over time and become blank again.
3. Not every thought, but most.
4. (a self-demonstrating picture, and a checkmark to indicate ‘yes’)]

an au from an anon

(putting this here bc it’s long and GOOD and it makes more sense as a post rather than as several asks)

hi it’s the tentative anon from before. So you know how Dark and Wilford in Markiplier TV seem to be running everything - and the other egos in the room seem to be either the other stronger Egos, or at least the ones who have most of the say of what’s going on, yes? I mean we had the King of the Squirrels briefly come in - so there are likely other egos in the building, they’re just not actively part of the planning process in order to try to take over mark’s life/his channel. Yes? And how rightfully - Dark is one of the most feared of all of the Egos, in part because he is one of the most powerful, the other being Wilford - who is primarily feared bc he is Trigger Happy and doesn’t seem to think that Death Stick To People? So like… What if one or more of the egos, overhears a private arguments between the two leaders. Wilford is really pushing for a certain segment to show up, and Dark doesn’t want it to go - as it’s not working for their main goal which is to Ruin Mark’s shit because of what Actor!Mark did to them. From the meta ending, we can tell that at least in one time line (because of the time loop due to Wilford - and possibly Dark as well) Mark the Actor (not YT Mark, who isn’t the same). Maybe Dark is trying to wreck YT!Mark (our mark) to test whether or not he’s the Mark who ruined Dark’s and Wilford’s life? Sorry for digressing. SO One or more egos overhears the private argument between the two of them, and at one point, Wilf begs “The Mark we are currently targeting isn’t him, can’t you see that Damien? S-Selene do you think that you can reason with him?” And Dark… Dark seems to change a little, and for a moment, he’d flickering just red and black, and his voice seems to be higher in pitch, and shake their head. before it switches to just blue and black and Dark growls “We must be sure that it’s not him possessing this Youtuber - and in order to do that he must join us here. I will not have him take everything away from us, Not again.” Dark moves closer, and the two of them seem to be genuinely fond of one another, despite how much they clash on everything from how to do Markiplier TV, to peanuts and everything in between. I also had another thought - what if a little while later - and the Egos who heard the names Selene and Damien stay quiet because it’s obviously something that they might get murdered for knowing - whatever that argument was. it wasn’t meant to be overheard. So, later, after that argument between Warf and Dark that was accidentally overheard by one or more of the other (younger) egos, something hits Darkiplier - a spell of some kind that, once the bright flash of light fades away, two people are revealed. A woman wearing a black dress with stars on it, and a suited man who looks quite similar to Dark - except that his hair is slicked back, and he has a cane in hand… And neither the strange woman - or the Mark Ego - because Mayor Damien also has a white carnation, and a black ribbon on his suit as well… Neither of them have the dark, demonic aura of darkiplier. They are also incredibly confused and though both are a little wary at first, are happy to talk to all of them. Then Wilford comes in and the two of them immediately head over to him, calling him “Will” and “Colonel” Asking where they are and how they might have come to be there. Warf is in shock.

ANON OH MY GOD i just want a happy ending for them like, this is the happy ending i need, give them back their lives, give them back their bodies, give them back their colonel

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Hi, thank you for lots of spoilers you gave us. Love to read them <3. I've heard a leak of Mystery of love that someone recorded from the film, and our couple shouted their name many times when visiting the waterfall. Could you decribe that scene? Elio called "Oliver" and Oliver called "Elio", or they did the "call my by your name" again? Thank you so much ^^


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Hiiii! I was just wondering if I could make a podfic of your stories The Limits of Control: A BDSM Love Story & Simple Gifts? :D Podfic is, just FYI, basically a fanmade audiobook! <3 If you'd like to hear samples of my past projects on Ao3 under RsCreighton! Thank you in advance for your consideration! :)

I already answered this over on the Ao3, but I wanted to post it here for future reference:

a) yes I would be thrilled for you to make podfic of my fic!  Go hog wild!

b) my personal stance on fanwork of/related to my own fanwork is as follows: I didn’t ask Arakawa’s permission before writing my fanfic, so I’d be a fucking hypocrite if I needed you guys to ask my permission before making stuff related to my stuff!  If I want you to let me know it’s only because it pleases the fuck out of me to know I’ve inspired someone to make their own thing or do their own take on my thing, and I like to read and look at and listen to  those things :D

Anyway, my point is, there is no need for any of you to ask, but I’m glad you’re making a thing!  Tell me when it’s finished??

Quick PSA!

Hi everyone! Mod Nepeta here! Recently, I asked my parents about getting a tarot deck, and they said yes! I went onto We Love Fine to see if any of the Homestuck decks were in stock, and sadly they weren’t. I really wanted it for my first deck, and I was going to see if anyone had either a spare or one they didn’t want anymore. I’d be willing to pay for it over PayPal, including shipping. If you guys could spread this around and signal boost it so my dream can come true, that’d be amazing!

-Mod Nepeta