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#jensen in nashville #chanelling his inner indiana jones #our harrison ford #i'm so down for that #sexy bastard #but damn jensen #DAMN #indiana jones feelings are strong here KAYTE! I am so down for this. That is my dream casting for the remake. It needs to happen!

Holy crap girl! YES, this is a mighty need! Now more than ever after I googled when I saw your ask, and I’m SO with you 100%! Where do we sign up to try and make this happen?? Sure Chris Pratt is a sexy mother.. but Jensen.. come on! Jensen! He’d be too god damn perfect, I mean Jones is just Dean adjacent right??…

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Is it too bold to say Supernaturals primed him for this…? Raiders for gods sake with the Nazi’s and the ark of covenant, old artifacts, being an archaeologist, the desert scene with hello! ghosts! (If anyone else is reading this, please watch these if you haven’t, they are all so SO good. Harrison Ford is a babe too so… you’re welcome!) 

OMFG, MIMI, and Professor Jones!! The closest thing we’d get to a real Professor Winchester! 

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Ok, and JENSEN’S THE EXACT AGE HARRISON FORD WAS WHEN HE DID THIS MOVIE. Right the second, yeah, but it’s not far off… and 2019 is seriously do-able! Right?

Aaannnnddd now I can’t stop thinking about this LOL Last one because damn this is getting long, and I could keep going

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WAIT, holy shit the whip!… ugh mother father… never forget those skills *this is too good* 

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Yah, NEED girl. Where do we start here?

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My ex boyfriend and i did great things when we're together. We usually go straight to my house since no one's home around that time. We kissed and make out on the couch. Then he asked me if we could go to my room and i always say yes to him. He kissed me all the way down, fingered me so good idk i keep moaning it was my first time. He ate me until my legs hurt in return I gave him a bj and hj. I miss him so bad i want him back.

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sorry for bothering but I idk did you got my question I have asked about your thoughts on Mutsuki raping Uta since you did made "Wtf Mutsuki" post? So am curious are you mad like everyone else about this?

Hey anon,

I imagine this was yours?

So don’t worry, I got your message.

I mainly avoid replying ones in ask regarding this to avoid too much drama this chapter brought & this site can overreact far too much without waiting to see entire story.

But since I already am here, answering, then might as well go trough with it.

First, yes I made “WTF Mutsuki” post because WTF Mutsuki indeed XD?

But I’m not mad about it, triggered about it, just shocked is all. Didn’t expect it is all. But I’m very curious where this shall go though? I’m quite interested in seeing what happens next.

Now, I see people (here at least) victimize Uta far too much & far too early forgetting that this is Uta part + Clown part and as Nico himself said

…so how about wait till you are 100.0% sure troll got truly trolled before giving him “victim crown”?

I have my doubts in that even being said Uta in first place! 

He has amazing regeneration and yet he isn’t regenerating at all, despite having more then enough time to do so. I’m not saying it’s impossible that he truly got raped, just that people should truly wait to see till it’s completely confirmed before pitying him so much when by next chapter for all you know he wasn’t even victim to start with.

You would think people learned their lesson by now to wait to see next chapter when wtf-ry comes before giving fast judge of situation.

And Uta is character you have to be this extra-cautious before trying to comfort him about something he might not even need any comforting with.

Now, I’m going to piss off perhaps someone with next things I’m about to say (lose even some of followers perhaps), but I don’t think they pity Uta as Uta, but rather use his case (what appears to be) as excuse to rage on Ishida because their standards about Mutsuki got crushed with Mutsuki performing necro there on Uta/somebody.

And this is part I find funny & as pure hypocrisy.

They’re getting so mad about Mutsuki being represented in this way, claim to be part of LGBT, that they support LGBT and how this isn’t right and yet these same people who are so hurt about Mutsuki are those same people who overlook Nico, completely ignoring Nico as if Nico was trash! This is pure hypocrisy tbh

So no, I’m not mad, simply shocked & I think people are overreacting too much and hating on Ishida for no reason because they set standards for Mutsuki which Ishida never promised and now they’re mad about their own standards being crushed and just want plain drama. 

Since day one, first art of Mutsuki back in 2014, Mutsuki was tagged init as “Such a liar”.

So this was expected. So since day one, Ishida was telling that Mutsuki is no “cinnamon roll” here. I get shock of how far Mutsuki went but I don’t understand shock about Mutsuki not being said “cinnamon roll”? 

And why hate on Ishida about this? About something you built for yourself that he never, not even on day one, promise. In fact on first art back in 2014 he was telling you that Mutsuki isn’t as innocent as it seems.

Who wants to drop this manga because their dreams got crushed? 

Be my guest. In fact you shall do this entire fandom huge favor since this fandom is already full with people who complain & complain, hate on this manga, hate on author but never drop said manga and come weekly to keep bashing and spoil fun for those who do.

So these are just excuses & excuses to keep bitching on series itself.

So complaining about how Mutsuki is being presented, is just excuse itself for those who have thing against this manga/author to bash further with having “point”.

All in all, these are my damn thoughts & don’t want to be dragged in this drama bs. I shall wait for next chapter, see what happens next & who wants to throw manga in toilet, smear it with food, shit on it, burn it, drop manga … then just do it silently, please!!! Quit being hugeass drama queens, you’re just giving Reddit more material to laugh at while other sites join in.

That’s all, have a nice day anon.

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OMG! I SERIOUSLY LOVE YOUR XEX PIC! It's perfect, incredible idea. Can I stole this also for my flat? He is seriously fabulous and I would pray under this to became as sweet cinnamonbun as he is! <3

Hi! Ah yes ofc, everyone should have XEX-Robin on their wall! Aaah yes it’s gorgeous. Here it is on my wall :3 Looks small on this angle hah but it’s HUGE, along with the huge Slytherin flag too! And the left wall :3

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Thanks for answering my questions so thoroughly! I should have clarified - my character also has pretty severe depression, so could a bad/low energy/etc day caused by depression sometimes cause her to be nonverbal? Because it takes too much energy to force herself to speak out loud? (I feel like I've answered my own Q here but I'd like to double check) Thanks again! :)

Yes indeed, that’s completely possible. Communicating verbally can take up a lot of energy/spoons, and when one doesn’t have much to begin with because of depression and a “bad depression day”, talking might be too hard and not worth it. Sometimes being nonverbal is not “I absolutely can’t talk at all under any circumstances” and more like “Maybe I could talk but at what cost?”

-Mod Cat

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This is a random question but have you ever made a edit on Leon and Lola? it would be nice if the very FIRST Vocaloids had decent newer models because a lot of the cool ones are outdated....

another anon asked this same question as well so i’ll take a screenshot of that q later and slap it here hehe

but YEAH i want to do leon and lola a lot but i honestly don’t know how to portray them??? like there’s their standard portrayals but idk u feel me??? if i figure out a snazzy design then ye sure y not completely the v1 family

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in your recent post about john's sexuality, you say that john admitted to having a threesome with a man and a woman but the link provided says nothing about that at all?

Oh sorry! Here’s the quote about it, from Royston Ellis, “I would think that John was ambi-sexual. He was curious, he was willing to experiment. If you ask me did I have a personal experience [with him] I can say yes, but there was a girl between us. I took John back to the flat where I was living with a girl and she, myself and John spent the night together. I’d written a poem which John liked, with the line “I long to have sex on black leather sheets and ride motorcycles between your thighs”. Well, we didn’t have any black leather sheets so we had had to make do with black polythene and black oil-skins.” And here’s the video where Royston talks about it, starting at about 2:00 (x)


on-and-off since 2011 i have played this online multiplayer version of gta: san andreas which is extreeeeemely male-dominated as you can imagine.  it’s always been shocking (and not shocking) how misogynistic male gamers are to my female avatar; i ALWAYS get harassed/attacked/killed/kidnapped/robbed/etc just because i am a rare female avatar running around the streets of a game filled with male ones.  like if you want material for an essay about misogyny in gamer culture you really need to look no further than gta:sa multiplayer.

anyways tonight i was online and this guy asked me if i was a girl irl, i said yes.  he demanded me to talk on mic to prove i was a girl, i said i don’t like talking on a mic (because these guys scare me and i don’t want to have actual voice conversations with them).  he got upset and said “what if i told you i have your ip address?  here, i will send it to you so you know it’s true” and he sent me an ip address.  i said nothing and he continued with “i am going to ddos you so you know this is serious.  come back after you crash, alright?”.  my program crashed.  i reconnected only because i was scared he’d do something worse if i didn’t at least somewhat appease him.  he found me again and started saying “is everything okay?  now let’s hear the truth, are you a girl or a boy?  i’ll give you 15 seconds to answer me or you will not play the game tonight”.  i panicked and disconnected and shut my computer off cuz i didn’t know what to do.  i just finally got back from doing shit to change my ip address to get this fucker away from me hopefully forever.

anyways long story short:  this fucking guy found my ip address, purposefully crashed me and harassed and threatened me all because i had the audacity to be a female who didn’t bow down to his demands.  this is such bullshit

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I'm here to tell you about my huge crush on Akela! I'm about a third of the way through book 2, and Akela is so great! So strong, so sweet, so good, a dream come true. And your drawings are so good, all the Dragonoak drawings are so good! (Well, all your drawings in general are great, but specifically Dragonoak right now)

yes!!!!!!!! Akela is a Big Favorite and shes so great in book 3 im excited for you to see even more about her as you keep reading!!! and thanks! yeah i wanna do a lot more dragonoak art even still when i have the energy!!! im glad you like it happy reading!!

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Do you think ivar would even be capable of being in a relationship? Can help show affection and can he receive it? Some people think so but others think he's too sadistic (I disagree) I think he would need a love that is opposite than his mother's smothering type of love you know?

I’ve seen tons of people sayin he’s just a sadist and likes to hurt or kill people for fun, but I totally disagree. Yes, he can be cruel but there’s much more to him than just that. I’ve already given my opinion on that topic when I was asked to compare him to Joffrey from GoT. I’ve you’re interested you can read it here

He is definitly able to show and receive affection. We have already seen that when he spent time with Ragnar. He was like a completely different person. I think that is what happens when he is with someone he cares for. The thing is there aren’t many people he really cares for at the moment, so we don’t get to see that a lot. 

I really loved that scenes between him and Ragnar because for once he let his guard down and we saw a whole new side to him. I hope that at some point in the show he will find a woman he loves and who loves him, so we get to see more of his affectionate side. But it must be the right kind of woman to make it work. Someone strong and independent, who can put him in his place when it is needed. As you said the clingy smothering type wouldn’t work.

In the right relationship I don’t expect him to be cruel at all. If he really feels loved and accepted I imagine him to be super loyal and protective. But also expecting complete loyalty in return. 

So that is my take on it. I know many will disagree but that’s how I see him. And since Alex hinted that Ivar falls in love in season 5, I can’t wait to see if I’m right.

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6 & 81 ☺

Hey babe!! Thanks for the asks 😊

6: {currently single?} I got out of a relationship in December, and yes I am currently single! Kind of looking for someone, kind of just going with the flow at this point tbh.

81: { 5 people you find attractive} oh gosh, this is so hard because there are way too many of you to count and I know I’ll end up leaving someone out, but here are 5 off the top of my head:

That’s seven of you but I don’t play by the rules 😂

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"Always knock before going inside." (Hello hi yes Papa!Jack here you go)

╰◈╮PROTECTIVE SENTENCE STARTERS. || @skeletonwithabowtie

“Eh-heh…. Already plannin’ on it……”

What was he doing here again?? How on Equestria was it not know there was a whole town dedicated to Nightmare Night?? Did Princess Luna even know? Celebrating it was one thing, but there was only so much scary the little dragon could take. A whole town full of monsters and graveyards and the like… He was still getting used to it.

At least he had found one caring face so far…even if it was all-bone. And he was going to stick by it as long as he was in this crazy town.

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Okay. I scrolled and I scrolled and I didn't see a similar ask. So here it goes: Obviously we know nothing, but could it be that Underground!SHIELD (and I totally think Jemma is SHIELD, either with them or double-agent within Hydra) would have infiltrated Hydra including some of the highest ranks just like Hydra had infiltrated the highest ranks within SHIELD. Meaning: Could May be a double-agent and she looks so content in the elevator cause she just got promoted? P.S. Thanks for everything!

Hi @the-nerdy-stjarna

Yes!  This is absolutely possibly.  Its all going to depend on what regret AIDA fixed for her and what regret she fixed for Coulson and the ripples that it creates.  

The title of the arc is Agents of Hydra…so we need a few people to be Hydra at least.   Coulson is a teacher so he’s out.   Mack is who knows….he could still be working for Hydra or he’s got a nice little mechanic shop and is totally removed from the world.  Mace is totally in the wind on us.  Ward and Daisy (Skye?) seem to be.  Ward was Hydra all along thanks to Garrett.   We think Jemma is undercover.  And Ftiz is either in their tech division or will land more as an Ian Quinn partner for them. 

May honest to goodness is one of the hardest for us to pin down.  Because she can easily be:

  •  A double agent working to take Hydra down from the top like was done with Shield.  Someone who was in a high position like Sitwell or Garrett. 
  • Or she worked her way up Hydra’s ranks and is one of their top operative.  
  • Out there option is she was brainwashed like Kara was.  

I have a feeling that the regret Coulson fixed had a huge effect on her (just like Fitz’s likely did with Jemma’s avatars location).  

Shoutout to Yuri!!! on Ice fans.

Hello from Russia, native country of Viktor Nikiforov :D

Recently, after the 8th episode I’ve seen a lot of speculation about politics in Russia towards LGBTQA+ representation, so I want to make a comment on it.

Yes, the representation is poor and we have this damn law. But in contrary to the popular opinion that anyone suffers here, it’s not entirely true. Let me explain.

Media and sport are different universes, there are different laws in them. In fact, there a lot of gay people in the media in Russia, but nobody talks about it. Because personal life is something intimate in general. It’s in our character: we are open for guests and anyone who’s interested in our culture, but don’t ask personal stuff - we’re pretty closed. It might become personal when it’s in your family - and then it depends on how well these people are educated. We have beautiful ballet dancers, talented singers and famous figure skaters.

This particular law is some vague ministrations just to cover some other nasty stuff, to change the subject from really important things like loss of money in building the arena for Football World Cup and shortage of budget for education.

People in big cities are mostly chill, they don’t really care who you love or who you sleep with. But yes, it can be inappropriate for children. When I say “it”, I mean any kissing pair. I hate couples in the subway. They usually don’t look where they stand and may be blocking the damn door. Also for any child kissing pair looks nasty.

But nobody tells you how to educate your child. Sure, they can recommend, they can close some options and tell long speeches, but you are the one who decides what’s better for you. I’m an ace. I don’t need their recognition. Nobody will make me marry someone.

Back to publicity: until you tell to the country on a that you are gay, you will be fine. Yes, public coming out is under restriction. But the reason is not plain hate for gays - it’s religion thing. Orthodox church is slightly different than Catholic, for example. And Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) is a government organization.

They rule like they please, they tell people shit and promise salvation. That’s why we kind of have a problem, when it comes to religion. That’s why we have this law - it’s useful for politics. Nothing more, nothing less. But guys, we live here, we try to look for each other no matter what.

Yuuri is a sportsman, he’s a competitor. He feels in Russia as an alien because he doesn’t know anyone here. I don’t think even Victor ever thought about his representation or what fans could think of him: he goes with the flow, he’s willing to do whatever he wants. But yes, it can guarantee him problems. But not because his country, but because his colleagues.

There was a story about Johnny Weir, remember? I love him, he’s just so amazing and charismatic. But his career was doomed after he came out. They will let you skate, but they won’t let you win. It’s how sports work, it’s prejudged. But people who watch it – they aren’t. They came to cheer their favorite teams and sportsmen. They (usually) don’t care about anything else. And this is what important.

Because love wins. Always.

From Russia with love, Nadine.


Haha so thank you to everyone who’s sent me nice messages about my art featured in I Can’t Fix You! I love The Living Tombstone and Crusher-P’s work, and I was really honored that they asked me to participate in this music video! It already has 1.2 million views which is just NUTS! It’s such a great song!

So here’s the full set of pinups I drew! TLT basically asked for the main bots from Sister Location to be drawn as cutely as possible, and I was like “Yes, this is my destiny.”

I’ve only watched LPs of the FNaF games because I’m a huge baby, but I’m way more familiar with them and their lore than you might assume xD

Color my inbox!

BLACK = I would date you.
GREEN = I think you’re cute.
BLUE = You are my tumblr crush.
GREY = I wish you would notice me.
PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.
TEAL = We have a lot in common.
YELLOW = I don’t know you at all.
ORANGE = I don’t like your blog.
BROWN = I don’t like you.
PINK = I think you are unattractive.
RED = I hate you with a burning passion.
WHITE = You scare me.
SCARLET = You have influenced my decision/thoughts on something.
MAROON = You taught me something new.
CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.

PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh
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CYAN = We have very little in common
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yes okay niall is a beautiful and pure sunshine puppy, but he can also be a sassy, sarcastic little shit who gets passive aggressive as fuck so greetings friends, let’s take a journey


why u so bitter niall??? who hurt you? not that couch



he likes to sass interviewers in particular




this interview was the pinnacle though lbr, the interviewer was asking them the stupidest questions (the whole thing is gr8 go watch it here) so when niall wasn’t talking about his shoes or laughing at liam and harry trolling the interviewer he was doing this

oh and remember that one time an interviewer wanted to take a selfie but wouldn’t let niall take it??? im sure niall does


niall does not take kindly to not being allowed to take the selfie

the most pure and friendly of humans but he doesn’t have the time for rude people ok

he definitely does NOT like when people throw things on stage



yep not even the fans are safe


or his band mates



or his friends

sometimes he just says it all with a face


he hates when people get his name wrong with the power of a million suns




his tweets are more often than not lovely gibberish but sometimes we get gems like this;

basically i love nialls sense of humour and it is incredibly underrated