so ye :v

Hey y’all remember another big guy dragon nerd?

-I’ll see myself out

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I love your new au! It actually reminds me of a really good yaoi manga I read, though I can't remember the name 😅

Imma answer this bc ppl have been wondering in the tags and such but it IS based on the BL manga Hana to Usagi:

which i recommend bc itS HELLA CUTE AND PURE BUT ALSO GETS NSFW in the later chapters so just a heads up!! (I didnt want to link it on the original post bc i didnt want to just rec some possibly nsfw stuff to others - v-”)

my silver medal.

victor [answering his phone]: yuuri, you know i’m at practice and how yakov gets when-

yuuri [on the phone]: i’m wearing my silver medal, victor

victor [smirking]: oh, yeah? well, i still don’t feel like kissing-

yuuri [whispering]: only my silver medal


yakov and yurio [screaming]: WHERE YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?!

a snow angel.

victor: yuuri, look! i’m a snow angel

yuuri: you were already an angel, victor

yurio [in the distance]: i’m the motherfucking ice tiger from russia


Coursers - great at shooting things! …not so great with children

(Slapping some test colours on one of ~17 panels, which are about half roughed out as of tonight! …Not including the backgrounds, which are just sketched in…)

Thanks for sticking around during a period of silence on my end, friends! I had a busy couple of weeks, between finishing up my part of the job for an upcoming project launch at one office, grading a huge stack of papers at the other, and submitting a conference paper, and it left me with approximately enough energy to walk my dog and eat meals for a while there! If you ever want to chat with me and I’m not around on here, feel free to hit me up for my Discord details. 

Anyway, I’m still hoping to do a White Day comic–the one I promised last year, haha–in good time before I launch into some kind of multi-page project in the spring, but man! Time’s really zipping by. @_@