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bad for you

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bad!girl Rosé x Reader

Rated: M

Warnings: violence, blood, injury, and bruising, drug use (alcohol and tobacco), slight smut

Word count: 6,475

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Okay. BUT. Graves doing funny faces to his little niece, his sister’s daughter?

His sister is visiting the city due to some important business, and guess what? She doesn’t have anyone to leave her daughter with. So, who else than uncle Percy is going to babysit this “angel”? His niece is, let’s say, three years old, but she’s really smart and that obviously concludes with her being a great troll and sass machine-

Graves has work to do, meetings to attend, no, Irene, don’t leave the Satan with him at work, take your devil with you, please-

This is how little Sarah ended up on one of his chairs in his office and she keeps glaring at him for twenty minutes straight and Graves thinks he’s being cursed by that glare.

Then he turns around for a minute to get a document from his cabinets, and when he looks back, she’s gone. Apparition? Nah, too early for that.

Graves runs out of his office and is ready to form a group of aurors for her searching when he finds her talking with Goldstein and Scamander.

He gapes at them, because Scamander isn’t that shy, clumsy Brit around her. He’s explaining her something very animatedly, his eyes are shining and his smile practically breaks his freckled face in half. Then he’s taking something out of his coat pocket and this is the time when Graves decides to step in.

And he starts to explain that, no, Newt, giving a three years old kid a magical beast, even only to pet! isn’t acceptable and by the time he finishes scolding their grown ass consultant magizoologist, Sarah is again nowhere to be seen.

He frantically searches for her with his worried eyes and Newt touches his hand, smiles at him and tilts his head in the direction of his office.

Mercy Lewis, good thing he won’t have to start a searching operation here, at MACUSA headquarters.

He enters his office and sees Sarah on her chair, clearly sad and disappointed that uncle Percy didn’t let her pet the puffskein. Graves decides to make up to her by making her laugh.

He ends up making funny faces at her for half of hour until there are more than one laughing voice in his office and he stops abruptly. Both Goldsteins, Scamander and some of senior aurors are laughing their asses off.

He looks at them, and they stop laughing in an instant, because they want to live.

Well, everyone except Scamander obviously. The dude’s instincts of self-preservation legit  are absent as it seemed.


Two different versions of the same scene! I think this super early change shows one of the key differences I’m having to work in to the full length narrative. The first is from Here, the World Entire, in which Perseus is intentionally over-confident and friendly; he knows why he’s here, and he knows how to get what he wants. The second is the very rough first draft from the longer version, with a more uncertain Perseus, making it up as he goes along, feeling his way through his decisions as well as the cave. I’m excited to write this version of the same character - I loved him being sneaky, a double-edged sword, and I’m interested to see how much harder he’ll be to write without that inherent duplicity. Beep boop.

tomorrow is the day people!! ship of the dead comes out!! *dances*

guess who is going out tomorrow morning to try to find the book? THIS GIRL! (i swear if Walmart doesn’t have it out I’m gonna riot)

i’m super duper excited for this book guys, so PLEASE tag your spoilers! i’ve already been hardcore avoiding spoilers but i know it will get hectic tomorrow, i might even delete tumblr to be safe… but i assure you once i am finished i will tag all spoilers!!


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hi, i’m just here to share my happiness as a bi person bc yesterday, i walked w my GSA at the pep rally!!! it was the first time i truly outed myself in front of the whole school and i was so happy while doing it! me and another girl held the bi flag and everyone saw it and im just so ecstatic that i could even do that. i came from a racist/homophobic catholic school, where i was literally bullied for liking girls, so this is a huge step for me ahhhhh!!! i’m so happy


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Jhope and lazy morning cuddles for the three sentence fics please and thank you ^.^

hoseok could replace the sun from the moment he wakes up; doesn’t matter if it’s nearing noon or just as it reaches eight, his warmth is enough to last you a lifetime.

he smiles the moment he wakes up, because he wakes up next to you.

and you could already foresee that with his arms locked around you tight, a sense of protection, a tinge of endearment and affection as he nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck, you know you’re not leaving this bed until he’s had his fix of touching you (which would usually drag on probably until you’re hungry).

/send me a muse, scenario and i’ll write a three sentence fic


endless list of celebrity crushes ➜ sebastian stan 

I came here from Romania when I was 12 years old. I had an accent. High school was tough a little bit for a few years. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be good-looking. I wanted to be popular. I spent a lot of time thinking, ‘What are these people going to think of me?’

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Girl Pru isn't even old school anymore she just published like 3 new stories in the past couple of years!!!! She's my all time fav too though so I do understand what you mean by old school BUT ALSO YAYAYAYAY SO EXCITED TO SEE HER WRITE AGAIN and her beta said she wouldn't be surprised if Pru wrote something new YET AGAIN for season 11. SO HAPPY

Listen, I was in fandom when Pru was already old school. I still have chapters of the Civil War au that I printed out as it was updated. They will always be old school to me.