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Shadows and Darkness: One and the Same (ch. 2)

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This fic is meant to be read in connection with my Azriel-centric prequel stories. I would highly suggest reading those first to get the full reading experience of this fic. 

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I’M STILL ALIVE YOU GUYS I PROMISE it’s just life, school and work are really kicking my ass :’)))) all i had time to do was color my inu bb redesign which i’m still workin’ on btw

it’s legit really upsetting me that i don’t have much time to draw as much as i use to, but summer’s almost here and i’m gonna pipe it up with a shit load of art!!!

Dee and Fire

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products.


When Dee was 12 she overheard her mother talking on the phone about a kid that burned down the cabin that the kids at school would always say was hunted. Her mother called him a “crazy fucking maniac” that “deserved to root in the loony bin”. Apparently the hunted cabin was old Reynolds property. Dee snack out that night and ran, scared out of her mind, to see what was left of it. She walked through whatever remained of it and suddenly, she got it. At first she couldn’t understand why someone would do something so ugly, but when she saw it, she felt as if someone blew out all those fires everyone kept lighting inside her chest, her lungs would look like the old hunted Reynolds cabin. Two months later Dee asked Barbara what happened to the kid that did it. “Oh him? Killed himself.” Oh.


When Dee was 16 she figured out that burning on the outside is better than burning in the inside. Her lighter collection held 63 different lighters, all stolen.


When Dee was 19 she met a girl with hair that looked like flames & Dee was fascinated with all things that radiated warmth. When they moved into the same dorm, Dee threw away all her stolen lighters and let the girl make her feel heat in places she thought would always remain cold. One day the girl came back to their dorm with her hair dyed black and all Dee could do was destroy everything and leave only ashes behind. “Crazy fucking maniac”, she whispered to herself.

She was done with fire.

Until next time… Thank you, Kim Jonghyun ♡


8 weeks of improvement

A big sorry for the lack of art on this blog and sometimes even weeks without a new upload! I may not churn out as much content as I’d like to, but painting all of my stuff allows me to improve faster, even tho it’s pretty time-consuming and sometimes a bit nerve-wrecking (I have no idea what I’m doing like 80% of the time haha… but I’m getting faster).

I gained a lot of new followers recently and wanted to thank yall for your supportive messages, the tons of notes and your lovely tags (I’ve read every single one of them)! It motivates me to no end and makes me work even harder. So thank you for your support, it means a lot to me!!!