so ya that was time consuming

Hi~~ just got home from my super boring school… 😑
Because of the boredom & there’s no teacher around…. i made a sketch on Santys outfit~~ got no eyes thou… also tried to sketch in this tab, cuz i wasted so many sketch pads & bond papers… it still time consuming, & my fingahs can’t draw so much on thy digital~~

But Hope ya like it~~ ( trashy drawing )

anonymous asked:

So I was about to ask you how to make a habit outta reading the Bible bc I work a lot, blah blah, when I realized that I was being dumb. I always have time to be on my phone, mind you I do in fact have the Bible app, and yet I'm not reading it everyday like I know I should be. We are so consumed by literally anything else and we leave so little time for God. It's so selfish. So I urge anyone reading, please read it. It's so important to our Christian lives. So enriching. So vital. Btw love ya ❤️

Hi friend,

Yes, yes, yes. Amen. I work 40 hours a week (plus over an hour of travel time each day) and not only make time for hiking, reading, writing, family time, etc., but also for reading/studying the Bible. Honestly, if you really want to make it happen, you will. No excuses. Btw love ya too <3

All my love,


Clean Eats for a Dirty Mind

On Twitter I occasionally do an #AskLzzyAnything hour, where you guys ask me about well… Anything! I’ve noticed a lot of you inquire about my eating and exercise habits on the road. But it’s tough to fit all the info So I thought I’d let you all in a bit and give ya the scoop on what my daily plate looks like. But before I do I must make a few things clear, I’m not a dietitian, I’m quite average in my body type, and like everyone in this world I’m not perfect and occasionally indulge in a favorite dessert or killer burger! What I’m sharing with you is what I strive for and consume 90% of the time. Also I’m aware that everyone has their own thing (paleo, vegetarian, primal, all American, etc) this post is not me saying you should adopt my habits, I’m just sharing what I do. Ok? Oh! And one more confession, I’m partially writing this to kick my own ass back into shape. By sharing this with you, it reminds and inspires me to stick with my plan!.
Ok… Now for the good stuff.

My eating habits are very simple. I eat as close to nature as possible, as in “could my food have developed on its own in nature”. For example, a cow is born, a carrot grows. Sugars, Grains and Dairy are manufactured. So I stay away from processed, “man made” products as much as possible. My diet consists of 70% meats, 20% vegetables and 10% fruits on any given day, but I’m not too strict with those percentages because it’s about the quality of the food not the quantity. You can’t really go wrong with those three categories. I do eat potatoes, but stay away from fried versions.
Now for the booze…I break my rules and indulge in good beer and red wine, because I’m human and like to have a good time. You just have to be careful to not over do it because too much a good thing is a bad thing. On a sad note, this is the year that I had to quit liquor. Something strange happens when the shots come out to play, my lights go out, and I become someone I don’t want to be (remember my past post about balance?)But it’s ok… Cuz that just means less shit to worry about.
Ok now on to Exercise.
Let me be honest, I hate exercise, and I hate gyms. But I’ve found 4 things that I absolutely love that still count as workouts and you don’t need a gym! 1. Walking. I walk everywhere and average about 3-4 miles a day. 2. Jump Rope. I carry jump rope with me on tour and put in about 30-45 mins whenever I can, I do this off tour as well! It’s such a great Whole body workout! Of course number 3. Rock Show! Even if you are a fan in a crowd rocking out in the pit! That is actually exercise. I burn an approximate 300 calories during a 90 min rock set. And…..
Last but not least… You guessed it.. Sex…get into it, its fun and is a great workout… With some awesome rewards too!
So there we have it! Hope you found this entertaining, and as always thank you for letting me into all of your lives!! If you have any questions I did not address… Feel free to write me!
Love, Lzzy

The Signs As Things My Friends Have Said
  • Aries: (sarcastically) Well now we have to die, oh no
  • Taurus: Can we all just sit the fuck down
  • Gemini: I apologise for wearing the same outfit as last week
  • Cancer: The cats in Neko Atsume are so fickle
  • Leo: Which dick consumes the other dick in gay sex?
  • Virgo: Time to kink shame
  • Libra: You guys all smell really good today
  • Scorpio: I'd really like to wear your skin
  • Sagittarius: (in response to everyone huddling) It's a sandwich of all my favourite people
  • Capricorn: Time isn't actually real ya know
  • Aquarius: If I give them bread I can regain my trust with the crows
  • Pisces: But do penguins KNOW that they're penguins?

part of the reason why yellowfacing is constantly seen as a nonissue or dismissible even in anti-racism spaces is because in current times, we’ve been set up to be consumed and mimicked (with our actions,makeup, fashion, art, animation, aesthetics, even traditional culture) and fetishsized so openly.

people ultimately then see no issue with mimicking us, even down to our features and faces because they only see us as objects for consumption and find no problem with that.

but they will find a problem with us pointing it out and make up imaginary reasons as to why their opinion on this is somehow more valid than ours. They dislike it when we’re not quiet pale anime girls that refuse to fight back because ultimately they see our place as a figurine on their shelves and think we should be complimented by that



So i think of tony as being SUPER INTO the idea of having kids and SUPER TERRIFIED OF IT simultaneously. and of course because he’s scared, he tends to vocalize (loudly) things about what a nightmare kids would be and like, how sticky they are all the time and loud and time consuming and haha yeah no thank you he’s totally good being a childless adult who can fly to france on a whim if he likes. and for awhile at the start of their relationship steve takes that at face value and puts kids off the table and is a little sad about it but their lives are insane and dangerous and it’s not a good idea anyway, so really it’s fine.

but after a few months/years he gets familiar with tony and how tony is and the weird nuances of how he reacts when he likes things and when he doesn’t like things and which reactions are real and which ones are performances, and he starts to figure out that tony *says* he doesn’t want kids, but the way he *acts* around kids says something totally different. so after awhile he chokes down his nerves and goes to actually ask tony and get a straight answer like a grown up. because he can do that. he punched nazis. he can ask tony if he wants kids. totally.

he’s pretty sure tony will freak out at least a little, so he tries to approach tony in a safe, neutral place, which ends up being the common floor living room after dinner. they’re full and happy and cuddling on the couch and steve asks as casually as he can muster, “tony have you ever thought about having children?” and tony goes from relaxed to tense enough to snap in half a second so steve tries to soften it as much as he can, telling him he’s just asking out of curiosity because they’ve never talked about it and he is *totally fine* if tony has no desire to have kids, he just wants to not be guessing how tony feels about it and he’s not looking for a RIGHT answer, he’s just looking for an answer. and tony of course IS freaking out but he’s ALSO trying to be a grown up so he’s like okay, i get this this makes sense, this is a conversation adults in relationships have I CAN HAVE THIS CONVERSATION BUT IN THE INTEREST OF FULL DISCLOSURE I AM FREAKING OUT A LITTLE STEVE.

and steve kisses his temple and is like that’s okay, it’s a big thing, take your time i’m not in a hurry.

so after letting steve cuddle him for awhile and taking a lot of deep breaths, tony is like, ‘i’m not…opposed to having kids. i like kids. kids are great. it’s… i’m not sure about me and kids.’ and he swallows a lot and gets glassy eyed and keeps running his hands over steve’s arms, smoothing down the hair and then mussing it and then smoothing it down again. ‘i don’t… i don’t want to put a kid through what i… and i don’t know if i could put them before the work.’ and then he kind of whispers, 'i couldn’t stand it if you ever looked at me the way my mother looked at howard.’ and steve kisses his head again and holds him close when he’s been quiet awhile and says 'thank you. i know it’s not easy for you, and it means everything when you do it anyway for me.’ and tony kind of smiles into his chest and is quietly like, i’d do anything for you. and steve just holds him tighter and doesn’t say anything because his throat’s closed up.

so then (even though he looks like he really doesn’t want to know the answer) tony asks steve what HE thinks about kids. and steve is like ‘honestly i don’t know. i *want* kids. i think kids are great. and i grew up thinking i was going to be a father and in spite of everything that’s happened that hasn’t changed, but… with what we do, with everything that could happen…“ he shrugs helplessly and is like. “i don’t know if it’s ethical to have children. or even sensible.’ and tony points out that police officers have kids and steve wouldn’t say that was unethical would he and steve’s like well no of course not and tony shrugs and he’s like it’s no different for us just because the bad guys are trying to destroy the planet and not rob a bank. and steve smiles fondly because tony’s trying to make him feel better about *his* reservations about having kids when he’s not even sure he wants them himself and he loves tony SO MUCH. and so he’s like, 'so what i’m hearing is that we’re both not opposed to kids, but have reservations. table this conversation for a later date?” and tony looks wildly relieved and nods rapidly and is like yeah. that’s. yes, that’s perfect. you’re perfect. and steve laughs and he’s like, we both know that’s not true but i appreciate the sentiment.

and then tony slides onto his lap and cups his throat, his thumbs rubbing the line of steve’s jaw and he looks at steve, his eyes all intense and despite obvious nerves says, “for you, i’d do it. have kids. if that’s what you want–” and steve covers his mouth and says firmly, “later, tony.” and the way tony looks at him, the obvious adoration makes his chest tight. then tony leans closer, mouth just shy of meeting steve’s and he rolls his hips slowly and murmurs, “you wanna not make a baby with me, captain?” and steve is like, do i ever.

they’re there making out heatedly on the couch when bruce walks in and throws a stuffed shield at them and is like “booo, get a room. oh wait, you have one.” “

Sometimes I go into musicalluna‘s inbox and demand that she talk about things. Today it was “tell me what Tony does when Steve asks him if he wants kids”

a nice night

*blight lays down after consuming an entire village of souls and looks up at the stars and the moon as the place burns* ya know im so old i should spend more time enjoying the night

for the record that gif is old I don’t even have money for milk right now lmao (and even then it was DR milk my sis had brought so it was free). i drink milk like maybe once a month when times is good. but sometimes I consume the tears of white vegans instead of milk like rn cause yall get so much more enraged about some random nigga drinkin milk than the companies providing it. yall only say “im not racist and im vegan” when it’s convenient to shield yourself from possible backlash. but ya only ever give a fuck about other animals, I could be literally starving and only livin off milk that a auntie gave me cus im dead broke and yall will still be like “fuckign disgusting animal NIG- i mean.. nincompoop”


So here we are again surviving another month, this time I’m starting at the begaining of the month to ask you guys to commission me instead of at the end of last one, because I’ve been busy and first I had to finish the previous commissions I had pending, I’m still not done with everything since I’m working on a comic thingy but I don’t have experiense with drawing comic pages so I’m still experimenting with it.
Anyway, as you guys know, I need your help to pay the bills of the month since I started a work project that so far isn’t producing much money and is taking a lot of my time so I can’t make extra money any other way than with commissions, this time I payed them with the credit card that was suppoce to stay chained in the last cell of a deep dungeon, yet it was necesary so now the credit card must be payed before it consumes my soul x_x
So I’m open for commissions, if ya can’t help by commissioning me liking my work really brightens my day and helps me improve and reblogging is a big help too.
Thanks you guys for always being there for me and supporting, the rest of the rules on how to commission me are here, if there’s something not described there and you want to discuss it with me feel free to contact me in my inbox or with a PM.