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— Nintendo
— Sonic
— Splatoon
— Kingdom Hearts
— Xenoblade Chronicles
— Videogames in general
— Sonic Mania
— Sonic Forces
— Sonic
— Fun stuff
— Sonic
— Xenoblade Chronicles
— Sonic
— Artwork
— Cute artwork
— Sonic
— Classic Sonic
— Sonic Forces
— Super Mario Odyssey
— Splatoon 2
— Kingdom Hearts 3
— Kingdom Hearts 3
— Cats
— More cats
— Cute cats
— Funny cats
— Evil cats
— Sonic
— sanik
— Dogs
— But more cats
— I’m allergic to cats
— That’s why I want cats on my blog
— sinic
— sonic
— more sonic
— tails also
— & Knuckles
— Kingdom Hearts III
— KH3 will never release
— Metroid
— Samus
— Metroid…
— Paper Mario
— Xenoblade Chronicles
— Kingdom Hearts
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonic Mania
— Sonic Forces
— Nintendo Switch
— Reggie
— More Nintendo
— Kingdom Hearts III
— Kirby
— Did you know that I like pancakes?
— I should start to work out
— But I’m a lazy crap
— I also have a job with terrible work hours
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Xenoblade Chronicles
— Sploon
— Xenoblade Chronicles 2
— Nintendo Switch
— But I need money for Switch
— So that’s why I have my job
— Are you still reading this?
— sinik
— u can stop now if you want to
— or not
— sonik
— I seriously need blogs to follow
— lots of blogs
— i also like music
— mostly instrumental music
— also videogame and movie soundtracks
— Kingdom Hearts III will release
— on November 30th 2018
— I have my sources trust me
— I also like Disney
— Forgot to tell that
— Big Hero 6 👌👌👌
— I have a labrador retriever
— His name is Pontiak
— He’s 4 years old and super nice
— Sonic
— Sonic Mania
— For real Sonic Mania is HYPE
— And Sonic Forces too
— I need my OC to get real
— The moon landing was fake
— I’m actually Neil Armstrong
— Also Elvis is alive
— Sonic Sonic Sonic
— Super Mario Odyssey
— Xenoblade Chronicles
— Kingdom Hearts III
— Nintendo
— A little bit of Mega Man I guess I like too…
— Memes
— Cats
— Dogs
— But especially cats, remember that.
— my sister is hazzling me
— Cuz I said Wreck-it Ralph is a little slow
— but I love her anyway
— The Mario & Luigi games are hype
— Super Paper Mario has a better story than TTYD
— Also better music than TTYD
— Sonic
— Xenoblade Chronicles
— Kingdom Hearts III
— Sora
— Roxas
— Music
— Videogame music
— How to train your dragon
— not the 2nd one
— It wasn’t as good as the first
— I seriously need a Nintendo Switch
— I saw a squirrel today
— It had light brown fur, almost red-like
— It was so cute! It was eating a nut
— I screamed “SQUIRREL!” when I saw it
— Like in the movie UP
— Are you still here?
— I’m pretty sure you have got an idea of what I like
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Don’t
— Autocorrect
— I dunno how “Sonic” became “Don’t”
— Maybe it’s fate telling me something
— Nah
— In that case fate can screw itself
— Sonic is BACK AND HYPE
— My fingers are tired
— I don’t know how much longer I will go on
— Sonic
— Super Mario Odyssey
— Super Mario Galaxy
— Rosalina
— Also I don’t like Rosalina nowadays
— They made her into fanservice material
— It’s disgusting really
— Rosalina was one of my favourite characters
— But not anymore
— Well she is still my favourite in SMG
— That game is ACE 👌
— Super Mario Odyssey looks dope tho
— Especially Bowser
— Super Smash Bros.
— I still need to play the MGS games
— I spoiled the main theme
— sorry….
— But Snake is handsome
— Nice dude
— Wanna play as him and stealth
— Sonic
— Donic
— Donic
— Sonic
— Cinos
— Sanik
— Melee
— No not Melee
— The Melee fans scare me
— Mario Kart is also good
— Splatoon
— Hey!!
— Do you think this is a joke?
— I still need lots of blogs to follow
— So don’t forget to like or reblog
— Otherwise I wouldn’t know about you
— I dunno what else I should talk about
— I could tell a joke, but that would be terrible
— I am bad at jokes
— Also we are doomed
— I had to get it out there
— Just look around yourself
— We will get nuked any day now
— Somebody gotta be real here
— I’m almost done
— Let’s write more saniks
— Sonic
— Sonik
— Sonikku
— Sanik
— danik
— sank
— dank
— memes
— Sonic
— Sonic Mania
— Sonic Forces
— My favourite meme is We Are Number One
— I like swimming
— And skiing
— And sports in general
— Anyone wanna play some sports with me?
— I just sneezed
— It felt goooooooooood
— Sonic
— Super Mario Odyssey
— Xenoblade Chronicles
— Kingdom Hearts
— Nintendo
— ^^
— Those are pretty much the real ones
— OH and Splatoon too
— I’m sure I missed something
— A game that takes place after Metroid Fusion
— We need Metroid 5!!!
— Spoilers ahead:
— Samus is freakin’ hunted!!
— By the United Federation
— I want a game where Samus is
— Fighting against the government
— That would be AWESOME
— Also please make Samus badass again
— She’s not just fanservice
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Xeno
— Blade
— Shulk
— If you are still here
— Congrats
— You deserve a medal
— But I don’t have any
— I’m a cheap jerk
— But honestly good work
— When I was younger
— I used to roleplay as Sonic characters
— It was weird
— Atleast it helped me learn english
— Also what happened to Detective Pikachu?
— I honestly wanted that game
— It looked fun and weird
— I like those kind of games
— Do you think I should change me URL?
— And my pfp?
— I think so
— It’s pretty old and irrelevant
— But I want Detective Pikachu…
— Wanna see what happened
— Did they cancel it?
— That would be a shame if they did
— Almost done here
— Sorry
— I may have teased you for a little too long
— I’m pretty sure I will lose followers
— This post is gonna take forever to scroll down
— But I will take it
— I have already come this far
— And I will not just throw it away
— So…
— How have you been?
— I like your hair
— Did you go to the barber recently?
— Maybe you cut it yourself
— And and your shirt is 👌👌👌
— I have a shirt of my own that I like a lot
— I got it from the KH Orchestra On Tour
— It has Sora on it
— Super nice shirt really
— But your shirt really takes the cake
— Anyway
— I’m almost done here
— Only a few more lines
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonic
— Sonkc
— Tails
— Knuckles
— Amy Rose
— Shadow
— Rouge
— Dr. Eggman
— Dr. Robotnik
— Tikal
— Metal Sonic
— Cream the Rabbit
— Chao
— Espio
— Charmy
— Vector
— Silver
— Blaze
— Are there any more charact— EGGMAN NEGA
— He’s weird
— Also his name is just begging to be misused
— in inappropriate ways I mean
— I think you can imagine what I mean
— ALRIGHTY! Thank you for sticking around.
— It’s been a long ride
— I’m sorry it has to end
— But this is the start of something new
— I want to follow you!
— So
— Lastly before I go
— I have one last thing to say
— Sonic

& Knuckles


a/n: hi this is the first chapter to my royal fic about shawn!! ah!! exciting stuff. i hope you all enjoy and i would love to have a chat with after you read it!! i plan to post a chapter every week (if i can get around to it)! i hope you all enjoy!

story page | let’s chat

The night sky wasn’t as black as everyone made it out to be.  The sky was a color concoction of various hues; swirls of dark violet, cerulean blue could be seen on the distant horizon, and stars illuminated the night sky.  The kingdom of Nova slept soundlessly around the castle, local bazaar’s were closed and locked up tight, and teenagers were sneaking back into their houses after a late night out.  Outside of the castle, everything seemed to be at ease.  But inside the castle was another story.

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anonymous asked:

Your book looks fun, but do you worry sometimes that it looks like a YA paranormal romance, which might be outdated? Like maybe I just haven't read enough about it yet, I'm sorry if this comes across as mean, I'm genuinely curious. Thanks for all the fic your write!

Okay so my goal when writing Not So Shore was to take all the tropes I loved from the done-to-death ‘mortals meet’ genre of fanfic (the fun of the reader having information the point of view character doesn’t, dropping subtle references to the canon characters’ powers and experiences, having everyone be in awe of how cool the canon characters are) and write them without any of the horrible negative tropes that always seem to feature in those fics (over the top jealousy, slut shaming, unnecessary violence, no subtlety anywhere to be seen). I had so much fun writing it, and the response from all of you suggests you had fun reading it, too.

And I’m basically trying to do a very similar thing with my novel. I grew up riding the wave of popular Paranormal YA. I was there for the publication of Twilight and the thousands of series inspired by it. I’ve read most of them, because as a child I adored the stories of people like me visiting magical lands (Alice in Wonderland, HP, PJO, Narnia, LotR [in which the people like me are the hobbits lol], etc.) so it seemed a natural extension that as I entered my teen years I would follow this genre to its teenage equivalent.

It was supposed to be like the fantasy I loved reading, but darker and more mature, with slightly more graphic violence and more adult risks and consequences. But in its hormone ridden angst, Paranormal YA/Urban Fantasy lost a lot of the things that made me fall in love with fantasy in the first place.

  • Gone was the focus on proving yourself worthy by doing good deeds and helping others; Instead you had to be snarky and “not like other girls” and worry more about your love interest than the fate of the world.
  • Instead of quests completed by fire-forged friends, the only relationships developed (and I use that word loosely, in some cases) over the course of the books were the romantic ones. Friends were always pushed aside, no one ever understood the protagonist, but the protagonist never tried to get anyone to understand, because they were dark and moody and needed to do things on their own -
  • Except, oh, no, they can’t do it on their own, because they’re a girl, and so they’re just going to sort of dither about before their big, strong male love interest comes along to save the day with physical violence. The protagonists rarely had the power, even when they were ‘the chosen one’ or when they should have had the opportunity to grow over the course of the novel. Or if they did have power, it was often so poorly developed that it just read like a massive deus-ex-machina invented purely for the finale.
  • Their male love interests were rude to the point of abusive, had no sense of appropriate personal boundaries, and treated the protagonists as idiots who had to be talked down to at every opportunity, rather than people who were discovering entirely new worlds and were entitled to ask some questions.
  • Protagonists no longer had strong morals; instead they flipped back and forth between choices (often between two love interests, hurting both in the process) and were reactive to circumstances changing around them, rather than forces for change.
  • Dialogue was no longer inspiring, something to repeat to myself on dark days, to remind myself that there was always some good worth fighting for. Instead, everything was one of two extremes: It had to be sassy and referential, or it had to be so pretentious and faux-philosophical that no teenager alive would ever dare utter it for fear of eternal ridicule.

(This is not so say, of course, that the fantasy books I had enjoyed as a child did not have their own faults. They were overwhelmingly cast with straight, white men, or straight, white women who weren’t anywhere near as well developed. Any other diversity was hard to find, and women as romantic interests were often treated as props or rewards. Trouble was, these problematic aspects carried over into Paranormal YA/Urban Fantasy without bringing most of the good stuff with them.)

Obviously not every single Paranormal YA/Urban Fantasy was as disastrous as I am describing them here. But enough were for it to become a well known fact among the industry and readers that Paranormal YA was formulaic to the point where if you had read one you’d read fifty. I still loved the concept of the genre, obviously, or I wouldn’t have kept reading it, but the execution was letting me down.

So in my novel I’m taking the things I love about it - the mystery, the magic, the overlap of our world with something so entirely new and different hovering just beyond our perception, characters and things from that new world crossing over to ours, the dark overtones and the threat of real danger and violence - and I’m adding all the things I adored from fantasy back in, and putting the emphasis on female friendship.

YA has taken great leaps forward in terms of representation of marginalised groups, less problematic love interests, and more unique plotting, all of which is so amazing and absolutely fantastic to read. But I still find close, supportive, realistic female friendships lacking, and as most of the books I read are written by women I always find this preference to have their female protagonists always hanging out with guys puzzling. So although there is a romance between my female protagonist and a male character, it’s tertiary, behind the plot and the core group of female friends that drive it forward. I’ve tried to write each of the girls as unique individuals rather than stereotypes, as characters with their own goals and personalities and no tokenism, and I hope that their friendship reads as strongly and sincerely to you as it does to me.

I’m hoping that this distinction, the focus on characters and the relatively less-popular type of mythology I’ve decided to write about will be enough to convince a publisher to give me a chance. (The Raven Cycle series by Maggie Stiefvater is the series that comes closest to what I’m trying to achieve in terms of tone and themes with my novel, which also gives me hope that there’s still a market for it. Although obviously I am nowhere near as skilled a writer as Maggie, and I can only aspire to one day be anywhere near her level.)

So, to finally come to the end of this extremely long winded answer to your relatively straight-forward question: This novel is like my love letter to everything I enjoyed about growing up reading Paranormal YA and Urban Fantasy, but with modern day priorities and diversity included, and all the shit bits thrown out (hopefully).

  • female YA protagonist: ...and this is my best friend, who I've known for my whole life; she's really beautiful (not like me) and graceful and smart and good at sports and all the boys want her but for SOME REASON she never seems interested, but we're so close and she supports me and understands me and I can tell her everything and just seeing her makes me feel happy...
  • female YA protagonist: ...
  • female YA protagonist: holy shit is that a CUTE SMIRKING WHITE BOY I think I'm in ~**~LOVE~**~

shes done, Veronica out. time to pretend she never murdered anybody and watch a movie with Martha. then move on and work on stealing everyone’s girl. bye.

anonymous asked:

shal if i pay you would you marry me?

“Nope, I don’t really believe in the idea of bounding myself to someone like that. …But if you are still willing to pay I could be your lover for a while? Just if you spoil me with presents tho, haha”

Every episode Tom grows as a character and I get so hyped whenever I see him in a new episode because he is such a fascinating and flawed character. Every episode I feel like he has more character development. He went from one of my least anticipated characters to MOST in a matter of one episode. I have a feeling that he’ll do great things.


Happy birthday @tinyienzo!!


Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
AU: Mafia, late 1920′s-1930′s
Word Count: 2,347ish
T/W: Smoking, but can you say: FLUFF ! ! 
A/N: Finally wrote this part! Just gonna say I’m so happy with this and the AU!
Tags: @justfangirlingaround@iworshipmusicals@othermia
Part 1 | Part 2  | Part 3 | Part 4 |

Philip attempted to find his best clothes, managing to create a makeshift suit. It had finally come, the date with you. He was worried about a million things, but the number one thing was if you’d ask about the bruise that had beautifully blossomed just under his right cheek bone. Two days ago, he went on a job, and George wasn’t joking when he said “it might get messy,” because it did. Philip was the one who got beat up the most, as he was the first to have gone in, and the last to barely manage getting out. George was furious it didn’t go as planned, but was already plotting the next attempt.

Everyone was in their separate rooms at the abandoned house, still, Philip slipped out the backdoor, making sure he was unnoticed. Heading down the street to the restaurant you had agreed to meet him at, he passed an elderly couple. They looked so in love. It gave him the idea that you and him could be like that, but how? Dating someone in the mafia wasn’t exactly easy. He really didn’t expect to be with you that long knowing what he was into, but he just wanted to be around you as much as possible while he could be. He was torn, could love be possible in his business, Theo and Seph made it work, but he couldn’t bare to actually drag you into the business. 

As his thoughts swirled around his head like a thundercloud, clashing with everything, creating loud noises- he saw you. Standing outside the restaurant, looking around for him. You were gently biting at your bottom lip. You looked gorgeous, in a mauve dress, with a thin shawl resting on your shoulders. Your hair perfect, skin looking so soft. He smiled to himself, blinking lightly when he saw you look down at your feet and rock back on your heels playfully. He ran a hand through his hair, another attempt to look his best. 

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