so y'all want to call her ugly

So I just got pulled into my first Instagram beef over bts?! It was about Jungkook and the beautiful black girl who behind he was staring at. And the caption said “he wants to put his fried chicken in her watermelon.” Okay so of course I was upset. I made a comment. The owner of the page and someone else I’m assuming is younger than me kept going back and forth. And get this y'all. One of them called me ugly. Like w h a t t h e f u c k does that have to do with what we talking about?? This is why I can’t Stan all of army all of the time. Like yeah I was offended why shouldn’t I be? And then apparently since I’m an “adult” I can’t argue about my views. Well excuse me princess babies shouldn’t even be allowed to have phones 😒😒

For those of you who argue about​ how no ztans say bad stuff about Harry and that Harries are just lying, here’s an example for you.

Ever seen something so full of shit and completely twisted? Something so hypocritical? Something so full of fucked up lies? Y'all are a bunch of fucked up people and need to fucking go outside.

Also I’m posting this because they’re fucking bullying my friend dimpledharry, who just made a post on her own blog and didn’t @ anybody or said anything offensive, but these people started adding to it the ugliest things.

She blocked them because she doesn’t want to get in discourse w people so ugly, and she’s being called a racist for that. Just for blocking people who’re making her uncomfortable, who don’t even know her but have the audacity to call her a “racist bitch” just because she gave an opinion on her own blog. Which wasn’t even offensive in any way.

Stop fucking bullying people just because they’re not gonna discourse with your ugly, biased self.

My Boo **Jswazz Imagine**

You were currently six months pregnant with John’s baby. It was an amazing time in both of your lives,but it could sometimes be a struggle. Your feet were swollen, you were craving everything in site, and you were starting to feel a little insecure. It was just that you felt a little less attractive each day. You were afraid to admit this to John, because he feel in love with you for your confidence.

All of the guys were currently just hanging out at you and John’s place playing video games. Every time the guys were over, you kinda distanced yourself. You knew that John needed his time with the boys, just like you needed yours with the girls. Of course there were times where you chilled with all the guys, because they have became your family. Today was on of those days where you didn’t feel decent looking to hang out with the guys.

“Babe, come down here and chill with us.” John said, as you were currently watching Netflix. 

You honestly didn’t want to, but you found yourself waddling down the stairs to hang with the guys.

“ Ayee there’s my queen and my princess.” John said kissing your belly. He was always kissing and talking to your stomach, which made you really happy that he is going to be the father of your child. You looked down, and saw that he was giving your stomach pepper kisses. 

“Babeee stop that tickles.” you said giggling.

“ Come on y/n sit down, so I can spend sometime with my niece and her beautiful mama.” Nate said.

You began to look around for somewhere to sit, but realized all of the spots were taken. You just stood there awkwardly,and decided against it.

“Actually I’m pretty thirsty, so imma go get something to drink. I’ll be back.” 

You walked into the kitchen, and heavily sighed. You never knew how mentally stressed you were, until now. 

“Baby hurry up.” John yelled into the kitchen. 

You quickly grabbed some lemonade out of the fridge, and walked back into the living room. You clearly saw that the sitting arrangement hadn’t changed while you were in the kitchen. You just silently stood there,and waited. You didn’t want to say anything that could potentially set off your mood swings. 

“Babygirl come sit down.” John said, while patting his lap.

“Boy are your serious? I will literally crush you.”

“Babe sit, NOW.”

You put on your big girl pants, and sat down. You didn’t put all of your weight of John, but enough to get him off of your back. While your sitting down, your phone began to ring. You check and see that it was Stassie calling you. 

“Hey y/n I was wondering if you wanted to have a girl’s night, and just chill out with us before mommy duty kicks in?”

“Umm I don’t feel like going out. Not that I don’t want to hang, but I feel ugly and sloppy.” 

John couldn’t hold his tongue any longer. He snatched the phone out of your hand.

“Ayee Stass it’s John. Nah lil ma is going out with y'all tonight. Yeah, just give her an hour or so. Aight bye.”

John gave you a cold,hard stare. He hated when you got down on yourself. You could tell he wasn’t that happy with you. You were hoping the fact that you were pregnant would make him go easy on you.

“Y/n come here, so I can talk to you.”

You guys went behind the couch, to have a little more privacy. You knew he was pissed, but you had a reason to feel the way you do. 

“ Ma, what the hell is wrong? You don’t talk to me about anything anymore, and then you just drop a big bomb like that one. Honestly, I need you to tell me what’s up, like right now. “

“Baby, it’s just that I don’t feel as sexy anymore. I’m sorry I’ve been distance, I just didn’t want you to realize that you could do better.”

You felt ashamed to say that, especially to John. All you could do was stare at the ground, and hope he didn’t think you sounded pathetic. John lifted your chin up with his finger,and made you stare at him. 

“Ma, it hurts me when you talk like that. It mean I’m not doing my job as your man. I am supposed to make you feel like the sexiest thing on Earth. I don’t want you to feel anything less than that. Baby you are sexy,and don’t you ever forget that. Honestly, you are ten times sexier, because you are pregnant with my baby. So, I want you to go up them stairs and get ready.” 

You just stared at him with the biggest smile ever. The things that this man could do to you were unbelievable. You pecked John”s cheek, and went upstairs to get ready.

“Ma, hurry though cause I wanna drop my queen and princess off.”

You couldn’t help but to stand on the step and smile at him. 

“Okay baby”