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can i ask what's funny about the new cyelatm comic? i mean i get the big mouth thing but i don't understand the pronouns thing?

people tryin to accommodate but end up makin people who are trans uncomfortable

like, u show up to have a good time and someone knows youre trans so they just start talking about gender politics to u instead of like ……… not doin that


Dean Winchester | 13x02 The Rising Son


apollo had to get his chords of steel from somewhere

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A Month of Spook - (17/31)

↳ What’s This? - Fall Out Boy

okay no offense but gansey was literally the first person to ever show adam uncomplicated, unabridged, true affection. gansey was the first person to recognize just how much adam longed for love, the first person to recognize that adam was too proud to ever ask for it. gansey was the first person to not only recognize the potential and abilities of adam, but tried to make adam recognize it himself as well. gansey was the first person to care that adam was unsafe, to care that adam was unhappy, to care about adam. from the moment they met, it felt real to both of them in a completely new way. gansey was adam’ best friend from nearly the moment they met, and has not ever stopped being it since. their relationship is one of simplicity, respect, honesty, obvious mutual admiration, and it is so evident that, on whatever level u chose to recognize it, they love each other !!!!!! that’s love, bicth !!!!! that’s it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can we stop calling pairings between literally someone such as a 17 year old dating someone who’s 18 or 19 years old pedophile? There’s a difference between an older person preying on someone too young to even know what sex is and a relationship between people who just happen to be over and under 18.

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