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Can I request RFA reaction To MC in a wheelchair

finally getting round to this. sorry for the long wait


  • i feel he would be hella surprised

(side note: sorry Yoosung is perpetually shook i don’t intend it that way)

  • it never crossed his mind that MC was disabled 
  • he’s never befriended a disabled person before so he’s really curious
  • asks MC all sorts of questions 
  • MC’s happy to answer them all even the dumb ones
  • ‘No Yoosung you can’t decorate my wheelchair with LOLOL stickers’
  • they’ve never had someone so interested in them
  • MC plays wheelchair basketball for the uni
  • Yoosung swore he’d seen them before
  • rip he’s hardly in the sports centre so…..
  • becomes their number one fan
  • always cheering at their games


  • wonders how MC can still look so elegant in a wheelchair
  • he finds the height difference funny
  • MC swears if the wheelchair wasn’t stunting their growth they would tower over him
  • luckily with the wheelchair Zen can walk at a normal pace without waiting for MC to catch up
  • Zen is always finding ways to make MC’s wheelchair prettier
  • he legit added tassels
  • he was so happy MC didn’t have the heart to tell him they looked tacky
  • he cares for MC so much 
  • will carry MC anywhere if they ask him
  • MC’s lowkey worried he’s straining himself tho
  • tho this boi is  s w o l e   a f  doesn’t even break a sweat


  • she’s so sweet about it
  • Baehee has natural mothering tendencies so she really cares for MC
  • likes to push MC everywhere
  • MC says they can do it themselves but Jaehee says she shouldn’t use so much energy
  • plus she lowkey like guiding MC everywhere
  • MC has the tendency to dash off to places and she always gets scolded by Jaehee 
  • rip they both can’t reach high shelves
  • they both get really embarrassed when they have to ask for help at the supermarket
  • when their relationship gets more serious
  • Jaehee and MC move into a cute little bungalow 
  • it’s honestly so convenient 
  • the place is super homey to so the RFA members keep crashing there


  • lol and you thought Yoosung was shook
  • he thinks it’s really cute tho
  • he justs wants to protect MC all the time
  • MC find Elizabeth sleeping in her wheelchair so often
  • it becomes her favourite nap spot
  • Jumin is actually really surprised that there are still places without disabled facilities
  • MC jokingly says he should C&R should start investing in the business
  • Jumin took it seriously tho
  • it earns a hella dosh 
  • Jumin says MC should be the spokesperson 
  • MC’s like lol wym
  • Jumin always buys MC the comfiest wheelchairs

(side note 2: looking into it wheelchairs are actually hella expensive lol)

  • but Jumin’s RIch™ so…

Seven (Saeyoung)

  • rip Seven knows everything
  • stalked MC’s instagram 
  • found out they were a paralympic athlete
  • excited af
  • watches all their competitions
  • asks if he can see MC’s medals
  • MC tells him to tone it down
  • Seven has no chill tho
  • but honestly they have such a cute dynamic
  • it’s mostly Seven annoying MC and her roasting him but 
  • it’s the thought that counts
  • Seven loves using disabled parking spaces tho
  • it means his babies don’t get scratched 
  • also he has an excuse to use elevators all the time
  • he’s lazy as fuck so this is a god send
  • MC’s lowkey salty about it and tells him to stop taking advantage of their situation
  • Seven’s like ‘you know you love me’ 
  • MC’s like

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You've mentioned before that the are lots of cool point 'n click adventure games that haven't been properly appreciated. Do you know of any that are like... Beneath a Steel Sky, but without the misogyny?

Depends on what it is about Beneath a Steel Sky you’re interested in.

If you want something that’s similar in terms of both gameplay and aesthetics, your best bet would probably be Technobabylon. It has its own set of issues, mind - I’ve previously discussed it here.

On the other hand, if it’s the late 1980s cyberpunk aesthetics you’re after, but you’re willing to bend on gameplay (i.e., think less Monkey Island, more Snatchers), you could have look at 2064: Read Only Memories. I’m only a couple of hours into it, myself, but so far it seems like a perfectly charming late cyberpunk pastiche. One of the only examples of the type that I can think of with the option to play a non-binary protagonist, too - it even lets you pick your own pronouns.

On the mutant third hand, if you mean you want something that plays like Beneath a Steel Sky and its ilk, but it doesn’t have to be cyberpunk specifically, you should totally check out The Shivah. Short version: you’re a clinically depressed rabbi at a poverty-stricken synagogue in inner-city New York trying to unravel the truth behind a mysterious inheritance. The audiovisual aesthetics are like film noir meets Neo Geo. There’s rabbinical question fighting. High concept as all get-out, naturally, but for some of us that’s a plus!

Nothing At Stake - 6

[A/N: Okay I promised smut and I lied, but the next chapter is half written and that does have smut and you can expect it in a couple of hours! I hope you like the kind of direction this is heading in, I’m not 100% where it’s going to end up but I’ve got some of it mapped out and I feel like this could be a bit of a lengthy fic?

Also at the bottom of this fic I have tagged a few people who I recognise consistently like and reblog my fics so I hope you don’t mind and if you would like to be added to the tags or removed than you are more than welcome to say! Hope those who have been tagged don’t mind!]

Word Count: 1321

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I'm embarrassed to ask but since I'm anon I'll do it. You are so intelligent and I know you're trying to make a point with the Orwell, Animal Farm quotes but they are going over my head and I can't fit in what you are trying to say. The "pig to man" etc. Please nobody laugh at me because this is a humble, honest question. If you feel like it maybe late,r would you mind writing something easy so we could understand your thoughts? I also don't understand shy Sam is acting this way. Thank you.

I followed the Italian breadcrumbs from Diana’s retweets and what do you know they lead right to this:

“Never listen when they tell you that Man and the animals have a common interest, that the prosperity of the one is the prosperity of the others. It is all lies. Man serves the interest of no creature except himself.”
― George Orwell, Animal Farm

Maybe later I’ll write something, but for now I will sit back and see where this shitshow ends up. If nothing else, it is entertaining.

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what if sans isn't a slur-everything drunk but is like that drunk that could pass for 100% sober except he's super open and will say the first thing on his mind if he isn't actively watching so like "sans you've had thirty beers are you sure you can get home safely" "nope i'm probably gonna teleport into a wall and suffocate but who cares its all gonna reset anyways :D" "Uh... are you okay?" "what is okay"

Ok i freaking love that route - that would be so amazing O-O’’

Just imagine: Papyrus finding him, being all quiet and offended, and Sans attacking him with brutal honesty about this whole situation, oh man…

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Talk to you about drunk Baz? Okay... So imagine Simon finding Baz passed out in the catacombs with a few empty bottles of expensive liqueur and carrying him back to their room (Baz would be light 'cause not enough blood) without really knowing why, then Baz waking up with a massive hangover with Simon asleep half flopped onto his bed

and then simon wakes up and accuses baz of trying to kill him before he remembers what he did

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Only Us (Part Nine)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1791

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk. ALSO I’M SO SORRY

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

Sobs racked through me as I sat on my bed tissues surrounding me. My mind went though all the things that I had told him. My parents, my job, all of my feelings for Peter—or him. Tears ran down my face. How could he do that? A knock came at the window and I looked toward it seeing Peter outside in his spiderman suit.

“Y/N please.” He begged. I stood up walking toward the window. “Just listen to me—” I reached up drawing the blinds over them. “Y/N…” I heard him trail off. More sobs racked through me as I dropped on my pillow. More knocks came from the window. I swallowed leaning over starting my stereo butting on “Fuck you” by Cee Lo Green. I turned it loud, louder than normal. I closed my eyes as I continued to cry feeling sick. There was yelling outside my room and a pounding came from my door.

“What?!” I yelled.

“Where the fuck is my money Y/N.” My mom yelled.

“I don’t have any of your money!” I yelled back.

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Would you consider Greaser IchiHime? Or 70's Punk IchiHime?

I remember I tried sketching Ichigo with greaser once and then this happened:

… suddenly they look like a couple from the 50s. (Do not mind the writings, though, they are all very random.)

I think I need to take lessons in fashion design, I am so sorry————-

Homemade Chocolate

imagine your Sirius’s twin and have a crush on Remus so you try to make him some home made chocolate frogs for christmas

  • it was two days before christmas and you and Sirius were home for the holidays
  • even though your parents were barely talking to the both of you ever since you both got sorted into Gryffindor 2 years ago
  • ”you know mum’s alive out of spite right? don’t mind her, this week will fly back and you’ll soon be reunited with your little boyfriend.” Sirius would say with a smug smile
  • ”he’s not my boyfriend” you would mutter. yet.
  •  you don’t remember when exactly your crush on Remus began but now it couldn’t be stopped
  • but you were afraid he didn’t like you like that
  • I mean you were Sirius’s twin, (although Sirius refers to you as his little sister just because he’s 5 minutes older than you)
  • so you’re basically the marauder’s little sister
  • would it be considered relative dating? you shuddered at the thought
  • basically all of the marauders knew of your crush on Remus, everyone but Remus himself.
  • after 2 years pining over the boy you decided it was about time to take matters into your hands 
  • everyone knows that Remus loves chocolate
  • so you decided to make a batch of chocolate frogs for christmas and owl them to him
  • okay but you weren’t exactly the best when it came to cooking, but for that sweater wearing dork you were willing to wrestle kreacher just to use the kitchen in peace
  • after begging Regulus to tell Kreacher to leave you alone, you had the kitchen to yourself
  • you didn’t know what the first thing to do was. 
  • oh fuck.” 
  • Sirius would peek into the kitchen every so often
  • who wouldn’t tbh with all the ruckus you were making
  • and the profanities echoing in the room
  • ”AGUAMENTI!!!” yup one of the rags caught on fire 
  • it would’ve been easier if you would’ve used magic but you really really REALLY wanted them to be 100% homemade
  • so there you were, grating cocoa butter 
  • and whisking 
  • ”how long till the poison is done” Sirius would ask chuckling, “oh shut up”
  • but then five minutes later he would barge into the kitchen and ask you again
  • ”I don’t know maybe half an hour?????”
  • ”OKAY THANKS!” and he would run off
  • flash forward half an hour and your chocolate frogs were nicely packaged
  • you really hope they tasted okay
  • no one wanted to try them out 
  • and Sirius was nowhere to be found so he couldn’t be your guinea pig
  • ”Oh dear merlin I really hope i don’t kill him…” you muttered as you tied a ribbon on top
  • ”WHERE IS SHE? IS SHE OKAY?” you heard shouting from the living room
  • to your surprise Remus was standing there, face full of concern
  • Sirius looked really fucking pleased
  • ”Y/N, YOU’RE OKAY!” he said as he ran to you and hugged you close to him, scanning you over looking for any injuries
  • apparently Sirius told him that a spat broke out between you and Regulus and you got injured
  • you blushed once you realized your brother was playing matchmaker
  • ”Did I say Y/N was in danger? my mistake, I meant to say Y/N had a present for you.”
  • you shyly smile, nodded and lead him towards the kitchen
  • ”Kreacher is going to flip out when he sees this mess. I love it.” 
  • you both ignored Sirius
  • you grabbed the box full of individually wrapped chocolate frogs and gave it to Remus
  • “Thank you, Y/N.” he said with a soft smile
  • he opened the present and gasped when he saw that it was chocolate
  • “Did you really made these for me?” “of course I did.”
  • he didn’t hesitate to tear one open and eat
  • both you and Sirius anxiously watched as he chewed and swallowed, because  lets be honest, no one knew how they tasted
  • “You’re gonna steal all of Honeydukes’ customers…” he said after eating one with the biggest smile on his face
  • Sirius would leave the room to give “you crazy kids some privacy”
  • one of the chocolate frogs had a little too much croakoa in it and started jumping all over the room
  • both of you were laughing by the mess it was making
  • “This is the best Christmas present anyone has ever given me, thank you, love.” he would say before leaning down and kissing your cheek
  • !!!!!!!!!!
  • of course Sirius would barge in and ruin the moment, “STOP SNOGGING MY SISTER, YOU WEIRD GIRAFFE.”
  • “of all the wolf jokes he could’ve made, he pokes fun at my height.”
  • “he’s not very bright after dark.”
  • Remus would leave soon after seeing at how late it was 
  • but not before asking you out on a proper date
  • “They grow up so fast…” Sirius would say, wiping a fake tear.
  • “don’t worry, James and I will chaperone the date.”
  • you promptly owl Remus letting him know of their crazy plan
  • you both really hope he was bluffing
  • if not you’ll just lock them in a room with Kreacher. or Snivellus.

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tbh like I talk about liberal bullshit from time to time but I really think we need to rethink the accusation of "libfem" and "liberal feminist" because it's always either one of two things: 1. some radfem being pissed about trans people existing and calling that "peak liberal", or 2. people talking about what would better be described as white feminism because it doesn't, you know, use a phrase that radfems invented to call trans rights "so open minded your brain falls out"

There is a fairly popular feminist blogger who unfollowed me because I made a post saying that people here don’t know what the fuck liberal feminism is. They don’t understand the good or the bad of it, they just use it as a haven or an insult.

She unfollowed me because she felt I needed to “read a book” and learn what liberal feminism is. But I learned about liberal feminism first IN books, at school, in lecture halls. It’s not a hidden secret what liberal feminism is.

Liberal feminism is changes WITHIN the system. That feel that you need to just make changes within an existing system, like voting. The woman’s right to vote was a liberal feminist ideal.

Liberal feminism has OBVIOUS shortcomings, but we also benefit from it all the time.

The same with radical feminism, which had aims outside those existing structures.

WHY my tagline is “too liberal for the radicals and too radical for the liberals” is because of the shitty discourse here which has people brand you either a radical or a liberal and either way they mean it as an insult.

And yet I have seen both “sides” of that argument take it as some agreement and even pride that I am what THEY say I am. I literally saw a person calling me liberal say that it was proof of how liberal I am.

It’s mind blowingly reductive to be sitting here trying to slap labels on people for being “too extreme” or “not extreme enough” or whatever the shit these people want to do.

Call feminism out when you see it exclude the vulnerable, when you see it place importance on privileged groups, when it’s centred in hate.

If you’re sitting around giving yourself radical or liberal points and accusing others then your feminism is shit and useless. I don’t give a fuck what your label is when you become that fundamentally useless to the entire cause that all you can do is point inward and start trying to pick at women who are different from you.

I get enough of THAT shit from outside of feminism thanks.


Shuichi Saihara

-HE Panicks and after minutes of panicking he gets his collection of books


-So he’ll just teach you..!
-“..S/o all you need to do is….Is..hmm…”
-Show confused robot trying to teach confused s/o how to read failing

Kaito Momota

-..Ahem.. I mean who needs to learn when you have Kaito..?
-..He’ll just read anything you want!

Ouma Kokichi

-“Oh my god”
-“Are you serious..?”
-Of course when he’s done laughing he’ll read it to you
-…Your still never living this down though
-And your never going to read

Amami Rantarou

-He stays the same
-He asked you to hand him the book so he can read it to you
-Amami has …A lot of younger sisters..
-A lot…
-So he seen this before.. At least once…
-Big brothers have it rough…
-After this book he’s helping you though

Korekiyo Shinguuji

-…Okay hear this man out..
-His.. Talent is folklores…
-Which are STORIES..
-..And you can’t read…
-..Just gonna leave now..
-You see the point though cause it you don’t I’m just gonna yell

Gokuhara Gonta

-“If Gonta leaned to read you can too as a gentlemen Gonta will help!”
-He’s the worse teacher out of all the boys
-….But he tries…
-…And fails

Ryouma Hoshi

-……God damn it
-He’s a good teacher luckily…
-…He’s still a mad tennis BOI though

I’m bored and I want to see into your minds.

Reblog/Comment with a Ninjago character and a song that makes you think about them. Like a song you would use to make a tribute video if you weren’t so lazy.


Pairing: Reid x POC!Reader

Word Count: 772 (short i know)

Warnings: None really

A/N: So this is my first POC!Reader fic and I am really exited to be sharing this with you guys. I would like to let everyone know that i am an African American woman, so some of the readers insecurities are mine as well (and most of other poc’s). I hope you like it and this will be my 2000 followers celebration. As of yesterday i have reached 2000 followers and i am forever grateful to you all who supported me and like my writing. Even though i think its crap. Thank you all. I love you so much. 

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(Not my gifs)

Black women were created of brown sugar and warm honey.

the sweetest thing to bless the earth.

Kicking the door closed to your new apartment, you set the last box down next to the couch. Wiping the sweat off your brow, you look around your new apartment. It’s mostly empty. Only your couch, love seat and bookshelf decorated the living room area, your queen size bed occupied your room. And the few things you brought with you are in the boxes.

You weren’t planning on moving so suddenly, not so far away either. Your parents weren’t too happy about the move, warning you that a woman of your age shouldn’t be moving to a new city by herself, especially an African American woman. The amount of violence and racism that have been shown towards the black community should have been enough to scare you out of the move. But the thought of finally living on your own and exploring something new excited you. So, you pack up what little things that you had and never looked back.

The apartment complex is an old building, the walls are paper thin, the wood and floorboards would creak and make noise, there’s a draft at night. Not only that but you have the last apartment that they had available and it was located on the top floor. Five floors of living facility with no elevator and you had to get the one on the very top. But beside those little imperfections, the place was cheap to live and it’s in walking distance to a grocery store, so that’s a plus. But no worries, you can just go out and buy the things. You have enough saving for it.

You began to unpack the few things that you brought with you, rearranging the few pieces of furniture into a way that you liked. You really need to go shopping; the lack of furniture is starting to bother you.

Finally finishing unpacking the few things in your boxes, you decided to get lunch. Remembering the small Chinese restaurant, you passed driving here. Putting on your shoes, you grab your jacket as you made your way to the front door, the wood making an annoying noise as you opened it.

As you opened the door, a tall man stood in front of you, his hand raised as if he was going to block on your door. He wore black slacks with black and white converse, a purple button up under a best. His long shaggy hair was tucked neatly behind his ear, as the purple button up he wore complemented his brown eyes.

You have never in your life have seen anyone as gorgeous as he is. Where the sight of him makes, your heart skip a beat and your breathing stop.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Get it together. Just a random man in your doorway, not like that never happened before.

“Uh…. Hi.” He spoke as he gave you a little smirk. Lord, he spoke and it sounded so fantastically good. The way his lips twitched when he said the one syllable.

Get a grip Y/N.

“Oh.. Uh.. Hi. How may I help you?” Good. Good. Act like you know how to speak to an actual person.

“The landlord sent out an email to the residence, informing us that someone was moving here. And I wanted to introduce myself.” He held out his hand. “I’m Spencer Reid. I live next door.”

Next door. As in the apartment right next to yours. The only other resident living on this floor next door. Thank you, Lord.

You took hold of his hand, and took notice to the slight grip he had on your hand as you shook.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N.” His smile widens, like the sound of your name gave him life. You felt a pull towards him, like something in this crazy world just wanted you to be here with him. Just the two of you.

All too soon, the spell was broken as his phone began to ring. He released you hand, digging for his phone in his pocket.

“Sorry but I have to go. It was nice meeting you. I hope to see you again, Y/N.”

And just like that he was gone, bouncing down the flights of stairs into the world. You don’t know how long you stood there in your own little world. It felt like forever. You can still feel his touch longer on your fingertips. You sigh and fall against Your door frame. Your next-door neighbor is a hottie. You don’t care what anyone says this move is the greatest thing that happened to you.

But you can’t help but wonder if he likes black girls.

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I once saw a show on Discovery about rednecks hunting down  “Psychic Bigfoot.” No, not normal Bigfoot. This time, he was PSYCHIC.

*Me* “OK, this is absurd. This is crazy. I refuse to watch this anymore. Bigfoot is psychic!? What? It makes no sense! Cheap reality TV at its finest.“

*Boyfriend* “But Bigfoot has to be psychic. Otherwise, how does he know to avoid all those documentary filmmakers when they come around? How else has he escaped detection for so long? He has superpowers! He can control minds!”

*after thinking about it for a minute*

*me* “You know, I really wish you would stop smoking that stuff.”

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Michael/Ryan, fahc, heat. ;) (if you have time)

(i see your winky face. and i didn’t go along with what you probably had in mind)

“I think Geoff put it best when he said it’s “hot as dicks”.”

Michael mumbles as he lays sprawled across the floor, laying in front of one of the many fans they’ve gathered into the penthouse to combat this mother of all heat waves strolling through Los Santos. No one was safe. Not even infamous criminals.

Ryan chuckles next to him, laying across the floor in the other direction. So only there heads were close to each other. “That does sound like something Geoff would say.”

“Ryan, if I die from this heat, don’t let Gavin take any of my shit. The rest of you can divide it amongst yourselves.”

Ryan chuckles again. “I think I can manage that. If I die, you can have the mask.”

Michael blinks, sitting up to look at Ryan in the face, eyebrows furrowed slightly. “Wait, do you mean that?”

Ryan just shrugs, smiling. “Sure why not.”

Michael gives him a big smile, laying back down on the floor. “Is this your way of saying you like me?”

“No. You’re just the one most likely to be able to defeat my ghost who is going to be haunting it.”

Michael blinks and then laughs, loud and bright and Ryan can’t help but laugh in return. “Ryan, you’re really fucking creepy.”

“Thank you. And yes, to answer your question. It is my way of saying I like you. A least a little more than the others.”

“Ryan I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

send me a word and a character and i’ll write a short ficlet

When link no longer works, event is over.

Fic: Well-Fitted

@shipperqueen93 prompted: “Rumbelle: He didn’t magic belle new clothes, he made them himself, which required him to take her measurements. Awkward dark castle fun!”

I’m so sorry this took so long!

Well, this did absolutely not go in the direction that I thought it would when I first got the prompt. I’m not quite sure where my mind went, and I really hope you don’t mind that this ended up a little bit… naughtier than I first foresaw. It’s just that I got thinking about the kind of underwear Belle would have on beneath her first gold gown and things escalated from there…

Rated: M



Rumpel has to admit that it simply can’t go on like this. Something’s got to be done. Not only is the image of his maid cleaning the castle in a ball gown utterly ridiculous, the gown itself is also looking incredibly worse for wear now, its hem tattered and torn from sweeping and clambering up and down ladders, and he doesn’t want any visitors to think he keeps her in rags for any kind of… insalubrious reason. Truth be told, he simply hadn’t thought about the logistics of having another person in the castle. He has his own ever-expanding wardrobe, but he didn’t exactly give Belle time to pack a bag when he took her away from her father’s castle. He’s been surreptitiously cleaning the dress with magic so that she doesn’t have to wear the same thing day in day out without any chance of laundering it, but at the same time, it really isn’t the most practical of outfits and the time has come for him to do something about it.

She is going to need some new clothes, that’s clear enough, but the fact remains that he has already expended too much magic on cleaning her limited wardrobe already, and if he’s going to get her anything else, it must be done by hand. He’s not in the habit of buying clothing at markets himself, and he does not yet trust his little maid not to make a run for it if he lets her go down into the town herself to pick out fabrics. He has plenty of good, strong cottons and linens left over in his stores from previous projects, and it would be easy enough to make something for her from those fabrics, things that would last longer than the silk and satin she wears at the moment. The only problem that he can see will be getting the sizes right.

There’s only one thing for it. He’s going to have to take her measurements. The only other way he can think of is to steal her golden gown and deconstruct it to use the pattern, but he feels that might be fraught with danger as not only would it entail sneaking into her room, it would also require him to take the thing apart and reassemble it within the space of a single night, and although he’s very good with a needle even if he does say so himself, Rumpel usually needs a little bit more time than that.

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In Your Arms (Scott x Reader)

Character: Scott McCall

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Younger!Reader, Beta!Reader, Werewolf!Reader

Title: In Your Arms

Requested by anon:

Hello! I was wondering if you could do a college scott McCall x younger reader, where she’s been missing scott a ton, and he comes home from college to surprise her? since she was such a young beta that they formed a close bond and she misses hiding in his shadow and wolfing out with him?

A/N: I haven’t seen Season 6A yet, but I know a little bit of what’s going on. So I decided this imagine would be set after the finale ;)

My mind kept drifting back to Scott. He wasn’t only my alpha, he was also my friend and… maybe something more.

But Scott McCall was a special someone. I had never met someone like him, so purely good and so sweet. Especially since I became his alpha because he was trying to save my life when he bit me on the first place.

If only I were a year or two older, I would be in college with him. I wouldn’t find myself thinking about him and craving his touch and presence. I missed him so much, but even just having him next to me would make me happy, just that.

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bucketofbarnes  asked:

What are your Shiro thoughts Tipsy Toaster? Not even a specific scenario, I just want to know what your Tipsy Mind thinks of when thinking of Shiro (want to know how crazy they might be....)

I mean probably the same as Sober Toaster?

God he’s pretty.  Like, how dare he??

But he’s also So Good????

But also such a shit???  God how obnoxious would he be?  Like first level is ‘oh I’m perfect at everything like objectively’ and then it’s like alright you’re a fucker but whatever you probably can’t help it.  Then next step is ‘I’m not perfect at X Y and Z but I cover it up by being really good at A and B so no one sees the fact that I think peanut butter is a reasonable dinner’, and then after THAT it’s ‘Oh also I’m just, like, hideously extra.  I can quote entire episodes of Star Trek.  I do parkour stunts at literally every opportunity.  Let me show you these dance moves no I’m not doing it to show off’

I also feel like…. like

You know that feeling when you’re rubbing a dog’s head, and you put your hands under their muzzle and then lean into it and close their eyes?  And it’s kinda heavy but not really, you’re just holding up the weight of their head, but there’s also the weight of the TRUST because this dog is lettin gyou hold their head up because they love you??

I feel like that’s what Shiro’s like.  I mean, literally, I think you could put your hands on his chin while he was out of it and he’d lean in and it’d be precious, but also that sensation.  Metaphorically.  He trusts you and it’s lovely and sweet.

IDK I have Feelings


That’s the question that has been playing on my mind for the past few weeks. Is there, or will there, be enough love in me for both you and your baby sister.

Now, I know everyone is about to jump down my throat screaming “Of course there is! How could you not love both of your children?!” But I don’t think they understand where I’m coming from.

I love you so much Kian. I’ve never loved anyone or anything nearly half as much as you and before I became pregnant with Baby D, I was sure that I would ever love something this much again. The love I feel for you is such a crazy, overwhelming feeling; it takes my breath away, it can make me cry, it amazes me.

How will this play out when she’s born? I already adore her, so so much, but it scares me that I might not love anyone as much as you. In my heart I know I love you both equally… but I still worry. Does this make sense? It barely does to me, a 9 month pregnant, hormonal, sleep-deprived emotional woman. 

I need to sleep, and then I need to hold Baby D in my arms and laugh at myself for ever doubting my love for someone so perfect.