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kinda weird but what is it like cuddling the 2p allies? like how does it feel to be cuddled by them, how do they smell, etc.... thank you

We actually put a lot of work into this ask, and major thanks to Admin Sarah for help with the smell part. She did the wording and everything to bring the scents to life! -Admins Jay and Sarah

2P France: Smell: His clothes would have a heavy smell of cigarette smoke mixed in with cheap alcohol, though on his collarbone, there would be a heavy musk from where he’d spray his expensive cologne. 
Cuddles: Arm lazily over them, on his back, not moving them on to his chest, but allowing the option to them if they choose it. Though the invitation would only last until he woke up, once he is awake the night is over and he would ask them to leave most likely.

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2p America: Smell: A deep musk-like cologne that after hours of wear became light, yet is still a hint spicy. Like a city night after a rain…
Cuddles: Allen would hold them tightly against his chest but be on his side so they had their back against his chest, or their face tucked under his chin. He would want every inch of them touching. His arms would be holding them close, so they couldn’t leave while he was asleep…

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cce self insert bio finally

okay so yeah i’m. done. with this shit now. more or less. (i  W I L L keep adding to the backstory part when i’ve finished it completely but my laptop fucking died a while back and deleted the whole thing so i haven’t been very motivated to rewrite it since then uhhh). anyway this is 100% a self insert just so y’all know. pls don’t bully mliz

the whole bio is under the cut!! it ended up. longer than expected lmao

milliz, my self insert for bully/canis canem edit

featuring art by the lovely @bubble-trumpets !!

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Modern au where rukia rescues bunnies and meets ichigo after yuzu brings home a black bunny. Ichigo is forced to take it home because it can’t stay at the clinic. He searches online for information on where he can take it when he clinks on link for a blog run by a cute girl that rescues bunnies. She blogs about her life and her bunnies chappy, shirayuki and kon, her fat cat. He checks out her blog to see if she has any info on what he can do with his new bun and finds she lives near by on the edge of town. She has an email so he contacts her. The next day he gets an email back and before she decided to go see him, he first needs to send proof that the bunny is real and he’s not just a creep trying to get a date with her.

And so starts the beautiful love story of the ages where ichigo becomes the father of 3 bunnies and one lazy cat and boyfriend to a rabbit rescuer. Also where ichigo reluctantly becomes a Instagram sensation with his cute but bunny crazy girlfriend and their fur babies.

Chad is rukias go to veterinarian
Inoue her go to doctor bc rescuing abused bunnies from bad owners is surprising dangerous.
Ishida her part time legal consultant, cause turns out breaking into a persons back yard to rescue bunnies is illegal and part time bunny clothes designer/business parter.


life update: officially a community college boy, i went apple picking w my grandma, moved into a new place, been staying hydrated and drinking tea every morning, started my transfer application to hofstra, feeling the love from all my friends. hope yall are having an A+ day. i got your back


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel


countdown to jeonghan’s birthday

D-0: collection of jeonghan moments

happy birthday jeonghan!! thank you so much for sharing your talents and personality with us. it has been wonderful watching you grow so much through your journey with seventeen and get better and better at singing! we love you so much 💕💕💕