so wonderful to see my otp like this

I’m running out of title ideas since they’ve been having so many moments

170212 #EXOrDIUMinHongKong Day2

We can always count on the unfair moment if there is a lack of moments :)

Boom! Kick! I swear they are so cute XD They act like little kids. I wonder how they act at their dorms 

The mimicking machine has returned

I legit just watched Goblin yesterday :D It’s cute. I can totally see these two doing a parody of the drama XD my life would be completed.

Why Chanyeol, I must say, Baekhyun’s face on your own looks rather charming

Yas :D

Here we have Chanyeol giving Baekhyun a Mongryong toy~ They look so precious ;-; *cough* we’ve gotten roses, water bottles and other toys Pork Chan chan. I’ll be waiting for a ring XD (ahhhhh whyyyyyyy)

(cuz everything is better with gifs)

And then Baekhyun treasured it forever.

Why do pictures like these remind me of couple pictures? Like I don’t know, Baekhyun’s like the dorky partner while Chanyeol’s the down to earth one who can never stop staring and smiling.


170212 HKG airport

SO at the beginning Chanyeol had that red marshmallow of a jacket right? 

BUT THEN. We have Baekhyun wearing it~ Just imagine ;-; either Baekhyun stole it or Chanyeol was being a considerate boyfriend friend and gave him his jacket. Is that boyfriend material or what?

Aww look at them walking with each other (when you’re a thirsty and delulu fangirl XD) BUT BUT WAIT did you see that? Chanyeol grabbed on to Baekhyun’s arm because he was wandering too far ahead. He’s like “Boi stai bai meh. I dunt wanna lose ye or else mummah SUho will punch meh.” Protective boyfriend.

Chanyeol’s duty: ‘STAY. WITH. BAEK.’

And off they gooooooo

Baekhyun was lagging behind so he zoomed to Chanyeol and that other guy (I’m sorry I don’t know who that is XD) in the cutest way, making Chanyeol smile such a cute smile (I love)

He waits~~

Don’t you like the random unnecessary different angles on the same moment?

I stg Baekhyun looks so huggable. 


MANNNNNN 2017 really starting off well for CB shippers~ Also have you heard BTS’s spring day? It was so beautiful~ I hope 2017 will be a good year (it’s starting off quite nice for me, I hope you guys feels the same way). Well then again, anything could top 2016 ;^^


sameoldbloganddance  asked:

In celebration of continuing Ziam Day, how about we talk about how obviously thirsty they are for one another? Because that is my favorite thing quite frankly

Sometimes I see Ziam gifs on my dash, and I wonder if science has ever studied them, because sometimes their thirst levels seemed so intense that I wondered how they ever survived that kind of dehydration

I literally had this whole answer planned where I could just show 138583573 gifs, but I was like “Nope, I’m gonna go introspective. I’m gonna go balls deep (A PUN) in research here. I’m gonna go with the Ziam Bed Interview”. EMOTIONAL THIRST!

The Ziam Bed Interview, or “That Time Liam Got a Devotion Boner During an Interview” as its referred to in anthropological circles,” is iconic for one moment: when Zayn stares earnestly and owlishly at Liam, and proves that he is the #1 winningest Liam girl and names every song Liam ever danced to since 1812.

“Well it begins with the invention of the phonograph,” Zayn says, settling in further on the bed

as the interview concludes and the sun sets in faraway magical lands, Liam readjusts the pillow across himself to hide his impromptu Devotion Boner™ from the interviewer. 

What Natsu thinks of Lucy
  • Natsu: How the hell are her boobs so big
  • Natsu: Ugh she's too perfect!!
  • Natsu: What is this feeling?? Is it love?!?
  • Natsu: Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs, Boobs
  • Natsu: So smart, it's confusing me
  • Natsu: I wonder if I'll see her naked again today
  • Natsu: Loke better not steal her away from me!!
  • Natsu: I hope she doesn't like strippers because I'm NOT acting like Gray
  • Natsu: SO CUTE!
  • Natsu: I hope she wont summon Loke today
  • Natsu: I'm gonna break into her house today
  • Natsu: I'm gonna watch her sleep tonight jk or am I?!?
  • Natsu: IM ALL FIRED UP!!!

Here’s another one by megi-san! Be sure to check out her pixiv account if you have one! (The link above by her name) Or check out her twitter! @megi_02. Just a short funny one with a YES/NO pillow. Translated by me. Megi-san is really fun to talk to! I don’t know too much Japanese but she was happy that fans try to message her in Japanese, too! She’s very much a devote Spideypool fan like us!

Though not perfect, I try to translate them to the best of my capabilities!

This is read right to left. That’s all, enjoy! 

God damnit. I have a new OTP. Oh and ahead is my opinion on tonights episode of Yuri on Ice! So if you haven’t seen it, and don’t want anything spoiled, I recommend you look away and do not read! SPOILERS BELOW!!! Yuri and Viktor… like I adore their relationship. It’s wonderful and sweet and amazing. It just… it’s not the usual queerbaiting you constantly see. It actually shows growth in an actual relationship, and tonights episode showed that even more. It was visually stunning, but the way we could hear more of what Viktor was thinking while Yuri skated, and heard Yuri speaking about his and Viktors relationship at the end, and his feelings in relation to Viktor… it was really well done. If they do this right, and don’t simply cut it all off at the end, and act like there were never any feelings between the two, then this could seriously change things in anime. All in all… it was a truly amazing episode. There was its usual funny parts, and parts we cringed at. (The lip balm) But it was also very serious. And I loved it. I can’t wait for next weeks episode. It’ll be fantastic. Also I am saving this gif to my phone.

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Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life. Well, not small, but valuable. And sometimes I wonder, do I do it because I like it, or because I haven’t been brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn’t it be the other way around? I don’t really want an answer. I just want to send this cosmic question out into the void. So good night, dear void.

Someone write a fic where

Lena and Kara start dating and they don’t hide it from anyone, because they’re proud to have each other. And they’re like reaaaally in love, Lena starts bringing Kara lunch at work and everyone (including James and Winn) are wondering what Lena Luthor always does at CatCo around lunch time, so one day they want to ask Kara about it, because duuuh they’re /friends/ and see that Kara is actually the one why Lena is there every day (they see how Kara has her arms around Lena or something while they’re standing on the balcony) and then they tell Alex about it and she just starts laughing because, duh, her sister isn’t gay (or bi) and definitely not with a Luthor. And then, a few days later, she goes to Karas apartment (she does not knock, she’s her sister come on) and actually sees with her own eyes that Jinn said the truth and starts yelling at Lena for using Kara and it gets really angsty, because it’s not true and Kara starts defending her girlfriend but Alex just doesn’t listen and it ends with Alex storming out saying “Don’t come crying to me, when she finally breaks you.”
And then Kara is really sad, frustrated and angry and cries in Lenas arms, but she doesn’t go to Alex (like Alex expected after a few days) because even if Alex can’t be happy for her, it doesn’t stop her from loving and being happy with Lena. And Alex won’t come either, to proud to say sorry and still thinking it will happen. But slowly she understands that she was wrong and they really are in love, because she still sees Kara at the DEO, when she’s Supergirl, sees how sometimes she’ll talk on the phone with Lena, asking if she’s okay, if she should cook Lenas favorite for dinner, if Lena found something new to help fight Cadmus, if they’re still on for their movie night.
And slowly Alex understands that she made a mistake and she’s going to fix it.

And it ends with everyone having a game night in Lenas loft where Kara lives now, too. Alex having apologized to both of them and Kara having forgiven her, even if it took a few weeks.

Happy AoKaga Month 2016!

So, it’s finally that time of year when AoKaga fandom blooms like a beautiful bunch of flowers with hundred of fanfics, drabbles, fanarts of every kind, from kinky and dirty/badwrong/ bdsm-ish to fluffy and stupidly romantic ones. It’s my first AoKaga month, so I’m extra excited, like super super excited to see all the things prepared by this wonderful fandom, and also to contribute by myself with a fiction or some graphics (literally the only things I’m capable of OTL I wish I could draw /sobs/) This layout itself is kind of a contribution to AoKaga month, so if I made someone happy by making it, know that I’m like 100 times more happy than you are, ‘cause it is just wonderful, alright. I need to stop my gross sobbing while writing this- Seriously, just wtf is wrong with me, I’m way too sensitive. ANYWAY, ENJOY AOKAGA MONTH, FELLOW AOKAGA SHIPPERS!


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As a Theron lover, I wonder if you've ever had any headcanons regarding what Theron would be like as a dad?

Yessssss, more Theron lovers! (Sorry this took a while. I started it before lunch and then went to grab food with my friends.)

I’ve thought about it a bit, though I think some people (@uldren-sov?) have thought about it more than I have so it might be worthwhile to ask around. :)

Let’s see…

  • Given what we know about Theron’s childhood, his first priority is to always BE THERE for his child, adopted or otherwise. He experienced growing up without a mother, with essentially an adoptive father, and he never wants his child to go through that.
  • I don’t know if you romanced him as a Force-user or not, but I guess, regardless, if his child is Force-sensitive or not, he’s determined to not treat them any differently. With the way KotFE is going, it seems like there’s a possibility for an alternate to Jedi and Sith, so I imagine he would want any Force-sensitive children to embrace both sides of the Force and not join in with the Jedi propaganda of no emotions and abandoning family.
  • At this point, Theron would likely no longer be an active agent of the SIS or whatever he does after KotFE, I think. He would find another way of supporting the Republic/the Alliance/whatever without putting himself in constant danger.
  • Bonus to the previous: Most of the OCs who can romance Theron are super huge and involved, so he’s likely to be the parent who stays home to take care of the child.

And quicker, less deep ones:

  • Theron loves Dad Jokes. Whenever (Aunt?) Lana visits, she makes faces. Every. Single. Time.
  • He’d be the kind of parent to make the silly photoshoots with their child.
  • In the beginning, he’d spontaneously get up to check on them at night or whatever.
  • THERON’S PROCLIVITY FOR GETTING HIMSELF INJURED BITES HIM IN THE ASS–his child gets into scrapes and messes all of the time and his SO constantly points out that it must be genetic considering the amount of shit he’s gotten himself into.
  • I just want to take this moment to… JACE MALCOM AS A GRANDFATHER THOUGH OMG. (Sorry, nonny, Republic OTP shipper self came through for a minute.)

And finally:

  • Sometimes he just likes to stand there watching his child doing whatever it is they’re doing and marvel at the fact that he has a family. That the kid who grew up through the Order, and then was left to his own when he wasn’t Force-sensitive, who didn’t work much with others and was always a bit of a loner could come to care so much for someone else and start a family with them. And he wouldn’t change it for anything in the galaxy.
Where are my fellow SunsetSparkle- Sunset x Sci?Twilight at?

I’m not sure the official ship but fellow shipper fans like/reblog. I’m in love with this pair. Equestria Girls Friendship Games was wonderful I loved seeing the EG-Universe Twilight/Science Twilight/Sci Twi and her interactions with Sunset Shimmer. Sunset Shimmer looks love struck when she first sees the otherTwilight - (yes thinking it’s princess Twilight, but there’s so much potential for this Science Twilight and her) . Plus holding hands at the end, promising to show her the true magic of friendship, it was all too sweet!. So like, reblog and all that stuff if you love them too! And we’ll be shipper buddies!

“Cassie, I don’t care if you think you’re odd, because I feel like singing when I see you. And you’re beautiful. And I’ve been such a fucking chapstick this past few weeks. And all I want to do this morning is sit on top of Brandon Hill and hold you, and tell you how wonderful you are… and stick my hand down your knickers.”

“Dear Sid, it isn’t easy to tell you this, so that’s why I’m writing. Don’t try to ring me, because you’re not allowed to here, and anyway I don’t want to speak to you. And there’s nothing you can say to change this. My mom and dad decided that things aren’t working out, so I’m moving to a place called Elgin. It’s in Scotland, and everyone’s happy there. They’re coming for me tonight, and then I’ll be gone and we won’t have to play this silly game anymore. I want you to know that I really liked you, Sid. But… it’s too late now. Goodbye.”

The wonderful quiz is made by @revivedandabandonedkids and I was tagged by this precious person - @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9

- Heya what’s your name :

Yuliana, nice to meet you! ~  

- Favorite character :

Endou Mamoru, Fudou Akio and Ibuki Munemasa

- Favorite arc :

Aliea Аcademy

- OTP :

Everything. I ship everything in Inazuma and I don’t hate any ship, so if any of you guys is having a crack ship or even a “mainstream” ship that’s okay by me so please, tell me about your ships!
My weaknesses thou are : Endou with everyone (sorry, I just like to see him in diferent relationships since he’s my precious husbando) Fudou, Gouenji, Kidou and Endou (each of them with the other ; I really like the Endou x Fudou one because those two are my fave characters and I like the idea of them being together /I also have a lot of headcanons/ ) ; Someoka, Fudou, Tsunami and Tobitaka (because of the Bad Boys Brothers Blues band those are my babies and I ship them so hard. Together or each of them with the other - doesn’t matter as long as they are together! Also, my baby Fudou is there so yeah :’)   ❤ ) Tsurugi Yuuichi x Tsurugi Kyousuke (i’m sorry, I’m a slut for incest, don’t kill me) ; Tsurugi, Tenma and Shindou (OT3, ship each of them with the other) ; Zanark x Gamma ; Ibuki x Shindou ; Ibuki x Tsurugi ; Ibuki x Matatagi ; faxe Tsurugi x Ozrock Bitway
AND MY ULTIMATE SHIP : Endou x soccer ball x Tenma
You cannot tell me this isn’t real. 

- BroTP :
Fudou x Sakuma ; Hiroto x Endou ; Ichinose x Endou ; Tenma x Fei ; Tsurugi x Hakuryuu ; Ibuki x Kirino
(thou I can count those as OTPs as well because… damn, I ship everything in Inazuma xD ) 

- Any ships that everyone ships but you surprisingly don’t (please remember the little // in the ship names so it won’t show up in the tags) :

There isn’t any because I’m a trash and I ship everything XD

- Favorite hissatsu :

God Hand, God Knows, Ryusei Blade, Death Sword

- What about combination hissatsu :

Killer Fields, Koutein Penguin, The Birth, Inazuma Break, 

- Favorite Keishin:

Majin Pegasus, Lancelot 

- Favorite Mixi-max (I bet you were expecting this) :


- Favorite Soul (you’re right I don’t have any excuses for this ) :

Matatagi’s, Tsurugi’s and Konoha’s

- Favorite forward (LOL THERE’S MORE) :

Gouenji Shuuya, Fideo Ardena, Tsurugi Kyousuke, Gamma,  Zanark Avalonic,  Matatagi Hayato

- Favorite mid-fielder (I know this is getting old okay) :

MY PRECIOUS FUDOU AKIO. Kidou Yuuto, Matsukaze Tenma, Shindou Takuto, 

- Favorite defender (Almost done…):

Fubuki Shirou, Tobitaka Seiya, Tsunami Jousuke, 

- Favorite goalkeeper (Not my fault there are so many positions) :

MY BABY ENDOU MAMORU  ❤ also Genda, Desarm, Rococo and Ibuki

- Favorite manager/girl player (actually, all girls in general) :

Kino Aki, Urabe Rika, Nanobana Kinako, Sorano Aoi, Seto Midori,  Mizukawa Minori, Hilary Flail

- Favorite team :

Raimon, Teikoku, Kidokawa Seishu (from Go), Inazuma Japan (both inazuma and inazuma galaxy), Resistance Japan

- Favorite team uniform :

Teikoku, Shin Teikoku, Raimon, Zeus

- Which movie is the best :

All of them!

- Prettiest character :

Afuro Terumi, Kirino Ranmaru and Gamma

- Most handsome :

Endou Mamoru (OF COURSE), Fudou Akio (OF COURSE), Tsunami Jousuke, Tsurugi Yuuichi, Ibuki Munemasa

- Best hairstyle:
Kidou Yuuto, Endou Mamoru, Sakuma Jirou, Gamma, Shindou Takuto, Ibuki Munemasa

- Do you think it takes more hairgel to style Tenma’s, Alpha’s, or Tobitaka’s hair :


- Whose hair takes the most time to manage :

Gouenji Shuuya, Tobitaka Seiya, Tsunami Jousuke, Tsurugi Kyosuke, Zanark, Ozrock Bitway

- Who would you most want to see with their hair down (sorry for all the hair-relatedness) :

Tsurugi Kyousuke

- That OP/ED that keeps replaying over and over again in your mind :

Op : Maji de Kansha, Tenmade Todoke, KandoKyoyu, Supernovа
Ed : Ryusei Boy, Mata ne, Te wo tsunago, Bokutachi no shiro 

- That character song that is way too catchy for its own good :

COOL HEAT! and Bad Boys Brothers Blues ❤

- Raimon or Teikoku :

Both, I’m sorry. 

- Ultimate Shining or Ancient Dark :

Ultimate Shining.

- IE or IE GO:

WHY ARE YOU MAKING THIS?! ;–; I’m sorry, I love both. Yes, the original one will always be fave but there’s so much hate on the Go series and I’m like : WTF PEOPLE?! 
I really love the Go series, every single one of them, that’s why I can’t put them aside.

- Taiyou or Taiyou (hint: The answer is Taiyou):

Taiyou because he’s one precious sunshine baby  ❤

- Fubuki post-personality-disorder or merged:

It’s kinda sad that he thinks he’s no one without Atsuya, but I’m happy it turned out good and he’s happy!

- Hang out with Rika or Touko :

Both, those girls are my precious ladies and I love them!

- Yank Tsurugi’s ponytail or Fei’s :


- Kageyama Tobio Reiji or Kuroiwa Ryuusei :

Kuroiwa Ryuusei

- Quick! Kiss Cliff Marry. Shindou, Kariya, Kinako :

Kiss : Kariya
Cliff : Kinako
Marry : Shindou

- Which is more amazing, the fact that the ball doesn’t pop or the goal doesn’t get torn through :

The goal doesn’t get torn through XD LIKE, HOW?! WHAT KIND OF MAGIC?! 

- Why don’t they ever get yellow/red cards????? :

Actually, I found out that Fudou and Gouenji are the only players that ever got a yellow card and I’m like : What…???? When did that happened???? I mean??? This is Inazuma???? It’s not a normal soccer??? THERE WAS A YELLOW CARD??? 

- Eat a soda popsicle with Suzuno or plant a tulip with Nagumo :


- Be a forward with a defense technique or a defender with a shooting technique :

Defender with a shooting technique!

- Who do you think Endou should really end up with :

Me, lol. (just kidding XD actually no) 
Well, if we talk about yaoi then Gouenji
But I liked the idea of him being with Aki (even thou I like her with Ichinose too)
But Natsumi was my second choice so I’m actually really happy for them!
Even thou I’m really jealous, Natsumi you’re one lucky girl :’)) 

- Yes or No, Afuro Terumi :


- Sacca yarouze? :

Are you offering me a date??? That’s the best pick up line ever OMG SAKKA YAROUZE. 

- Anything you wanna praise the series for :

Everything, really

- Anything you wanna complain about the series (don’t worry we all know it’s not real hate here) :

Is it strange that I like everything??? Like ??? Everything??? I don’t have anything to complain about

- Got any IE merch (yes I’m offering you bragging rights) :

I have a poster, also a magazine with some of the Galaxy characters. And I have the uniform of Aphrodi (because of my cosplay) and a soccer ball with thunder (like Tenma’s ball from Gouenji) 

- What do you think about Ares no Tenbin :


- 3 things you love about the IE fandom :

The fandom is small but it’s like a warm family.
There’s a lot of inside jokes THAT I LIVE FOR. 
People are just amazing.

- 1 thing you would like to say to the IE community (fandom,producers,etc.) :

Thank you for being alive.
Thank you for existing.
Thank you for choosing Inazuma!
Also, thank you Level-5 for creating such a wonderful series!

- What do you think about the creator of this whole post (I know. I’m lame. I’m sorry.) :

Thank you for making this great quiz! I love it, it was a pleasure for me to answer!

Antis Make me Ship Lapiven More

Little known fact, I actually didn’t ship Lapiven until I started seeing those wonderful antis saying that shippers where trash and that they where the scum of the earth.

So I was like “Let’s fight for the little guy!” and eventually started for real shipping it. 

So my love for Lapiven was like a match and those little posts of hate was like lighter fluid. 

So thanks Antis! One of my all time OTPs is all thanks to you. <33


Harry felt a thrill of something that was beyond excitement, more like fear. Now that he was so near, he wondered whether he wanted to see after all. Perhaps Hermione knew how he was feeling, because she reached for his hand and took the lead for the first time, pulling him forward.

@harribcl | x.

          she certainly didn’t expect to see harribel out this late. maybe she couldn’t sleep, like melody. she’s wondered if the other even needs sleep.  o-oh, i– i wish i were s-sleeping. b-but i um. i c-couldn’t. so i-i thought– i thought maybe i’d t-take a walk to maybe c-clear my head or– or to see if i c-could tire myself out e-enough to make me s-sleepy,   she answers, a small sigh leaving her as harribel approaches her.  i-i’ll head back h-home soon, d-don’t– don’t worry. i-i’ll try and get some s-sleep again then.  

If I could, begin to be,
Half of what, You think of Me,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn, how to Love….

When I see, the way you act,
Wondering when I’m coming back,
I could do about anything,
I could even learn, how to Love, like You


I was in a Steven Universe mood with the whole Steven Bomb 2.0 just around the corner!

So I wanted to draw older Steven and Connie, about 15-16 years old. Steven’s hair looks a bit like his dad’s when he was younger, he got some worn out jeans from his dad, and a new shirt + sandals. Connie dresses pretty maturely like her parents.  

In this particular scene, Connie and Steven were dozing under Pearl’s favorite tree, which happened to be in bloom. Connie asked Steven to sing a song, and Steven decided to sing “Love like you” (Original by Rebecca Sugar)

I love that song, I wish it was longer and I wish Rose would sing it. It sounds like a lullaby that she would have sang to Pearl and or Steven.                                                                                                                                                

My Overwatch Ships

 My OTP:

  • Genji x Zenyatta

I think that Genji always feels slightly out of place, even around people that are kind to him. He wonders how strange he must seem to them. Not human, not omnic. He doesn’t fit anywhere. But then Zenyatta comes along like, “Oh Genji! My favorite student! Genji is so great! Let’s hang out! Let’s meditate! Let’s see the world!” And for the first time, Genji feels unconditional love from another person. And even though he’s not quite human anymore, he knows he has a heart and soul because they both belong to Zenyatta.

My Ships:

  • Lucio x D.Va

Imagine them sitting on a couch each listening to one earbud while Lucio blogs about social justice issues and D.Va plays games. D.Va can be bratty and impulsive, but Lucio would open her up to the important issues in the world. And she would kick his ass at Smash Bros.

  • Hanzo x McCree

IDGAF if it makes no sense, they look good together. Plus grumpy serious samurai and sarcastic jokey cowboy is an amazing combo. (Also the old west and the Meiji restoration were happening at the same time, so THIS COULD BE REAL)

  • Mei x Symmetra

They both love to create machines and to master their environments. They are outside players on the Overwatch world stage. A chance meeting between them could quickly blossom from respect to something more. Mei could teach Symmetra to explore and that there is more to the world than what Vishkar tells her. They are both isolated, Mei from being frozen and Symmetra by Vishkar. I think they would have a lot in common, and Mei’s sunny disposition would balance out Satya’s seriousness. I think the Vishkar Corp would try to keep them apart, but it won’t work for long.

  • Zarya x Mercy

The accents. Mmm. I think they would just be really hot for each other on first sight. Just one of those “Yep I’m super gay” moments. Fifteen minutes later Tracer finds them making out in the locker room.

  • Tracer x Pharah

They both pine for Overwatch’s glory days. Tracer’s optimism would be balanced nicely by Pharah’s pragmatism. I think this would be a romance that would take about a year to get started of Tracer being a completely obvious lesbian and Pharah not getting it. And then one day Pharah is like, “Wait, is Tracer flirting with me?” And everyone else in the room is like, “YES.”

My BroTPs:

  • Junkrat x Roadhog

The bromance to end all bromances. Because they blew all the others up. I just really love Junkrat.

  • Tracer x Winston

These two just seem like such buddies. <3 Them~! I can imagine Tracer called Winston weekly to check in when Overwatch was closed down, like a kid who’d gone to college.

Extreme sexual tension but not romantic ships:

  • Tracer x Widowmaker

I have no shame, They clearly wanna bang, no matter how much they hate each other. They are both infuriated by their attraction, Tracer more than Widowmaker, and will likely never admit to it.


  • Reaper x Anyone

Mr Edgelord can die alone tbh

Okay so my friends did something like this and it just screamed Courferre

It starts with them walking home one day. ‘Ferre wants to do an experiment on how people see same gender relationships in their little village and so they agree that they’ll hold hands every time they’re together for a couple of days.

You know, totally just for science.

Cut to a week later and they’re holding hands constantly, sitting on each other’s laps, cuddling during movies and their friends are wondering how long this experiment was actually meant to last for.

The strange looks they got for the first week start gradually disappearing as people get used to them.

They don’t notice how much more time they’re spending together until Marius asks Courf one day how they’re coping with being like a couple for so long. That’s when he realises that he might be a little bit in love with ‘Ferre.

Then they’re watching a movie one day, huddled under a pile of blankets and Courf decides to ask whether the experiment’s going to last much longer.

“'Ferre?” *blink blink* “'Ferre?”
“Well… I don’t know…”

Confused adorable puppy 'Ferre looks at small kinda-smiley Courf and Courf just says “Fuck it” and kisses 'Ferre so hard they both go dizzy but when he finally pulls away 'Ferre’s right back in there.
The 'experiment’ ends up including marriage and kids too.