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Mekke øl + mutually failing at talking to their crush because they’re nervous

A Lesson in Love (Emergency)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,048

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - thank you, as always, for editing this for me.

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The thought of what it must feel like to be an astronaut has crossed your mind on countless occasions, thanks to the astronomy class you’re currently taking. How does it feel to be that detached from the place you call home? To see the earth floating in the never-ending expanse that is space? To know that there’s a whole world of people residing on that large green and blue planet, but having no way to reach out to them?

Unexpected circumstances have transformed you into the astronaut that you never thought you’d have the chance to be. The news that Bucky is in the hospital, his condition unknown, has acted like a spaceship, catapulting you out of the atmosphere. It’s left you hurdling through space, unable to reach out to anyone, no matter how hard you try. T’Challa and Sam are calling out to you, but you can’t hear them. They’re far away, too far away, waiting on earth while you continue your journey. One without any gravity to keep you from floating away.

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stylesunchained  asked:

How about we talk about the moment Harry asks you to stop taking/using any forms of birth control? He's ready to make a family with you and he's noticed the hints you've been dropping lately and he knows you'll only go forward with this if he's the one to ask you so he comes home one day and asks you to stop using prevention and please, love, give him a baby.

…How about you shut up? 

Alright, fine, let’s do this.

(I love you.)

“Maybe we don’t need it anymore.”

You let out a squeak, because he’s practically on top of you. You’ve just rolled over and away from him to reach into the drawer of the nightstand to take your pill after your alarm had gone off to remind you and he’d… not exactly lunged, but he’d done a funny sort of heavy flip-flop on the bed to chase after you and now his outstretched arm has covered your own which is fumbling for the package in the drawer. 

You don’t really know what to say, cause you’re not *really* sure what he’s on about, but he’s squeezing you, and rubbing up against you, and nuzzling your neck and cheek, and not playing fairly at ALL. So forgive you if you’re a little distracted. 

“Harry, I need my pill,” you exhale, curling up a bit when he kisses your earlobe pertly. 

“N’yeh’don’.” The words slur together with his lazy, early morning drawl and you swallow hard. 

“I *do*,” you insist. 

“S’no good,” he counters you again. “How’re we supposed to make a baby f’you’re popping them pills every day? Hmm?” 

It takes the courage of thirty to say those words but he covers his nerves by kissing your cheek. 

“Can’t make a baby if you’ve got those pills,” he reasons. “So you can’t have those pills f’you want a baby.”

“Do you?” Your question is fragile and the thirty whose courage he had stolen have fled and taken some of his own strength with him. All he can do is nod against your neck, shy suddenly. 

“Please…” he murmurs, breath hot on your skin. “I want a baby, love… can we have one?”

You think you can detect his words trembling with something just shy of fear, but when you lace your fingers with his, abandoning the package you’d been seeking, he has his answer. 

“We could practice,” you whisper like it’s a secret. 

“We could, yeah.”

You don’t –  not yet – but by whatever good fortune you’ve been graced with… it turns out you don’t need much practice at all in the end. 

anonymous asked:

hey! can you write a josh fic or imagine where the reader sees him flirt with an interviewer and she gets super insecure about herself and their relationship, but josh shows her how much she means to him? :) thank you so much tay, i love your blog and you so much


Normally you’d be fine with it, you were so used to them by now. But today was different and it was nagging in your brain. Nagging you and making you feel vulnerable and insecure. Two things you never were. But there it was, lingering in your head much like an itch you just couldn’t scratch. Your old insecurities and abandonment issues came to the forefront of your mind, rearing themselves bright and shiny so you could do nothing but look. And sulk.

Tyler and Josh were being interviewed cause that’s what they do more often than not, talking about upcoming music and the new tour and basically everything and anything band related. The same boring questions with a few surprising ones in there, sometimes they were lucky enough to get someone who wouldn’t fall back on questions long since answered and today they got just that.

The girl-you’d normally say woman, but she was younger than you-and adorably sweet, a bit too sweet.  She giggled in appropriate places and reached out to playfully slap Josh’s arm more than once so far.  You cringed at Josh’s terrible joke (even though you did love them) but the girl, he thinks her name was Alexa, laughed and it was just way too forced.

And that’s what made that incessant feeling of inadequacy come to light.  No one could resist his charms and you were well aware of it. You were also well aware of how this girl was leaning forward closer and closer into Josh.

“I heard that this is your first time in the city,” She leaned in and raised an eyebrow, a perfectly sharp eyebrow.  Josh nods.  “Do you know all the hot spots you have to visit?”

You knew that these types of questions always arose but what you didn’t expect was for Josh’s response, “Well how about we get your number and you can show us all these spots?”

Your mouth practically fell open at the overtly forward action your boyfriend just pulled, never before had Josh said something like that towards… well anyone. Not a stranger and certainly not a girl interviewing them. That’s what made your mind race.

She doesn’t draw it out though.  After a few minutes, her attention shifts to Tyler, making you exhale.

“So Tyler, tell us a little about the song writing process?”

You were grateful to the shift, so you could sulk with the feeling that you weren’t good enough. Shouldn’t someone so desperately in love with you, Josh’s words not yours, not do something like that in front of the person they love? Hell, even if you weren’t there you’d never expect Josh to say something like that. You crossed your arms tightly around your chest, a defense mechanism you always used when you started to feel insecure or inadequate.  

When you looked back up, brown eyes bored into yours. You avoided Josh’s piercing gaze to pretend to pay attention to what Tyler was going on about but you felt Josh’s eyes remain on you the last ten minutes of the interview.  As soon as it concluded, and you watched Josh talking to Alexa even after the interview was finished, you spun on your feet, leaving the studio as quickly as possible.

“Unbelievable,” you mumbled under your breath because yeah you were feeling less than loved at the moment but you were also a little angry too. You had every right. It all stemmed from your constant fear that one day, your one and only, Josh would leave you. He had more than enough opportunities and probably more than enough reasons to do so. You just didn’t like to be reminded that he could.

You quickly climbed into the crew’s bus, hoping you’d be left alone on the way back to your hotel. You didn’t really even want to be near Josh at this point, you were too gone in your own head, letting every last anxiety, hesitation and fear play in your mind on repeat, like a broken record you imagined the day you’d come home to find Josh in bed with someone else. Or the inevitable fight where he’d walk out the door and never turn back.

You bit your lip and stayed silent, something you’re not really known for when Tyler slid onto the couch next to you, “Y/N, what’s going on?”

“Huh?” You didn’t even know Tyler was on the bus.

“You look kind of out of it today. What’ s going on?” He asked sincerely adjusting his hoodie and lifting up a leg.

You shrugged, “Just tired. Long day.”

Tyler could see through your bullshit and even though you were a relatively competent liar, you weren’t fooling anyone, “Uh huh, so Josh’s little flirting spree earlier has nothing to do with why you look as if he just broke up with you.” He state it more than he questioned it because he knew he was right. Tyler was good at being intuitive about this kind of stuff.

You huffed and let your body deflate, head thudding on the back of the seat, “He’s such an ass.”

“Your ass though.” Tyler reminded you getting you to smirk slightly.

“Like, why does he have to do that? Like I get it he’s the charming one but that-“

“Excuse you,” Tyler interjected.

“You’re the handsome one, relax.”

“Okay, better.  Go on.”

“Just you know how I am— I’m terrified that one day he won’t be there when I come home. Like he could leave at a moment’s notice and not bat an eye.” You felt the sting in your eyes because saying it out loud made it feel as if it were one step closer to becoming true.

“Y/N, that boy is in love with you. Like it’s kinda disgusting actually. He’s not going anywhere.”

You nodded slowly. But it wasn’t enough. Letting Tyler’s voice into your ears only temporarily dulled the voice in your head saying you weren’t good enough, that Josh was only around cause it was convenient right now and the moment he could, he’d bolt.

You holed yourself up in the bathroom of your hotel suite that you had to, now unfortunately, share with your boyfriend.  Doubt had come to skip and plant seeds of disproval and abhorrence amongst the folds and creases of your brain.

Finally away from everyone else you did let yourself cry, not a full on bawling spree but splashes of terrified uncertainty did fall from your eyes, they became glassy and wet as your cheeks reddened and your bottom lip grew sore from biting it.

You were blowing your nose for a third time when you heard the door to the suite open then close, a muffled call of your name. You hoped that Josh didn’t hear you and would just leave so you could cry a bit more in peace but it seemed that fate wasn’t on your side. Soon enough there was a few knocks to the door, “Babe? You in there?”

Your voice cracked slightly, “Y-yeah.”

As soon as you felt you voice betray you, you knew Josh would grow concerned.

“You alright? Can I come in?” His voice was low and he moved the handle trying to open the door but found it locked.

“Y/N? Why’s the door locked love?” His voice rose slightly in confusion and slight terror. You never locked yourself away unless you were getting sick.

“Cause I-I….” But you couldn’t get it out. Couldn’t lie fast enough right now because Josh was on the other side of that door, being his usual devoted self and you could hear the panic in your own voice. You broke down into a muffled sobbing mess with your back against the wall, the heavy echoes of your crying bouncing around the room.

“Y/N! What’s wrong!? Are you hurt?! Open the door!” The handle shook violently but the door didn’t budge. Josh standing on the other side hearing you, a blubbering mess. You rarely cried so he was on high alert.

You took a deep breath and sniffed hard, your nose officially stuffed now as your voice wavered, “Why do you love me?”

The door handle stopped moving as Josh pressed his ear closer to the door, you were only making small noises but he definitely heard you say something, “What was that?”

“Why do-“ you let out a long breath trying to calm yourself down, it was working for the moment, “Josh, why do you love me?”

Silence. Stunned silence. You waited for an answer that you figured wouldn’t come. Josh was shocked at where this was coming from, why was he being asked that of all things? “I, I-“

He couldn’t think of an answer. Well he could of course but his head was fuzzy with why you were crying in a locked bathroom asking him why he loved you. Didn’t make sense and it made a deep line form between his eyebrows. Then he heard you mumble, “I knew it, I knew this would happen.”

“What happened? Y/N, what’s going on?”

“You’re gonna leave me.” You hiccuped out because now your brain was telling you that yes, Josh would leave.

“Y/N, never. I’m never gonna leave you. Please baby, open the door?” Josh scrambled and scratched at the wood that was barring him from saving someone he couldn’t lose. Wherever you were going, Josh would bring you back.

“Why do you lo-love me Josh? Why do you stay with me?” Your voice went a bit higher as some more cries exited your mouth, covering it with your hand, you tried to breathe through your nose-as difficult as that was- as more tears fell over your knuckles. Saying it out loud hurt more than thinking it.

“Because I love you. That’s why I stay with you. I need you, you know that.” He sternly admitted.

“Josh…”  You sobbed, clasping your hand back over your mouth to try and contain the sadness gushing out.

“Is this-is this about earlier? The interview girl?” Josh’s voice rumbled through the wood and could be heard clearer as he sat down on the floor and his voice could travel under the door better. You made another choked sound at that and squeezed your eyes shut, more salty pain running over your blotchy cheeks.

“Babe, you know I was just messing with her. Please don’t think I meant a single word of that. It’s only you babe, only ever been you. I’m not going anywhere I promise. Please? Open the door?”

You shook your head even though Josh couldn’t see you, leaning your head back against the door and continuing to squeeze your eyes shut. You bit down on your fingernails, a habit you tended to revert back to whenever emotionally distressed.  

“Stop biting your nails, you know I can’t stand that.” Came a command through the door. You pulled your hand from your mouth, fucking Josh Dun.

You blew your nose one more time and gulped down the lump in your throat as Josh sighed and spoke to you, soft and intimate, “Y/N, I’m in love with you. I always have been, even since the beginning. I know I flirted tonight and all that, and I’m sorry, but it was harmless, I promise.”

You raised a shoulder and nodded because you did know.

“Please love, know that I’m not going anywhere—“

You wiped your eyes with your long sleeves much more like paws over your small hands and let out deep whoosh of air from his lungs.

“Now you gonna open the door or what? I’ve been dying to kiss you, like, all day you know.” Josh said as he stood, the small pops in his knees sounding through the door. There was a shuffling on the other side of the door and the metal of the lock clicked and it slowly creaked open. There you sat with eyes pink and glassy, cheeks blotchy and swollen, lips red and shiny.

You wiped under your eyes again with a sniff. “I’m just- I’m scared Josh.”

Josh moved towards you quickly, a look of sympathy on his face, he brushed his long fingers through your hair, “Scared of what babe?”

“That you’ll go. You could anytime.” You shrugged. It was emotional but it was truth.

“I could but…” Josh rubbed his thumb across your cheek.


“But I don’t want to. It’s you babe, it’ll always be you. There are billions of people out there but none of them compare to you when it comes to my heart and who owns it. You own it.” He smirked tiredly.

“I do?” you asked sheepishly.

“You always have. Now come here.” Josh didn’t wait for a movement as he pulled you into an all encompassing hug, his arms wrapping tightly around you as you laid your head against his chest.  Josh’s familiar smell and the feeling of his hands rubbing up and down your back brought immediate comfort into the depths of you, allowing your mind to finally stop racing.  Josh plants kisses on the top of your head, whispering, “No one compares to you.”

When you finally pull back, Josh takes your face in his hand hands, looking over your tired features, “Beautiful.” He sighed out with a gentle smile.

“Shut up, I look like shit,” you chuckle softly.  

“You look beautiful. Now kiss me, it’s too long since you have.”

He leaned down as you leaned up, your toes extending to reach up and bring their mouths together, slow kisses shared between you as your hands gripped Josh’s broad shoulders and felt the tongue that had mapped your entire body slip into your mouth. You sighed softly into the kiss as Josh’s body pressed against yours more firmly, the wide expanses of it dwarfing your own body, making you feel small and fragile.

Josh bent his knees slightly and proceeded to lift you off the ground, both legs automatically wrapping around his waist and arms to go around his neck, “Gonna show you baby. Gonna show you how much I love you.”

Lust For Life - Mieczysław Stilinski Smut

REQUESTED: Nope, but I haven’t written for a while so I wanted to give you guys something.

WARNINGS: Fingering, blowjob, all the way (unprotected - pls use condoms, kids)

SUMMARY: You and Stiles are at a party, and nobody notices when you two disappear off together.

NOTES: Okay, so this guy I’ve been talking to…let’s just say things have gotten very heated between us recently. 

Some of this is kind of inspired by our conversations that we’ve had. (Fuck, it’s so good.)

Also, it’s kind of inspired by “Lust For Life” by Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. Such a good song, I definitely recommend it.

Anyway, on with the story yo.

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Shameless - Leonard McCoy

Title: Shameless

Pairing: Bones x reader

Prompt: Shameless by the weeknd, as a part of the beauty behind the madness series

Word count: 1,672 including the lyrics

Warnings: language, sexual content (which is kind of brief)

A/N: this is my absolute favorite song from BBTM. like i would die for this song. i really enjoyed writing this but reader is not as nice as some of you would probably like, but give it a chance! i just love this song so much and i love bones a lot, so ENJOY AND GIVE ME YOUR THOUGHTS!

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Opposites Attract - Final Part (Ethan Dolan x Reader)

Summary: You’re the shy, quiet girl at school who’s suddenly caught the attention of the popular school’s senior football team captain.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 677.

A/N: The end.

Opposites Attract Masterlist.

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A Grand Prize

Not based on a prompt, sorry  ^^;  But I thought it was cute enough to share.

The F/C I had in mind while writing is a low-level superhero, so the “accomplishment” Y/N is trying to reward was F/C helping to save the city, but I tried to write it vaguely enough that readers can substitute in other stuff that might apply better to their F/C…like, F/C did good at a sport or at work, or achieved some personal goal, or something.  Just explaining the context in case the vagueness makes it confusing in-story, eheh.

written by Anonymous

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anonymous asked:

So I saw the text post you made about kylo making hux orgasm spontaneously and so I give you this, kylo seeing how many times he can make hux cum while they're in a meeting without anyone noticing, and no one suspects a thing cuz kylo is too far away to be touching hux and hux is a very good actor

oh my god Hux can orgasm almost silently (years of practise masturbating in his dorm room at the academy???) so he merely wriggles in his chair a little, gives a long exhale and carries on

only, it gets to the fourth time that meeting and he can’t come any more, milked dry by the previous ones and mentally begs Kylo not to do it again because he can’t keep quiet this time…Kylo does it anyway

Jem Carstairs Dirty Imagine: Passionate Love (Requested by Anon)


No one knew. No one knew of your feelings for him. No one knew that you were in love with the silver-haired, frail looking teenager with a mandatory drug addiction. No one knew that you dreamed of a day where he would say three simple, but extremely powerful words to you. The words that would change your life and make your love for him grow stronger. 

And as much as you wanted him to love you back and tell you he loved you, as much as you wanted him to look at you the way you looked at him, you were blindly unaware of one very tiny but important detail.

Jem loved you too.

You didn’t know it until you caught him playing his violin one late night in his room. The hauntingly beautiful notes drifted under his door and out into the hallway. You couldn’t sleep one night and since your room was only a few doors down from Jem’s, you could clearly hear his violin playing through the walls. 

You soundlessly padded down the hall and softly tapped on Jem’s door. Your hair was a mess and your nightgown slightly wrinkled from the tossing and turning, but somehow you didn’t care.

Jem stopped playing immediately and slowly walked over to the door, swinging it open to find you standing in your night attire. 

Jem widened his eyes and gulped at the sight of you in your sleepwear. He blushed a deep red and averted his gaze to the door next to you.

“Hello (Y/N),” he rasped out sleepily, “What brings you to my room at this time of night?”

You tried to move your head so your eyes could meet his, but he kept looking away from you. Jem couldn’t afford to see you like this, not when the feelings he harbored for you would soon overtake him like an animal.

“Em - I couldn’t sleep.” you whispered, “I heard you playing and I thought I’d come talk to you.”

This time, Jem shot a quick look into your eyes before peering his head out of the door and looking around to make sure you two weren’t seen. 

“Come in.” he whispered back, ushering you inside with a gentle hand and shutting the door behind you. 

You shyly sat down on his bed, picking up the violin and admiring the beauty of the instrument. After a few seconds, you sat it back down and looked over to Jem, who was now looking outside of his window.

“So how have you been?” you asked in an attempt to make conversation.

Jem chuckled and placed his hands on his hips. The muscles in his back looked strained and tense, but nevertheless, they had the ability to make you shake whenever you looked at them.

“You should know. We spend every day together.” he replied.

You gulped and continued staring at his back muscles. 

“That’s true. But, I mean, you never know how someone’s really feeling unless you asked them.”

He sighed. “True.”

“So how are you?”

Jem exhaled deeply. “Stressed. Confused.”

You swallowed a little and continued watching him. 

“Why is that?”

Jem turned around and leaned against his window. His shirt was unbuttoned but still open and his face looked tired. It looked like he hadn’t slept in a few days.

You caught sight of the look on his face and furrowed your eyebrows in concern.

“Are you okay?”

Jem sighed and started pacing slowly around his room, a rough hand quickly running through his hair. 

“It’s…a lot of things…”

Now you were starting to become concerned.

“Like what?”

Jem stopped and faced you. Pain was etched on his face but it wasn’t the physical kind. No, that wasn’t the case but it sure as hell might as well have been though. 

“It…it’s complicated.”

You huffed and crossed your arms, suddenly impatient now.

“Jem, just tell me what’s on your mind. You can always-”

“I love you.” Jem blurted, his eyes burning holes into your face for a reaction, any type of reaction.

You stared in shock back at him.

“W-what?” you stuttered out. Suddenly words had become lost for you.

Jem let out a deep breath and in a moment of bravery, he took your hands and gently pulled you to your feet. His hands brought you within breathing distance of him.

“I love you.” Jem repeated, a little more sincere this time.

When he still didn’t get a response from you, he kept going.

“I’ve loved you for a long time (Y/N). And honestly, I don’t know what to do about it. On one hand, I want to hold you forever and tell you how much I love you over and over again but on the other hand, I want to push you as far away from me as possible because I’m literally running out of time and you won’t want me when the drugs finally kill me once and for-”

You cut him off immediately by smashing your lips onto his. Your lips softly but firmly pressed against his in an attempt to get him to shut up. 

Jem was thoroughly surprised at your way of getting him to stop talking, but he liked it nonetheless. 

Jem placed his hands flat on your back and pulled him close to you, so that there was no space left between your bodies. Your hands stroked his silver locks and pulled him closer to you, tilting your head to the side slightly to give him a better angle. 

Jem’s hands silently moved down to your bottom, giving it a slight squeeze before realizing what he was doing and reeling off of you.

He suddenly became breathless and leaned against the wall. He gulped once before looking at you breathlessly.

“(Y/N) we shouldn’t do this. This isn’t right, we’re not married and I-”

You cut him off again by pressing your body tightly against his, making Jem suck in a breath as he stared down at you.

“Jem, I love you too.” you murmured up at him.

Jem suddenly became breathless at your words. Time stopped. The earth stood still. Suddenly, the world became right in his eyes.

“I will always love you.” you whispered at him, desperate for him to understand your words. 

“I don’t care if the drugs kill you. I will always love you. No matter what you do or what happens to you. My heart will always reserve a special place for you in it.”

You exhaled quickly and mentally prepared yourself for what you were about to say.

Slowly, you took his hands and brought them to your waist. His fingers curled against your hips and kept a tight grip on them.

“Make love to me, Jem." 

Jem’s eyes widened.

"I want you to make love to me.”

Jem gulped and struggled to find words.

“(Y/N) I-i do-n’t know if this is a good idea…" 

You shook your head and grazed his jawline with your lips. 

"Everything will be okay. I promise.”

Jem stared into your eyes. Once he saw the love in your eyes and just how much they stared at him lovingly, he kissed you in a passionate heat.

Your lips immediately began attacking each other and Jem’s hands squeezed your hips. Your hands were placed on his chest, feeling the soft muscle laying underneath the skin.

He gently bit down on your lip which caused you to gasp. Slowly, your mouth opened and he snaked his tongue inside, lovingly exploring your mouth and all that he could feel.

You moaned softly in his mouth. Jem backed you up into his bed and gently laid you down on it, making sure that you wouldn’t be hit by anything. 

He hovered over you and continued to passionately kiss you until you pushed his shirt off of his shoulders, making him sit up and tug his shirt off. He threw it off as he kissed you again in a heated daze. Jem’s fingers shakily fiddled with your nightgown and within seconds, it had slipped off of your body, leaving you almost naked. There was still your underwear. 

Jem broke away and became instantly caught up in your body. His eyes filled with love and admiration as they stared you down, taking you all in.

“God, (Y/N).” he said hoarsely, gently running his fingers down your body. 

“You’re so beautiful.” he said, a bright smile spread across his face. You blushed and stared shyly back up at him. His fingers trailed down from your heart to the valley of your breasts, to your stomach, resting just above your panties.

You kept eye contact with him as you slowly pushed his pants down, revealing that he wasn’t wearing any sort of underwear underneath.

You lifted yourself up so you could be eye level with him. Your eyes bore deeply into his as your hands ran down his shoulders, and chest. They trailed down his stomach and rested just above his growing erection. 

“It’s not much…” Jem trailed off but you quickly shook your head.

“I love it.” you whispered, sending Jem’s mouth crashed back to yours as he pushed you back down and hovered over you again. His mouth moved to your neck as he stripped you of your panties and let them fall off of the bed. 

Jem shyly placed his hand over your heat and began rubbing it softly. 

You gasped and moaned slightly as his fingers toyed with your clit. 

“Jesus, you feel amazing and I haven’t even gone inside you yet.” he mumbled into your neck. 

You closed your eyes and let him take control of you. Gently, he slid inside one finger and started pumping, soon followed by another. His thumb rubbed your clit in firm circles, making you rock your hips onto his hand. 

You moaned out as your hand moved to grab his erection and started pumping it at a fair pace, your thumb swiping the tip and collecting the pre-cum that oozed out of it. 

Jem groaned loudly in your mouth and started pumping you even harder. His hips moved so that he was basically fucking your hand and he broke away to pant onto your skin.

“Oh God, Jem.” you moaned. 

Jem started moving his hips faster until he couldn’t take it anymore and immediately pulled out of you, moving your hand away from his throbbing member.

He lined himself up with your entrance and gripped the back of your head with his hand, pulling you up only slightly to kiss you. 

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Jem asked. His voice was laced with concern but you knew he only wanted the best for you.

“I’m positive, Jem.”

With that, he slowly slid inside of you. Moans slipped out of both of your mouths as he slid into you all the way. He stopped for a second, for you to get used to him but when you gave him the signal, he started thrusting in and out of you slowly.

Jem held onto you tightly as he rocked his body into yours. He let your head fall back as he moved faster in and out of you, making you shudder underneath him. 

After a while, he started moving faster. But not so fast so that he was pounding into you. Just fast enough to make the both of you moan in pleasure and have a state of euphoria wash over the both of you.

Your hips rocked together in time until he suddenly sat up, pulling you so that you sat on top of him. You bounced on him in a passionate manner as he laced sloppy kisses all over your chest. 

Then your orgasms started to come to their climax. Making the both of you shudder and shiver in pleasure.

“Jem, I’m gonna cum.” you moaned desperately.

“Now.” he groaned out. 

Both of you came at the same time and collapsed backwards onto the beds. Pants came out of your mouths and Jem slowly slid out of you, rolling besides you. Your bodies were covered with sweat but nevertheless, it was the best night you two had ever had.

Jem suddenly pulled you two under the covers of his bed and pulled you into him. One arm was tightly gripping your waist while your arm was slung over his torso. His hand gripped your arm gently, even though you two were still panting like crazy.

Jem softly pressed his lips to your forehead.

“Stay with me. Forever.”

You looked up at him through your eyelashes and saw him smile. A smile was bright on your face as you leaned up and kissed him, both of you smiling into the kiss. 

Both of you quickly fell asleep like that, tangled in each other’s embrace and tired from the passionate sex you just had.

Unexpected Chapter Four

Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : You and your best friends decide to spend the day in Disneyland, and you bump into the one and only Chris Evans.

A/N : Holy crap, already on part four?! This is awesome. Thank you all for the amazing feedback! It means the world to me!! 

Word Count : 1,895

Warnings : Language. Thats about it.

Cover - Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three

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Remember those stories you heard growing up? About how powerful a true love kiss is? It always seemed like a myth. Just something people came up with to give girls false hope about love. And for the longest time, you thought it was just a fairytale. 

Until now. Until your lips molded against Chris’ and every part of you covered in chills as something inside sparked. It was like being awaken after so many years of walking the earth half asleep. 

The way he felt against you, the way his hand cupped your jaw, fingers caressing your neck. You finally understood the stories. You could feel the power of the kiss coursing through out your body down to your toes. It was intoxicating. 

A smile crept on his lips, as he pulled away, just enough to breathe. His eyes gazing into yours, Chris felt like everything had fallen into place. After all these years, the dream girl he had constantly talked about in interviews, and to his family, was finally in his grasp. 

No words were exchanged, but so much was said in those few moments as you two smiled at each other. Tonight was so much more than you imagined your first day at Disneyland would go. 

“Uncle Chris! I can’t see!” Stella exclaimed, reaching her tiny arms up to him. 

He cleared his throat, and chuckled, as he picked her up and placed her on to his shoulders. “Is this better, Princess?” He asked. 

She only nodded, her eyes growing wider as she looked up to the sky. Seeing the way he was with his niece and nephews made you swoon. 

With Stella on his shoulders, Chris reached his hand out to you. Intertwining his fingers with yours. And though it wasn’t the first time, there was just something about his touch that made your breath shake in the back of our throat. 

“Wow!” Stella squealed, snapping you out of your trance. “Look, it’s a heart Uncle Chris! It’s so beautiful!”

Chris glanced over to you, a smile playing on his lips. In this moment, somehow, he was beginning to fall for you. “Yeah, she is.” He muttered.

As the fireworks came to an end, you and your girls snapped a few pictures with Scott, and the Evans sisters. 

“Okay, but you have to tag me on that picture of us on the Mark Twain boat!” Scott exclaimed. “We looked so cute.” 

“Hell yea, that lighting was on point. Swear, I didn’t even need to use a filter!” Charm cackled. 

You and the girls all laughed, as you looked through your phone, scanning each picture and smiling like a fool. Everything the girls had said to you about the way Chris looked at you ran through your head. Almost every picture, you could see him standing either beside you or a few feet away gazing at you. You couldn’t help but blush. 

Chris Evans was staring at you. 

“Okay, we have enough time for one more ride.” Addie muttered. 

“Well unfortunately for us old ladies, this is our time to go.” Carly chuckled. “The kids are exhausted and we have a long flight back home tomorrow.” 

In that moment, your heart sunk into your stomach. 

“Aw okay, well thank for you an amazing day!” Rashelle smiled giving Shanna a hug. 

“Of course! Thank you!” Shanna muttered. “Seriously, you girls are amazingly sweet and hope to run into you all again.” 

Chris glanced over to you, his lips pursing into a thin line. He knew the kids were exhausted, but every part of him didn’t want to leave. He didn’t want this day to end because he didn’t want to say goodbye to you. 

“Well, whenever you are in town, you could totally hit us up.” Penny stated. “We live in about two hours away.” 

The sisters nodded, flashing a grin. Carly made her way over to you, pulling you i for a quick hug. “Thanks for making Miles birthday one he wont forget.” She muttered in your ear. 

As you embraced her, you felt your lips begin to curve. “Of course! That little guy made my day too.” 

Chris gave all your friends a hug, even snapped a picture with them real quick. He had saved you for last because, well he didn’t want to say bye just yet. 

“I’m going to tell my friends i beat you on astro blasters!” Miles cackled. 

You giggled to yourself as you leaned down to his level. “I’ll beat you next time!” You chuckled. “You just got lucky.” 

He gave you a quick hug, his tiny arms wrapped around your legs. “I like you, you’re my friend.” He whispered. 

Feeling as though your heart just melted in a puddle of goo, you flashed him a soft smile, giving him a tight squeeze. “And you’re my friend too.” 

This was it, time to finally say goodbye to the guy that made this day so magical. The guy you were beginning to fall hard for. 

“Thanks for hanging out with me today.” He muttered, walking closer to you. He dug his hands deep into his pockets, with a smirk forming on his lips. 

“I had a lot of fun.” You chuckled. 

“By far the best day of your life, huh?” 

You shrugged your shoulders, and scrunched your nose at him. “It is Disneyland after all, any time spent here is the best day of my life.” You exhaled. 

“But you also got to hang out with me.” He smirked. 

“Eh, maybe if you were Chris Hemsworth.” You teased. 

Chris clutched his chest, belting out into laughter as his body vibrated. Man, that laugh, you could listen to it all day if you could. It was probably the cutest thing. 

“Okay, whatever.” He exhaled, cheeks aching as he flashed a cheeky grin. 

“I’m kidding, dork. I had fun hanging out with you.” 

He pulled you into him, his body against yours as his arms held you close. The way he hugged you made you feel so safe, like nothing bad could happen to you. 

“You made this day pretty unforgettable.” He whispered. 

“Sorry to interrupt, but we only have a little time to go on one ride, so-” Addie exhaled. 

“Right of course.” Chris cleared his throat. As he let you go, he took a step back. “It was nice to meet you ladies.” He waved. 

“Nice to meet you too Cap!” Charm teased. 

With one last glance, he smiled at you. “Bye.” He mouthed. 

Your breath shook, “Bye.” 

Rashelle pulled on your hand, grabbing your attention. “Come on, we have to go.” She muttered. 

Spinning around, you followed her through main street. Her hand still in yours. Chris kept his gaze on you, until you had faded into the distance. And he was left with only pictures and memories he wont ever forget. 

“Uncle Chris, can we watch Wreck It Ralph in the car?” Miles asked.

Chris forced a smile, picking up his nephew and throwing him over his shoulder. “Of course kiddo.” He grunted. “Come on.” 

Matterhorn was the ride you ended your day with almost every time you went to Disneyland. It was almost like an accidental tradition between you and the girls. 

As you waited in line, they all pulled out their phones. “I still can’t believe we got to hang out with Chris Evans today.” Penny stated. 

“Right? Even though he was all over Y/N the entire time!” Charm teased. 

You rolled your eyes, shaking your head. “For the hundredth time, he is not into me. Now drop it.”

Rashelle let out a huff, searching her through her phone. “Oh really? Then what do you call this?” She flashed you her phone, and as your eyes adjusted to the screen, you felt the blood rush up to your cheeks. 

“When the hell did you take this?” You asked. 

“Bruh, you were so caught up in that kiss that you didn’t notice all of us staring at you.” Charm chuckled. “I think NASA even snapped a picture of that shit.” 

“This is proof that he is definitely into you.” Addie said, pulling her hair into a messy bun. 

“N-No. I’m sure he does that with a lot of other girls. I mean, why would he like me? I’m no one.” You breathed. 

The girls all shared a glance. 

“If that’s what you believe then whatever. but the reality is, he likes you. You don’t have to be some hot actress to get him to notice you.” Rashelle stated. “Not once did he try hitting on us. Or look at any other girl that walked passed him or asked him for a picture. You know all the girls that fangirled over him today, he kept looking back at you.”

“Yeah, even Scott noticed.” Penny blurted. 

You held your gaze on the screen, looking over the picture carefully. “But-”

“But nothing. Stop over thinking it. You obviously like him too.” Rashelle groaned. “So get out of your comfort zone and take a risk. Who knows, he could be the one.” 

“As much as I hate cliches and all that crap, I have to agree with Rashelle on this one.” Charm muttered. “You don’t know what this could turn into.” 

“Y/N, is pretty amazing.” Carly smiled, pushing the stroller as she looked back at her brother. 

He only nodded, his lips pursing. 

“And the kids love her.” Shanna added. “Right, Miles? You liked hanging out with Y/N?” 

“Yea, she’s my friend.” He muttered, laying his head on Chris’ shoulder. “Is she your friend Uncle Chris?” 

Before Chris could even respond, Scott interrupted. “Oh, I think Uncle Chris, likes her a little more than a friend.” 

Miles shot his eyes up to Chris and giggled to himself. “Like boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Chris couldn’t help but burst into laughter, his body shaking as he held his nephew tightly in his arms. The way his face looked when he looked to Chris was such a typical reaction. 

His siblings shared a glance, smiles plastered onto their faces. “So? Answer the boy.” Shanna chuckled.

Though they had a feeling he did, they just wanted him to admit it. 

Chris shrugged his shoulders, “I-I don’t know!” He exclaimed. “I just met her today.” 

“That didn’t you stop you during the fireworks.” Scott muttered. 

“Wait, what?” 

“Oh come on Chris, cut the crap. You like the girl. And honestly, we like her too.” Carly exclaimed. “She’s exactly the kind of girl you’ve been telling us for years. And I know mom is going to love her.” 

It was weird, it was like subconsciously he awaiting for their approval. Maybe its because his families opinion mean a lot to him. Or maybe because if they felt like you were a great person just as he felt, then maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing to pursue. 

“Well, what do i do now? I just told her goodbye.” He breathed, his jaw clenching tightly. 

Scott placed a hand onto his brothers shoulder, a smirk forming on his lips. “As much as I would love to tell you what to do, I cant. You need to make the decision yourself.” He muttered. “Either you’re coming home with us, or-”

“Or you get the damn girl.” Carly cackled. 

He looked back at the park. 

“So whats it going to be, Charming?” Shanna asked. 

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You’re Still Perfect  (Skate Maloley ft. Omaha)

Can you do a imagine where y/n gets drunk with the Omaha boys and she’s dating Nate so they take care of her and on the ride home she keeps making all these sexual jokes

– This is precisely my 3rd time writing this…so I’ve taken so much time wanting to make this perfect, I hope you enjoy! - Bri x

You liked pulling his lips onto yours by grabbing his chain and and pressing your hips against his. You saw a girl do it in a movie once, and did it ever since. He liked it when you pressed your lips to his jaw, and whispered sweet nothings in your ear. You both liked taking shots and kissing each other directly afterward, so much so that you get drunk within the span of three hours with the other boys getting tipsy, but not as drunk as you.

The car was parked three blocks away because the parking was cheaper, so you end up staggering the blocks slowly with Nate, Sam, and the Jacks. Nate holds your waist and Sam carries your shoes, “I’ve had…I’ve had,” you take a deep breath, “a little too much.” You state in a matter-of-fact tone.

“You’ve had a lot too much.” Sam teases and you throw him a glare. You hold onto Nate’s hand and walk a pace or so ahead of him, looking back every few moments to make sure that his eye contact remained on the way your hips moved as you walked. You were drunk, but still sensual.

You finally get to your car and you climb into the backseat in between Sam and Nate, Glinsky drives and Johnson rides shotgun, “Yo, Gilinsk turn it up,” You say leaning forward to rest your chin on the back of his seat, you lean over and peck his cheek giggling when Nate pulls you back, not at all liking any sort of affection towards the other guys.

The first song that comes on is ‘Mercy’ by Kanye, you immediately get excited and rap along to the beginning lyrics, changing them to suit your gender, “Lamborghini mercy, your boy he is thirsty,” you look at Sam who has now decided to snapchat and lean into the camera because you were wasted and had absolutely no worries about how you look, “I’m in that two seat Lambo with Nate, he tryna work me…”

“Swerve!” Nate yells and you laugh leaning back into him, you tilt your head back and up and press a kiss to the underside of his jaw.

“Y/N’s mixtape a’bouta drop soon.” Johnson chimed, doing a snapchat video of his own in the front seat.

You move to take off your top but Nate stops you, “Na-uh-uh, we aren’t home yet, babygirl.” Sam let’s out a whine of complaint.

“Late nights no dress code–I can take this off if I want to, Nathan Montgomery.” You speak, obviously copying your close friend Cameron’s lyrics. You hear Johnson and Gilinsky murmuring how you were a ‘riot’ when you were drunk and quite the handful but adorable nonetheless, “shake that, work that, move that oh yeah–I’m a good girl but Nate know’s I’m bad oh.” You sing moving your arms in a completely arrhythmic way.

“Baby, don’t, you’re gonna hurt yourself.” Nate begs and you roll your eyes, your hand rests on his leg and you move it up until he shifts.

“Are you nervous yet?” Nate quickly takes your hand and intertwines fingers with you in order for you not go up any higher with his friends around, “Hey boys! Sex is like a misdemeanor, the more I miss it da meanor I get!” You and Sam–who were probably the drunkest out of all of them–begin to laugh uncontrollably.

Gilinsky turns down your street and pulls into the driveway, “Do you smoke pot? Because weed be cute together.” You say to Nate as he helps you out of the car. Nate chuckles, and drapes an arm around your shoulders helping you towards the front door. Sam hands Nate your shoes and you give the boys a two fingered wave goodbye before entering your bedroom.

“Come on, baby, let’s get you ready for bed.” Nate coos, sitting you down on the bed, he goes into the bathroom and comes out with a makeup wipe, your makeup was already running from many hours of partying.

“Let’s get this off of your face, lil’ mama, you don’t need it,” he chuckles tilting your chin up.

You shake your head, “yes I do.” You argue in a matter-of-fact tone.

“For what?” He plays, running the makeup wipe along your temple and down the side of your face.

You exhale deeply, you felt so much better with a little makeup on your face, “for my sanity.” Nate rolls his eyes at your drunk tangent and continues to take your makeup off.

“You’re perfect,” he whispers upon finishing with taking off your makeup, Nate leans forward and pecks your lips repeatedly, “so, so perfect.” You smile against his lips and he moves to take your shirt off in a caring manner.

“Now you let me take it off,” you tease and he scrunches up his nose playfully, he reaches for the button on your high waisted jeans and peels them down and off of you,”You’re so hot, even my pants are falling for you.” You chime in a playful manner and Nate chuckles along with you. You take his hand and pull him onto the bed, he lands on top of you and your fingernails trail up his back causing goosebumps to arise on his muscular torso until you can pull his shirt over his head.

“Babygirl, you’re drunk-”

“I’m drunk and you’re still perfect.” You interrupt him, a smile toying on your lips you lean up and kiss him pulling him closer by hooking your finger on his chain.

It was nights like this that you were thankful to not only be young, but to be with someone who let you be you..and that someone just so happened to be Nate.

You Suck Charlie

A/N: here’s something simple that Kat definitely didn’t request 

[Joji x cuddling x talking about the future]

“It’s late,” Joji tells you, “I should go home. You have work in the morning.”

Your boyfriend is sweet and he means well, but there’s absolutely no way you’re going to let him go home tonight. You’ve been working erratic hours lately at the catering company because two girls just quit and now the entire team is down to eight people. Not to mention, Joji has been traveling a lot, to Australia and California and back – rinse and repeat – for the last few months. You rarely see one another and being left to the occasional phone call and skype session is really beginning to eat you and leave you unsatisfied. The last thing you want to do is complain and burden Joji with your frantic thoughts so you do the only thing you feel you can; you grab his hands in a vice grip and beg him to stay for the night.

“Sleep over, then. I won’t mind. I just want to be near you.” 

And it’s true. You just want to be close to him. It seems you’re never close enough, and you don’t like the distance that’s beginning to collect between you guys, between every missed call and cancelled date and rushed goodbye. It’s driving you mad and you’re having a hard time untying the insanity knotting itself together in your mind. All you want is tonight. One night when you don’t have to overthink and worry about the future of your relationship.

“Are you sure?” He raises his eyebrows at you, biting back a smile. 

You don’t feel like doing anything sexual tonight. You want to be close in another way. You want to be comforted. “Yeah. Just to sleep. You can leave in the morning, as early as you need to, but please just stay for tonight.”

“Anything for you.”

You both make your way to your bedroom, where you change into an old, big shirt you like to think is Joji’s – but honestly, it’s just a plain tee shirt and you’ve had it for so long that it could have come from anyone you’ve dated… Though it’s not like you’d tell Joji that – and your heart wrenchingly compliant boyfriend strips down to his boxers before crawling in bed next to you and wrapping his arms protectively around your torso, lips pressed to the back of your head. You feel the body heat of his chest and stomach against your back, only separated by the thin fabric of the anonymously pre-owned tee shirt. His breath hits your hair and things seem easier for a moment. Not so calamitas. 

“I love you so much.” You say.

You hear Joji exhale a little in surprise. “I know, I love you too. Is something up? You seem… Melancholy.” He kisses you reassuringly behind your ear a few times.

You turn around in his arms so that you’re facing him, cuddling into his chest. “It’s nothing, really. I’m just paranoid.”

Joji strokes your hair and your back and your hips very chastely, wanting you to be comfortable enough to share your thoughts with him. He’s always been like this. Joji will never speak a word in question to get you to tell him something, even if it pains him. He’ll just be sweet and nice and painfully obvious about his curiosity. “Paranoid,” He sighs. 

You haven’t really told him much and it’s a little unfair. How can you guys work harder to spend time together when your boyfriend isn’t even aware that you miss him like this? “Yeah. Paranoid about us.”

Joji stops moving. “What about us?”

Oh god, now it’s awkward. Part of you starts to panic because the last thing you want is to offend him. You’re not the only one who has it hard. Joji is just as stressed, if not more so, with his jam-packed schedule and immense workload. You don’t want him to think that your paranoia rests on only his end

“Well, okay, not like us. We’re fine. I love you so much and I know you love me and you’re perfect and great and I’m happy with you.” You say in a rush, comforting Joji to the best of your ability and as quick as you can before his disappointment sets in.

“So this isn’t about,” he looks up for a second, avoiding eye contact, “you don’t want to…?”

“No!” You snap, snuggling closer to press a billion short, sweet, butterfly kisses on his face. “I definitely don’t want to break up. Ever. I love you so much, Joji, and I always will. No doubt.”

He lets out a long sigh. “Oh, thank god. I love you too. So much. Too much.” He plants a simple kiss on your nose. 

You know he won’t pry so you continue on before any kind of quietude grows in the space between your words. “It’s about something else. I just, I feel…”
Joji tightens his arms around you and places his chin on the crown of your head. You know he’s over-thinking before you even feel his heartbeat pounding in his chest, pressed against the skin of your cheek. 

“I never see you anymore.”

You’re not quite sure how you were expecting Joji to react but it definitely wasn’t for him to laugh at you. You freeze a little and he starts rubbing your back again. “I’m sorry, it’s just,” he chuckles for another moment, “I’ve been trying to find a way to tell you the same thing but it felt silly. Arbitrary.”

“Oh.” You say, feeling a lot of things, but mostly blatant stupidity. 

“I mean, it’s obvious we don’t see each other often,” Joji sighs and continues to rub your back, “but I just wanted you to know that it fucking sucks. I can’t stand it. On top of that, I never know when close is too close.” He kisses you a few times on the crown of your head, seemingly showing affection to apologize for laughing. “You never speak to me about this stuff. I don’t want to spend so much time apart and then smother you when I see you. I don’t know how much of me you want, I don’t know how much of me to give you.”

You throat is dry and it hurts when you try to swallow the panic. By keeping your insecurities to yourself, you unintentionally pushed Joji away and he noticed. 

“I’m sorry.” You say pathetically. “I just, I love you so much. I didn’t want to push you. I figured you’d come to me if you wanted to see me. It sounds stupid now and I’m sorry. I want all of you. All that you’re willing to give, George, because I’m all in.I have been from the beginning.”

Joji kisses you then and things change.

“We’re going to be together forever, y/n, there’s no way you can get away from me now.” He smiles at you, absolutely beaming from your words. 

“Do you really want to be?” You ask, unabashed giggling spilling out of your mouth a little because you’re high on the decadence of these moments. You weren’t sure if he meant it, but you took his words seriously.

“I meant it. We can get married if you want,” George laughs when some kind of happy, astonished sound escapes from the back of your throat, “and we’ll have kids. Lots of them.”

“What will we name them?” You ask, adorning a smile that feels brighter than the sun.

“I don’t know… I always liked Verona for a girl. Like the city? Ronnie for short. Boys names are harder, there’s too many common ones.”

You’re happyhappyhappy and it’s beating in your chest like something alive and real. “You want to be a dad?”

Joji smiles. “Maybe one day, when I’m not such an idiot.”

You kiss him. “Tell me more about our future.”

He laughs and you’re laughing and the energy in the room has changed significantly from what it was before. You’re glad for it. Joji’s ecstatic.

“I’d probably be a deadbeat stay-at-home dad. I could could teach the kiddos ukulele or piano or something. Have fun with them. You’re smart, though. You’d do something with your life, have a career. Quit that dumb food company thing,”

“Catering company.” You correct, still grinning like an idiot.

“Right, of course. Catering company. Because there’s a huge difference.”
You hit his shoulder lightly and squeal with laughter even though his words hadn’t been particularly funny. You’re just so happy. Your emotions are running wild and god damn, you love this boy to pieces. 

He smiles too and kisses you again, soft and easy. Joji breaks to continue and you can tell he’s just as into this hypothetical future and you are. “You’d be something cool. You’re into animals, right? You would probably be a veterinarian or dog show host or something, I don’t know. And we might not make that much money, and we might live in a slummy neighborhood for the rest of our lives, but you know what?”


Joji smiles and you’ve never seen something so beautiful or heart-warming in your entire life. It’s something you want a picture of, some kind of tangible memory of it to store in your pocket and take out every once in awhile just to remind yourself that beauty like this still exists in the world, and it belongs to you. 

“We’ll have each other. We’ll be happy. We’ll do okay. I know we will.”

You wrap your arms around his neck, so overcome with emotion that tears are collecting in your eyes. “I know too.”

Small Victories

Some competitive streaks are more satisfying than others. My take on Hiccup and Astrid’s wedding. Slightly lengthy, rather spicy, as promised. Enjoy! 

*note: I’m reposting this because it failed to show up in the tags the first time. Likes are lovely, but reblogs keep me going.

The late-afternoon sun was out one spring day, filtering through passing clouds and bathing the isle of Berk in golden light, breaking winter’s long spell and warming the air.

 It illuminated a village brimming with anticipation, of excited whispers and giggling shieldmaidens congregating outside the Meade Hall. The aroma of a feast could be caught wafting through the doors, reminding every Viking in the village of the day’s significance. Dragons flew in from every direction, landing in the periphery of the settlements and squeezing their way through the houses to the tallest hill, towards the large open space to the left of the Hall. It already teeming with people, all sharing knowing smiles and open arms to embrace what would symbolize a new beginning; a bright spot against the darkness of late.

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Sometimes after an easy hunt the boys like to chill; get high, and lie down. Tonight their pressed shoulder to shoulder flat on their backs on Dean’s bed. Lazily passing the third blunt of the night between one another. Sam rolls on his side watching Dean take a hit, he takes the offered blunt and takes a slow pull for his self.


He snickers around Dean’s name like it’s the silliest word on the planet. 

"Yeah Sammy?”

Dean’s slurring just a little, his drawl a tad lazy from the weed. It makes him sound smoother than silk, which makes Sam shiver involuntarily- cock fattening just a little in his jeans.

“Tell me somethin’… anythin’- a secret? or maybe somethin’ you’ve just never told me before.”

 Minutes pass like the blunt between them until Dean rolls over and mirrors Sam’s position. He tucks a stray hair behind Sam’s ear and smiles fondly at the younger Winchester.

“You’re beautiful, and it’s not the weed talking… eh- maybe a little, but it’s true you really are.”

Sam snorts so hard he chokes a little on his exhale.

“I’m beautiful huh? anything else deanna?”

“I’ve probably been in love with you from the moment mom put you in my arms. You were so tiny. I looked down at you and you just stared up at me with those hazel eyes and back then I just knew…”

“Knew what?”

Sam presses closer, tucking his finger under Dean’s chin; lifting his face a little to make eye contact. But he meets Dean’s glossy stare he knows those beautiful green eyes are wet for an entirely different reason.

“I knew that you were my whole world, and I’d do anything I could to keep you. I just wanted to protect you, and as we got older… I-I just knew I needed you, more than any brother should. Shit I knew I was goin’ to hell, that’d I’d burn for how I felt; but fuck Sammy it’d be the sweetest burn. Cause you’re it for me.”

The weight of Dean’s words settle between them, making the air crackle and pop- it almost feels like too much. Their mutual high diminishes just a bit and things feel sober, startlingly so. Sam smiles slow and lazy, anything to ease the pressure.

“Do you remember the first time we got high together?”  

“Ye-yeah I do, why?”

Sam slides closer, breath ghosting over the splatter of  freckles across Dean’s cheek.

“We did that thing… ugh what’s it called again? when you take a hit and blow it into my mouth? shot something?”

“Shot gunning" 

Dean supplies, smirk already in place at the memory.

"Yeah that! can we do that? It’s kinda my favorite way to smoke thanks to you.”

“Mine too, Sammy”

A deep drag is taken, Dean’s leaning in- closing the small gap between them. Sam seals his lips over his and sucks in as Dean exhales. They pull apart just a bit- Sam tugging on Dean’s bottom lip. He chases after Sam’s lips, but Sam teases him; feathering small nips to Dean’s lips. Pulling back to just rest his forehead against Dean’s.

“Damn baby boy, you have no idea what you do to me”

“The feelings mutual big brother…”

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Rfa cuties reacting to mc DYING MWHAHAHAHA~🌟✨

My thoughts: “I have time for some headcanons or smth, let’s see what’s here..” *sees this* “well fuck”.

Anyway enjoy sadness I think is sad i don’t really know (ur so evil, btw this continues Yoosung’s and Jumin’s from the RFA as parents headcanons)

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emily, since you've been writing some s1 fics and those are my absolute weakness, can you write something about the first heatwave the delinquents spend on the ground? i always see stories of them dealing with winter, but what about the dead of summer? less clothes and night swims in the river. i need it. ps you're the best and ily.

KATIE I’m sorry this is so late! Real life got in the way, but anyway I hope this lives up to your expectations x


Summer arrives, thick and muggy, and with it, a whole new host of complaints courtesy of the eighty or so teenagers clumped together in a single, entirely too-small-space.

“I’m sun-burned,” Jasper whines, whipping off his shirt so she can make sympathetic noises at the pink stretch of skin spanning over his back, “Clarke, it hurts like hell.

“Who gets sick during summer?” Monty sniffles, wiping at his nose with the back of his palm. Then, a tad viciously, “stupid pollen. All this grass and flowers and–”

“How am I supposed to be drinking my eight glasses of water a day when the boys won’t stop hogging the watering hole?” Octavia snaps, punctuating her statement with a stomp of her foot. “That’s how people get dehydrated, Clarke. And bad skin!”

And that had been from the first week alone. Suffice to say, Clarke was ready for summer to be over. Hell, she’d skip past the season entirely if she had the power to. The only saving grace to this entire clusterfuck was the lake she discovered on one of her scouting trips, small and private enough that she began to look at it as hers and hers alone–

Until Bellamy Blake came along, and ruined it all.

Planting her hands on her hips, she gives him the best scowl she can muster under the circumstances. “What are you even doing here, Bellamy?”

He blinks over at her, pushing the wet strands of hair away from his face. “I could ask you the same thing, princess.”

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Can I say how much I love this moment? That little exhale that Alex does? It’s so on point with the moment. She was so stressed to come out to her mother this whole time, and now that she did and it went so well it’s such a relief. I just love Chyler’s choice, because it so perfect! We all feel that way, when we come out to someone and they accept us and it’s like we’re suddenly lighter! I just love Alex’s storyline!