so will someone ask him about it at midnight

You’ve got a lot of responsibility now,” Jace said to Julian. “You’ll have to make sure Emma winds up with a guy who deserves her.”

“What about me?” Emma said, quickly. “Don’t I have to make sure Jules winds up with someone who deserves him?”

“Absolutely. I did it for Alec, Alec did it for me — well, actually, he hated Clary at first, but he came around.”

“I BET you didn’t like Magnus much, either,” said Julian, still with the same odd, stiff look on his face.

“Maybe not,” said Jace, “but I never would have said so.”

“Because it would have hurt Alec’s feelings?” Emma asked.

“No,” said Jace, “because Magnus would have turned me into a hat rack.

—  Cassandra Clare, Lady Midnight
Nightwatch || open

Jordan had been doing rounds of surveillance for the past six hours, staying in uniform in his cop car so that way he could say he was doing traffic duty if anyone non-supernatural asked him. It was late at night, though, so he doubted that anyone would. He was about to go home when he saw someone going out of the forest nearby. Making sure he had a hand on his gun, he went up to the person, relaxing when he saw who it was. “What are you doing out here? It’s like midnight, and it’s freezing.”

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akutagawa, ♡ ♢ ☮ !!

♡  - City lights, but from the top of a building so he can see everything.

♢  - Stargaze on a rooftop.

☮  - Akutagawa gets super talkative when he’s tired around his s/o, but they have to ask him questions. He’ll talk about growing up in the slums, how him and Gin survived, and act like it’s nothing but truthfully he likes being able to open up a bit to someone who won’t judge him and to someone who cares.

Request Scenario: Bad boy Jungkook <3

Genre: fluff?

Word Count: 1152

A/N: I have not edited this at all whatsoever, so excuse the terrible grammar. I will edit it before midnight tonight so don’t judge too harshly please.


There won’t be a day where you don’t ask yourself why you are dating someone like him. There also won’t be a day where you don’t think about and smile like some crazed idiot because he made you just that happy. Not that anybody would ever— ever imagine you two being together. Quiet and sweet Y/N with the town’s infamous troublemaker, Jeon Jungkook.

There was side that nobody has ever witnessed of Jungkook and apart from all the wonderful things you knew about him, nothing will ever surpass watching him plugging in his headphones and singing along with the music. Although you didn’t hear the instrumental music, his voice was beautiful enough. Never out of tune and you could listen to him sing all day. His voice was like a warm hug, giving you chills every time because of how incredible it was and it was his outlet aside from you.

“You know you could get famous one day with that voice of yours… not to mention that face of yours.” And just like that, you had the ability to silent him and cause his cheeks to redden.

“Stop it…” His cheeks grew prominent as he could not keep the smile away from his lips. If only you had a camera to capture his precious smile that never fails to make your heart flutter like a million butterflies.

“What? I’m just saying the tru—“ Why did you look shocked anymore, this was not the first time an intimate moment between the two of you was rudely interrupted by some asshole who had it against Jungkook.

“Ohh… babydoll, you shouldn’t be with a bad guy like Jungkookie here. After we’re done with him, I’ll show you how a real man treats his girl.” But never have any of them actually talked to you. You could feel a bitter taste at the back your throat as your body threatened to show how repulsed you were.

“Y/N… Go.” Jungkook commanded lowly, pointing away from the abandoned building you two always met at. Your legs were reluctant to leave, not wanting to know that you were living your baby to get harmed by the three larger males sniffling like a couple of uncultured degenerate.


“Go.” Tearfully, you lifted your legs and ran away, only to hear the echoes of grunts and punches in the spring air behind you.


Your fingers smashed against the screen once more, frantically trying to get a hold of the boy who told you to leave a few hours ago. It was getting darker and colder, shivering profusely against the icy wind, the thin sweater that clothed you did absolutely nothing to help. You didn’t want to picture the worst of Jungkook lying unconscious on the hard ground. Pick up, damn it.

Returning to the scene of fight, you ran around trying to find any sign of life and just when you were about to give up, you saw his body slumped against a rusting pole of disintegrating yellow paint. His face was drooping against his chest as you felt yours suddenly constrict with the worst pain of lost. “Jungkook! Oh my god. Jungkook!” There were already bruises painted around his knuckles and jaw, you couldn’t stop the tears from pouring down your face even if you wanted to.

“Hmm?” A small grunt from his slowly moving body allowed you release a breath of relief that you didn’t even know you were holding.

“Oh my god Jungkook… Please tell me you are okay.” You were shaking, trying to help him up from concrete that was hauntingly splattered with darkening red liquid. “Please tell me that is not your blood…”

“It’s not jagi…” The cocky smirk that once bothered you to the ends of the earth was actually bringing to relief, knowing that at least he had the energy to boast about something was good enough for you. “In fact, you just caught me napping after a nice beating up on that son of a bitch.” His raised his eyebrows, leaning against the pole and taking a deep breath because puffing out a small breath of air.

“Really. So if I were to poke your stomach right now, you won’t make a sound of pain.” The smirk immediately formed an unsure smile. “Come on, let’s get back to my house. I’ll give your an ice pack and you can stay over, there’s no way I’m letting walk back home.”

“Are your parents home?” This cheeky bastard. Without a second thought, your index fingers dug into his side.


“Yeah, that’s what you get.” Who knew poking your boyfriend on his bruised abdomen would cause him to be the most pouty and needy boyfriend for the rest of the trip.


“Why are you mad? I’m the one that’s hurt here.” Bad boy of the town my arse. He could act like a five year old if he wanted, whining and making the most outrageous noise of pain, even when you weren’t touching him.

“Stop moving and crying out! I’m not even touching you!” How could you be mad though, his usually gelled up hair was fluffily falling against his forehead and those plump bottom lips were stuck in a jutted out position, tempting you to just lean down and kiss it.

“Exactly! Why aren’t you touching me?” His high-pitched whine rang throughout the empty house.

“Shut up.” You shouted back, gently padding down the sticky edges of the bandages that concealed the black and purple bruises of his stomach. You hated being the one that nursed him back to normality, knowing that he will get hurt again, but what can you say when you knew he already cut off his ties with all the toxic people of his life and this is just the repercussions of it all.

“I hate seeing you like this Jungkook…” You whispered, clinging onto his arm and breathing in his cologne. The sky was finally a dark navy blue color as the stars began to shine through, emitting their small twinkles of light, while you and the quiet boy next to you starred into the night.

“And I hate seeing you hurt every time I am, but Y/N… It will be over one day and I won’t be someone that you are embarrassed to be with okay?” He always thought he wasn’t good enough for you and it only began because people said that he was soulless being that could never love, but that’s because they were too stupid to see the real Jungkook. The one who had a childhood that was tainted with the harsh events that led him to become who he is now, but he always had a good heart and you will never regret being the one that saw it first.


Hope you liked it xx

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What about me?” Emma said quickly. “Don’t I have to make sure Jules winds up with someone who deserves him?”
“Absolutely. I did it for Alec, Alec did it for me - well, actually, he hated Clary at first, but he came around.”
“I bet you didn’t like Magnus much, either,” said Julian, still with the same odd, stiff look on his face.
“Maybe not,” said Jace, “but I never would have said so.”
“Because it would have hurt Alec’s feelings?” Emma asked.
“No,” said Jace, “because Magnus would have turned me into a hat rack.
—  Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare
BTS Reaction To You Running To Them Crying (Break Up)

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Namjoon: He’d stare at you in a confused daze when he saw the streaks of tears on your cheeks. He thought it was another fight with your boyfriend but in between hiccuped sentences, it was because you had broken up with your low life boyfriend. He held onto you not saying a word, hating that you cared so much about your now ex-boyfriend.

“You need to stop crying over that pathetic boy. He’s not worth your tears (Y/N). There’s someone out there that’ll make you anything but sad,” he said looking you deeply in the eyes hoping that you’d see the love he has for you.

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Taehyung: It was almost midnight when you were knocking on his door, tears still spilling out of your eyes. He’d ask you what was going on and when you told him that your boyfriend had broken up with you. He stared at you in shock since the last time you told him about your relationship everything was running smoothly. He was a bit happy knowing that maybe now he’ll have a chance with you but he also didn’t want to see you hurt in the process.

“Maybe now you’ll give a chance to someone that’s actually worth your time,” he said looking at your intertwined hands.

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Hoseok: He was worried when you called him, crying, asking if you could spend the night. He thought it was a mere first fight you and your boyfriend, whom he hated. But once you came to his apartment still crying he knew it wasn’t just a small fight. When you were telling him that you had broken with your boyfriend because he was becoming possessive, Hoseok praised you for doing so.  

“It’s a good thing you got out of the relationship before it became something even worse,” a small hint of joy in his voice because now he’ll do everything in his power to make you his.

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Jin: When you texted Jin to come over because you really need him, he was startled. He immediately dropped everything he was doing and rushed to your house. When you opened the door with puffy eyes and a half smile he instantly hugged you. He didn’t ask you anything just held you until you told him everything that’d happen. 

“I told you so. He was no good for you (Y/N),” he said causing you to roll your eyes and laugh a little. 

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Jungkook: Jungkook was startled when his doorbell rang. He went to his door cautiously and when he saw that it was you with a red nose he opened the door. He was about to joking say something about your nose but when he saw the state you were in he stopped himself. You told him that your boyfriend had broken up with you and when you looked up at Jungkook he didn’t even hide his gleeful smile. 

“He’s stupid for letting a beautiful girl go but someone can gain something out of his stupidity,” he hinted.

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Yoongi: Yoongi was expecting that you’ll be telling him once again about your happy relationship you had with your boyfriend. He hated hearing that another man was making you happy but he held it in. When you opened the door with a kleenex on your nose and puffy red eyes. He got up and laid on the couch patting to the small space left.

“Come on lay with me and watch a stupid funny movie with me. That’ll get your mind off unimportant things,” he said half praying that you won’t be able to hear his heart practically leaping out of his chest whenever you two made physical contact.

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Jimin: Jimin was always there for you when you complained (which was often) about your relationship with your boyfriend. This time, you were crying barely being able to finish a sentence before crying even more. He comforted you smiling a bit that you finally dumped your boyfriend.

“Now you won’t have nothing to complain about almost every week. Maybe, this time, you’ll see the boy who’s dying to make you happy,” he cautiously said hoping you’d get the hint.

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